Burn the House Down (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

- [sirens wailing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[firefighters instructing]
- [people shouting]
- [fire crackling]
[woman 1] I still remember
how my mother looked that day.
- [gloomy piano music playing]
- [woman 2] What happened?
- [girl panting]
- [indistinct chatter]
[girl panting heavily]
[fire whooshing]
[man 1] Anzu!
Hey, you okay?
[sirens wailing]
[whimpering] I'm sorry.
[crying] It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
[breathing heavily]
[birds chirping]
[sighs deeply]
It's a pleasure.
Mother Service sent me here
as the new housekeeper.
[inhales deeply] I'm Yamauchi Shizuka.
[changes tone] I'm Yamauchi Shizuka.
[confidently] I'm Yamauchi Shizuka.
- [panting]
- [sirens wailing]
[fire whooshing]
[somber instrumental music playing]
[pearls clicking]
[doorbell ringing]
[woman] Hello?
Excuse me.
- I've come here from the house
- I know.
[door buzzes, opens]
- [gate creaking]
- [dog barking]
[somber instrumental music continues]
[gate lock clicks]
[gasps anxiously]
Nice to meet you, Mitarai-sama.
- I'm from Mother Service
- Yes, come in.
[sternly] I thought
the last housekeeper informed you.
Um, I uh
I told them I didn't want it
to be public knowledge
that I'm hiring housekeeping help here.
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Anyway, what's your name?
[whimsical music playing]
Yamauchi Shizuka.
Here. I brought you this.
The first floor is kind of a mess.
[inhales sharply] I'd really appreciate it
if you'd clean meticulously.
I'm expecting guests.
[Mitarai-sama] So I really would like it
to look perfect
without a lived-in feel.
It should look like
a pristine room in a model home.
I've been so busy recently
that I've had no time for housework.
[inhales deeply] My work is
in front of the camera, you see.
I've heard that you're a model.
The modeling is a side job.
Some people from the magazine
will be here tomorrow.
I wanna give the impression
that I'm not only a reader
who knows cosmetics,
but that I'm also a homemaker
who can manage a home very well.
Not to worry.
I may not have many years of experience,
but I was the top score
at the training workshop
we held last month.
I'm heading out now
to go to work at the hospital.
I'll be back by six.
I'll decide about your contract
after I observe how well
you housekeep today, okay?
Yes, absolutely.
You aren't allowed upstairs,
do you understand?
you don't have to open the door
for any package deliveries.
[Mitarai-sama sighs]
[bag flapping]
[exhales sharply] And also
stealing anything from here
will not be tolerated.
I've heard about such crimes,
but don't worry, all right?
Well, I hope you do a great job.
[Yamauchi] Have a good day.
[door opens]
[gloomy instrumental music playing]
[Anzu] After that fire,
my parents divorced.
We all left this house.
[door closes]
my father remarried
to a single mom who was
a close friend of my mother's.
- [woman] Good morning.
- [employees] Good morning.
[doorman] Good morning.
[birds chirping]
[sighs softly]
Here we go.
[director] Yes.
Here. I brought your things.
Thanks for your time.
[facetiously] Perhaps your ex-wife
would have been here a bit sooner.
- Apologies about that.
- Uh.
That's not true. Thanks so much.
[door opens]
- [bag crinkling]
- [sighs heavily]
[bag thuds]
[all together] Good morning.
[seats thumping]
All right. Shall we begin?
[vacuum cleaner whirring]
[switches off vacuum cleaner]
[gloomy piano music playing]
[children chuckling]
[mother] I'm glad you like it.
- [girl] Mmm!
- [Mitarai] It's great.
- [Anzu] Yuzu, your mouth.
- Hmm?
Oh! She's right. Hey, be careful.
- [chuckling all together]
- Ah! [chuckles]
- Hey, her mouth isn't there, sweetie!
- Oh, that wasn't her mouth. Mm-hmm.
[fire crackling, whooshing]
[house squeaking, creaking]
[mother whimpering] I'm sorry.
[sobbing] It's my fault.
[intense indistinct chattering]
[crying] I'm sorry.
- Uh, ah, it's dangerous. Let's go.
- [mother crying]
- [woman 1] How'd the fire start?
- [woman 2] They said in the kitchen.
She left the stove unattended.
- That's why she's crying.
- Mm-hmm.
[firefighter 1] Please, stand back.
Let me through here.
- [firefighter 2] Don't come forward.
- [firefighter 1] Go back. It's dangerous.
[breathing shakily]
[gloomy piano tones continue]
[sighs sadly]
[footsteps treading]
Solidifying our presence
as the core hospital
in this region is a must as you know.
Thank you all for your efforts.
[all together] Thank you very much.
- Ichihara-san.
- Yes?
Take this.
[sinister music playing]
[dog barking in distance]
[Yamauchi] As you requested,
I've finished all the housework.
You're hired.
I'll inform your company
about the contract,
Yamauchi Shizuka-san.
[exhales sharply]
Thank you so much.
- [dog barking]
- [sighs deeply]
- [door opens]
- [Mitarai-sama] Yamauchi-san!
You forgot this.
Thank you very much.
[Anzu] You see,
my real name is Murata Anzu.
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
Thirteen years ago,
my name was Mitarai Anzu.
[sirens wailing]
That woman took so much from my family.
I'll get it all back.
[upbeat instrumental music continues]
I will get everything back.
[theme music playing]
[woman] Hiya!
- [panting]
- Hey.
How was it?
You didn't blow your cover, right?
It was all right.
Thank goodness!
I'm so relieved!
I was scared about what might've happened.
You were totally asleep
this morning though.
[giggles] Sorry. I couldn't get up.
I heard she wasn't doing so well.
Ah, um, but don't worry, she's stable now.
[clears throat gently]
[Yuzu] Hi! Mom?
- Oh, she's sleeping.
- [announcement bell dings]
[Anzu sighs] Let's let her sleep.
[Yuzu] Yeah.
[Yuzu excitingly] Wow, that's pretty.
Where did you get it?
I took it.
Mitarai's house.
What? Huh?
What do you mean? Isn't that risky?
Yeah, so?
This was mom's barrette. Look at it.
- Huh?
- See that?
[Yuzu] Mitarai Satsuki?
[gasps softly] But why was it there?
It's because she
took it from our mom.
[Yuzu gasps]
[melancholic piano music playing]
[Yuzu] Do you think she has
more of mom's things in there?
Probably. [sighs heavily]
I remember every time she visited,
mom's things disappeared.
[Yuzu gasps sharply]
Including the evidence
that you talked about?
I bet it'll lead us
to the person who set the fire.
It's probably still
somewhere in that house.
I'm gonna find it.
I wanna tell her
I want to tell mom
that the fire wasn't her fault.
It wasn't her.
[Anzu] I'd do anything
to make that happen.
[door opens]
[sinister music playing]
Hello, Mitarai-sama.
Since there's still time,
should I clean the room upstairs
I said upstairs is off-limits.
- I'll do halfway upstairs
- [sternly] I said, no.
Yes, sorry about that.
I'll clean the pots and dishes.
[Makiko] Oh, right.
Tomorrow is recyclable pickups,
so put together the boxes
in the pantry area, hmm?
[young Anzu] Hi, I'm home.
[birds chirping, calling]
[Satsuki] Well, you know that Monet
is known for being bold and sensitive.
[Makiko chuckling]
You're so funny, Mitarai-san.
[Satsuki] Really? Why?
[Makiko chuckling] I mean, being bold
and sensitive at the same time?
That sounds like you.
- [Satsuki] Think so?
- [boy] Hello.
[chuckling] Oh, you're back, Anzu.
This is Watari-san.
She's your classmate's mom.
Watari Shinji you already know.
Hi there, Anzu-chan.
[Anzu] That was the first time
my mom made friends with another mom.
Hey, what do you think about going too?
[Makiko] Those earrings are beautiful.
- Really? Thank you.
- [both chuckle]
I admire you, Mitarai-san.
You're always beautiful
and fashionable [chuckles]
and so refined.
[both chuckle]
Ah, ah
[Satsuki] I understand.
[Anzu] She was always by mom's side.
Mozart is good of course
[Anzu] Gradually, her behavior and looks
became more and more like my mom's.
[Makiko] Oh. Hi.
[Anzu] I couldn't force myself
to like her.
[eerie music playing]
I'll be heading back home now.
[Anzu] And later, when I found out
that Makiko Watari
had become Makiko Mitarai
[electronic whooshing tones]
it was already too late then.
[melancholic piano music playing]
[male doctor] She has generalized amnesia.
What is generalized amnesia?
Well, your mother has lost her memory.
People erase their memories
as a form of self-preservation.
When they experience severe shock,
or they've been under long-term stress.
Will her memory return?
[doctor] Well, It's hard to tell.
Her body is not very strong,
to begin with,
so let's make sure she gets her rest
in a stress-free environment.
- [melancholic piano music continues]
- [indistinct chatter]
[footsteps approaching]
[speaking slowly, falteringly] Hi.
What are these?
Don't they look familiar to you?
I remember.
They used to be my favorite pair.
My gosh, I thought
that they were gone forever.
I loved these.
[inhales deeply]
And my barrette too.
Thank you.
[chuckling softly]
That's so nice
I can tell this is something
I used to have
[inhales shakily]
but still, I'm
I just don't feel like I'm
that you're my daughter yet.
[sadly] I'm so sorry.
[footsteps approaching]
[cutlery clinking]
[Yuzu] Ha! Hey! Check it out!
Makiko's follower account went up again.
Why are people so interested
in someone else's daily life?
[squealing happily] Yay!
That looks so good. [chuckles]
Mmm, smells great too. [giggles]
Oh, how is it going over there?
Did you see the closet?
I'm still not allowed to go upstairs.
Ooh, she's being careful.
[Anzu sighs softly] She sure is.
[gentle thudding]
I wish there was a way
I could get her to trust me.
Thanks for the meal!
[squeals happily]
Looks so yummy. [chuckles]
- Hmm.
- Thanks for the meal.
[squealing] Mmm. It's so good!
Seriously. Your cooking is the best
in the whole world.
[slurping loudly]
Mmm! Psycho! [giggles]
So delicious.
[glam rock music playing]
[Makiko] Wow. This is so impressive!
I hope it's all to your liking.
Honestly, I didn't expect you to cook.
So good.
How did you get so good at cooking
at your young age?
I grew up with one parent,
and my mom was always working,
so I've been cooking for a while now.
It's not public, but
I actually used to be
a single mother myself.
You see, my husband and I
are both divorcees.
My two sons are
from my previous marriage though.
Ah, I couldn't tell.
My eldest, Kiichi, works
for a trading company living abroad.
Shinji is pre-med.
He's a student at Teimei University.
They both seem to be doing so well, right?
That's right.
I'm so proud of both of them.
Well, um now that I don't have to think
about what we're going to have
for dinner tonight
[inhales deeply]
I'm going to the nail salon.
I'll be back by four o'clock.
Finish up by then.
The first floor only, yes?
[Makiko exhales]
[engine revving]
[gates creaking]
[electronic music playing]
[gaming music playing]
- [boy] Who are you?
- [gasps]
- Excuse me! I just, uh
- What are you doing here?
Uh I should, um introduce myself.
I'm the housekeeping staff, Yamauchi.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[tsks and sighs gently]
That fucking bitch.
She hired a new housekeeper?
Don't look.
[angrily] I told you, don't look at me!
[gaming music escalates]
Don't ever come to my room again!
[gaming music stops abruptly]
[breathes deeply]
[traffic noise]
[woman] There was a really weird guy?
Yeah. In the room upstairs.
- Here.
- Thank you.
It was an unexpected setback. [sighs]
[woman sniffing]
- I think you're eating too much, Claire.
- Don't worry!
Sometimes at night, I'll go for walks.
To buy some Karaage Kun snacks.
- [cars honking]
- You eat too much.
Mmm. Well, anyway,
who was that weird guy?
[Anzu] That must have been
Shinji, the younger brother, I think.
The younger brother, huh?
[upbeat, exciting music playing]
The one at med school?
I thought it was strange
that Shinji passed and got accepted there.
He used to be absent-minded before,
and all he did then was
sit around playing video games.
I bet he pushed himself too hard
for med school
and wasn't able to keep up
with the schoolwork.
That's why she didn't want you
to go upstairs, I suppose.
The hidden life of a celebrity model!
Her past, so dark.
Her bloody secret exposed
becoming more suspicious.
But it's quite exciting!
How can you be joking about this?
[snorting] I'm serious!
I told you I'd seriously help you.
I let you borrow my name, right?
Thanks. I appreciate it.
We go way back.
You and I hated practicing so much
to perform in that ballet. [tittering]
Yeah. I was Mouse A, and you were Mouse B.
But now, I'm Claire,
the cosplay costume designer.
You must call me Claire.
We have that history between us,
so I'm willing to lend a hand or two
for your master plan.
Leave it to me.
I'm counting on you.
[sighs heavily]
[Claire] This is what
I think is happening here.
I don't think she's the type of person
that can easily throw her stuff away.
I'm sure she must still have
some of your mom's stuff
in the walk-in closet.
evidence that links her
as the fire culprit.
[Shinji] Don't ever come to my room again!
Upstairs is off-limits.
[eerie tone escalates and fades]
[sighs softly]
Excuse me.
Please, come in.
[sighs quietly]
I'm happy to be working for you today.
they offered me a job
and said I'm the only one who can do it.
[Anzu] A photoshoot?
Mmm. It's for the Shine magazine.
[inhales deeply]
Well, they want me to give beauty tips
for women over forty.
The secret is effort and money.
[chuckles] That's all it takes.
All right, clean the first floor,
and get dinner ready, okay?
Yes. Have a nice day.
[Anzu] The problem is
It's Shinji?
- Yeah.
- So what's the plan then?
Shinji called his mother "that bitch,"
and he didn't know about me being there.
I can tame him if Shinji is isolated and
alone in that house.
[upbeat music playing]
Excuse me. It's the housekeeper, Yamauchi.
I wanna apologize about the other day.
I'm really sorry.
- [loud thud]
- [music stops abruptly]
Thank you for not telling your mom
about me coming up the stairs.
[Anzu breathing shakily]
Aren't you I made you some fried chicken.
[upbeat music resumes]
I can give you some.
If you'd like.
[door closes]
Oh no, we should hurry.
- Come on, let's go.
- [dog barks]
- Oh, let's hurry. Come on. Come on.
- [knocking on door]
Excuse me, it's Yamauchi.
Today, I made some oyakodon.
I'll put it by your door again.
[door creaking open]
[upbeat music playing]
[slurps loudly]
[Anzu sighs happily]
Wow. You finished it all.
[breathes deeply]
Um, video games! Do you like them?
I don't know much about them,
but I'd like to try.
Do you have any tips for beginners?
Last night,
was the National Soccer Team match, right?
Are you a fan?
[breathing nervously]
[airplane humming]
It's a nice day today.
A perfect day.
[speaking softly, gently]
Oh, you
you could see the stars at night
from here.
[sighs gently]
I used to love stars when I was a child.
I'd gaze up at them.
What was that star?
The big red star,
the one that's in the Orion constellation?
[Shinji] Betelgeuse.
Ah. [chuckles softly]
That's it.
[Shinji] A red supergiant.
They're stars
with low surface temperature.
[lilting piano music playing]
- [Yuzu] One more time.
- [boy] Yeah, okay.
[young Shinji] That's Orion.
- [Yuzu] Now?
- Mm-hmm.
[young Anzu] And that red star is
A red supergiant.
They're stars
with low surface temperature.
[lilting piano music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[boy] Shinji!
Hey. We're going drinking afterwards.
You should come too.
Well, I I need to study.
- Yeah, but the exams just ended.
- [boy sighs]
Are you that much into studying?
Nah, I need to review it repeatedly.
To memorize the material.
I'm not that smart.
Shinji, you're too serious, dude. Come on.
You're gonna take over
your dad's hospital anyway.
You don't have to study that hard Ouch!
- Hey man.
- You shouldn't say that dude.
- Shinji-kun.
- Ah.
I reserved the study hall seats.
- Let's go there.
- Thank you. Have fun, you guys.
- [Shinji] Sorry about that.
- [girl] No problem at all.
[boy 1] Is that Katsuragi-san
from the Education Department?
[boy 2] She was second place
in the Miss Campus Contest.
[indistinct chatter]
[car engine revving]
[sentimental piano music playing]
[Kiichi] Betelgeuse.
A red supergiant.
They're stars
with low surface temperature.
Don't give up.
I do this and look
whenever I'm feeling worried.
The stars are always there
when you search.
[sentimental piano music continues]
Don't give up?
Right. They'll always encourage you.
It's a galactic message.
You're kidding, right? [chuckles]
You can have that.
So don't give up.
Thank you.
[sentimental piano music continues]
[sentimental piano music fades]
[mouse clicking]
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
[Shinji] I'm home.
Oh, you're back. Did you eat yet?
- I did. Thanks.
- Okay.
Hey, did you buy it yourself, for me?
- It's not good to lie.
- Lie?
You said you do all the housework
in addition to your job when you,
actually, just hire
a housekeeper to do it all.
That's really not a big deal, you know.
If you talk about our family too much
they'll start looking
into things you don't want
them to know about.
I know that too.
[exhales softly]
[eerie, suspenseful music playing]
[stove igniter clicking]
[news reporter]
I'm here at the fire in Musashigaoka City.
The fire started
near the kitchen of this house.
The cause of the fire was thought to be
careless handling of an unattended stove,
but now there is new information
from a few neighbors saying
that they saw someone suspicious.
The police and the fire department say
that they will work together
to investigate the possibility of arson.
There were no injuries to the family
who were living in the house.
[eerie, suspenseful music continues]
[fire whooshing]
[breathing deeply]
[sirens wailing]
[eerie, suspenseful music continues]
Kiichi, I made you some udon.
Are you okay?
You haven't been eating much lately.
You've got me worrying out here.
[Kiichi] Is that really how you feel?
[young Kiichi]
Is that really how you feel?
Do you honestly think
Mitarai-san forgot to turn the stove off?
[faucet running]
Is that really how you feel?
Tell me if there's anything
you need from me.
You know that
[breathing deeply]
your mother will always be by your side.
[eerie, suspenseful music continues]
[eerie, suspenseful music fading]
[mouse clicks]
- Oh, he's so cute.
- [woman] He looks so comfortable.
[exhales anxiously]
Excuse me. It's Yamauchi.
I made fried chicken again.
You seemed to like it.
Oh. [clears throat]
[footsteps receding]
Mmm. Mmm.
Oh, man.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [munching]
Would you like some more?
[chuckles softly]
It's so much colder today, it seems like.
That room over there
must be your mother's room, right?
[Kiichi] Walk-in closet.
Ah. Oh, I see. [chuckles softly]
It must be wonderful.
[exhales sharply]
I think she will probably
be home soon, so
Uh Um
Oh, uh
[button clinks]
Thanks for the food.
I'll make it for you again.
[birds chirping]
[sentimental music playing]
[Anzu] I think I've tamed him.
The closet. Any updates?
I'm hoping
that he'll show me around upstairs.
Then, I'll have an excuse to find my way
into and out of the walk-in closet.
Yeah. I'm so impressed
at how brave you are.
It's my analysis of Makiko's social media.
Wow. This much?
I haven't been able to research
everything yet.
My cosplay, enthusiast friends
overseas helped out too.
Most are new, high-end brands,
but some of them seem to be things
only sold overseas
which aren't even coming into Japan.
the one you asked about
It was made over fifteen years ago
by a German brand.
By image analysis, the pattern
the designer made was exclusive.
This cardigan was made only that year.
I think there's a good chance
it was your mom's.
[fire crackling]
[fire whooshing]
There we go. The data looks perfect.
What will it show?
Well, the fire began
sometime in the evening, right?
Mm-hmm. Seems so.
[Mitarai] Was it around this time?
[gasps] Huh?
Who's that?
What? Are you sure?
I can't really tell,
but that pattern looks like mom's sweater.
[sighs] That's it
[inhales sharply]
It must be.
[sighs angrily]
Dad, but maybe
there's more evidence on the video.
Wait, Dad
[adult Anzu] He got rid of all the data.
[fire crackling]
And he never showed it to anyone else.
But if it's true
that Makiko stole the cardigan
If you're correct in your theory about it
that means Makiko wore the cardigan,
broke into the Mitarai house,
and started the fire.
[sighs sharply]
You can do it, Anzu.
Make it to the closet.
And if this cardigan is still there,
I'll be happy to investigate it
for you with all of my friends, okay?
Go find the truth about the fire
[upbeat music playing]
thirteen years ago.
I'll do it.
[upbeat music stops]
- It's nice to see you this morning, ma'am.
- [Makiko] Please, come in.
Why don't we have a drink together, hmm?
Come and sit.
[Makiko] Is coffee okay with you?
I was given cold brew as a gift,
but I'm having trouble finishing it.
Oh no, I should be doing that.
[Makiko] It's all right.
I'm grateful for your service.
Your work is always thorough,
and you're earnest and very polite.
The prior housekeeper liked to gossip
about celebrities a bit too much.
Ah. So I thought,
"She must be talking
about me behind my back too."
It was far better to fire her on the spot.
In that regard,
you don't needlessly interfere
with my privacy, do you?
Milk or sweetener?
Uh, no. Let me do that, ma'am.
Your apron.
What happened to the button?
Oh, this?
I believe it's yours.
Just where do you think I found it?
Now, Yamauchi-san,
I've told you so many times
[breathes in sharply]
that you are not to go upstairs.
[exhales sharply] I was very surprised.
I didn't think you were the type
to break your promise and my trust.
- I don't
- Sit down.
I wanted to ask you.
You saw something?
- I'm not sure what you mean.
- Oh, right.
Don't look so anxious, all right?
I was going to introduce you someday.
Actually, he's only here temporarily.
He's just recuperating right now.
I'm sorry that it was a surprise.
[Anzu] It's all right.
I'm the one who surprised your son.
I'm sorry about that.
[Makiko sighs]
What's this about?
I was only
referring to the swallow recuperating
on the balcony upstairs.
You saw my son?
Yes. I I wasn't [breathes shakily]
Take this and don't come back here.
I won't I won't tell anybody!
Please, just give me one more chance.
I'm sorry to say this, but
you broke your promise to me
and lied to me with a smile.
Since you're that type of person,
I can't be letting you in my house at all.
Thanks so much for your hard work,
Yamauchi Shizuka-san.
[suspenseful, upbeat music playing]
Thank you for all your help here.
[music continues]
Uh, um
[Japanese closing theme song playing]
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