Burn Notice s02e12 Episode Script

Seek and Destroy

My name is michael westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn noticeon you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the fbi you know spies --a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help,michael.
Bottom line -- until you figure out who burned you, you're not going anywhere.
Getting information is all about fitting in.
If you're hunting for intel in the middle east, that means a beard and a jellaba.
If you're doing it on south beach, you're probably wearing a swimsuit and flip-flops.
You think the sarongis too much? Suddenly I'm feeling overdressed.
You look fine, fi.
Besides, we're here on business.
What is the big dealwith this bomber? If we looked for everyonewho tried to kill you, we'd do nothing else.
I need to find outwhat this guy knows.
Well, if there's anyone in miamiwho can track down a bomber, it's our old friendseymour here.
Hope he's not still madabout the face full of gunpowder last time we dropped by.
Well, he was pretty enchantedwith you once upon a time.
Pretty enchanted with me? Yeah, he showed it when heattacked me with a baseball bat.
Will you do my shoulders? You know, fi, if, uh -- if you want to talk aboutwhat happened the other night -- oh, there's nothingto talk about.
We were just blowing offsome steam, right? We suld go in.
When it comes to intelligence gathering, you can't hold grudges.
The guy who hit you with a baseball bat yesterday could be an information source today.
Fi, you wantto take care of -- yeah, I'll take careof mr.
Security while you say helloto seymour.
Hello, seymour.
Security! Nice going, jackass.
You know,I learned a thing or two after the last timeyou kicked his ass.
What's that? When it comesto my personal security, I have to take careof things myself.
You have hollow-pointsin there.
Oh, you can telljust by looking? No, I can't, but I can distractyou long enough to take it.
Now, I just need help trackingsomeone down, seymour.
That's it.
You are such a badass.
It's kind of awesome.
You need my help? Okay.
One condition.
You got to teach mesome of these moves.
All right,what's everybody staring at? This is a party! I'm sorry, mike.
What are we doing again? I need help tracking someone,an explosives expert.
Derek poole.
Oh, right.
A manhunt.
I love it.
Okay, first,you're gonna have to front me some cash to spread around.
It opens doors.
No? Okay.
I'll front you.
Because I know you're goodfor it.
But we are gonna have to bein constant dialogue, mike.
Okay? You and me,badasses in this together.
All right, jackass.
You see how they justlaid you out again? That is called teamwork,people.
And it isa beautiful thing.
So, up and at 'em.
Hit the blender.
Make some smoothies.
Feel like mango? Mango! Burn Notice Season 2 - Episode 12 "Seek and Destroy" Fi.
Fi, I need a favor.
Uh, I need to put some money together.
Seymour said he'd front you.
Yeah, seymour's not the type of guy I want to owe money to long-term.
You want to borrow money.
If you need cash, you can get a job like the rest of us.
I can't fill out a w-2.
If the people who burned me find out I'm looking for a job, they'll wonder why I need money.
I just passed on a gig.
Some art dealer, someone stealing paper clips or something dull.
Pays good.
You take a job under a cover I.
, No one needs to know.
You're the best.
I expect a commission, michael.
Mike, do you have to work with seymour? I mean, the guy's unstable.
He's connected, and he doesn't mix well with government types.
Do you have my new cover I.
? Yes.
You're miles parker.
Background in corporate espionage.
You're a desk jockey.
Perfect for a cushy office gig.
Looks good, sam.
Yeah, fi, looks like I'm good to go for that art-dealer job.
Thanks, I'll call you later.
Maybe we can grab dinner.
So, you two are just grabbing dinner.
Just to debrief.
There are a lot of advantages to taking on a new identity when you take a new job.
You can tailor your résum? to the position, and it gives you a lot of flexibility.
You just have to get used to the idea of lying to everyone you meet.
I'm miles parker.
Hi, miles parker.
I'm here to see scott chandler.
Parker! You came highly recommended.
Scott chandler.
Welcome to the gallery.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Can I get you something to drink? Coffee, water, scotch and soda? I'm fine.
Right this way.
Quite the résum? Wall street, silicon valley, D.
Any place where a little information goes a long way, I've been there to protect it.
Any P.
Experience? A P.
License comes with a lot of privacy concerns.
There's a chance anythinga private investigator finds could wind up in court.
Yeah, well, I preferto resolve this quickly and quietly as possible.
Quick and quiet -- that's what I do.
Tell me about your problem.
A few weeks ago, I noticed unusual activityon the computers -- files moved,log-ins at odd times.
And then I started hearinga buzzing sound in my office phone.
I checked it out.
Infinity transmitterin its base.
I saw a lot of thatin the dot-coms.
Whoever installed itdidn't isolate the circuit.
You were hearinga little feedback.
I want to knowwho planted this.
Any ideawhat they're looking for? I sell about $30 million worthof art a year.
They could be thieves,buyers looking to lowball a bid, other art dealers --too many possibilities.
My business,my reputation, depends on informationremaining private.
Let's take a look around.
Now, the gallery's under You can't get through herewithout someone seeing you.
What aboutthe executive offices? Well, there's no cameras, but all the officesare keypad-access only.
No one gets in here without me knowing.
Well, somebody has.
Does anybody have a habitof working late? No later than I do.
I'm the first one in,last one out.
So, what do you think,mr.
Parker? Think you can findwhoever's doing this? I'll see what I can do.
I need a floor planof the office.
I'll have somethingby the end of today.
Excuse me.
- Alpha, it's bravo, over.
- Hello, seymour.
Chalk one up for the brotherhoodof badass, buddy.
I got good news.
You got to get over here.
So, I asked aroundabout that explosives guy you were looking for.
He does demo for the city, but he moonlightsfor the russian mob.
This is their hangout.
He's their go-to guywhen something's got to go boom.
Any idea where he's hiding? No.
Seymour,you said you had good news.
No, I do.
He's got a girlfriend.
And they're hot and heavy.
I mean, they can't be apartfor more than a couple of days without some together time -- - you know what I'm saying? - I know what you're saying.
I bet you do.
You and fi? My god,a molten-hot action couple.
I can't even imagine what itmust be like in the bedroom.
- Just Don't do that.
- Right? Am I right? We're not together.
Are you serious? Oh, my god.
You guys were like the -- bomber's girlfriend.
Stay focused.
There she is.
Don't point.
She works here.
Her shift startsin like 10 minutes.
Nice work, seymour.
Oh, the best part is --my jackass bodyguard -- he's gonna put a trackerunder her car so you can follow herright to him.
He's gonna put a tracking deviceunder her car in front of the russian mob? Oh, but it's cool.
I told him, just pretendlike he's tying his shoe -- he's gonna tip her offthat someone's watching.
Keep your eyes on bianca,and no more moves on your own! To protect someone without blowing your cover, you have to come up with a story, one that explains what they're doing, explains what you're doing, and gets everyone out in one piece.
Hey, you forgot your keys! Wait, my keys? No.
What? You forgot your keyson my wife's dresser! Yeah! Yeah, that remind you? Of course, not everyone is a born storyteller.
Go with it.
But seymour saidto plant a tracker.
And don't letme catch you near my wife again! I got to tell you, this corporate-espionage stuffis kind of fun.
You know, there's no guns,no explosions.
It's like going on the kiddierides at the carnival.
So, uh,any idea how our spy got his wayinto the art dealer's office? I know how I'd do it -- cleaning crewcomes around midnight from the serviceentrance here, away from the gallerycameras.
Oh, well, that's good, because then there'sno door codes either 'cause the cleaning crewopens them for you.
Get in, find a hiding place,let everyone clear out.
And you get the placeto yourself.
As stimulating as all this is, I still don't see why you calledme over here, michael.
It always helpsto bounce ideas, fi.
Uh, I'm gonna grabanother beer and, uh, drink iton the balcony.
Is thisabout the other night? Is this about me not stayingfor breakfast? Is it so strange that I wouldwant your opinion on a job? Look me in the eye and tell methat's all this is.
I have to go see chandler.
You think he came inwith the cleaning crew.
I can't believeI was so stupid.
Whoever did this didn't comethrough the gallery.
There's a chance the parking-lotcameras got him at the service entrance.
I'll callthe property manager, set up a time for youto stop by their office.
You really think sweepingmy office is necessary? I don't think a phone bug was the only thingyour spy left you.
Well, I've got dinnerwith a client.
You let me knowif you find something.
A bug, in its simplest form, is just a microphone attached to a radio.
Effective but easy to detect with a frequency scanner.
A more subtle device is the wireless keylogger circuit.
Nearly undetectable and easy to install, it transmits every password you type into the keyboard.
All surveillance devices, though, share a weakness -- they're machines.
When machines break, somebody has to fix them.
More spies get caught changing batteries and fixing wires than any other single activity.
I'm gonna need to worklate tonight.
You're the receptionisthere, right? What is it? - Uh, melanie.
- Melanie.
- We need to have a conversation.
- Okay.
I know this looks crazy,but, um, I can explain.
Melanie! Melanie.
Melanie, stop.
Whatever you're up to, it's not worth stabbing mewith a letter opener.
Don't tell chandler! He'll kill me.
Chandler? Yeah, that sounds a littlehardcore for an art dealer.
No, you don't understand.
He killed my father.
My father was J.
The painter? How 'bout that? Well, veronica was reallyinto pop art.
You know, you could standgetting out to a few museums every so often, mike.
Chandlerwas his art dealer.
Trouble started over a paintingcalled "lady in white.
" Bids of like $5 million,$7 million were coming in before he even finished it.
My dad's healthwas failing, but chandler just keptpressuring him to finish it.
Dad got sick of it, said that he was gonna geta new dealer.
Ooh, that probably stungchandler pretty good.
The commission on $7 million --that's a lot of money.
One month later, someone brokeinto my dad's loft, beat him to death,and burned down his studio.
"Lady in white"was reported destroyed.
The cops called ita burglary gone bad.
You think chandlerwas behind it? And he neverput it together that you're J.
Blake'sdaughter? I grew up with my momin new york.
I didn't even know who my dadwas until about a year ago.
We talked on the phonefor a couple of months.
I never got to meet himin person.
When I heardthat "lady in white" was being movedon the black market, I came down and got a jobwith chandler.
I like your heart, melanie, but, you know, that paintingcould be anywhere.
You get caught looking for it,you're dead.
I got to provethat chandler's involved.
His security's good.
I thought that I would get himwith that keylogger thing, but I need more accessto his files.
Melanie, I'm supposed to checkthe security footage from the service entrancetomorrow, the same one you used.
You told him?Look, if he sees me -- I'll make sure he doesn't,provided your story checks out.
My story? Uh, don't worry about it.
We'll check into it.
Looks like melaniewas telling the truth.
Had to pull a few favors, but I was able to get my handson that.
- An apartment leasefrom 1985.
- Yep.
Check that out.
Blake's signatureright next to melanie's mom'S.
Little loft in soho.
The math adds up, mike.
She's his daughter.
All right.
Give her a call,tell her I'll help her out.
But tell melanieshe has to stop spying.
I'll handle it.
To make a magnet powerful enough to wipe a security camera tape, you need a strong power supply.
A wall outlet will do nicely if there's one available, but if you need something more portable, a car battery works in a pinch.
Of course, you have to be careful to use a heavy-gauge wire if you don't want a fiery explosion that covers you in battery acid.
But do it right and you've got a magnet powerful enough to wipe any magnetic media you can manage to get close to.
Chandler saidyou were coming by.
He had a break-in? Something like that.
We keep all the footagebacked up on the hard drive there.
Should go backabout six months.
If you can lay off justthe last few weeks to dvd, I can go through them.
Or I can do vhs, not that anybodyhas those anymore.
That's, uh not coming up.
What? What's wrong? How do you mean? It's not possible.
The drives --they're wiped.
The footage --it's all gone.
I better tell chandlerabout this right now.
You got a serious problem, much more seriousthan you led me to believe.
- Now, I need to know -- - slow down.
Just -- you're sayingthe footage was erased.
I mean, could it be a screwupin the machine? I know what it looks likewhen a machine screws up, and I knowwhat it looks like when someone is erasingtheir tracks.
I mean, how could anyonepossibly do that? A crooked security guard,a hacker.
Hell, for all I know, it could have been some guywalking in with, uh,an electromagnet.
The point ishe's a professional.
You're the security expert.
What do I do about it? Well, I got to startwith your computers.
I got to gothrough everything.
I got to see if your systemshave been breached.
My computer files? No, no.
That's private information.
Do you want meto find this guy with one hand tiedbehind my back? I mean, are you hoping he walksthrough that door, stands in front of you,and says, "hi, I'm your spy"? Call mewhen you're serious.
When you're playing the role of spy hunter and the person you're hunting is yourself, the trail of evidence can lead anywhere you say it does.
Wait! You really think access to the computers willhelp you find him? And no one can create more fear, more paranoia, than the spy hunter.
I hope so, but I'm gonna behonest with you.
When you're dealingwith someone this good, it could get a lot worsebefore it gets better.
So, I gave chandler'sencrypted files a deep-tissue massage.
We got his whole life here.
Anything about"the lady in white"? If he has it,he hasn't moved it yet, 'cause there's no bigcash movements, and he hasn't been doing muchoffshore.
Well, there's got to be something, sam.
Oh, there's something,all right.
The week melanie's dad died, chandler's calendar had a bunchof blank spots.
So I cross-referenced thatwith the phone records, came up with a guy -- jacob orr, a so-calledsecurity consultant.
He did a stintfor manslaughter.
- Chandler's wet-work guy.
- If I'm a betting man.
You want to makea new friend? You can take fi.
Oh, boy.
You sure knowhow to sweeten the pot, mike.
Hey, uh, speaking of fi, what was that whole businessat the loft, you know,with the weird energy? Oh, no, mike.
Tell me you didn'T.
You did, didn't you? You did! What? No, I don't knowwhat you're talking about.
What? How many times do you haveto touch the flame until you figure outthat it burns? You gonna help with the jobor not? Of course,but I object to the fact that you wanted me to workwith her without telling me - that you weredoing a little booty call.
- Check! That's our boy.
Bigger in person.
Recently divorced.
Lives here at the hotel.
Spends a good chunkof his time bouncing in and outof rehab.
Looks like he's readyfor another visit.
You sure you're upfor this? Planting a bugin a cellphone? You think I can't get a guyto go up to his room? No, I'd sayyou have a gift for getting mento make bad choices.
- Michael told you.
- He didn't have to.
Well, don't look at me.
He started it.
Fi, mr.
Orr is waiting.
For a female operative, picking a guy up at a bar is harder than it might seem.
Most men have a sense for when a pickup is going too well.
If it's too easy, they get suspicious.
If it's too hard, they move on.
Are you serious? My ex was from morristown.
Your ex? That means your single now.
Now, that's a leadingquestion.
How's about I buy youanother drink? I really shouldn'T.
Oh, you should.
Or, uh, I could make you a drinkin my room.
Once an operative has a guy on the hook, she needs backup to make sure things don't go too far.
The proper sedative for cocktail hour ensures an early evening.
Chloral hydrate is a mild but effective choice.
- It'll do the trick - after.
So long as the target's interested in drinking it.
What do you thinkyou're doing? If he's not, you have to induce unconsciousness some other way.
Not with this shirt on.
I want to seethese big muscles.
You got somebody outside? You set me up, bitch? Come on.
What? Where's michael? Make yourselfright at home.
Where is he? He's out getting some yogurt.
Why? What's going on? That security footage he erasedwith the magnet, chandler paid to have the drivessent out to be rebuilt! Okay, relax.
That'll take a while.
Reconstructing datastripped off a hard drive is kind of like puttinga shredded document back together again,only different.
We're runningout of time, okay? By the time he's done,I'm dead! We're getting close,melanie.
Chandler hired a guyto do his dirty work.
We put a bug in his phone.
This is what we heard.
I'm telling you, chandler.
The bitch attacked me.
She had backup.
It was probablyjust a robbery.
A two-man team to steal $40? I'm serious.
If somebody found outabout the holding company -- look, I've got all that stufflocked up in my office.
Just relax.
I'll relaxwhen I got my money.
So, sounds like they set upa holding company to deal with the dirty moneyonce they sell the painting.
So, if we can linkthese documents up connecting the two of them, that's enoughto take to the cops.
How are we gonna getthem, though? I mean, chandler -- he doesn't even letthe cleaning crew in anymore.
Well, I think it's time for chandler's spyto be more aggressive.
I mean mike, not you.
What the helldid you get me into? What are you talking about? What? They broke into my home -- where I sleep,where I live.
What? You sure it wasn't -- no, no.
Maybe the lock on the doorbroke itself.
Maybe my filesthrew themselves around! Of course I'm sure.
Was there anything taken?Did he find anything -- no.
All the files are encrypted.
They're kept off-site.
I talked to some peoplein the neighborhood.
They said they saw a manand a woman.
It was a two-person team.
What? What is it? A business associateof mine, he was --he was approached the same way.
- I thought that he was -- - and you didn't tell me? Maybe I'm not being clear.
I need to know everythingthat is going on! Because now I'm involved.
Whoever this guy is,he's got resources, training.
- What kind of person could be -- - it could be anybody.
Some spy gets blacklisted,goes freelance, he could be standingright in front of you and you wouldn'teven know it.
I need to knowwhat he's after.
Chandler,you have a mistress? Fudge your tax records? Steal a pack of gumin the sixth grade? You have to tell me! It's the only wayI can protect you, protect us.
No, no.
There's nothing.
I don't have -- nothing.
Uh, I'm gonna needto upgrade your system.
I'm gonna lock downyour office.
I need accessto the camera feeds, the security codes,and the alarms.
You're gonna haveto trust me.
You with me? Yeah.
Okay, mikey,the feeds are up.
You sure you have to gothrough the gallery? Chandler's checkingthe service-entrance cameras.
I don't have muchof a choice.
I'm at the west entranceof the gallery.
Tell me when to go.
Okay, you are clear to getto the first column now.
Okay, now,there's a camera on the other sideof that column, and it's sweepingthe north end of the gallery.
So, on my cue, I want you to goto the left.
Uh, left? Uh, you sure? Yeah, mike, who's the guylooking at the camera here? Yeah, I'm sure.
You're fine.
The cameras are moving.
Here we go.
3, 2, 1 no, no, that's my left! My left.
Your right.
Stop, stop.
Okay, let's try this again.
I want you to goto your left.
When it comes to security, the difference between a spy and a regular thief is that a thief gets to take what he wants and run.
A spy has to go back to the scene of the crime the next day and act like nothing happened.
It makes the approach a little more delicate.
How's it goingin there, mike? Yeah, there's nothing here but certificates of authenticityfor paintings and artwork.
It's got to be heresomewhere.
When you're a spy, you spend a lot of time looking for people's hiding places.
It's always good to start by searching where your target has the easiest access.
Of course, smart targets don't always hide things where they have the easiest access.
After that, the search gets a little more subtle.
You look for signs of moved furniture, marks on the carpet, scuffs on the walls.
Anything out of place.
I found where he's hidingthe papers, but it's an armoredfile cabinet.
Well, that's no sweat.
We'll just come back with a cutting torchand call it a day.
Yeah, a torch would burnthe documents.
I need somethingmore specialized, like a diamond-tipped drill bitwith a cooling system.
That sounds likea doozy, mike.
Look,I can make some calls, but it's gonna takea couple days.
Let's get on it.
Melanie,we're making progress.
We should have everythingwe need in a couple of days.
You just needto sit tight.
Sit tight? Chandler is acting weird.
He's walkingaround the office, staring at allthe employees, checking people's desks.
That means he's gettingparanoid -- that's good.
The worse it gets, the morehe turns to michael for help.
What if he knows? There's no way he rebuiltthe security footage from those hard drives yet.
The most important thingis for you to just actcompletely normal.
Pretend that nothing'sgoing on.
I'll try.
I got to run.
It's nice meeting you, fiona.
You too.
You know,pretending nothing's going on is easier for some peoplethan others.
What have you got,seymour? I'll show you what I got.
Tell fiona to fire upthe saab, dude.
We're gonna need roomfor three.
Your bomber is holed up in that little cottageright there.
His girlfriend went overthis morning for a little together time.
Booby trap on the door.
I guess he's not expectingany more visitors.
That's no problem.
I got the shotguns and thosebreaching rounds I brought.
They'll cut through that walllike it's cardboard.
That would make a little biggerbang than we want.
The door isn't the only thingrigged to blow.
I'm gonna do some scouting, figure out a bter routefor an approach.
That guy.
I mean, it's like he seesaround corners, you know? So, what's upwith you two? You're not togetheranymore? We're in,uh Different spaces, seymour.
Different spaces? Give me a break.
As a practitionerof tai chi, let me tell you something,missy.
Go with the flowof the universe, all right? It's destiny, you two.
Forces bigger than us.
Don't argue with destiny.
It will kick your ass.
Believe me.
I'll keep that in mind,seymour.
I can drink this outsideif you two need some alone time.
Drink it here, sam.
So, seymourfind your bomber? Yeah.
The place he's staying atis wired to blow if we so muchas knock on the window.
Well, in other news, I got a leadon a precision drill we can use on chandler'sfile cabinet.
Buddy's gonna give usa break.
Yeah, melanie,what's going on? I'm at the office.
I found something.
You're at the office?You're not supposed to -- I was talking to a girlfriendfrom work.
She told methat chandler's secretary was shredding, like, a tonof paperwork.
But get this --the secretary didn't finish.
She left a ton of paperworkfor monday, so I've been going throughthe files and -- you're at the officeon a weekend? If you used your employeesecurity code, chandler will knowyou're there.
What else wasI supposed to do? I mean, this stuff could begone, and then we'll never know.
Melanie, he's not gonna justleave documents lying around for someone to find.
- What do you mean? - It's a trap.
He knows you're there.
You need to get outright now.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
He's here.
Melanie,listen to me very carefully.
Are you in the copy room? Yeah, I am.
Get a box of paper,some duct tape, and an extension cord.
Some duct tapeand an extension cord? Tape the cellphoneto the top of the box and run a wire behind it, and put itin the gallery entrance.
Do it now.
I'm on my way.
Fi, you got explosives? I'll pretendyou didn't ask that.
I have to take a more directapproach with chandler.
I like the sound of that.
Mike, you want meto come with you? Uh, no, I want you to get in touch withchandler's hit man.
- Yeah.
- It's miles parker.
Where are you? - I'm at the gallery.
- Are you all right? Did they come after you? What are you talking about? Listen, it's over.
I shredded some filesat the office today.
Figured whoever's behind thismight go after them.
I was right.
Someone came in today usingan employee security code.
What's so funny? You don't get it.
They tried to kill me.
You think the spywho's doing all of this would be stupid enoughto come by your office and use a security codeon the weekend? It's a trap, chandler.
Trap? What? If you want to take anotherbreath on this earth, do not go inside.
I'll be right there.
There was a bomb wiredto my front door.
It was just dumb luck I saw it through my living-room window.
- You're serious.
- Do I look like I'm joking? There it is right there.
The top of the boxis a detonator.
It's wired to the doors.
If you had gone inside, they'd be picking uplittle pieces of you from the gallery floor.
Look,this is your last chance.
You tell me what this guyis after, or I walk awayand you handle this alone.
It's about a painting,all right? I'm -- I'm pretty sureit's about a painting.
What painting? It's called"the lady in white.
" I've been trying to move iton the black market.
It's worth $7 million.
I think that's what he wants.
What do you think is cheaperfor him -- paying $7 millionor having us killed? So what are we supposedto do? We need to trade the paintingfor our lives.
Where is it? Let's just get out of hereand we can figure this out.
When you're playing the spy hunter, the goal is to get the target to trust you completely, to think of you as his only ally.
Convince him that he's on the brink of disaster where's that painting,chandler? It's at my house! It's at my house! And he'll tell you whatever you want him to.
Careful now.
The last time I saw you, you got your ass kickedby a girl smaller than her.
You son of a bitch.
Now, now.
No need for name-calling.
Feel that? Feel your thumbgo snap, crackle, pop? Okay, looky here.
This is what I didn'tput in your scotch when you wentto take a leak.
That's arsenic.
Who do you thinkgave that to me? Who in the hell are you? My name is finley.
Now, your buddy chandlerhired me and my partner to kill you.
If the hotel securityhadn't come by, you'd be in a morgueright now.
Chandler? Something about sellinga painting, cutting you outof the deal.
Anyway, I'm only getting $10,000to hit you.
A lousy 10 g's and that guy'spocketing millions? And I said to myself,"that's not fair.
" What do you want me to do? I tell you where he'soff-loading the painting, you cut me inon the action.
Of course, if not,we can go back to plan "A.
" I mean, 10,000 bucks is betterthan nothing.
Where is chandler? You think he's been here? Hopefully, he thinks he killedyou when the car blew.
What, this -- this"the lady in white"? No, it's underneath.
Give me a hand.
Here it is.
So now we make a deal.
How are we gonna find this guy? - He's already here.
- You? That's the thingabout spies -- you never knowwho they are.
Sam, how'd it go with orr? He'll be there any minute.
You better get outof there, mikey.
What are you doing here? One of the problems with running a criminal conspiracy is that there's no real way to avoid trust issues with your co-workers.
Where's the painting? - He -- he took it.
- Yeah? Who took it? The spy! He was here and he took it,then he -- he hit me.
If you steal with a guy, he knows you're a thief.
The spy? The spy took it? You rip me off,you try to kill me, and you can't come upwith anything better than that? I swear to god.
Please, I swear to you.
If you kill with him, he knows you're a killer.
Last chance.
Where is it? No, the spy --he took it! The spy! A spy took it! It's a serious management issue.
Well, you don't have to worryabout chandler anymore.
His partnerjust got arrested trying to dump his bodyin the miami river.
I really don't knowhow to thank you guys.
I brought some cash.
Uh, melanie, I'm pretty sureyou just lost your job, so my dad left most of his estateto an art school, but he left me a little bit.
Trust me, it's cool.
And I'm not sure if you're reallyinto this sort of thing, but my dad painted thisthe year I was born.
It's always beenone of my favorites.
I want you to have it.
Thank you.
- Thanks again.
- Take care.
Do me a favor? Drop this off at the loft.
I have to go kidnapan explosives expert.
Good luck with that.
The shotguns you requested? Modified them myself.
Now, you're sure you don't wantme to come up there, help you guys out,back you up? We're fine, seymour.
Uh, those are --they're loaded with the shells that I made specificallyfor this job.
Favored by bomb squads, disrupter shells are a specially designed shotgun round filled with water.
The blast can blow an explosive device apart without igniting it.
The shells are only lethal up to about 6 feet.
At 10 feet, they just hurt a lot.
- recognize me? - Yeah.
You're the guythat lives over the club.
Listen,I-I work for hire.
It was nothing personal.
You want some of this? Huh? Because I made it specialjust for you.
Seymour,I don't think we need that.
What do you say, derek? No.
Answer my questions,and I'll get you and your girlfriendout of the country.
Deal? All right.
Who hired you to kill me? I don't know.
Okay, mike, look, I knowyou're the professional here, but I really thinka little I-I-I never metthe guy before! He just gave me your address,and I did the job! How did they pay you? Transferred 100 grandto an account in the caymans.
- You havethe account number? - Yeah.
- 5-1-6 -- - hold on.
Go ahead.
He had me memorize it.
That's all I know.
Seymour, you haveany, uh, gun shipments heading out to suriname? Suriname? Every other week.
Wait, wait, wait.
Suriname? Come on, man! Out of the country.
A deal's a deal.
It's a beautiful place.
I don't even knowwhere that is! That was quick.
I got the account numberused by the man who hired pooleto kill me.
I just need to turn itinto a name.
Hey, I'm sorry! I almost forgot.
It's a little -- it's a little somethingI had made for, uh -- well, it's in honor of our firstoperation together.
Go on, open them.
Matching throwing daggers.
That'S very thoughtfulof you, seymour.
And if you look, the engravingthere means "destiny.
" It's a symbol of your bond.
Of our bond, actually.
I made one for myself, too.
Well, I better get back,you know? Don't want to leave jackassalone too long with the captive.
********* You know,the morning after we, uh -- yeah.
I brought you a spanishomelet, egg-white only, but you were gone.
My favorite.
Maybe next timeI'll have to stay.