Burn Notice s07e11 Episode Script

Tipping Point

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing.
No cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies-- bunch of bitchy little girls.
- Family too - Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help, Michael.
And a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line, as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
We're going after the leader of a terrorist network.
I am the man you've been waiting to meet.
I'll tell you whatever you want to know.
Old loyalties die hard.
And I need to know that you've left yours behind.
I have no reason to run.
And I have nothing to hide.
Welcome to the family.
I got your number from a mutual friend.
I'm having a barbecue in his honor.
Carlos is in trouble.
I need your help.
- It's Lopez.
- Lopez from - Columbia.
- Chacho, I want you to shoot Nando, now! Now, make sure your guests get home safely.
Two days ago, at the exact same time Nando got the call, a helicopter gunship opened fire on an estate outside of Cartegena.
Seven people died, Fi.
I'm gonna have to live with that for the rest of my life.
You're traveling a path with Michael.
You always have.
I don't have a choice.
It was necessary.
James has plans for you.
Big plans.
What does that mean? You can ask him yourself.
He wants to see us.
On an undercover assignment, there's no substitute for building trust.
It's not just a matter of getting to know someone superficially.
To be really effective, you need to get as close to the target as you can, both personally and professionally.
It's never easy.
No matter how much training you have, it's difficult to become someone's closest friend knowing that you're only doing it to steal their deepest secrets.
Good to see you.
Good to see you too, Michael.
Let me have that.
Oh, thank you.
I hope you're rested.
This will take a while.
So you want to tell me what we're doing? We are making fake passports and visas and the usual travel papers.
All right.
You and I are traveling abroad as a couple-- Elliot and Tricia Bronson.
We have been married for a while, so you should probably get memorizing.
That's a lot of trouble for a single trip.
It's not just a trip, Michael.
We're joining James on a very important meeting.
And that meeting is? That's for James to tell you.
We should get started.
Once you've developed a relationship with the target, you can start to use that relationship to get the information you need.
If you're close enough, you can make an interrogation feel like nothing more than innocent questions from a trusted friend.
Is it in Europe? Is it in Asia? Is the meeting in Pakistan? India? China? Come on, Sonya.
I'm building cover I.
s in the dark.
If the meeting's in Tel Aviv, and I say we were just in Cairo-- All right.
We are going to Latin America.
And that is all that you get.
There, you've taken blood from a stone.
Are you happy? Happier.
What is it, the watermark? No, the watermark is good.
It's, um It's just it's funny that Tricia Bronson's been to Rio three times, and Sonya Lebedenko never.
I've always wanted to go.
I almost went one time, and the job got in the way.
The job always gets in the way.
Well, I've been to Rio, and there are jobs there too.
Maybe you and I can work together there one day.
I would like that.
Sometimes it's not enough to be a target's friend, however.
Sometimes to accomplish a mission, you have to go further.
When you share a target's bed, when they trust you enough to sleep beside you, it's a simple thing to get whatever information you need.
That information comes with a price, though.
Often the only way to convince someone that you care about them is to actually start caring about them.
And no matter how important the mission is, no matter how much you believe in your cause, it feels like what it is-- a complete betrayal of someone's trust.
A car will pick you up at 8:00.
I'll see you tomorrow morning.
Michael, how'd it go? - It's done.
- Nice work, lady-killer.
Now, you just get me that drive, and we can figure out where James is headed.
I'll make the drop at the usual place.
We are so close to bringing this son of a bitch down.
You ready to end this? Believe me, I'm ready.
Original Air Date on August 22, 2013 I just got off the phone with the NSA encryption team.
The data you ripped from Sonya's phone was a gold mine.
- So we know where James is.
- No.
But for the first time, we know where he's gonna be before he gets there.
The meeting is going down tomorrow in Veracruz, Mexico.
Sonya booked two jeeps and an armored transport.
Now, we believe you're gonna be with James for about two hours, which is a tight window, but it's big enough.
Sonya scouted a route from the airport to a location in the southwest corner of town.
But you're never gonna make it.
'Cause when you get to this corridor here, we drop the hammer.
So you're gonna hit a convoy in broad daylight on foreign soil? Something like that.
Why? For starters, how do our friends south of the border feel about that? Well, they would definitely frown on it, if they knew about it.
I'm not worried about the Mexican government.
I'm worried about James.
I'll be sitting right next to him.
What happens if it goes wrong? No, he's never gonna know it was us until it's too late.
The extraction team I hired to do the grab could not be farther from CIA personnel.
We're going freelance now? Who are these guys? Let me worry about that.
They can handle it.
Strong, we're rushing this.
There are just too many variables.
The location, the timetable-- I have been after James for almost a decade.
I'm not gonna let the chance to grab him slip through my hands because you think we're rushing.
Michael, we made a deal.
Now the bill has come due.
If you want your old life back, you're gonna have to trust me.
Don't worry, brother.
We'll be there to watch your back.
As a spy, you get used to the idea that every successful operation comes at a price.
Sometimes it's lives lost, other times it's cities destroyed or livelihoods ruined.
Then there are other costs that are more personal.
Less obvious, but the pain is just as real.
Come on in.
I'm just packing up the last of Carlos' stuff.
I'm sorry about all this, Fi.
Michael, what are you doing here? I'm leaving town for a job And I need your help.
Do you have any idea how much your work with James and his network has cost me? - Do you even care? - I'm gonna take 'em down, Fi.
All of them.
James, Sonya, for good.
That's what this mission is.
But James has his men watching my mom around the clock.
And when I betray him Yeah.
So I'm asking you to keep an eye on her.
You're the only one I trust to protect her and Charlie.
Finish this.
- Welcome to Veracruz.
- Thank you, my dear.
The vehicles are set? Excellent.
Michael, good to see you.
Big day for us.
Happy to be part of it.
No matter how much you've trained, no matter how much you've planned, there's always anxiety in the moments before you capture a target.
Most things are simply out of your control.
Your operations team may be monitoring the situation, but they're usually too far away to do much but watch.
Your extraction team is there to do one job, and one job only-- acquire the targets, which effectively leaves you alone.
At the end of the day all you can do is smile, play along, and try not to get killed when the shooting starts.
So what is in Veracruz, other than fresh seafood? Or is that classified? What's happening today has been years I the making.
Let's just say our little organization is about to make a giant leap forward.
One more time, Alpha team.
Michael's to be treated as an enemy combatant until he is in our custody and on his way back to the states.
Do you copy? Copy that.
Okay, go time, people.
The targets are approaching the corridor.
What is it? It's just a feeling.
Tight space.
Almost nobody on the street.
This is the first block that we've passed without vendors.
You don't think-- Radio the others.
Tell 'em to keep their eyes peeled.
Yes, sir.
Target in sight.
Contact in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two-- What the hell? Get down! Get down! What are you doing, Strong? I mean, is your extraction team trying to disable the convoy, or just shoot it to kingdom come? They're trying to make sure we get James Kendrick.
We got four shooters on the rooftops, two on the south side.
We'll take them out first.
- Ready.
- James, wait, wait.
They're only shooting at our engine block 'cause I think they want us alive.
We will not be captured.
They got the drop on us.
If we step out of here-- If it is a capture mission, they won't shoot to kill.
Let's go.
Ah! Grab vehicles, move in.
Incoming! James, we got another SUV.
They're cutting us off! There's a grenade launcher in the rear vehicle! The engine's on fire.
It'll blow before you get there.
Check the lead Jeep for wounded.
We're not leaving anybody behind.
Cover me! Aah! Go! You're clear! Move it! Move it! Get down! Get down! They're closing in! Move out! Come on, hustle up.
When you're undercover and running from your own capture team, you have to make it look like you're trying to escape.
Move! Move! But at the same time, you have to create a trail for your friends to find.
Get some vehicles.
Go! Go! Cell phones can be tracked, which means if you can keep one close by, it gives your team a shot at finding you.
Jesus! Nothing? Well, spread out and keep looking! Alpha team took a beating.
Seven down.
How many times have we told you? These people are better than you think.
Hey, police just got a call about a stolen car in Costa Verde.
A blue Nissan sedan.
Well, that narrows it down to about half the cars in Mexico.
The victim said a carjacker fitting Mike's description grabbed her phone and threw it in the car.
Attaboy, Mike.
Hey, find out who that woman is.
Track down that cell signal.
And I mean ten minutes ago.
Come on, guys.
We're going for a ride in the chopper.
Yeah, Fi, we're a little busy here.
Sam, what the hell is going on? I'm outside Madeline's.
James' guys have been sitting in that car all day.
Now all of a sudden they're buzzing around.
Looks like they just got some bad news.
Well, we tried to grab James, but he slipped through our net.
He must have called them.
They're going toward the house.
You think they know Michael betrayed them? Yeah, look, that's just the thing, though.
We don't know if Mike's cover's been blown or not.
Well, we gotta make a call.
'Cause if it has, Madeline's dead.
And if it hasn't, you shooting a couple of James' guys is just gonna tip 'em off, and then Mike is dead.
You got a whole building going on here, huh? Sweetheart, you be a good boy.
You play with your blocks.
I'll be right back.
Look, Fi, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
We gotta bet on Mike that somehow he kept his cover.
All right, I'm holding off for now.
But if they so much as look at her sideways, I'm pulling the trigger.
Sorry to bother you, Mrs.
Westen, but we need to come inside.
Uh, no.
Look, I spoke to your boss.
I was very clear about you people being in my home.
They're forcing their way in.
Westen, something's happened.
- Are you talking about Michael? - We can't discuss it.
You just have to trust us.
All right, come in.
Fi, did you do it? What the hell happened? She waved me off.
Next time something happens down there-- Believe me.
You'll be our first call.
With little government oversight and a booming private sector, Mexico has one of the most unregulated airspaces in Latin America.
Bad news for safety and air pollution, but good news if you need to conduct a manhunt without the local authorities finding out.
Okay, gentlemen, HQ got us a signal.
The cell phone that Michael grabbed is in this sector down here.
We're looking for a 2009 Nissan Altima.
Which way's the signal moving? Uh, north by northeast.
There we go.
Blue sedan right there, hanging a left.
Nope, ours is still going straight.
And that's an Audi, not a Nissan.
You can tell from a couple thousand feet up? I'm a car guy.
Okay, he just turned right.
Wait a second, another blue sedan following that truck.
They're traveling together.
That's gotta be James and his whole damn crew right there.
Alpha team, we have a visual on the targets-- they're in a caravan driving north on highway 150d, just past the Bustamante exit.
There's a reason helicopters are the search vehicles of choice for every law enforcement agency in the world.
When you can travel on any axis, with 60 miles of visibility, there's virtually nowhere for your target to hide.
- Keep those vehicles in sight.
- Yes, sir.
The downside of using a helicopter is that when you're surrounded by nothing but sky, there's nowhere for you to hide either.
Pull over down here.
Why are we stopping? There's a chopper following us.
Best chance to lose it, split up.
We're stronger together.
If we split up-- It's a risk we're gonna have to take.
Now, there was a boatyard three miles ago.
Double back, get yourselves a boat, head up the coast.
We'll find the next marina, get one of our own.
- How will we find you? - I'll contact you, give you directions so the safe house.
Let's move out.
You heard the man.
Let's go.
All right, the truck's leaving.
What's the plan? Damn it, they're splitting up! Alpha team, target vehicles are now heading in separate directions.
You follow the signal from the cell phone, we'll stay on the truck.
Any luck? Nothing we can get in the water.
There's a trawler in there.
The wiring's shot, but Mark's seeing if he can get it started.
Come on.
How's it going? Getting there.
Owen, help me find some fuel.
You hear that? Alex, cover the door.
Advance on three.
One, two-- Ah! Ooh! Alpha team, I'm a friendly.
Don't shoot.
Come on out, Michael.
We're all clear.
He was down.
This is a capture mission! Hey.
What the hell are you doing here? Relax, Michael.
We're on the same side.
You were waiting for Alpha team.
I'm Alpha team.
No, no.
I captured you.
I put you away, Simon.
This makes no sense.
But it makes all the sense in the world.
Use that big brain of yours.
The fact that you captured me makes me the perfect man for the job.
You're deep cover.
Whoever ran the extraction team had to be somebody who didn't work for the CIA.
Somebody who you'd never work with.
Somebody like me.
Yeah, you're right, I'd never work with you.
I'm gonna call this in.
What do you think they're gonna say? This ain't my first rodeo.
They got me out of the box almost as soon as you put me in it.
Boy, I've been working for them going on, like, two years now.
Off the books, naturally.
They drop me into hot spots when they need someone to get their hands dirty.
There's no way they'd let you out of prison after everything you've done.
Wake up, Michael.
Guys like us, we're weapons.
As long as we're useful, somebody's always gonna want to take us out to play.
Now, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, but you're gonna have to get that thing out of my face.
Alpha team do you copy? That's the boss man now.
Okay with you if I answer? I'm here, Mr.
I just killed a couple of James' men.
Unfortunately, I lost my team in the process.
What about James and Sonya? I'm guessing they're in that truck you're following now.
We're near the Calavera Marina.
I need you to get your ass over here as soon as possible.
Love to, right after Michael here decides whether or not he's gonna shoot me.
Just give us one second.
What's it gonna be, slugger? You gonna complete this mission or not? I think he's coming around.
Now, how do we get to this marina? Ten miles south down Calle Ocho.
Radio when you're near.
Looks like James wants to play a little hide and seek.
- All right, circle and descend.
- Yes, sir.
Since the Vietnam war, helicopters have given technologically superior forces a huge advantage on the battlefield.
In almost every situation, your target's only move is to run and hide.
But as everyone from the Viet Cong to the Mujahideen has learned, a helicopter's main defense is its maneuverability.
And if they can force you into hovering over a tight space, like a valley between two mountains or an alley between two buildings There they are.
They can make you an easy target.
Heads up.
Heads up! - Get us outta here! - We're hit.
We're losing fuel.
I gotta set her down.
Son of a bitch.
Alpha team, we got a problem.
James and Sonya just lit us up.
We're gonna have to land.
Sorry to hear that.
UhBuckle up? So much for our air support.
Sounds like James and Sonya will be long gone before we get to that marina.
Any idea where they're headed? Safe house outside of town.
I don't know where it is.
Well, I read James' file.
One thing I do know, he has a soft spot for his friends.
If the situation is dire enough, no way he leaves you hanging.
Oh, oh, I got it.
Get James on the radio.
Tell him all hell has broken loose.
Tell him he needs to get here now.
Hey, buddy.
What, you got stage fright? Go on.
James, it's Michael.
Are you there? I said I would contact you.
What's going on? We have an emergency here.
They got the drop on us.
Can you handle it? I'm trying to save our guys.
Michael, are you still there? Michael.
Yeah, I-- I'm going in, but I'm gonna need backup.
Where are you? Boatyard.
East boathouse.
You stay strong.
We're on our way.
Stay strong? Did he get that off a bumper sticker? Move away from him.
Oh, come on.
James is smart.
I had to make it convincing.
That wasn't necessary.
You think I haven't done worse for the CIA? Hell, they'll probably pin a medal on my chest after this.
Don't touch this man again.
Oh, cry me a river.
You wanna weep for somebody, how 'bout my men? Like Paco, or what's-his-face there with the moustache? Right there.
You still in one piece, Bravo team? We're on the ground, but we lost James and Sonya.
Well, I have some good news for you.
Thanks to Michael's stirring performance, they're racing over here.
We're setting a little trap.
If you want to catch the show, hurry on over to the east boathouse.
Nice work.
We'll see you there.
Michael helped Alpha team lure James and Sonya back to the boathouse.
- Good.
Let's do this.
- Wait, hang on.
Before we go any further, there's something I need to tell you about the leader of Alpha team.
Why do I feel like you're about to drop some really bad news? Yeah, who is it? Spit it out.
- Simon Escher.
- What? As in Simon, the homicidal maniac? And you're letting him run a team? Have you lost your mind? He's been working with the Agency for a while now, and he is a top-notch operator.
Nobody has a better record in high-risk environments.
I don't give a damn about his record! They guy tried to blow up half of Miami! We've kept him on a tight leash, and I have been crystal clear about the mission's parameters.
Look, to hell with your parameters.
You're working with a monster! And what is Michael? Huh? He shot a senior CIA officer in the face.
Don't you dare compare the two.
I will work with who I have to get the job done.
Now, you back off.
Guys, we're on the same team here, okay? And it's not just our asses on the line.
Let's go.
Jesse, what is going on? Hey, we're making another run at James.
You need to get Maddy and Charlie out of there before we do.
What? They're inside the house with two armed guards because Sam told me not to shoot them.
I know it's bad, Fi, but this is happening.
- How long do I have? - Five, maybe ten minutes.
I'll see what I can do.
Hello? Madeline, it's me.
Say, "Hello, Mrs.
" Oh, hi, Mrs.
How are you? Listen, I'm coming in to get you and Charlie.
But I need you to tell me where those two men are positioned.
Oh, I'm just puttering around the kitchen.
Charlie's great, yeah.
He's coloring over at the dining room table.
So are they guarding both doors? Uhhuh.
All right, take Charlie into the sunroom.
In ten minutes, I'm gonna come in from the back and try and to take 'em out before they know what's happening.
Keep Charlie close.
I will.
I'd be happy to.
Try to find some kind of weapon, just in case.
Okay, will do.
All right, we'll talk again later.
My neighbor, Mrs.
She's visiting her mother in Boca and wants me to go water her plants and take in the mail tomorrow.
I'm assuming this will all be over by then.
Hey, Charlie, sweetheart, I think he light's a lot better in the sunroom.
Why don't we go color over there? Take the crayons, all right? Then we'll cover together.
Here we go.
Decent cover.
Solid sight lines.
This should do just fine.
You stay over there.
Pretend you're shooting at somebody behind the boat.
Sonya and James come in to help out.
I sneak up behind them and disable them.
- "Disable" them? - Yeah.
I find people easier to capture when they can't walk.
Simon, that's not how I operate.
Mm, I thought we covered this.
I'm running this extraction on orders of the CIA.
Michael, you still hanging in there? As a spy, you're supposed to accomplish your mission no matter what it costs.
Yeah, James, I'm just inside the door by a boat.
I'm--I'm engaging three hostiles.
We're two miles out.
We'll be there soon.
Way to sell the deal, Michael.
I didn't even need the squealer's help to send it over the top.
There comes a point, though, where that's not possible anymore, when you're pushed to the breaking point Simon, no! And beyond.
Ah! It's not too late, Michael.
Let me go, and we'll finish the job.
Then you'll be the hero.
Isn't that what you always wanted, to be the hero? Not like this.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, God.
Over here.
Michael! - What happened? - I tried to save them.
We were ambushed.
We need to patch you up.
Let me.
Owen and the boys? They were brave.
Someone will pay.
I should have listened, Michael.
We never should have split up.
You came back, James.
Of course.
Brace yourself.
This will hurt.
When you're trying to save someone from an enemy with superior numbers, the challenge is being in two places at the same time.
A well-placed directional charge will take out windows, walls, and anyone standing near them.
Timed precisely, it can give you the chance to attack both sides of a structure at once.
If it works, you take out all the hostiles inside before they can hurt the people you're trying to save.
If it doesn't, you create one hell of a death trap.
- Something wrong? - Sorry, I'm kinda nervous.
I'm on my last pack of nicotine gum.
Withdrawal is a b-i-t-c-h.
- There's the east boathouse.
- Okay, Fi just texted.
She's pulling Maddy out in three minutes.
Then we better get this done before that happens.
All right, safeties off, heads down.
Let's move! Nothing on this one either.
They have no I.
s, no phones, not even any tattoos.
These guys were ghosts.
Who the hell do you think sent them? I don't know.
You still there? I just sent you pictures of the hit squad.
I want them identified ASAP.
Thank you.
We'll be about an hour.
All right.
Let's go.
The thing that keeps you going in a deep-cover mission is knowing that you're fighting for something you believe in, that the people you work for have your back.
But when your own side betrays what they claim to stand for, when they're willing to do things even your enemies wouldn't dream of, everything starts to fall apart.
And when it comes down to that final moment, sometimes you can surprise even yourself.
Wait! Wait.
What is it? This might be nothing, but this one was calling in for a support team during the firefight.
If backup's on the way, they'll be coming from that road.
Is that arm good enough to swim? We'll find out.
Let's go out back.
Michael! He's gone.
No sign of James or Sonja either.
What the hell happened here? I'll tell you what happened.
You put an Op in the hands of a psycho, and it blew up in our faces.
Oh, Jesus, I gotta call Fi.
What do you want? I'm just about to-- No, stop whatever you're doing.
Mike and James disappeared on us.
Again? What happened? I don't know, but we lost 'em.
Madeline and Charlie are still inside.
What do you want me to do? Get the hell out of there.
The operation's not over.
Jesse, I just set a charge.
You gotta get rid of it now, right now.
What was that? You hear something? Stay there.
Be right back.
It's nothing.
Must be my neighbor's cat.
I give the old fleabag milk every once in a while, now he wants me to adopt him.
Glad you made it, sir.
You all right? I've seen better days.
Dispose of the vehicle.
Right away.
I'll check to see if there's been progress identifying the photos.
Sonya, leave that be.
Come with me.
Michael, join us.
What's going on, James? Well, we don't need photos to figure out who did this.
I think we know exactly where to find that information.
What is that supposed to mean? Please Don't make this harder than is has to be.
Make what harder? James, you're scaring me.
Sonya Only two people in the world knew exactly where we'd be today.
Meand you.
What are you talking about? - James, put the gun down.
- You stay out of this, Michael.
'Cause I didn't tell anybody.
And Michael here, he didn't know where we'd be.
Neither did these men.
And everyone else on the mission is dead.
I would never betray you.
- Who did you tell? - No one.
- Who did you tell? - No one, I swear it! Calm down.
It's possible she's not lying.
Somebody could have hack-- no way in hell.
Nobody gets that close to us.
Someone make you a better offer? Is this a power play to take over? Because I would respect it.
Couldn't tolerate it.
Whatever your plan was, it failed.
I was tortured for us, you know that.
I helped build all of this.
And that, my dear, is what makes this so very hard.
Mm, see, I need to know what you've done, what you've compromised.
I'm gonna give you five seconds to come clean before this becomes a lot more painful.
Now, who are you working with? - Please.
- Who were those men? Five, four, three James, I don't know.
I don't know.
Please don't do this.
- Talk to me! Two - James.
Stay out of this, Michael.
She didn't betray you.
I did.
I'm working with the CIA.
I copied the information off her cell phone while she slept.
I made a drop to my CIA contact with all the data later that morning.
Sonya knew nothing about this? No.
How long you been with the CIA? The whole time, James.
What's the point? If you're gonna shoot me, get it over with.
You think you get off that easy? Good men died today because of you.
How dare you fight alongside of us like a brother? How could you? It was part of my cover.
I made a deal with the CIA to keep my friends out of jail.
I had to sell it.
Ah! You're holding back on me, Michael.
You saved men's lives, you killed for us.
No man is that good a liar.
You're a believer.
I saw the fire in your eyes.
Yes, but the things you did, I didn't agree with all of them, butyou believed in something.
You stood for something.
The CIA was waiting outside the boathouse today, weren't they? Yeah.
You could have completed your mission.
You could have got your friends off the hook.
And all you had to do was let us walk out the door.
But you didn't.
Why? Can we just end this, please? Not until you tell me the truth for the first goddamn time in your life.
Why didn't you complete your mission? Because the man they sent after you--Simon.
Because if they worked with him, they believe in nothing.
And I believed.
I believed from the first day of my training at the CIA.
I thought all they stood for was right.
Even after they burned me! I gave up everything! And I wasted my life for a lie.
James, are you satisfied? No, Sonya.
Not yet.