Burn Notice s07e04 Episode Script

Brothers in Arms

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until [Phone rings] We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
[Whistles] When you're burned, you've got nothing.
No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you [Laughs] A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies-- bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family too [Phone rings] Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
And a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line, as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
It's a deep cover job.
Going after the leader of a terrorist network based in the Dominican Republic, Randall Burke.
Those satellite uplinks you told me that Burke was stealing? Guess who he's selling 'em to? Rafael Serano, international terrorist.
- So how do you want to do it? - I don't want your money.
I just want you.
You have information that's valuable to people I work for.
Go! I just found out you have a boss.
Burke, you're part of an organization.
Am I part of it? Or am I some tool you use and throw away? All will be revealed in time.
[Toads croaking] Are you in place? Yeah.
Are we a go? We're a go.
I know you don't like this operation, Michael.
Just remember, Serano hasn't given us much choice.
Burke, we can break him.
Just keep interrogating him.
It'll take time.
Time we don't have.
This has to happen now.
Are you ready? Are you ready, Michael? I'll do what I have to do.
Keep your radio live.
Remember, I'm counting on you.
We all are.
[Goggles whir] Hello, Serano.
[Door shuts] Gonna do this again? [Sighs] I told you, I have nothing to say.
The same as yesterday and the days before and every time you've been in this room! Yeah, well You can make this all stop just by answering my one question.
Six months ago, you're in Haiti doing an arms deal with a Turkish national.
You're wasting your time! You receive information about a woman in the area that's wanted by Russian intelligence.
And you tell the Russians-- her location.
Yes! In exchange for $2 million.
Yes! Tell me where they're holding her.
[Laughs] [Speaking spanish] Why don't you kill me now? Huh? I'm not gonna tell you anything.
The same as every other day.
I think today might be a little different.
[Whispering] Just keep watching.
[Door opening, hinge squeaking] When you work undercover, the first question you have to ask yourself is how far you're willing to go to accomplish the mission.
[Whispering] Oh, no, no.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Si, si-si, si-si, si.
That's your daughter.
The trick is to make the people you're working for believe that those lines don't exist, that you're willing to do absolutely anything for them no matter how horrible.
Tell me what I want to know.
[Shakily] You have no idea what these Russians will do if I say anything.
Your biggest problem isn't the Russians right now.
It's me.
[Whispering] Please, no.
I'm gonna make a call to the gentleman in your daughter's bedroom.
You're gonna get to watch the results of that call on that screen.
The bitch is in Cuba! Cuba! Some black site off Havana! It's a factory down by the south port.
That's all I know! I swear! [Crying] It's okay.
It's okay, amigo.
[Chains grate, clank] You made the right choice.
[Crying] Hey.
We're not gonna hurt your daughter.
No, she'll be okay.
[Shakily] These Russians They'll go after my family.
You're right.
The Russians are gonna want to punish you, but only as long as you're still alive.
[Sighs] You got a cigarette? The only way to get through a mission like that is to remind yourself that to stop a monster, sometimes you have to pretend to be one.
[Gunshot] Original Air Date on June 27, 2013 This mission is getting out of control.
Strong, you need to talk to your people at the CIA, make them understand I can't do this.
Michael, calm down.
I know you're upset.
Upset? Burke almost had me kill a child.
But you didn't.
This time.
Now he wants me to pull Sam and Jesse in for a job in Cuba, and I can't do it.
You can't? You have to.
You know as well as I do that it's not just your ass on the line if this mission goes south.
Michael, do you understand? - Yeah.
- Good.
[Grunts] [Moody guitar music] ♪ [Chickens cackle] Thanks for coming, Sam.
Yeah, not loving these last-minute trips, Mike.
Two-hour notice to get to Cuba, to bust somebody out of a Russian black site? That's the plan.
And Burke won't say who we're breaking out? It's a woman.
That's all I know.
Well, she must be pretty damn important.
In case you hadn't noticed, we're not exactly on friendly soil.
We get caught here, we're staring at the wrong end of a firing squad.
Look, Mike, Jesse and I will back you up, but tell me there's an endgame here.
When do we get to take the son of a bitch down? As soon as I find out who Burke is working for.
This is much bigger than just one guy, Sam.
Let me guess.
Strong and the CIA brass want you to find out how much bigger? This doesn't end until I do.
[Car trunk shuts] Burke went to a lot of trouble to track this woman down.
She could be the key to what his group is up to.
Guess we better get at it then.
[Suspenseful percussive music] ♪ So the Russians are hiding their black sites in refrigerator repair shops now? It's been closed down for a few years.
They moved in, put guards on the roof, and turned it into a secret prison.
What can you say about the security situation? Not much.
There's only one way in or out.
At any given time, there's a half-dozen guards up on the roof.
Steel-reinforced front doors and a whole lotta cameras.
Yeah, no kidding.
And the target? Sonya Lebedenko.
She's gonna be in a holding cell somewhere in that building.
Who is she? She's a girl in a holding cell somewhere inside the building.
That's all you need to know.
All righty then.
Do we have any intel on what lies between her cell and the front door and how we're gonna get past it? That's what you're here to figure out, Jesse.
Appreciate the vote of confidence, but just look at the place.
Even if we make it in there, I don't see a way to get this Sonya back out.
You know, that's a good point, Sam.
But here's the deal.
Either you figure out a plan to get her out quick or I'll find someone else who will.
Don't worry.
We'll come up with something.
Okay, Mike, it's official.
You've gone crazy.
- I can't have Burke - This is impossible! Bringing in other people in on this.
My entire mission at the CIA is riding on this! Well, it's not gonna mean much if we all get pumped full of lead, Mike.
And there's a good chance of that happening if we go in there guns a-blazing.
You know I'm right.
Well, maybe We don't go in.
Maybe we get them to bring her out.
What are you talking about? If I can convince the Russians that the CIA is about to raid their site, they'll evacuate with Sonya.
It'll be a lot easier to grab her if they're on the move.
Well, what makes you think they're gonna bite on your approach? I just spent nine months in a Dominican hellhole convincing the world the CIA hates me.
It's not a stretch to say I'd turn on them.
Mike, that's all well and good, but these are the Russians that we're talking about.
Last I checked, they hate you.
Besides, you won't even be able to explain why you know where their black site is.
I'll say I have a source I can't reveal.
And when they start to torture you, what will you tell them then? I don't know what else to do, Sam! Guys! Guys! I have an idea.
Back in my CIFA days, I knew a guy at the Russian consulate in Miami--Ivan Gorev.
He's the G.
's deputy chief.
He used to harass dissidents, steal corporate secrets, stuff like that.
Yeah, but so what? How does a guy 200 miles away solve our problem? We get someone in Miami to grab this guy, make it look like he's spying for the U.
Then Mike goes in, tells 'em about a traitor in their ranks.
They might buy the story.
That could work.
Now this, uh, someone in Miami Any ideas? I'll call Fi.
[Cell phone rings] [Phone beeps] - Hello? - It's me.
Well, I assume you're not calling to catch up.
Fi, I need your help.
Michael, I have spent the last year trying to put my life back together.
What was left of it.
Now things are good.
I-I can't drop everything when you call.
Not anymore.
You're right.
And I'm sorry I-- - Michael, look-- - Let me finish, please.
I'm sorry I made a promise that things were gonna change and then I broke that promise.
You deserve better.
I'm glad you have that now.
What do you need? [Suspenseful music] ♪ It shouldn't be too long.
The consulate opens at 9:00.
Don't worry about me.
It's my first kidnapping.
[Chuckles] I'm not exactly in a hurry to start.
Well, just follow my lead.
These things are usually much easier than they sound.
Nice try, honey.
You know I don't mind lending a hand when it comes to these jobs.
But wouldn't Carlos have been a better choice? Well, I couldn't tell him what I was doing.
You know, it's none of my business, but keeping secrets is not really great for a relationship.
Especially a secret like this.
Talking to him about it would've been too hard.
Fi, why are you doing this? I wish I knew.
[Door opens] There's Ivan.
Doesn't look like much of a spy, does he? Well, he's more of a pencil-pusher.
But from what I hear, he's done his fair share of damage.
You stay sharp.
Uh, sir? Hi.
You know, my mother and I are delivering some boxes to a friend of hers, and she's not home.
Could you help us? No, sorry.
I'm late for work.
It'll just take a couple seconds.
Yes, but I have a very busy day.
I can't.
Well, then I suggest you make time.
When you're planning to smuggle a listening device into a facility where you know you'll be searched, choosing where to hide it can be a life-or-death decision.
Not only do you want to conceal it in a place where no one will think to look Okay, brother, you ready? But also in a place no one will want to look.
[Grunts] Okay, that looks sufficiently gross.
Okay, Burke, we're ready over here.
Let's see if it works.
[Over radio] Transmitting.
Loud and clear.
All right, we're on the move.
Let's get this place set up.
Okay, Mikey.
Go make some new friends.
Open the door! [Guns cocking] Michael Westen.
[Clanking] When an undercover cop wears a wire, it's often more for safety than for intelligence gathering.
If the Op goes bad, his support team can pull him out.
For a spy wearing a wire, those priorities are reversed.
What matters is the intelligence.
If the Op goes bad, your support team just listens to you die.
[Beeping] [Clack] It's urgent! This is urgent! [Russian accent] Michael Westen, I must say! Is very big honor.
It's not every day that such a famous spy shows up, gives me a chance to practice my English.
I am Vladimir Duboff, G.
Tell me, what can I do for you? Glad you asked.
I need protection.
Protection? You came here for protection? Maybe you're not as clever as they say.
My men are already competing for honor of putting bullet in your head.
Why would I protect you? I'm not on the greatest terms with the CIA.
Maybe you've heard? Yeah, they say you had a disagreement with a senior officer.
And shot him.
Yeah, and they've been hunting me ever since.
Unfortunately, I got spotted by a CIA team in the middle of Havana yesterday.
Caught a bullet fragment trying to get away.
A CIA team In Havana? Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.
So I looked into it, find out they're going to raid this place.
So, old enemy, meet new friend.
I help you, you help me? [Chuckles] The CIA attack here? Mm, no, no.
This is impossible.
It's not just possible, it is happening.
I have a source who told me they're after some prisoner you have here.
A girl.
Sonya? Does that ring a bell? I'll take that as a yes.
Listen to me.
Vladimir, I can help you.
You get this girl, we slip out of here quietly, just the three of us, and my source can get us a safe route.
[Slaps] Enough! This is a lie! This is impossible.
There is no way the CIA knows about these things! Well, then explain how I walked up and knocked on your front door! You have a leak.
A G.
guy at the consulate in Miami.
Check it out if you want.
I'm telling you the truth.
We will find out what is the truth.
The trick to making someone look like a spy is to strike just the right balance between tradecraft that's good enough to be convincing but bad enough to be detected.
One of the easiest techniques makes use of cell phone GPS.
If you know the phone is monitored you can lay down a digital trail all over town, and it will lead straight to your target.
You really think the Russians are tracking this thing? Well, if they haven't yet, they will be.
Which is why I need to make it look like Ivan left this bag of documents behind for his contact.
I'm gonna dump it in that trash can over there.
[Zipper rasps] If he tries anything, shoot him.
[Car door opens, shuts] [Muffled] Water, please.
- Water? - Yeah.
You stay quiet, you understand? [Grunts] [Russian accent] Why are you doing this? If G.
believes I am traitor, they will kill me.
I'm sorry.
We're helping someone.
But there must be another way.
I have connections.
Whatever it is you need-- I'm sorry.
I don't believe there is another way.
[Car horn honks, tires screech] Damn it! [Car horns honking] [Tires screech] [Grunts] [Groans] I hope you've had your fill of water today, 'cause it's the last you're gonna get.
[Muffled grunting] That's right.
[Coughing] I do not like to do this to you.
Tell me why it is you're really here, who sent you, and we stop.
I don't like you doing this to me either! And I told you! [Panting] The CIA, they're going to raid this place.
That is a lie.
This is the most secret Russian facility in the Republic of Cuba! The CIA does not-- I told you! There's a source in Miami! Do you think we tell someone in Miami consulate about this place? No! Whatever game it is you are playing, it is time to stop.
Time to tell me the truth! I am telling the truth, I swear.
You have to get your prisoner out of here.
[Whispering] [Speaking Russian] [Gasping] Bad news from Miami? I do not understand it.
A G.
agent went missing, leaving behind documents with information about this location.
It doesn't make sense! This G.
agent, he's never been here.
He's nothing, he's nobody! That's what a good agent will make you think, wouldn't he? He made calls to a hotel near the revolution Plaza.
That's very close to where the CIA took a shot at me.
If you hurry, you can send a team over there, you might catch a bunch of commandos ordering room service.
And when you're done, maybe you can untie me and we get the hell out of here! [Door opens, shuts] [Tires screech] They took the bait.
You've got a car full of G.
agents headed your way.
[Tires squeal] Ready? As ready as we can be for a car full of G.
Just make it look convincing.
Yeah, we're on it, man.
The place looks like an abandoned CIA headquarters.
Don't mess this up.
We're not gonna get another chance.
[Phone beeps] You're welcome, man.
He says the G.
'S rolling this way.
Figure we got about 15 minutes if they don't hit traffic.
Okay, let's get cracking.
Standard protocol for leaving a covert base is to destroy anything of intelligence value.
Computer hard drives are smashed.
Documents are shredded or burned.
Bottom line: If you need to convince someone they found an abandoned CIA operations center, you've got to make a serious mess.
But, of course [Siren approaches] None of that will do much good if you get caught making that mess.
[Tires screech] Oh, crap.
Sam, we got trouble.
What? You said the Russian bastards wouldn't be here for 15 minutes.
It's not the Russian bastards, it's the Cuban bastards.
must have called the cops for backup.
- Well, there goes our way out.
- No, duh.
We gotta find another way out of this place.
Well, you got any ideas? 'Cause all I see is a door that leads to a very long stay in a Cuban prison or a window that leads to a very long drop to the concrete.
Maybe not.
Check it out.
[Car horn honking] Oh, I don't like this idea.
You got a better one? Just 'cause I got nothing better, doesn't make your idea good.
[Knocking on door] [Tense music] ♪ [Beeping, door opens] Did your men find the team? They were at the hotel, but they escaped.
My men are gathering whatever intelligence is left from the site now.
They will bring it here, and you will help us to evaluate.
You want to go over documents? Vladimir, we need to leave now.
I increased the number of the guards.
We are safe.
Is that a joke? The is the least safe place in all of Cuba.
Somewhere in here is a traitor, maybe more than one.
Traitor? There is no traitor.
How many CIA documents were shredded? How many computers were destroyed? All of them! The CIA team must have seen my men drive up-- Vladimir, think.
If they destroyed everything, they must have started before your men arrived.
How could they have done that if they weren't tipped off? All of the men here were checked personally by me.
Then I suggest you check them again, because somebody in here is selling you out.
[Children shouting, laughing] I think I tore a ligament or something on top of that stupid bus.
God, will you stop complaining about that? Not complaining, it just hurts.
Right, that's called complaining.
That's what complaining is.
Tell you what, next time we'll wait around for a bus with a giant pillow on top of it.
How does that sound? Yeah, very funny.
You're not the one walking halfway across Havana on a busted ankle.
Hang on.
[Cell phone rings] Oh, here we go.
[Phone beeps] Yeah? Where are you? We're in the old town area taking side streets.
- Look, we should be to you-- - No, check that.
Vladimir still isn't sold.
Michael just told him he has a traitor in his operation.
So We need to find one.
What? How the hell are we supposed to do that? The Russians still have agents back at the hotel, right? You gotta grab one.
Make it look like he betrayed his team and ran off.
Oh, is that all? Just go back to the hotel and kidnap a G.
agent? Can I remind you that we barely got out of there just now? At this point, either Vladimir finds a traitor in his organization, or the operation fails and Michael dies.
[Phone beeps] Ironically, one of the best times to go after enemies is just after they think they've beaten you.
No one expects an attack while they're still basking in the glow of victory.
- Okay, you ready? - Ready enough.
The key is to use the opponent's overconfidence.
The more comfortable they are that they can handle any threat, the more likely it is they'll leave themselves vulnerable.
[Ignition turns over] [Tires squeal] Ivan, I need your bank account number and your password.
What? What for? You already made it look like I give information to CIA.
My friend just kidnapped a G.
agent in Cuba, and you're going to help make it look like he's been getting payoffs.
Account number, Ivan.
I can't.
Let me make this easy for you.
Either you do as we ask, or I dump your ass at the Russian consulate, and they shoot you on the spot.
Kill me.
Just do it.
After what you have done, the whole world will think I'm traitor to my country.
You spend your time spying on dissidents and shaking down small businesses.
You know, the last I checked, it's not a big step down from corrupt spy to traitor.
I give it to you.
But first, I want you to do something for me.
I want you to write a letter.
To my girlfriend.
- To your girlfriend? - Yes.
Her name is Eva.
Just write down what I say and send.
It is all I ask.
I think we can do that.
What do you wanna say? Tell her she was my life.
Until I met her, I had no happiness.
I did not want to join G.
as a young man, but I had no choice.
Tell her I'm sorry I can't pay for school, because-- School? Eva goes to nursing school.
The money in the account was for her.
Give me the account number.
I'll send 500 bucks to Cuba, and the rest I'll put into an account for Eva.
Thank you.
And tell Eva Tell her good-bye.
[Beeping] What's going on? We found the traitor.
One of the men I sent to investigate the CIA safe house disappeared with all of the documents, all of the evidence.
- You sure it's him? - Yes.
The G.
agent in Miami was sending him money.
So we can get out of here now? We will get the prisoner and go.
Your CIA source, he can get us away? Absolutely.
He's at a marina outside of the city with a boat.
I just need to know you will take care of us.
This prisoner, she is top priority for Moscow.
As long as she is safe, you will be well rewarded.
Oh, believe me, we will definitely take care of her.
All right, let's go get this Sonya.
Sounds like we're good to go.
Mike's working his magic.
Guy's taking the girl right out and not even bringing any guards.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
[Cocks gun] This ain't over yet.
[Cell phone ringing] [Keypad beeping] [Phone beeps] What the hell is going on? I don't like the sound of this.
Vladimir, what are you doing? We need to go now.
No more.
[Keypad beeping] That was Moscow.
There's a Russian submarine offshore.
It is diverting here.
Don't look so worried.
You've done a good thing today.
Incredible, yes? Michael Westen: The new friend of Moscow.
The CIA are en route.
Let them come! They are sending a full commando team to protect the prisoner.
Also, the interrogators, to find more traitors here.
[Buzzing, clanking] This is bad.
This place is already impossible to hit, it's about to get even more impossible.
What the hell are we gonna do? I say we just call this off and start trying to negotiate for Mike's release.
No, we're not negotiating with anyone.
We got a mission to complete.
Yeah, hey, pal, maybe you haven't been paying attention here, but this mission is toast.
Mike's trapped in there.
We're not negotiating with anyone! We have a mission that needs to be completed.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
How's that supposed to work, huh? You got some army around here that I'm not aware of? Even if you did, by some miracle, have an army, I still don't see how they'd get your precious Sonya out alive.
He's got a point, Burke.
This isn't looking good.
How much semtex do we have left? About a couple pounds, maybe? Enough to get through a wall or two.
But we don't even know where they are in there.
I'll take it in myself.
Okay, and how do you propose to walk in there with two pounds of high explosive? I'll tell them I'm Michael's CIA contact.
We load the laptop full of semtex, I find them, blast us out, and you two pick us up.
- Oh, that easy, huh? - No, it's not that easy.
I can't think of another plan that's that's gonna get everyone else out alive.
You're not buying it? No, I'm not.
Know this-- I've never left anyone behind.
The people who work with me, the people who fight alongside me, that's my family.
I'm not gonna leave Michael behind or Sonya.
No one.
If you want to see Michael alive again Help me get him out.
Will you do that? Yeah.
Yeah, you got it.
[Tense music] [Door buzzes] [Guns cocking] I wanna see, uh, Vladimir Duboff.
I'm a friend of Michael Westen.
Wait here.
Got to hand it to Burke, the guy leads from the front.
I'm not joining the Randall Burke fan club just yet.
I still don't see how this plan gets Mike and Sonya out.
Guess we're about to find out.
[Speaking Russian] You are Westen's CIA contact, I assume.
You assume correctly.
I owe you debt of gratitude then.
Your information was extremely helpful.
Then why are we still here? I've been waiting at the marina for hours.
- Calm down.
- Calm down? You want me to-- did Michael tell you about the CIA team on their way here? - Yes, he told me.
- Okay.
It's not a problem.
Reinforcements are coming.
We are perfectly safe right here.
[Sighs] Okay, well, that's comforting.
[Clears throat] But that only addresses half my problem.
As of today, I'm officially unemployed from the U.
intelligence services.
I'd like to defect.
I wanna make a deal.
What exactly do you have to offer? Well, I got this agency-issued laptop, for one thing.
It's got operational platforms, agent code names, everything.
For the right price, Vladimir, any database you've ever dreamed of, I'll log you onto.
I am sure we can come to an agreement.
[Chuckles] Not so quick there, cowboy.
Let me make sure Michael's fine first.
After that, we'll talk.
And you better make it quick.
Once the CIA finds out I'm gone, these precious codes are gonna change.
Come with me.
[Keypad beeping, door clacks] Michael.
[Chuckles] Boy, we missed you at the marina.
[Chuckling] Burke.
I was trying to get over there, but things took an unexpected turn.
Yeah, I'll say.
So This is where they got you, huh? Nice.
Is for safety.
This is the most secure room in the building.
You see he's fine.
Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.
I'll be the judge of that.
Tell you what, why don't you give us a minute? That's unnecessary.
You want the codes to the computer, give us a minute.
[Speaking Russian] Thank you.
What the hell are you doing here? Getting you out.
- Really? - Yeah.
Have you looked around? There's no way to get out.
Well, there will be.
I'm gonna take care of the guards in the hall and breach a wall to the outside.
Can you take care of the guards in here and get her out? Yeah, I can.
But how-- There's no time to explain, Mike.
Just understand, she is all that matters.
Michael Do you believe in me? Do you trust me? Then you need to believe in her.
She is the key to your future.
[Sighs] She's everything.
Promise me you'll get her out.
Yeah, I promise.
It's been an honor, Mike.
Okay, we're good, all set.
Let's go upstairs and get this thing started.
[Speaking Russian] Not here! We can do it later, in my office.
Vladimir, I think it's better if you see what I have Right now.
[Beep beep] [Explosion] Jesus! That's our cue.
All right, hang on.
[Tires squeal] [Keypad beeping] [Door buzzes] [Tires screeching] [Edgy rock music] ♪ Where the hell are they? [Gunfire] - Where the hell is Burke? - He didn't make it.
Heads up! [Grunts] [Tires squeal] [Gunfire] Ivan.
A word of advice.
The G.
are all over Miami looking for you, and they are very, very angry.
There's a bus to Des Moines in an hour.
I suggest you get on it and don't look back.
Before I go, I-I must ask about Eva.
Did you send the letter? No, we did not.
Why? This was part of agreement.
Well,we thought better of it.
They won't be able to find either of you if you keep your head down and use these.
They're fake I.
And there's also some brochures for nursing schools in Iowa.
Wwait, is Eva-- She's inside the bus station, waiting for you.
But I-I don't understand.
Why are you doing this? It's hard to explain.
Let's just say We like the idea of a spy getting a chance to start over.
Before I change my mind.
Hey, so, Mike, about Burke.
Sounds like he gave up his life for this Sonya.
Yeah, he did.
That's a hell of a sacrifice.
Makes you wonder who she is.
He said she was the future, the key to everything.
That's it? What the hell does that mean? I don't know.
That's what we need to find out.
[Phone buzzes, beeps] Yeah, Jesse? What the hell's taking you guys so long? We just got to the marina now.
Everything all right? Other than the fact that we probably have most of the Cuban military and a submarine full of Russian commandos searching for us, everything's super.
How's Sonya? She's still unconscious.
Whatever Vladimir used to sedate her knocked her out pretty good.
It'll be a while before she wakes up.
There she is, Mike.
There's our beautiful All right, looks like the boat's clear.
We're heading back to you now.
See if you can wake Sonya.
Yeah, I'll try.
Listen, you guys need to hurry up--aah! No, no, no--wait! Jesse.
- [Screams] - Jesse! The line's dead.
Crap! [Grunts] Jesus.
Hey, Jesse.
Hey, hey, Jesse.
[Echoing] Hey, buddy, can you hear me? Huh? [Sighs] Yeah.
Hey, Mike, he's all right.
He's breathing.
What the hell happened to you? [Groans] I got hit from behind.
She's gone.
Wait, she did this? Oh, son of a bitch.
I thought she was out, guys.
I'm sorry.
Mike, what do we do now? Find her.