Burn Notice s04e04 Episode Script

Breach of Faith

I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies - a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line - as long as you're burned, You're not going anywhere.
Spies spend la But they don't usually end up In the most desirable destinations.
You're much more likely to find yourself Visiting a rebel camp in the philippine jungle Or a hidden bunker in the mountains of Pakistan Than lounging beach-side in the Bahamas.
But even when you do find yourself In a vacation paradise, it's still all about business.
Michael, I can't believe I waited this long to come to the Bahamas.
I am at the loveliest little beach bar.
You're at a bar? What happened to identifying a dead body at the morgue? Oh, relax.
Jesse and I are hard at work.
I doubt the autopsy report Was hidden under a keg of red stripe.
Verifying the identity of a dead weapons runner Is not the vacation a girl dreams of.
You know, don't get mad if I have a little fun.
Fi, Jesse's contact wasn't just a weapons runner.
I know.
He worked for whoever is behind All this international nastiness that you're trying to stop.
I just spent two hours on a boat With Jesse singing the same old song.
And he's even more worked up about it than you are.
Lucky for both of you, I met ty -- The delightful coroner's assistant Who's about to loan me his keys.
We call this "The love boat.
" Oh, no, you can't.
Like magicians, pickpockets rely on misdirection.
You like it? I like it.
Whether you're pulling keys out of a pocket Or a rabbit out of a hat, It's all about big distractions.
I can't stop.
Very good.
You ready to go, sweetbread? Excuse me? Oh, come now.
You've been eyeing me since you walked in.
You don't think I seen you flirting with me? Time to dance! Oh, no.
Easy, girl.
Don't be a tease.
Yo, let her go.
Why you want a confrontation? Back away before you get clapped, man! What, boy? You back up! No, no, no! Don't hurt him! Break it up! Let him go! Break it up! That's okay.
Time's a tickin', Jesse.
Yeah, I'm going as fast as I can, Fi.
Apparently, this guy's method of filing things is to not.
Jesse Wait.
Hold on.
I got it.
Good, because ty just walked in with a cop buddy.
You need help making it out? Nah.
Getting by that guy will be a piece of cake.
Just leave me the car and go get the boat.
Keys are under the mat, hotshot.
Spies don't always have a choice of hiding places.
Sometimes it comes down to taking what's available.
But if you have to hide in Something that's designed to be airtight, You better hope the danger passes Before you run out of oxygen.
I guess I forgot them.
Hey That's the guy! Stop that guy! Gun it! Piece of cake, huh? Just go! Hey, Mikey.
Can we take your car? Mine's running on "E.
" Sure, Sam.
What's up? Oh, we're just gonna meet some friends -- Josh and lila Wagner.
Is this a job? Well, you're gonna love 'em, Mike.
They run this great little charity called "Help at home.
" They work with soldiers' families Who were killed in combat.
I volunteer all the time.
Last Christmas, I was "Sammy" Claus for the kids.
That's really great of you.
So this is a job? Well, it's more like a consultation.
I don't have all the details, But Josh got caught up in a scam.
He invested the charity's money In a company called blue crest -- Just tiny amounts at first.
All of a sudden, he saw huge returns.
Hey, you're a psychic! Then after a while, Josh starts to think How many more people he could help If he just turned up the volume a little.
He decides to go all-in, And, next thing you know, money's gone.
Sounds like the cops could consult on this.
They tried it, Mike.
Once the cops got a look at the paper trail, They said it would take months to Wade through.
All I want you to do is just hear what the problem is And point us in the right direction.
And that's it? Yep.
Point you in the right direction and I go home? Yeah, that's it.
And for that, you get that warm, fuzzy feeling That comes with giving back.
Plus, a free lunch, Mike.
Ribs! You got to try these ribs, Mike.
Josh marinates them in beer for two days.
You hear what I'm talking? Two days.
Sam, you have to go talk to Josh.
Well, that's why we're here.
No, he left.
He went to go confront Nick Madison.
Ok .
Oawhoa lila, just slow down here.
Madison is the guy that took the money? The bank called, and they said there's nothing we can do.
The charity's getting shut down on Monday.
I didn't know it was that bad, Sam.
It is, and Josh blames himself.
I-I've never seen him this upset.
H-he went to blue crest now.
He wants to make Madison give the money back.
I just don't want him to make things worse.
Okay, look.
Don't worry about it.
We'll find Josh and make sure nothing bad happens.
Thank you.
This is starting to feel like a job, Sam.
Relax, Mike.
This'll take less than a day out of your busy life.
And, look, until Fi and Jesse Find the real address for kassar, What else you got to do? Yeah, so if we could just have that address, We'd be so grateful.
It's kind of an emergency - we're, uh We're leaving on our honeymoon cruise tomorrow, Aren't we, sweet potato? Oh, that's so sweet.
Yeah, well, it would be if we were legally married.
Scott's divorce just came through, And his ex-wife's idiot lawyer, Jeremiah kassar, He sent us copies of the paperwork.
And we need the originals, baby.
I know, I know, I know.
I got to track this guy down today.
We need a home address.
Oh, I see.
What's that? Our confidentiality policy.
There's no way I'm giving you that address.
But my parents, They're flying in to see us off from New York.
In the field, you can never count on Your first approach being successful.
You have to be ready to change tactics on the fly.
Spies learn to make lightning-fast observations And connect the dots just as quickly.
Little things like a family photo with no father And a missing wedding ring Can tell you all you need to know About a target's soft spot.
Or better yet, their sore spot.
You want to leave now, or should I call the cops? You know what? Let it go, Tanya.
We're gonna have to get a court order.
Look, the truth is Jeremiah kassar is not a lawyer.
He's a scumbag.
We're with an organization called deadbeat dad trackers.
Kassar is two years behind on his child-support payments.
Two years? Two years.
And we can go through official channels, But it takes a while, you know? And when I think of his poor little kids, I just They deserve a decent pair of shoes.
Come on.
Let's go.
How do you spell his name? Josh is here, all right.
That's his car.
Nice parking job.
Yeah, well, he's probably upset.
I mean, the gus on the verge of losing his life's work, here.
Sam, how far will Josh take this? I don't know.
Why? I think he brought his gun.
Just give me the money back! I don't have it! I swear to God I did not steal from you.
Liar! He's not l-lying! Please don't s-shoot us, Mr.
Wagner! Please! Josh! You don't want to do this.
Sam?! What the hell are you doing here? I'm here to help.
Just put that down.
Who are you?! My name's Michael.
I'm a friend of Sam's.
Let's talk about this.
No! There's a better way to handle this, Josh.
No, no, no! I tried better ways, Sam.
I-I-I went to the police.
I asked nicely.
Nothing happened.
Nothing worked.
I am out of options! We don't anybody to get hurt, Josh.
We don't want you to go to jail.
I deserve to go to jail For trusting the charity's money to this thieving bastard! I'm not going anywhere.
Understand me? Not until I get every penny of that money back.
Josh, buddy.
I know that you're upset, but -- Oh, my God! I'm not your goddamn buddy.
Who called the cops? Okay.
Get in there! Sam: Josh, what are you doing? I'm locking them in the break room.
Leave, Sam.
This is my problem.
Mike, Josh is a good man.
I got to help him.
If he won't give us that gun, we're gonna have to take it.
Miami police! Come out with your hands up! Sam, what are you doing? We need to get Josh out of here so nobody gets hurt.
This might not be the smart play, Mike But I'm following my gut on this one.
I'm helping Josh.
You're not changing my mind.
Now move, Mike! How? By making this a hostage situation? Come on, Sam.
It's already a hostage situation, Mike! No matter how you cut this deck, Josh is going to jail.
I can't get his life back, But I can sure as hell make sure that Madison doesn't get rich robbing the children of dead veterans! Fine! If this is about the money, Let's get everybody out, then go after the money.
Yeah? How? Look! They're packing up shop, Mike.
We let them walk now, he's gonna be gone Before the cops take Josh's mug shot! What the hell are you doing? How many times do I got to tell you? Leave! I'm not going anywhere.
You want your money back, you're gonna need some help.
What? No! This is my fault! I'll fix this.
That would be the police.
Oh, my God.
They're not answering, lieutenant.
This is lieutenant Seth Casey, Miami Metro police.
Aryo veif you want this to work out, You will pick up the phone right now.
We need to talk.
W-what do I do? What do I say? Mike, this train's about to start moving real fast.
It's not too late for you to hop off, But I'm staying.
In a hostage crisis, First contact with the police is critical.
One wrong word from a hostage-taker Can be the difference between the start of negotiations Or the start of an armed assault.
Pick up the phone! Stop! He said I should -- leave it.
You sound like you're gonna jump off a bridge.
You answer a phone like that, and you'll have a SWAT team Banging through the door before you hang up.
I'll get it.
I leave when you leave.
Hello? Hello? Who am I speaking with? He says I can't answer any of your questions.
He says that no will get hurt As long you don't come any closer.
O-okay, but tell him I can't help him U-unless I can talk to him.
He says I got to go.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't hang up.
Tell him the line's open.
Anytime he wants to talk, all he has to do is -- You hung up on him? This is more of a "Less is more" Situation.
I'm just buying time.
Okay, Josh, we're gonna help you get your money back, But only if you let us call the shots.
Are you sure about this? You could go to jail.
Right now we're just two friends trying to end this peacefully.
As long as it stays that way, Mike and I can get your money back and stay out of jail.
Deal? Deal.
Sorry, Josh.
Can't have anybody getting shot by accident.
No bullets? I was just trying to scare them.
I'd say you pulled that off.
Find out who works in that office.
See who these cars belong to.
I'm already on it.
No phone, no Internet, no a/c.
A little time in the sauna, and he'll want to talk.
What do we do now? Now we separate Nick and Patty and get some answers.
I got dibs on Nick.
He won't be able to talk with you choking him.
I'll start with Nick.
You take Patty.
You okay? Who are you again? Name's Michael.
I'm just a friend who doesn't want anybody to get hurt.
I asked Josh if I could talk to you.
To me? He's the whack job running around Cracking people in the face with guns.
T-tell him to let me go! I tried that, Patty.
I did everything I could To walk him out of this building, But it looks like we're gonna need your help, Because, see, he's not leaving Until he gets his money back.
I know Mr.
Wagner is upset, But he is blaming the wrong people.
It's like Nick says - investing is a risk.
You know, you're everybody's best friend As long as the cash is rolling in, but the second -- The second somebody takes a loss, Guess who they're pointing the finger at? Is that fair? Is it my fault that the economy crashed? I am not judging you, Nick.
I mean, these are tough times.
You get a little behind.
It's hard to catch up.
So maybe you move some money around.
It's not stealing.
It's just buying time.
But if you want to get out of here alive, Then you're gonna have to come clean.
What do you want me to do? Tell me where the money is! We didn't steal any money! Do you know why Josh snapped, Patty? Because innocent families -- And I'm talking widows and little kids -- Are gonna be out on the street.
Do you know why? Because your boss looted his charity, And you helped him do it! That is a lie! Nick would never do anything like that.
You're talking about a man who was in tears When he had to lay off his staff.
He felt so bad, he's been helping Tom Norris With his mortgage the last few months -- Out of his own pocket! That's the Nick Madison I know.
W-what if I give you the computer, uh, password -- The password to our computer system? You could access Josh's client file.
UmThere's transaction records, account statements, Balance sheets -- the whole nine.
You could tell him that I-I didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe he'd believe you.
Here's the last printout.
When interrogators hear a story without any holes, They know someone's lying.
Only people who are afraid of getting caught take the time To rehearse every detail and anticipate every question.
So? What's the good news? The same holds true for accounting.
Perfect books are like perfect alibis -- It confirms you're dealing with a liar.
But there's no way to prove it.
There's nothing here.
Nick must have another set of books.
They might not even be in the building.
Can't we just make him tell us? Nick's smart enough to know he can keep denying everything And wait for the cops.
What about Patty? She's innocent.
Nick conned her like everybody else.
So, what are you telling me? I did all this for nothing? I'm not gonna get the money back and I'm gonna go to jail? Hang on.
Patty mentioned a Tom Norris.
Norris, yeah -- he was the first guy I talked to When I started investing with blue crest.
Patty said he's Nick's right-hand man.
Dollars to donuts he knows where that money is.
Talking to him might be the best move at this point.
Am I missing something, because it sounds as though You plan to talk to someone who's not here! Relax, Josh.
We still have friends outside that can help.
How are we gonna call him? We're not allowed to use the phone.
We can't use that phone.
Dig up what you can on Norris.
Put Nick in the break room with Patty.
I'll find a way to call out.
In a hostage situation, It's standard procedure for police to run cellphone jammers And commandeer all the phone lines in your location.
To make a call without a police operator, You need to access a line they're not listening on.
It's a lot like stealing cable from your neighbor.
If you can access a common wall and stretch the conduit, You can connect your phone to the unmonitored line next door.
Mike, that password Nick gave you Got me into Norris' personnel file.
I got an address, social security number -- Everything but his turn-ons and his turn-offs.
How long is this gonna take? Well, it'll go faster if you'd give me a little room! Hey.
Trying to help.
No, Michael's still not answering his phone.
Got a feeling Michael's gonna want to be here When we find out what kassar was up to.
Well, Sam's favors tend to involve a lot of food and drink.
They probably haven't made it past the appetizers yet.
Well, I guess he'll have to miss out on all the fun.
Will it be starting anytime soon, speedy? Kassar wasn't taking any chances.
He's got a double-cylinder dead bolt, Which probably cost more than his car.
This could take a minute.
Well, we may not have a minute.
Here comes the welcoming committee.
Can I help you? Hi.
You know, you may already have.
Did you send in your census questionnaire yet? We're with the census bureau.
Your neighbor here didn't take advantage Of the self-addressed, stamped envelope we provided.
Which means we need to conduct an in-person interview.
Do you guys have I.
's? I hate to sound paranoid, But we had break-ins around here recently.
Really? That is a sha- in this neighborhood? Of course we have I.
Yeah, mine is in my briefcase, which is in the car.
In the car.
Hers -- in the car.
Oh, would that be the gray mustang that's parked out front -- License number g-c-6-j-2-7? Strangers make us a little nervous these days.
Oh, it's a, uh, supervisor.
We got to go.
He's a ball-buster.
We got to take this.
Fi, it's me.
Perfect timing.
Kassar has the nosy neighbor from hell.
I think getting into this place isn't gonna be as easy -- Fi, Fi, let's worry about that later.
Right now Sam and I Are in the middle of a hostage situation.
Jesus, Michael! Well, tell me where you are and who's holding you.
It's more like We're the hostage-takers.
I-I'll explain later.
Right now, I need you to find someone.
It's Michael.
Get the details.
Hurry up and open it.
Everything okay here, Josh? Everything's great.
I told Josh, if it helps, That I would show him our bank accounts.
Not just t-the company's, but my own personal statements.
Trust me, buddy - after you see these, You will know that we are all in the same boat.
Here's your proof.
You're not trying to help us! You're with him! So this is your show, huh? Well, you had me going there for a minute, Mr.
Good samaritan.
"I don't want anybody hurt.
" Take him to the break room.
Let's go.
Come on.
You know what this means, don't you? You're all going to jail! Armed kidnapping Unlawful confinement Madison's right -- We're looking at some serious jail time, Mike.
You're not helping the mood, Sam.
Sorry I got you into this, brother.
I'm the one who decided to stay.
When I was 10 years old, I wanted an air rifle more than anything in the whole world, But my dad wouldn't get it for me.
So I used my five-finger discount.
You got caught stealing a bb gun? Mike, it was a red ryder, okay? My dad told the cops to lock me up for a couple hours -- You know, just to freak me out.
I haven't seen the inside of a jail cell since.
It's a little early to call it a day, Sam.
We still got some cards to play.
Can I talk toCasey? Is this Nick? Or Josh? Or Michael Westen? You still there? Yeah.
I can't answer any questions.
I-I understand, and I won't get you in trouble, But I need to ask a very important question.
Now, if the answer is yes, just say, " I can't answer that.
" Is everyone safe? I can't answer that.
He says he wants a panel van -- Full tank of gas, no side or back windows.
He says he'll hurt one of us if he doesn't see it in an hour.
I-I'd love to help, But I need a sign of good faith.
I can't give him a van Until he releases one of the hostages.
He says he'll let one of us go as soon as he sees the van.
We got good news.
We have an escape vehicle coming.
Bad news? The negotiator knows I'm in here.
Ah, geez, Mike.
Look, maybe we should just pull the plug.
I'll talk to the cops, tell 'em that we forced you to help.
One problem at a time, Sam.
First the money, then the escape.
Let's just hope Fi and Jesse can get their hands on Norris.
Making a cold approach to a scam artist is never ideal.
They tend to assume That a stranger showing up out of the blue Is either a cop or someone they've ripped off.
My man, Tommy! How you been, dude? Listen, we need to -- Either way, you have to be ready for them to run.
Fortunately, tactical support can make a foot Chase Much more civilized.
Instead of relying on speed and endurance, All you need is a distraction and good timing.
Stings, doesn't it? I want my lawyer.
Well, that would help if we were cops.
But we work for Nick.
What? Oh, come on now, Tommy.
You know those marks that come in, just asking to get taken -- Who do you think is sending them to you, huh? We're here for our latest cut.
Wait a minute.
You're the crew from Boca? Why didn't you say something? You didn't give me a chance to! I'm sorry, man! I got spooked! What'd you come to me for, anyway? I mean, you know Nick handles the payouts.
You haven't heard.
Get in the car.
What the hell happened? Place got raided a couple hours ago.
Nick gave us a heads-up on his way out of town.
Said we can get our cut from you.
He didn't even call me.
Focus on our money, Tom.
I don't have your money.
You have access to the account, right? What account? Don't you get it? Every time we wrap up a big score, Nick converts the take to cash.
He's got a floor safe in the conference room.
You think he'll fit? Fi.
Lucky you, Michael.
You're sitting on the money.
Nick has a floor safe Under the carpet in the conference room.
Crack that puppy and come on out with your hands up.
It won't be that ey, Fi.
Sam and I are on the hook for accomplices now.
Seriously, Michael? You have to stop doing favors for Sam.
Have you requested a getaway vehicle? Yeah.
It's on the way.
Well, you're gonna need a diversion, And judging from the police turnout, It's gonna have to be a big one.
Fi, if there ever was a time to pull out all the stops, This is it.
Michael I never thought I'd hear you say those words.
Move over.
You're lying on my c-4.
He's got it in cash? It's the last phase of scams like this.
Cash is almost impossible to trace.
Yeah, especially when you use it to buy a million-dollar yacht And sail into early retirement.
Looky there.
Well, hello.
Son of a bitch.
I'll be right back.
Sam, Madison's not gonna give him the combination.
Yeah, I know, Mike.
We're gonna have to find another way to get into that safe.
I got this one, Mikey.
Hey! We found the safe, you bastard.
Now what's the combination?! What safe? What is he talking about? Oh, you didn't know? Yeah, the money Nick stole is in a floor safe right out there.
Is that true? Well, there's a safe, yeah.
But there is no money in it.
Well, t-then give up the combination! Show them it's empty so we can go home! It's not empty.
Our clients' most sensitive information is in there.
That's what these guys are really after, And when they get it, they'll kill us.
Give me back the money.
Give me back the money! Back off, Josh.
Do you know what's stopping me from killing you right now? Absolutely nothing.
Kidnapping or murder, I die in prison either way.
Killing me won't get you the combination! Okay.
We'll just have to do this the hard way.
What -- what are you doing? I don't care if you burn me or electrocute me Or whatever it is you're thinking! Relax, Nick.
I just want to borrow your toaster.
Floor safes are virtually impenetrable As long as they're in the floor.
If you don't have a jackhammer to pry one out, You need to get creative.
Homemade shape charges will do the trick, But if you want to avoid Turning a standoff into a full-scale breach, You'd better have a way to muffle the blast.
Hey, Mikey.
Our buddy Nick has some top-of-the-line clubs Titanium.
Once a floor safe is out of the floor, It offers about as much protection as a piggy bank.
Looks like there's more than a million there, But you might want to count it just to make sure.
Oh, my God.
You said there was no money.
Nick: Shut up.
Down, down.
It's okay.
Everything's okay.
Sit down and shut up! I just need to take you to the break room, all right? You're okay.
You're okay.
You think they heard that? Team 1, strike positions.
Copy that.
Fi, this is not good.
This is not good.
Michael, what's up? The cops are in place.
They're about to breach.
We're not ready.
Forget about the diversion, Fi.
How much time do we have? Well, they already have entry teams in place With breaching rounds.
They still need perimeter support.
You've got about five minutes at best.
What are you gonna do? I wish I knew.
How's it looking, Sam? Fi said we got about five minutes before the breach.
Yeah, probably less.
The cops are coming in? Yeah.
All right, so, look.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Josh and I are gonna walk outside and give ourselves up.
No, Sam.
I think we might be able -- Mike, save it.
Look, this is not your call.
If there's any chance to keep you out of jail, We're gonna go for it.
I appreciate that, Sam, But I think we might be able to keep us all out of jail.
The cops don't know who they're coming in for.
Remember that Parker thing in lima? Lima? No.
No, Mike.
You know I like to roll the dice, But that's just taking it too far.
What are you guys talking about? There was a bank heist in lima.
Supposedly, the guys who did it Made themselves look like the victims And they snuck out scot-free.
If you can get Patty on our side And I can put this gun in Nick's hand, We can do the same thing.
Mike, you'd have to do a lot more than get it in his hands.
He's gonna have to be pointing that sucker.
Trust me -- he's gonna be ready to shoot somebody.
Mike, you know that story's just a myth.
Nobody believes they pulled it off.
Then I guess we'll be the first.
Patty This is about to be over, and I just want to let you know That I'm sorry about what happened.
I know Josh is, too.
But, you know, Nick caused all this.
You think I don't know that? Everything he told me was a lie.
I don't even want to think about The people whose lives I helped that man ruin.
It's not your fault.
He fooled everybody.
That'll help me sleep tonight.
Well, you know, it's not too late to do some good here.
If we work together, You and Josh can move on with your lives when this is over.
What are you saying? Well, the cops are gonna ask who the bad guy is.
I'm hoping we all have the same answer to that question.
I can tell you right now I hate Nick.
Prison would be too good for thatEvil bastard.
But he didn't hold a gun to my head and keep me here.
You ask me, you should all go to jail.
You're wrong.
I did this.
Not them.
And I'm sorry.
I know it was wrong, and I am willing to face the consequences But II just couldn't live with myself Knowing that those people were gonna lose their homes And not be able to feed their kids.
So, you're gonna point the finger at somebody, Point it at me.
On your knees.
W-what are you doing? You're a smart guy.
Figure it out.
Please You can't kill me! Why not? We found the money.
We only need one hostage to walk out of here.
We took a vote.
You won.
Wait! Think about it! You don't want a murder rap! T-t-they'll never stop chasing you, and -- Spies are trained to follow certain procedures When holding someone at gunpoint.
Stand out of arm's reach Keep your weight on your back foot Never take your eye off the target.
Unless you want your weapon taken.
Then you do exactly the opposite.
Sam, what are you doing?! I told you she couldn't witness this! Aah! Back off! Everybody over there! Move! This kind of sucks for you, doesn't it, buddy? You and your friends are going to jail, And I'm going to Aruba.
All right, Patty, when we get outside, It's probably best you keep your mouth shut.
I can explain the cash, and if you want to get cute And mention something about a scam, There's nothing you can say I can't talk myself out of! So, let's go.
Don't be stupid, hero.
I don't think you have what it takes to shoot somebody, Nick.
Are you crazy? You're a two-bit scam artist, Nick.
You're all talk.
That's why you got into cons in the first place -- So you wouldn't have to do a man's work.
You're about to make the stupidest mistake of your life.
Now move.
Am I wrong, Nick? You've got the guts? You've got the guts to pull the trigger?! You're damn right I do! He's crazy! Don't shoot! No! Give me you hands.
Show me your hands.
Keep your hands up.
How'd it go with Casey? Just stuck to the story, Mike.
It's all on Patty now.
Is she with us? Your guess is as good as mine, brother.
Spies don't always make decisions Based on training, experience, Or potential success of a mission.
Sometimes, it's just a matter Of doing what you think is right, Even if it means Putting your fate in the hands of a stranger.
Oh, my God! He's got a gun! Please! Hurry! Please! That's you, right? It's okay.
It's all right, Patty.
I know you've had a hard day.
Look, I'm not trying to make it any harder or any longer.
I have one simple question.
Why'd you make that call? Josh Wagner came in completely out of control.
He said Nick had stolen over a million dollars From his charity And he wanted it back.
Nick denied everything.
He said Josh was crazy.
And that's when Josh pulled the gun? No.
Nick pulled the gun.
He's a liar and a thief, And he knew he was about to be exposed, So he took us hostage.
All of us.
What are you doing? Wait, wait, wait! You can't do this! I was a hostage! Westen! I guess I should be thanking you.
According to Patty, If you and your buddy Sam hadn't been around, Things could have been a lot worse.
I was just helping out a friend.
Got the department's file on you.
Says you have a fondness for explosives.
It just so happens I got a safe Blown out of the floor in there.
That was like that when we got here.
You're telling me that Nick blew up his own safe? Maybe he forgot the combination? I don't think I could ever find the words to thank you guys.
Well, those ribs were a good start.
If you really want to thank us, call our friend Barry.
It's time you let a pro handle your finances.
I'll make sure of it.
So, Mike, uh, I guess I owe you an apology.
Why? You were right, Sam.
You said it would take less than a day.
I did, didn't I? That's one long-ass day.
Hey, sarge, Nosy neighbor from hell's a block and a half away.
DudeYou got to go lighter on the rake.
You're never gonna get the last pin.
When was the last time you did this in the field? I'm saying window's closing, super spy.
Let's go.
I'm in.
Fresh-painted walls and steam-cleaned carpets Are great if you're a realtor showing a vacant apartment.
If you're a spy hoping to find a clue, There's nothing worse than a sparkling-clean home.
Maybe kassar's a neat freak.
If you can't even find spare change in the sofa, Chances are you won't find anything at all.
You're wasting your time.
Jesse: Hey.
You want to go wait in the car, be my guest, all right? I didn't jump through all those hoops, tracking this guy down Just to give up 'cause you say it's a dead end.
It might not be a dead end.
Spring cleaning like this takes time.
Chances are somebody was seen.
You want to go talk to the neighborhood watchdog? All right.
I'm letting you know right now, That chick is a stickler for I.
You just happened to bring that? I had a feeling we might need it.
I'm sorry, Agent Gordon.
I don't think I'll be of much help.
Uh, you'd be surprised, miss Kendra.
Sometimes the little details make a big difference.
When's the last time you saw Mr.
Kassar? I don't know.
A few days, I'd say.
And you haven't noticed any, uh, suspicious people Or unfamiliar vehicles since he's been gone? Like I said, it's been pretty quiet around here.
Thank you for your time Kendra.
What's up? Says she doesn't know anything.
Yeah, so what's that look for? There were pictures on the wall, But kendra wasn't in any of them.
Really? You check out her body? It was pretty banging.
Stay with me.
Something's off here.
No, no, no, no.
That's what I'm saying.
A woman with a physique like that Doesn't cover it up to go jogging - not in this heat.
Not unless she's hiding something Like scratches on her arms.
She kills kassar, Then sits on the place next door To see if anyone comes knocking.
Every precaution you take to make something more secure Also makes it less accessible.
Concealing a high-density tape cartridge behind drywall Is a great way to keep it from being found.
She got away, man.
We just blew a chance to end this thing.
But if you ever have to leave in a hurry, You can't expect to take it with you.
I don't know, Jesse.
I think we're just getting started.