Burn Notice s07e05 Episode Script

Exit Plan

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until-- We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing: No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you: A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies.
Bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family too.
Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
And a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line, as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
It's a deep cover job.
We're going after the leader of a terrorist network.
You used to work with this son of a bitch.
You're on a path, Michael.
All will be revealed in time.
Two hour notice to get to Cuba to bust somebody out of a Russian black site? Can you take care of the guards in here, get her out? She is all that matters.
It's been an honor, Mike.
Where's Mike? She's still unconscious, but--ahh! No, no, no-- Jesse? He's all right.
He's breathing.
- She's gone.
- Mike, what do we do now? Find her.
Tracking someone in the wilderness isn't just about the occasional footprint or broken branch.
It's about using what you find to put yourself in the head of the person you're hunting.
If your target isn't completely careless, most signs you'll find will be small, almost invisible.
Just a bit of disturbed earth or a bent branch.
She didn't go east.
It's too dense.
With all that mud, it would lead us right to her.
This way's a bust too.
She'd have to circle around to get through.
Take a look at that.
Of course, sometimes you do find something more obvious, which makes the trail that much easier to follow or that much harder.
Now we're on to something.
Okay, check it out.
Looks like she fell right here.
She's getting tired.
She's probably heading for the road.
Come on, we can catch her.
Mike, we can't wait.
Seriously, she runs like a cheetah.
If she gets to the road-- Look at that.
For two miles, we don't see a footprint.
Now she leaves tracks a cub scout could follow? What are you saying? I'm saying I think she's hiding.
Waiting to double back after we pass.
Mike, we're talking about someone who was just tortured in a black site.
She's still drugged up.
I don't-- then look at that.
The broken branch.
If she went to the road, who went that way? Oh, son of a bitch.
I think she's behind us.
We should circle back.
I got a better idea.
You circle back, Jesse and I keep going, make her think she fooled us.
Sell it.
Well, there we go, that branch.
I think that's the right way here.
Yeah, I think she's heading for the road.
Drop it, now.
Sonya, you don't wanna do this.
I'm on your side.
I know who you are, Michael Westen.
Take off your laces now.
Make a wrong move, I'll shoot you.
That's a nice trick, sending your friends towards the road.
You don't understand.
We're here to rescue you.
Rescue me or take me someplace worse.
I know the Americans hate me as much as the Russians do.
I don't know what you've heard about me, but that's the past.
I no longer work for the CIA.
I was working with Randall Burke.
You worked with Randall? He found me drinking myself to death in Santo Domingo.
He cleaned me up.
He gave me a job.
We found the man who sold you to the Russians, and then we came after you.
You keep saying "we," but I don't see Randall.
Where is he? He didn't make it out.
He sacrificed himself to save you.
He's gone.
I'm sorry.
He's dead? That's convenient for you, isn't it? My friend is dead, and the three of you can tell any story you want.
It's not a story.
It's the truth.
He was my friend too-- he was more than a friend.
He saved me.
Now I don't have any proof to offer you, but I know why I'm here-- because Burke gave me a purpose.
He said I was part of something, that I was on a path, and I chose to believe him.
Now the question is whether you choose to believe me.
Original Air Date on July 11, 2013 "Hey, Sam and Jesse.
Feel like coming down to Cuba?" "Sure, Mike, sounds great.
"Hope we get to hike through the woods.
" Not forever, Sam.
The boat should be just up ahead.
Yeah, assuming it's still there.
We lost a lot of time on that little detour.
Hold on.
Looks like the Cuban police showed up.
Well, I guess the good news is the boat is still there.
We just can't get to it.
We still have some C4.
We could give the cops something to investigate, make it over to the seawall, and swim for the boat.
Even if we get past the police, they've already called in their position.
Cuban gunships are probably headed here already.
Burke left you some clothes.
We could drive up the coastline, try to get ahead of the manhunt.
It won't matter.
They're going to lock down the entire island.
So I guess your proposal is to what, live in the Cuban wilderness for the rest of our lives? There's a smuggler I know.
Ruben Hernandez.
He has a cigar shop on the southern edge of Havana.
He runs guns in and out of every port in the Caribbean.
Does he move people as well? Not usually, but I can be persuasive.
Okay, it looks like that place has been closed for years, so her friend could be dead or in prison-- Or Sonya's leading us into a trap.
I know she whacked you on the head.
No, it's not that-- I mean That pissed me off a little bit.
I'm not gonna lie.
That pissed me off.
But listen, when I was in CIFA, there was a rumor about a deep cover Russian mole working around Arlington.
Blonde hair, in her 20s, spoke flawless English.
Wait a minute, I heard about her.
She turned the NSA inside out.
Yeah, and the information she sent home got a lot of good agents killed.
Now if Sonya's that operative, it's only a matter of time before she stabs us in the back.
Well, then we won't turn our backs.
Mike, you know what, maybe it's best that we just shove her in the trunk of a car and call the CIA Amen to that.
'Cause I'll tell you one thing, the Russians didn't throw her in a black site for shoplifting.
That's not how this works, Sam.
My mission isn't to grab one person, it's to take down a terrorist network, and right, now she is the only link to that network.
Now if you guys want out, I understand, but I have to see this through one way or another.
No, we're in, but after this is over, Mike, I want a thank-you note from the CIA director.
And a fruit basket.
Ruben's still in business.
He'll be here this afternoon.
Sam, Jesse, switch out this car before the police find it.
Michael and I will wait inside.
Mike, you sure you wanna split up? Because if you guys are seen We'll keep a low profile.
It'll be fine, Sam.
When you've spent too much time working with spies, trust doesn't come easy.
Even when you're dealing with someone you care about, you're always on the lookout for signs of deception.
Because you never know whether you're just spotting white lies or something darker.
What's up? That's what I wanna know.
What are you talking about? Why did you tell Lou we'd take this job in New Orleans? The money's not good, and the trail is two days old.
No, it's not.
Lou just-- Don't lie to me! - Whoa, whoa.
- I will not be lied to.
No secrets.
Fi I-I wasn't lying about anything.
Okay? I just didn't tell you the whole story.
Here's the deal.
Ever since Michael came back you've had this, you know, this different look in your eye.
So I figured, I don't know, trip away for a few days might help clear your head.
That's all.
It's just when I walked up you--you hung up your phone.
I was just making hotel reservations.
You wanna check my phone? Come on a trip with me.
A few days.
It'll be fun.
Just how much fun? Lots of fun.
Well, it's just for a couple of weeks.
Will you and Charlie be okay? I'm sure, Fiona.
As long as you're here for his birthday.
We're doing dinosaurs and trains.
Madeline, I'm gonna have to call you back.
I didn't see anything in your file about being a painter, but I gotta tell you, this is impressive.
What do you call it? I call it "Shoot intruders on sight.
" It explores my feelings about having the CIA break into my house repeatedly.
Hmm, I was expecting something a little bit more whimsical.
Get out.
Look, I'll be happy to leave, but we have to talk first.
I've heard that you're thinking about getting out of town.
Oh, you're spying on me too.
If by "spying" you mean monitoring my operative's closest known associates, then yes.
Look, here's the deal.
This is a very crucial point for Michael in his mission.
He's gonna need all the help he can get going forward.
I need you here.
I don't care what you need.
I don't wanna be involved.
You already are involved.
You kidnapped a Russian diplomat, for God's sake.
Yeah, well that was for Michael, not the CIA.
And it was a one-time favor.
You know that, I know that.
The people he's chasing don't.
They think that you're one of Michael's top assets in Miami.
You're part of his cover now.
Which means we can use you when Michael comes back to Miami.
Too bad.
I'm not interested.
Get interested.
This is a matter of national security.
I was hoping that you would just help us out voluntarily, but you don't really have a choice.
You let yourself in.
You can let yourself out.
I have a trip to shop for.
You can't just walk away from this, Ms.
No? Watch me.
Forget about it.
They're not letting even a pineapple leave the ports without inspection tonight, all right? Smuggling four people? Imposible.
You must have other avenues out of the country or other contacts.
Ruben, I want you to remember a few years back when U.
customs somehow overlooked those shipments into San Juan.
It happened because I helped you.
If I decide to hurt you, things will go differently.
Very differently.
Okay, listen.
There's a freighter leaving the port tonight.
The cargo's already been loaded.
- If and this is a big if-- - Make it happen.
We might have to put that escape plan on hold.
Cops are here.
Those aren't just cops.
That's state security.
Oi, oi, no, no, no, no.
No, not that way.
If you break the window, they'll know you're here.
I have a hidden room in here.
Mind if we speak English? My Spanish is not so good.
Of course, of course, uh, señora Colonel Oksana Zhirkov of the Russian GRU.
She's been after me since I left Moscow.
We are looking for a woman you worked with a few years ago.
Sonya Lebedenko.
Sonya? Si, Sonya, but I haven't seen Sonya in a long time.
Wasn't she headed back to Russia? No, no, no, give Ruben a chance to talk his way out of it.
He's good.
This is just in case she's better.
She is in Cuba with an American.
They're looking to get off the island.
Given your past together, I figure this would be her first stop.
She's a clever girl.
I'm sure she expected you to come to me as well and stayed away.
Or perhaps they did come here without your knowledge? They could have hidden in a crate due to be shipped out soon.
I doubt that very much because nobody comes into my warehouse without me knowing.
I trust you, señor, but do you mind if my men look around a bit? No, no, of course not.
You seem nervous.
No, it's--it's just the merchandise here is very valuable.
I'm sure.
Tell me something.
You know Sonya.
If she didn't come here, where would she go? When she was in Havana, she, uhshe knew this guy at Marina Tarara.
It's east of the city.
A lot of pleasure yachts dock there.
Do you remember the contact's name at the Marina? Eh, Eduardo.
He--he would rent boats to tourists.
All right.
You've been very helpful.
We'll be on our way.
If I hear anything I'll contact you.
But please, uh, Colonel, please take this.
For you.
Thank you.
One more thing, Señor Hernandez.
I noticed something interesting while we were talking.
Whenever my associates walked near that wall you completely forgot about your cigar.
In fact, you held your breath.
I wonder why a weapons smuggler would have a warehouse with no weapons.
It occurs to me a hidden room would be very convenient for hiding guns or people.
Or I just sent a shipment out, and for the moment I only have cigars.
Lying is such hard work.
And it's pointless now.
Just tell me the truth, and this will all be over.
Where is the hidden door? It's the middle panel.
There's a little latch on the bottom.
Thank you.
They're behind the wall.
I want them alive.
Run! Cover me.
How's it look out there? Oh, you know.
Classic cars, good music, crumbling infrastructure.
Oh, and you two are the stars of a nationwide manhunt.
Yeah, airports sealed off.
Ports are locked up tight.
Even the hotels are doing room checks.
Oksana is the agency's best.
Back when I knew her, an MI6 agent was made in Estonia.
He had a two-day head start to get out of the country.
Oksana found and killed him by dinnertime.
There might be one card we can play.
She hasn't seen me and Jesse yet.
Maybe we can approach her.
That could work.
We tell her we're hunting for Mike.
Pitch her on joining forces.
If we can get her to show us where she's deploying her men, maybe we can find a hole.
Or create one.
You still have the bug we used at the black site? Yeah, I'll just put it in my watch.
You two are going to walk into Oksana's headquarters and lie to her? Pretty much, yeah.
Let me remind you, she is the head of counterintelligence for the GRU.
There's no one better at seeing through tricks like this.
I know a little bit about counterintelligence myself.
You don't know Oksana.
You make one wrong move, and she kills you and captures us.
Sonya, you saw Oksana at the warehouse yesterday.
She's reading right out of your playbook.
If we just try to run, how long do you think we'll last? Sending Sam and Jesse in might be dangerous, but right now it's the best move we have.
All right, keep your heads down.
Let's see what we can do.
When you're trying to escape surveillance, the first step is spotting it.
You're on the lookout for people who won't make eye contact, figures sitting in parked cars, or faces you've seen more than once.
If you can't determine how you're being watched, the best move is to change locations as soon as possible.
- You all set? - Yeah.
You okay? What's wrong? Nothing, I'm just looking forward to our trip.
Yeah, me too.
Let's get on the road.
Of course, sometimes the reason you can't figure out how they're watching is that they're done watching.
Fiona Glenanne, you're under arrest.
What the hell? What are you talking about? Un--under arrest for what? Two counts of criminal trespassing.
What-are you kidding me? We're chasing a bail jumper, man.
We work for these guys.
No, it's not what you think.
Well, it looks like your girlfriend cut some corners-- No, no, no, no.
Let me tell you something, okay? I was there for that takedown.
She did nothing wrong.
You want to arrest somebody, you arrest me.
I'll be happy to take you two, if that's what you want.
Carlos, you don't wanna get involved in this.
Okay? Come on.
Hey, this--this has got to be some kinda mistake, okay? It's gonna be fine, I promise.
Let's go.
See ya in a bit, okay? Russia and Cuba aren't as tight as they were in the Cold War, but their law enforcement agencies still cooperate closely.
If you're looking for a Russian officer running a manhunt in Havana, there's a good chance they're operating out of a local police station.
Which means the problem isn't finding them.
It's that they'll have an entire country's resources at their disposal.
Sorry to keep you waiting, gentlemen.
I'm Colonel Oksana Zhirkov.
My men found the abandoned sedan that you reported.
Thank you.
No problem.
That car's not all we can find.
My name's Chuck Finley.
This is my partner, Virgil Tibbs.
We're bounty hunters.
If there's money on someone's head, we track down that head.
We're currently after one Michael Westen.
I know who Michael Westen is.
Then you know he's on the run with someone you're after.
Sonya Lebedenko? We're thinking we team up, help each other out.
I see.
Very interesting.
What other information do you have? We're gathering information all the time.
Just this morning we tracked down one of their discarded burner cells, found some of the places they've stayed.
So in other words You have nothing.
Excuse me? You have no useful leads.
No real chance of catching them.
I didn't fly in from Moscow to do your job for you.
What? No.
No, no, no, that's not it at all.
See, we've been nipping at Westen's heels.
We know how he thinks.
I'm sure you do.
My associate will take down anything else you have to say.
Okay, listen, my Russian might be a little rusty, but it sounds like you're having us worked over.
Call it what you like.
I told you this was a bad idea.
- Whoa! - Give me your phone.
- Have you lost your mind? - You can't just lock us up! Hold on, that's my phone.
That's my phone.
That could be information about Westen.
Are you really gonna pass up a lead? Let the man answer his phone.
Well, let's hear it.
Oh, now you wanna chat? Now she wants to chat.
I'm not saying a damn thing until your buddies back off.
You're bluffing.
There's no way you found something my men didn't.
I have all the police in the region.
Well, we have sources that won't talk to the police, folks who aren't fans of the current regime.
Folks who are helping Westen run.
We got a whole network out there, and if you want to take advantage of it, no more goons.
We're partners on this manhunt.
If you offer me something useful, I will allow you to assist with our investigation.
Okay, then.
Michael and Sonya were spotted at a bodega in Miramar.
Our guy followed them down the road to an abandoned bunker.
Oh, oh, uh, wow.
Are you sure? Yep.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm sure.
Avenida allende.
Right outside of town.
They'll be here in about five minutes.
Tell me you have a way to block off this road.
I'm working on it.
If you need to create a roadblock in a hurry, the steel frames of old cars make an excellent barrier.
The challenge is moving that much metal without a tow truck.
What you need is a directed explosion.
If you make sure that the shockwave from your C4 can't head down or sideways, the only way it can go is up.
You said five minutes.
They drove fast.
Let's go! And the more contained the blast, the higher it will send a car flying.
There's no way you're gonna get the-- I stand corrected.
As a spy, there's nothing better than gaining access to your enemy's war room.
You can identify their weaknesses, see where they're deploying their forces, and if you play your cards right, you can even create an escape route for your friends.
So everything else seems pretty much locked down tight, but the airport concerns me.
Now look, if we double up at the VIP entrance and the employee entrance Yeah.
You might have a fighting chance there.
I'm not going to play a guessing game and risk giving Sonya and Westen a clear path onto the tarmac.
The airport is secure.
Uh, whoa! Whoa, are those fuel trucks? Completely unguarded? Oh, you've seen Westen in action.
You're basically giving him a pack of matches here.
I can't devote manpower to guarding fuel trucks the entire day.
There's no way he could even reach them.
He wouldn't have to.
He could just put an old car in drive and send it in like a missile.
Oryou borrow some guards from the perimeter here.
Have 'em hide behind the trucks, rifles ready.
Sonya and Westen go anywhere near those trucks, it's game over.
Fine, we will move some men.
Three policemen off the perimeter.
That doesn't help us.
Planes are still heavily guarded and there's no path to them that doesn't get us cut down from three directions.
Then we don't head to the planes on the tarmac.
We try to make it over to the hangar there where there's only a single guard.
I assume you know that "mantenimiento" means maintenance.
We'll find something flyable.
A plane that needs a little work might be our only option right now.
And how are we going to cross that open field without the guards spotting us? We're not.
You see those cargo containers at the edge of the airfield? We'll get 'em to come to us.
You're not going to kill him? It's risky to leave him-- trust me.
We'll be long gone before anyone finds him.
You know, we studied you in training.
Everybody thought you were a monster.
But for somebody with so many missions your body count was abnormally low, and there were a lot of theories about why.
Yeah, like what? My instructor thought it was a terror tactic.
That you left people breathing to tell horror stories and spread your legend.
What did you think? I realized that you only kill when it is absolutely necessary.
See, after a while, I could look at a diagram of one of your operations and predict who you would let live.
So your theory was that I was noble? Or just weak.
Let's go.
Your lawyer's here.
It's about time.
It's you.
I actually have a law degree, for what it's worth.
We need to talk, Ms.
I was hoping to resolve this more quickly, but you don't make things easy, do you? I told you I'm not interested in helping you or the CIA.
And I told you you can't run away.
You are either out there helping me or you are in here doing whatever it is you do in here.
My relationship with Michael is over.
We've talked twice in the last year.
I want nothing to do with him.
And I want nothing to do with his mission.
Well, you should.
You know the deal I made with Michael.
Your freedom depends on him doing-- Getting exactly what he wanted in the first place.
Working for the CIA.
I think maybe Michael left out a few details.
What do you mean? This is about a lot more than him getting his old job back.
This deal Is mission specific.
If he fails to take down this terror network you, your friends, his mother-- you all go back to prison for a long, long time.
Now he didn't mention that? No.
Well, maybe he wanted to protect you.
Maybe he wanted to go it alone.
Frankly, it doesn't matter what he wanted because he works for me, and he needs help with this thing.
When this mission is done, I want out, free and clear, no matter what Michael does.
Welcome aboard.
If you have no choice but to fly a plane in need of repair, it's better to focus on what's necessary than what's ideal.
Airplane technology may be complex, but the physics of flying are simple.
If you don't mind throwing away the safety manual all you need are wings, a running engine, and workable controls.
All right, this plane is getting us out of here.
This one? Looks like it's in the middle of heart surgery.
They're replacing the magnetic electric generators.
And those are for decoration? We don't need the backup.
I can have this plane ready to fly in 30 minutes.
Call the tower, try to get us clearance.
I'll see what I can do.
I don't like the looks of that.
Yeah, me neither.
We just found Westen and Sonya at the airport.
What? No, no, that's impossible.
We just got a tip that they were spotted in Matanzas.
Your tip is wrong.
I asked the airport tower to report any unexpected activity.
They just got a request from a maintenance hangar that was supposed to be dark today.
So no one's seen him.
You're basing all this on a phone call.
It could have come from anyone.
Then tell me why the guard closest to that hangar is missing.
They're in there.
I know it.
We leave in five minutes.
She found us.
They're on their way.
Is the plane ready? Close enough.
We gotta get the doors open.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
It's too late.
They're already here.
They'll breach through the front and the back doors.
The moment they do, we blow a hole in the wall, we make a run for it.
It won't work.
I know Oksana.
She'll bring reinforcements, and they won't breach until they have an army surrounding the place.
We need to make it to the trees.
Once there, if we can get to our car, we have a chance.
I won't take that chance.
Sonya, you wanna stay here and die? I cannot get captured again.
We wait by the barrels and when they come in, we go down fighting! You don't understand.
No, you don't understand! They tortured me for two solid weeks, and I held out.
I can't do it again.
And if I break we lose everything, and I won't betray my friends.
Okay, the whole force is heading to the airport.
We're gonna be outnumbered by, like, 50 to 1.
Hold on, I might have something.
I've been listening to the radio.
No one's actually seen Mike and Sonya at the hangar yet.
Maybe we can convince Oksana they're attacking this place instead.
- A fake attack? - Yeah.
I like it.
You think there's enough C4 left in the car? I hope so.
Buy me some time.
I'm gonna go make some bad things happen.
When you're simulating an attack on an enemy, it's more important to create fear than to do any real damage.
You can distribute your explosives for maximum effect.
You wanna use a variety of weapons to suggest multiple attackers.
And after that, all you need is a good place to hide when the action starts.
Colonel, we need to talk.
Not now.
We are heading out.
This is critical.
Now listen, when we approach the hangar, Virgil and I need the helicopters in-- There are no helicopters.
You're going after Westen with no eyes in the sky? The man is like a caged tiger.
You push him into a corner, he's just gonna rip our faces off.
I'm confident our faces will-- What the hell was that? Virgil! What the hell? My partner's dead.
They just killed Virgil.
Oh, my God.
Who? Michael and Sonya.
They're outside the station right now.
That's not possible.
They are at the airport trapped in a hangar.
Did you just see that fireball? That was my car! They just blew up my partner! They're coming for us, and they're gonna kill us all.
My men have them surrounded.
Your men fell for some kind of a trick.
I'm telling you, they're standing on our doorstep, and we're sitting ducks in here! You're wrong.
We need to head for the airport.
Attention, attention.
This is Michael Westen.
I need to speak to Colonel Zhirkov.
They have one of our radios.
- Yeah, I guess they do.
- Are you listening? I am outside with an old friend of yours.
Pick up the radio, Colonel.
Don't make me ask again.
What the hell are you doing? Talk to the man.
This is Colonel Zhirkov.
You want to talk, let's talk.
All right, that wasn't so hard.
I want your men to step outside and lay down their weapons.
I don't think you're in a position to make demands, Mr.
There are two of you.
I have a police station full of men.
For now.
Get over to the window, find him, and put him down.
No, no, no.
He's gonna see your sniper.
Do I have to pick off your men one by one like your sniper in the window? I'm done playing games! Call your men back from the airport and buy us some time until they get here.
Hello? Is anybody there? There is no need for further bloodshed, Mr.
I'm sure we can make a deal of some sort.
Just tell me what you want.
It worked.
They're leaving.
What about your friend? What do I want? I want the bastard who tried to catch me.
The one with the chin.
You see? I told you he was insane.
Send him out the front door.
If he turns around, shoot him.
How can you do this to me? I was helping you! Let's go.
Colonel, don't hand me off to them.
They'll kill me.
You told me to buy time.
Guys, you don't wanna do this, believe me.
I got kids and a dog.
- Out.
- Fine.
My blood is on your hands.
Hey, nice fake attack.
Yeah, nothing to it.
All right, let's do it.
Look, I promise you two, it's--it's nothing personal.
You gotta believe me.
I mean, we're-- we're just doing a job.
Look, if you wanna walk away, I won't stop you.
Wait, wait.
What are you doing? No, no, please! Don't--don't kill me! No-- Bravo.
You're a master thespian.
Let's get to the airport before the entire Cuban military shows up.
That's a start.
Next I want $1 million U.
A million U.
? That will take time.
You got 20 minutes.
You'll get your money.
Sounds like he's keeping her busy.
Still gonna be tight.
Hop in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yeah, and one more thing.
We need new passports.
We need them now, or we unleash hell.
I'm afraid we'll be the ones unleashing hell, Mr.
We have your position completely surrounded.
If you want to negotiate, hand over Sonya, and I'll spare you.
Come on, let's go! Mr.
Westen, live to fight another day.
I'll give you the money, the passports.
I only want Sonya.
Hand her over to me, and I'll even give you the plane.
Tray tables up.
Here they come.
Yeah, uh, hey, Lou, listen.
Uh, something came up, man.
Just a-a slight delay.
It's nothing, all right? Uh, I gotta call you back.
Hey, what happened? They wouldn't say anything.
They wouldn't give me any information.
Well, they dropped the charges.
It's a long story.
All right, well, you'll tell me on the road? Uh, I just bought us some time with Lou.
As long as we get to New Orleans by the morning, the job's still ours.
I'll drive first.
You can drive first.
I can't go, Carlos.
I'm sorry.
Why can't you go, Fiona? You just said the charges were dropped.
Well, our lawyer didn't get me out.
Okay, so who did? The CIA.
The CIA.
So this is about Michael.
He's on his way back to Miami, and they're forcing me to help him until the mission's over.
I thought we were moving on with our lives, Fiona.
So did I.
Look, I was hoping I could put this behind me like it never happened, but it did.
Wiping the slate clean's gonna take some work.
And what do you expect me to do, hmm? Sit around and wait? What about us? I'm doing this for us! Don't say that, okay? Don't you dare say that.
I-I--look, Fiona, I don't want this.
I don't want this.
What? Look, until I deal with my past, I-I can't be with you.
I-- and I really wanna be with you.
Please tell me you understand.
I don't understand.
But I trust you.
So if you say this is what you have to do, then Okay.
I'm with you.
Thank you.
You know, I didn't think air travel could be worse than my flight out of Bogota in '94.
I stand corrected.
Yeah, no joke.
I thought the wings were gonna blow off over Key Largo.
If you wanted a smoother ride you should have got us into a hangar with better planes.
I don't wanna sound high maintenance, but after squeezing into that plane I'm gonna have to insist that we steal something with a little more leg room for the ride home.
We don't need to steal anything.
What, did you order up some limo service you didn't tell us about? I made arrangements.
Fuzzy dice.
What is this, like some kind of magic genie thing? Do I get some wishes too? Excuse me, gentlemen, I should take this.
Hello? Okay, I'll admit she didn't stab us in the back in Cuba, but she's trouble.
You swim with a shark long enough, eventually it's gonna take a chunk out of you.
Jesse, I hear you, but I don't have much choice.
Hey, at least we're back in Miami.
Home field advantage.
Well, that was interesting.
I just found out who exposed my identity, got me captured in the first place.
- Who? - Hacker syndicate.
Based in Miami.
Somehow they found out who I was, sold me to the highest bidder.
What now? We destroy them, of course.