Burn Notice s04e02 Episode Script

Fast Friends

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Mike, I'm telling you, don't do it.
What? You don't like the belt? I'm not kidding around here.
You got to put a kibosh on this.
Sam, we talked about this.
Well, maybe we didn't talk about it enough.
You're working for the same sons of bitches that burned you, Mike, and now you're gonna meet with this Vince guy.
Vaughn -- good name for a vampire.
I'm just saying, I don't think you thought this through.
I don't love working with him, but what we're doing is important.
Why, 'cause Simon got out? Okay, he was a bad guy.
Okay, a very bad guy.
But he's stuck in a dungeon somewhere.
Problem solved.
If it was just about Simon, maybe, but the guy who helped him escape has bigger plans.
I know you feel this is on your shoulders, but it's not your job to solve everything.
Just walk away.
I got an innocent man burned for looking into this.
If I stop now, I'll have ruined Jesse Porter's life for nothing.
Okay, fine.
But I still think Vaughn is a vampire name.
Hey, pal.
You're looking well.
Miami sunshine is working wonders for you.
Well, I get a little pasty when my pals lock me in a secret prison.
So, how's our project coming? Slowly.
I've been looking through Jesse Porter's files.
It's a few thousand pages of raw intelligence.
We should talk about Jesse Porter.
What about him? FBI picked him up, then released him.
They decided it was better to let him go and keep the incident quiet.
He's been laying low, making calls to people around the government to figure out who stole his files.
He's looking for who burned him.
Don't worry.
We're gonna have him taken care of.
Taken care of? Look, it's nothing lethal.
We're just gonna find him and put him on a plane to a nice, remote holding facility.
Vaughn, that's a mistake.
It's more efficient to use him as a resource.
So, you sure you're not feeling sentimental just 'cause you burned him? No, everything we need is inside Jesse's head.
You put me in charge of the investigation.
Let me handle Jesse.
Phone records.
Allied Financial Services? Yeah, Jesse hacked their pbx switch.
He's using it to make his calls.
Bug it, boss.
That should set you on the way to locating him.
Just curious -- have you thought at all about what you're gonna say to Jesse when you find him? "Hi.
I'm Michael.
I destroyed your life.
" I'll try to avoid that subject.
Has it occurred to you that avoiding Jesse might be a good idea? You've toyed with him enough.
I'll do everything I can to help him, Fi.
First I got to find him.
Well, I guess a little Sunday break-in never hurt anyone.
We got 90 seconds.
You'd be surprised what I can do in 90 seconds.
Housed in office utility rooms, a pbx is the phone switchboard for a whole company.
Using a router with upgraded firmware, pros can hack them to make untraceable calls from the comfort of their own homes.
It's how spies get free long-distance.
Identifying the right line to bug on a pbx is as simple as matching call times from your records to those in the computer.
Of course, if you have to comb through thousands of phone calls, it's easier said than done.
Everyone knows spies are good with languages and firearms, but they need to be great storytellers, too.
If you can't keep a break-in secret, you have to get creative to cover your tracks.
If a company's just laid off half its staff, no one asks many questions when it looks like an ex-employee broke in to make a mess.
Taking your sweet time, Michael.
You need to buy us some more time, Fi.
That's our cue to leave, Michael.
What took you so long? I thought you were gonna buy us more time.
I knew you were gonna say that.
How was that? Very good.
Anybody home? Mom? Mom! Whoa! Jesus.
Okay, we both get a text -- "need help now.
" "Need help now.
" And you don't answer your phone? We thought you were under siege.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm not up on texting etiquette.
I'm -- I'm converting the garage to a rental, and I thought you boys could lend a hand.
You're taking on a renter? I am.
I already have him lined up.
He has a cat, and he's very nice.
Do you think this is a good idea? I do.
I could use the extra money and a little company.
Uh, mom, we use the garage for work, for, um Private.
Private work.
You mean building bombs and interrogating people? When you were on vacation in prison, Michael, I realized something.
I could use more stable people in my life, not people who sleep with guns under their pillows.
All right, mom.
What do you need done? I promised I'd tile the garage before he moves in.
You know, I'm a little hurt, Maddy.
You never spruced the place up when I was here.
That's because he's a paying renter, Sam, not someone who detonates explosives in my solarium.
You know, Mike, some guys listen to a thing called music while they work.
It's sort of like talking, only with, you know, instruments.
Well, that tap on Jesse's phone line is our only lead on his location.
Let the static soothe you.
So, this, uh, Jesse -- he was in counterintelligence, eh? And? Well, I was just thinking, you know, these are the guys who interrogate spies.
Their job is seeing through people like you -- like us.
I know it's risky, Sam, but right now it's the only way -- Hey, it's Jesse Porter.
You shouldn't call me at home.
You're radioactive.
I get caught talking to you, I lose my pension.
Look, I'm not dirty.
Somebody set me up.
You got to believe me, Freddy I know.
I made a few calls, got my hands on something you need to see.
Okay, well, what is it? Do you know who -- this line's not secure.
We need to meet in person -- today.
All right, the park near my place -- Ocean and Lexington -- 00.
Well, sounds like Jesse might have a lead on the person who burned him.
Look on the bright side.
We have his location.
I'm calling Fi.
Okay, for the record, I already hate everything about this.
How's it looking, Sam? Same as an hour ago -- all quiet on the Western front.
Mike, I'm projectile sweating down here.
I'm turning my new hawaiian into a dishrag, and, you know, we're talking about a poly-silk blend here -- dry-clean only, and it's ruined.
Okay, Sam.
You can bill me.
Damn straight.
You know, I feel for Jesse, alone, hauled out, sealed off like toxic waste.
I do too, Fi.
Trust me, I know what he's going through.
Except Jesse didn't wake up next to someone who had his back, like you did.
As I recall, I woke up because somebody kicked me.
The point is you have a team.
That team may include a washed-up, old boozehound.
You're on speaker, Fi.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, whatever.
Here comes Jesse.
Ooh, he is a strapping fellow, isn't he? Hey, Fred.
Oh, and that must be Jesse's mystery date.
Thanks for coming, man.
Got two S.
s, blacked-out windows.
Something tells me they're not with the neighborhood watch.
How you been? You okay? Jesse, I'm sorry.
What are you gonna do, right? Okay, that's a trap.
Mikey, this is not good.
They're gonna have him hemmed in.
We got to warn Jesse.
We can't let him see us.
If he knows we're watching him -- here.
We can't sit on our hands while he gets ambushed.
He won't.
He can get away.
Just hang on, Fi.
Fi, hang on.
He made me call you.
What the hell are you talking about, Freddy? Who? Who made you? He had pictures of me, threatened to go to my wife.
I'm retired.
My marriage is all I got left.
Freddy, what the hell are you talking about? What'd you do? Sam, the bike locked to the pole behind you -- pull the chain off the gears.
Okay, Mike, tell me what you got, and make it snappy.
You think that old arm of yours can hit the power lines? Are you kidding? This bazooka took Annalee high to the Michigan state quarterfinals.
Ha! Wrap a metal chain around two power lines, and you complete a very powerful electrical circuit.
It can get you arrested, but it's a good way to make a ruckus in a pinch.
Go, go, go! You sold me out to Khan.
I didn't have a choice.
You're lucky this guy can handle himself.
Well, he's lucky they had tasers, not guns.
I guess we're not the only ones looking for Jesse.
We better find him first, Michael.
I drove around his neighborhood for hours.
He didn't come back.
Cops found a body a mile from the park.
Jesse's contact? Well, I guess he wasn't worth much after the setup.
So, who the hell were the guys in the S.
s? I don't know.
Give me good news.
You find Jesse? I did -- about a minute before he was ambushed by some amateur extraction team.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I asked for good news.
Jesse got away.
Do you know if he has any old enemies in town? What am I, Jesse's biographer? I'm calling you for information.
I need you to use some of your resources.
Find out -- you're my resource on this.
You wanted to handle this? Handle it.
Like engineers and wedding planners, spies obsess over details.
If you always keep a lock with the logo facing in and suddenly you find it turned out, you've got a problem.
When you know someone's about to get the drop on you, you can play it safe and walk away, or you can pretend nothing's wrong, go about your business, and get the drop on them.
Nightclub's closed on Mondays, but I'm guessing you're not here to salsa dance.
You must be Michael Westen.
I heard you were good.
Right now I'm just a guy pointing a gun at your head.
Who are you? My name is Jesse Porter.
I've got a problem that only you can understand.
And, uh, I need your help.
It's like meeting a character out of a book -- Michael Westen, the burned spy.
People still talk, you know.
There's the he-was-done-wrong folks, and then there's the they-should've-shot-him folks.
Which side were you on? Never mind.
What brings you here? I was counterintelligence.
Someone stole my files.
I got blamed for the breach.
Eight years -- eight years, they just booted me out like it was nothing.
I'm sorry.
For what it's worth, I know how you feel.
Yeah, wellthat's actually not my biggest problem right now.
I got an old enemy coming after me.
I figured you must have a friend in the government.
I mean, how else could you have survived this long? I just need to talk to someone.
I have friends, but not in the government.
Your name doesn't even need to come up.
I-I just -- I -- I can't help you there.
All right.
Thanks for the yogurt.
This old enemy -- does he have a name? Yeah, Ming Khan.
Son of a bitch thinks I stole Maybe I could help you there.
No, man, look, he's -- you don't know him.
He's dangerous.
He's connected.
I said I had friends.
Let me see what I can do for you.
Why would you do that? Part of me thinks that burned spies need to stick together.
Yeah? What about the other part? The other part thinks if a counterintel op owed me a favor and got back in someday, he could put in a good word for me.
All right, man.
You got a deal.
You know of any good motels, man? I, uh -- I can't go back to my place.
Uh, you can't go to a motel right now.
That's exactly where Khan will be looking for you.
We'll figure something out.
So I'm in charge of keeping secrets from a counterintelligence Agent? He's crashing in a vacant condo next door.
It's not like he's staying in your living room.
But he is using my duvet.
If another one of your strays ruins my linens, I will kill you.
You said yourself Jesse needs someone to watch his back.
That is not fair using that argument against me.
There are worse things than having a very cute next-door neighbor.
In exchange for this downy-soft bedding, you've got to tell us all about this Khan person.
Oh, um M-most of it's classified, so I-I can't really -- let's be clear.
Michael is the spy.
He cares about words like "classified.
" I, on the other hand, only care about who it is I'm supposed to be fighting.
Khan was a hotshot in asian drug shipping, got in some trouble with the local authorities, came running to Uncle Sam to cut a deal.
He's a snitch, basically.
He's trading intel on his terrorist pals for a life in America.
You were his handler.
Yeah, got the job of debriefing him, moving his money to U.
First part went fine.
Money never showed up.
The Chinese got it in transit.
And he blames you for stealing his nest egg.
Yeah, not to be crass, but have you considered shooting him? I'd be all for it, but Khan's got some powerful friends.
If I take a shot at him, they'll come after me next.
That's why I wanted to find someone in the government to shut it down.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen, but we may be able to do the next best thing.
You know, if we can get him busted by the cops, his friends will keep their distance.
Illegal-weapons charges might do it.
It'll be tough, but if we keep it really heavy -- Rpg.
Rpg? Right.
Oh, you're serious? So -- so you have, like, a magic way of -- of setting him up for this? No magic -- we get him to buy the weapons.
We get him arrested.
You're gonna walk up to the guy, start talking to him? I'm a spy, Jesse.
That's what we do.
Have things changed since I've been out? Uh, Khan is a psycho, just so you know.
I seriously doubt y'all have mutual friends.
A mutual enemy will do fine.
Hey, there, uh, can I talk to your boss? Get the hell -- ugh! Quick and excruciating, few holds are more effective than a simple thumb lock.
A little pressure on the right spot Ugh! And your target will be learning how to hold a fork with a new hand.
He might want to ice that.
Hey, we need to talk.
And who might you be? The name's Turner.
We have a mutual acquaintance, Jesse Porter.
Jesse Porter? Doesn't ring a bell.
Does it, Mr.
Lei? So it was someone else who ran that half-assed snatch-and-grab yesterday? You know, I was this close to laying my hands on that son of a bitch, until you guys blew it for me.
How did you find us? There's only so many groups of guys carrying serious heat in chinese restaurants in Key Biscayne.
So, what do you want? Well, I want to make a deal.
Why would we make a deal with you, Mr.
Turner? Because I know where Jesse is -- unless you guys have never heard of him, and then I'll just finish up here and Take my Mongolian beef to go.
What is it that you want with, uh, Jesse? There's a certain cartel willing to pay top dollar to me for what's in his head.
I think there's a way we can help each other.
I'm listening.
Your little fiasco with Jesse sent him into hiding.
He's dug in like a tick -- cement wall, claymore mine in the door.
And you'll tell me where this is on what condition? I need some heavy artillery to extract him.
I'm low on funds.
I could use a few extra hands.
So, when we find Jesse, we're supposed to just, what, share him? That's what we learned in kindergarten.
I mean, you get what you need, and then I take him with me -- win-win.
We will find him on our own, thank you.
We don't go on armed assaults with randoms off the street.
But -- good day, Mr.
Can I take the Mongolian beef? I told you a sales pitch isn't gonna do it.
Khan -- Khan's tempted.
We just need to push him a little bit harder.
Right now, they think they can handle you on their own.
But we'll convince them they need help -- my help.
How do you propose to do that? There's someone I want you to meet.
Jesse, this is Sam Axe.
He's a former Navy S.
And a friend.
Good to meet you.
So, Mike told me about your problem.
I had a buddy pull some paperwork.
Turns out Mr.
Lei rents a place on Star Island.
So, here's what I'm thinking.
Next time these guys head out for grub, we stage a mock ambush on them.
Jesse, if you can position yourself on the outside wall here, you can hose the place down with your assault rifle, do a triangle-of-death thing, drive them into here.
When you stop to reload, I'll swoop in, scare you off, and I become Khan's guardian angel.
Okay, let me see this.
I dig it.
I dig it.
Just, if we're gonna do the triangle of death, we got to do it from inside the wall, like, right here, like, in his face.
There's an armed guard that patrols the grounds, Jesse.
If you get any closer than that -- I'll have to deal with a rent-a-thug all by my little self.
Okay, uh, quick F.
here -- uh, we plan our missions with the wacky idea of getting everybody out in one piece.
So just sit back, relax, and let us worry about the heavy lifting.
So, Mike, you think this is gonna convince Khan to work with you, or just that he should pack up and leave? Well, he thinks Jesse's got his money.
He'll do what he has to do to get it.
Just cover me when I go in.
Did I mention I'm not a fan of running a mission with a kid we barely know? I'm just saying, these counterintel types, Mike -- they're lone wolves, they are not team players.
This is Jesse's best shot to getting Khan off his back.
He'll behave.
Here we go, Sam.
Okay, that's where Jesse's supposed to set up shop.
And yet he's still moving.
What the hell is he doing? His version of the plan.
Watch my back.
Hey, Khan! You looking for me?! You want your money? Come get it! Like pro athletes, spies know that no amount of practice or planning simulates the adrenaline rush of real action.
That's why you always have to be ready to adjust tactics on the fly.
If a teammate suddenly decides to shoot at you to convince the bad guys you're enemies You go with the flow and shoot back.
Are you guys trying to die? Mr.
At your service.
Oh, come on, Mike, I can't take out four jokers in one go.
Is this your way of thanking me for saving your hides? You have a bad habit of showing up where you don't belong.
Are you guys impaired? Am I talking too fast? Is that it? I mean, I'm trying to get Jesse.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that he'd try to hit your place after you went after him.
You still think you can handle Jesse? Fine, kill me.
But the next time he pays you a visit, you're gonna need more than new lawn art.
Whether it's in the field or a showroom, the most powerful move at the end of a sales pitch is to just walk away.
It's an effective technique to close a deal, but it can also get you shot in the back.
You have a flair for the dramatic, Mr.
You've made your point.
Is that your way of saying you'd like my help catching Jesse? I'll be back tomorrow with a shopping list.
Crack your piggy bank.
It's gonna cost you.
Oh, and, Khan Tell your sidekick his safety's on.
Hey, hey.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry about the car.
Hope you'll take a personal I.
? Good as gold.
What the hell did you think you were doing back there? Kicking ass.
What? I had to get in close to sell it.
I got it done.
No, no, we got it done.
You pull that lone ranger crap again, you and me are gonna dance.
Really? Yeah.
We're gonna dance? Uh-huh, we're dancing.
I will beat your old ass.
Comen, man, pull the trigger.
Oh, you think? You're just an old man.
Do it.
Do it.
Calm down.
Calm down! What matters is that I'm in with Khan and Lei.
You want to finish this when I'm done, fine.
We have work to do.
Okay by me, Mikey.
Sooner we put them on a platter for the cops, sooner we're done with Billy the Kid here.
All right, so you got the meeting with Khan.
What happens if they smell a setup? We'll cross that bridge later.
For now, I need them to buy enough artillery to start World War III.
I don't know what level of experience you have with this sort of thing, but the trick with a bunker -- it's not about getting in, it's about getting the target out alive.
Well, I need him alive.
Right, so this is what I propose.
Now, I can arrange delivery -- three Barrett rifles, tungsten-tipped rounds? Designed to punch holes in tanks.
It'll cut through that bunker like it's made of tissue paper.
A breaching ram, military-grade tear gas, and a grenade launcher? Hey, we pump in some gas, flush out Jesse like the rat he is.
This is not even legal.
This kind of firepower is way too risky.
Too risky? You know, I spent interrogating, tracking, climbing into caves in Afghanistan.
You ever done that? Yeah, I didn't think so.
I know what it takes to get it done.
I say we find Jesse on our own, take care of him our own way.
You know, your boy here is awfully opinionated.
Last time I checked, though, Jesse's hunting you.
He makes a point.
I been hunting Agent Porter for a long time.
I know what makes him tick.
I know what it takes to get what you want from him, but I need the right tools to grab him.
If you have the cash, I can get a guy who can get everything we need.
Now, I'm tired of Mr.
Lei second-guessing everything I say.
If we have a deal, you say so.
Otherwise, I go my own way.
Provide an account where you'd like your money wired, Mr.
We will make the arrangements.
Fi, Khan went for it.
Let's get a truck ready.
Make it look like I'm a guy who moves a lot of heavy weapons.
Any preference on color? I'll leave it to you, but I need it by tomorrow morning.
I got to head to my mom's.
Her renter's cat found some of my old detonators.
Bye-bye, tenant.
Yeah, he moved out.
Can you and Jesse handle the truck? I'm sure we'll be fine.
When using a street vehicle to haul serious weapons, some modifications are in order.
Heavy-duty coil springs are used by dune buggies to race across the desert.
Add them to your suspension system, and you can hit a few potholes without snapping an axle.
A strut brace over your engine stabilizes your center of gravity.
And nothing helps with a fast getaway like a nitrous-oxide tank connected to your fuel injector.
All righty.
Think that's everything Westen needs for his gun deal with Khan? If Michael can't make an escape in this, then he deserves to get caught.
You're pretty handy with that wrench.
You're pretty handy with a gun for a desk jockey.
Michael told me about your little one-man rampage with kahn.
I actually started in the field.
They stuck me in counterintel 'cause I tended to, uh, go after all the bad guys, not just the ones they wanted me to get.
It turns out some guys can watch a dude smack his girlfriend around in a bar, and some guys can't.
I knew I liked you.
Michael's gonna be a while.
You, uhwant to take it for a spin? Hell yes.
Who says Christmas only happens once a year? Barretts are in the bag.
Here are your launchers.
Turn that frown upside-down.
Are we happy? We are.
The rest of your money is on its way now.
So, when do we find Jesse? I'm gonna take you to him.
Let's mount up.
Just give me a hand with the ammo.
Spies know the most distrusting people are often the easiest to manipulate.
If you want someone to drive around with a trunk full of illegal weapons, just insist on doing it yourself.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Um, putting the guns in.
I mean, this truck has been specially outfitted for the weight.
No way.
You think we're gonna spend that kind of money and just let you drive off with them? I'm not driving off with anything.
I'm meeting you at the bunker.
And we're just supposed to trust you, right? We take the weapons.
You know, with all due respect, Mr.
Khan, are you out of your frickin' mind? You know how illegal these guns are.
Your fender's gonna be dragging on the pavement.
Some Port Authority stooge is gonna call the cops.
Right now, I'm more worried about you than the cops.
Suit yourself.
Ugh! Lift with the knees.
Hi, police? Um, I think I just saw a drug deal.
Yeah, guys with guns loading bags.
Hyperion road, by the port.
Take the next left.
Two blocks.
Damn, what did I tell you? If you find yourself in a high-speed pursuit while driving in a caravan, you don't always have to be faster than the cops.
You just have to be faster than the guy next to you.
Of course, it helps if you are faster than the cops.
Aah! Hands on your head! Hands on your head! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get in there! Stand up.
Officer, let -- let us explain.
You have the right to remain silent.
You worried about the cops now? Jesse, it's Michael again.
Where are you? Call me back.
Four messages? Don't you think you might seem a little desperate? He took us out for a $100 thank-you dinner last night, and now he won't return my calls? Relax.
All his stuff is still at the condo.
I don't think Jesse's the type to leave without saying goodbye.
He's not you.
It's Khan.
Shouldn't he be in jail? Let's find out.
Oh, I thought you got pinched.
Years ago, I did a favor for the people at the drug enforcement agency.
It wasn't easy, but my lawyers persuaded them to return that courtesy.
Oh, you were sitting on a get-out-of-jail-free card? Oh, that's beautiful.
Listen, give me another day.
We'll take another run at it.
Oh, that won't be necessary.
You see, Jesse stuck his head out when he thought I was gone.
He was unaware I kept his apartment under surveillance.
You got Jesse? Picked him up two hours ago.
We've been trying to get him to talk, but so far he has been uncooperative.
You know, you said you knew all about Jesse and the art of interrogation.
Perhaps you could come talk to him.
Oh, it'll be my pleasure.
Yeah, you remember our deal, though.
You get what you're after, and then I get Jesse.
That only works if he's in one piece.
I'll try not to do any permanent damage.
Aah! At least the cops have Kahn's artillery.
Five of them, three of us -- it's almost a fair fight.
But we can't solve this with guns, Fi.
It's too easy for them to just kill Jesse if things get hot.
Well, do you have a better idea? Yeah, we need to convince Khan to let me take Jesse.
Wait, did you hit your head during the car chase? Khan is not gonna let you take Jesse until he gets his money, which is a problem because Jesse didn't steal it.
I know, Fi.
We're gonna have to convince him that someone else stole the money.
Someone? Who? Lei.
Well, how are you gonna pull that off? He's Khan's closest adviser.
Which means he had access and opportunity.
I can sell this.
You find Barry.
You have him get everything he can about the account Khan used to buy the guns.
If Khan pays Lei from the same place -- we can use it to get Lei's personal bank account.
But if I do get a number, how are you gonna make Jesse say it? I'm gonna bring Jesse a cheat sheet.
Hey, baby.
I told you on the phone I can't talk now 'cause I'm in a meeting.
Oh, well, uh Meeting adjourned.
Scram, honey.
All right.
What the hell was that? You just cost me a client, although that was smokin' hot.
My business accounts.
A bad man bought some guns from me.
I need you to trace this wire transfer back to the source.
I need information about the original account -- transfers, linked accounts, names, dates, everything.
Oh, so you only want the moon.
That can't be done.
You're asking me to bribe bank officials.
Oh, you've never bribed a bank official? Yeah, I have, when I'm looking for new clients, but this is my business.
Think I got something here, Mike.
You wanted someone who could pass for a relative of Jesse's -- Kathy Porter from Dallas.
She passed away five days ago.
It's the right age, right complexion.
Well, that is perfect, Sam.
Fi, tell me you got something.
Lei's personal accounts are in Antigua.
Looks like Khan pays him You are a miracle worker.
Yeah, I'm sending you the number now.
Oh, and, Michael, Barry made me promise him dinner to hear how he can maximize my offshore finances.
You owe me.
Yes, I do.
All right, change Kathy's birthplace to Antigua, and we need to adjust the online archive number.
You sure you want to play follow-the-leader with Jesse? I mean, the guy's not exactly great at taking direction.
I got him into this, Sam.
I'm gonna get him out.
How's our boy? Still breathing.
He won't speak, despite our encouragement.
Well, what did I tell you? If you hurt him, it just makes it that much harder to get anything useful out of him.
The man stole a lot of money from me.
Until I find out what happened to it, he's mine to deal with as I please, Mr.
Jesse probably spent the money years ago.
We should just kill him and be done with it, and stop doing business with strangers.
Did you guys talk about killing Jesse in front of him? In english? I thought so.
There's your problem.
I mean, if a man knows he's gonna die, he has no reason to speak up.
And how will you motivate him -- kind words and a warm cup of tea? No, with what's inside this briefcase.
Few things are more dangerous than passing a message in plain view of hostiles.
To do it, you need a reason to get close to someone.
You don't get to be choosy about how.
Looks like we got a bleeder.
Hello, Agent Porter.
Now, Agent Porter, I know why you haven't been talking.
You think you'll be killed if you admit you stole Khan's money.
You need to understand something.
Your life is not the only thing that is on the line.
This is an obituary of one Kathy Porter, killed five days ago in a home invasion.
Can you see the resemblance? Wait, wait.
What? For what it's worth, she had some nice things to say about you in the end.
What, you killed my aunt Kathy? You son of a bitch! How else was I gonna find you? You know, she put up a good fight for a civilian.
She is survived by her sister, Deborah.
You know her as mom.
I was thinking about paying her a visit next, maybe not.
So I want you to look at this picture very closely when I ask you this question.
The money -- where did it go? Some guy called me.
He, uh -- he said he'd kick back 100 grand in cash if I routed the funds to him to an -- an account in Antigua.
Antigua? That could be someone connected to our banks.
Khan, let's not discuss our personal affairs.
I want you to give me the account number you sent the money to now! I don't re-- I don't know! It -- it was a year ago.
I can't remember.
It's over.
The money's gone.
Let's just shoot him! What did I say about threatening his life?! I don't know what his problem is, but if you want to find your money, you'll tell him to keep his mouth shut.
Lei, enough.
May I call you Jesse? I want you to think about your aunt Kathy and about her last moments on earth and whether you want the same thing to happen to the rest of your family.
I want you to look at her and you think about her.
Does this jog your memory? And don't tell me you don't know.
Spies -- they're trained to lie.
They're also trained to remember numbers.
He's gonna kill me.
You think I won't kill her?! charlie-01.
That wasn't so hard, now, was it? Now, what you'll need to do is find out whose account -- you're lying! That's mine! You stay off him! That's my account! How did you get that number?! Khan, you tell him to put that gun down! I have given you everything you've asked for.
What are you doing? You know what happens to people who steal from me, huh?! Huh?! Mr.
Khan! I've seen that wound before.
He'll survive, but you got to get him to the hospital.
That was awfully Christian of you, giving Khan free medical advice.
Well, I have seen that wound before.
And he'll be dead in five minutes.
Oh, go through all that trouble to save my ass and leave the old guy in charge of the getaway? Buckle up, rookie.
Try not to bleed on the upholstery.
Got to hand it to you -- your little trio can handle its business.
Yeah, we have a few notches in our belt.
Hey, thank you for this, but I see why the condo next door is vacant.
There's a bee infestation.
It's constant buzzing.
It's like I'm living in a freakin' hive.
I got to find a new place.
Well, there's no need.
We have a friend with a space.
Don't we, Michael? My mom? Fi, I don't think that's a good idea.
She has enough burned spies in her life.
Well, I already spoke to her.
It's done.
Okay, well, thank you, Fiona.
Why did you go back to your place when Khan grabbed you? What was worth the risk? It's a Saint Christopher's medal -- patron Saint of safe passage.
It belonged to my mom.
She had a thing about keeping us protected.
Well, I guess it worked for you.
Yeah, just not for her.
You're the man.
Let's celebrate.
What are we celebrating? We had a great week.
You won Jesse's trust.
Now we can root around inside that brain of his, and by this time Friday, we'll have everything we need.
I wouldn't be too optimistic.
I'm working him for classified details about a conspiracy.
If I push too hard, he'll get spicious.
Well, if you need some help getting him to open up, I have some friends who can help facilitate.
The point is, Michael, we're on a clock here.
So for Jesse's sake, get at it.
This is my very best gun cleaner.
A little goes a long way.
Thank you.
I'll use it wisely.
He's trouble.
I like him.
You know, it's really nice of you to let Jesse stay here, but he can't pay you rent.
That's all right.
He's already offered me several grand in I.
Mom, I thought you wanted someone nice staying here who liked cats.
Now you're sharing gun cleaner.
Yeah, well, nice is overrated.
And I forgot how much I hate cats.
I mean, you and Sam and Fi may be nuts, but, you know, you're doing something with your life, and I-I just like being a part of it.
What kind of sissy wouldn't sleep with a gun under his pillow, anyway? Love what you've done with the place.
Don't knock it.
Your mom's my decorator.
I can tell.
Hey, listen, if you're gonna stay here, we should probably talk about why you were burned.
I told you.
I got set up.
People don't just get set up for no reason, Jesse.
You asking me about top-secret information, Westen? Well, if you're like me, you won't stop kicking over rocks until you find out what happened.
You're out in the cold, Jess.
It's dangerous to do it alone.
Yeah, so I've noticed.
I was looking into some pretty serious stuff when they threw me out -- wars, terror attacks.
I had a lead on a guy that was tied into it.
Maybe I got too close.
I don't know.
You want help finding that guy? Look, before I let you in on this, I need to tell you something.
I'm seeing this through.
One day, the old bosses are gonna welcome me back.
They're gonna give me a commendation.
I'll smile for the camera.
But then I'm gonna find the person that ruined my life.
And I'm gonna kill him.
Are you good with that? Yeah, I'm good with that.