Burn the House Down (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Aren't those all
Mitarai-san's things?
Please stop it.
It's illegal. You can't keep on like this.
What'll we do if you get arrested, Mom?
All right then. I promise.
I'm done with all that, okay?
A friend from school stole money
from the arcade he works at.
They caught him in the act,
and he tried to apologize.
They said they still had to call it in.
And did they?
Then, at the arcade,
a blaze broke out that night.
Because of all the damage,
they shut down and didn't call.
Kiichi, are you
What are you saying?
I'm simply glad
my friend got saved like that.
So, that's it then.
My son isn't the culprit here.
I did it all alone.
It's not fair, is it? Not at all!
She had so much, that woman.
And then I,
no matter how I dress myself up,
I'm an imposter?
And I had to to burn up her home, see?
And I burned it all!
Mitarai-san, it's already late,
so we'll continue this tomorrow.
Wait, no! Why aren't I under arrest, huh?
Look, you should just go home
for now, all right?
Looking at it now,
her son was involved
in that fire, I'm absolutely sure.
- Mitarai Kiichi has to come in.
- Yes.
shouldn't we go home now?
Just show me tomorrow.
Would you run away with me right now?
I'm sorry. I was just joking.
We're not too far now.
We're here.
This is what you wanted me to see?
It's great.
I didn't know you could see
so many stars in Tokyo.
A red supergiant.
They're stars
with low surface temperature.
Don't give up.
I do this and look
whenever I'm feeling worried.
The stars are always there
when you search.
I'd be glad if you could keep it.
It's just that
I haven't got that much to offer.
No home and no money.
I can't say if I can even earn a living
from now on, either.
That is nothing to stress about.
We'll just have to be supportive.
If there's anything you need,
just let me help you out.
All right then. I'll hang on for us both.
Anzu, I'm
I'm sorry.
What do you want?
This is Onuma
calling from Narioka Police Station.
Kiichi-san turned himself in.
Sorry, what did you say?
So we don't need you
for further questioning.
Wait! Wait a second.
This is a mistake, all right?
He just
Kiichi has lost his mind, I think.
He's been alone too long in his room.
Just wait! I'll come over
right away.
Don't bother.
Your son isn't allowed
any visitors, ma'am.
No, wait a minute, wait!
What now?
Kiichi has turned himself
into the authorities.
Kiichi what?
No, it's not true.
Did Kiichi-san really go there?
Is he saying he set the fire?
No, I'm not convinced.
Makiko could be forcing him.
Could be forcing him? Why?
- Let's go, Yuzu.
- To where?
The Mitarai's.
Go ahead.
Now what would bring the two of you
to our door, huh?
We're just here to ask you something.
We're here to uncover the truth.
Just the other day,
you said the perpetrator was you, right?
Was that another lie?
Back then, all I wanted
was to be able to defend Kiichi,
nothing else.
And now, none of it matters,
and it's thanks to you.
Kiichi-san really is the one
who set the fire that day?
I saw you.
On the day of the fire,
why were you inside the closet?
I was returning things.
The clothes I stole and all her jewelry.
I'd already pawned some of it, but it
seemed right to bring the rest back.
I'd kept things at home, still.
That day,
after the fan meeting had ended,
I picked up the bag I'd brought
and changed clothes
in the bathroom at the station.
I wanted to return
everything that I still could.
And that's when you saw me in the closet.
Then, I just panicked and ran.
And I didn't realize I had it until later.
Surely, God had been watching me.
And He would not pardon
the sins I committed.
I thought I should turn myself in
to the police.
But then
Come on, come on!
Let's move, let's move!
Hey, look, there's a fire!
What? Where is it?
At the doctor's place,
the Mitarai house!
- No way, really?
- Yes, it's true!
It's dangerous here. We should go.
- How did the fire start?
- They said in the kitchen.
She left the stove unattended.
That's why she's crying!
Thank you, God!
All of my sins
had been pardoned after all.
I'd made it all the way
to our house before I realized
the one who had made all traces
of those sins vanish was
someone besides God.
Kiichi had likely set that fire.
I'm here
at the fire in Musashigaoka City.
The fire started
near the kitchen of this house.
The cause of the fire was thought to be
careless handling of an unattended stove,
but now, there is new information
from a few neighbors,
saying that they saw someone suspicious.
The police and the fire depart
A blaze broke out that night.
They shut down and didn't call.
Is that really how you feel?
Do you honestly think
Mitarai-san forgot to turn the stove off?
It seemed he'd
set that fire just as I suspected.
So it seemed then.
And in the end
I was the one
who had ruined my son's life.
I did it.
You need to stop
feeling sorry for yourself.
Kiichi-san needed his mother to step in.
You should have called the police
if you actually cared.
I wish
that you'd never come here!
I wish I'd never let you come work here!
You're the greatest error
that I have ever made.
You meddling little bitch.
- Oh! Oh!
- Damn it!
Maybe water will
Go get some now!
Stand back!
- Oh!
- Call the fire department!
My phone! Where is it?
It's out.
Shinji! Shinji, are you okay?
Oh! He He's been burned!
We have to cool him down quickly!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You're all wrong.
It wasn't Kiichi. He didn't do it.
But I did.
The fire at the
Mitarai house that day was started by
by me. I did it.
What are you saying?
On the day of the fire
I I saw your
mother's sweater at my house.
I decided to return it.
Oh, that looks good.
And there's lots of meat.
Ah, that's great!
What now?
My first impulse was
just to run away. "I can't handle this."
I thought, "There's nothing I can do."
Since then,
I would tell myself again and again
that it'd be fine.
Someone would notice
when I left, I didn't shut the door!
Then I heard
it hadn't been okay at all.
I'm here at the fire in Musashigaoka City.
The fire started
near the kitchen of this house.
The cause of the fire was thought to be
careless handling of an unattended stove,
But now there is new information
from a few neighbors saying that they saw
My actions had caused
the Mitarai home fire!
Is that really how you feel?
Do you honestly think
Mitarai-san forgot to turn the stove off?
Is that really how you feel?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Then why
why not clear my mother before this?
I wanted to, but I just
I couldn't explain what I did.
I felt relieved actually
wh when they said your mom did it.
From the day I came here,
I swore that I'd work myself
to exhaustion, so that
someday I'd make things right again.
For all of us, see?
For your mom.
For Anzu and Yuzu.
Because if I could become a doctor
that everyone admired,
it's like atonement for the things I did.
Substituting the
the real issue.
But at the
hospital, I saw your mother
I finally realized the facts
won't just disappear like that,
and I got scared.
And so
I stayed quiet.
you have to think hard.
Makiko-san wanted to admit
to doing it for a reason.
Kiichi-san went
to the police to make up a confession.
Because they
tried to keep on protecting each other!
I'm so sorry.
I swear, I I am so sorry.
There's only one thing
I'd like for you to do now, okay?
You have to say that you're sorry
to our mother!
Dr. Saito to room four.
Hey, there.
Is that Shinji?
My, haven't you gotten tall?
You're here to visit, huh?
Let me take a good look at you.
Let me see your face, Shinji.
Ah! Oh, yes! Do you still like canelés?
Ichihara-san brought some recently.
I'm so sorry.
The one who set the fire that day was me.
I'm so sorry.
All these years, I said nothing,
and made you take the blame.
I'm really, really sorry.
I had a feeling
that you'd been there that day,
at the house to try to see me again.
Now, I don't really like just hanging on
to grudges or doubting others.
And so I tried hard to move on,
by forgetting about the fire that day.
I learned
Makiko-san had done things,
and that caused things I'd forgotten
to come and drown me in dark thoughts.
How wretched I was.
As it turned out
I realized I'm not a saint
or a monster at the end of it all.
You were finally honest today.
I thank you.
This is a grudge I'll hold all my life.
We can't turn time back now.
when I say a grudge,
what I really mean is that I will
continue letting you forever and always,
stay here in my heart and thoughts,
So even if others
may try to criticize you for what you did,
or make jokes and laugh at your expense
I want you to know
that I will always carry on
thinking of you fondly with no regard to
whatever they say.
It's great to hear
that I made sure that I turned off
the gas stove that day.
You know now.
The fire that day,
it wasn't your fault at all.
And I knew
the whole time it wasn't you.
Thank you, Anzu,
for always believing in me.
You should know
that trying to cover
for a criminal is also a crime itself.
Yes, I I'm sorry.
What were you doing the night of the fire?
I used to work
at a little place for repairs.
I heard about the fire later
when I left work that night.
Is that really how you feel?
Do you honestly think
Mitarai-san forgot to turn the stove off?
I thought
my mother was the arsonist.
But I noticed my brother's socks
were blackened,
So I thought,
"Maybe he's involved somehow too."
Either way, I just
couldn't ever bear the thought
that they had set fire
to the Mitarai house.
So I pretended
that I didn't know anything more.
Then my world got turned around
by this girl,
and I saw I had to stop running.
It's not over yet!
I won't let it!
When I heard you guys
had gotten involved, I thought,
my mom shouldn't shoulder the burden
of punishment alone,
so that's why I came in.
I'm very sorry.
I'm sorry, Kiichi.
I, uh
guess I couldn't
turn out that good in the end, huh?
Why did you say that?
Please don't give up.
Just try and
you will someday.
You're out, I'm so relieved!
But to think Shinji had started
that awful fire!
Ah, I always told that boy
he had to put in extra effort,
that he had to try harder, and
now, this is the end result.
He would break his back
to prove he tries hard.
He keeps on pushing and never quits,
and I admire him for it.
You should've praised the kid
and not kept on criticizing.
Well, I guess
we have to start over from zero.
Let's start again both of us.
I can keep working.
And then, we'll have
a fresh start together.
- Please, our new life is just about
- Makiko-san!
Just what do you want now?
They're like a plague on me.
You and I have a matter
we have to discuss, Makiko-san.
I'd like to take Kiichi-san now.
Are you that What are you saying exactly?
I fell in love with Kiichi-san.
I think we should
live together from now on!
You're acting crazy!
How can you stand there ignoring
all the trouble you caused us?
And I felt the same about you.
You caused a lot of hurt.
I thought you burned our house down
and let my mom carry
all that guilt for years.
That you were jealous and cunning,
with no empathy or compassion.
Then my eyes opened.
Now I can see you're like the rest of us,
a weak person.
And I intend to fight back
my own shortcoming,
so I can be a stronger woman.
So just give me your son, and we're done.
Don't say things like that!
It's just that my life's over now.
And who told you your life is over?
The internet?
A news article or what, their readers?
People like that
just like to look at rumors
and then think that they know everything.
People like that start lies
that go around online, and it's not right!
You can't think
there's anything you can do?
When I hear lies concerning Kiichi-san,
I'll say, "That's not true,"
and correct them all!
And if people write lies
about him online, then,
I'll get the site stopped!
Every fire they start,
I swear to stop them all!
Yes, but I can't ask you
to be a part of this.
Kiichi-san, stay strong!
Quit worrying!
You just need to get over here already!
This time, I'll cheer you on.
Don't give up. And trust that I will,
stay with you at your side.
What do you say?
Please don't.
Thanks for everything.
Please don't. You can't handle all this.
Reality can be so cruel.
It always lets you down.
It's too much for both of you.
If that happens,
I'll shield her, I promise.
I love you!
If you're okay with me then I'll stay
right beside you forever.
Are you quite finished
with what you were saying?
That was it!
That was well played.
It wasn't long after that,
Makiko-san started once again.
Welcome to my new channel, everyone.
The divorce has been settled,
and I still have my brand.
You can learn all the details right here
on my channel, so like and subscribe.
With all my supportive fans here,
I will stay Mitarai Makiko
for a long time.
Well, then
You still thinking of Shinji these days?
Now and then.
- Hmm.
- Katsuragi-san!
I made it!
I got us seats in the study hall.
Shall we?
Hang on a sec!
- Sorry about that.
- It's fine!
Shinji ended up
not being held criminally responsible
since he was under fourteen years old
when he set the fire
according to Penal Code.
Could I
ask you if I could still work here?
I know it sounds crazy
to ask you this, but I'm still
I'm trying to decide
what kind of life I wanna live and
I couldn't see a future
without working right here.
So please, ask anything of me,
and I'll gladly do it.
- Just let me stay!
- I have other things to worry about.
Who knows what's facing
the hospital after all this?
It's ironic, right?
My allies, all decided to desert me.
I can't comprehend why you
- Sir, I continue to be here.
- Huh?
Mr. Director, we're quite low on staff
since many of the employees quit.
Shinji-san's patients will surely
all see his promise.
So now, you will return to school
and complete your medical degree,
and you can begin as a doctor.
Go on, hurry.
Now, come on,
you have a lot of work to do.
Oh, yes.
You'd better become a great doctor.
Thank you.
Yuzu got a job
at a staffing agency.
She's putting
her communication skills to good use.
My mother's health improved a lot,
and we got our peaceful daily life back.
- I'm back!
- Oh, hi, Yuzu.
Hello, Mom.
So how's work going? You seem busy.
It's lots of fun.
- Wow. Were you studying again?
- Oh, yes.
So someday, I can travel
all around the world
like I always dreamed.
That's great, isn't it?
You used to just stay inside.
Hmm. From now on,
I'll be making every effort
to go do things I missed out on then.
- Hold on, what is that for?
- I'll root for you!
- Thank you, Yuzu.
- Mmm.
And as for me,
I started working with Claire.
This is
for a customer in Spain, okay?
Looks good.
Oh, and this goes
to a regular customer in Sweden.
Uh, the ribbon should go lower,
don't you think?
- Huh? You think so?
- Look!
- Really?
- Be responsible now, just try!
All of our company's success
rests on you, all right?
Who are you addressing?
Try showing the president respect!
Yes, yes, of course I can, Miss.
For you!
Oh! Let's get in here!
I guess you've still got
that big appetite of yours?
- It's delicious!
- Is it delicious?
I chose to plunge myself
into the great darkness
because I only wanted
to find out the truth.
I wandered, feeling that there might be
as many answers as stars in the sky.
I stumbled, I got back up,
and I stumbled again.
Even then, you have to trust
your own compass
to guide you
to whatever star you're seeking.
Without being swayed by anyone else
or being misled by information,
you need to keep believing
in the path you choose.
If you stay on the path,
you should be able
to find out what is important.
So what sounds good for dinner?
What do you wanna eat?
Fried chicken.
I'll cook.
Hi. Hey, how are you gonna cook it?
Didn't you say that you'd have
to work late tonight?
It's already taken care of.
My coworkers said they got it,
so I should go home.
Oh, hey.
Oh, hey.
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