Burn Notice s04e03 Episode Script

Made Man

I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, You're not going anywhere.
Spies come from all walks of life, And no two are exactly alike.
But whether they're a burned former operative, A beautiful bomber with a temper, Or a hard-drinking ex-seal, They all share one trait -- punctuality.
Showing up on time means you're 15 minutes late.
It's noon, Michael.
Where the hell is this guy? You think he's still coming? Look, I wouldn't mind, honestly, If Jesse just faded into the mist.
I really don't think we need a counterintelligence agent Joining our merry band.
Jesse's investigating the same people we are, Sam.
They nearly killed everyone at this table.
I say we hear him out.
Get a guy fired, ruin his life.
I'd say you owe him a mojito And a friendly shoulder to cry on, at the very least.
I didn't burn him on purpose, Fi.
Well, he may not see it that way.
Let's try not to mention it.
Ah, here we are.
Looks like Jesse got here on time after all.
PeopleOn the house, With Carlito's compliments.
Nice guy.
I see why you guys like coming here.
I told you this place is secure.
Hey, no offense, man.
Can't be too careful.
What I'm about to hit you guys with is pretty heavy.
So, uh, if anybody feels uncomfortable Discussing code matters of national security, You might just want to, you know, leave.
All right, fair enough.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
About a year ago, I'm working for the defense department.
Get wind of some nasty business -- Bombings, assassinations.
Kidnappings, you name it.
It was global, but it looked like there was a pattern to me.
Is that what brought you down to Miami? Yeah.
Yeah, I was looking at weapons supply lines into the hottest spots, Found a connection right here at the port.
A lot of guns coming off of ships that passed through Algeria.
You got a source? I made contact with a guy Shipping artillery for one of the operations, Told him I wanted to move some guns of my own.
Did you get a name or a face? Only spoke on the phone.
He had this, uh This trippy voice.
It was, like, sort of like a low hiss.
It was weird, so I called him cobra.
Cobra? I'm sorry.
That's just a -- a crappy code name.
Oh, well, maybe you can make up the code names When it's your investigation.
How about that? So, I was supposed to meet up with him a couple weeks ago.
He didn't show up.
Now, I don't know if he got cold feet or what, But if we can find him, we can crack this thing wide open.
Looks like we're gonna spend some time down on the docks.
Now, hold on, Mike.
This sounds dangerous.
Before you sign us up for this mission, I want to ask our friend here a very important question.
What kind of snacks do you like? Identifying an illicit weapons shipment From a specific country Isn't as simple as checking manifests Or spotting a flag on a ship.
It's too easy for arms dealers to fake both.
But phony paperwork and false flags Won't stop crew members from telling you the straight story.
Chat up the right deckhand, and you can learn Where every shady piece of cargo came on board.
There's no substitute for human intelligence.
Okay, nice talking to you.
Go ahead, Jesse.
No luck.
Crew caught diseases in half the ports in the middle East, But they didn't dock in Algeria.
Well, I have more bad news for you, Jesse.
You are never packing the cooler again.
Spray cheese and bologna? Ew.
you're welcome.
Oh, look at this.
Look at this.
Looks like the same two scumbags that were here on Tuesday Swiping flatscreens.
Hey, open those cans! Come on, little fella, at least take a swing.
Just do it! Probably afraid to.
This port's got some gang trouble.
You know what? I'm getting a little tired of watching these poor bastards Getting shaken down every other day.
Got nothing to do with cobra, Jesse.
Scumbags get a pass today.
I don't think they do.
We can't blow our surveillance! Aah! We won't hurt ya.
Hey! White '97 corolla.
You dinged my car in the parking lot, buddy.
What? I drive a Cadillac, and I parked in the street.
Do you drive a Cadillac, or did you park on the street? Which is it, you lying son of a bitch? Make up your mind.
What are you looking at, little man? Got nothing to do with you.
Get out of here.
Hey, hey, he's not going anywhere.
No, no, no.
This is between me and you.
Are you deaf, dude? What did I say? What did I say? Get out of here.
He's not going -- Ugh! I like this guy.
Are we good here? 'cause we should really get back to -- No, no, it's okay -- I was just telling Hank here How we work undercover for one of the shipping companies.
Oh, that's us -- undercover shipping people.
Yeah, what -- what -- what company is that, again? Oh, we can't really talk about it.
You know how big corporations like to keep everything quiet.
Hank was just saying the dock's been having some trouble.
I told him we could help.
Yeah, I doubt it.
The guys who busted up my arm They're mobbed up.
They've been pressuring me and some of the other security staff To help them steal stuff out of the containers.
Have you tried going to the police? Yeah, a buddy of mine, Richie, he went to the police.
They found him facedown in his pool.
You think I want to end up like that? Probably not.
Can't go against these guys.
I keep hearing about the boss, Tony caro.
He's ruthless.
And the day of the funeral, He shot up Richard's house -- Richie's wife and kids still inside.
Well, it sounds like straight-up racketeering.
There's got to be something we can do, right? Set some cameras up, get a little eavesdropping equipment in here? Hank, why don't you call in sick for the next couple days, See if you can let that hand heal? You guys really gonna help me? Apparently.
Jesse, we didn't spend all this time on the docks To help a guy deal with some mobsters.
Hey, I'm just doing what you did for me.
You see someone in trouble, you don't stand on the sidelines.
Isn't that what you're all about? What company do we work for, Jesse? Do we get uniforms? I told Hank what he needed to hear to make him comfortable, all right? Oh, is he gonna be comfortable when you wire him up? A few cameras and some eavesdropping -- That's your plan? What? We get enough tape on these guys, We can wrap it up in a nice little bow for the cops.
What's wrong with that? He's not trained.
Do you know what happens To people who are not trained in the field? They die.
I'm not trying to get him killed.
I'm trying to solve his problem and maybe ours.
Hank could be someone we can work for shipping documents.
A paper trail may be our best hope for finding cobra.
You know, he's actually right, Michael.
How about before we do anything, We find out exactly what we're up against? So I checked in with my cop buddy On the organized crime task force.
He gave me this beast.
It's like the yellow pages for Florida's connected.
I guess they had a few left over from the Rico days.
Turns out this is their favorite watering hole.
This is a mob bar? You were expecting red leather booths and Frank Sinatra? It's Miami, Mike.
I assume the g in the suit's the boss.
Yep, Tony caro.
Supposedly, he runs things in South Florida For a crime family up in New York.
What else do we have on him? Well, just that he's Miami born and bred, Was a suspect in seven murders, But was never so much as charged.
The guy's Mr.
Maybe it's time we threw a little dirt on him.
I can't believe I'm out of lemon juice.
Will lime juice do? I don't know, Madeline.
You know, it depends.
Are you willing to settle for b-plus hummus? I'm not.
I'm kidding.
It'll be fine.
All I got to do is add my secret ingredient.
It's funny.
Seems like the only thing I know about you Is you like your food extra-spicy.
What is it you do, again? Michael said, what, government work? I used to, yeah.
Does that have anything to do with why you always Leave the house through a different door? Or you never park your car in the same spot on the street? Superstitious, I guess.
I think he's here to see me.
'course he is.
Your mom is no joke.
Could give most counterintel agents a run for their money.
I'm surprised she hasn't broken you yet.
Oh, trust me, I can handle it.
What's the latest on our mob problem? Well, they're careful.
Best bet is to convince them That the feds are on to their port operation, Get them to walk away.
How do we do that? We aren't doing anything.
Uh, yes, we are.
I want in on it.
They've seen your face, Jesse.
I need to get ears on them.
Okay, so you're gonna bug a bunch of wiseguys? Good luck with that.
They'll be looking for it.
Trust me, I can handle it.
Ideally, a bug should never be seen by anyone.
But when there's a possibility it may be, It's best to make it look like something People won't want to touch.
A wad of gum stuck to a balled-up piece of tissue And a sprinkling of whatever's in your lint trap Will usually do the trick.
Okay, that's disgusting.
Thanks, Sam.
What do you have? Proud of this one, Mikey.
Figured we needed a guy Who had to appear willing to sell information to a mobster, Right? So, went through a few files, And I found a guy whose identity you could borrow And whose history over the last six months You could make up and nobody would know the difference.
The suspense is killing me, Sam.
Ned Gordon, recently suspended FBI agent.
Real guy apparently is on a drinking binge Somewhere in the alaskan wilderness.
Here you go.
What do you think? Not bad, Sam.
Not bad? Short of being in the federal computer system, you are all set.
Now all you need is a cheap sports coat and some ugly shoes.
Organized crime bosses, Like senior administrators in any business, Have a lot of people who want to meet with them.
Hang around long enough asking for some face time, And you can get yourself on the schedule, But don't count on the receptionist Offering you coffee while you wait.
Listen, you son of a bitch! I'm doing you a favor Letting you sell those TVs in your store! I'm sorry.
It's my son.
I needed to buy some medicine.
When am I gonna get my money? Today, in the afternoon, I swear.
Don't let this happen again, Or your kid's gonna have other problems That no amount of medicine's gonna fix, you understand me? Do you understand me?! Get him out of here before I kill him.
This the guy? Says his name's ned.
You been standing in front of my place for half a day.
You got something you want to talk to me about? Yeah.
If I, uh -- if I had some, uh, information About an ongoing investigation into y-- Into this place, I mean, How much would that be worth to you? Investigation? I don't know what you're talking about.
No, I'm not.
I'm -- I'm just asking, if I had information, Ballpark, approximate, How much would that be worth to you? Tell you what -- why don't we take it like this? You tell me who you are and what you got, And I'll decide what it's worth.
No, I -- you know what? Forget it, you know? I should just -- Ugh! It's too late for "forget it," my friend.
Who are you? Inside-left jacket pocket.
What's this? A fed?! Didn't you frisk this guy before you brought him in? Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, I used to be with the bureau.
But I'm on leave.
For what? Whiskey, all right? I -- I'm clean now.
So, you want to talk about my personal life, Or do you want to hear what I have to say? All right.
I'll hear you out, Mr.
Former special agent ned Gordon.
Here's what you'll do.
Dean and I are gonna meet you At this place at 4:00.
All right? Oh, one other thing.
Ugh! Don't ever come back here again.
Get him out of here.
Tony should be here any minute.
Stay sharp.
Tell that to Michael.
Hopefully he can sell this.
Here they come.
Where's Tony? Tony's not coming.
W-what do you mean, he's not coming? You -- he said -- see, there's just one problem Special agent Gordon.
You're not special agent Gordon.
Ugh! You want to tell us who you really are? Take the shot.
Wait? Take the shot.
What are you doing? Giving him a chance to get out of there.
We start putting holes in people, it's gonna get ugly.
Ah! Don't want to talk? Huh? What? Okay.
You got time To change your mind.
Tony said to kill you real slow.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Okay, okay, I'll talk! no, I'm gonna talk.
I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk.
Holding someone's arms behind their back Is a good technique for a bully on the playground, But it leaves you very exposed.
I'm gonna talk.
A well-placed kick right beneath the knee Will cripple your opponent.
And a crippled opponent Can be a great weapon.
The guy can handle himself.
I'll give him that.
He has his moments.
Okay, so listen, Mike.
I think I found out how Tony knew that you weren't FBI.
Listen to what I got off the bug, earlier.
I called my guy at the FBI.
That son of a bitch was trying to play us.
Oh, he's got a fed in his pocket.
That would explain how he avoided getting busted all these years.
So, why are we here, Sam? So you can tell us Tony's untouchable? Have a little faith, Mike.
I think I found a new angle.
Now, you see that guy in there talking to Tony? That's Gio Russo.
He's a lieutenant in the same New York crime family That Tony works for.
According to the cops, he's down here on "vacation.
" Turns out he's down here to squeeze Tony.
Let's have a listen.
Not another word, Tony! I didn't come down here to watch the situation get worse! You think it's my fault that the economy's down? You think that I'm not riding the docks hard enough? Why don't you calm down? This is calm! You want to see pissed, Come in 15 grand light again next week! You'll see pissed! It's been like that all afternoon.
That's bad news for Hank.
Tony's not gonna stop squeezing him.
Yeah, but it means he might be desperate enough To make a stupid move.
If we can get him to do some dirty work himself, We can get him busted for something His fed buddies can't get him out of.
Sounds like he needs a little push.
He knows me, Sam.
I think it's time for him to meet Chuck Finley.
Now, that's a code name.
How's it going, man? I know, I know.
Listen, we're working on your Tony problem.
It's gonna take a little more time, okay? I can't stay away from the docks any longer.
People are asking questions.
I mean, I don't even know what security company you guys are with -- Hank, that's not something we can talk about.
It's for your own safety.
It's national security, okay? Yeah, about that I got those papers you wanted.
Got f-178s and manifests from every ship from Algeria In the last three months there.
This is perfect.
Oh, yeah, this will help.
Thank you.
How, exactly? Just go home and get some rest, all right? Hey.
What can I do for you? Um, I'm sorry to bother you.
I just, uh -- I found some of Michael's old things in a closet, And I thought maybe you could use them.
Got, um, a comforter and some pillows And, um, another lamp.
Seeing how dark it gets in here, I just thought, make you feel more at home.
Thank you, thank you.
You didn't have to.
You saved a lot of Michael's stuff.
You miss having him around? How about you? Is this your mom? Yeah.
Die? Who said she was dead? This, uh, photo's been in your wallet a long time.
Looks like it's well cared for.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
She actually passed away when I was 9.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What happened? Uh, she was killed During a robbery at a convenience store.
She was working the graveyard shift.
Uh, killer ran off with less than 50 bucks, And she bled out on the floor.
There was people watching from the parking lot, too.
Nobody did anything.
So, uh, by the time the cops got there, she was dead.
Now you've hooked up with Michael.
Gonna try and save the world.
Something like that, yeah.
Yeah, Sam? Yeah, let me get changed.
I'll be right there.
Grabbing someone who travels with protection Is about finding the moments when they're least protected.
Fortunately, even the most paranoid gangster Insists on doing some things alone.
Executing a successful close-quarters assault Is all about setting the stage.
You'll want to dull any reflective surfaces Corral your target into a corner And hit him when he's most vulnerable.
Easy, now.
Mm! Night-night.
And it never hurts to have a prearranged exit strategy.
You really think you can scare this dude Into pulling something that'll get him busted, huh? Oh, I know I can.
Really? 'cause you don't look that scary.
You haven't seen Chuck Finley in action.
Coming through.
Somebody can't handle his liquor.
You know who I'm with? You know who I am? I'm a made guy.
You touch me -- you're gonna threaten me with the family? Who do you think wants you dead? Look, you know as well as anyone you haven't been earning.
Is it gio? Is gio behind this? You didn't hear it from me.
Wait a minute.
You don't want to do this.
What do you want -- money? I got 20 grand.
You're funny.
Come on.
If you wanted to kill me, I'd be dead already.
I just like the company.
Look, it's nothing personal, But I got a job to do here, Or it's my ass swinging in the wind.
It's just the way of the wild, brother.
You don't see the gazelle Bargaining with the lion, do you? Listen to me.
Listen to me! Hey, hey, hey.
You don't want to wake the other guests, do you? Look, if you're gonna keep bellyaching While I'm shining Mr.
Slicey, We're gonna have to go back to Mr.
Wait a minute.
Hold on a second! What's your name? Chuck.
Let me talk to New York.
I'll clear it with them.
No, you know New York only listens in $50s and $100s.
Now, look, you got a couple mil you can kick upstairs, maybe they'll listen.
But, seriously, this is so much easier.
Hey, hey, I can get it! I can get the money! Yeah? How? You got some kind of score that can pull down that kind of cash? I don't think so.
Hey, hey, at the docks.
Yeah, they got a big shipment coming in.
Oh, it's huge.
I mean, I was just gonna skim it, But, you know, we can hit the whole thing.
$5 mil, easy.
So, you're just gonna waltz in there And take $5 million off the docks by yourself? Hey, I got guys in my crew.
No, gio has guys in your crew.
All right, look, I'm telling you, I can do this.
Just give me 48 hours.
I'll cut you in -- say, a mil.
Now is not the time to write checks that you can't cash.
No! Oh! No, no, no! I'll get you the money! I swear! All right.
$1 mil.
'cause I like you.
All right, run along now.
But don't be a stranger, you understand.
'cause if I have to find you again, I'm not gonna be so friendly.
And neither will Mr.
So, check this out.
I cross-referenced the documents we got at the docks, Figured out which shipment belonged to our boy cobra.
Cobra -- that name Live with it.
Anyway, the, uh, weapons Went from algerian ships in the port Onto the trucks.
And they show up again at the Opa-Locka airport.
Any idea where they're headed? There's no way of telling.
The manifests were all forged.
I'm trying to figure out which hangar they went to, though.
My guess is that cobra is working out of there.
Yeah, Sam? How'd it go with Tony? Yeah, Mike, I got good news and bad news.
Good news is, Tony's gonna hit the docks -- something big.
Bad news? Well, he's back at his place, Making calls to his crew to pull off the score.
I tried to convince him that he couldn't trust them, But I guess he's sentimental.
Well, we'll just have to cure him of that, won't we? Right there with you, Mikey.
Already called Fi.
Convincing a general that he can't trust his soldiers Is an ancient and time-honored strategy.
In ancient Rome, staging a botched assassination Usually involved poisoning a few slaves.
Today, the same effect can be achieved With a cheap cellphone and a brick of explosive.
Hey, there.
Got your message.
What's up? You know how, uh, you said my guys couldn't be trusted? Indeed I do.
Well, you were right.
They just tried to take me out.
Well, then, we have a problem, don't we? 'cause I seem to recall I was promised a million dollars.
I can get the money, all right.
Yeah? Yeah.
How? You and me, together.
We can do this.
Listen, it'll be a great score.
You put the guys together -- Look, if I put together the crew, My cut's gonna be a lot bigger than a mil.
Fine, $2 million.
That's more like it.
All right, tell you what.
You come up with a plan, I'll make some calls, Put together some manpower.
All right.
I'll be in touch.
Hey, Tony.
I'm really glad I didn't cut you into little pieces.
Don't make me regret my decision, huh? Yeah, Mike.
It's me.
Looks like I'm Tony's new partner.
Hank, it's not that complicated.
Tony's gonna try to rob the docks.
We're gonna make sure he gets caught doing it.
He gets busted, his operation rolls up, And your problem goes away.
Wait, but you're gonna actually help him do this? Nothing's gonna get stolen.
We just have to make sure That the mouse goes after the cheese.
And when he does Shouldn't we talk to the police? Look, Hank, we're not supposed to tell you this.
Tony's got an FBI agent in his pocket.
He'd just get tipped off.
This is how it has to be.
All right.
What do I have to do? Well, that's the good part, Hank.
You get to be the hero.
You get to be the one who stops the heist.
Sam's gonna be meeting with Tony later.
You just go to work.
Everything will be fine.
Yeah, okay.
I'll see you guys later.
Sam's gonna need some backup.
I'm there.
Fi, you know as well as I do That Tony's going to be expecting Sam's right-hand man To be WellA man.
Looks like I'm coming off the bench, then.
Now, the shipment's coming in there.
Usually, we'd just hit a few crates, But if we take this whole thing, It's gonna be a hell of a score.
What's in the crates? Microprocessors.
You know, the stuff they put in computers? Street value -- $5 million.
Guess that would explain the security -- The electric fence, gate Rent-a-cops.
The shipment's gonna be In a box truck inside that warehouse.
You guys can get in there, you're gonna be able to drive right out.
I'll take care of the sales, any -- hold on.
We're going in there? Yeah.
You're coming with us.
Uh -- no, no, no, no, you don't understand.
I don't do that stuff anymore.
You see, I've paid my dues.
I'm a boss.
Well, my friend, you will not be a boss for much longer Unless you plan on coming with us.
I'm not doing it.
Look, Tony, you're on a team with Chuck, he takes care of you.
I'm not gonna do it.
He takes care -- Tell him about the time You, uh, saved your navy seal buddy in El Salvador.
Come on, tell him, man.
It was the '80s.
Uh I led a fact-finding team into the country.
There were five of us, including my buddy Pete.
'course, the, uh, death squads were none too happy to see us, So we came under fire, and Pete took one in the spine.
He wanted me to dump him, leave him behind.
I sent the team ahead, and Pete and I hole up In some church for a couple days, Living off of communion wafers.
Finally, a couple black hawks airlifted us out of there.
The point is, no man left behind.
That's the promise I make, the promise I keep.
That's a hell of a story, Chuck.
So, what do you say? You in? Yeah, I'm in.
Let's do this.
What the hell was that? What? The story? Michael mentioned it.
No, it's not just a story.
This is me.
It's my real life.
I don't pimp my past to bad guys, you understand? It worked, didn't it? Bingo.
Hey, Michael? It's Jesse.
I need to talk to you, man.
Yeah, I heard about what happened with Sam.
Word to the wise -- stay out of his war stories from now on.
Come on, man, the guy's an ex-navy seal.
He's probably told that story a million times.
That's not the point, Jesse.
You know, okay.
Point taken.
Point taken.
That's not why I called.
Listen, I think I found cobra's warehouse at the airport.
Well, I think we should get over there.
Yeah, I think we should.
I'm gonna come pick you up.
All right.
Fresh-baked chocolate chips.
What? Word got out about my cookies, huh? Oh, good.
You heading out somewhere? Yeah, I'm gonna go meet Michael.
That doesn't narrow it down much.
You're not gonna stop, are you? What? You're just gonna keep on pushing till you find out who I am.
So you know what? I'm gonna save us both some time, all right? I was a counterintelligence agent Up until about a month ago, when I was Fired.
Uh, somebody used my security access To steal some classified files.
Lucky for me, your son was there to help me.
Was he? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, he saved my life.
You raised a good man.
You should know that.
I'll see you later, all right? Well, if it is cobra's hangar, he's not here now.
I wish he was, just so we could ask him What he thinks of the code name "cobra.
" It's the same tail number As the plane he used to move his weapons.
What do you think? We could wait for him.
Just no telling when he'd show up.
One reason it's tough to pull off the perfect crime Is destroying evidence leaves its own evidence.
If a section of floor Has been cleaned with a powerful surfactant, It sticks out like a drop of bleach on a shirt, Begging the question, What did someone go to so much trouble to clean? What is that, grease? Blood.
Looks like somebody was dumping a body.
Think it was cobra? That would explain why he disappeared.
Well, if it was him, he'll be tough to find.
Dump a body this way, It just drops out of the sky when the landing gear deploys.
Guess we're gonna have to track down the last place this baby flew.
Yeah, we're all set, Tony.
The team's ready.
Oh, you're excited? Uh-huh.
W-well, it's not exactly like the mission in El Salvador.
I-I guess they're similar.
Yeah, okay, I'll see you there.
The guy will not stop calling me.
He thinks he's part of a frickin' platoon now.
Aww, he likes you, Sam.
Yeah, I don't need friends like that, 'cause when this is over, he wants me to kill His whole crew, families included.
The guy's a piece of work.
What's up, Hank? He's gonna see me.
Look, by the time he sees you, he's gonna be halfway to prison.
So just stick with the plan, Hank.
It'll be fine.
This it? This the whole team? I got a few others around.
What about on the road, looking out for cops? Yeah.
Around the perimeter, too.
Don't worry.
I got it covered.
All right, we're on the clock here.
Three minutes from the time we breach the fence To the time we drive out.
Anything goes wrong, we scatter and regroup.
Roger that.
Road team, set? Set.
Perimeter team, set? set.
Sniper team, set? set.
I got eyes on security, South side of the building.
Take the shot -- give them a flat tire As they come around the corner.
Roger that.
Security car disabled.
Copy that.
We're good to go.
If you're cutting through a high-powered electric fence, You need more than rubber gloves And a pair of thick-soled shoes.
Covering a fence with spray-on insulation And using a set of fiberglass-handled bolt cutters Will keep you from lighting up like a Christmas tree.
Hold on there, Chuck.
All right, you're clear.
A shape charge large enough to go through a wall Is also large enough to let everyone for several miles Know what you're doing.
A smaller charge can be just as useful And a lot less noisy.
A hydraulic spreader puts out enough pressure To rip a door off a humvee.
Placed correctly, it will make short work Of reinforced concrete.
$5 million! It's a beautiful thing.
We can admire it later.
Get it started.
Let's get out of here.
We got two minutes! All right, I'll get the guard to open the gate.
You meet me on the other side.
You got it? I'll be there.
Okay, Hank.
This is it.
Open the gate.
You sure about this? Look, we've already called in the stolen truck.
Every cop in Miami is gonna be waiting for him About a mile from the port.
But he's not gonna be there unless you open the gate now.
Take my gun and lead me out.
You sell this, we're home free.
Just point the end with the hole at me, And, uh, try not to shake too much.
Go! Get out of here! Is it over? Yeah, will be soon.
Cops should be closing in shortly.
Mike, what's going on? Jesse and Fi clear? all clear.
You got a visual on Tony? Looking good, Sam.
He stopped, Sam.
Something's wrong.
What do you mean, he stopped? A spy's job is to get into the heads of his adversary, To know how he'll behave and use it against him.
But human behavior's about as predictable as the weather.
Sometimes the most hardened criminal Can decide to be Noble at the most inconvenient time.
Looks like Tony Had second thoughts about leaving you behind.
What?! He's coming back, Sam.
Okay, Hank, I got to hit you in a second.
And when I do, you run like hell and don't look back.
Wait, I-I don't need y-- What the hell happened? Leave no man behind, right? You didn't leave your buddy in El Salvador, And I'm not leaving you.
The truck is trashed.
We got to get out of here.
Come on, let's go! hang on.
I don't hear the sirens anymore.
I think we can stop running.
What happened back there? My gun jammed.
The guy got the drop on me.
What the hell are we gonna do? I don't know what to tell you.
You got a big problem here, Tony.
Look, maybe you should just run.
Just get the hell out of town.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not gonna lam it.
You've got New York after you.
Look, we caught a bad break today.
But you and me, we make a great team.
You got a good crew.
Come on, we can do something here, make a move.
What are you trying to say, Tony? You and me, we take out gio.
I take over, show New York who's boss.
Wait a second.
You're trying to get me to help you kill gio? I'm telling you, this'll work.
We take him out, his guys, everyone.
Hey, how many bodies you gonna drop here? As much as it takes! Tried to kill me! I'm telling you, this'll work.
We hit 'em hard, leave no one alive.
Come on.
Gio and his crew go to the track every Friday.
We can hit him then.
All we need is cars, muscle, and guns.
Come on, are we in? Huh? You're in.
Let's go! Okay, I am now officially the closest friend Of a total psychopath.
This is great.
This is just great.
I don't even want this.
So what did you say? Well, what could I say? I told him I would think about it.
I mean, what the hell we gonna do now? He wants to go after Gio's crew and start a war, All because his best buddy, Chuck, Was such a stand-up guy back in El Salvador.
All right, so let's let him start a war.
We wanted Tony to stick his neck out, right? It's just as easy to get him busted for going after gio As it is to get him busted for ripping off some warehouse.
Tell me he's joking.
We don't have a lot of other choices, Sam.
I'm not saying I love the idea, But it could help Hank get out from under Tony's thumb.
I kind of like it, actually.
Taking out half of Miami's wiseguys in one afternoon? We haven't done that before.
Look, I hate to be the naysayer here, But Tony is expecting an army, And last time I checked, we don't have an army.
Oh, we'll give him an army.
Creating the illusion of force Is one of the oldest tricks in warfare.
The rise of the private security guard Has made it a lot easier.
Post a job opening on the Internet in the morning, And by lunch, you can have a whole platoon Of muscular guys in black blazers.
Lose the jacket.
Let me see 'em.
You've got a job.
Hire some heavy duty S.
s To put your "security force" in place Next! And it'll look just like You've got troops ready for battle.
All right, you guys are gonna follow the lead car To this spot, okay? Single-file line.
Keep it tight.
Let's go.
You ready to do this? Yes, I am.
You won't regret this.
Once I'm the boss, I'm gonna need some guys -- Good guys.
I won't forget what you did for me.
I'm sure you won't.
Now, look, as soon as we see gio, My snipers are gonna put a few slugs through his engine block.
We drive up, you pop out with that bad boy.
You let gio know who's running the show here.
My snipers have got you covered, And I'm behind you all the way.
All right, let's do this.
You're the boss.
Will be soon, anyway.
We've got eyes on gio.
Okay, let's light him up.
Military leaders since the city-states of early greece Have known that a tried and tested method For getting rid of an adversary Is to provoke him to attack a more powerful enemy.
Provide an ambitious adversary With the backing of a seemingly invincible army, And he's bound to go hunting for even his toughest rival.
Get out, you son of a bitch, And face me like a man! Tony, what the hell are you doing? You think you can take me out 'cause I was a few dollars short? What the hell are you talking about? Okay, let's move.
I'll tell you what I'm talking about.
I'm mixing things up right now.
I got a new crew, and I got a new way of doing things.
And this town's got a new boss -- me.
ChuckGet up here! Making sure your adversary is eliminated Chuck, what are you doing?! Then becomes about pulling that backing Once he's declared war on his rival Chuck! When it's too late for him to take it all back.
You just made a very big mistake, Tony.
You mother on the docks, And they're only getting started.
About Tony -- what happened? He's in the miami-dade prison hospital.
Charged with killing gio.
I don't think anyone will be hearing from him for a while.
What happens when people start asking questions About the security team that cleaned up the docks.
What should I say? Uh Probably best if you don't say anything.
Some stories, you just don't tell.
So, got some information on that cargo plane That was in the hangar at, uh, Opa-Locka.
Last flight -- the Bahamas.
And wouldn't you know it? Same day a John Doe washed ashore.
I should head down there and check it out.
Fiona has some connections.
She can make some arrangements.
What, you can get me off the no-fly list? Not exactly, but I can get you Into the cargo bay of a cigarette boat.
Trip's about two hours.
Can't think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday.
Mom, you came to visit? What's the occasion? The occasion? How about what you did to Jesse? I don't know what he told you -- He didn't tell me anything, Except that he lost his job last month.
And you think I have something to do with that? Michael, just stop! I was there when you decided to join the army, And I remember the look on your face When you had to tell your brother about it, How you felt like you were betraying him By leaving him behind with your father.
And you had the same look on your face When you brought Jesse around! I knew you did this kind of stuff, But seeing it up close and personal like this is You know, you have no idea How delicate of a situation I'm in.
There are things you don't know, Things I can't talk about, things I can't explain.
Oh, please.
I'm not gonna give away your secret, Michael.
I just want to know how you can pretend to be his friend.
I am his friend! I'm the best friend he has right now! I'm helping him! You're lying to him! Take it from me, lies get out.
taught me that.