Burn Notice s07e12 Episode Script

Sea Change

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing-- no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you A trigger-happy girlfriend Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies-- bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family too Hey, is that your mom again? If you're desperate Someone needs your help, Michael.
And a down-and-out spy you met along the way.
That's how we do it, people.
Bottom line, as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
It's a deep-cover job, going after the leader of a terrorist network.
I need you to bring them down, no matter what.
I'm James.
Welcome to the family.
This guy, James-- he's getting to you.
They all are.
It's difficult to work so hard to be part of something, knowing you have to destroy it.
These people believe in what they're doing.
The data you ripped from Sonya's phone was a gold mine.
- So we know where James is? - No.
But for the first time, we know where he's gonna be before he gets there-- Veracruz, Mexico.
Alpha team, I'm a friendly.
- Hey! - Simon.
I'm running this extraction, on orders of the CIA.
You're working with a monster! And what is Michael, huh? No, no, no, no, no, no.
Only two people in the world knew exactly where we'd be today.
Me And you.
I would never betray you.
I'm gonna give you five seconds to come clean before this becomes a lot more painful.
She didn't betray you.
I did.
I'm working with the CIA.
A spy's job, at the most basic level, is to deceive.
You build a lie.
You nurture that lie, selling it to your target, bit by bit, until he believes.
Your lie becomes your weapon, your salvation, the only thing that stands between you and disaster.
When that lie falls away, you're left with only the hard truth of who you are and what you've done.
When that happens, you're out of moves.
The only thing there is to do then is await your fate.
Come on.
James wants to talk.
I want you to tell me something.
Was any of it real? Between us? I had a job to do, Sonya-- get close to you, close to the people you work with.
You didn't answer the question.
I was undercover for so long, I lost track of who I was.
And part of me-- the part that believed in what we were doing-- that part cared for you.
And you? Were you just recruiting an asset? I had a job to do too.
Did I take pleasure in it? Yes.
My heart belongs to my work.
It will always come first.
I have been contemplating our circumstances, Michael, and I'm deeply concerned by what you've done.
I have questions, important questions, questions that will determine your future and ours.
What do you want to know? I need to know exactly what the CIA wants.
They want the leader of this group.
They want you.
And if you don't give them that? My friends will spend the rest of their lives a CIA detention center.
What we do here together What we stand for Do you believe in it? And don't Give me the answer that you think I want.
What I want is the truth.
I haven't always agreed with your methods, but the jobs I've helped you with, the ones no one else was willing to do, they needed to be done.
We protect what is important.
You made me part of something that's bigger than you, bigger than me.
You made me believe there is something worth fighting for, something to believe in.
I believe in you, Michael Westen.
Always have.
I think there's a way out of this, a way to salvage our organization, a way to save your friends, a way to save yourself.
But in order to do that, I need you to do something for me.
I need you to go back to Miami and return yourself to the good graces of the CIA.
I need you to tell them a story.
I need you to convince them that you barely escaped with us after the mission went wrong.
I need you to convince them that you looked for an opportunity to capture me yourself, you moved heaven and earth to complete your task, but it proved impossible.
And I need you to convince them that you made me believe I was betrayed by an underling, and you have heroically returned home to continue your work.
Will you do that? Will you lie to the CIA for me? Jesus, Michael! We thought you were dead.
Yeah, I'm in Mexico.
I'm fine.
And the operation? My cover is intact.
The operation is still alive.
Original Air Date on September 5, 2013 As a spy, when you stop believing in the orders you've been given, you can't just walk away.
You have to go deeper.
You have to lie to the people giving those orders.
You have to act as if nothing's wrong.
Westen, please empty your pockets.
And you have to make everyone think you're dedicated to the very operation you're trying to destroy.
We've been over this report half a dozen times, and I can't make heads or tails of it, especially why the hell James Kendrick isn't in our custody right now.
The operative in charge of the extraction team was killed.
It would have been too big a risk for Westen to try to apprehend Kendrick on his own.
Isn't that what your man is supposed to do-- take risks, get the job done? I believe that was part of the understanding in the deal you made with him to come on board this operation.
Yes, sir, the concern was that making a move would have blown his cover.
And not making a move got us exactly nothing.
Now, we're all questioning why you handed over a mission this sensitive to an operative with his, uh reputation.
If it weren't for Westen, sir, we wouldn't be as close as we are.
Close doesn't count for much if he can't finish the job.
We can still pull this together.
We just need a little more-- you've been singing that song for the better part of a decade, and you know what? I'm tired of hearing it.
Now, I am pulling this operation from Clandestine Services and sending it back upstairs for analysis.
If we decide that this network is still worth going after, we'll assign a new team.
This is our only shot, sir.
Once Kendrick is gone, he's gone.
Well, maybe your operative should have thought about that before letting the bastard walk away.
That operative you're talking about is sitting right here.
Excuse me? With all due respect When was the last time you were in the field? When was the last time you had dinner with James Kendrick? I am the Director of central intelligence for the entire goddamn USA.
If I say this Op is over, it's over.
When I started this Op, you thought Randall Burke was the head of this network.
I'm the one who dug deeper.
I discovered James Kendrick is sitting on the top of this pyramid.
Now, you can't expect me to just walk away from this, not now.
Now, I know him better than anyone in this room, and if you shut this down, you lose all hope of stopping him.
Sir, I'm asking you to trust me.
Let me bring this home.
You have 48 hours.
If you don't have it wrapped up by then, we'll be back here deciding how deep a pit to toss you into.
Michael, it's me.
I have been calling you for hours.
- Sorry, Fi.
- I spoke to Strong.
Not only did he say you want us off the job, but we're not supposed to even have contact with you? What is going on? I don't want to get into it.
I have to do this on my own.
James and Sonya are dangerous.
You know this! I can handle them.
If things get bad, the CIA will back me up.
You're gonna trust the CIA over us? They let Simon lead the last Op, for God's sake! They were in a tough spot.
They're just trying to finish this.
Do you hear yourself? We're talking about Simon! I know, and I don't care! I just-- I just want this to be over.
You can't do this alone, Michael.
If your cover is blown, the CIA are gonna hang you out to dry.
You know what you'll be left with? This.
And that's it.
And these? They're not enough.
You need our help.
I'm sorry, Fi.
It has to be this way.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Okay, Fi.
This better be important.
Elsa wasn't happy with me running out at dawn.
Oh, it's important.
I put a tracker in Michael's gun.
He's hiding something, and I want to know what it is.
Wait a minute.
What? I put a fake bullet in his clip that's transmitting his location.
You're spying on Mike? Look, why would he ask us to help him all this time, then kick us off the job and out of his life? It doesn't make sense.
Come on, Fi.
It's his mission.
He's the one on the inside.
We got to let him do his thing.
He's been acting strangely ever since he met James.
You know I'm right.
He told you himself-- he's starting to question his own loyalty.
And he said he was handling it.
Sam, he didn't even mind that the CIA hired Simon.
Look, Fi, he's been under a lot of stress.
You know, he almost died in Mexico.
So just because he seems a little off doesn't mean he's up to something.
For what it's worth, he's on the move.
Heading north on I-95.
Come on, Jesse.
You're not buying this too? I'm- I'm not saying I'm convinced, but I don't know why we can't just follow him around a bit, see what he's doing.
If it's nothing, we'll all sleep better, right? Wow.
Spy on a spy.
I guess that's us.
Okay, let's do it.
Oh, my goodness, I'm starving.
I really wish I would have finished that breakfast burrito.
Well, I wish we weren't doing this at all.
This is a waste of time.
I don't know.
You got to admit-- it's a little odd, Mike drives all the way to Lauderdale just to sit in his car for an hour.
Well, maybe he's following up a lead for the CIA.
- For what? - What does it matter? This just feels wrong.
You know what? I'm gonna get to the bottom of this right now.
I'm just gonna call him.
Hey, Sam.
Yeah, hey, Mike, uh, I just swung by the loft, you know, to check in, see what's going on, and you weren't there.
Where did you run off to? Yeah, I took a ride up to Fort Lauderdale, checking on a few leads.
Oh, you're in Fort Lauderdale? Okay.
Do you want me to head out there and give you a hand? Well, there's nothing to help with.
James is laying low out of the country.
I don't think he'll make contact for at least a few days.
Okay, well, if you need me, you know where to find me, brother.
Thanks, Sam.
Okay, there you go.
Everything's fine.
He said James isn't gonna make contact for a couple of days.
In the meantime, he's just checking out a lead.
Wait a minute.
Mike said he's not meeting James for a couple days? Yeah, that's right.
Who the hell's that? - Son of a bitch.
- Mike lied to us.
He's lying to us.
No, come on, hey.
He's got to be making a play.
What the hell are you talking about? What kind of play? Look, you can lie to yourself all you want.
That doesn't change the fact-- Jesse, don't say it.
Mike is not a traitor.
You need to wake up.
He kicked us off the job.
He's lying to us.
Look at him.
Tell me I'm wrong.
No, you're not wrong.
Mike switched sides.
Are you telling me my son's a traitor? I know this is hard.
James has been messing with his head.
I've never seen Michael like this.
Tell me where he is.
It's not that simple.
- I want to talk to him! - Well, he doesn't want to talk.
He pulled us off the job.
He's not returning our calls.
Then why are you bothering to tell me this? Tell me, what do you want? Tell me what to do! We need to get him away from James and Sonya, from all of it.
Fiona, this house is being watched! What's gonna happen to Charlie and me if Michael goes missing, hmm? We'll get you both away, someplace safe, and then we can focus on Michael.
Hi, sweetheart.
You go back in.
Grandma will be there in a minute.
I love you.
You're asking me to go on the run With a child? It's the only chance Michael has.
Give me a couple of days to put our stuff together.
Madeline We only have a couple hours.
- We're in safe waters now.
- Good.
Here's where the operation stands.
The CIA has given me 36 hours to finish this before they shut it down.
Well, then we'll have to move fast.
James, there's--I don't know what else we can do.
The CIA won't accept anything less than you thrown in a dark hole.
I'm aware of that.
I've thought about this matter for quite some time, and There is only one course of action open to us.
Michael You have to turn me in.
- What? - Yeah.
- No.
- Yes.
James, we can't.
Sonya, the CIA has my face and name.
I have been compromised, and they won't stop hunting us until they bring me down, so I must be brought down.
What they don't realize is that our work will continue.
How will it continue without a leader? I see two leaders standing right before me.
James, I'm not sure what you're thinking, but-- It's simple.
When you turn me over to the authorities, you'll be a hero.
You'll be the man who captured me, and the CIA will never suspect that their ace operative is protecting us from within.
I know.
It's a lot to process.
I have always had great faith in you.
You can do this.
Michael, you said it yourself.
The only way to keep your friends from living a life in prison-- turn me in.
I'm giving you that and so much more.
And this This is a beautiful thing.
For them, it'll be over, but for you two-- only the beginning.
- The CIA will want an update.
- Mm-hmm.
What do you want me to tell them? You just tell them I'm coming to town.
And you keep them at a distance until we're ready.
Michael, where are you? I don't have a lot of time to talk, but James is coming to Miami.
Get your team ready.
Hey, look at you.
How the hell did you get a seaplane on such short notice? I had a few buddies put some things together, in case of an emergency.
I'd definitely say this is an emergency.
- Yeah, you all set here? - Yeah, yeah.
Not bad for an unfinished mansion, huh? All right, so we get Mike in the boathouse, surround him, get him on that plane.
- Yeah.
- You all right? Yeah, it's just--I don't know how this is gonna work.
I mean, even if we pull it off, Mike's just gonna hate us.
Look, Sam, I know what it's like being on the other side.
When I found out Mike burned me, I wanted to kill the guy.
I'd spend hours thinking about the moment I could put a bullet in his brain.
That doesn't really make me feel any better.
But my point is, you guys helped me see that I was wrong.
You helped me see Mike for who he is.
I came around.
So will he, all right? It might be a tough road, but I got to believe we'll get there.
I'll call Fi, tell her we're ready.
- Sam? - Yeah, Fi.
Did you ditch those creeps outside? I'm working on it right now.
Madeline's not too happy with our plan to burn her house down as a distraction.
Okay, well, we got a plane.
As long as we're airborne by 4:00, we're safe.
We'll be there soon.
Fi, make sure you get away clean.
This plan falls apart if they follow you back here.
They won't, Sam.
You ready? Ready as I can be.
It's not every day you burn down a house you spent I'm sorry we have to do this.
You have a lot of good memories here.
Yeah, I got a lot of bad ones too.
This picture Was taken the Christmas Frank put me in the hospital.
That morning was the happiest I'd ever seen my boys.
Then that night I should have left here a long time ago.
I just couldn't do it.
Well, you're not the same woman that you were.
You're stronger now.
Hey, baby.
Pick up your backpack and meet grandma at the back door.
You hurry, now.
Come on! Check the window! What the hell? James arrives in a few hours.
By that time, we'll be ready.
This place is pretty convincing for a place you don't use anymore.
It used to be our transmission hub for our operatives in the Caribbean.
Then we recruited one of the best satellite tech guys in Miami, so we don't need it anymore.
He's got us tapped into a civilian station closer to the city now.
Is the CIA on alert and ready to go? Yeah, I'll call in a signal when it's time to move in and capture James.
How many units will there be? Two special response teams, which means a few dozen commandos supported by armored SUVs.
When the helicopter lands on the roof, James will let you grab him.
Our guards will be able to hold off the CIA long enough for me to get on board and escape.
Do your men know what's about to happen? They've dedicated themselves to this organization.
They know the risks.
Hello? What? Well, I want an update as soon as you have it.
There's a situation at your mother's house.
There's been a fire.
When our security went in to help, Fiona destroyed their vehicle and left with your mother and your nephew.
Michael, what is going on? I'm gonna find out.
Okay, here we go.
Mike, for God's sake, I've been trying to get a hold of you-- it's about your mom.
I heard, Sam.
What happened? Well, I'm not sure exactly.
Fi called me about ten minutes ago, and she was upset.
I could barely understand what she was saying.
Where is she? Mike, this is kind of a delicate situation.
I'm gonna meet her in about an hour.
Why don't you meet me, and we'll go together? I tried to talk to her, but she needs to hear it from you.
No, Sam, I can't.
Look, Mike, I know you're busy, but when you kicked us off this job, Fi didn't take it too well.
You got to talk to her.
No, I'm in the middle- Look, Mike, make time, okay? 'Cause she could be leaving the country with your mom right now.
We got to get in front of this-- just you, me, and Fi-- 'cause if somebody else goes in, who knows what she'll do? I mean, when she gets like this, Mike, things tend to go boom.
All right, where should I meet you? The old port bridge.
Remember, Mike, alone.
Michael, is Fiona going to be a problem? It's gonna be fine.
Just focus on everything here.
I'll be back soon.
Why would she attack our men? Why? I don't know.
This plan is already in motion.
- It'll be fine! I just need-- - If she does anything-- - Sonya, I'll handle it.
Michael just arrived.
Is everything in place? Tasers charged, rubber bullets loaded, sedatives ready.
Mike's getting on that plane one way or another.
So where's Fi? She's across the bridge on the island.
Well, let's do this quick.
I got to get back.
Mike, hang on a second.
Fi doesn't know you're coming.
We should take my car, so we don't spook her before we get a chance to talk to her.
Sound good? Okay, they're on the move.
Where are we meeting Fi? Uh, she's in some mansion that's under construction.
She's camping out at the boathouse there.
- Why there? - What do you mean? Well, when she was running guns, she would never use one of these small islands because there are no escape routes.
I don't know.
Maybe she's planning more hiding than escaping.
When you've worked with the same team for many years, you understand exactly how each member operates.
You know their strengths, their weaknesses, and how they act under pressure.
Sam, I don't think I should surprise Fi.
Why don't you let me out here, you go in alone, and tell her I want to talk? Mike, look, the sooner we deal with this, the better.
You also know what it looks like when they're trying to hide something from you.
Stop the car.
Mike, let's get to the meeting.
You want to see your mom, right? Sam, I said stop the car! Sam! Sam! What the hell just happened? You tell me what is going on here! Why the hell are you lying to me? Who's lying to who, brother? We saw you, Mike.
We tailed you to that marina.
You're telling me on the phone you haven't seen James, and I'm watching you shake hands with the son of a bitch! No! You don't understand, Sam! Yeah, you're damn right I don't.
You're lying to protect the guy you're supposed to be taking down! You don't know everything! I am protecting you.
I am protecting everyone.
You know what? You keep telling yourself that, but I know there's more to it than that.
You're starting to believe what he's doing.
You're starting to believe in what he's all about.
Quick reminder--you're supposed to be working for the CIA! The CIA hired Simon! They burned me, and they left me out in the dark! They ruined my life! I don't owe them anything! Okay, the CIA may not be perfect, but they got to answer to somebody.
Who does James answer to, huh? Nobody, 'cause he makes up his own rules.
What's wrong with that? Tell that to Nate.
What did you say to me? Mike, the people who murdered your brother, the people who destroyed your life-- they thought they were doing good things too.
How is your group any different? That is not the same thing.
This is different.
When I'm in-- When you're what, Mike? Oh, Jesus.
It's worse than I thought, isn't it? You're not just helping them, you're one of them! After today, I won't have to follow orders anymore.
I will be making them.
- Jesus.
- The resources I'll have, the operatives that I will have under my control-- after today, I won't have to let some bureaucrat decide what's worth fighting for! I can do what I think is right! And, Mike, what happens when somebody gets in your way, huh? What happens then? I'm walking away, Sam.
You're not going anywhere, pal.
Aah! Navy SEALs use their comfort in the water to gain the upper hand.
If an opponent panics, then all a SEAL has to do is hold his breath and let oxygen deprivation do its work Which means the best way to fight a Navy SEAL in the water is to force yourself to be as calm as they are.
Let them think they've won and then make your move.
Because we're friends and we've been through so much together, I'm gonna let this is go But you stay the hell out of my way, Sam.
It's about time.
Everything's in place.
James is waiting.
I'll make the call.
Is Fiona going to be a problem? - I took care of it.
- Are you sure? I need to know that this isn't going to get in our way.
You don't have to worry about her.
Michael, Fiona is a liability.
She can ruin everything.
This is what I want, and I will do what I have to.
Make the call.
- This is James.
- Everything's on schedule.
Once you're close, I'll let the CIA know.
They won't make a move until you're on the ground.
Well, then we mustn't keep them waiting.
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
We'll be ready.
Michael, do you realize how far you've come? I'm proud of you.
My people are in good hands.
Let's get this bird in the air.
Roger that.
Damn it! I should have been able to grab him! It's not your fault, Sam.
It doesn't matter.
It's too late.
We should just get on that plane and get the hell out of town.
He still has the tracker on him.
We know where he is.
If we can get to him, then I can-- Fi, this is Mike we're talking about.
He knows we're a threat now.
There's no way we can catch him by surprise.
Well, it's not gonna be easy.
Try impossible.
He's with James now.
Yeah, I know that, Sam! But if we don't stop him now, there won't be a Michael left to save! What are we gonna do, Fi? Even if we could get him, then what? I looked into his eyes, Fi.
He's lost.
You think that's easy for me to say? He's my best friend, but there's nothing we can do.
It's too late.
You have all been through so much together.
Please, don't give up on Michael Not now.
Okay, Mike's way out in the Everglades.
If this plan is gonna work, we got to get there fast.
- Whose car are we taking? - You have to ask? It's time.
Tell me you got something, Westen.
I can't talk long.
We're at a satellite facility James is inbound.
Mobilizing the teams.
Your best approach is from the west.
I'll take James down and bring him out to you.
I got to go.
We'll be there soon.
Good work, Michael.
They're on their way.
Hang a left up there.
Okay, right turn.
Another hard left here.
Move! Move! Well, the tracker says he's here.
Do you see him? I got him.
He's on the roof with Sonya.
What the hell are they doing up there? Well, it doesn't matter.
We need to get to him.
That's not gonna be easy.
There's guards all over the place.
All right, how about this? We split up, flank him on both sides, surprise him, maybe we get lucky.
Or maybe we get dead.
I don't think a firefight's the way to go.
Southeast corner--if we can get to the back of the building, we only have to deal with one guard.
I like that better.
How the hell are you gonna get on the roof? One step at a time.
This is gonna work.
It has to.
Here comes James.
He's about five minutes out.
Any sign of the CIA convoy? Our men out on the road said they drove by two minutes ago.
They'll be here right on time.
When James lands I'll need to get on the helicopter as fast as possible.
We can only jam the CIA's radar for a short window of time.
Well, I guess this is good-bye, for now.
Sonya, this is Cooper at the rear exit.
I need to ask you about-- Cooper? Cooper, come in.
What did you need? I'll go check, make sure there's no problems.
I did what you wanted.
Can you get that gun out of my face now? Thisthis--this gun? Sure, yeah, let me just-- - Fi.
Fi, you can't be here! You have to go, now! Or what, Michael? Look, I told Sam to stay away.
You have to! You all have to stay away.
I'm trying to protect you.
What about you? Who's gonna protect you from making the worst decision of your life? You don't-- you don't understand.
I-I've made my choice.
It's too late.
Is it too late for the Michael Westen I fell in love with The man who knows that what he's doing is wrong? James is coming.
You have to go! No, get--no! Fi! You got to go! Get out of here, now! Sam told you that someday someone would threaten this organization, and you would have to make a choice.
Well, that day has come, and that someone is me.
Michael! What the hell is she doing here? I thought you said she wouldn't be a problem.
Well, he was wrong! I will give you one chance to leave, one chance! Turn and walk out that door, now! You know, I think I prefer the view up here.
She needs to be dealt with, now! - "Dealt with"? - Yes, dealt with.
What exactly do you mean, Sonya? I'll show you.
No, wait! Wait.
I told you that she was going to destroy everything.
We can't let that happen.
I'll talk to her.
I I just need to figure this out.
There's nothing to figure out, Michael! James is here.
I'll-I'll figure this out.
The CIA is closing in.
We have to finish this now! You do what you think is right.
If this is what you want, the man I love is gone.
Michael, think of all the good things we could do together.
Don't let her hold you back.
You have to let go.
You need to let her go! Michael Look at me.
Michael Look at me! All right.
If you won't do it, I will!