Burn Notice s04e13 Episode Script

Eyes Open

1 My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Previously on "Burn Notice" They took Becky right out of the backyard.
I know exactly who did it.
Tell him if he wants his girl, get my brother out of jail.
Son of a bitch! That's not him! You think you can do this to me?! He's a little angry.
I'm angry, too.
So what now? The situation hasn't changed.
Everything leads back to John Barrett.
We found Barrett.
He's in Miami.
We grab him, and we ask him some questions.
Jesse vowed to put a bullet in you.
That should put him at the top of your to-do list.
There's not a whole lot I can do about that right now.
Let's talk about my bible.
If you want the bible, Mr.
Barrett, you will meet me at Donner Key, noon Tuesday.
That can be arranged.
So that list is the key to destroying the people who burned me? Take him! He shot Michael! What is Jesse doing?! No, he shot the guy behind him.
He's saving Mike's butt is what he's doing.
Who do you work for?! I'm self-employed.
Are we to believe, then, that the C.
of a major telecommunications company stood at the center of some sort of cabal -- a conspiracy to profit from war, civil unrest, terror abroad, and the United States intelligence community knew nothing about it? Yes.
Spies live in the shadows, but they dream of the light.
When you're working covert ops for low pay in life-threatening conditions, the idea that your work won't remain secret forever keeps you going.
One day the world will learn what you've done, even if your name is never known.
Some of the sweetest moments come when the job ends and the bullets stop flying.
That is, unless one of those bullets rips through your chest.
It's been three days.
Enough already.
Get up! W-where am I? Miami.
Mount Sinai Hospital.
You had two surgeries.
You lost a lot of blood.
The doctors here saved your life.
They said you're lucky that the bullet didn't hit your heart.
It's a good thing it's so small.
I was shot? And you were in a car crash.
Michael, John Barrett is dead.
Yeah? Sam and I were at the scene.
I thought you were, um Anyway, the briefcase with Simon's bible and Barrett's encrypted data -- it's missing.
It wasn't there.
We have to get that back.
What was it? Did he tell you? Barrett had a NOC list he couldn't decode -- cover I.
s of all the people who burned me.
Can you give me the water? Michael, with something like that, you could destroy the people who burned you.
Someone's here to see you.
I'll, uh, leave you two alone to talk.
So How you feeling? Not great.
You shot me.
Well, I was trying to save your life.
Shooting through you to do it was just a perk.
Why did you come back, Jess? Job wasn't finished.
Well, it still isn't.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, Sam told me about your burn-notice friends.
Read through some of the stuff that's been done in your name.
It's a pretty nasty bunch you're tied up with.
I'm gonna take them down, Jess.
I could use some help.
I get to help you.
The people who burned me don't save kittens from trees.
The guy who did most of this -- Simon Escher -- he's got a list of names.
That's what was in Barrett's briefcase.
You know, we recover that, maybe -- maybe we can get you back in.
Hey, don't, don't.
Don't game me, Michael.
Never again.
I'm gonna help you find this list 'cause it's the right thing to do and 'cause I want to have a say in what we do with it.
So I can count on you? That's a hell of a question coming from you.
You're gonna wear yourself out.
Just slow down.
Ma, I wasn't shot in the leg.
You know, Michael, you need to get used to listening to me 'cause you'll be staying at the house while you're recuperating.
I don't think that's really a good idea.
And don't argue with me.
Fiona can't take you in.
All right? She's in the middle of some big move.
Got termites in her apartment or something.
I don't know.
There's plenty of room in the garage now that Jesse's gone.
What's can't I just stay in my loft? Those stairs? I could beat you in a 40-yard dash right now.
Just let me take care of my boy, all right? You had us scared.
All right.
Thank you, mom.
Michael, when's this gonna stop? You almost died.
Woman over P.
: Code orange.
Code orange.
All available doctors and security personnel to the E.
Stay here.
What happened? Why is security paged? Well, it's just procedure.
There was an explosion on Ocean Drive -- four people dead, six in critical condition.
Police have any idea who's behind it? Well, preliminary guess is it's just a gas leak.
But come on, Mike.
With everything that's been going on lately? We need to talk to somebody who was there.
Sam, these people are in shock.
Let's just try one more, Mikey.
Oh, excuse me, miss? Alicia Rensin.
I'm here for my brother Walt.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't work here.
But we just saw -- I mean, were you there? Are you all right? Uh, yeah.
But my brother might have lost his hearing.
What happened? I don't know.
I Walt was, uh, having lunch with his -- with his boss.
And I-I went to get his signature on this field-trip form.
I watch the kids since Gina left.
And, um And, uh, Walt was coming out.
And I looked over, and -- and I saw this -- this young couple.
And then it went off.
And they weren't there anymore.
I don't think this was an accident.
I told Walt not to work for a slimebag like Dale.
It was a matter of time before something like this.
Dale? Dale Lawson.
This guy my brother works for.
He's dead.
Walt's no angel, but he didn't deserve this.
The cops better find out who did this.
Someone's got to bring them to justice.
Someone will.
Excuse me.
Your brother's asking for you.
Adam Scott.
You're thinking it too, right? Dale kidnapped his daughter.
Would be one hell of a coincidence.
You told him to get out of town.
He promised that he would drop it.
He's a lawyer.
I guess I should have got it in writing.
Wait -- didn't Scott say that he wanted Lawson's whole crew to pay? This could be just the beginning, Mike, like a declaration of war -- okay, what are you doing? The doctor said two weeks.
I'm fine.
It's time to get back to work.
Michael, I know you're upset, but what's the play here? From the looks of all these S.
s, Scott stepped up his security.
We're just gonna talk.
You think he's just gonna let go of his vendetta because we ask politely? We'll tell Scott we're onto him.
If he's smart, he'll call off anything else he's got planned.
Buys us some time to turn the police onto this.
And I didn't say we'd be polite.
I-I wasn't expecting What happened to you? Oh, this? Oh, this is nothing.
It's not like I almost got blown up on South Beach.
Are you referring to that explosion? Three days after you told me Dale Lawson is a dead man, Dale Lawson is a dead man.
Well, I was at the pool bar at the Delano with 200 people when that happened.
you're holed up here, and just then you happened to be grabbing a beer? Is that a joke? It's called an alibi.
Innocent people are dead because you had to have your revenge.
Don't smile at us.
The man kidnapped my little girl.
You know, I wish -- I wish I had killed him.
I wish I had been there to watch him burn.
But I didn't do it.
Of course not.
A man with your clientele, I'm sure you could shake a bomber out of your sleeve.
Well, whoever it was, I'm hoping they're just getting started.
I mean, Lawson's got a big crew.
He doesn't seem to be getting it.
If another innocent person -- if you're all out of baseless allegations, I'd like to kindly ask you to get the hell out of my house.
Aah! Hands to yourself.
We're leaving.
Go be with your daughter.
Enjoy the time.
Prison visits are hard on kids.
One minute.
Then you never have to see me again -- ever -- if you don't want to.
Next time you show up unannounced, nobody will ever see you again.
You coming to apologize, Vaughn? Yeah.
That and, uh, tell you to keep your head down.
The investigation, the media -- it's a fire storm.
Yeah, I saw the news.
Fortune 500 C.
turns up dead in the middle of a giant mess you made.
I guess there was no cleaning that up.
No, it was time to let nature take its course.
We had leaked all the intel on Drake's overseas operations into legitimate intelligence sources.
Although it would have been nice to know why Barrett wanted that bible first.
He's dead.
I don't see how it really matters.
Point is, we need to keep a low profile.
I'm leaving Miami.
I don't get that option, do I? Well, then, Michael, I guess it's time to say goodbye.
Someone new will be in touch when the dust settles.
Be good.
So that's how the devil disappears.
I'm a little disappointed there wasn't a puff of smoke.
Well, don't get too excited.
You heard him.
He still has plans for me.
Well, I have bigger plans for them.
Here, sit down.
I don't want to get your hopes up, but Sam and I think we know who took the NOC list.
Go ahead.
Get my hopes up.
Well Barrett's security team were the only other people there.
Sam had a theory -- one of them sees a shiny briefcase on the street.
Crime of opportunity.
Is this just a theory? Every member of Barrett's team is dead or back to work except one.
Mark Sweeney is missing.
Sweeney? Doesn't exactly sound like a supervillain's, you know, cool name.
Eh, he's just a former merc.
He worked security for Drake's Miami Office.
Poor fella probably doesn't even know what he grabbed.
Well, right now, the priority is finding the South Beach bomber.
Oh, that hurt.
I'm gonna go track him first.
So, your buddy at the court thinks this guy is our best bet? He's our only bet.
Scott represents lots of creeps but only one bomber -- Dennis Barfield.
You know, reasonable doubt aside, Dennis blew up a drug den in Overtown.
He's crazy, Mike.
Well, if blowing up a drug den means you're insane Uh, court-ordered psych evaluation, admitted at trial.
I mean, you got clinical narcissism, paranoia, delusions of grandeur.
All right, he's insane.
Yeah, but there's more.
He's been questioned in three separate homeless killings.
See, Dennis has a lot to say about "degenerates" and "scum.
" You know, you get a sense that there's a manifesto in the works.
Wh-- are you crazy? What did we just talk about? I'm not gonna introduce myself.
I just want to find evidence Dennis set the bomb yesterday and turn this mess over to the police.
I never thought I would hear those words from you.
I never had to walk around with hole in my clavicle before.
Keep an eye out.
How does a delusional killer afford a place like this? Well, Dennis is a trust-fund psycho.
He never worked a day in his life.
I feel like you're leaving out the good parts about this guy.
Well, he doesn't have any parking tickets.
We got some epoxy, a tank of gas.
So the guy's either a bomber or a model-airplane enthusiast.
It's not enough, bud.
There's powder residue here.
Oh, might be the proof we need.
The site of a break-in is like a broken bone.
Years later, the spot will have either been made stronger or weaker by the ordeal.
A replacement window pane installed with putty and weather stripping costs about 10 cents to remove.
Uh, hope you're done in there, bud, 'cause you are done in there.
Dennis is coming? Yeah, I think we should call him "Dennis Wayne Barfield," you know, just to give him that, uh, serial-killer flavor.
I'll meet you around back in five minutes, Sam.
You need confidence and a can-do attitude to make it in the field.
But if you don't have the physical strength to match your attitude, that confidence can just as easily get you killed.
Excuse me, scumbag.
You just picked the wrong guy to rob.
I wasn't trying to rob you.
No sale! No sale.
Look at me.
Do I look like some dirtbag thief? I know what I saw.
You are one of them.
Part of the rot that makes it so I can't go outside without needing a shower.
Now get off my backdrop.
I don't want to make a mess.
Not again.
Not again.
Are you off?! Look at me.
I tried to take out one of the dealers, and they shot me and left me to die.
You want to finish what they started? Go ahead.
Don't lump me in with petty criminals.
No, I'm not.
I wanted a closer look.
I'm your biggest fan.
A f-- a fan? My name is Gordon Lutz, and I've been following your work since your trial.
I'm a photography student.
Your work.
I read the papers.
After this last thing on South Beach, I just had to meet you.
That's all.
Please put the gun down.
I was acquitted at my trial.
I did not do anything wrong.
Of course you didn't.
You took out those degenerates.
You are an inspiration.
And I could learn so much from you.
I'm sure you could, Gordon.
But that's not gonna happen.
Now, if you come back, I will put another hole in you.
But keep reading the papers, Gordon.
There's more to love coming soon.
You were suppose to take your Percocet two hours ago.
I'm fine.
Funny, I don't remember you moaning this much before you got shot.
I can't be on pain medication if I'm going to be In situations I'm going to be in.
You're not supposed to be working! You've got to let your body heal, Michael! Mom, the explosion in South Beach -- it was a bomb.
We know who did it.
You don't want more innocent people hurt, do you? You better look out for him.
She's right to be concerned, Michael.
Why the hell didn't you run when Dennis was coming? Didn't Sam warn you?! It was a judgment call.
Making contact gives us an angle to draw him out when Sam and I go back.
That's your plan? To re-approach a guy who said he'd kill you if he ever saw you again? It's only to distract Dennis while Sam searches the place.
And besides, why would an insane narcissist kill his biggest fan? I have a cute little walther.
Dennis said there was more to come.
And we have to know more about what he has planned.
Shooting him's just not the right move.
I have some news about the NOC list.
Sweeney's car turned up abandoned in a tow-away zone.
It's sitting in a police impound.
Think he left anything in it, give us an idea of where he got off to? I'm gonna go take a look.
You should take Jesse with you.
Oh, Michael.
Look, I'm banged up, and my hands are full as it is.
You know you could use some help.
Do a job together.
He'll forgive you.
It always worked for you and me.
I don't want relationship advice from you today.
Ready to go? Impound closes at 1:00 on Saturdays.
Well, then we have time for a drink.
I know I have wine glasses in here somewhere.
Or better yet, I will find my boxing gloves.
Maybe if you punch me in the head a few times, we can turn the page.
Look, what do you want from me, Fiona? You lied to me.
What I want is for things to go back to the way they were before.
Okay, we worked together.
That's how it was before.
Let's go.
You know what? While we're bribing our way in, you're my husband.
Okay, then.
Our marriage is on the rocks.
Bribery's a delicate art.
Success often depends less on how much cash you offer and more on how you offer it.
How you doing? My wife left her sunglasses in my friend Mark's car.
It's a Nissan Altima.
It's right over there.
I can see it.
I'm afraid I can't let -- not that she can tell me what she was doing in Mark's car.
Don't start with me, Teddy! Oh, I'm starting! I'm starting! I already started, and I'm gonna finish.
Pretending to believe there's a standard fee for what you're asking for means you're less likely to report the bribe.
My cousin told me how much the fee was.
I about fell on the frickin' floor.
Well, that's not actually -- damn shades aren't worth 4 bucks.
Now I got to pay the city of Miami $300? Yeah.
Oh, yeah, that's -- That is fair.
And if you come across as unlikable, even a normally ethical person might not pass up the chance to make a buck off your stupidity.
Here you go.
What can I say? Tough break.
Help yourself.
Why didn't this guy demand they take another picture? University of Miami parking slip.
Day after the Barrett deal.
Maybe he took it to the university to have an expert try to decode it.
You folks find the glasses or what? Here they are! Wow.
Under the seat.
What the hell were you doing, they got under the seat? Oh, he's so jealous.
Who can live with it? Unbelievable! I thought I told you not to come back here.
I'm going into business like you.
I want to help you with your cause.
I don't need an acolyte.
Two minutes.
Just two minutes.
Just give me some tips, and you can have half this mercury fulminate I have.
It's like 80 pounds.
You have 10 gallons of mercury fulminate? Yeah, I read online how to build bombs.
It's a little sketchy on how to ignite the detonating chemical.
You need a friction trigger.
What? A friction trigger.
I don't even -- see? You're a genius.
Just help me, and you can have the stuff.
for a little show-and-tell? I want to learn from the best.
Suppose that's understandable.
Looks like you're outfitting yourself for a lot of work.
Well, you said after the trial, "this city needs a bath of fire.
" May I ask you something? Why do you do what you do? It's in the genes, Gordon.
It's a gift.
When I see scum, I have to end them.
I know the feeling.
Take the other day.
South Beach.
I get a tip that a drug dealer, a gang leader, is gonna be at a family restaurant.
Well, who am I if I don't end him? How do you feel about the people who get in the way? The couple who died.
Casualties of war.
It wasn't exactly what I intended, but radio detonators can be touchy.
Certain electronic devices get too close, and boom.
Que será.
Now, excuse me while I test this.
My doctor is calling.
He always bothers me.
What?! Dr.
Finley, I'm fine! Mike, he built five of these things.
I found it wadded up in the trash.
Not careful, this guy.
And every one of these monsters is marked "delivered.
" I got dates and times but no locations.
And the next one that's scheduled is for later today, but God knows where.
Forget your dates and times.
It sounds like he's using some pretty iffy radio detonators.
They could all blow at any time.
This is a nightmare.
We got to get answers out of this guy right now.
You read the transcripts.
The cops grilled him He doesn't talk.
Yeah, I know, and if we grab him and fail, we're signing a lot of death warrants.
Look, it's your call, Mike.
Take the plans and get out, Sam.
WhereDid you buy this stuff? Chemical-supply company.
The guy said he'd give me a break -- if it was real, you wouldn't have a foot anymore I'm sorry! You idiot! Sorry.
I-I didn't know.
Stop wasting my time.
Get out of here! Hey, boss.
Westen is here.
I said I don't want to talk to him.
Too bad.
We're gonna talk.
I had a chat with Dennis Barfield.
Who? Your partner.
He isn't quite the genius he thinks he is.
It's time to end this.
Illegally obtained evidence can't be admitted -- Do you see a judge here?! A jury?! ripped apart a veterinarian and her fiancé.
They're dead! Now, you're gonna call him off, and you're gonna tell me where the other bombs are.
Admitting nothing, I had no control over what a disturbed individual may or may not have done in my name.
Spit it out! Spit it out! Start with, uh, Walt Rensin.
Dennis said he's next.
in Hallandale.
Get there before 5:00.
After it's over, don't even think you're getting out of this without confessing.
Why would anyone ever confess to anything when there's a fifth amendment? I'll trade what I know, and I'll have a pledge of immunity by the end of the day.
Not from me you won't.
Walt Rensin.
What -- isn't he the brother of that poor girl from the hospital? Alicia, yeah.
Her brother Walt was Lawson's second in command.
I guess since Dennis missed him at the restaurant, he's trying him here.
It's gonna be a tall order.
Looks like Lawson's crew is on lock-down since the boss was killed.
Scott seemed pretty confident the bomb was already in place.
We got to get in there.
Yes, Scott.
Is this Michael Westen? This is Dennis Barfield.
We haven't met.
No, Dennis, we haven't met.
Why would you and this partner of yours, Ms.
Glenanne, get in the middle of my plans? It's such a mistake.
I don't know what Scott told you, but -- he said that he had a change of heart.
He said the scum who kidnapped his daughter should get a pass.
As if it was up to him.
Dennis -- it is not up to him! I decide.
Arrangements have been made.
Once dominos start falling, they have to keep falling.
It is what they do.
And they will knock down anything that gets in their way.
He's dead.
You want to guess who's next? Scott's dead? Mike, hold up.
We have no way to find Dennis, and Walt and Alicia are gonna be dead, too, if we don't find that bomb before he sets it off.
I'm not leaving.
I'm arming myself.
Walt's guards -- they know our faces.
They're not gonna listen to a couple of guys who screwed them over last week.
Yeah, okay.
Mike, look, you are in no shape to take these guys on hand-to-hand, even with a blade.
I know that.
I'm just gonna make sure they don't see our faces.
I'm not sure I'm following you there, Mikey.
Hold this, will you, Sam? Despite the expression, very few people actually shoot the messenger.
Making a fake delivery is a great way to get close to a well-defended position.
Carry a large enough bouquet, and you can get very close without being I.
Is this Dale Lawson's house? He's dead.
Don't you know you guys are delivering a funeral bouquet? My mistake.
It's the dude from last week.
Hey, pick those up! I put a lot of time into that! Why don't we go inside and put these in water? You have no idea who you're messing with.
We get that a lot.
Alicia, we met at the hospital.
What are you doing here? There's a bomb in the house.
It had to have been put here after your boss was killed.
Where would -- that's impossible.
We've been out front ever since.
When did you get that flat screen? It got delivered yesterday.
The guy said Dale ordered it.
Yeah, I don't think he did.
Must be one of those 3-D sets.
No wonder Dennis is having problems with early detonation.
That radio looks like a carnival prize.
Alicia? Where the hell are Frank and Eddy? You! Put the gun down, Walt.
Alicia, get out of my way! Put the gun down! He can't hear you.
Ever since the bombing, he's legally deaf.
Look, we are only here so that that doesn't go ba-boom! What the hell is he talking about? It's a bomb! Please.
Look at me.
Bomb? Can you defuse it? Maybe.
Maybe not.
You guys have any duct tape? His name is Mark Sweeney.
We just need to ask him a few questions.
He may have had an encrypted bible with him.
Who'd you say you were again? Artest.
This is my partner, Shannon Brown.
Are you sure? This -- this would've been, what, like a couple, few days ago.
Hey, cutie, you you seen this guy? Ohh, finally.
I'll be right here.
Foot chases rarely last long.
During the initial burst of adrenaline, it's important to keep your target in view.
If you can, you'll probably catch up.
Few people have anything left in the tank after a quarter mile at top speed.
Come on, man! I just want to talk! No, no, no, no, no, no! Come on! Come on, man.
Just stop running.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't -- I can't -- I can't go to jail.
I'm -- I'm -- I'm very thin.
Where'd you see Sweeney? He came around three days ago.
He wanted me to decode some files, government-looking files.
Did you help him? It was over my head.
I told him to go see this dude over at SXG -- a defense contractor I interned for.
He gave me 100 bucks for his name.
That's all.
Looks like we're off to talk to a guy named Justin Walsh.
He's algorithmic engineer down at SXG.
Ichabod Bolt back there recommended him to decode Barrett's files.
Impressive work, Detective Artest.
Michael, what's new? A serial killer wants me dead.
I guess that's kind of fresh.
So, uh, Dennis knows about Mike, Fi, and if he has half a brain, he's not gonna go back to his condo again.
So we got one shot to triangulate his position.
From what? Well, we're gonna kinda let him blow up another bomb.
How fast can you get home and find your laptop and digital radio? Are you serious? We're spreading out and dialing in Dennis' location from his trigger signal? Yep.
You, me, and, I don't know, my mom? Jesse will do it.
I'll call you.
No, he won't.
I don't know what you just volunteered me for.
I'm not getting mixed up in anything Michael's got going on.
Jesse, we lied about what we did to you.
We didn't lie about who we are.
We're tracking that guy who blew up the restaurant in South Beach.
Son of a bitch.
Channel 6, Sam.
Alicia, step away from the window, just in case.
It's 5:00.
Now what? Walt, phone! Hello? Hello.
This is the man that killed your boss.
What do you want? Turn on the news.
There's something I want you to see.
I did it.
What channel? Okay, I did it.
What channel? Triangulating someone's position from a radio or cellular signal works exactly the way it sounds -- by recording the time and intensity of the signal from three separate positions, it's fairly easy to calculate the position of origin.
And a computer program can do the work a lot faster if your trigonometry is rusty.
Michael, are you seeing this? Dennis is in my neighborhood.
He's on your block, Fi.
Scott told him about both of us.
He's coming after you.
No, Fi, we need him alive.
Damn it, Michael.
I am not letting some psycho be the first person to bring explosives into my new place.
Just get out of there.
Get out of there, Fi! Get out of there! Jesse.
Good to see you, man.
You really want to have a reunion right now? Seriously? Okay, maybe not.
Here's what we know -- Dennis has at least four bombs scattered around town.
What we don't know is where.
And these things are wired to the shakiest radio detonators I've ever seen.
Even if he doesn't trigger them, the damn things are gonna go off eventually.
I think I should go in alone.
Excuse me? Give me a minute, surround the house, shoot out the windows -- make us feel the heat.
He and I are in there alone, in a foxhole, I'm his only friend.
Okay, well, what the hell is this, then? Looks like they're sealing off the area.
A neighbor must have seen Dennis breaking in and called the police.
Michael! Dennis is insane.
You can't get on his wavelength.
Not this guy.
Fi, we got to do something.
Even if the cops catch Dennis, he's never gonna tell them where the bombs are.
You get caught in the middle of another police standoff -- it's okay.
Dennis! Dennis, it's me -- Gordon.
HowIn God's name did you find me? Police are coming.
The police are coming, and we have to get out of here.
Where the hell did you come from? I was following you.
I wanted to see how you do what you do.
But -- I'm sorry, but there was a jogger, and she saw you break in, and she called the police.
That's unfortunate, but -- Don't worry.
I took care of her, like you do.
I ended her.
I'm like you now.
Oh, you idiot! Do you have any idea how much heat you have just brought down on me?! This is no good.
One burst of static on the wrong channel Yeah, well, maybe Dennis hasn't armed the housewarming gift he brought for you.
I watched a man go in there with a bomb.
You stay off your radio.
Guys, guys, I'm a neighbor.
I saw the whole thing.
He's got a bomb! He's got a bomb.
I saw him go in there.
You think these idiots realize how much water I carried for them, scraping all the filth off this planet? I guess no good deed goes unpunished.
More than anything, zealots crave an audience.
Fanatics, at their core, believe they have something to teach the world.
Dealing with a fanatic, then, is often just a matter of being a very good stunt.
Well, if they want to take me out, then they're coming with me.
You can't end this.
Not now.
I'm not afraid to die.
But your work -- you said there was more to come.
There is so much more.
Do you realize how many others will rise up after I do what I'm about to do? You're lucky, Gordon.
You'll be remembered as my first disciple, the first to recognize that the rancid, festering parasites -- you are a genius! Stop interrupting me! I mean, I get it.
I get it.
I can walk out of here like your hostage.
The cops won't even bother me.
I can detonate the devices.
Yeah! You could detonate them.
You could.
I'm not as smart as you.
I never will be, but I am similar to you in so many ways.
When I see the world, what's wrong with it, twisted -- there are demons among us.
When I see something wrong, I have to act.
I can't help myself.
You tell me where the bombs are And I will carry your message to the world.
They'll search you.
You have to memorize the addresses.
Put your hands behind your head! Put your hands behind your head now! Put 'em behind your head! Get down on the ground! Get down now! He's got the locations.
Our boy is back.
This isn't exactly over, Sam.
You said it yourself.
These cops don't know what they're up against.
What if they breach and Dennis decides to end it when they get close? Someone could die.
Fi, how do you want to play it? Jesse, you just Yeah.
Sometimes you got to put the rabid dog down.
You look worse than you did when you got out of the hospital.
Yeah, well, I've had a long week.
You never answered my question, by the way, about why you do what you do.
Do you even think about it? Since the day I was burned, every day.
And? And I don't know.
I don't know if my reasons are that different from anybody else who likes the feel of a trigger on their finger.
I wish I understood.
I just d't.
"Whatever"? Yeah.
I mean, maybe you've got some repressed crap, you know -- rage About how it was for you when you were a kid, or the things you've seen, or -- I don't know.
Maybe this is just how you fit into the world.
Thanks, mom.
What I'm saying is, in the end, it doesn't matter.
You're one of the good guys, Michael.
I'm proud of you.
I bought you a present.
These are exactly like the pair I lost.
How -- how did you It's called shopping.
We all have our strengths.
Now go do what you do.
Thanks for meeting me.
And for the other day, with Dennis.
And for saving my life.
Let's just do this.
So, what do we know about this crypto specialist Sweeney went to see? Justin Walsh.
A buddy of Sam's says the guy's national security clearance for over a decade.
He's, uh, apparently fond of wrought iron.
And now you're all caught up.
There are clearances and then there are clearances.
I wonder if Walsh would even know what he was looking at if he decoded it.
I think he knew.
No briefcase, no NOC list.
No trace of where Justin Walsh went after he killed Sweeney for it.
I did find Walsh's e-mail address.
I know it's not much to go on.
Whoever this guy is, he's got the name and position of every one of the people who burned me, he knows how dangerous and valuable that information is, and he has a three-day head start.