Burn Notice s02e13 Episode Script

Bad Breaks

My name is michael westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn noticeon you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned,you've got nothing -- no cash,no credit,no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the fbi you know spies --a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family,too hey,is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help,michael.
Bottom line -- until you figure out who burned you,you're not going anywhere.
As a spy,you have a lot of ways to get information.
You can get it with a gun.
You can get it with a lockpick.
You can get it with a listening device.
But most often,more than all the other information-gathering techniques combined, you get information with a free lunch.
How come you never invite meto lunch at places like this? Oh,there's no need,sam.
You'll do almost anythingfor a $3 beer.
Barry tracks down a cayman islandbank-account number,and he gets lunchat the chadwick? That number leads to whoeverwas trying to kill me,so,yes,the chadwick.
He's been complainingabout the job for days.
Yeah,and the squeaky wheelgets the surf and turf.
I see how this works.
Well,at least I can geta good mojito here.
We're on a budget,sam.
Okay,mike,you know,this cancels out one of the times you savedmy life -- maybe two.
So,michael -- how did you get this mysteriousbank-account number? You probablydon't want to know.
I do.
We don't havea lot of information.
Well,that's why I'm coming to you.
I just need a name.
Yeah,no,uh I understand why you hired me,michael westen.
But you're having mebreak a lot of laws with this jobI'm doing for you.
When someone starts acting like there's an extra person in the conversation, it's a pretty good bet that they're wearing a wire.
This job you're doingfor me? The question,then,is who's taping you -- the police,the feds I think we should talk later,maybe someplace louder.
Oh,michael,michael,I missed you.
****** Or a government agent you blackmailed a while back and were hoping to never see again? Sam axe,you're living well off a government pension,I see.
Not that good.
This is iced tea.
Remember the fileI have on you,bly? I think the idea was,you were never to set footin miami again.
I know,I know,but the sunshine,the beaches,those little cuban pastries --come on.
I just couldn't leta blackmail threat keep me out of paradise.
Actually,at this point,blackmail ceases to be a threat.
At this point,I believe I ruin your life.
How about I giveyour boss a call? I'll be honest,michael.
That file? It -- it kept me up nights, so imagine my joy when yourfriend showed up on my radar investigating some highlysuspicious accounts for my old palmichael westen.
Barry is the brick that I will tie aroundyour neck before I throw you into that beautifulblue ocean over there.
Now,how deep you sink depends on how quicklyI get that blackmail file.
Welcome to miami.
So,pull the trigger.
There's enough in that file to reduce bly's career to a smoldering crater.
He can link me to barry, and barry's broken a law library's worth of financial regulations looking into this account number.
If bly goes after me with that,I can throw the rest of my life into that crater,too.
Government agents have to stay within the law, but they still have plenty of options to hit you below the belt.
Sometimes,a bullet to the head is a lot easier than a slow death drowning in red tape.
For your own safety.
Don't touch me -- for your own safety.
According to the board of health,this loft is unfit for human habitation.
And here I thought it was just a dump.
Fiona glenanne,you're wearing more clothes than usual.
You know,I was on the fence about that chair.
Thanks for making up my mind for me.
I hope that you're on the fence about everything that you own, because toxic mold could be anywhere.
There's been reports of spores spreading to places you wouldn't believe.
No mold in that one.
Try the lamp.
I was always iffy on it.
You know what? Thanks for watching out for me,bly.
I'm gonna grab some clothes.
Call me when you're done.
Michael,don't worry.
I packed you a bag with some clothes to wear.
Um,I have to say,for a tough guy,you sure dress like an easter egg.
I hope you're not bringing toxic mold into my house.
Ma,there's no mold.
I'm glad you're out of there.
The place didn't sound healthy.
My friend paula is here.
She heard you were coming over,and she wanted to talk to you.
You advised her last week about the guy she met on the internet.
Michael I am so sorry to bother you again.
This guy,prescott -- I did what you said,ignored his e-mails.
Then he called my house.
I think he's a stalker.
He's asking all these personal questions.
It'S like he's obsessed with me.
Would it make you feel better if I talked to him? Really? You could do that? Sure.
Just let me put my bag away.
That's all right.
I'll put it in the guest room.
Michael will take care of everything.
He lives at the del mar apartments.
I have hisonline dating profile.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
No prescott in this building.
How about yours? Uh,not unless he's disguisedas an 80-year-old retiree.
I mean,this little manhuntcould take a while,mike.
Better this than sittingin my mom's kitchen watching her smoke.
Likes fixing up old cars.
He's a mechanic,maybe? I mean,I can checkhis A.
Certifications, but,of course,that's ifanything on this page is true.
Check out the I.
Addresson his dating-service account,see what we're dealing with.
Ooh,speaking of love,I got to get going.
I have a very big date.
She made millionsas a beer distributor -- the woman of my dreams.
You have many womenin your dreams.
Oh,so,I'm a romantic,but this one,mike -- I mean,she's gota beach house in antigua with a quad kegerator.
That's four kegs of beerat 33 degrees,baby.
Sounds like love.
Michael,it's paula.
- Prescott's outside my work.
- I'll be right there.
I saw his car drive pastthree times.
He walked by,looking in.
I'm the assistant manager.
I can't have him in heremaking a scene.
This is a private bank.
We're an appointment-only private bankand safe-deposit company -- very exclusive,very private.
I mean,you can understandwhy I can't have him -- has prescott been asking youabout your work,your schedule? All of it.
I'm just afraidhe's some kind of maniac.
Who's that? Oh,just an old friend.
Did you get boredredecorating my place? I'll redecorate your lifeif I have to.
You find that file? Not yet.
Let's talk later.
Actually,later is bad for me.
Now is good.
I want every piece of paperyou own that mentions me -- files,phone records,the page in your diary where you drew little heartsaround my name.
All of it.
You want to do this,bly? You really want to go nuclear? I'd love to.
You really thinkyou have nothing to lose? Michael,he's here --the stalker.
****** He's not a stalker.
This is a robbery.
Stay quiet,follow our orders,or people die.
****** You'll find your cellphonesare now useless.
We've blocked them,so leave them on the floor and head intothe conference room.
Now! Go! Go! Go! Conference room! There are a number of different choices when you take over a building by force.
Get up! Move into the conference room.
Do you keep the hostages facedown on the floor,or do you move them into a room together? Let me see your hands.
How do you cut all the lines of communication out? Give me that cellphone! Get in that conference room.
And how do you deal with the place's security method? Whatever your style,hostile takeovers are about one thing -- total dominance.
Silent alarm is dead.
Now get into the conference roomor you will be,too.
We got the bank manager.
If we both grab guns,we can level the playing field.
Uh,the playing fieldis covered with hostages.
Make a move now,and somebody could get shot.
If we don't make a move now,we may not get a chance later.
Just wait,all right? Shut up.
Move back with the others.
It's all right.
Just stay calm.
Stay calm.
It's gonna be all R bly.
That's quite enoughof that.
Welcome to my retirement party.
I want you allto have a good time,so let's down a fewground rules,shall we? No attacking the hosts.
No leaving early.
No calling the police.
I see one cop,I kill three of you.
I see two cops,six people die.
You can do the math.
Now,mess up my partyby breaking one of my rules,and you can expect meto overreact.
A wounded hostage is a good measure of how far a criminal's willing to go.
They either want to keep the hostage alive Get away from him.
I'm a doctor.
If I don't stop the bleeding,he'll die.
Then let him die.
Or they don't,which means more people are getting hurt.
You have 20 hostages inan unstable psychological state.
If they thinkthey're going to die,they will panic,and they will fight back.
I'm just trying to make surethat you get what you want and these people stay alive.
Will you please allow meto attend to this man's wound? - Knock yourself out.
- Thank you.
Let's go take a tourof the vault.
Come on.
You son of a bitch.
I only needone person alive to get methe vault-access cards.
Pleasedon't make me choose.
Told you someonewould get shot.
Yeah,I overestimated you.
I figured you'd back me up.
You know,it's not a good ideato insult your doctor.
Okay,this wounddoesn't look good.
I'm going to need to - remove the round? - Yeah.
Go ahead.
Come here.
I need you to apply direct,steady pressure to this.
- Hold this up.
Hold it up.
- Okay.
In a hostage situation,any idiot can steal a gun and start shooting.
It's a great way to get a bunch of innocent people killed.
Keeping people alive means fighting like a spy.
Where is your data server? It's by the elevator,but they cut the powerto the computers,so I'm using itfor something else.
We need to cut through this walland get into the next room.
From there,we can get everyone out.
There's no way out from the next room.
That's just an office.
There'll be a way out.
I'm working on that part.
You don't thinkthe guards outside will see usgoing through a wall? I'll take careof the guards.
You heard him.
If you attack his guys,he'sgonna start shooting people.
I'm not going toattack them.
They're just gonna havesome very bad luck.
Where do you think you're going? - I need medical supplies.
- Wait.
Stop right there.
No one leavesthe conference room.
Your boss saidstop the bleeding.
Yeah,he didn't sayyou could leave.
You want to go downstairsand ask him? The man in thereis going to die unless I remove the bulletfrom his arm.
To do that,I need tools,so help me find tweezersand propoxyphene or shoot me in the face --your call.
- You've got two minutes.
- We got less than that.
Fighting like a spy means disguising attacks as attempts to help.
It means making acts of man seem like acts of god.
We have togo through here? That's the plan.
Does anybody have a razoror a letter opener? Here.
I grabbed these.
We're really gonna trustyour friend on this? He is not my friend,but he might be ableto get us out of here.
Sir,watch the door.
Start cutting at the outlet.
Cutting through a wall with scissors isn't as hard as it sounds.
Start at an electrical socket and saw through the hard surface of the drywall, and the lower layers are a lot easier.
Gauze,aspirin --this kit is terrible.
We're gonna need to searchdesks and purses for some real pain meds.
You can do it with that.
With gauze? Right.
Where'd you get your medical degree? Wait for the water.
I'll look through these desks and meet youback at the conference room.
What? You got armed guardsat the only exit.
You think I'm gonna fight my wayout with a stapler? Water's ready.
And look aroundfor some towels.
In an enclosed space,getting around a cellphone jammer is a game of who's got the stronger signal.
A cellphone jammer broadcasts a powerful signal over a range of frequencies, but it can't compete with an entire ethernet wired to serve as one big antenna.
So,I said no more stress,no more work,and no more getting married.
Life is too short.
How many beach housesdo I even need? - How many do you have? - Six.
Seven? Oh,it doesn't matter.
I'm always on vacation.
To me,true relaxationis a state of mind.
- Do you have to get that? - No.
You know,I like to relax,too.
Oh,you would love my placein antigua -- hammockon the white sand beach.
Clothes are optional.
Excuse me.
This better be good,mikey.
I'm at broward private trusttrapped in a bank heist.
It's prescott.
He's a pro.
His guys have killedthe landlines and brought a cell jammer.
Any cops,any resistance,and it gets bloody.
Just tell me what you need,mike.
I need you and fi to blast a doorto the outside -- alleyside wall,20 feet in from the north.
Alleyside wall,20 feet in.
You got it.
I'm on my way.
Is everything okay? Oh,yeah.
Well,uh,not really,no.
My buddy's being held hostageat a bank,and I got to bust him out.
- It's true.
- Well,we shouldcall the police.
You can't do that.
Uh,it's complicated,but there's nothing to worryabout,and I'll call you later.
These are for the doc.
Where is he? Go find him.
The massive air pressure that makes air hammers effective also makes them dangerous.
Tamper in any way with the locking collar that holds the bit in place, and the air hammer becomes a very inaccurate gun with a single bullet.
Not here.
Keep looking.
Mixing medications is always a bad idea,especially when one's an upper and one's a downer.
Anxiety and allergy meds together are a scary combination, and that's before you add the caffeine of an energy drink.
Oh,there you are.
What took you so long? Uh,I was just -- This is for the pain.
Who said I was in pain? If you're not now,you will be.
By the way,that green chairin my loft -- it was my favorite.
Let's go,fi.
You're just annoyed 'cause mikecalled me first and not you.
Sam,he's in the middleof a bank heist.
He's not thinking clearly.
Hey,I'm the onewho should be annoyed.
I was having lunchwith the woman of my dreams and had to leave.
But what are you gonna do,though? You know,being mike's firstcall is a big responsibility.
In case you're wondering,you'd be my 19th call.
I'd call madelinebefore I called you.
Experience with battlefield medicine may not make you as precise as an E.
Surgeon oh,come on.
But after you've stitched up a few people under artillery fire,you can handle outside pressure.
Got it.
We're making some progresson the wall,but they're checking on us.
We need maybe 20 minutes.
You've got to go faster.
Keep working.
They're emptyingthe vault downstairs.
They're taking everything.
How long beforethey clear it all out? I don't know.
There's hundreds of safe-depositboxes down there.
And he wasn't lyingabout the silent alarm.
No call went out.
No help is coming.
Hide the hole.
Prescott wants you downstairs.
Let's go.
Michael said 20 feet infrom the street? - Are you sure? - Positive.
Well,what's the signal? How are we timing this? He didn't say.
- He didn't say? - He's mike.
He's improvising.
Michael called you to tell you to blow a holein the wall of a bank,and you didn't thinkto ask when? Look,it wasa brief conversation.
We didn't talk about shoesor movies either.
Could you just placethe explosives already? - Fix him.
- What happened? The air hammer broke,andthe piston came off in his leg.
Keep him alive.
I'm gonna give you somethingfor the pain,all right? People are too trusting when it comes to pills.
They'll take whatever a doctor hands them.
I need to cauterizethe wound.
I need to use yourliquid-nitrogen gun.
You need to usesomething else.
Like what? Did you bringan electrosurgical generator? Liquid nitrogen can cool a wound to 150 below,freezing the cells and cutting off blood flow.
Tie this around his leg,tight.
Either help meor get me someone who will.
Up here? Supercooling also damages metal.
Freeze the inside of a gun,and the next time it gets hot, it'll rip apart as if it's loaded with the wrong ammo.
Prescott,get up here.
We've got troublein the conference room.
- Where's the knife? - There's no knife.
There isn't a knife.
This guy was trying to cut intothe office next door.
Come here.
What did I tell youabout the rules,huh? Please,I --I have a wife.
I have kids.
They need their father.
I'm begging you.
Look,if I make an exception,I mean,what kind of messagedoes it send? Wait.
You got the wrong guy.
It was me.
Just can't stop causing trouble,can you,huh? Huh? Should've done thisthe first time.
God! Shoot him! Move! You got metal shardsin your hand.
You're gushing arterial blood.
I'm the only guy herewho can save your hand,probably your life.
Tell your man to back offor find another doctor.
Come with me.
Get the rest of themdownstairs.
Four more.
Let's go.
Hey,we're runningabout 20 minutes late.
Should I call the boat? Get downstairs.
- I-I still need to -- - get downstairs.
******* How's your escape plangoing? We're not getting out.
I'm working on plan "B.
" I need your help.
Do you trust me? Yeah,what do you need? I need you to collapsein that doorway.
Sell it.
Buy me time.
What's going on? I think he's going into shock.
I can't move him.
I'll need a couple of minutes.
You got one.
Mike,let's get this done.
I got a beer-drinking angelto get back to.
You ready to rock? Forget the escape plan.
Prescott's moving everybodydownstairs.
These guys are callinga getaway boat on walkies.
If you can listen in,locate the signaL.
Maybe we can get some leverage.
I'll try to keep peoplefrom getting hurt in here.
Come on.
Let's go.
All right.
Elevators have so many safety devices that they're easy to sabotage.
Disable any part,and the entire system shuts down.
Hurry up.
Move it! Locate the getaway boat.
That's our plan.
This is miami.
Look,we just needto find the frequency that prescott's walkiesare on.
I still think we shouldset off the charges,blow a hole in the wall,rush in.
- Beats waiting out here.
- Yeah,that's great.
Let's get mikeand the hostages killed because you have the attentionspan of a 3-year-old.
Elevator's busted.
You're lucky.
I don't see any shrapnel,and no bones look damaged.
Use the word lucky again,I'm gonna put a bulletin your head.
Hold still.
I need to sterilize the wound.
This bank! It's cursed.
That's it,isn't it? It's cursed.
My gun,the air hammer,the elevator -- what's wrong with this place? I'm gonna need more tapeand a splint.
I think there's somethingI can use upstairs.
Do you need any meds? What do you think,huh? Let me blow your hand off and find out if you needsomething for the pain.
Angela,hey,it's sam.
How you doing? Is your friend okay? Uh,well,he's stilltrapped inside,but it's kind ofa quiet time, so I thought I would just calland say hi.
So I was thinking later,we could get some drinks.
I know this quiet spotthat makes great a mojito.
Well,I-I-I wasmeeting a friend,but -- playtime's over.
Uh,angela,I got to run.
Hey,don't make any plans.
I'll call you back.
Sounds encrypted.
So I was wasting my time while you were buttering upyour bimbo? Look,we got the frequency.
There can't be that many marinasaround here in range of their walkies.
Okay,that's not good.
Those copsstart asking questions out that truck out front,hostages are gonna die.
One of us needs todistract the cop,and the other one needs totrack down the getaway boat.
And here I forgotto shave my legs.
Delivery trucks.
- Hey,stop! Give me that! - No! She is stealingmy tip jar! This is compensationfor you leering at me.
You should arrest her.
Es una ladrona! You should arrest himfor sexual harassment.
We're not arresting anyone.
You're just gonna stand therewhile I'm being objectified? I say we go to the station,hash this out -- you,me,him.
What do you say? Unit 204,this is dispatch.
Got a domestic disturbanceat ocean and 4th.
You close? If you'd liketo file a report,you should go downto the police station,okay? Una cortadito,por favor.
We win yet? I'm working on it.
I need some meds.
Things okay? Yeah,hey,it's miami.
The sun,the girls --what's not to love? If something badstarts happening,make your move.
These shoulddo the trick.
Life with a hypochondriac mother gives you a useful knowledge of pharmaceuticals.
Those are for pain? In low doses,pilocarpine cures dry mouth.
I'll take themafter you do.
In high doses,it has roughly the same effect as a sarin gas attack.
Satisfied? See what happens to you first.
Still want that splintfor your hand? Sure.
Hey,we're going upstairs.
You,keep an eyeon the hostages.
Back in a minute.
Hey,what's it meanif my fingers are feeling numb and I'm gettingsort of nauseous? Do you have a headache,any palpitations,any tingling,been drinking caffeine? Yeah.
Why? Is that bad? Sounds pretty serious.
I should check you out.
I'm just gonnatake your pulse.
I'm just taking your pulse.
That's it.
That's it.
I'm just taking it.
In a weakened state,you want to avoid pressure on your carotid artery.
Block the blood flow to your brain,and you black out in four seconds.
The coating on tablets and medicine keeps them from dissolving in your stomach right away, which buys you a little time to find some privacy and do the only safe thing -- get them out of your system.
Hey,I'm supposed to repaira radio in a guy's boat, but I'm late,and I forgot the slip number.
Is there somebody hanging aroundhis boat kind of looking pissed? End of the pier.
You have a good one.
Vault's cleared out.
It's about time.
Let's put everyone in the vaultand get the hell out of here.
Everyone in the vault now.
They've seen our face.
They die.
Let's go.
Everybody into the vault.
There isn't much airin the vault.
We're all gonna suffocate.
Should we attack them? No,not yet.
I don't know how longwe can wait.
Just trust me.
Hey,mike,I'm at the marinalooking at the getaway boat.
Sam,we got any moves here? Prescott's shoving everyoneinto the fault,and no one's walking out.
Well,you wantto ask prescott if he'll trade his hostagesfor the boat driver? Not likely.
What about a littleoperation quicksilver? Quicksilver --you mean like world war ii? You're talking abouta bunch of fake tanks and the whole normandyinvasion force.
Yeah,but instead ofthe normandy invasion force,I have a waltherwith one bullet.
You got to sell this,sam.
You got to sell it likeyou've never sold it before.
That's the kind of pep talkI like,mikey.
I'm on it.
********* ***** Angela,hi.
I-I-I was callingto leave a message.
I think your life is -- isa little too fast-paced for me.
That's not true at all.
Why are you whispering? Are you stilloutside the bank? No.
No,I'm at a marina.
Just taking a stress-free walkalong the ocean,the breeze blowingin my hair.
I might evenget a tropical drink.
Hands in the air.
A stress-free walk.
Well,as much as I hateto admit it,angela,you're probably right.
We're just notmeant to be.
Enjoy one of those beersin antigua for me.
You bastard.
You ruined something special.
If you have one bullet and you need to take down three armed guys in close quarters, you're betting your life on a lot of lucky breaks.
It's the kind of bet you don't want to make unless you have to.
There you are.
Your guy had a strokein the kitchen.
He needs immediatemedical attention.
You want meto put him in the vault or just take care of himright here? You're not listeningto me.
Either you get your friend into an ambulancewith the proper meds,or he's not gonna make it.
Well,I guess he's not gonnamake it,and neither are you.
What's going on? Prescott,they're at the boat.
They shot me.
Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't I tell you what? Who we were robbing.
Why didn't you tell uswho owned the bank? Oh,my god.
You didn't know,did you? We're dead.
Oh,my god.
They're coming back.
They're coming back.
We're all dead! We're all dead! Tom prescott? Was it dumb luckthat you chose my bank, or did you and your buddiesdecide that today was a good day to make the worst mistakeof your lives? Who is this? That's not important --what's important is that you and your friendsare robbing my bank,and no one -- I mean no one --does that to mE.
So,you think you got yourselfa good plan with your getaway truckand your boat? Well,I got a plan,too.
If there is a scratchon anyone in my bank,you will all die.
If there is a single dollarmissing from my vault,you all die.
You hearing this? If there is a single hostagetaken,you will all die.
In fact,if you do anything other than walking outof my bank alone right now, you will all know such pain as you have never imagined.
So,who the hellis that guy? He owns this bank? He's lying.
I looked up everythingabout this bank.
Well,you obviouslydidn't look up enough.
What did you get us into? How does heeven know we're here? Shut up.
It's not important! One evening,a patientwas brought into my clinic in the middle of the night.
He was tortured so badly I couldn't believehe was still breathing.
A man was with him.
It was the man on your radio.
I'll never forget the voice.
He put a gun to my head and explained to methat my patient had robbed him and that he wanted meto save him so the pain would last longer.
I did what I could.
He said to come herefor my money -- my blood money.
There's a placebetween life and death.
Amazing how longa man can linger there.
That's enough,all right? Okay.
Bring everything upstairs.
We're getting out of here.
Tony? Tony,can you hear me? What the hell is going on? I know this guy.
He'll have peopleoutside the bank,in your truck,and on your boat.
You have no ideawho you're dealing with.
Shut your mouth.
We've got the money.
That's just some voiceon the radio.
Yeah,but he's a voiceon our radio.
He's on our boat! How does that happen? What happened to the guysin the vault,huh? He's -- he's talking aboutour truck! There's nothing wrongwith our truck! Let's just get out of here! Nothing's wrongwith the truck? Does that look likenothing? Pick up the bag.
No way.
I am gonna unbelievable.
Just not your day,I guess.
Drop it! Drop it! Hands on your head! So,where were we? I think we were deciding whether we were goingto destroy each other.
Well,you've already had enoughopportunities to let me die.
Maybe I just likethe challenge.
I'm gonna go pass outat the local E.
, And when I wake up,I'll take care of the loftand the thing with barry.
As long as you're ina helpful mood,you think I could addone more favor to the list? Then they moved usinto the vault.
We knew there wasn'tmuch time.
I mean,I really thoughtit was the end,but your son and mr.
Blywere so brave,madeline.
Michael,what are you doing? I left something in here.
You just assumed I was nevergonna broil anything? Well,so farI've been right.
Prescott will be leaving youalone from now on.
You might want to selectyour dates a little more carefullyin the future.
I will.
Thank you so much.
- Bye,honey.
- Bye.
I'm off,too.
What? You -- you're going? You -- you didn't evenspend the night.
I resolvedmy toxic-mold issue.
Board of health says my placeis safe again.
I was thinking ofordering takeout,but if you're going actually,I don't have to leaveright away.
Takeout sounds good.
Bly saysyou're off the hook.
He was just using youto get under my skin anyway.
Listen,michael,I feel really bad about the whole tacky businesswith the wire.
I mean,don't get me wrong.
I love how I lookwith a shaved chest,but rolling over on you I ask you to take risks.
It comes with the territory.
But next time,we'll have a signal.
If you're wired,tip me offby offering to pay for lunch.
You know,I think I'm gonnaget out of town for a bit.
- I got to decompress.
- Sounds good.
Stay safe.
All right,man.
Hey,I had to take the guyon the boat down,get him to say the right thingsat the right time.
While you were putting ona show,I got rid of the cops,and I wired a truck to blow.
Mike,back me up.
I mean,I thinkit's pretty clear my tactical maneuveringspretty much saved the day here.
You feeling underappreciated? Oh,no.
He appreciates himself plenty.
He's been insufferable ever since you called him firstyesterday.
Fi,look,don't be insulted.
You're goodwith the hands-on stuff -- the simplemechanical things.
Simple? Like wiring a truck to blow? An important task,yes,but one a very intelligentmonkey could perform.
I'm just sayingthere's a reason why I'm number oneon the speed dial.
Sam,for your information,I called fi first.
You didn't pick up,so in the future,I'm gonna call sam first.
It's all the originals --everything I had on you.
I love your attentionto detail,michael.
This would have beenquite the career-ender.
Well,I know a little somethingabout that althoughI wasn't expecting you to counter with even betterleverage -- well-played.
This would be a goodmichael westen story if people were allowed to tellmichael westen stories.
- So - so.
Any luck trucking downthat cayman islands account? Look,I don't have to tell you,we have ways of investigating that most peopledon't know about.
No one has the reach that we do,but this I found the bankand I even found the banker,but the account -- it's just a number.
No name? No organization? Nothing.
It gets worse.
That accountwas being monitored -- an electronictrip wire of sorts.
And you thinkyou tripped it? Might have been me.
It might have been barry.
Look,whoeveryou're looking for,they know you're coming.
Good luck.
: Сsisi Ƶ ʫ侲 Ȫ Ƿ У: Aiiiii