Burn Notice s04e14 Episode Script

Hot Property

Michael: My name is Michael westen.
I used to be a spy until [ CELLPHONE RINGS ] MAN: We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever Work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend should we shoot them? an old friend who used to inform on you to the fbi You know Spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
family, too Hey, is that your mom again? if you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
National intelligence Agencies and local law enforcement work together more often than you might think.
Most metropolitan police stations have an office called a fusion center Where classified intel is collected in one place.
It's a great resource if you need information fast.
Unfortunately, it does involve breaking into a police station.
You sure this is the move, Mike? To find the list of the people who burned me, I'd break into the pentagon.
Okay, but you don't even know if you're gonna get what you need.
The guy who stole it, Justin Walsh, worked with the D.
The fusion center monitors the communication of anyone with a job in national security.
They'll have something.
You're Mr.
Elias Schmidt, shadyglade neighborhood watch.
You got a meeting with Officer pepiol in community outreach.
His office is on the floor below the center database.
Elias? Your friends call you Eli.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
Once you get past security, you're on your own.
[ GROANS ] And no action-guy stuff, okay? Your gunshot wound's gonna be a little tender.
It's not tender, Sam! Keep the engine running.
Because undercover Cops and confidential informants don't like their pictures taken there you go, sir.
Go on up.
only the public areas of police stations are kept under surveillance.
So once you're past the lobby, the only cameras you have to avoid are the ones taking mug shots.
Schmidt? I'm officer -- I think you're looking for someone else.
I'm here to see detective marano, homicide.
Get caught with a lock-pick set in a police station, and you've got problems.
A pair of cheap sunglasses is less suspicious and just about as effective.
Modify them in advance, and you can use the stems as a rake and tension tool.
And if you get caught, you're just a guy with some busted sunglasses.
[ BEEP ] [ BEEP ] He checked in using the name "Elias Schmidt," But he never made it to my office.
He is loose in this building.
Officer: We've got a trespasser in the facility.
Lock down the exits.
We need to do a full I.
[ INDISTINCT TALKING ] Police officers uphold the chain of command as sacred.
Act like you're in charge, and someone new to the force won't dare question your authority.
Crazy son of a bitch jumped! He went out the window? The guy is out of his mind! Rookie, are you deaf?! call all units outside! Go! Yeah.
I'm on it.
Oh, come on, Mike.
Check out back! Check the side! Whoa, there! Time to go, Sam.
I ever tell you you're the reason I drink, mikey? It's hard to forgive someone after a betrayal, even if it was for a good cause.
There's nothing more difficult to repair in the field than trust.
You know what? Next time you're gonna pull something like, um, I don't know, breaking into a fusion center, I'd appreciate a little heads-up.
Well, you're here now.
And This is every e-Mail Walsh has written in the last year.
Sharing all I've got, Jesse.
Well, I'm just saying, whatever our past disagreements may be, I'm still your partner on this.
And when did you plan on telling your partner what you just discovered in that Stack there? You read the same page three times.
[ SIGHS ] Walsh sent messages to alpha-numeric e-mail addresses in Taiwan, peru, bulgaria.
It's, uh, disguised as a discussion about stamp collecting, but check it out -- they're talking about minimum bids, delivery conditions.
He's auctioning the list.
We need to find out where it's happening, intercept it.
Well, to track down guys like that is gonna take some help.
We're gonna need some -- somebody with some pull, somebody in the government.
What about your old handler? Marv? No.
Besides, marv is by the book.
I mean, if he helped us, he'd file a report on it.
You worked with the man for eight years.
You have no idea how to motivate him to do it quietly? You -- what, you want me to blackmail him? Oh, that's good.
That's great.
Well, you know what's at stake.
[ SIGHS HEAVILY ] All right, there might be a way to get to marv.
It's a low blow, man.
It's gonna have to come from Somebody he doesn't know.
I can call Sam.
This is last of your stuff from the house.
[ SIGHS ] Michael, are you sure you want to go back to the loft? Your shoulder's still leaking.
I'm fine, ma.
You got shot.
Yeah, but thanks to Jesse, just in the right spot.
Tell you boys what -- why don't I make margaritas, and we'll work on clearing the air between you two? I got to run.
Fi's paying me by the hour.
Fi -- fi got a job? She didn't call me.
Maybe she wanted you to get your rest.
You could have mentioned your client docks his boat out in the boonies.
Sorry, but I'm glad you came.
I wasn't sure you'd be up for a gig.
Why not? I'm all for honest work.
I meant us working togetheragain, by choice.
Okay, can I just say something real quick, and then we'll never have to bring it up again? When I found out you'd been lying to me, it hurt, okay? But I know you only did it 'cause Michael asked you to.
You were being loyal to him.
I can respect that.
I can forgive you for that, so we're cool.
All right? You're not the one I have the issue with.
Well, we should talk about you and Michael.
Fi, let's just -- just tell me who we're meeting.
[ SIGHS ] Well, his name is Stuart.
He tried to buy a .
357 from a gun-dealer friend of mine.
But he was so upset, my friend gave him my number instead of the gun.
Stuart? I'm Fiona.
This is Jesse.
What is he, your muscle? No, I have plenty of muscle.
He's more like a sidekick.
Why don't you just tell us about your problem, Stuart? My sister Stephanie's in trouble.
She fell in love with This venezuelan diplomat -- Marco.
He's dirty.
I think he moves drugs.
I warned her, but she moved to caracas.
Didn't take long before he started beating on her.
So I went down there Myself and brought her back.
Good for you.
Somehow he found Stephanie.
Now he's holding her like a prisoner.
I tried to get her.
All I got was this beating.
I think he's gonna take her back to venezuela.
So you haven't gone to the cops yet? He's a diplomat.
He's practically untouchable.
He told the cops Stephanie was on vacation, and they just left.
That's it.
Don't worry.
We'll get her back.
Fiona, when it's time to go in, I want to come with you.
I'm her big brother.
I'm supposed to protect her.
I know how you feel.
We'll call you soon.
Blackmail May be effective at times, but it's never fun.
The problem is that it works best on people that are basically good.
[ CELLPHONE RINGS ] If someone's made a mistake he regrets, it's easy to make him regret it even more.
Marv Peterson.
Yeah, Marv, uh, this is Chuck Finley, private investigator out of Dade county.
What's this about? Sensitive information, sir.
Sensitive in what way, exactly? Sensitive as in july 2003.
Do I need to spell it out? You, a young woman named Sally Baker, and a $60-a-night roadside motel.
I recommend that you come down to miami to handle this.
Handle what? Look, I told her it was over.
Does she want money? Is she okay? Just be on the first Flight out tomorrow.
I'll fill you in.
I can do that.
Keep your phone on.
[ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] Scouting security from a distance is mainly just a matter of observation.
You set up in a concealed place and watch incoming vehicles, personnel, and weapons.
This guy Marco doesn't mess around -- high walls for privacy, couple of s.
S' worth of goons.
He's wired tight.
I think we can handle it.
Getting additional information usually requires a more direct approach.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What are you doing? I'm gonna ring the bell.
Whoever answers the gate is gonna take me on little guided tour.
Jesus, fi! Is it me or are you taking this gig a bit personally? Look, I have a thing for lost little sisters.
Yeah, I get that, but can we do a little recon first, please, that doesn't involve waving a gun around like a crazy person? How? You have a satellite that you haven't mentioned? I think I got a way.
I've done it a couple times before.
We're just gonna need another car.
The best security probe isn't necessarily stealthy.
Sometimes you want to be right out in the open.
Buckle up, big guy.
Copy that.
Game face is onnow.
With the right approach, you can March up to your enemy's front door hey.
What the hell was that?! evaluate his defenses and personnel please.
Oh, my god, I think I hit my head.
without anyone realizing what you're up to.
I think I hit my head on my -- on my steering wheel.
No entiende.
What the hell is going on? I'll tell you what's going on! One of your guards here just caused an accident, and now he's pulling the "me no speak english" routine.
I know you comprende.
My cousin is a lawyer, and he -- I will Sue each and every one of you guys.
Oh, my god.
My head.
I got to use your phone.
I got to use your phone.
Oh, my god.
You better hope that guy has some insurance, 'cause I-I got enough points on my record as it is.
Here's your insurance.
Now go.
Yeah, but I got to call my girlfriend.
She's gonna come pick me up 'cause my head's really hurting, man.
I'm feeling dizzy.
I think I have, like, a concussion, so I just got to use your phone.
[ GUN COCKS ] Find a pay phone.
You're leaving.
I'm just gonna leave.
You don't have to push that hard, fi! If you'd stop fidgeting, we'd be done already.
Things Not go well on the job? Jesse got into a little Fender Bender.
We just stopped by to borrow some of your medical supplies.
What's this? Girl's being held captive by her boyfriend.
This is his place.
Anyway, there's sentries that patrol the yard.
They got machine guns.
There's sirens here and here.
I'm talking about the big-ass ones like for tornado warnings.
And this? Those are floodlights.
Anybody tries to sneak in at night, place lights up like dolphins stadium.
What about inside the house? My guess is they're not keeping her inside the house.
Best bet is she's in one of the sheds outside, here and here.
Holding a girl takes one, maybe two people.
You don't need a team of sentries, tornado sirens, and floodlights.
Why don't you just spit out whatever's on your mind, westen? This has got to be more than just a boyfriend who won't let go.
Well, we're gonna go see Stuart.
Maybe he can fill us in.
I'm happy to go if you need an extra set of eyes, fi.
Let's go.
Jesse: Okay, this is Marco's compound.
These x's are guys with machine guns.
All of them? Yeah.
Is there any way past them? Sure.
We could make a plan.
But why don't you start by telling us what's really going on? What do you mean? This security is designed to keep armed intruders out, not a 20-something woman in.
Is your sister mixed up in something illegal? Maybe.
I'm on the water three weeks out of every month.
I don't know -- don't lie to us, dude.
We're trying to help you.
My sister's a victim.
I swear on my mother's grave -- [ SILENCED GUNSHOTS ] hi.
Remember me? I kind of changed my hair, but Natalie.
You guys know this woman? Oh, they didn't tell you about the time that I stole Barry's ledger? I'm hurt.
Long story short, I'm a thief.
He was lying.
He doesn't have a sister.
I picked him up in Boca scamming cancer patients.
It was a great job scouting the compound, by the way.
Whoa! Hand cannons in the water.
Right now.
Let's go! Chop chop.
Fiona, you especially should hear me out because, Well, not only am I holding you at gunpoint, but [ INHALES DEEPLY ] my .
Yes, a bad call to use your car as an armory.
And this is a good one.
Good prints.
So, you guys do anything stupid, it goes straight to the miami P.
What do you want? The situation is this -- I got a job a month ago with some venezuelan revolutionary types.
They wanted me to steal something.
I did, and it turned out that the "something" was a chemical weapon.
I need to steal it back.
I know what kind of heat this could bring down, and I don't plan on rotting in Some secret prison somewhere.
And you, being the good people that you are, do not want a chemical weapon floating around.
So I figure we steal it, we destroy it, everybody wins.
[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] That party boat's gonna pull in here any second, and some co-ed is gonna find our dead friend over there, so do we join forces or not? Please say yes.
We'll do it.
I'll be in touch.
Well, Natalie's story checks out.
I mean, there's been chatter in Military intel circles that venezuelan rebels got their hands on something big.
Lucky us, it's right here in our backyard.
I can't believe we're contemplating working with Natalie.
Is it me, or did she just kill a man in front of us? And she's all set to frame you for the murder.
We don't have a choice, fi.
Call the FBI.
Okay, sure, but Marco's here on a diplomatic passport.
By the time anybody got cleared for surveillance or a raid, that weapon would be long gone.
Which leaves us.
You know, you could've mentioned this was an eat-in-your-socks kind of place.
It's traditional japanese.
You're gonna love it.
Listen, I feel like we started off on the wrong foot.
You shot an unarmed man.
I'd say that's the wrong foot.
What was I gonna do? I was gonna call and Say, "hi, I know we tried to kill each other, but I need a favor?" All right, come on.
Let's just get on with it.
I got these specs from a russian who owed me a favor.
It's what we're after.
It's called novichok agent.
Novichok? Seriously? Mm-hmm.
Compared to that stuff, mustard gas might as well be cologne.
Well, we can curse the darkness, or we can light a candle.
So, who's got ideas about how to get it back? Talk to me, boys.
The compound security is set up for defense, not mobility.
The s.
S aren't armored, and the road is isolated.
We get them to bring the weapon out, we can split them up, we tear-gas them, we take it.
How do you get them outside? We'll convince them that they have a gas Leak, something dangerous enough To require an evacuation.
See? I knew you'd be perfect for this.
If we do this, you're gonna stay with us the entire time where we can keep an eye on you.
And we don't let you leave until we get fi's gun back.
Deal? Whatever you may have heard, there is still some honor among thieves.
To teamwork.
Come on.
[ SCOFFS ] It may surprise anyone who has left on a stove burner, but natural gas is odorless.
The smell most people think of as gas is actually an additive called T.
, which means that making people think there's a gas Leak is as simple as pumping t.
Into the air with a portable pump and some rubber hose.
It's safe, effective, and easy to deploy.
But it smells like you've just wandered into an open sewer.
Then you just have to get the package in place without anyone getting suspicious.
Fiona? Sorry.
I'm staying in a hotel while look for a new place, I needed somewhere private to, uh, do a little work.
Is that a stroller? Oh, don't get any ideas.
[ CHUCKLES ] You're not gonna get baby fever from me.
Michael's too busy running around with a gun to take care of a hamster, much less a child.
I'm glad you're here, 'cause I've been wanting to talk to you about this Michael-and-Jesse situation.
Yeah, it's complicated.
They're working together, but I'm not sure it will ever be the same.
Well, I'm gonna get the two of them in a room together, and I need your help.
Madeline, I know you mean well -- don't patronize me, sweetheart.
Remember, I used to push Michael around in one of these.
Just tell me you'll help me when the time comes.
[ SIGHS ] Yeah.
Recruiting a source is a painful process.
Threatening to ruin someone's life can put a lot of strain on a relationship and make it tough to work together.
Hello, marv.
Chuck Finley.
Nice to meet you.
Wish I could say the same.
What's this about? Well, the good news is this has nothing to do with your marital indiscretion with Sally Baker.
The bad news? But sometimes a bad relationship is the best you can do.
Jesse, what the hell are you doing to me? I can't be here.
I can't be talking to you.
You know that.
I know.
If there was any other way -- other than dragging my private life into this? I'm sorry.
I really need your help.
My help? What are you, kidding? This is the second time you tricked me into meeting you.
You want to know what happened the first time? The help you gave me led directly to the takedown of Drake technologies.
The -- you're involved with that? Yes! I mean -- I mean, the congressional hearings are still going on.
I know.
I know.
And trust me, you don't want to know the details.
But you helped stop some very bad people, marv.
So I'm asking you to do it again.
All right, what do you need? All right, someone's getting ready to auction off something really nasty.
I got e-mails on some of the people attending.
I just need to know the who, the when, and the where.
All right, I'll look into it.
[ SIGHS ] [ GROANS ] The guy's a good friend.
I feel like a son of a bitch playing him like that.
I know how you feel.
But know what always cheers me up? Stealing a chemical weapon from a bunch of crazy south americans.
So [CLEARS THROAT] you guys don't really talk much during missions, huh? Fi's in position.
Does that mean that we are gonna do this now? 'cause I'm getting antsy.
Let -- No, we aren't doing anything.
You're gonna stand Still and stay out of trouble.
Am I sensing hostility here? I thought that we were supposed to be teammates.
Is that what you thought? Yeah, 'cause, Um, teammates don't usually frame each other for murder.
Jesse! She's going in.
[ GRUNTS ] Sam: Look, I don't know what to tell you, chief.
It's for your own safety, okay? I need everybody out of here right now.
Sam's doing his thing.
Get ready.
[ EXHALES SHARPLY ] Whoa! Whoa! You get a whiff of that? That's a serious Leak! This is a gas main.
Sir, I can't.
You're sitting on a powder keg, okay? If this place goes up, we're gonna be part of the biggest barbecue in the history of miami.
You and your pals have got to get moving.
Any strategy based on creating fear in your target is a bit of a Gamble.
It's not just a matter of whether you succeed in Making your target afraid.
That's easy.
What's a lot Harder is ensuring that they don't fear something else even more.
That's good, right? Yeah, "gringo.
" That's me.
Got it.
You have to go.
I have to -- okay.
I can understand that.
Something's wrong.
They're not leaving.
Why -- why not? I don't know.
Excuse me, seÑOra? I need to ask you some questions.
Wait a minute.
This isn't good.
You know, I-I'm sorry.
I'm just terribly late as it is.
So sorry.
It's necessary.
I'm going in.
We're going in.
No, you can't ride in There and save the day.
The operation will be over.
L-let me help her.
Oh, right.
You guys don't trust me.
How 'bout this -- you don't like what you see, then you can shoot me first.
You have a stroller and no baby? Maybe you can explain this to me.
I need to see some I.
Okay, well, that's in the glove compartment.
You caught her! I was so worried! Thank you! Thank you! You're the neighborhood security guy, right? Yeah, $500 stroller, and this bitch just walked away with it from the park around the corner.
That is a lie.
Oh? Get out of my face.
Or what? This.
I already called the police, you psycho! You're going to jail! Aah! Guard: That's enough! Get the hell out of here, both of you! Est N mujeres locas.
Not bad, right? Yeah.
I've seen better.
Aah! Okay, So, plan "a" at the compound -- kind of a fail.
Well, it wasn't a total loss.
We know where they keep the weapon now.
We're going in tonight to take it.
Take it.
I likey.
But isn't there an alarm on the vault-thing? You have some magic spy way to beat them? No.
There's no way of avoiding tripping the alarm, so we're gonna take out the lights with a sniper rifle and the sirens with spray insulation.
Yay, team.
We go in, open the shed with a water saw, hand the weapon off to Sam, and scatter.
We'll meet up at rally point when we're done.
Water saw? Those things take forever.
What you need is a thermal Lance -- cuts through cement in under a minute.
You can get your hands on a thermal Lance? I'm a thief, remember? And not to brag, but I do handle one like a surgeon.
You're watching on the sidelines on this.
Remember? Hmm.
Okay, show of hands for how many have used a thermal Lance in a heist before? What? No? Just one? Me? I'm gonna be there anyway.
I might as well be of some use.
What's with the skeptical looks? Even after I saved your Butt at the compound? I wanted this to be a surprise, but here.
Your .
You're off the hook for murdering Stuart.
Don't expect a thank-you note.
Are we a team on this or not? I'll call Jesse and tell him we don't need a water saw.
You should have him come to lunch, 'cause he's Moody, but he's cute, right? He's busy.
Intelligence work is all about relationships.
Like a romance, working with a source is more about the heart than the head.
Of course, romantic relationships usually end if there's a betrayal, whereas spy relationships often begin with one.
How'd it go? Any luck getting details on the auction? Listen, before we do this, I want to get something straight.
What happens if I say no? Marv we've been over this.
I asked you to help 'cause it's important.
I'm not some starry-eyed source who needs a pep talk.
What if I say no, huh? What are you gonna do? Huh? You gonna tell my wife? Huh? You gonna ruin my career? Huh? What's it gonna be? You know, marv, I'm no beginner, either, and, uh, I can tell when someone's trying to get me to talk about blackmail.
You look a little uncomfortable in those slacks.
You recording me? What have we got here, a digital recorder? I had to protect myself.
Blackmail me once, shame on me.
You do it again? Yes, Jesse, I'm recording you.
Marv, I asked you to help me 'cause I don't have anybody else to ask.
You want to walk away, that's fine, man.
Walk away.
I'm not gonna blackmail you.
Come on.
What the hell are you into, Jesse? I do this favor you ask.
Those e-mail addresses belong to brokers, arms dealers, some ex-spook who's into crypto-intelligence.
So you know where they're coming together for the auction? Santo Domingo.
Two weeks.
What is this thing everybody wants to get their hands on? [ SIGHS ] It's probably best you don't know, for your own good.
Well, whatever it is, it's gonna take five million bucks in an escrow account just to get a seat at the table.
Are you [ SIGHS ] marv, you wouldn't, uh happen to still have any friends at the federal reserve, would you? You're about to ask me for five million bucks, aren't you? No.
I -- yes.
Come on, man, we both know you can get your hands on some old bills marked for destruction.
You've done it before.
For official ops, yes.
[ SIGHS ] Marv, I know how much you used to love the -- the cloak-and-dagger stuff, being out in the field.
This is it, man.
This is what we're all about.
You're back in the game.
Please just help me do the right thing.
Why isn't anything ever easy with you, Jess? But just for the record -- it's my last trip to miami.
I love you, Marvin.
What did you do with Natalie's murder weapon? I threw it in the atlantic.
I wish I could have sunk Natalie with it, too.
I still hate that we're going on this heist with her.
Fi, we can't always pick our teammates in the field.
I am not a spy.
I can't pretend someone doesn't make my skin crawl.
We won't be able to get the chemical weapon without her.
At least this way we keep her in our sights.
You done planning Sam's escape route? Yeah.
Once you hand off the weapon, he'll head through Watson key to make sure he's not tailed.
Once he's sure he's clear, he'll head north.
We're good to go.
There's a reason most surprise attacks are just before dawn.
Sleepers hit their deepest rem cycles just before sunrise, which makes it Harder to come to full alertness.
And anyone on watch is likely to be exhausted and at the end of a shift.
[ YAWNS ] Yeah, you and me both, sister.
All right, hit the lights, fi.
Small-caliber, high-velocity bullets can Pierce fragile surfaces without shattering them.
If you need to knock out floodlights from a few hundred yards away, they're even better than an off switch.
Spray insulation is handy for more than keeping your house cool in the summer.
Use it to fill the diaphragm of a siren, and it will be about as noisy as a lawn gnome.
Burning at temperatures over 8,000 degrees, thermal Lances are used by construction crews to cut through Rock and steel.
They're tricky to operate, but they'll slice through a heavy dead Bolt like butter.
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
Oh, smooth.
[ WHISTLES ] [ SAM WHISTLES ] Catch you on the flip side, Mike.
Little help? Come on, come on.
Ah! Oh, man! I think I broke my ankle.
All right, I'm coming back down.
I'm-a get you.
No, they'll be out any second.
Sam got the case, right? They're gonna roll out when they see that it's not here, and I will leave then.
Just go! Iall est ! Iarriba En la pared! Hey, Mike, I'm at Watson key.
Looks like I'm free and clear, so I'm heading over there now to drop this baby off with my Buddy at the base.
Spies are trained to be careful around road work.
Too many Workers for too little work -- you're probably driving into a snatch and grab.
No workers with Road blocks guiding you toward a freshly paved pothole rather than away from one -- it's a good bet you're about to drive over a bomb.
[ MACHINE-GUN FIRE ] Natalie?! you take that weapon, you're in a world of hurt! The feds, the military -- all hell's gonna rain down on you.
I don't know, Sam.
$20 million will buy me a hell of an umbrella! It's gone.
I can't believe it.
It's not your fault, Sam.
Look, I let a psycho get away with a chemical weapon, Mike.
Who else's fault would it be? You didn't let her get away with anything! She bombed the road.
She ambushed you with a machine gun.
You survived, Sam.
That counts for something.
Okay, well, it's time for the $64,000 question.
How the hell'd she know where to set up for the attack? No one told her where Sam was gonna be.
Michael? The japanese restaurant.
We took our shoes off to sit down.
She had to have planted a bug in mine when she went to the bathroom.
I was wearing my loafers.
They're back at the loft.
Damn it! Okay, this is just perfect.
Natalie Gets rich selling mass murder, and we get a loafer with a listening device in it.
It's not ideal, but it does give us a way to track down Natalie.
She'll still be listening to figure out what our next move is.
If we can convince her that she doesn't have the real case, she'll have to show herself.
That sounds like a long shot, man.
It's the only shot.
Let's go.
When a spy finds a listening device, the last thing he does is turn it off.
A bug can be a direct line into the mind of your enemy.
It's delicate, but in the right hands, it's a weapon that can turn almost any situation in your favor.
Sam, where the hell have you been? I've been calling.
Damn near Got myself killed, Mike.
Natalie hit me mid-route.
I thought you said she was gonna go after me closer to the rally point.
Did she get the weapon? Hell no.
I had the decoy on the driver's seat, just in case.
Real thing was in the trunk.
We're lucky she got sloppy! Damn right.
I mean, you talk to your fed buddies? Yeah, Jesse's leaving the case in the bag check at the bus station.
We make a call, they pick it up.
No questions, no connections to us.
Okay, Well, he better head out soon.
Traffic on the causeway's gonna be a beast.
Fortunately, the weapon was in a standard shock-proof clamshell.
I have a friend who sells grenades out in hallandale who had a spare.
All right, the tracker's ready.
Nice range, burst signal on a timer so she can't sweep for it.
Wherever she takes it, we will find her.
Now all we need is something nasty to put in the case.
Making Fake weapons is a little-known But important art.
If you don't want to put real killing power in the hands of a bad guy, you need a convincing substitute.
A fake chemical weapon has to be able to pass a field test -- usually a simple chemical analysis and a cruel demonstration with a small animal.
Strong pesticide mixed with tear Gas and diesel fuel will do the trick without killing anyone who weighs more than 20 pounds.
Try not to drop it on your way to the station.
Okay, it's been an hour, people.
Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Natalie's not going for this? Be patient, Jesse.
People who are buying chemical weapons aren't generally forgiving types.
She can't afford to risk not having the real thing.
I'm just saying, you know, maybe we could have given her a better hint than "the causeway" to get her to the right bus station.
If it was too easy, she'd get suspicious.
She'll figure it out.
Wait a minute.
Yeah, she's got it.
It's on the move.
We're in business.
She's in a black sebring.
She's heading north.
Sam, you and Mike take the causeway.
I'm gonna send fi northeast on Townsend.
It's go time.
So, that's the Dragon Lady's den.
Never thought I would miss the days when places like this were just used for smuggling cocaine.
She's got both cases, fi.
Which canister is the real one? Fiona: The black one.
Mine was silver.
Shall we do this? Uh, that's a chemical weapon in there, fi.
We can't afford to go in there shooting.
This goes wrong, and this entire area's a hazmat site for the next decade.
I'll do this quietly.
Well, if quietly doesn't work, we're coming in To make some noise.
Fair enough.
Move and I kill you.
[ SCOFFS ] You don't quit, do you? Can't you leave a girl alone to make a living? You should have picked another way to get rich.
Let's go.
Wait, just -- first, you got to tell me -- did you really switch the case out? Which one's real, silver or black? Let's just leave it as a mystery.
It'll give you something to think about in prison.
Let's go.
Mm, I don't think so.
[ CAR DOORS CLOSING ] See, you're cute, and you're clever, but your timing sucks.
Your little trick ate up my day, so instead of getting my hair done, I had to come straight to the buy.
And [SIGHS DEEPLY] my buyers are here.
You don't want to do this, Natalie.
Actually, I do.
I really, really do.
Hello, Karl.
Thanks for coming.
We have ourselves a little situation here.
Afternoon, guys.
And you are who? He came to interrupt the transaction, so do me a fave? Shoot him.
Michael: You want to know who I was, Karl.
I'm the guy holding a gun on a can of novichok agent.
All right, I've seen enough.
Time to move.
Fi, against five guys with automatic weapons? Come on.
We roll in there heavy, Mike's not gonna last two seconds.
You wanted to know which one was the real one? Now you do.
Oh, that's interesting.
Michael's holding my fake Nerve gas hostage.
I pull the trigger, the bullet releases the chemical.
It'll spread about 50 yards.
First your eyes will burn, your face will go numb.
If the exposure's not too bad, you'll live about five minutes.
Too bad the nearest Hospital's Last chance to walk away.
He's bluffing.
He's not gonna kill himself for this.
You'd rather die than give us that weapon, hmm? Try me.
[ COUGHING ] Go, go! Get to the cars! You never forget your first exposure to tear gas.
It feels like you're drowning in your own fluids.
There's a reason why nothing induces panic like a gas attack.
[ COUGHING ] Smile, Natalie.
It's not like you're dying.
I have to go to the hospital! No, Michael shot a cylinder full of tear gas and pesticides.
My own special blend.
[ LAUGHS ] Hey, I got more good news for you.
You're gonna be a hero.
You are gonna call the FBI and tell them where they can find a stolen container of novichok agent.
Natalie, you forgot your chemical weapon back there.
Boy, you know, your buyers and those venezuelan guys are gonna be asking a whole lot of questions when this goes public, so your best bet, if you want to stay alive, is to make nice with the feds and tell 'em everything, and I mean everything.
The number to Dial is 911.
Just say you want someone from homeland security.
You guys, can we please make a deal? I got money, and I got -- you got five seconds to Dial that phone.
[ SIGHS ] Natalie clean yourself up before they get here.
You look like hell.
[ SOBS ] [ CELLPHONE DIALING ] There you go -- $5 million in cash.
Don't say I never gave you anything.
Marv, this is clutch, man.
You so much as buy a latte in the airport with that money, we're both in for a world of hurt.
No lattes.
Listen, before you go down this road, I want you to ask yourself something.
Can you trust Michael westen? [ SCOFFS ] That's -- that's a complicated question.
I mean, the guy ruins your life, he destroys your career, and then he -- he turns around and he takes you in? I mean, what the hell kind of a person -- yeah, I don't know.
I don't know what to tell you.
I'm -- I'm still working on that.
All righty.
Take care of yourself, Jess, okay? Hey, Marv? Thank you.
Want to grab lunch at the carlito? Um I'm buying.
Yeah, what the hell? I could go for some fish tacos.
Oh, funny running into you people here.
It wasn't my idea.
Madeline wanted me to get you two together.
And since you wouldn't sit down with Michael and Michael wouldn't sit down with you Oh, whatever.
You know how she is.
Look, maddy, this is really none of your -- shut it! And sit down.
I'm so tired of this crap.
I know enough about the lives that you people lead to know this -- if you two don't start trusting each other again, Somebody's gonna end up dead.
Jesse Michael ruined your life, got you fired.
He was trying to do a good thing.
So get over it.
Michael Jesse shot you in the chest.
[ CIGARETTE CASE SNAPS ] He was trying to save your life.
Deal with it.
[ LIGHTER CLOSES ] I'm not talking about closure.
I'm talking about good, old-fashioned gutting it out.
You know what families do when people lie and betray each other? They suck it up, and they move on.
So if you two are good, shake on it.
If you're not, too bad.
Shake anyway! I'll leave you two alone to talk.
[ SIGHS ] Wow.
Your mom's good.
How'd your meeting with marv go? He got us the money.
Call up Barry.
Have him put it in the escrow account.
You want to, uh, stay for a bite, start planning? We have an auction to crash, Jesse.