Burn the House Down (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Will your eldest son run
the hospital one day?
[Makiko] Will our eldest son run it?
He currently lives abroad
and works for a trading company.
So our younger son will actually
take over the clinic instead.
[Kiichi] You really wanna know
the truth about who the culprit is?
[crackling, whooshing]
[sobbing] I'm sorry!
[motivational music playing]
Can you handle knowing everything?
- Drink up, cheers!
- [all] Cheers!
[indistinct chatter]
- Kiichi said that?
- Meaning he's joining our side?
- Hey, hey, hey, Yuzu, hold still!
- Huh?
I'm just about done. I'll go fast, okay?
[Yuzu] Yeah.
I'm not sure he's on our side,
but he said,
"All this has to end, so I'll tell you
everything I know later."
[exhales] So you think he's trustworthy?
'Cause I think he definitely sides
with our enemy.
I mean, what kind of son would rat
his own mother out?
That's cold!
- [giggles] Strange, right?
- [Anzu] I know.
I don't completely trust him either.
But still, my instinct tells me
that he wants what happened back then
to come out, same as us.
And he's the only one Makiko lets slide
when it comes to some things.
I think it's going to be
our best shot at getting proof.
Yeah, but Anzu, we don't know
what stunt he might pull on you still.
You need to be cautious, all right?
That's right!
Mmm. Understood.
[dog barking]
[chuckles softly] That's a gorgeous dress.
I've been invited to an opening ceremony.
It's my first one.
A photo session after, I guess.
It'll go late,
so have dinner ready if you can.
Yes, ma'am, I will.
Uh, did you
Did I
Sorry, did you [takes a deep breath]
make any headway with your son?
Oh. [breathes in deeply]
We have our issues,
but I think we'll be fine.
Oh, that's great.
And I'll keep looking after my child
right up to the bitter end.
To the bitter end?
His demise.
[sinister music plays]
[chuckles softly]
[birds chirping]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[music fades]
[Kiichi] Hey.
We should get going now.
Get going? Wait, where do you wanna go?
[inhales deeply] To the station for now.
Follow along and you'll see.
I have to cook some dinner
and put in the laundry.
Then hurry. We can't wait long.
[exciting music playing]
[Anzu] A place that will lead us
to the real culprit.
[Kiichi] Yeah.
[door locks]
- Are you up for this?
- [distorted music plays]
Yeah. I'm fine.
[gate whizzes, unlocks]
- [gate creaking]
- [dog barking]
[breathes heavily]
- [shouts] Kiichi-san!
- [barking]
[gate whizzes, locks]
Oh! Are you all right?
[Kiichi panting loudly]
What if I get recognized,
and they know I'm a shut-in deadbeat?
[panting intensively]
[indistinct chatter]
[Nanami] Shinji, hey!
Oh. Hi, Nanami.
- What's wrong? You look so down!
- Oh, yeah?
He's worrying over the test scores
after he scored higher than I did!
You're worried, huh?
Then, if you like, I can help you study!
Nah, I should study
at home today. Bye, guys.
It seems medical studies are hard, huh?
He always works himself
too hard, doesn't he?
Actually, he's trying to get
a scholarship reserved for top students.
- Apparently, he's right on the edge.
- What about financial aid?
Well, you know he's got
a stepfather, right?
He said he doesn't wanna bother him
with school expenses.
[Makiko] Shinji!
You need to do your homework!
So sit up, and just work! [inhales deeply]
[sentimental music playing]
I need you to keep pushing yourself now.
I know you're not quick like Kiichi.
Well, keep going.
[Shinji sighs deeply]
- [woman] Please, go ahead.
- Yes.
[cameras clicking]
[Shinji] I'm home.
Oh. [Shinji sighs softly]
Wow. I hardly ever see you downstairs!
Is there something wrong?
[gulps] Just shut up.
I don't care.
You're the one who needs to shut up.
[Shinji] And at least,
wash your own glass.
You've got the time.
Just the other day,
I heard you banging around.
You were so loud.
[water running]
And to be fair, I wasn't able to focus
on studying at all, thanks to you.
[exhales softly]
You can live your life
however you'd like, it's just
[breathes sharply]
Could you at least try to please be
considerate of the rest of us?
[gentle music playing]
[bags rustling]
[crows cawing]
[bed rustling]
Huh? Then, he couldn't bring you anywhere?
[inhales deeply]
Kiichi-san hasn't been out in ages.
I think it was a little too much that day.
[Claire] What the hell is that?
I don't understand it at all!
Thanks for the meal! [giggles]
[Claire] Hey, Anzu,
are you sure this guy is okay?
You guys knew him when you were kids,
so I get that, you want to believe in him.
It's just, everything seems
to say that he's a nutcase!
[Anzu sighs]
I mean, Kiichi-san is really
our only shot.
Trusting him is the only choice there is.
[sighs deeply] Listen,
there's something you need to know.
What kind of something?
[Claire] A while ago, during an interview,
Mitarai Makiko mentioned
a blog page she once had.
I thought that her blog could still exist
online somewhere, so I've been looking.
[upbeat music playing]
Yeah, same here, I just can't find it.
You're doubting my skills, are you?
Don't forget about
that band I liked and stalked online!
Members' addresses? A cinch!
And I discovered
who all their sweethearts are too!
Mmm, you did, yeah.
And I think this might be it here.
- I'm sending it to you now.
- Oh. Hmm.
[music continues]
"Mai's Simple Blog?"
NICE TO MEET YOU! 4/18/2004
[Claire] Is this Makiko's blog
from fourteen years ago?
Makiko, Watari, so she took "ma" and "i,"
and put them together to make "Mai."
Oh, is this seat taken?
- Ah, go ahead.
- [exhales]
Phew! [sighs]
It looks like the mothers [panting]
have formed little groups already.
So you spotted it too, eh?
Yes, I wasn't at that many
of the other meetings before,
making me a bit of an outsider here.
[Makiko panting] I wasn't either.
My work schedule is just too hectic,
so I didn't have a chance. [chuckles]
Looks like we're already behind, huh?
[both chuckling]
Say, Mitarai,
Anzu is your child, I think, right?
- Yes.
- [gasps]
Watari Shinji is one of my sons you know.
If you'd like,
I'd be honored to be friends.
[Satsuki] Oh!
Oh, yes!
- [both chuckling]
- [Makiko sighs]
"Today, October the 12th, we all went
with the kids to hike on Takao Ridge."
"Climbing the mountain was tough,
but 'Mom friend A' was there too,
so it was also really fun."
Your class also
went to Takao, didn't they?
I think the blog is Makiko's,
although it's so dull and uninteresting.
No personality at all.
Hmm, you're right,
it's pretty superficial, huh?
[Yuzu] She just writes
about poetic things.
And she quit updating it
right before the fire, right?
[exhales] Whoa, come here!
Look at this one sentence.
[exhales sharply] "Mom friend A began
a blog too apparently."
"I wanna check it out," she says.
She's saying that our mom
blogged too, isn't she?
Oh, that. I asked Claire,
and she looked around but didn't find it.
So she had a blog, huh?
[Anzu sighs deeply]
Most likely, it got deleted at some point.
[Yuzu] Yeah.
Don't you ever wish we could know
what she was really like back then?
[soft piano music playing]
Kiichi-san, let's go.
I'm ready if you are.
I'm coming in.
[video game character]
Can't use it. Can't use it.
[video game character grunts]
Hey, don't come in! I'm busy right now.
But you don't really seem to be working.
[tsks] Shit.
Well, let's get back out today.
I won't go.
I thought you said you'd help me
figure out who actually set that fire.
I quit. I'm not helping you.
[video game character grunting]
Seems I relearned my lesson
that day when I stuck my head out.
I learned that I'm useless.
And changing, that's impossible.
That's not true though.
You must have thought,
"What in the hell is this moron doing?"
"He's such an idiot."
It's just been a while
since you last left.
It's a totally natural reaction.
One step at a time,
and I'll stay right there
This social worker act won't cut it.
It's sad.
[video game character grunting]
Come on. You said the past needed
to get laid to rest, isn't that right?
So that means you need
to keep trying a day at a time.
[shouts] Can't you just leave me alone?
[video game music playing]
[sighs deeply]
The dust
the dirt
the filth [sighs]
it smells like death.
[shouts] Whoa, hey,
don't do that! It's too bright!
[Anzu exhales sharply]
- Whoa! What are you doing?
- [sternly] Stop it!
Stop being a total loser,
and quit your bitching.
Wh What's with you, huh?
I already told you what I'll do.
Don't make this
Go ahead.
Try it, and I'll spill the beans
to everybody, so they know what you are.
All you do is whine.
[whining] It's all,
"I can't do that, I'm just too pathetic!"
Like anybody cares.
[inspirational music playing]
Well, to get started
you better get cleaning
this pigsty right now.
Wait, what?
[sternly] Get started!
[theme music playing]
I'm sorry I asked you here
without any notice.
No, no, not at all! [exhales]
When you give me a call,
you can rest assured I'll come.
Welcome, here you are.
- Oh, a coffee.
- Of course, sir.
[exhales] I mean, you don't mind this?
I'll keep it a secret.
Makiko won't be part of this reunion.
[breathes sharply]
So I've pretty much been living
inside the hospital lately. [chuckles]
Uh You don't stay at your house?
It's like I [exhales]
I'm not wanted there.
So that's why you calling to chat
and to meet is a great thing, truly.
- Well, that's nice.
- [Osamu chuckles]
Could you describe Mother,
the way she was when I was a kid?
- [Osamu] Huh?
- [both chuckle]
[Anzu] Look, I told you. You're cleaning
with wet rags, so start at the top.
[Kiichi] Oh my God!
I am starting at the top! Jesus!
[Anzu] Well, wouldn't you agree
that the curtain rails are at the top?!
[Kiichi] Well, then why didn't you say so
from the start then?
[Anzu] Because you should know better!
So she'd do that? Offline hangouts, huh?
Mm-hmm. I think it's "MIXI"
the one that she liked.
Sometimes, she'd get together
with the people she connected with online.
[Osamu exhales]
I'm sure it's different these days.
A meeting like that was rare,
so I made my opinion clear on the matter.
[inhales deeply]
Looking back, Satsuki wanted just a chance
to get out of the house
and have her own friends.
She worked so much
at home and at the hospital.
[inhales sharply] I kept on making her
fill gaps I couldn't handle.
[Anzu] Hang on!
Don't wipe glass in a circular motion.
- Redo it.
- [Kiichi] Hey.
Why are you acting
like this all of a sudden?
It's obvious that you look down on me.
[Kiichi sighs]
Please give up on that line.
You need to stop complaining
and talking down to yourself.
You sound like you're desperate
for comfort, behaving like you do.
I just know that I stand
on the lowest rung of society.
[sentimental piano music playing]
When I was [exhales]
in middle school,
I accidentally read the class group chat
where everybody was bad-mouthing me.
"Her life took quite a dive."
"Such a poor rich girl."
"She's cursed."
- [girl 1] Oh, you finally saw it, huh?
- [girl 2] Try not to let it get to you!
[girl 3] Your misfortune might be
infectious though, right?
- [girls laugh]
- [girl 4] So don't come near us, okay?
[Anzu] It shocked me,
but I had to deal with the fact that
that's how my classmates saw me
after what happened.
The more you let the views
of others have an effect on you,
the more and more suffocating it gets.
In the end, it all seemed so stupid.
So I chose to let it go.
I decided not to care anymore
what others think
since they can't know the whole story.
They don't know me
in the slightest, and anyway
I can change anything.
[sternly] Just hold on.
Get back here and do it right!
[Kiichi] Well, I saw
how dirty the lamp is.
- [Anzu] What, just now?
- We don't both have to do the windows.
[Anzu] But I can't tell
where you've already cleaned.
[Kiichi] Around the sides
and to the center.
[Anzu] How am I supposed to know
where your "center" is?
[eerie music plays]
All right!
It's actually really comfortable now, huh?
I actually think it's worse now.
Outside's more refreshing
than this, you know.
Let's try to keep this up next time, okay?
[birds calling]
[bags rustling]
I need you to keep your promise.
[scoffs] Wow, that's why, huh?
I'd never have cleaned this pigsty
without some reward.
Well, it's clean now!
And who gets your thanks?
Uh, uh
Uh, well
Right. See you later then.
Thanks so much, Yamauchi-san.
[sighs softly]
[chuckles softly]
I didn't realize you were here.
[Shinji] Yes, just half an hour ago.
[Shinji sighs]
I mean it. Thank you! [panting]
My brother When I saw
how you stood your ground against him,
I felt so just so impressed!
[breathing heavily]
Uh It's hard to say this,
but we all struggle a little
with just how to act
around Kiichi these days, I guess.
He's been kind of
Our mother's a bit lenient.
Can you try not to tell your mother?
Don't worry.
Not a word.
[exhales softly]
If she finds out, it'll cause a big issue
when there isn't one, I'm sure.
Yamauchi-san, trust me,
I won't cause you any trouble.
My brother may be like this now,
but before he
[inhales sharply]
was the one person that I admired then.
He could really do anything.
[inhales sharply]
The move drastically changed
a whole lot of things for us you know.
[sentimental piano music playing]
For ten years,
he's just stayed in that room.
Ten years?
That's a really long time.
[curtains swishing]
[wind whooshing]
[exhales sharply] So she used MIXI, huh?
Uh, mmm, looks like it. [panting]
[Anzu] "Aliza-san."
ALIZA (11)
I could hardly believe it either,
but this profile thingy, it's Mom's.
Look, her interests and stuff!
That teacup too.
It's the same one she used to use.
- How did you find it there?
- Huh?
Oh! [inhales sharply]
It was a flash of inspiration!
Uh, my guess was that Facebook
or MIXI were worth a look!
So I put my keywords
and everything and I located this.
It's great, right?
But her diary is marked as private,
so no one but her friends can see it.
Mm-hmm. I wonder how we get around that.
Claire can easily get us past it!
[gasps] Mm-hmm.
[Anzu sighs]
[key clicks]
[Yuzu gasps]
I was thinking
Shouldn't we ask Dad to join in?
Why's that?
Uh, well, I thought that
since he knew her then,
and since, um
Well, he was actually really nice.
For thirteen years, he didn't even try
to contact us, not once.
He hasn't earned our trust.
He might turn on us.
So that's out, then.
[Yuzu sighs deeply]
- [cell phone camera clicking]
- [Shinji] A magazine interview? With me?
Yes. Just say that you're oh-so-happy
that you're my son, huh?
What I don't want to. Cancel it.
It's all been taken care of, you know.
So just try not to ruin it.
[inhales deeply]
[camera clicking]
Just hold on,
get back here and do it right!
[boy] Okay. Say, "Cheese!"
- [camera shutter clicking]
- [young Anzu] Hey, Shinji.
You need to get back here and do it right.
[exciting piano music playing]
Hang on.
What now?
Yamauchi-san, uh,
she's around my age,
right, didn't you say?
- What else?
- [scoffs] Like what?
Just an average girl, that's it.
No, not like that.
I mean, her family,
and where she's living at.
She once said
that her mother raised her all alone.
And her work history?
Look in the drawer there.
What are you doing?
I just wondered if "Yamauchi Shizuka"
is really her name.
And why is that?
[sighs shakily]
[ominous music plays]
[music ends]
[lid closes]
[opening and closing lid]
[cars honking]
[door closes]
[Makiko] Yamauchi-san.
Thank you so much.
Yes. I'll be going.
[sinister music plays]
[door creaking open]
[door closes]
[sinister music fades]
[upbeat music playing]
DATE OF BIRTH: 7/15/1993
AGE: 24
Well, then? Did you learn anything?
Yes. Actually
Then, I'll ask that you elaborate further.
[bicycle bell dings]
[soft music playing]
[Shinji gasps sharply]
[Anzu] Shinji-san?
[Shinji exhales sharply]
I'm sorry!
Yes, Mother, hang on!
[Claire coughing loudly]
Is Is that your friend?
[chuckles softly]
[breathes nervously]
- [Shinji tittering]
- [Anzu chuckles]
Sorry to ask,
can I help you with anything?
Ah I No
Just by chance
I mean, I saw you and I just
Look, I'm sorry!
[Shinji panting]
[gasps sharply]
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
Hey, hey, I was all right? Did I sound
just like a crusty old lady?
You completely nailed it!
You just talked normal!
- Huh? Normal?
- Kidding. [laughs]
You sent this message. Aren't I
just so incredible for deciphering it?
[Anzu] Yeah, I was walking while texting.
[exhales sharply] So wait,
how did you know he was tailing you?
- He sent this shortly after I headed out.
- [Claire] Hm.
- [door closes]
- [footsteps approaching]
[Shinji panting] Well, I'm off.
[tapping cell phone]
Kiichi-san did.
[Claire] "Shinji is following you."
I can't understand it.
Has he actually switched sides?
Why? He must have a secret reason.
Hey. Still, don't let him get too close.
I didn't plan to, Claire.
[Claire exhales sharply]
I won't.
But I think
he wants to change himself and the way
he's going to live from now on.
[cell phone buzzes]
[Kiichi] We'll go out next time,
as far as we can.
[sentimental piano music playing]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Anzu] "Let's try our best together."
[chuckles softly]
Yamauchi-san knows I [exhales]
knows that I doubted her.
I just feel like such an idiot.
Well, you and I know her
a little better than we did before.
She has financial struggles, huh?
This cash will ensure she remains loyal
to me as we go forward.
You pay her well then?
And Kiichi's hush money on top as well.
How much longer will you
let Kiichi live here, Mother?
It's all right.
He's a baby still.
[suspenseful music playing]
I know that he'll never make it
in the world without me.
Then I'll ask that you elaborate further.
Something suspicious is going on
with the Mitarai family.
[gate buzzes, unlocks]
[gate buzzes, locks]
[Anzu] Amazing how nice
the air is outside, isn't it?
There's nothing to worry about.
We won't be going
as far as the station today.
Ah, uh First, just a brief walk.
We can make going to the station
your final goal.
It's okay taking it that slow?
I kind of owe you for that text message.
Until you get used to the open air,
I'll come along.
But I don't need an escort.
Well, you go on, and I'll head back alone.
Huh? Uh Wait, no!
Hey. Just hang on. Wait for me.
[kids speaking indistinctly]
[Kiichi] That's nostalgic.
I used to play here,
at this park, when I was little.
That's right.
There are so few lights here,
you could see all the stars pretty well.
You could, that's right.
[man] Hey, aren't you Kiichi?
Whoa! Oh, man, Kiichi! [laughs]
Your old friend, Nomoto!
Wow, it's been a long time, huh?
Never thought I'd see you here, man!
I thought you moved overseas or to, uh,
Minato-ku, and were chilling in
like a luxury high-rise!
Whoa, hey, how're you doing now, huh?
What do you do for work?
Uh, he works in trading.
Mitarai-san works hard
as part of our company's
international transactions division.
He's been taking a holiday
to visit friends and relatives.
- Who's she?
- He and I both work for the same business.
Nomoto, I'm Yamauchi.
[chuckles softly]
Aw, man, Kiichi, still great, huh?
You got admitted to Teimei for an MD.
- Your first try, is that right?
- What?
It's just, like, you easily do
these crazy things we can't.
- Well, I can brag we're friends, huh?
- Stop that shit.
I'm not your friend after all that.
When my mom got remarried,
it was like I suddenly
didn't exist to you guys!
You all ignored me like I was nothing!
And my "friend" here just sat by
as I got my money stolen!
So don't pretend like
that's in the past, and stand there,
talking like nothing's changed!
[Nomoto] I'm sorry.
[exhales sharply] I'm just
I just know I didn't take it.
Listen, when you moved
into that new house,
she cornered us.
Your mom did.
[ominous music plays]
- Come on, jump it!
- Excuse me, hi!
[boy] Jump it, jump it, jump it.
Mitarai Kiichi's a friend of yours?
[ominous music fades]
[Nomoto] She said,
"We'll choose his friends from now on,
so don't ever associate
with my son again."
It was a lot of money!
To get rid of us or whatever.
[Nomoto breathing shakily]
I was just really confused,
and like super angry
with her, and well, then
- [sentimental piano music playing]
- [whimpering]
I thought,
"Just who does he think he is?"
When that bully spotted you
and decided to steal from you
seemed karma had gotten you back.
[breathing shakily]
I'm really sorry.
[children] Bye-bye!
[sentimental piano music continues]
You got accepted on your first try, huh?
To Teimei to study for an MD?
Yeah, I did nothing besides studying.
High school left me feeling isolated,
so I wanted to change things in college.
I kept studying
and passed the test for admission.
- I was only there for eight weeks, though.
- Just eight weeks?
Why's that?
I'd just gotten started,
then all of my info got doxxed online.
Said I got in through a donation.
Some mean rumors, or so I assumed then.
Just to be certain, I asked her.
It's just a tiny little donation,
so please, you don't need to worry.
So it's actually true?
I wasn't sure that you'd be admitted,
just cramming for days like that.
Osamu-san's an alumnus there,
so it's really more of a grant
than anything else.
- So what
- [door opens]
[Kiichi] And from then on,
my face and name were
all over the Internet.
So everywhere I went, everything I did
I felt people watching.
- [breathing heavily]
- It scared me.
[slams table]
And before long,
I couldn't even leave my room anymore.
[sentimental piano music fades]
When he said that my mother offered cash,
that sounded like her.
[wind whooshing]
So then, why
don't you seem angry with her?
Of course, I hate my mother day after day.
Yeah, I do.
I'm still the one
who allowed his life
to end up in this state.
I know it's the truth.
I watched it go by,
all ten years spent doing nothing.
I can't do anything. I'm too weak.
[wind howling]
I actually
liked you when we were kids.
[chuckles softly]
I thought you were
just a little bit dreamy actually.
You gave this to me way back then.
Is this
Kiichi-san, you looked
at the stars and said
[young Anzu] And that red star is
[young Kiichi] Betelgeuse.
A red supergiant.
They're stars
with low surface temperature.
[sentimental music playing]
[sighs softly]
"It's a galactic message."
"Don't give up," it said.
It's a galactic message.
[Anzu chuckling softly]
[Anzu] You knew so many wonderful things.
You were good at sports,
and you were kind.
That's why
I always looked forward to
when your family came over.
[sentimental music fades]
[giggles softly]
So what I wanted to say is that
just try
to be a little nicer
to yourself in the future.
I think you're wonderful.
Whoa Whoa Whoa, hey.
[train horn hooting]
Gotta go.
- Oh, okay.
- No, no, no!
I'll go alone.
- Cafe au lait.
- Right away, sir.
I'm so glad you called me up
and invited me out again.
I still have some more questions to ask.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
I wanted to ask,
how is Satsuki getting on?
- Great, mm-hmm.
- Oh.
She was just someone
who needed a lot of care.
It had to have been hard.
I failed both you and Anzu.
You guys deserved a lot better.
We're all right, Dad.
We always tried to have fun together,
so you don't have to pity us at all.
Oh, I'm sorry. [inhales sharply]
It's just [exhales]
Satsuki must surely, hold
a lot of anger toward me still.
No, she's never said a bad word,
not once in all these years.
- So no, not true
- Yes, but surely, she was angry.
Why else burn down our own house?
[doorbells dinging]
Is that what you [gasps softly]
You're saying you think
she set it deliberately now?
[inhales sharply]
Well, I saw her.
Footage from security does show her.
And besides,
I heard she was dissatisfied
with her life.
"I have to get out."
"I can't stand our home,"
and those types of grievances.
Are you joking?
Who told you that bullshit, Dad?
Huh? Makiko did.
Back then, Satsuki was a close friend.
They'd talk together quite regularly.
[breathes shakily]
[waitress] Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
- Say, Dad
- Hm?
this is footage
from that night, isn't it?
What you saw?
How'd you get
[Yuzu] Mom's cardigan,
the one in this video,
it's been Makiko's little prize
all those years.
So what if it was all
to get our mother out of the way?
But that's
Look at this.
That does bear a resemblance
to the other cardigan.
Uh is is this
Does Satsuki know about this?
[softly] She doesn't know.
Actually, she stays in the clinic now.
No. Really?
It's called generalized amnesia, so yeah.
All the stress caused ten years
of memories to fade away, I guess.
I think
she keeps on suffering, and it's 'cause
of the fire that night, I'm sure.
- Oh.
- [Yuzu] Please, Dad.
[breathes sharply]
She really needs you now.
All right.
Tonight, Makiko's going out,
so I'll look for a proof.
So if I find
Satsuki's old cardigan in there,
it shows that I
have to make a difficult decision
going forward tomorrow.
[breathes in deeply]
[motivational music playing]
[wind whooshes]
[motivational music fades]
[Kiichi] going to Misawano.
- Misawano is where
- [gate unlocks]
[Kiichi] We lived there 13 years back.
Long time ago.
[gate creaking]
Let's go.
[gate buzzes, locks]
[male driver] Wow! So you're a model, huh?
Well, no wonder you're so pretty! [laughs]
Thank you very much, yes.
Yeah, it must be hard.
Staying the top dog like that,
it's tough work.
Well, you do have to play the part
they demand to see,
so I guess that's hard, I'd say.
[eerie whooshing]
Sorry you waited, Dad! [panting]
Don't worry. I called up suddenly.
Mm-hmm. I was hoping you'd call.
[giggles, exhales]
- Is there anything wrong?
- Hm?
[Kiichi] We're here.
Where are we?
This is our old address.
[Anzu] So this is
where you all lived, huh?
[Kiichi] I looked online
and saw it was still here.
Seems the building is up for sale,
but no one wants to buy it.
Even in a place like this,
I didn't feel like we lacked anything.
Not until we met your family.
[Kiichi clears throat]
Inside, you'll find
whatever it is you wanna know.
[train horn hooting]
Thank God.
It's still right here.
[exhales sharply]
What is that?
We all used to use this computer.
All of our old bookmarks
should still be there.
[Kiichi sighs]
We'll use the link of the diary,
the one that the old lady
used to write in every night.
Her Her diary?
It's starting to come back a little.
Meeting the Mitarais like that,
all of a sudden,
that got the old lady real excited.
Mmm, Mitarai-san, the soup's so good!
- Really? You like it?
- [chuckles]
It's delish.
- Mm-hmm.
- Shinji, you say "delicious."
[Yuzu] It's delish.
[Kiichi] Honestly,
I was dazzled by it too.
- [Anzu] Come on!
- [Yuzu giggling]
[Kiichi] A world I never knew existed.
[sentimental piano music playing]
It used to feel like coming back
out of a fairy tale, and
we'd shudder at the darkness
of our reality.
Then, she started writing in her blog.
"Mai's Simple Blog," isn't that it?
[Kiichi] Huh?
If that's it, I may have found it.
I've been reading it.
It's this one, right?
This is Makiko's diary.
No, it's not.
That's not it.
The old lady started going to see
your mother at your house,
and then, she started acting
like your mother,
every little detail,
Got the same hairstyle,
all her hobbies, even the way she talked.
All alone, late into the night,
she'd sit there typing away
on the computer.
[Makiko sighs]
I always thought it was kinda strange.
This is her diary, it's right there.
This is Watari Makiko's diary?
[exciting electronic music playing]
So she used MIXI, huh?
Uh, um, looks like it.
This is when it all started.
The old lady
decided she wanted to live
the life of your mother.
[driver] Hey, weren't you a target
of slander on the Internet?
Oh, that's just terrible, isn't it?
The weak will try to form rank,
to create a sort of monstrous justice
to soothe their own delicate egos.
And that is the reason
I will never let
their sad, little voices inside.
I'll stay strong and outlast all of that.
[breathes deeply]
- Sorry, miss, hi!
- Yes, I'll be with you in just a sec.
[Osamu sighs]
The reason I took so long was, uh,
I thought I should thoroughly consider
the choices I might have to make.
Oh, yes, I see.
Then, that means
you found the cardigan, right?
[footsteps approaching]
- [Makiko] Sorry to have kept you waiting.
- Lemon pie
[Makiko] Lemon pie?
Such a great choice.
I think I'm going to order one too.
[Makiko sighs]
Long time no see, Yuzu dear.
I heard recently
that you, along with my dear husband
and youngest son,
were gossiping all together
over things that are nearly forgotten now.
So why don't we
just talk about
all of your questions together, Yuzu?
[suspenseful music playing]
Then, "Mai" was
So then, "Mai's Blog" is just
Who is this, then?
[Kiichi] Here, take it.
Now, you need to find
who started the fire,
and this can help you.
[Kiichi] Watari Makiko
will be revealed in here.
[breathing heavily]
[music ends]
[Japanese closing theme song playing]
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