Burn Notice s05e10 Episode Script

Army of One

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family, too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line -- as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Max! What happened? Who did this to you? Say goodbye for me.
Max! Whoever did this managed to put a murder weapon in Michael's hands and get away clean.
The only thing that's gonna save me is finding the real killer.
Now, we know you built the bomb, Lucien, but you're not the guy we're after.
Either you tell us how to find the guy who killed Max, or -- Mike, get down! Where, Lucien?! Where is his place? Warehouse in Wynwood.
He's gone, Mike.
And we lost our only lead.
Not quite.
Lucien told me where to find him.
Well, then, I think we owe that son of a bitch a visit.
In any search-and-capture operation, you have to balance speed against planning.
Once you locate your target, you have a hard choice to make -- take too much time planning, and your target gets away.
Take too little time planning, and you get yourself killed.
He's in there.
We should go in now.
I'm pretty sure we can bypass the security system.
The guy just tried to mow us down with a high-caliber machine gun, Mike.
"I'm pretty sure" isn't what I want to hear right now.
He thinks we're dead, Sam.
He won't be expecting us.
Oh, well, then it'll be a walk in the park.
Look, I'm just saying, Mike, the guy killed an experienced CIA field officer and framed you for it.
Guy's gonna be a handful whether he sees us coming or not.
If we call for reinforcements, we might tip him off.
We can't risk that.
What kind of defenses we talking about? Nothing we can't handle.
Oh, great, so, we're gonna snatch a murderer with some magnets and a roll of duct tape? And guns, Sam.
Plenty of guns.
Most commercial security systems use magnetic sensors.
When a door opens, it breaks an electrical circuit and triggers the alarm, which means defeating the system is just a matter of keeping a magnet in contact with the sensor.
Unfortunately, very security-conscious people often customize systems with less-visible sensors Mike.
I think I stepped on something.
Like a pressure plate in the floor that silently announces your presence And gives whoever's inside a chance to do something about it.
Mike, there's the guy! Mike, it's over.
He's gone.
Original Air Date on August 25, 2011 So the guy who shot Max finally pokes his head out and no one thinks to call me? I wanted to, believe me.
There just wasn't time.
You keep me on the sidelines again, you can bandage your own burns.
Focus, people.
We got to find this guy, and the only thing we got now is a thoroughly toasted computer.
It looks like scrap metal.
You really think you can get something off there? We have to try.
He wouldn't have destroyed it if there wasn't something there.
I know a guy who can help, but it's gonna take some doing.
We're not exactly on speaking terms.
Plus, I got this corporate-security gig I told Jesse I would do.
We got to make it fast, Sam.
I already talked to Pearce.
She's investigating the warehouse fire.
That was like two hours ago.
How'd she even know? I'm not sure, but I'm supposed to meet her there later.
You think she suspects you're involved? I don't know what she knows, but it's probably a good idea for you two to steer clear of me for a while.
Okay, how about this? You fill in for me on this job with Jesse, fi and I will handle the barbecued hard drive.
Until then, we'll just go radio silent.
No calls, no contact till we know what's up.
Sounds like a plan.
It's an HK91.
The same make and model was used in a murder in Hialeah the police discovered this morning.
And this is connected to our investigation how? Murder victim was a Romanian war criminal.
Max had dealings in that area in 2002, made some enemies.
Not sure why they'd wait a decade to come after him, but at this point, it's the best lead we've got.
Sounds good.
How can I help? You can start by letting me have your files on the investigation.
I want to review everything for a connection to the Romanians.
Why don't you let me take another look at the files? I could -- No offense, but I need my own eyes on this.
I've got a feeling.
I know I'm close.
No problem.
I could get you all my filesfriday.
Make it tomorrow.
Look, Mike, I appreciate you filling in for Sam on this job.
I really do.
I just got to ask you, are you sure this is a good time for you to be taking freelance work? Well, the way I see it, Sam's got his hands full, and you need the help.
Yeah, and your CIA contact is like this close to discovering you've been lying to her.
All the more reason for me to stay busy and out of her way.
Just tell me what the job is.
It's a -- it's a corporate-security gig.
Client's name is Richard Gronbach -- billionaire.
He owns fast-food joints and big-box stores.
Some industrial-espionage types have been targeting him.
- Do we know what they're after? - No.
That's what we have to find out.
I got in with them posing as a middleman for stolen financial data.
The other day, they asked me if I know a decryption guy who could do a quick job.
Enter Michael Westen, a.
Matt Graham.
They're meeting at a private airport that Gronbach uses up north.
They want to hack some airport computers.
I think I can handle that.
There's one more little -- little thing.
Uh, I needed someone to take some surveillance photos in the parking lot.
Only problem is, all my guys look like FBI agents.
So, I figured no one would notice, like, a you know, like a 60ish-year-old woman sitting in a car.
- You called my mom.
I'll call her and tell her it's a no-go.
It's -- I -- just tell me it's safe.
They're white-collar guys, Mike.
It's a cakewalk.
It's just something to keep your mind off things while Sam and Fi deal with your CIA problem.
I said I don't want to talk to you.
Go away! Dixon, I just need a small favor, okay? Favors are for friends, and friends don't tase one another and put them in the trunks of cars! First of all, that was years ago.
Second, I said I was sorry.
And, you know, third, if you'd agreed to help, I wouldn't have had to do it.
You never have to tase anyone, ever! How can you sit there and t-- mnh! Leave me alone! Dixon, just hear me out.
A quick trip to your lab, we take some stuff off a computer, you never see me again.
Oh, since you put it that way -- no! Okay? Are you sure that's your answer? Who are you? How'd you get in here? You picked my door lock?! Wh-- Sam said you might be reluctant to help.
Sam! No! Oh, Fi.
Fi! OhhFi.
I was really hoping that wouldn't be necessary.
So, uh, where's his lab? Other side of town.
Hopefully he wakes up by the time we get there.
All righty.
So, what's a corporate spy, anyway? Usually former finance guys or consultants who finally figured out they can make more money stealing corporate secrets than keeping them.
It's nothing too scary.
It's gonna be quick.
Mike's gonna use the decryption software on this laptop, go in there and do his hacking thing for them.
Maddy, you're gonna document everything.
Mike comes back, we debrief, we are done by lunch.
- Here we go.
Right over here.
- Where? Black Benz.
All right, you see that weasel texting on his phone? That's Holcomb.
He's the one running this little project.
Well, it's nice to be dealing with people who carry Blackberrys instead of guns for a change.
All right.
Maddy, you go get set up in short-term parking.
Mike, good luck.
I'll be parked right down the road if you guys need anything.
Businesses often use independent contractors on jobs to contain costs and limit liability.
Criminals do the same thing for similar reasons.
Someone who just joined the team won't expect an equal cut of whatever you're stealing, and if they don't know your plans, they can't go to the cops.
- Are you Graham? That's me.
I'm Holcomb.
This is Ward.
We'll be working together today.
Let's go.
Slow down.
You want to fill me in on what we're doing? I can tell you what we're not doing.
We're not asking questions.
I got to know what the job is.
I got to know -- You're gonna push some buttons on a computer when I tell you to.
There's nothing quite like the feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you begin to suspect your intelligence on an operation may have been wrong.
Once you're in, though, there's not much you can do but keep your eyes open and figure out just how bad the situation is.
Uh, guys, I thought I was just pushing buttons.
- What's with the hardware? - Okay.
I'm only gonna say this once.
A billionaire named Richard Gronbach is landing here today at noon.
By then, we are gonna have this whole place locked down.
We board his plane, we use our, uh, "Hardware" to take care of his security detail and to convince Mr.
Gronbach to give up his bank codes, and then you You get to push some buttons.
Got it? Sounds good.
I wish you would've told me that earlier.
I would've brought my own piece.
Why don't you give me one of those bad boys? I'll make myself useful.
But we got this.
Everyone to the center of the room! - Now! - Get down! Down! Don't move! Don't move! There's a cold math to hostage-taking.
Once someone dies, things get worse quickly.
Because the penalty for killing one hostage is pretty much the same as the penalty for killing all of them The key is keeping that first person alive even if you have to bruise a few ribs to do it.
Hey, old man.
I know you think you're supposed to be a hero here.
But you're not ready for this action.
You understand? Y-y-yeah.
I understand.
I was just explaining to the rent-a-cop here the merits of cooperating.
I think I've earned my keep.
You'll earn your keep with the computer.
Now put him with the others.
Get inside! Get inside! Sit down.
All right, everyone! May I have your attention? We're not here to hurt you.
In fact, you are gonna be our new partners in a little business venture.
Your job here today is easy -- stay calm And do as you're told.
And in exchange for a job well done, you will receive two things -- a gift certificate for a steak dinner and your lives.
Now, I-I know some of you must be concerned that you've seen our faces.
Don't be, because in a few hours, my team and I are gonna be sitting on a beach in a country that does not cooperate with U.
law enforcement.
So, you see, you have nothing to fear as long as things go well today.
But if things don't go well if you resist or try to call the police then I'm gonna be forced to use this.
And kill every single one of you.
steak dinner or a grenade.
The choice is yours.
Up the stairs to the left, ladies.
Everybody in the conference room.
Hey, at the risk of asking a question, who you got taking roll call on the hostages? Roll call? How do you mean? Come on.
You're a pro.
you do a head count check it against the employee records, make sure everybody's here.
This isn't homeroom, Graham.
Don't worry.
We've got everybody.
You know how I ended up in the joint? a bank job up in Boston.
We didn't notice that there was an extra security guard on duty.
He hid in the can and called the cops.
Feel free to check all the stalls next time you go take a leak.
You already missed one guard.
You don't want to see that happen again, do you? Look, I'll pull the personnel files from the airport's computer.
I'll cross-check it against the hostages.
Consider it insurance.
Knock yourself out.
You won't regret it, boss man.
Come on.
The ironic thing about infiltrating a group of criminals is that the only way to successfully be accepted Next.
Is to actually be helpful.
Stan Werner.
Have a seat.
If you're useless or lazy, you'll probably wind up getting shot.
Sit down.
J-j-Judy -- j-Judy -- Judy -- Come on.
Spit your name out.
Come on! Judy Epplebee.
You have to be the best little worker you can be Sit d-- get her to sit down.
All to give yourself room to look for the best opportunity to destroy the people you're working for.
Hey! Blondie! Yeah.
With the spiked hair.
Come here! Yeah, you! See anybody else spiky and blond? Show me some I.
What the hell's going on, Michael? Tell me you have a plan.
I do, but I'm gonna need your help.
What a surprise.
Okay, smart lady, you're gonna have a job.
You're gonna keep everyone in that room calm.
You think you can do that? - I think I can do that.
- Good.
Go sit down.
Get her to sit down.
Come on.
Move it along.
Hold on.
Where are the guys? I need a guy.
I need a "Jack Marsden.
" Jack Marsden? Uh, there's no other guys in here.
Damn it.
Gentlemen, we got a problem.
- What kind of problem? - Oh, nothing too big.
Just my hostage count was off and we're missing someone.
Who? Jack Marsden.
Works in the maintenance hangar.
No way.
We cleared all the buildings.
The computer doesn't lie.
Somebody is missing! I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I don't appreciate being yelled at.
Well, I don't appreciate working on a job run by amateurs! Maybe you're not worried about jail, but I am certainly not going back! Now, the computer says that Marsden's office is over in the maintenance hangar.
Why don't you let me handle this? I'll go over there, check it out.
Send Landes with him.
I'm not taking any chances.
Man, like Ward said, we checked this building.
No one's here.
You got your count wrong.
If I got my count wrong Why is this coffee still hot?! Son of a bitch! - He's around here somewhere! - Man, calm down! No, I'm not gonna calm down until I find this guy, and I know he's here.
And I'm gonna tear this place upside down to find him! You should go check the perimeter.
Holcomb didn't say anything about splitting up.
Yeah, Holcomb didn't say anything about screwing up, either.
You want to be the guy that tells him we missed this guy again? Go back to the S.
after you check the perimeter.
I'll meet you there.
I'll meet you there! Let's go! Let's find this guy! Come on! Mike, thank God.
I was getting a little worried, man.
What's going on? Hey, Jesse, we have a hostage situation.
Holcomb and three other guys have locked down the airport.
They've got MAC-10s and grenades.
Wait a minute.
What? Yeah, your thieves aren't hacking airport computers, Jesse.
They're looking to drain Gronbach's bank account.
W-we got to call the cops, man.
If we want to keep everyone alive, our only move is to create a distraction and get the hostages out.
What -- what do you want me to do? I need you to cut a hole through the fence near the southwest hangar.
That's the way we're gonna try to escape.
Okay, Mike, I don't mean to second-guess you, but how are you gonna distract four guys with MAC-10s? I'm working on that.
I'll call you later.
To improvise a weapon, you have to understand the basic principle behind whatever you're making.
A gun, for example, is just a barrel and a firing pin while a time-delay bomb can be as simple as a corrosive chemical, an oxidizing agent, and something to keep them from mixing together long enough so you don't blow your hands off.
Marsden wasn't in the building.
Did you see him out here? No, man.
There's no one out here.
What's that? These are his papers.
I took everything he had in his desk, you know -- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just hurry up and put it in the trunk.
We got to get back.
Holcomb's gonna be pissed! Jesus, Fi.
The guy in the trunk needs to be alive to do his fancy computer work later.
I just want to get this over with, give Michael what he wants, and be done with it.
Not to pry, but is there something with you and Mike? I mean, ever since you guys moved in together, it seems like things have been a little tense.
I'd be happy with tense.
Michael can find room for my snow globes in his apartment, but he can't seem to figure out how I fit into his life.
Well, you know how Mikey is with commitment.
You know, I really don't want to talk about his issues right now.
I have issues of my own.
I am driving around with an unconscious man in my trunk.
Correction -- I am driving around with an unconscious man in my trunk And a cop trying to pull me over.
Aw, crap.
Do you think someone spotted us nabbing Dixon? We're not gonna stick around to find out.
- Landes, you find anything? - Yeah, we found a -- We found a cup of steaming coffee on top of some half-finished paperwork on Marsden's desk.
Hot coffee? Which means we just missed him.
Now, I know he's out there somewhere.
We should organize a search.
I'll stay with the hostages.
You guys -- Who the hell do you think you are, giving orders? You are just the keyboard monkey, remember? And I'm not convinced of anything this guy says, all right? W-what does a cup of coffee prove? We don't even know that anybody's really out there.
Outside! He couldn't have gone far.
Spread out, find him.
Find him! Aah! It came from the roof! It came from the roof! It's Marsden! Hey, chief, you and me need to have a chat about your perfect little plan.
Mike, there you are.
Dude, I was about 60 seconds away from calling the boys in blue and hoping for the best.
Not yet.
We're still the best chance the hostages have of getting out of here alive.
Yeah? Then why did I just see a truck explode? I told Holcomb his team missed a maintenance man when they were rounding everybody up.
If I can get his team to start a manhunt Then we might able to get the hostages out.
I like it.
All right, well, there's a nice big hole in the fence by the southwest hangar whenever you're ready.
Well, there's one more problem.
Gronbach's plane is scheduled to arrive in one hour.
When he lands, Holcomb's gonna kill his security team and kidnap him.
All right, well, I-I guess I can't let that plane land.
All right.
I'm on it.
Bad news, guys.
Turns out Marsden's an explosives expert.
Explosives expert? You said he worked in maintenance.
Well, apparently, blowing things up is one of the few tricks he picked up from the Special Forces.
Special Forces? What are you talking about? I checked his employment records.
You're dealing with a highly trained ex-Ranger.
He probably overheard your warning about calling the cops and took matters into his own hands.
Oh, s-so he's trying to save the hostages? How about we threaten to kill the hostages unless he surrenders? How are you gonna get that message to him, smart guy? Telepathy? He's right.
Our only option is to find him.
- Take him out.
- Yeah.
There was a machine shop on the northeast corner of the tarmac.
He probably made the bomb there.
That's as good a place to start as any.
You leave a gun with me, and I'll watch the hostages.
Landes, stay here with Graham.
Are you insane? You saw what this guy is capable of.
You're gonna need every member of your team to handle him.
As far as I know, he could be on his way back here.
And besides, if the hostages become a liability, I need somebody here who likes to do dirty work.
Landes stays.
All right, guys.
Time to go hunting.
If you need to redirect an airplane mid-flight and you can't get to the airport, your best bet is probably the local TRACON relay station.
Responsible for guiding aircraft until airport traffic control takes over, their job is to keep anything bad from happening mid-flight.
Fortunately, their job is also to be nervous, so it doesn't take much to spook them.
Caleb, we might have a problem.
Agent Loman, FBI.
We absolutely have a problem.
FBI? He said it involved national security.
Yeah, I did, so why the hell are you still standing here? Okay, uh, what's up? "What's up?" You guys didn't send a redirect confirmation for North Dade Airport, so, my boss calls me, tells me to come down here in person.
So instead of finishing my prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes, here I am with you jackasses -- that's what's up.
What redirect? You got jokes? No, no.
I just -- I never received a request for it.
Are you kidding me? Oh, my God.
What's going on? The CIA has a covert flight scheduled to take off from North Dade Airport this afternoon.
I sent out a request last week to have all air traffic diverted for the next two hours.
And now I get word that there's a flight headed that way.
Oh, God.
Uh, we have a private jet inbound.
- Send it away.
Send it away.
Now! - I-I can't! I-I don't have authorization.
You don't have auth-- he -- he needs authorization.
You need authorization.
Okay, yeah.
Call Arnold Logan, NTSB.
No, no.
Better yet, call my boss -- Agent Ramirez, from the FBI.
You want to bother him while he's golfing? Here you go.
I got him on speed dial.
No, let's go big.
Let's go big.
Call the President of the United States of America.
He will tell you, if you want to keep your job, you will keep my runways clear.
No, no, no.
All right, all right.
Control to Gronbach, Flight 6-2-1-6-Juliet.
You are no longer authorized to land at North Dade Airport.
Please stand by to redirect to Fort Lauderdale.
Copy that.
Adjusting course for Fort Lauderdale.
All right.
Nice work.
Nice work, everybody.
Huh? Good job.
You made America a little safer.
Well, I think we lost the cops.
I just want to know how the hell they found us in the first place.
You guys suck! Hey, I've ridden in there.
As trunks go, it's not so bad.
Uh, Sam, I think I know how the cops found us.
Dixon here likes to accessorize.
You're under house arrest? Why didn't you say something? Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I forget to mention that when I was unconscious? And I'm unconscious because you tased me.
Uh, technically, she tased you.
I don't want to go to jail.
I can't go to jail.
Okay, look, I'm sorry.
M-maybe this is fixable.
What are you in for? I was just hiding some money for these developers.
It was actually a huge misunderstanding.
Okay, so, how about this -- you help us with our computer problem, I'll call in a favor with my cop buddy, see what we can work out? So you're saying that if I do you a favor that you'll attempt to solve the problem that you just created for me? So it's a deal? Fine.
Fine! But just to remind you, um, I'm sending out a "Come and get me" signal.
My -- my lab is probably crawling with cops.
Oh, one problem at a time.
Anyone who's used a cellphone near an alarm clock knows even minor interference disrupts radio signals.
So if radio silence is your goal, you can create an electromagnet by running the current from your car's electrical system through a tire iron wrapped with copper speaker wiring.
It's hard on your car's audio system, but it's a small price to pay for staying out of prison.
Do you see Marsden over there? No, we haven't seen any sign of him here.
I'll call you back in 10.
There's no reason to think they're gonna let us go.
I mean, you hear about these hostage situations.
They always end badly.
Like R-remember that -- t-that thing in India, where they -- Judy.
Judy, honey.
We're gonna be fine.
We just have to stay calm and not get each other worked up.
Hey, sit down, lady! You heard the man.
Sit down! I need you to make a scene right now.
Get your hands off me! You told me you wanted me to keep these people calm, and that's what I'm doing! And I want you to sit down now! And I will! When I'm done! You're done right now! Let's go.
Hey, let her go! Sit down! It's all right.
I'm here to help.
I'm one of the good guys.
Judy, do you have any tranquilizers in your purse? How -- how did you know? Uh, you just seem like the type, honey.
Could we have them? Now, we have help on the outside.
So I need everyone to go out the back way and head for the fence, and we need to go right now.
Hold on! You were working with these guys, all right? How can we trust you? Because he's my son.
And I'll tell you all about it when we get on the other side of the fence.
Now, are we going? Or do you want to wait for this guy's friends to get back? This'll keep him out for a while.
He's right.
W-we need to go.
I know a back way to the fence.
All right, all right.
I'm ready.
Come on.
Let's go.
Single file.
Keep it quiet.
Let's go.
Move, move, move.
Come on.
Just move.
Keep moving.
That's it.
All right, we need to head to that fence line.
There's an opening there.
You all need to run as fast as you can, and you do not look back.
You want us to run from here to there? We'll never make it.
We'll be seen.
The only way that happens is if we stay here and keep talking about this.
- We got to move now! - Michael.
It's too late.
Damn it.
New plan -- you're all going to that warehouse.
It's closer, but we're still gonna be out in the open.
Won't they see us? Trust me -- they won't be looking at you.
I need you to collect everybody as close as you can to that warehouse.
You wait for my signal and then you move.
Do it now.
Wool or silk ties are considered higher-quality than the polyester variety.
Polyester ties do have certain advantages, however.
They're less expensive and considerably more flammable than natural fibers, making them the tie of choice to ignite a gas tank.
In any kind of sabotage operation, the most important thing is keeping your enemy thinking you're on his side.
That means selling your story by any means necessary.
While it may be painful and unpleasant, nothing sells loyalty like shedding a little blood for the cause.
What the hell happened? Where are my hostages? They were here.
They were here.
They -- he must have took them.
Who? Marsden? He got the drop on us.
He smashed my head through the table.
Boss, we got a problem.
Fuller called from the control tower.
Gronbach's jet's been diverted to another airport.
What? Why?! I don't know, all right? He just said it changed course and it's headed north.
So, Marsden manages to divert a plane mid-flight he takes my hostages he goes to all this trouble to stop us, but he leaves you alive.
Our payday is flying away, and you're concerned Marsden isn't killing us quick enough? I am concerned that he seems to know all of our moves before we make them.
But you know everything about him.
In fact, you're the only one who's ever seen him.
Why is that? I don't know why.
I've got a theory.
You and Marsden are working together.
I have had enough of your lies.
I want to know where the hostages are, and I want to know now! - How the hell would I know that? - Stop it! Admit it you're working with Marsden.
I'm not.
Think about it.
I'm the one who told you about him! I told you his name, where he is, how to find him! So you could send us on a wild-goose chase, you son of a bitch! So you could lead Marsden to the hostages! Why the hell would I do that? This was supposed to be my big score.
I heard voices coming from one of the warehouses.
I think the hostages are in there.
Guys, you need to forget about the hostages.
All right? Marsden has them, and he's probably called the cops.
They're probably on their way here right now! - No.
- We got to go! I'm not leaving any witnesses alive.
They all die.
But first You do.
I'll kill 'em.
What? You want proof that I'm not with Marsden? I'll kill him and the hostages.
I'll do it.
But you got to promise me you got someplace to go after, someplace the cops can't find us.
'Cause I am not going back to the joint, not on a murder rap.
We've got a room at the Sea Oak Motel with new clothes, I.
s, cars.
Holcomb, what the hell are you doing, man? - We can't trust this guy.
- Maybe.
Maybe not.
Go in behind him.
If he kills everyone, we don't got a problem.
If he doesn't put two bullets in the back of his head.
When you need to get into a facility guarded by police, you have three options.
You can go through them -- not an option if you don't want a body count.
You can go around them, which is tough if there's a full surveillance team, or you can give them a reason to leave.
Okay, fi, we got two cop cars and four plainclothes officers sitting on Dixon's computer lab.
Don't worry, Sam.
We'll get him working on that hard drive soon enough.
Dixon's ankle bracelet is live.
It's working.
Hey, Fi, um if I were you, I'd get out of there, like, now.
I've got to make it a fair fight, or else where's the fun in it? Okay, Dixon, time to get your mojo working on that scrap heap.
It's not too late to surrender.
If we do, we all die.
My son will get us out of this.
All right, but how? He's one man! What hope does he stand against all of them? M-maybe she's right.
We should give ourselves up.
Who says t-they'll kill us? They weren't going to before.
We've already run once.
They're not gonna risk that again.
If we surrender, they're gonna kill us.
If we stay and fight, you know, we have a chance.
Oh, my God.
They're coming.
Um, okay, we move to the back.
Okay, anyone who wants to die can stay here.
If you don't, follow me.
Sounds like they're out back.
We can use the crates as cover to get closer.
I'll cover you.
You first, killer.
See, I -- I-I knew we should've surrendered.
- They're gonna shoot us! - Quiet! Why is your son here with a gun - if he's supposed to be on our side?! - Shh! Quiet! Put the gun down.
I'm done playing games.
Tell me where Marsden is.
Here's Marsden, you son of a bitch.
Thanks, Ma.
What are you doing, Michael? I'm putting blood on my shirt.
Well, that can't be very sanitary.
Ma, I need to look like I've been fatally wounded.
I'd rather not do it with a real bullet.
Ward? Graham? What's going on?! I need to go back out there.
When I'm clear, I need you to shoot at the crates and then hide in the back with the other hostages and have everyone take cover.
You ready? Yeah.
What the hell happened? - Where's Ward? - He didn't make it.
Marsden was waiting for us.
Man, he caught me in the liver.
Move your hand.
I can stop the bleeding.
Don't bother.
It's over.
I saw a guy in the joint take a shiv in the same spot.
That son of a bitch.
I'm putting Marsden in the ground right now.
No, no, no, no.
I got an idea.
Marsden said he wants us to surrender.
Oh, we are not surrendering.
You give me the grenade.
I'll call Marsden out.
I'll tell him we're giving ourselves up.
When I get close to him and the hostages, I pull the pin.
It'll kill them all.
You would do that? When you get Gronbach, you take my cut, you send it to my mom.
She's in the old-folks home in Homestead.
You have my word.
Marsden! We want to talk! Don't shoot! We want to make a deal! Go.
Go now.
In trench warfare, a common practice is to dig a hole called a grenade sump.
It works on a simple principle.
When a grenade falls into your trench, you kick it into a deeper hole, which directs the force of the grenade upward.
The same idea can work aboveground with large pieces of furniture.
That lowlife better not be pulling something.
That lowlife just saved your ass.
Show some respect.
Criminals often keep safehouses to fall back to in case things go wrong.
They know that once they get there, they can relax and let their guard down a little, which makes it a perfect place to send the cops after them.
Down! Down on the ground! Now! Hands where we can see 'em! Up against the car! Down! You got to be kidding me.
I know.
I know.
I owe you and your mom more than a thank-you for this one.
A new tie would be nice.
Michael, what happened? Jesse's gig turned out to be a little more than I bargained for.
Well, you're lucky you're already hurt.
I was gonna beat the hell out of you after the day we had.
Did you find anything on the computer? This should make you feel better.
Its gonna take time to make sense of the information.
A lot of it was destroyed permanently.
But now we have the name of Max's killer -- Tavian Korzha.
And based on his bank accounts, we know he was being financed by somebody local.
Well, we need to find out who and pay them a visit.
I can't stall Pearce any longer.
Michael, once she starts going through your files, you're only gonna have a couple of weeks, tops, before she'll be after you.
Well, let's hope we find Tavian before that.
I should go.
Pearce is waiting.
Of course she is.
Any progress? Haven't found anything yet.
But now that we're chasing down this Romanian lead, I think it's just a matter of time before we find Max's killer.
You know the first thing I do when I start an investigation? Put the victim's next of kin's number at the top of my speed dial.
I -- it's -- That's Max's wife's.
I look at it every day, and I think about the day I'll be able to call and say "We got the bastard.
" That day is close, Michael.
And you will have been a part of that.
We have to get rid of the gun.
You are taking big risks.
I covered my tracks, so I covered the tracks of the killer.
I can always do more.
Are you sure you don't want me to take another look at this stuff? Now you have two crime scenes to process and a whole network of Romanians to run down.
Thanks, but I've got three times the manpower working the case now.
I just need that one last piece, Michael.
And maybe it's in this box.