Burn Notice s04e15 Episode Script

Brotherly Love

1 My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
There's nothing more frustrating for a spy, than being on the sideline for a important operation.
When you spent your career in the middle of the action it's tough to take on a supporting role.
Particularly when you're stuck helping people pack.
Thanks, Mike.
Look, I know that it hurts that you're stuck here while Jesse and I are out after the list, but this is the smart play.
Just got the confirmation.
We are in.
Auction for the list goes down in three days.
We got a meeting with the seller as soon as we land in Santo Domingo.
So the guy sent a wedding invitation with instructions for the auction? Yep.
It's gonna be an "exclusive affair," restricted to "close friends and family.
" Three days isn't much time to clock this guy's security, find out where he's hidden the list, and steal it.
You know, maybe I should come with you -- Mikey, look, if we get that list, it's the names of all the people that burned you, the same people who quarantined you in Miami.
So this is not the time for you to be doing stuff that raises eyebrows -- like, you know, leaving the country for three days.
Just in case -- borrowed this from Fi.
It's been modified to shoot three-round bursts.
Thanks, Mike.
But, look, we're gonna be fine.
Nate's flying in today, right? Pick him up.
Enjoy some family time.
We got this, man.
Promise me you'll call me if you need me.
For a spy, it's often better to steal secrets than pay for them.
It saves money and time and doesn't leave a messy paper trail.
Of course, anyone who's in the business of selling secrets is also in the business of protecting them, which can make extracting information nearly impossible.
Just because your target is willing to share a meal with you doesn't mean he won't put a bullet in the back of your head.
Got your wedding invitation.
Want some lambi? A little too spicy for most tourists, but if you get past the heat, it's delicious.
Better have your girlfriend on standby, though, 'cause this stuff gets you revved up.
You know what? I'm good.
I'm good, thanks.
Here's the time and place of the auction.
Hey, before we talk business, I just have a few questions about your security.
It's taken care of.
That's -- that's -- that's good to hear.
I just need to know what that means.
Do I look stupid to you? You don't think I know the same people who would pay for the list would kill for it? You don't think I've taken precautions? I'm sure you have.
I need to be certain that they're sufficient.
That's all.
Well, you don't have to worry about it.
Actually, I kind of do.
Worrying is part of my job description.
I worry about things.
I don't know.
What if someone were to be sitting outside wherever you got this list, just waiting for the deal to go down? Okay, well, that's not possible, 'cause it's always moving.
I'm not gonna jump through hoops here.
You want in, it's on my terms.
There's got plenty of buyers to choose from.
There's only one list.
And anyone trying to help themselves to it is dead.
Por favor.
Well, you don't look very happy.
Well -- gracias.
If my guess is right, Walsh just said he's using a moving loop to keep the list out of harm's way.
Well, that tells us something.
If it's on a 24/7 relay, then they're using motorcycles.
They're all over the town, they can't get stuck in traffic, and they're just handing that list from one rider over to the next, and they don't stop until it's sold.
I got to tell you, I'm impressed.
You're impressed? You should be upset.
Sam, we can't hit the list if we don't know where it is or when it's gonna be there.
Nobody said stealing the list would be easy, but we can make it work.
We just need to make some new buddies.
My specialty.
Their idea of R&R is "Recon and Rendition," so they don't exactly cherish days off Hey! What's up, Big Brother? Especially when it means playing chaperone to your kid brother.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry, man.
Hey, you're looking better than I expected.
Mom told me about, uh, you getting shot.
I heard it was pretty serious.
Yeah, I'm better.
So why the last-minute trip home? Yeah, well, there's mom, you know.
People I love and I want to see.
What's wrong with that? You booked a ticket on one day's notice without any luggage.
I'm figuring it's more than just a family reunion, Nate.
This buddy of mine, he owns a custom car shop with his brother.
They got hit a couple days ago.
They lost three cars.
You flew back home just to track down some stolen cars? These guys know I got contacts in that arena.
It's gonna be easy.
What is that look for? Don't they have insurance? Look, it's good money, they're friends.
That's it.
I swear.
It's on the way, bro.
Stop looking at me like that.
Nice! Hey, I wonder if they'll let me roll the El Camino.
How could you do this to us?! Jeff? Billy! Hey! Stop it! That's enough! Hey! Hey, guys! Come on! You're family! What's wrong with you? I'll tell you what's wrong, Nate.
We're dead men.
You are lucky I did not break your damn neck! Jeff, why are you so heated, man? It's just some stolen cars! It is and it isn't.
Uh, can you elaborate a bit more? A few months back, the shop was in trouble.
We were behind on the mortgage, the bills, and everything.
I messed up.
I got into business with this guy, Hector Rivera.
He's not just a guy! He's a drug kingpin! I let him use our cars to transport his drugs.
One shipment a month.
Supposed to be a temporary thing.
It's low-risk.
And then we got robbed.
And one of the stolen cars was loaded with Rivera's drugs.
How much? What?! And -- and you're telling me this now? Don't feel bad, Nate.
I'm just finding out, too, and that's my brother.
What were you thinking, man? I-I was desperate.
Look, this shop's been in our family for 46 years.
O-our grandfather built it, passed it on to our dad.
And now it's ours.
Look, I didn't want our generation to be the one to lose it.
Look, I get it, Billy.
You did it for a good reason.
Hooray for you.
But that doesn't get us a pass when Rivera shows up.
He is still going to kill us.
Not if you find the car.
How long till he comes looking? I can probably hold him off for another day, maybe two.
Okay, well, it's not a lot of time, but it can be done.
I'll find your car.
Can I talk to you a second? Oh, yeah, sure.
Look, I swear to God, I didn't know about the drugs, all right? But don't worry about it.
I'm not trying to rope you into this, okay? I'll figure it out myself.
No, I don't want you to figure it out.
You're not taking the job.
Yes, I am.
Nate, you're not just looking for a car.
It's full of dope.
You need to tell them to get out of town now.
And I mean right now.
Then what? They gonna run for the rest of their lives? Come on, Mike.
These guys got families.
They should have thought about that when they got into bed with Rivera.
You know what it's like to have a screw-up for a brother.
I'm taking the job -- I mean, with or without your help.
All right.
I'll call Fi.
Here's the three cars they swiped.
Which one of these had the drugs in it? God, she's pretty.
You boys ready for show and tell? Your friends were hit by a top-notch crew.
I checked the surveillance footage.
They used laser strobes to blind the cameras and a plasma torch to cut through the gates.
And to top it off, Billy said they put a sedative in his poor dogs' puppy chow.
Drugs, lasers, and plasma torches? You make it sound like they threw a rave in here.
The list of crews working in this level in Miami is likely to be very short.
Fi, I'm thinking I should talk to Tony Soto.
W-wait, what? I did some business a while back with a guy who ran Miami's biggest auto-theft ring.
No, I know who Tony Soto is.
He -- I just -- I didn't know that he was friends with my brother.
We're not exactly "friends.
" And Soto doesn't exactly know him as "Michael.
" Re-establishing an old cover I.
Isn't just a matter of changing your name.
If you want access to the contacts that go with that cover, you have to re-create the past.
The way you walk, talk, and look has to be consistent with what people remember down to the smallest detail -- the direction you part your hair, what gun you carry, your brand of sunglasses, even the pinky ring you wear.
What the hell is going on here? I -- I got to help some friends, ma.
And you have to dress like a funeral director? Come on, mom.
The suits were Mike's idea.
This "helping" you're doing isn't dangerous, is it, Nate? No.
I'm just gonna find a car.
I'm holding you responsible for keeping him out of trouble.
Mom, he's a grown man.
You're still his Big Brother! Okay.
I will look out for him.
You ready? Yeah.
Wait! If my boys are dressing up I want to take a picture.
Mom, we don't have time for -- Keep the car running.
I won't be long.
Well, well.
Smooth-talking Johnny.
What do you say, Tony? Long time.
What brings you back to Miami? Looking for a car.
Custom shop on Barton Ave.
Got hit the other day.
The crew used laser strobes, plasma torches.
How many cars they get? Three in total, including a sweet '69 G.
That was just my size.
Somebody stuck their finger in the wrong pie.
I'm not mad.
I just want to get my ride back.
I got an idea who you're talking about.
My guy's gonna confirm.
I appreciate it.
How's tricks? Mm, better than ever.
Have you heard what a BMW 750 goes for in China these days? Mm.
Actually, I could use a crew like yours if you're looking for work.
My dance card is full.
The crew that hit that custom shop is run by a guy called Buckwild.
He's not on my good side.
That's the address to his chop shop.
Here's the thing, Johnny -- you take that information, and I'm gonna need a little favor in return.
As I recall, you enjoy destroying things.
Once you're done with your business, I want you to do some Johnny-style damage on that chop shop.
Put it out of commission.
A deal's a deal.
Johnny's back.
What took so long? Can't rush a guy like Tony Soto.
Billy called three times.
Rivera's on his way to their shop.
Where's my car? It was stolen.
I swear, I don't know where it is.
Ugh! Sorry, guys.
They're closed.
We're not customers.
Then who the hell are you? The name's Johnny.
I hear you're looking for a car.
I'm the guy who's gonna find it.
And I'm the guy who's gonna help the guy who's gonna find it.
Do we look like we need help? Easy.
We're car guys.
I used to steal.
Now I find.
The Taylor brothers hired me.
You put our business in the street? They took initiative to make up for a mistake.
You're a businessman.
You can appreciate that.
How do you plan on finding my car? I already have the name of the thief who took it.
I'm gonna find him and ask for it back As soon as your dog stops barking at me.
No, no.
Give the man some room, Caleb.
If you're as good as you seem to think you are, I'd say 24 hours is enough time.
Do I look like I need more? But I can't trust somebody I don't know, so You don't make a move unless my boy Caleb is there to see it.
The cheerleader can come.
Bring your pom-poms.
One more thing.
Just to make sure you're sufficiently motivated I keep him until it's done.
Wait! Take me.
It's my fault.
Suit yourself.
Clock is ticking.
You don't always have to rely on trained operatives to gather intelligence.
A problem that seems impossible -- like finding a single motorcycle circling in a crowded city -- becomes much easier if you can hire 100 people to sit on street corners and record every motorcycle they see for a few dollars a day.
Whether it's shop owners, cab drivers, or kids playing in the street, every city in the world has a network of potential spies just waiting to be recruited.
So how's our new crew of field operatives looking? We've got the downtown area locked down.
Any motorcycle comes through here more than once, we'll know about it.
We still have money for beer left.
You talk to Mike? No.
We're gonna let him take it easy on this one.
He could use a break.
Nate, take the jacket off.
You're not going with us this time.
Oh, okay.
I see.
I can drive you to a meeting.
That's fine.
But I can't go with you to get the car that I was hired to recover.
Not when we're walking into a location full of unknowns.
Tony said Buckwild's crew is a handful.
That's my point.
And don't forget, he told you to level the place.
You could use the help.
Nate's right.
With Sam and Jesse out of town -- Nate, you forgot your sandwich! Michael, may I ask what you boys are up to? Nothing, mom.
Just, umMmm.
Excuse me.
They're only loaded with bean-bag rounds.
It's not Mike's fault.
I got him into this one.
Nate, Fiona, would you excuse me and give me a moment with Michael, please? You may be too old for me to spank, but I'll say this -- your brother gets hurt, and I'm putting one of these out in your eye.
Understood? Understood.
They use that garage as the chop shop.
Belongs to a guy named Buckwild.
And our car's in there? We're about to find out.
Slow down, Caleb.
The deal was you got to congratulate, not participate.
I do this my way with my crew.
Johnny boy, long as we get the car back, I'm good.
Sometimes the best way to get past security is to make it seem riskier to keep you out than it is to let you in.
Hey, what do you think you're doing, lady? I nicked this baby off Biscayne.
Buckwild said to drop it here.
I need to get it off the street before it turns into a Pumpkin.
All right.
Give me -- give me a minute, all right? The average security guard won't risk angering someone important.
At an illegal chop shop, the lady in the $90,000 stolen car is a V.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Good news, boys.
It's quittin' time.
Aah! Who the hell are these guys? It doesn't matter who we are.
It matters what we want.
I see a Camaro and a Mercedes.
Guess what's missing.
You stole three cars from Taylor & Sons.
Prize goes to whoever tells us where the G.
Maybe we should be more specific about the prize.
The winner gets to be outside when this place burns.
Wait, wait, wait! Buckwild has it! He said he already had a buyer lined up! We got a winner.
Bonus round.
Tell me where I can find this Buckwild.
What happened? Where's the car? We got an idea where to find it.
What the hell did you do in there? What did we do? That's what we did.
Now let's go.
I got another stop to make.
That's the house.
Remember the deal.
You sit tight while I go talk to Buckwild.
Not this time.
This guy stole my boss's car, I want to hear what he has to say.
I'm going.
Fine, but you follow my lead.
Whatever you say, Johnny boy.
Hey, man! It's gonna be kind of hard to question a dead man.
Stupid son of a bitch tried to shoot me.
Left me no choice.
I'm getting the hell out of here.
This wasn't self-defense, Michael.
Caleb's been in this house before.
He came straight back here.
He knew where this room was.
Safety's on.
So Caleb stole Rivera's car and the drugs, and he's letting the Taylors take the fall for it.
Too bad the only one who can prove that is dead.
Intelligence gathering tends to involve a lot of number crunching.
Analysts have computers specially programmed to turn raw data into useful information.
But as with repairing a radio or dressing a wound, in the field, it's important to be able to do the same work with what you can find in a third-rate hotel room.
Well, my gal Gabriela makes a mean cafecito, but she's got to work on her handwriting.
So this is it -- the last of the intelligence reports.
Every motorcycle that passed in the last 12 hours.
Shh What? Here you go.
Okay, hold on.
Let me Okay, please tell me she saw a red dirt bike, license plate 197-235.
Bam! What? I got you! You said it couldn't be done! You doubted me, but I got you.
Now what, huh? Hmm? Uh, Jesse, hey.
Can I get an invite? To what? To the party in your head.
Yes, you may.
Most of these motorbike sightings have been random, right? Right.
Guys doing drops-offs, pick-ups.
But these two are doing loops -- alternating.
Every four hours.
Brrroop! Every four hours.
They stop for gas here.
That's probably where they make the switch.
The best place to intercept the list would be right there.
That's the best place? It's downtown.
I know, it's gnarly, but that's the only place they go off the main streets.
And this back alley here -- tailor-made for springing a trap.
Come on, now! Come on, give it to me, man! Come on, now! I guess we're not talking about a two-man job anymore, are we? No.
How soon do you think Mike and Fi can get down here? At least a day.
Fi said Mike's family time got a little "hectic.
" You're telling me that Caleb hired a thief to steal the car for him, and then he killed him right there in front of you? Well, not right in front of me, but basically.
Look, I know it sounds bad -- well, it -- it is bad, but it's not as bad as you're thinking.
I got to go talk to Rivera and tell him that Caleb stole the drugs and the car.
That's not a good idea.
We still have plenty of time.
How is 17 hours plenty of time? I'm not just gonna stand here and let Caleb run the time out on Billy! Listen to me.
Listen to me! I know you want to help.
I know you love your brother.
But if it's your word against Caleb, you will lose.
And so will Billy.
He did it for me.
The deal he made with Rivera, he did it for me.
I thought you didn't know about it.
I-I didn't want to know about it.
Look, I got sick about a year ago, and the doctor bills -- they sucked up every cent we made and then some.
And Billy told me just to focus on getting well and not to worry about taking care of the shop.
And I never once asked him where he got the money from.
Now you're telling me when he needs my help, there's nothing that we can do? There's a lot we can do.
Look, we know that Caleb stole the car.
All we got to do now is prove it.
Right? We're gonna break into his place, and we're gonna find something that's gonna lead us to it.
What if we don't? Worst case, we go in hard, and we get Billy.
And then we're on the run? Like I said -- worst case.
Caleb's got two guys with guns in the front of the house.
What does it look like here? It's wide open.
We're just waiting for Caleb to leave.
But you guys are gonna have to search without me.
Why? What's going on? Got a text message from Hector Rivera.
He wants me at his house for a meeting.
Looks like Rivera wants Caleb and Billy at that meeting.
I can't imagine this is good news.
I'm gonna see what's up, but the plan doesn't change.
The only chance we have of helping Billy is to prove Caleb stole the car.
You guys have to get in there and find something we can use.
Right on time.
If I had known it was a pool party, I would have brought my floaties.
Don't worry, Johnny.
You're not going swimming.
So what am I right on time for? Gonna take a little trip.
I've been doing a little looking of my own, Johnny.
Heard from a source.
He says that he found the G.
This is my happy face.
Figure you might want to be there when we go to get it.
Let me call off my people.
No use searching for a car that's already been found.
Nothing but bad paintings and tacky furniture in the rest of the house.
You find anything? No, but he's definitely hiding something.
I found a bunch of shredded documents over there.
It's just -- I can't get past these encrypted files.
Michael, what's up? Time to pull the plug, people.
Sounds like the car turned up.
Turned up where? I don't know, but Caleb's taking us to it right now.
They found the car.
Caleb's taking them to it.
It's a setup.
How much you want to bet me that Caleb put that car somewhere that makes it look like the brothers double-crossed Rivera.
That's why he's bringing Michael and Billy.
They get there, Rivera sees the car.
We've got to figure out where they're headed.
How?! We looked everywhere! And they shredded everything.
Any security-conscious person knows to protect their computer and shred their documents.
They tend to forget, though, about the step between computer and hard copy.
Most printers store documents in their memory.
It's a convenient way for users to print another copy and a convenient way for spies to steal information.
He printed a rental agreement for a storage unit.
It's in Billy's name.
Where? Dania Beach.
If they're leaving from Rivera's place, they've got a five-minute head start.
But they don't know it's a race.
She's in there.
We're gonna have to set up an ambush.
Can't you pick the lock? WellYeah, of course I can, but Rivera and his guys are gonna be here any minute.
We'll never get the car out in time.
Fi, there's not a lot of things I can do better than my brother, but hot-wiring a car is one of them.
Just get me inside.
Any run-of-the-mill car thief can hot-wire a standard vehicle, but dealing with a custom hot rod equipped with a kill switch requires special skills.
Splicing the right wires together to create an electrical bypass takes a seasoned pro.
Right over here.
Last unit on the right.
What's wrong, Billy? This place look familiar? I don't understand.
This is my unit.
Ah, so you admit it.
You did steal -- slow it down, Colombo.
The only thing Billy admitted to is he has a storage unit.
Let's see what's in it.
Caleb, I don't see my car.
Why are you wasting my time!? My sources were good! They must have moved it somehow! I-I should kill both of you! Not if your boss still wants to find his car.
We made a deal.
I still have eight hours to play with.
But if I don't have my car and my product when you're done playing, the Taylors die.
And so do you.
Nothing, man.
That's the last place the drugs could have been.
Damn it! Here's what we do -- we, uh We put this baby back together, and And we drive it over to Rivera's.
I doubt Hector Rivera likes this car enough to forget about $2 million worth of heroin.
All right, then we just tell him what happened.
Right? Caleb stole the car.
By the time we found it, the drugs were gone.
It won't matter what we tell him.
He'll still think we stole the car.
Look, I get it.
It's a long shot.
ButYou got any better ideas? Our only play here is to have Rivera discover this car on Caleb's property.
I mean, talk about long shots, Mike.
There's no way we drive onto his property without his guards seeing us.
There's an access gate to the alley in back.
We could walk the car in, put it right behind Caleb's greenhouse.
Remember that summer dad made us rebuild the charger? Call Jeff.
We need to borrow some tools.
Michael?! Mom.
Is your phone broken, or are you just not answering? We've been really busy.
So I see.
Nate's out front packing car pieces on the back of a truck.
Remember that car we were looking for? Well, we found it.
Oh, good.
Do you mind telling me why there's a gun in his pocket when you promised me -- mom, I really don't have time for this.
This job? His idea, not mine.
And, by the way, you have two sons.
I don't know why you're only worried about him.
Stop whining.
I worry about you both, Michael.
But only one of you is about to be a father.
Nate and Ruth are having a baby? Why do you think he was so hot to fly across the country he should have told me.
You should have told me! I promised him I wouldn't say anything.
But now Look, Michael, I-I know you're never gonna go for the wife and kids and the house with a picket fence.
But I think Nate wants a shot at normal.
I'm not sure there even is such a thing, but if he's got a chance, I don't want him running around with a gun, chasing after bad guys! I get it, mom.
I get it.
If I could do this job without him, I would.
But I can't.
Could you at least make sure nothing bad happens to him? Charity truck.
Nice call, Fi.
Well, we are making a donation to Caleb.
Hey, bro.
If you're planning on doing heavy mechanic work in hostile territory, it's not enough to make sure you can't be seen.
You also have to make sure you can't be heard, which means silencing your tools.
It's hard to concentrate on getting the engine timing right if you're worried about getting shot.
In the field, skill with a wrench is often just as important as skill with a gun.
When time isn't on your side, you can't worry about passing a government inspection.
But you have to do enough to make sure your point gets across.
One hour left.
Time to go.
Not yet, Fi.
We still have too much to do.
Michael, as much as I like seeing you all sweaty and greasy, Rivera's expecting to see Johnny.
You got to go.
Think you can finish this? I already saved your ass once today.
I can do it again.
For your sake, I hope you came here in a 1969 G.
I prefer Chargers, but I did find your car.
I've heard that once already today.
Not from me.
When I open my mouth, I'm right.
This is Caleb's address.
You think this is funny? Do I look like I'm laughing? Caleb stole your car and your heroin, tried to pin it on the Taylors.
You come here without my car, without my product And you expect me to believe this story? Yes, yes, and no.
In my experience, show beats tell.
Now, you and I are taking a ride to Caleb's place.
You're dead.
My men will never -- your men? Your men are coming with us.
I need somebody to drive.
Ah, just a few more minutes, and then I'm gonna off you.
Then I'm gonna off your brother.
And then I'm gonna find your friend in the suit! No need to go looking for me, Caleb.
I made it easy on you.
What the hell is this? Mr.
Rivera was missing his car, so I brought him to it.
What are you talking about? I told you when I met you, I'm the guy who's gonna find the car.
I found it.
That's ridiculous.
The car's not here.
He's insane.
Maybe I am.
But I can still tell time, and I got six minutes to make good.
Now, why don't you walk us out behind the greenhouse? Nate, they're here.
Hurry up! I'm going as fast as I can.
Are you gonna believe me or a crazy man with a gun on you? Fine.
Try this on for size.
If I'm lying, shoot me.
They're coming, Nate! We have to go! We're good.
Well, what about this piece? I want it to look like Caleb got the drugs out.
Why are you so nervous? I'm not nervous! I'm pissed! Okay.
You want to see? Let's go see.
Come on.
And then I am going to finish you.
If there's no car, there's no Johnny.
What the hell? There's no way! I thought you said it wasn't here! He did this.
Don't you see! He set me up! I set you up? How do you figure that, Caleb? I just drove that car through the front gate, past all your guards? I'm good.
I'm really good.
But I'm not that good.
Hector, I would never steal from you.
You mean You mean you never will Again.
Take him inside.
What about my product? I said I'd find the car.
You want the drugs, talk to your boy.
Get Taylor and go.
You don't want to see what happens next.
Well, I was throwing a hail Mary when I called you, Nate.
Never thought it would actually work.
It was a pleasure, Billy.
Just don't make it a habit.
Yeah, no need to worry about that.
From now on, we do business the old-fashioned way, no matter what.
Hey, man, Rivera paid us for that last car, said it was a small price to pay for finding a rat.
You got it.
If you need any work done on that Charger, give us a call.
We'll treat her like family.
I might take you up on that.
So what do you say? No, why don't you keep it? You know, for the baby.
I was gonna tell you.
I wanted to.
But? I'm still not used to the idea of being a dad, you know? I mean, what am I gonna tell a kid? Hey, here's everything not to do? How about you start with how you saved the Taylors' lives? And me, too.
I saved your ass twice.
Yeah, you did a great job, Nate.
Now, if your kid turns out anything like you, I'm gonna be a proud Uncle.
All right.
Take care of yourself, huh? Be nice if my kid had a cousin someday.
Yeah, Mike.
Got your message.
Look, it's about time.
Hey, you done with your family thing? 'Cause I got a guy with a seaplane on standby -- no customs, no questions.
Yeah, Sam.
I'm done.
Welcome to paradise.
You bring those goodies we talked about? Everything one needs for a proper vacation.
We're stealing a list, Fi, not staging a coup.
Well, you know us girls.
We have a tendency to overpack.
I'm guessing you didn't invite me here for the view.
This is where the magic happens, Mikey.
All right, this is how this is gonna work.
The rider we're looking for is coming our way in about an hour.
Sam, you and your truck will be waiting for him.
We know he'll be heading west, and we know he has the list.
Get ready guys.
There's about to be a major backup on Avenida de Paz.
Okay, Fi, he's headed your way.
Getting into position.
In position now.
Here we go, Mike.
Batter up.
Lifeline's ready, Mike.
Just say when.
His friends are here, Fi.
Now they see you.
When! Now they don't.
When! Special-forces squads are built around the skills of the individual members.
But no matter how good each member of the squad is, every mission comes down to one thing -- how well they work together.
Because in the end, you don't need a hero to succeed in the field.
You need a team.
This thing has aliases, department designations, security clearances.
Good lord.
Put this through the right system, you'd have the real name of every single person on that list in like 60 seconds.
You're whispering.
You know that, right? I'm just saying, this is, without a doubt, the hottest potato I've ever seen with my own two eyes.
People are gonna die if that thing gets out.
Lives are gonna be ruined.
Which is why we need to make sure we this to the right people, you know? And I'm thinking Uncle Sam, Mike.
Yeah, but who's the right people? I wouldn't know who the hell to trust with that thing.
Well, then that's our job -- we find someone that we can trust, we give them this list, and we let them dismantle the whole damn network.
Or we do the dismantling ourselves.
These people took away everything you ever wanted.
We need to track them down one by one.
And do what? You name it, they deserve it.
Mike, you want to weigh in? The people on that list burned you, so this is your call.
Mikey? Mike, you with us, man? Michael What do you want to do?