Burn Notice s05e09 Episode Script

Eye for an Eye

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until Man: We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
In any investigation, leads go cold fast.
It's true for cops and even truer for spies, who tend to be after a more sophisticated class of bad guy.
So if you get intelligence that the person you're chasing hired a bomb maker who lives a few hours up the highway, you can't afford to sit on the information.
You have to move immediately.
Sam, are you gonna help? Yeah, it's just that -- I mean, you really think this old guy built that bomb? I mean, he's owned a clock shop for like 20 years.
Under a different last name.
He's a war criminal, and he's hiding.
Fiona went to a lot of trouble to get that file.
If it says the bomb maker's hiding out in Tallahassee, that's where we're going.
Well, I just want to be sure we're making the right move.
It's the only move, Sam.
Fi, Sam and I won't be able to get back until late tomorrow night.
Which means we're not having that dinner at the Forge.
All right, this is important.
You want me to cancel the reservation? There is no reservation.
I'm sorry.
This guy -- Could help you find out who killed Max -- I know.
Take these.
Be safe.
Three doughnuts, Sam? I got to eat junk while Elsa's not around.
Get too close, you can sense it.
I'll tell you what -- if we're after 11:00, I'm gonna get some cheese fries from that diner over there.
Oh, your cheese fries might have to wait.
I think this is our guy.
All right, let's see what he has to say.
Or we wait till he closes up and we tail him someplace less populated.
This has nothing to do with cheese fries.
This is just tactics.
We're not gonna give that guy a day to figure out that we're watching him.
We're going in the front, we're taking him out the back.
Are you the fella that fixes the clocks? Yes, I buy, sell, and repair.
Like the sign says -- I'm a clockmaker.
A football buddy of ours, well, his father passed away, left us his collection of, uh, antique clocks.
Yes, sir, and we were told that Lucien Balan's the fella we should talk to about selling them.
They're outside in the car if you want to come out and take a quick look.
Spare me the trip.
Come in back.
I'll show you my catalogs.
You show me what you have.
Who told you about me? I like to know who gives referrals.
Martin McCauley up in Greenville -- he sung your praises.
And this Martin -- did he tell you how he knows me? I don't hear the name Lucien much.
These days, they call me Luka.
Only the smartest, nastiest war criminals make it to old age.
If you have to capture one of them, you can assume they'll have a trick up their sleeve, like a concealed weapon, a covert escape route, or a metal floor grate rigged to electrocute any unwanted visitors.
Sam, move! Stay right there.
We're gonna have a little chat, Lucien.
You'll be disappointed.
I don't talk.
Don't worry.
We're good at getting people to open up.
Original Air Date on August 19, 2011 Sam: Now, we know you built the bomb, Lucien, but you're not the guy we're after.
Just tell us who you built the bomb for, and we can share these delicious carrot sticks.
The real experts in resisting interrogation aren't the ones who stonewall in silence.
They're the ones who have mastered the art of talking about nothing, pretending to cooperate, throwing out endless leads.
There was one man.
Came to the shop last Wednesday.
They use your need for information against you Big man, like football man, but small head.
He pays with money order.
Giving you things you want to believe.
There was also other man -- bald ring in his nose.
Strange, right? Lucien, yesterday, you told us about a guy who paid with a check.
Thin, like a little girl.
The day before that, it was a fat guy with a lisp.
All they're doing is running out the clock.
You're not going to break them with more conversation -- you need an edge.
You know what kind of girlfriend drives all the way to Tallahassee to search a crusty old man's equally crusty apartment? A good girlfriend.
A great girlfriend.
The kind of girlfriend who deserves dinner at the Forge.
Point taken.
How about two dinners? All his personal stuff fits into one box? He's not a big scrapbooker.
Just a few photos, postcards, news clippings -- not much to go on.
You're welcome.
You want to stick around, Fi? Oh, it's tempting, but I got to run.
I'm helping Jesse with one of his company's home-security gigs.
Have fun, you two.
My husband thinks I'm crazy, and the police think I'm paranoid, but I can't shake the feeling someone's been in here.
So, three nights this week, and the alarms never went off? Not once.
You guys don't believe me, either.
No, no, no.
That's not true.
We're just trying to get our heads around this, that's all.
Do you have any enemies, anyone that you can think of who would want to go after you? No.
I don't think so.
And you're sure nothing was taken? Nothing was stolen -- just, um Moved.
I know I sound stupid.
No, it isn't stupid to trust your instincts.
James: Maybe not, but it's getting expensive.
Sadie I take it these are the new security experts.
Honey -- this is Fiona and Jesse.
Spare me the sales pitch.
I have already dropped 200 grand on the new alarm system.
Well, just because you have all the equipment doesn't mean you know how to use it.
I think what my associate means is State-of-the-art security system isn't really worth much if your motion sensors are being blocked by furniture or trees are growing too close to your house.
Bottom line -- what are you proposing? We'll add some sensors, troubleshoot your existing systems.
Fiona: If it helps you sleep easier, we can move you into the guesthouse and we'll be here around the clock.
If anyone shows up, we'll be ready.
And if they don't we can put all this behind usfinally.
When you're looking for an angle in an interrogation, it often helps to let a subject watch you go through the details of his life right in front of him.
Other man visits the shop.
Very blonde, like albino man.
He pays with a cashier's check.
Keeping one eye on your research and one eye on his reactions can often tell you what he wants you to see and what he doesn't.
Finally got the old guy to blink.
What did the trick? Some article about a charity 10k up in Atlanta.
Three years ago.
So we found a relative? Hopefully a close one.
- One of us should run down these names -- - Yeah, not it.
You weren't expecting that, were you? Fine, but the next errand is yours.
All right, James and Sadie are sleeping, and the house is clear.
Next time you offer me a job protecting an egomaniacal bastard, remind me to say no.
Seriously? You're drinking sparkling water, munching on biscotti, and playing solitaire, Fi -- I think you'll survive.
Did you see the contempt he had for his wife? We won't be inviting him to the Carlito for brunch anytime soon, but I don't know -- the guy's done some pretty amazing things.
I-I was reading up on him.
He developed this antiviral.
It was groundbreaking.
He got honorable mention from the Nobel Foundation.
Second floor, northeast corner.
That's James' office.
Is that the alarm? Yeah, there's somebody in the main house.
Oh, my God.
I knew it.
I knew it.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Just call the cops.
We'll be right back.
Don't move! Put your hands up.
I'm not armed.
Don't worry.
Well, that's good to hear.
Now put your hands up.
You want to shoot me? Go ahead.
Shoot me.
I don't think you understand how this works.
You're the burglar, we're protecting the house.
I am not a burglar.
Put your damn hands on your head.
We're going downstairs.
I can't believe that after all these years he wins, just like that.
W-what are you talking about? What am I talking about? I'm talking about your boss.
James -- he took everything from me.
Oh, what, did he forget to mention his ex-partner? Best friend that he framed and left to die in a rat-infested prison in South America? Wait a minute.
You're Dan Tesmond? Did I miss something? HLX used to be a two-man operation.
It was James Forte and Dan Tesmond.
It took me seven years to figure out how to escape.
I scrounged together enough money to pay off a prison doctor to fake my death.
And that's just the fun part.
I get back to Miami, and I found out that James had stolen my company, my future And my wife.
- You were married to Sadie.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
You can tell your story to the cops.
No, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
We need to hear the rest of it.
- Fi, we've done our job.
- But what if he's telling the truth? We're not getting involved.
Jesse, if it's true, he shouldn't be locked up again! All right, fine.
You get him out of here, I'll buy us some time.
You're letting me go? I'm taking you somewhere to hear you out.
And if you're lying, I am going to push you out of an even higher window head-first.
Well? Anything? By the time we got to your office, he had already jumped out the window.
Fi's sweeping the grounds, but chances are he's long gone.
Well, if he comes back, you sure as hell better catch him.
Fiona let you live.
I take that as a good sign.
I told you that everything I said back there was true.
Fiona: And there's more.
You know that antiviral that James supposedly created? That was actually Dan's creation.
And that's why he set you up.
I wanted to go public with it, help as many people as possible.
James could only see dollar signs.
He put five keys of cocaine in my bag, and he paid off a judge to make sure that it stuck.
And then James patented the gene sequence, turning HLX into a gold mine.
And Sadie left me while I was in prison.
So, I've had better vacations.
Damn, you got a raw deal, man.
But why rob their house? I was just looking for anything to get into HLX.
If he can get that gene sequence, he can finish what he started.
There are labs that will duplicate the formula and sell it generically for 1/10 the price, making it accessible to anyone who needs it.
So, you save the world while driving James out of business.
I got that.
I don't see how it's actually gonna happen.
It's just a dream, man.
It's over.
No, it's not.
You need more reasons to hate James? How about rushed medical trials, victims silenced with hush money, lawsuits against anyone who speaks out? Yeah, and my gene sequence made it all possible.
James is too dirty.
He's too powerful.
And that smile needs to be slapped off his face.
Jesse: So, just to clarify, you want to rip off my client? Well, no one else is gonna do it.
He can't get into HLX.
Neither can we.
Fi, it's a fortress.
And after last night, James is only gonna increase his security.
So if you think that somehow you -- oh.
What just happened? I believe we decided to help you.
Really? Ross is our head of security.
You must be Jesse Porter.
Thank you for escorting them in.
Well, you're -- you're actually just the guy I need to talk to.
I'm gonna need full security access to the facility.
Building schematics -- I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that's against company policy.
I see.
Is it your company's policy to endanger your C.
's life? James: Don't worry, Mr.
HLX Medical Technologies has billion-dollar trade secrets, and we have hired a small army to protect them.
Yeah, I think we can hold our own against some nutjob who breaks into houses.
That nutjob is studying you.
He's trying to figure out what makes you tick.
That sort of obsession can become deadly in a heartbeat.
Sadie: This is horrible.
How can this be happening to my husband? It's hard to say.
A lot of times, disturbed people -- they -- they get fixated on great men.
Your husband's a great man.
We can't be too careful.
You let me inspect your office, the adjacent rooms, I'll accompany you on your day-to-day routine.
I'm fine here.
Your job is to keep us safe beyond those doors.
I'll call you when I'm leaving.
There's a coffee house down the street.
Grab yourself a latte.
Maybe you can keep that place secure.
Like aikido masters, interrogators know that breaking their adversary isn't just about leverage -- it's about knowing how and when to apply it.
The moment your opponent feels most confident Good morning, boys.
Is also the moment he's most susceptible to a game-changing reversal.
It might be.
It all depends on you.
You ready to talk? Oh, yes, I am.
Last night, I remember another suspicious man -- customer from Tampa, with a scar.
And there's a funny story about that man.
Actually, we have a funny story of our own.
It's about a war criminal.
And his daughter, in Atlanta.
My daughter.
She visits me from Romania.
She placed third in that race.
I was very proud.
I'm sure you were.
But your daughter is not a runner, and she doesn't live in Romania.
She wrote the article.
It was her first.
And, uh, Danica doesn't like the family name, either.
She lives just outside of Buckhead.
For now.
See, Lucien, we're gonna have her deported unless you start talking.
Who'd you make the bomb for? Pavel.
Christian Pavel.
Where do we find him? I don't know his phone number.
I meet him only one place -- Connie's Cafe in Orlando.
Talk to cook -- Nikolai.
Now, promise, you better leave my daughter alone.
Let's see if your facts check out.
I guess you're going to Orlando.
Not it.
What happened to the promise to run the next errand? It's null and void when I say "Not it.
" Elsa's got a sunburn, Mike.
Someone's got to rub on the aloe vera.
I am sorry you had to hear that.
I'll survive.
Sam, you're not "Not it.
" Jesse and I need to borrow Michael for our security gig.
Fi, you're killing me.
I'm sure Connie's Cafe will be great.
You can get some cheese fries.
Need some extra manpower? We need to shake our smug C.
to his core.
You want to help me raise the threat level? A good way to sell your expertise in protecting people is to point out holes in security that most people wouldn't notice.
Excuse me.
I'm Jesse Porter.
I work for Mr.
I need to talk to Ross about a security issue.
He said you might show up.
And he said he's busy.
You know what? I guess it's no big deal that your maintenance workers are just waltzing through here with no screening whatsoever.
Actually, we screen every per-- Actually, you need to be better at what you do.
You -- come here.
You too, buddy.
Let's go.
Let's talk about these maintenance workers.
Shall we? Who's doing background checks? Pointing out holes in security is also a great way to create new holes in security.
Matching names on the I.
Anyone? Umwe're on it.
You're on it.
He's on it.
Wow, you know, I feel so much better now that I know that you're on it.
You tell Mr.
Ross that I stopped by and that I'm not impressed.
People tend to implement security based on anticipated threats.
They install firewalls and encryption if they're afraid of being hacked.
They use vaults and armed guards if they're worried about being robbed.
What the hell? And if you need to get them to keep their personal security with them at all times, you have to make them afraid to ever be alone.
Uh, who the hell are you? You may not know who I am, but I know who you are.
You killed my mother.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about your so-called medicine! The medicine that was supposed to save her life.
The medicine that killed her instead.
The poison that you pushed on her.
The lies!! Okay, I can see that you are very upset.
Why don't we go to my office, and we can talk about this? Oh, I've talked.
I have talked plenty.
I have talked to your customer service.
I have talked to your lawyers.
All you people do is talk.
I am done talking!! You waiting for your security guards? The guards that look through the cameras? I took those down.
You win.
We're alone.
You got me.
What do you want? That is a good question.
When my mother was dying, when I was sitting there with no hope, I thought, "What do I want?" And as I sat there, thinking and studying Learning about how to hurt people It's scary, really, how much you can learn when you put your mind to it.
You know what else is scary? How life can be so fragile.
Oh, my God! What are you doing?! I'm teaching you.
I'm teaching you what I've learned.
How unfair life can be.
It's so delicate, so precious, and then, suddenly, it's all over in an instant.
Oh, my God! Please! No! Please, just tell me what you want! I want you to suffer every moment of every single day for the rest of your life, just like I do.
And you will.
I promise you, Mr.
You will.
Where were you?! The stalker was in my car! You're fired, all of you.
I'm sorry, sir.
I -- You say one word, and you join them.
I heard explosions.
Sir, you okay? You have full access to HLX, any support you need.
All right, Mr.
All right.
Until that psycho is behind bars, you're not leaving my side.
I'd say James is sufficiently concerned about his stalker.
I've been told to protect Sadie, and Jesse now has full security access at HLX.
Which means we're one step closer to the safe and the gene sequence inside it.
Yeah, but the combination -- we're not using the combination.
We're cracking the safe, which means getting me in there with safecracking equipment.
Seriously, does this plan involve any more exploding cars? Always a good question.
Unfortunately, the answer's no.
You just make sure Sadie doesn't get hurt.
Sounds like you care about more than just the gene sequence.
I I mean, y-yes.
But I know there is no way that I will ever get her back.
It's been too long.
Too many things have happened.
Relationships have survived worse.
Will you just promise me that she'll be okay? I could care less about James -- Nothing will happen to Sadie.
Now, how are you gonna possibly sneak inside with a bunch of safecracking stuff? Jesse's taking care of that.
Oh, this is worse than I figured.
Your office is a security nightmare.
I'm gonna need to bring in my equipment to fortify this place.
No, that's ridiculous.
We're perfectly safe here, sir.
As I recall, that was your assessment of the parking garage before Mr.
Forte was almost blown sky-high.
That stalker would have to get through so many guards and checkpoints to get up here.
Or he could just shoot you.
You need to start thinking like him -- what does he want? He wants to show you that he can get to you no matter where you are.
He could be lining up his shot right now.
Now we need to install some blast-proof windows, embassy-grade.
Oh, my God.
You're serious.
I can take care of that, sir.
As head of security for the building, I think -- James: No.
This is Mr.
Porter's show.
Whatever you need to make this office safe, you do it.
Just remember -- any contractors you bring in here, I'm checking them out.
I'm inspecting every nut and bolt you bring into this building.
Well, there you go.
Can't be too safe, right? I'm gonna get the ball rolling soon.
We'll do the installation this weekend.
You're telling me that Nikolai quit? Well, he said he's not working anymore.
That's what "quit" means.
Oh, boy, that is just such a shame, 'cause you know old Nick -- he made the best goulash in all of Florida.
Would you mind giving me his number? 'Cause I would love to have him cater my wife's birthday.
It's kind of a surprise.
Look -- I got to get back to work.
You write your number down -- if he comes back in here, I'll make sure he gets hold of you.
That's a deal.
Thanks very much.
Name's Chuck.
Michael: Anything? Well, there was a chef named Nikolai, but he quit a week ago.
I slipped the manager $20 to let me know if he showed up, but I wouldn't expect a call.
You think they're covering for him? No, it didn't seem like it.
I'm thinking that Nikolai found out that Lucien was gone and he just disappeared.
I'll see you back here.
Michael: Lucien met cook.
He quit last week.
How could I know Nikolai had left? I was here in box! Remember? Christian Pavel is my friend.
He bled for me.
We fought side by side.
But I told you, I don't know where he lives.
He has no phone number.
Nikolai is the only way to find him.
Well, you're gonna have to think of another way.
Or the feds are gonna ship your daughter back to Bucharest.
Hey, hey.
Any progress with Lucien? Not much.
We're letting him stew for a while.
So this is how I'm getting into HLX? Yeah, I can't say it's gonna be comfy, but, uh, the head of security is inspecting everything I'm bringing in, so We're gonna need a little magic.
When you're being smuggled into a secure area, the best hiding spot is somewhere that people are confident they've checked thoroughly.
By attaching reflective window tint to multiple sheets of glass, you can create what's known as the infinity illusion.
And just like any magician won't tell you, as long as the light outside the space remains brighter than the inside, you'll be as good as invisible.
All right.
Sorry to keep you waiting around all day just to do this, man.
Can't be too safe.
You're bringing a lot of tools in here.
Yeah, I am.
How about you do your job and I'll do mine? Keep this place locked down.
Lab D's that way, Mikey.
Make as much noise as you can.
You sure you want to stick around? It's gonna get pretty loud.
How blast-proof is blast-proof? Oh, we could fire a rocket launcher at him.
You'd just need a squeegee to clean up the mess.
Sorry to bother you.
After the other day, I wanted to install a few more cameras.
I think there's an extra lab tech in the north wing.
Footage is from Could be our guy.
It's hard to tell.
Sure you didn't miscount, Ross? I didn't miscount.
Listen, I'm not taking any chances.
We're headed down there.
You two stay here.
Keep Mr.
Forte safe.
When a plan goes wrong, it's crucial to stay cool.
You may have to bail out, but how you bail out is everything.
Do you run and leave behind evidence that gives away your plan to your enemies? Or do you keep the mission alive by covering your tracks? Check "B" and "C.
" This place is crawling with guards.
They'll shoot you before you get anywhere near the door.
That is your problem.
That is not my problem.
Ross, you see him yet? Man: Freeze! Man2: Don't move! Put your hands on your head! I have a little announcement to make.
Ross here is wired with a half a pound of high explosive.
You shoot at me, and we all go boom.
So I'm gonna make it real easy.
You're gonna let me walk right out the front door.
Oh, my God.
Am I TV? Huh? Think Mr.
Forte's watching? Huh? Huh? Yeah.
Grab the radio.
Grab your radio.
Bring it up.
Turn it on.
Turn it on! Hey, Mr.
I just want to take this opportunity to share something else I learned when I was reading at my mother's deathbed.
You know why hell is scary? It's not the pain, it's not the torture, it's not burning in a lake of fire.
It's that it lasts forever -- just like me.
So let me be the first to tell you -- welcome to hell, Mr.
Welcome to hell.
Somebody, drop that guy.
Somebody shoot him! Now! Bad idea.
Bad idea.
Y'all want to die? You don't want to die.
No one follows.
The morning after a failed operation you have two choices.
You can admit defeat and lick your wounds, or you can re-engage immediately, sticking by your enemy so you'll be in position when you find another opening.
All right, so our associates are analyzing the security tape from yesterday.
We're hoping to get a lead on our guy.
And you really think that your team is better than the cops for that.
Without a doubt.
So in the meantime, we're gonna need to do a top-down security review of HLX -- just completely lock this place down.
No, no, no.
It's clear that he can get to me whenever he wants.
The spectrum analyzer is smashed.
Those samples are ruined.
And the research inside of that safe is worth a billion dollars -- easily.
Well, then, we'll bring in better guards to protect it.
No, we're moving it off-site.
I've already talked to Ross.
I'm taking the research to a bank vault up in Palm Beach.
Andyou're sure you want to trust Ross with that? No, no.
Forte -- This isn't up for discussion.
I am telling you what is happening.
An armored truck is on its way.
Fiona, you're to keep Sadie safe at home.
Wait, where are you going? I'll be in the convoy, and Mr.
Porter here is coming with me.
No, James.
You can't risk your life for some research.
Well Sadie, I appreciate your input, but you run our third-world outreach, and I will take care of the business side of things.
You meet me here in an hour.
Jesse: What comes to mind when you think of the First Federal Bank of Palm Beach? The most secure vaults in South Florida.
Why? I'm afraid that's where my least favorite C.
is taking the gene sequence.
Oh, great.
The only place safer than inside HLX.
We're -- we're done.
It's over.
Not necessarily.
We just need to grab it before it gets to Palm Beach.
Well, that's easier said than done.
James is using an armored truck.
Two cars full of guards.
Armed convoy.
I don't like our numbers.
We don't need numbers.
We just need to convince James that his armed convoy won't keep him or the gene sequence safe.
Well, I'm riding along.
We'll have the route.
I'll call Sam, see if I can't slow you guys down.
All right.
You got to let me help, if there's anything I can do.
All right.
I'm gonna get over to Sadie's place.
Even a fender-bender can stop traffic for a few minutes, but creating a longer-lasting roadblock is about provoking an emergency response.
Cops and firefighters won't go anywhere near a burning chemical truck billowing smoke that looks toxic.
Which means you can get four hours of roadblock with a smoke canister and a little gasoline.
What do you think? Looks scary.
That's the idea.
Now let's get out of here.
Jesse: Come on, it's taking forever, Ross.
What, are you getting paid by the mile? Ross: We're not taking this route for the scenery.
Now stay off the radio.
All right, as soon as the research is safe, we're taking you underground.
What the hell? Oh, come on.
Come on.
Cop: Nobody's getting through here.
Ross: But we're heading to Palm Beach.
Y'all got to take the detour to I-95, down that road a few miles.
There had to be an accident! Today of all days! You know what? This is no accident.
No, this is way too convenient.
This is your stalker.
We have kept this whole thing completely under wraps.
How would he even know we took this road? Well, that's a damn good question -- Ross? Tell anybody our route? No.
Of course not.
Let's get moving.
We're not going anywhere until we sort this out.
You stay put.
Sleight-of-hand tricks aren't just for kiddie parties.
The same misdirection and quick moves that a magician uses to find a quarter behind a 5-year-old's ear can also help an operative plant a listening device in someone's car.
What the hell are you doing? Are you kidding me?! Your car's bugged.
I never saw that before.
Yeah, of course not, because you're bad at your job.
Did you sweep the armored truck? Did you sweep the other town car? The only car that I know is safe is the Mercedes because I searched it myself this morning.
Sweep the other cars! Go! This guy is ahead of us at every turn.
He could be anywhere.
All right, well, we need to think like him.
Where does he want us to go? The detour, 95.
Maybe if we take the back roads.
With this many vehicles, he's gonna be able to spot us no matter where we are.
Our best bet -- we have Ross take the Mercedes to 95, with the convoy.
Use that as a decoy.
Then you and I, we split off, we go our own way.
I can't leave the research.
Then bring it.
Bring it with you.
You want me to pull my stuff out of the armored truck? The armored truck, your car -- they're targets.
You have worked for me for five days.
I cannot believe that I am seriously considering this.
Forte, it's completely your call.
Whatever you think is safest.
Change of plans! Open the truck! No sign of him yet.
I'm gonna call Ross.
No, no.
No way.
Stay off your phone.
We got to take every precaution.
Yeah, goodthought.
W-where are you going? I just have a quick stop to make.
Oh, my God.
Back up -- now.
Back up! Let's go! Oh, no, no, no.
Um, actually, this is our stop.
That's your cue to get out.
Get out of the car.
Y-you're supposed -- Michael: I wanted to tell you the good news, Mr.
I'm not your stalker.
Dan is.
What, are you surprised to see me after dumping me in a Chilean prison to die? Hey, jackpot! Now I know why you wanted to keep this safe.
There's more than just a gene sequence in here.
We've got records of payoffs, medical trial reports.
You've been naughty.
Oh, that's what this is all about.
This is -- you're all in on this.
This is just about ripping me off, huh? No, we're just taking back what was rightfully mine.
What the hell? We can make all of this go away.
You just name your price.
Don't you get it? This was never about money.
This was about saving lives.
This was about my company.
This was about you stealing the only woman that I ever loved.
You want to save lives -- let's save lives.
I'll give you a piece of the company.
Sadie was no catch.
You can consider yourself lucky.
You just tell me what you want, and we can make all of this go away.
Sadie, I-I can explain.
I've heard everything I need to.
And we have everything we need.
Getting back into HLX is gonna be a long process, but it sounds like the Board of Directors is on my side.
Your old friend James won't be around for a while.
He's looking at 5 to 10 for conspiracy.
Yeah, he's stiffing me on the security gig.
Thanks for that, Fi.
All right, I got to get back to work.
Good luck with everything, Dan.
- Thank you.
Thanks so much.
- All right.
And I-I really want to thank you guys -- for everything.
And, uh, Sadie wants to thank you, too.
No, we're just talking, getting reacquainted.
I mean, it's never gonna be How it was, but it's a start.
You guys have a second chance.
Thanks again.
I hope he makes the most of it.
He escaped prison and traveled a few thousand miles to get her back.
That should count for something.
Grand gestures are great.
Sometimes I think it's the day-to-day stuff that's the hard work.
You know who I am, Fi.
I'm not -- YeahI know.
And I know that you and Sam have a Romanian bomb maker to break, so, uh, we'll talk later.
Lucien: I know this place is not so bad -- the chairs, the carrots -- I'm starting to like our conversations.
One way or another, they're about to end.
Either you tell us how to find the guy who you built the bomb for, or your daughter's on the next flight to Bucharest.
Very well.
I'll tell you.
There's a pier in Daytona Beach.
You walk to the end of it jump off, swim to the bottom of the ocean, and you call out, "Vladimir.
" You think I'm bluffing.
What was that? Sam: I don't know.
That trip to the diner was a distress call.
You think I would give up my friend after so many years? There are bonds no man can break.
Now my friend has come to rescue me.
Let me go, and maybe I'll tell him to let one of you live.
Mike, get down! Work long enough as a spy, and you learn that distress calls don't always work exactly as planned.
Just because someone calls for help doesn't mean they're going to get it.
A surprisingly high percentage of the time, friends turn out to be less concerned with rescue and more concerned with making sure no one talks.
I Lucien, he betrayed you! You still want to protect him?! Mike, we got to go -- now! Get us some cover.
With what? I don't know! Something! Just get it fast! About my daughter.
Give me your word! I give you my word.
You give us the information, and your daughter will be left alone.
The man outside he needed a bomb.
He was my friend, and so I said yes.
Where, Lucien?! Where is his place? Warehouse in Wynwood end of Burnnam Road.
And when you find him, put a bullet in him.
Okay, I think I got us covered.
Let's go.
He's gone, Mike.
We lost our only lead.
Not quite.
Lucien told me where to find him.
Well, then, I think we owe that son of a bitch a visit.