Burn the House Down (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Is that really how you feel?
Do you honestly think
Mitarai-san forgot to turn the stove off?
Do you think that's what happened?
You know, Mitarai-san said it was
all her fault and she was sorry.
And it's been so dry here recently.
I think we should
all be careful too.
You broke your promise to me
and lied to me with a smile.
Since you're that type of person,
I can't be letting you in my house at all.
Thank you for all your help here.
I'm sorry.
"Thank you for all your help here,"
she said.
So Wait, does that mean you're fired?
It was so sudden.
I couldn't figure out what to do.
What are we gonna do now?
Sorry. I need to rest now.
Oh, hey, Sis.
Is there anything that I can
No, it's fine. I'll take care of it, okay?
Okay, but
Yes, that's a good smile.
- It's nice. This is great.
- Touch-up.
- Sure.
- Thanks, please.
- Oh, hello there.
- Hello.
Okay. Ah.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hey, there!
Mom? You're looking at it again?
I'm trying to recall.
Huh? Come again?
Osamu and I were
I know that I was his wife once, although,
honestly, I'm not completely sure
how Osamu and I got divorced in the end.
See, I
vowed to take care of Osamu
for the rest
of our lives together, you know.
So then, why
would we have gotten a divorce
just like that?
that links her as the fire culprit.
I'm gonna find it.
I want to tell mom
that the fire wasn't her fault.
It wasn't her.
Uh, well, you know how
Man, life has twists and turns.
Plus, now everybody's like that, yeah.
Women bravely joining society,
so getting divorced isn't rare!
So don't worry at all,
'cause it's all okay!
You're always cheery, Yuzu, aren't you?
Well, it's the only real talent
that I have.
Seeing you laughing like that,
I start to think that us three,
we must've done all right in our own way.
Don't you agree?
Honey, how long do we
have to let them stay here?
We have to help them
until the kids grow older.
Trying to raise the kids on her own
while working, Satsuki could never do it!
Even so, why am I the one
who always gets stuck
taking care of the kids, huh?
Don't ask me
something like that, come on.
I mean, after all,
it's her own fault
for burning her house down!
Calm down.
Hey, Sis?
You're still not answering.
Hey, it's fine.
I'll take care of it, okay?
- Think about how I feel.
- Tell me when they'll go!
- In a while.
- In a while?
Mom, I wanna learn to cook.
What? That's sudden.
I wanna learn to do what you do.
Teach me, so I can help you.
That way, the three
of us can stay together, right?
Do you wanna try
holding that flower? Genius!
Wow, that's really great. Love it!
So cute.
Yes. That's good.
Leaning forward is nice too.
Yes, that's good, good.
Yes. Okay. That's a wrap.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you for all your work.
- Hand me the coat, please.
Thank you.
Ah, you did such a great job!
Thank you so much.
- You were wonderful today. Gorgeous.
- Was I?
- Oh, I just felt anxious all that time!
- You didn't seem nervous at all!
Not even a little!
Well, thanks again!
Great work.
Oh, Anzu.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay then, thank you so much.
- Hey, Sis. Sis, I can carry that.
- See you later.
Nah, it's all right.
- Hey, I wanna help!
- Okay, fine.
She always said,
"I'll take care of it."
Time after time,
my sister was the one who kept us going.
But this time,
I'll do it.
I always try to keep my place gleaming.
But not obsessively or anything like that.
Of course, yes.
For instance, if there are things
to sort out intellectually,
my trick is to organize the house as well.
It's because keeping the house clean,
seems to make other issues
Wow! Shinji's got a model for a mom.
- Beautiful and a super housewife!
- We're totally jealous of you, Shinji.
- Right?
- I know I am.
A super housewife, huh?
That sounds really tough, Shinji.
I just don't read articles like that,
so I dunno.
Our household's a little unique.
- Oh yeah, Nanami
- Hmm?
I've been messaging with this one girl,
and now, I think something's gone wrong.
Uh, like what?
Before, they'd show as "read,"
even though she didn't answer.
But now,
it doesn't even get marked as read.
So, that's, uh
Do you think
it's not working or something?
Well, what if she's not interested?
What? Nuh-uh.
This girl isn't cold like that, no.
So do you
like her?
I'd really like
to get to know her a little better.
Oh! It works!
Hey! Look!
So that's your type then, huh?
Welcome, sir.
I'm sorry for the wait!
Wow, you reached out. That's really great!
Did you order yet?
- Um, no. Not yet.
- Let's order together.
What can I get you then?
Lemon tea.
Mmm! So delicious!
Working a lot?
Well, because I just haven't seen you
at all since we had drinks that night.
That was two or three months ago, right?
It was crazy, right?
Seeing you there?
You're Yuzu, right? Did you use
to live over in Suzugaoka as a kid?
"Yuzu," your name is pretty rare,
so I was wondering
I can only say
these things to you, Yuzu.
I think I better get going.
It's all lies.
My family, it's full of lies.
Will you listen?
- Uh, mm-hmm!
- Yeah.
- You said "lies"? Like what lies?
- Mmm
- Uh, well
- Yeah?
I'm sorry you heard me whining.
So this place, it serves alcohol too.
- Huh?
- Is there a drink I can buy you?
Uh, last time, well,
I was pretty drunk, and it's midday still.
I was worried about you, that's all.
And your mother always seems
like she's really busy lately.
So I kept thinking
you might feel stressed again.
Thank you, Yuzu.
Um, then,
just one drink.
So is your mother all right or no?
No, it's been really rough,
and now, she doesn't even cook.
But she only cares
about maintaining her image, so
I'm back!
Hi, Yuzu.
Hey, Sis.
Makiko's secret!
I think I found it!
You found it?
You wanna change
the subject of the interview?
But we already
determined that, right?
"Mitarai-san Shows
Her Home to Her Fans." Yes?
Ah, yes.
I've been reconsidering things.
I'm not comfortable
doing that, after all. Sorry.
And it's hard on my family too.
Oh, so that's it.
Your follower account
has been steadily rising.
But honestly, looking at the response
to your work as a model,
your followers aren't that interested.
You tend to get a greater response
when you talk about your private life.
So you can think of it
as an extension of that!
All right.
I made fried chicken again.
You seemed to like it.
- I'm home.
- Oh, hi, honey.
Are you heading out?
To the storage place.
What? Again?
Tomorrow, I'm doing
an interview here. I have to do it.
Huh? It's here? I'll help you clean too.
It's okay.
Just keep concentrating on studying.
You have that test soon.
I left food there for you.
Hey, hang on a second!
You've got garbage in there, don't you?
The smell travels over to our unit.
It's rank!
- Well, surely, it can wait till later.
- Ah! No way! No way!
Garbage brings rodents and bugs,
so come on, come on, do it.
- I can't. I'm in a hurry right now!
- Come on! Come on! Hey!
Aren't you You kinda look like
- You're
- Excuse me!
I'm sorry! That was garbage from my shop.
I'll get rid of it right away.
Well, you better do it right, okay?
Yes. I'm very sorry.
Good evening, Mitarai-san.
It's you again,
I was putting away the store's trash
when I realized you were out here too.
This garbage can go to
the sanitation service with our trash.
They'll take everything away
in the morning.
Now, tell me
why on earth
are you working at such a store?
I can't do housekeeping for anyone now.
In a one-parent household,
I need to bring in a salary too.
It's awful, isn't it?
Choices can be so rare,
so few and far between
these days, aren't they?
Living check to check?
I don't live that way now.
Not since I remarried a while ago.
But even with money, it feels like
I'm still so poor
in many ways nonetheless.
I know
that going upstairs was wrong of me to do.
My sincere apologies.
Don't worry about it.
You were quite helpful tonight.
Thank you.
Please, if I may?
Can I still be your housekeeper?
Thank you, no.
I've been self-reflecting lately.
I won't just rely on others
this time around.
I'm sure it would be difficult
to be completely alone, right?
I'll be all right.
Wanna know why?
I'm someone who makes things happen.
A person that succeeds
in getting the things she wants.
Like fame or
or a nice home or money to burn.
I'm going to get my way again,
like always.
And nothing's going to stop me.
One day,
the secrets you keep will come out.
You can't truly believe
you can continue to hide your son away.
What's this?
So you're using threats now?
I understand
that no one other than me knows
what's going on now.
Please, all I want is to lend a hand!
I do hope that you're not lying.
please, another chance is all that I ask.
I realized, after I remarried,
that for as long as I'm in this house
that woman's shadow will be
right behind me until the day I die.
The reason I started working
was because I wanted to show them.
I wanted to show those who disparaged me.
I wanted to show her.
I am blessed infinitely more than you.
And I found more happiness than you.
Not just as Mitarai's wife
but as someone, who basks
in the limelight on her own.
The "Home Reveal" interview we did
is already a huge success!
Your single parent story especially.
Positive reactions from readers
about your story are just pouring in.
I'm glad I had the courage
to tell it then.
You've been all right?
Many of the private areas
of your life are like an open book now.
Honestly, it's like
a weight's been lifted.
It's been so hard to keep
all of that hidden,
so it's good to surrender that front.
Back then, when I was poor,
I'd work from morning to night.
No chance to get anything else done!
You're sure to encourage
a lot of other women now!
- So we need to carry on with the series.
- Yes, let's carry it on together!
- Well, if you'll excuse me.
- Yes, take care.
Hear that?
It seems like they really liked it!
All thanks to your advice,
I thought it'd be interesting to hear
about your story and all the problems
you dealt with back then.
You know,
I'm glad I believed the things
that you were saying
that day at the storage garage.
Thank you, miss.
Such a coincidence.
I can't believe I ran into you there.
Astonishing, huh?
I finished cleaning
the first floor.
What else can I help you with?
Well, can you do
the staircase now, please?
Yes, ma'am, gladly.
If you're correct in your theory
about it, Makiko wore the cardigan,
broke into the Mitarai house,
and started the fire.
You can do it, Anzu.
Make it to the closet.
Go find the truth about the fire
thirteen years ago.
Hey, Shizuka, listen to this.
That memoir interview, the one I just did,
in it, I get asked how a single mother
struggling to raise her children
got ahead like I did.
Just the other day, I was offered
my first television appearance.
But it was all about
how you can snag a rich guy.
Well, I guess everyone likes
a great story, huh?
You're attracting
some more attention, aren't you?
Oh, yes. There'll be
another one next week with Shine.
Can you get the house ready?
Of course.
I think having flowers would be nice.
Why's that?
There were a lot of flowers
on the editor's socials,
so I can set some around.
I think she'll be impressed
if there are seasonal flowers here.
Such a good idea.
You're so attentive, aren't you?
Things are so good nowadays,
and all because of your help.
Thank you, Shizuka dear.
I'm glad.
I'll be out late tonight,
so just finish up and head out.
And also,
Kiichi rarely sticks a toe
out of his room,
but don't try to talk if he does.
I won't.
He's too sensitive
to do well around others.
We're in the same house,
yet I hardly ever see him at all.
I'll let him be.
All right. Take care then.
- Take care, ma'am.
- Thanks.
Kiichi, are you there?
I was hoping I'd have
a chance to say hello
since I was hired as a housekeeper again.
It's nice in here, isn't it?
All these things are beautiful, huh?
All your mother's long years of work.
More like she's just hoarding it.
Been like that for ages.
Mom always keeps everything.
Says we'll use it one day.
Really though
that poverty mentality's still got her.
- The high shelf
- Don't touch!
Uh, it's just uh that was a
I I'm all right.
I should just head down to get a bandage.
Sorry that I
Ah, I'm fine.
Right. They'll always encourage you.
It's a galactic message.
You're kidding, right?
Thank you very much.
If there's, uh, any more work,
I can do it.
It's just you got close suddenly.
It startled me.
Don't feel bad.
You're always alone.
It's no wonder
that being around others is difficult.
you and I can become closer.
And as our first step,
could you wash the dishes, please?
And then,
you could do the bathroom as well, please.
Uh, I'll do both?
My hands shouldn't get soaked, so
Well, I'll just get
to work on the upstairs.
I have to hurry.
Now or never.
I want to know the truth.
If it turns out I'm right
about all this, then, that means
the one who set the fire that day is
So it's just like I thought.
That was not my mother.
It was Watari Makiko!
- Wait, you finally found it?
- Yeah. Look.
Can I have it?
Also, these earrings
might actually be my mother's.
Can you double-check?
Hmm? Your mom's earrings too?
- Mm-hmm.
- No way!
But are you sure
this is the cardigan you saw
on the security footage?
You seem pretty sure. It's just
we might need to compare
the video in order to say, "Case closed."
I know that.
So the next step is getting
the video data off that security camera.
You can do that?
At the time, I stashed it
in the medical records room,
so my dad wouldn't find it.
I remembered later on
that Mom didn't wear the sweater that day.
I knew
it proved whoever wore it,
started the fire,
and ran out the back door.
My guess is it's there.
I definitely think it's worth betting on.
Makiko's shortcomings
are all clear-cut now.
And I'll keep using any means,
any bluff, I'm not quitting
until she confesses to me
that she started that fire.
I have to do it
so the guilt of that fire
can't haunt her any longer.
The question is,
how do I get the SD card from the hospital
without being suspected?
But, Anzu,
are you sure you can't
just ask your father?
There's no way I can trust him.
He hasn't contacted us at all
since the divorce thirteen years ago.
That's why I can't risk trusting him
until this is done.
Mmm, it's delicious!
I'm dying!
Hm? What?
- Hm?
- Hm?
I, uh It's just
You're really a lot of fun.
It's like somehow you didn't change
after all these years.
It's actually soothing,
you acting this way.
Huh? I don't get it.
You know what, Yuzu?
May I suggest that I introduce you
to my dad?
That's it. I need a key card.
I just cleaned out the garage, so
Just tell me
if there's anything else
I'll do it.
Thank you so much.
Then, could you finish up here, please?
Uh, someone
went into the canteen at the hospital.
Please take care,
so they don't see you, okay?
What're you looking for?
Just, you know
You're such a nice lady,
Yamauchi-san, huh?
Even to me, just a complete shut-in,
you're kind and polite.
And right away,
you seemed to know my interests.
Like stars and soccer,
although we met just recently.
A good trick, huh?
Last night was
the National Soccer Team match, right?
What was that star,
the one that's in the Orion constellation?
I was just looking at bits and pieces
around the house.
Just a good guess, huh?
Even just now,
when you saw a person go in,
you called it the "canteen" though, right?
The canteen is right inside that door.
How did you know?
That was
simply my guess.
Now, I should start dinner.
You know what?
I thought it was odd since the beginning.
Who is this girl? I just had to find out.
Your face finally clicked.
Knowing the hospital and knowing us.
Because if you used to live here,
then you'd know it all too well.
Why are you in our house
You're kidding, right?
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