Burn the House Down (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[thunder rumbling]
[Anzu] Long time no see.
Mitarai Anzu.
[thunder crashing]
[somber piano music playing]
What do you mean that you're
[Shinji] Wait a second.
[breathes sharply]
I've been to your house before.
"Yamauchi Shizuka" is
my sister's friend's name, actually.
[Yuzu] The house you saw
was that friend's home.
I searched for the truth
for a very long time.
I saw you that night
smiling as my house burned down.
[fire whooshing, crackling]
[sirens wailing]
It was you.
You came out of my house right after
the fire broke out, didn't you?
[ominous music plays, fades]
So, on the day of the fire,
I had a fan meetup. [inhales sharply]
I went straight home after that
and didn't go anywhere near there.
- [inhales sharply]
- [thunder rumbling]
Are you sure?
[Anzu on recording] So, Mujina-san,
you're saying you followed Aliza-san
after the fan meet-up
on December 21st, is that correct?
- [thunder rumbling]
- [Mujina] Right.
[inhales sharply]
I wanted to ask Aliza-san to rethink
her decision about ending
the fan meet-ups.
I ran after her
and luckily just barely made
the same train as Aliza-san.
As one of her biggest fans,
I knew Aliza-san lived
near Misawano Station,
but then, Aliza-san,
all of a sudden,
got off at the Suzugaoka Station instead.
[fire crackling]
[Mujina] I quickly got off the train
to follow her [inhales]
but lost her at the ticket gate.
That was the last time
I ever saw Aliza-san.
[cell phone beeps]
Why did you decide to get off there?
Suzugaoka Station is
near the Mitarai house.
Why would I? [inhales deeply]
It's because I was working
at the Suzugaoka Supermarket part-time.
You two [inhales deeply]
came to the supermarket
that day to buy groceries for dinner.
[inhales] I remember
you bought ingredients for curry.
It stuck in my mind,
because I thought about making curry.
[gasps] That's right.
[inhales deeply]
Your basket had instant curry roux, yes?
[Osamu clears throat]
Makiko, stop it.
I know you're lying.
[Osamu] Satsuki was very particular
about her curry. [inhales]
She always blended her own powder.
[Yuzu] He's right.
We would've never bought
anything like that.
So how did you know we were having curry
on that day?
[thunder rumbling]
Because on that day,
you saw curry in the kitchen in our house?
[suspenseful music playing]
You are wrong.
You'll just be digging a deeper hole
for yourself if you keep on lying to us.
Tell us the truth
and quit wasting everyone's time.
You're lying. [breathes shakily]
- [yells] Just get away! [grunts]
- [Anzu gasps]
[thunder rumbling]
Oh Oh! [panting]
Where do you think you're running off to?
Are you gonna hide in the closet?
- Or maybe the bedroom?
- [yells] Let me go!
- [huffing]
- That's pointless you know.
I know every single bit of this house.
[Makiko groans]
I know everything about you and it!
Get off!
You can't hide.
Run today, I'll be there tomorrow.
[yells] I'll even chase you
to the very ends of the earth!
[yells] Ahh! Stop it! [breathes sharply]
I didn't do it!
I didn't do it!
[whimpers] I I didn't
[breathes sharply]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [music fades]
Not a word!
[thunder rumbling]
I was the
[breathing shakily]
[sighs] I admit it.
[thunder rumbling]
[breathing shakily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
This will be
my last day working
as Yamauchi Shizuka ever again.
The only thing I'm asking
of you now, Makiko-san
is to apologize to her.
Release her from the guilt
[breathing shakily]
of thinking that it was her fault.
So that
I could see my mother live
like a person again.
[breathing heavily]
[breathing shakily]
[thunder rumbling]
[Osamu] Let's just [exhales]
call it a night.
Now that we know the truth,
we all need time
to process everything properly.
All of us.
[breathing shakily]
[Osamu] Okay?
Let's all meet again.
[panting heavily]
[rain pouring]
[knocking on door]
[breathes deeply]
Well, I can't in good faith
allow you to live here any longer.
After we apologize to Satsuki,
I'm filing for divorce.
Shinji will not be able
to take over the hospital.
We are scrapping those plans.
[Osamu] Let's go visit Satsuki
in the hospital
first thing tomorrow morning.
All right?
All right.
It's settled then.
[door closes]
[upbeat music playing]
[birds chirping]
[Yuzu] What? She's gone?
[Anzu] We can't find Makiko.
Ichihara-san just called me.
Makiko's not at home or the hospital.
- Do you think she ran away?
- I don't know.
All I can do is search the places
where she could be.
[cell phone buzzes]
Uh, yes?
[on phone] It's Yoshizaki, the editor.
Makiko-san is going to hold
a press conference.
She contacted the press directly,
and she's conducting
A press conference?
Thank you for coming, everyone.
I appreciate your presence here today.
[camera shutter clicking]
Initially, my book release was
to be postponed due to personal reasons.
I've changed my mind.
I really wanted to share this.
I thought it best to have
this conference now.
[Yuzu] Anzu
I went through so much
during this book's process. [inhales]
Some good things
some bad things too.
[female reporter]
Are you referring to the leaked audio clip
that was posted on Twitter the other day?
[male reporter] Rumors are circling
that you might be retiring because of it.
That's just a
[breathes in]
As long as my family [inhales sharply]
and my fans support me [inhales deeply]
I'm going to continue being
Mitarai Makiko.
[exciting music playing]
What does that mean?
Makiko what? What? Wait, what?
- I'm going to the press conference.
- Okay. I'm going too.
[cell phone buzzes]
What are you doing, Makiko?
What is the meaning of this?
Where's she?
[panting] My sister got hurt
ruining the conference?
I made it up.
Wo Woman, what
- What are you trying to pull here, huh?
- I'm not divorcing.
Makiko, I don't even ever want
to see your face again.
- You don't really mean that.
- Huh?
You know you can't live
without me in your life, honey.
Satsuki-san, that [sighs]
selfish and terrible woman.
[softly] It's not your fault.
That fire is not your fault.
What I wanted
I wanted money to survive and to thrive.
You wanted a wife who admires
everything single thing about you.
I'm trying so hard.
I'm really trying to be a wife
who can make everything
for you more convenient.
[Makiko] I tolerated
all the bullying from your sisters,
and not once did I ever complain to you.
I made the name Mitarai
famous on social media.
I contributed to boosting you
and your hospital's public image.
Satsuki-san could never
have done that successfully.
Think about it.
The hospital needs me.
You think you can get financing
on your own?
[Osamu breathing shakily]
I know, but [trembling]
you you set fire to my house.
Wh How can I just pretend
that everything is fine
now that I'm aware of your true nature?
[breathing shakily]
- Ugh, listen to you.
- [Osamu gasps]
That's how it's supposed to be
with married couples.
[ominous music plays]
Maybe you've heard this before.
I'll tell it to you once more.
In sickness or health,
for richer or for poorer, remember?
Now is the time,
darling, for you and I
to get over this crisis together.
[Osamu gasps]
[male reporter] Makiko-san,
can you tell us more
about today's sudden press conference?
And you are her husband, correct?
- Oh, yes.
- To be frank, how is Makiko-san as a wife?
Is that our dad?
Makiko is the best wife I could ask for.
She's better than I am.
She has her own business to run,
but she still always cooking
delicious meals for me.
Yes, and she keeps the house tidy.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- So I'm glad she's my wife.
Why is dad saying that?
[reporter] There are many online
that still doubt her.
What about the leaked audio clip,
saying everything was just for the money?
[whimpers] I've said many times already.
My voice is not the one in the audio clip.
[sighs deeply]
Um [breath trembling]
right now my family [whimpering]
is being hurt by slander,
ah, and by baseless rumors
all over the internet about us.
So, I beg of you
[sniffles, inhales shakily]
please, could you just stop
stop hurting my family!
From now on, I'll be the one
Makiko can lean on.
Please support her.
All press, please be
somewhat understanding of our situation.
[male reporter] Does that mean you
- Why'd he suddenly
- agree the audio clip was fake?
He's doing this despite knowing it all?
[Osamu] Makiko would never say
things like that.
So, he chose Makiko over me and you.
- [Makiko] Excuse us, we have to go now.
- No, wait a minute. Just one more thing.
- [reporters clamoring]
- He did it again.
[melancholic music playing]
We were abandoned by that man again.
[reporter] Please, Makiko-san!
[reporters clamoring]
Makiko-san, here!
I'll be the one Makiko can lean on.
Please support her.
All press, please be
somewhat understanding of our situation.
The general public is basically
sympathetic to us now.
They seem to accept you
as the loving husband
who protected his wife.
[inhales deeply] This should calm down
all the mudslinging.
My daughters [inhales deeply]
will despise me
for the rest of their lives.
[breathing shakily]
What have I done? Oh my God!
[sinister music plays]
What's going on?
- [woman] Hey, hey, look.
- [man] What?
Is this inside Makiko's house?
[man 1] Whoa! Is this for real?
[woman 1] The room is a complete mess!
- Let me look.
- Look at Makiko-san.
- [woman 2] Wow! I can't believe it!
- [man 1 chuckles] Whoa! Look!
[woman 2] Oh, yikes.
- [girl 1] Who's this? A housekeeper?
- [girl 2] She's the cook?
- [woman 3] She's a total fraud.
- She didn't actually make anything.
- [man] She's acting like she made it all.
- [woman 3] Creepy! What's going on?
[girl 2] Seriously? No way!
- [girl 3] No way!
- [girl 4] She lied about everything.
This is you in the picture, isn't it?
Why would Makiko do this?
[Claire] It looks like
somebody hijacked her account.
Hijacked? Who would do that?
Ichihara-san, tell me, was it you?
[yells] Was this you?
You have to let me know. Is there
anyone else who could have my
[inhales tensely]
[Claire] I wonder
who took over her account then?
[Yuzu] Mmm
[suspenseful music fades]
[man 1 on TV] So what's your take on this?
[man 2] She can't talk herself
out of this one, Greg.
[Greg] It does seem like she was lying
about everything. Thoughts, Miyoshi-san?
[Miyoshi] I think you're right.
I can't believe her audacity.
Lying for vanity's sake? She went too far.
[Greg] Is it actually satisfying
to have all those followers
if she had to lie to get them?
[woman over PA] Paging Dr. Nakahara.
Please call the administrative office.
[speaking slowly] Watari-san, it's you.
I could tell right away.
[inhales deeply]
Oh my, you look exactly the same.
Wow, it's been a while, huh?
So you remember me? [inhales deeply]
- It's been so long.
- Of course I do. [inhales sharply]
Ah, let's go inside. Come inside with me.
[sighs softly]
[Satsuki] Please.
[announcement bell dings]
[woman over PA] Nurse Honami,
please call the administrative office.
I heard through the grapevine
that you had amnesia.
[woman over PA] Nurse Honami,
please call the administrative office.
Is your memory returning to you at all?
[Satsuki] I still don't remember
everything quite yet. [exhales deeply]
[Satsuki] Look. Look at these.
They're things I used to love.
[ominous music plays]
My daughters brought me some things.
They're hoping these will help
my memory to come back.
Honestly, I thought
that I had lost them forever.
[exhales] That's so wonderful.
And Watari-san, do you remember?
You used to come to my house,
and we would chat about so many things.
You really were always
such a wonderful listener.
You would give me advice
about my sisters-in-law
and also about my husband, Osamu.
Watari-san, unlike me,
you were cheerful and outgoing.
[inhales deeply]
[Makiko] Don't say that
[inhales deeply]Mitarai-san.
[Satsuki] Here you go.
[Makiko sighs]
You've got it wrong. I was always
[inhales sharply]your admirer
for always being so classy and so kind.
[chuckles, inhales]
Believe in yourself more, yeah?
Ah, thank you.
[chuckles, slurps softly]
All right. I have to get going now.
[Satsuki] Wait.
Let's go up to the roof.
I want to go up there,
and show you the view.
It's been a long time.
Please say you will.
[Satsuki] Wow.
The breeze is so nice up here.
[Makiko] Well, I
I think I need to go now.
I have to go make dinner.
Things must be so hard for you.
Hang in there. [inhales sharply]
Mitarai-san, you'll be okay. [sighs]
Mitarai-san is you now.
You don't need to worry about dinner.
You don't really cook much anyway, do you?
Besides, wouldn't it be chaos
if you went home now?
You'll just be surrounded by the press,
trying to get answers from you.
Did by any chance, has your, uh erm
[Satsuki] I made a friend.
A young patient who was incredibly sweet,
and uh they let me borrow
their tablet to use.
I was going to use it
to play puzzle games,
and I went on the internet.
I saw an article.
It really took me by surprise.
It said "Mitarai Makiko."
[laughs] I was curious,
so I looked you up.
That's how I found out.
[melancholic piano music playing]
It brought my mind back to what happened.
Something wasn't right
about the fire thirteen years ago.
But I'd just a faint memory
about that day.
The distinct burning smell surrounding me.
The hot air.
That feeling of asphalt under my knees.
[wind whooshing]
I doubted myself,
but then, Ichihara-san visited me.
That's when I asked her everything.
Then she told me about the fire,
about my husband,
and the suspicions about you.
That Anzu and Yuzu are searching
for the truth.
Then, on that night
Makiko-san admitted she set the fire!
That fire wasn't your fault at all,
Makiko-san's going to apologize
to you tomorrow. Please expect her.
Except, as it turned out
I'll be the one Makiko can lean on.
Please support her.
All press, please be
somewhat understanding of our situation.
[Makiko] I knew it.
You hacked my social media account.
It's so odd, don't you think?
That you and me,
we seem to have traded lives
over these past thirteen years.
You supported the hospital,
you supported that man
and lived as his wife.
And I raised two children all by myself.
[inhales sharply]
I raised them both without a husband.
You're right.
I think I understand
those things were hard on you.
The Mitarai in-laws are hard to deal with.
You'll never understand!
You'll never understand it.
Osamu-san isn't someone
you're capable of loving.
Why even try? It's my love
for Osamu-san that made it worth it.
- [scoffs] That's not true. I love him too.
- [Satsuki] That's a lie.
When I broke into your account,
your social media password,
Makiko, it was your and your ex's
anniversary date.
Tell me the truth.
I bet you're still in love
with that man, aren't you?
For me,
the only people that had my heart
are those that lived in that house.
You didn't care.
You took everything away from me that day!
You think you know me so well?
You have got to be kidding.
You're not capable
of understanding my hardships.
[Makiko] You were supported.
Your parents are rich.
You can't escape
your sheltered upbringing.
You'll never know what it's like
to raise your children alone.
[angrily] I did it myself!
You are right.
You and I are completely different.
And you know what?
There's something
I've always wanted to say to you
but couldn't bring myself to do it.
[wind whooshing]
You are
the only one that I've ever really hated.
You know what?
The feeling's mutual.
- [man] Good evening!
- [girl] Good evening! So many viewers!
- [man] Thank you. Thanks for watching.
- So many people.
- [girl] Her account got hijacked.
- [man] Yeah.
[girl] Mitarai Makiko's lies
are all exposed.
[man] Exposed.
[girl] Right now, there's so many freaking
people outside of her house.
[man] So many. A freaking ton!
[people clamoring]
[woman] Mitarai-san!
- Mitarai-san, any comments?
- A message for your fans?
- [Makiko] Quiet, please!
- [man 1] Please, give us a word!
[woman] Do you have any idea
who leaked the photos?
[man] Mitarai-san!
You owe us an explanation!
- [Makiko groans]
- You owe us an apology!
Ahh! Shut the hell up!
- [woman 1] Huh? What was that?
- [woman 2] Did you hear
[man] Did you record that?
- [woman 3] Oh, Mitarai-san!
- [all clamoring]
[Anzu] Petty curiosity,
mocking laughter,
disappointed gaze,
angry outburst.
She's in flames
[whooshing, crackling]
and the one who set her on fire
is my mother.
[gentle music playing]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Anzu] Kiichi-san, are you all right?
[people clamoring outside]
- [siren wiling]
- [cell phone buzzes]
[Kiichi] I'm fine.
- [boy] Stop that.
- [girl] Yeah, right!
- [woman] Did you see that?
- [kids shouting]
- [eerie music plays]
- [exhales]
[woman] When is her press conference
to apologize?
[man] Makiko is
an attention-craving monster.
[woman 1] She betrayed
the public in the worst way.
- [man 1] Makiko's true self is scary.
- [man 2] That family is a bunch of losers.
[birds chirping]
[Shinji] Wow. So crazy.
There's still people
with cameras outside of our house.
[grunts softly] Crazy.
- [shouts] This is all of your faults!
- [tins clanging]
[hoarsely] All of this happened
because you three came into my house!
I lost my old life because of you!
They can hear you outside.
Kiichi, you don't have to come downstairs!
Oh, what if someone outside sees!
You have to go back up there. [inhales]
There's nothing
for you to worry about, okay? Huh?
Nothing to worry about in this situation?
Are you losing your mind?
[Osamu] Why don't you
just disappear already?
- You are the worst of them all.
- [Makiko] Watch it.
An elite working for a trading company?
All you've been is a shut-in
like an animal!
If the public found out that someone
like you were living here
I get goosebumps!
You are drunk.
That's an awful thing to say about my
[Osamu yells] Shut up!
You're always bothering me!
You're all to blame.
Because of you people
[panting heavily] Oh my God!
- [Osamu sobbing]
- [Makiko sighs scornfully]
[soft piano music playing]
[knocking on door]
[Shinji] Kiichi?
I'll leave your lunch here.
And some green tea.
[Kiichi] Shinji,
they're spreading bad rumors
about you because of me.
I'm sorry.
[Shinji] Nothing I can't handle.
Are you gonna go back to school?
[inhales sharply]
I wanna go back again
when things calm down a little more.
Who knows when.
[sighs] It took me three years
to get accepted.
[Shinji] I don't want to burden
this family even more.
It wouldn't have been so bad
[inhales]if I were
half as smart as you are.
I was given a chance
almost too good to be true.
Too good for someone like Shinji Watari.
It's my obligation.
I owe this family a debt.
Well, I guess if you need something,
I'll go and get it for you, okay?
Do what you like. Do whatever it is
you've always been doing.
I should do whatever?
I've had nothing to do for years.
[Anzu] They don't know me
in the slightest, and anyway,
I can change anything.
"Don't give up!" it said.
[piano music fades]
[eerie music plays]
[breathes sharply]
- [fast footsteps]
- [door opens]
Kiichi! Get out of this room immediately!
- Uh, why are you freaking out?
- You can't be in this room anymore!
- You're being watched.
- Stop pulling me!
[whimpering] Go to the basement now!
The basement doesn't have any windows.
Nobody'll be able to see!
- [Shinji] What?
- [Osamu] What the hell is going on?
Kiichi's going to be discovered.
- We have to hide him.
- [Osamu] What?
- Hey.
- The basement.
You're okay! [inhales]
Your mother will hide you
forever and ever.
[Kiichi gasps, panting]
The basement is much safer for you.
Nobody peeks in there,
and there's no internet connection.
[Makiko crying]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Makiko] You'll be fine.
You won't be lonely.
I'll be right here.
I'll protect you forever and ever.
Hmm? [whimpers]
you can't hold on.
I'm leaving.
I can't live anymore like this.
You should be free. You should leave too.
Relieve the burden.
[Makiko gasps]
You don't have to be such a good person.
Do whatever you want.
What are you doing?
[Makiko inhales]
What are you talking about?
Kiichi, I know
you can't do anything alone!
Thank you, Mom.
Thanks for taking care of me.
- [Makiko] Hey, what are you doing?
- Kiichi, stop.
[Osamu] What the hell
do you think you're doing?
- [Kiichi exhales heavily]
- [Makiko cries out loud] Kiichi!
[all clamoring]
- [gate creaks]
- [woman] I can't see him.
[horn blaring]
[Kiichi panting heavily]
[sirens wailing]
[continues panting]
[young Kiichi] Betelgeuse.
A red supergiant.
They're stars
with low surface temperature.
[footsteps approaching rapidly]
[Anzu] Kiichi-san!
Are you okay?
You're sweating a lot.
What happened to your foot?
Why are you here?
I saw online
that someone jumped at the Mitarai's.
I came looking for you
just in case it was you.
Wait here for a sec.
I'm going to the store.
I'll get a first aid kit and some shoes.
Wait here, I'll be right back.
[Kiichi breathing shakily]
I don't care about anybody.
Say what they want
I care what you think.
[melancholic music playing]
Please don't hate me.
[birds chirping]
Here you are.
Thanks for the meal.
Thanks for the meal.
[Kiichi slurps]
So how is your foot doing?
Oh. It's good.
That's good. [giggles]
I was worried there was a chance
you might've broken a bone.
My sister's at the university
at the moment.
I already explained the situation to her.
You're okay staying here
for the time being.
She's all right with that.
Thank you very much.
It was my pleasure.
Amazing as always.
I can cook more meals for you.
For a little while.
[sighs] Or maybe, um,
maybe a little longer.
[door opens]
What's going on? Who are you?
Mitarai Makiko-san, yes? We're police.
[officer 1] We need you to come with us
and answer a few questions.
Ma'am, your husband called us
to report a crime.
[officer 1] He thinks you set the fire
thirteen years ago.
[pensive music playing]
- Are you kidding me?
- Hurry.
- Are you serious?!
- [Osamu] Hurry. Hurry up and arrest her.
- Excuse me, please.
- [officer 1] Calm down.
- What is going on?
- Calm down.
- [Osamu] Please, hurry.
- [officer 2] Please stop resisting.
[cell phone buzzes]
[Shinji] I'm sorry to bother you.
Mom was just taken by the police.
[plates clinking]
Is something the matter?
[officer 1] This is only
a voluntary questioning.
It seems the conclusion was
that the fire was an accident back then.
[officer 2] But we've decided,
now that credible,
new evidence has come to light,
that we are going to reopen
the investigation as arson.
[bowl clatters]
[Kiichi] Uh
[water running]
- Ah.
- [turns off faucet]
What is it?
How about we go somewhere today?
Is there something you need me to get?
- I can buy it for you.
- No, that's not what I meant.
There's kinda someplace
I wanna take you to see.
Is this sorta like a
You wanna take me on a date?
Yeah. I'm up for it if you are.
- [turns on faucet]
- [water running]
[officer] Actually,
I requested the investigation report,
and while reading it,
I found something curious
I was wondering about here.
[inhales deeply]
It said there was a witness who saw a boy
near the kitchen door
right after the fire broke out.
But then, the investigation was stopped,
because Satsuki-san admitted
she accidentally caused the fire.
But it, um it turns out
that thirteen years ago, there was a group
of delinquents stealing in that area.
They would steal items and money
from game arcades where they work,
start a minor fire, and then flee.
Within that group of delinquents
we found your son's name.
I admit that I did it.
I admit it
if you're looking for someone to blame.
I was envious.
Yes. I hated them.
Mitarai Satsuki had everything.
She had everything
I ever wanted in my life.
[inhales] But she had an attitude
as if to say,
"Things obtained with money
are somehow worthless."
[exhales deeply]
I wanted to make everything mine.
Where she lived.
I wanted her happy family.
That woman was hoarding so much jewelry
and clothing, it was making me sick.
I had to switch places with her,
so she could feel how I felt
just one time.
[thunder rumbling]
You certainly have a lot on your mind.
[exciting music playing]
[Anzu] So, um, where are we going?
I'm really curious now.
You'll see in a moment or two.
[officer] Mitarai-san,
was there anything strange about your son
perhaps you noticed
around the time of the fire?
[officer] Anything at all?
[exciting music ends]
Would you run away with me right now?
- [wind whooshing]
- [rustling]
[Japanese closing theme song playing]
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