Burn the House Down (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[Makiko] And two lemon pies, please.
Coming right up.
So, uh
Yuzu-chan, I heard you've been
taking interest in my blog.
See this?
It must be one of my old cardigans
in the background
you've taken interest in.
Well, Yuzu-chan, you're mistaken.
You're wrong about who it belongs to.
I don't understand what
[suspenseful music playing]
[Makiko] I can't blame you
for thinking it was your mother's.
In those days,
I used to adore your mother's clothes,
and copied her style, mmm.
Ask Satsuki-san all about it.
It might be a bit difficult
with her illness, right?
All right, Yuzu-chan,
I have something I want to ask you.
But why keep this here?
I had a weird feeling
about how it started.
Who started the fire.
I thought the answer could be
somewhere in that laptop.
I couldn't toss it.
I couldn't bring it with me either.
Even so
[breathes sharply]
I never forgot about it.
All of a sudden, you showed up.
It's like you came to tell me to end it.
Maybe you also had the same thoughts.
"Could it be her?"
"Maikiko-san's the real culprit?"
[suspenseful music playing]
Yuzu-chan, you must know
about the camera footage too.
It's a bit odd that you do.
[ominous music plays]
[gasps] Unless Anzu-chan told you.
Is it true?
Anzu-chan must be involved
in all of this with you?
Tell me the truth.
- [soft thud]
- [Yuzu gasps sharply]
The person who told me
about it all was it was her.
[Yuzu] She thinks
someone else must've been there
and started the fire that day.
But she lost interest after a while,
quit her job and moved away.
I haven't seen her since then.
[Makiko] I see.
[waitress] Thank you for waiting.
Then, you're telling me you don't know
what Anzu-chan is up to these days?
That's what I'm saying.
How much should I give you?
You're making me into the bad guy.
Osamu-san owes a lot of money
for the years he's neglected you.
I'm not here looking for money.
[Yuzu breathing shakily]
I wanted to prove that you're the one
who started the fire.
Well, where is it then?
[Makiko exhales]
Where is all this so-called proof, huh?
Where is it?
- The cardigan in your possession is
- [Osamu] It's not there.
[inhales deeply]
After you told me about it,
I thoroughly searched Makiko's closet.
There was absolutely no trace of it.
- You're wrong! That's not right!
- [Makiko] That's enough.
[fork clinking]
Are you struggling financially?
We'll help out with all of it.
[Makiko] We can recommend
a good hospital for Satsuki-san.
What's it worth to you?
Why don't you just stop attempting
to destroy my entire family?
[sinister music plays]
[breath trembling]
[music ends]
[Anzu] There's still data
from when Makiko used it.
I want you to check if there's
any evidence leading to the fire.
[Claire] I got it.
Amazing that Aliza was actually Makiko.
DIARY - 4/18/2004
[Claire] About this "Mai's Daily Blog"
"Mai" is the month of May in German.
What's old Japanese for "May?"
Do you think this blog is my mother's?
I should have known.
[munching] I should've realized sooner.
[sentimental music playing]
So then, I reread it as your mother's blog
and found something odd.
[Claire] The date of this entry
right before the fire.
DECEMBER 17, 2005
"It's so hard. Beyond hard."
Did something bad happen to your mom
around that time?
[woman 1] Oops, oh no.
[inhales] Oh my gosh,
I spilled some of my beer.
Satsuki-san, go help her.
[woman 2] Get napkins
and more orange juice for Masashi.
It's your duty. We shouldn't
have to tell you to do that.
[woman 1] Your pretty little princess act
can't last forever. Huh!
Sorry about that. [inhales]
[woman 1] Osamu is set to take over
father's hospital someday, you realize.
He'll be fine. Osamu has us.
His three sisters will always support him.
[morose music playing]
[woman 2] Finish the meat.
I know it's a bit tough.
[Makiko] It's too bad
the first time we've been out together
in a while was for this.
[inhales sharply] You're right.
I'm not really that comfortable
with confrontation.
Sorry, but, um, both of you
might do better without me involved.
After all, Yuzu's my daughter.
You're my family as well.
I'm in a weird spot here.
I know you must still think of her
as an innocent child, but she's grown up.
She just misses the luxury
she used to live in.
I think that's why she approached you.
I bet she's just blinded by jealousy.
[whooshing, crackling]
One question.
Makiko, be honest with me.
I want to know if you set the fire.
What? Oh, please don't worry.
And have you forgotten what you said?
"There was absolutely no trace
of the cardigan."
So I did.
[chuckles] Yeah, it was kinda weird
when she contacted me like that.
So, thank you.
[sighs] Maybe it was good
you both talked directly.
[Makiko] Osamu,
the expansion plan starts soon.
Let's make it something we do together.
[ominous music playing]
[Osamu inhales deeply]
[Osamu] Thank you.
[gate buzzes, unlocks]
- Oh.
- Good evening, Director.
This is from Kurata-san of Royal Club.
Thank you.
[taxi engine revving]
Well, Ichihara-san.
Did you uncover anything new
about Murata Satsuki-san?
I have.
So I've been following some leads.
She's been staying at a hospital
in Higashi Kitami for about a year now.
Currently, she's being treated
for amnesia.
And Anzu-san, what about her?
Nothing yet.
But since Satsuki-san is
at the hospital, she'll visit her.
I'm always depending on you.
- Thank you very much.
- [Ichihara] Pleasure.
Keep up the great work you're doing.
And don't forget to keep tabs
on my husband.
[garage door buzzing]
[wind whooshing]
[gasps softly]
Good timing.
I met Kiichi today and
I'm sorry. [whimpering]
Oh, man.
I told
Makiko about the cardigan and everything.
[electronic music playing]
[whooshing, crackling]
[Yuzu sobbing] Even about Mom being sick.
About the cardigan and the camera.
It's bad!
What do we do?
I ruined everything
you worked so hard to do.
[laughs loudly]
[Yuzu sobbing]
[Anzu] It's all right.
It'll be all right.
[Anzu exhales]
I'll think of something, okay?
[Yuzu sobbing loudly]
- Wait, Yuzu met with you?
- My goodness.
I didn't take you both for liars.
So you and Osamu met her?
I hear that Yuzu
almost deceived both of you.
Almost deceived?
She said to Osamu
she thinks that I'm the arsonist.
That I set that fire thirteen years ago.
Oh God. [exhales]
She said what?
- [Makiko] It's delusional.
- [sighs]
Can you imagine me setting a fire?
Anyway, don't get involved
with her anymore, all right?
She thinks you're a pushover.
I'm sure her sister
has something to do with it too.
[sinister music playing]
Even if she did disappear,
I'll find out where she went.
[sinister music ends]
[cell phone buzzing]
[sirens wailing]
[exhales] You okay?
My mom was talking about you.
I see.
I guess my identity will be found out
sooner or later.
I'll go see him myself.
You're going to see your father?
- Yeah.
- [car honking]
Where are you now?
[Anzu sighs]
She must have gotten rid of that cardigan.
It'll be harder to prove
that she's the arsonist without it.
I'll take my chances tonight.
I need to confront him.
Even if I have to reveal myself.
[exciting music playing]
[Kiichi] You're never
coming back here, are you?
[theme song playing]
[Osamu] Again, I'm sorry
I kept it from you, Mutsumi.
Yeah. We dealt
with Yuzu without any hassle.
[inhales sharply] Next time,
I'll be sure to call you.
Thank you.
Be well. See you soon, all right? Uh-huh.
[sighs deeply]
- Good evening.
- [Osamu] What?
You must be
[gasps] Yamauchi-san?
This place is a mess.
You haven't gone home in a while.
[inhales sharply]
I guess bad habits are hard to break, huh?
Yeah, it's me, Dad.
[inhales deeply]
Oh, why are you
[chuckles nervously]are you here?
[breathes sharply]
I went to the house hoping to find out
about the fire we had thirteen years ago.
I came across this.
[ominous music plays]
I know that Makiko was involved
with the fire.
[inhales sharply] Please, let it go.
- Stop being delusional.
- I know you know it wasn't Mom.
It goes against absolutely
everything that she's about.
Why didn't you believe in Mom
when it happened?
[inhales] Is Makiko-san making you?
Because if you're hiding
something right now,
you better tell me everything.
Stop it. I'm not hiding anything.
Let's not talk about this anymore,
because it's all in the past.
[sinister music plays]
[Osamu] So how have you been?
I'm sorry I couldn't come to see you.
I feel guilty about that.
But you know I had my reasons
- [grunts]
- [cell phone thuds]
[yells] Stop trying to run away!
I demand that you tell me
the truth right now.
What happened between you and Mom?
Tell me everything!
Don't try to fool me, Dad.
[Osamu sighs heavily]
I just hate this so much.
[inhales deeply]
I don't like to hate [exhales]
or to be hated.
I remember back then
[Osamu] An offline meetup?
I told you my sister Mutsumi
was going to visit us.
The meetup was already scheduled.
I understand that,
but just this once. Don't go.
All right? Yeah?
But I have to go.
- [yells] No way, I said no!
- [gasps]
[Osamu] Soon after that
[panting]our house was burned down.
Makiko said Satsuki had
a big grudge against the Mitarais.
I didn't believe it at first.
And after I saw that camera footage,
boy, it was all I could think about.
That's why
Why didn't you give
the police the camera data?
During the initial investigation,
they thought it could be arson.
Yeah, but Satsuki
[yells] You could have done that.
You could have asked them to investigate
The police? I couldn't do that.
[shouts] What about my reputation?
I could've been damaged
if they had snooped around.
[breathing heavily]
[melancholic music playing]
[shakily] You stopped them
just for that reason?
[Osamu] For that reason? [exhales sharply]
For a doctor,
being trustworthy is important.
Any bad rumors [panting]
when I took over
[groaning]would've been devastating.
[inhales] To be clear,
I've never once said that Satsuki did it.
Around then,
Satsuki was mentally unstable.
People around us thought she was
It was just accepted as a fact.
Well, doesn't that mean it was
partially her fault for not getting along?
I don't
I I I don't want to talk about this.
[Anzu sniffles]
- Director
- [gasps]
I'm sorry for interrupting this.
Murata Anzu-san, correct?
[joyful music playing]
[presenter] Hello, everyone.
It's time for
Ahn Mika's Premium Talk Session.
And today's guest
is charismatic homemaker, model,
and social media maven
with "Makiko's Insta-Meals".
Please give a warm welcome
to Mitarai Makiko!
Thank you for having me.
It's a pleasure to be here.
[presenter] We heard that your
Instagram account has 560,000 followers.
- Mitarai-san always keeps crushing it.
- She has three advertising deals.
Wow. She's self-employed
so she must make a fortune.
Her manager is great.
I guess these days, with the social media,
you can totally be successful
on your own, huh? [inhales]
All right! You're all set.
You did so great!
- Oh, thanks, you as well!
- [woman] Goodbye.
[Makiko] Nice job today.
Makiko-san, take a look
at the cover design.
I think you'll like it.
[gasps] Aw, I'm so happy!
It was my goal
to have a photo book published
of my very own! [sighs]
Those were the words I was hoping to hear.
So that's great.
Moving on to upcoming promotions
for your next book, okay?
A public speaking event
with live cooking as the theme.
With cooking?
[woman] It'll be cosponsored
by Alpha Foods,
the company you just signed
an endorsement deal with.
[sighs deeply]
You really should consider this offer.
[chuckles] I'll bring it to my management.
- [Makiko] Well Good job, everyone.
- [woman] Thank you
- [man] Thank you for your time.
- Thank you so much.
[Makiko] Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
They asked me to do a cooking event,
so I can promote my photo book.
[Anzu] I got a phone call
from Yoshizaki-san.
And I've started the preparations.
I've contacted Alpha Foods as well.
You are good.
[motivational music playing]
[Makiko] Ever since
you started being my manager
and coming to my gigs,
it's all been so smooth.
Thank you, Shizuka-san.
[engine starts]
[Makiko sighs softly]
[motivational music fades]
[Makiko sighs deeply]
[car revving]
The interview is
with two companies today again.
Yuzu-chan seems like
she must be turning over a new leaf.
[Anzu] Is that from Ichihara-san's report?
I have to keep a close eye
on those sisters. [sighs]
Your husband's daughters?
Are you that afraid of them?
[chuckles] It's not
that I'm afraid of them.
Especially not Yuzu-chan.
[inhales] If anyone seeks revenge,
I'm sure it would be the older one.
[Makiko] But nothing to worry about.
[Makiko] They don't seem to be
in contact with each other.
She lives in Kitakyushu now.
Ha! You know [inhales deeply]
I bet she had enough of both of them.
Her mother and little sister.
[chuckles softly]
[motivational music playing]
[Ichihara] Murata Anzu-san, correct?
[Osamu] Ichihara-san.
So, you're being recorded by this.
[Osamu] What?
You've been bugged.
Guess who planted them. Makiko-san did.
W What's this?
She felt ignored.
She harbored feelings of distrust.
It started when your family left her
out of the project for hospital expansion.
So then, from about that moment on,
she's been recording everything.
She ordered me to plant these devices
and bug you against my will.
Huh? Makiko? She wouldn't. [inhales]
[motivational music ends]
I apologize for not introducing myself.
You see, I've been working
at this hospital
for the past fifteen years.
Ichihara Mitsuko is my name.
I'm the head nurse now,
but back when I first started here,
I had almost no experience.
And your mother, Satsuki-san,
she really helped me out a lot.
[Ichihara] It was December 21st,
thirteen years ago,
I was with her.
I was with Satsuki-san during the fire.
You were with her?
[Ichihara] I was.
I accidentally knocked over
the clinical records shelf,
and I immediately called her.
She came,
and she helped me put away all the files.
So It's clear.
Satsuki-san could not
have started that fire.
- Director?
- Huh?
Listen, please.
Satsuki-san had a reason
for going to so many meetups.
Curious why?
Wait, you're saying the Director?
The other day,
was the first time he ever did that.
I'm still going to the meetup.
Why's it so important?
[melancholic music playing]
I feel I have to.
The better for me to communicate.
The better for me to protect Osamu.
Osamu's family is tough,
and I want to communicate
what I feel and what I think.
And because I'm beginning to think
that they're making me stronger.
With time, I'm really going to be able
to protect him, you know?
She wanted to protect you, Director.
She wanted to help you
by better dealing with your sisters.
And to be a stronger person.
Somebody that you can count on.
She told me this herself.
She said that to you?
[Ichihara] In return,
everyone blamed her for the fire.
[whooshing, crackling]
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
[Ichihara] By the way,
everything you have said to Anzu-san
up to now was being recorded.
I'll keep this and act accordingly.
If you decide you want to act up,
that's your choice.
[Osamu clears throat]
I'll protect you with all my power.
This includes your identity,
and I'm always here for you.
I know Makiko-san
hasn't yet found out about this.
[inhales deeply]
Continue to live as Yamauchi Shizuka,
because Satsuki-san
must be proven innocent.
Thank you.
You believe she's innocent.
[Anzu] You remember her.
[melancholic music fades]
Well, I leave the rest to you.
You worked hard.
[door unlocks]
[sentimental music playing]
[chuckles softly]
[cell phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [on phone] This is Ichihara.
How is Makiko-san doing these days?
As usual, she's obsessing
over every single one of your reports.
She seems to be buying them so far.
[Ichihara] Glad to hear that.
I'll keep sending them.
Thank you so much for that.
[Ichihara] Anyway,
are you doing all right?
You're always working.
It's better to keep Makiko
occupied with work.
It's really helping to distract her.
So, um
Yuzu's been good.
I'm glad she's on my side.
[Yuzu's colleague] Ali-Commu? Oh, wow!
Aliza's Community.
Fan-friendly meetups too.
[munching] Hmm?
I want to hear all about it.
[eerie music plays]
[Anzu] Yuzu had a great idea.
"Reveal the truth through her past."
Mochimama-san, this is delicious!
- I know.
- [giggles] So good!
[both chuckle]
Mmm. So what kind of things
were you doing at fan meetups?
- [Mochimama] She met with us fans.
- Mmm.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
[Osamu] Makiko.
[Makiko exhales]
The cooking event was so successful,
I couldn't escape.
[sternly] You were told
to come here at 6:30.
[sternly] You are
more than 30 minutes late.
Oh, may I sit over here?
I couldn't hear the conversation.
[inhales sharply]
This end of the table is so much better.
[inhales deeply]
[Makiko] Excuse me.
[slams table]
What do you think you're doing?
It seems like
you're selling your private life
to the public using Insta
or whatever it's called.
We don't like it. [inhales sharply]
- Osamu's now forced into being exposed.
- It's all right
Could you refrain from behavior
which tarnishes the image of the Mitarais?
Osamu's previous wife was so different.
She was very proper
about these things, wasn't she?
- Calm down, everyone.
- Isn't it about time that you accepted me?
Everything I'm doing,
I'm doing for the benefit of the hospital.
Look who's talking.
Hear what I'm saying.
New media. It's needed as well too.
Boosting the hospital's
public presence is vital, isn't it?
It's all for the hospital expansion.
Now, who was the one who
took care of the facility's down payment?
What is our last name?
Mitarai, just like the name
of the hospital, isn't that right?
[motivational music playing]
Don't forget, Mitarais are the ones
who keep it running.
Who is the hospital named after?
Who else but us?
[Makiko exhales]
[Osamu sighs deeply]
[Makiko] I have always
been compared to you!
[inspirational music playing]
But you and I are far more different
than we are alike.
I got to where I am by fighting for
and winning every single thing I have.
[moans softly]
The world appreciates me for who I am,
not just simply because
I am Mitarai's wife.
This life is the one I created
and it's all mine.
[eerie music plays]
[Makiko] It's all right.
I have absolutely nothing to fear now.
Yeah! She amazes me, that Makiko.
"Aliza's blog,"
which is really Makiko's diary.
These possessions posted here were all
All of them!
I bet they all belonged to my mom.
She has some nerve,
showing off other people's stuff
as if they were her own, right?
She even made up
a whole new personality called Aliza.
I bet she's got some real issues.
"Aliza" also had a fan community
that adored her at the time.
[Claire] That's a decent number
of subscribers.
Meetups with her too with some conditions.
Mostly they couldn't ask
about her private life.
She must have craved attention
more than her fear
of really being exposed, huh?
Possibly. But I'm not sure.
This laptop might contain
more of Makiko's hidden secrets.
[Yuzu inhales deeply]
I'll start poking around
and see what else I can dig up.
Find something good. Hmm!
Fan meetups?
So it turns out Aliza had one
on the day of the fire, on December 21st.
If we ask the people
who were at the meetup
We can even find out
what Makiko was wearing,
who saw, and if anyone knew
what she did after.
There's almost a thousand subscribers.
[chuckles] I know.
I am in touch with Mochimama
who's giving me a list
of members who went.
- [chuckles softly]
- You're a communication goddess.
[Yuzu giggles] I guess.
[Yuzu sighs]
But if I hadn't made that mistake,
you wouldn't have had to work
so hard for Makiko, that mean woman.
My turn to fix it.
- [Anzu chuckles]
- All right? [exhales]
- Thank you, Yuzu.
- [chuckles softly]
Yeah, but make sure
you're looking for a job too.
[Yuzu] I know, I know.
Hey. You should go to bed.
- Take a bath right now. Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh yeah, I bought some bath salts.
Man, do they smell good.
- Go take a bath now.
- Bath salts? Salts.
[indistinct chatter]
[Nanami] Okay, everyone
- Say "cheese."
- [clicking]
- [both girls] Thank you so much.
- [Nanami] Welcome.
[Shinji sighs]
- [Nanami] Are you okay, Shinji?
- Ah, yeah.
Hey, man, this means
you're really popular.
That's not true.
They're just interested
in my circumstances,
but that's probably all it is.
It's your chance
to be popular with the girls!
I'm not interested in that.
It's because you have a girlfriend, right?
You know, that girl you were texting with
the other day.
[chuckles softly]
[exhales] Oh, she's not, uh
That's not my girlfriend.
[breathes deeply]
Besides, I'm not in touch with her now.
[sighs] I found out she wasn't
interested in me, either.
[sighs softly]
How frustrating.
[Nanami sighs deeply] It's not right.
[inhales] Girls shouldn't like you
for your family
or money or anything like that.
[Nanami sighs heavily]
Shinji, you're such a good guy
[breathing heavily]
[chuckles] I like you a lot.
That's right. It's because of who you are.
Uh [breathes sharply] I, uh uh
I want you to know
that I mean "like, like."
Thank you, Katsuragi-san.
What the hell?
[Yuzu] Mmm! It's delicious! [chuckles]
It's like somehow you didn't change
after all these years.
It's actually soothing,
you acting this way.
[both chuckle softly]
- I don't get it.
- [chuckles]
[melancholic music playing]
[footsteps descending]
Hi, Mom.
[Makiko] What are you doing out this late?
Just out with a friend.
[Makiko] A movie?
With who?
A girl, right?
Is she from your university?
Er What's it matter?
[inhales] Do you understand
the position you've put me in?
Masashi's in Teimei University's
medicine department too.
You'll need to study more.
I think that Masashi should
just take over the hospital.
What are you saying?
I'm putting in so much effort
to protect your position.
- For us.
- Yeah, and I'm sick of it!
[Shinji sighs]
[Makiko exhales heavily]
That's enough.
I know it's been tough for you
since the day we moved in here.
That's why I was cool
with your modeling work.
Look, Mom, don't you treat me
just like some kind of plaything, okay?
Wanna know the real reason
I've been studying my butt off?
Well, it wasn't
to take over the Mitarai business.
- I just couldn't be a nobody.
- [Makiko exhales]
I'd be too embarrassed
to face them if I was.
The ones who lived here before us.
[somber music playing]
I'll make my own decisions from now on.
[shouts] Shinji!
[Makiko sighs deeply]
Don't mess with me.
[ominous music plays]
[music ends]
[woman 1] Thirteen years ago,
on the 21st of December.
Here it is. We did meet with Aliza-san.
It was sort of a Christmas party
for the fans.
She had lunch
with members of the community.
Do you possibly have a photo
or something of her?
We weren't supposed to take any,
and it was strictly forbidden
to ask anything about her private life!
[cutlery clinking]
The only one
who directly communicated with Aliza-san
was admin Mujina-san.
[woman 2] Are you Aliza-san? [inhales]
[woman 2] Nice to meet you.
Hi, I'm Mujina,
the admin for the Aliza Community.
So, then Mujina-san was actually able
to get close to Makiko-san?
Right. I found out she organized
the fan meetup on the day of the fire,
and she left the meeting with Makiko.
That means if you can meet her,
then we can find out where Makiko went.
Maybe she has photos
of Makiko wearing the cardigan.
[inhales sharply]
That would be concrete evidence!
Mujina-san isn't on Mixi anymore,
so there's no way
to contact her though, right?
Got it. Leave it up to me.
You're really the best, Claire-san.
[Claire] We need to know
what really happened
on December 21st, thirteen years ago.
I think we're doing really great!
We will do our best.
[sinister music plays]
[music fades]
[Yuzu] The day of December 21st,
I remember it being a really cold day
[breathing heavily] and I had a fever.
[young Yuzu] Mom?
I'm really cold.
[suspenseful music playing]
[girl shivering]
What was that?
- Adventures
- Hm?
it was such a fun movie, right?
- Yeah, it was.
- [Nanami] Right?
[Nanami inhales] Let's make sure
we go see the next one too.
[Shinji] They ended it leaving room
for a sequel if they wanted.
[Yuzu] Okay. He looks fine.
I guess
I'm happy for him.
[Nanami] It's good to take a break
from all that studying,
like going to the movies.
[Yuzu panting]
[shouts] Yuzu-chan!
[Shinji panting]
[sighs] What a bitch.
[Yuzu gasps]
[both panting]
Here you are.
- Where have you been?
- [Yuzu panting]
I've been looking for you.
[Shinji panting]
That hurts. Let go. [grunts]
[gently] Not yet.
[loud traffic noises]
[sinister music playing]
[motivational music playing]
Makiko is so messed up.
[music ends]
[Japanese closing theme song playing]
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