Burning Body (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Dos Rosas

[unsettling music playing]
[music fades]
- [ethereal music playing]
- [muffled breathing]
Come on and try
Now's the time ♪
'Cause you're free ♪
To do what you want to do ♪
You've got to live your life ♪
Do what you want to do ♪
'Cause you're free ♪
To do what you want do ♪
You've got to live your life ♪
Do what you want to do ♪
Are we all strangers? ♪
Does anyone really care? ♪
Deep down we're all the same ♪
Trying to hide our pain ♪
You think you can never trust another ♪
'Cause they're all out to get ya ♪
We have to live in this world together ♪
If we open up our hearts ♪
Love can finally start ♪
Come on and try ♪
Now's the time ♪
'Cause you're free ♪
To do what you want to do ♪
You've got to live your life ♪
Do what you want to do ♪
'Cause you're free ♪
To do what you want to do ♪
You've got to live your life ♪
Do what you want to do ♪
When you're down
And you're feeling bad ♪
Everybody has left you sad ♪
["Free" continues over stereo]
To do what you want to do ♪
You've got to live your life ♪
Do what you want to do ♪
[vacuum stops]
[baseboard sanding]
Feels like no one
Will pull you through ♪
It's your life, what you gonna do? ♪
["Free" continues muffled in background]
'Cause you're free ♪
You've got to live your life ♪
Do what you want to do ♪
[music fades]
Hi, Pumba puppy!
Hello! Hello!
[techno music playing on phone]
[Rosa] Hi, Pumba puppy!
- Mom, may I call Grandpa?
- Hello!
Why not?
And may I call
May I call Albert?
Okay, game over.
- Give it to me. Thank you.
- Hey, Pumba puppy. Come on, puppy.
[phone buzzing]
Um, is something wrong?
No, I'm good. Tell me.
How was your night?
Wanna come over to my place?
I can't, Albert.
The Mossos are outside.
I just thought
we could spend the day together.
Yeah, me too.
[phone ringing]
Hey, somebody's at the door.
I gotta hang up.
[Sofía] Mommy!
[Rosa] Coming!
[phone line ringing]
[man] I wanted to hug you at the church
but didn't get to.
How are you doing?
I'm torn apart.
Fucking Facebook just
reminded me that four years ago today,
we went away on our bikes for the weekend.
His family asked me to represent them,
as a matter of fact.
- Did they?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm not gonna rest.
We're gonna crush that son of a bitch
who did that to us.
I know.
But that son of a bitch has a name.
That name is Javi.
[pensive music playing]
[man on TV] Mossos d'Esquadra
are looking into a possible link
between the homicide
and the outbreak of violence
between drug-trafficking gangs.
They suspect it might be a revenge killing
related to the drug war conflicts
[indistinct chattering]
[phone ringing]
Hi, Ester.
Good morning, Rosa.
How are you holding up?
[Rosa sighs] So-so.
Have you spoken to my ex?
I will in a bit.
[unsettling music playing]
[Rosa sighs] I don't know.
I just can't stop thinking about it.
Maybe the unit should be following him
instead of following us?
They're around to stop
anything happening to you, Rosa.
Yeah, I know.
It's just that Sofia's very scared.
She thinks that something bad
is gonna happen to us.
But have you explained to her
that they are there to protect you?
Yeah, I've tried.
She's very sensitive.
I can tell that she's afraid.
As a matter of fact, my family and friends
are looking out for us.
Maybe the protection detail is too much.
[Ester] What do we do, then?
[unsettling music continues]
So paranoid.
How long are we gonna
keep playing this game?
Not long.
I was told
they're interrogating him today.
Fucking great.
They must've tapped his phone.
If you talk to him,
get really pissed, okay?
[Rosa chuckles]
I've also been told they'll be
getting Pedro's phone details shortly.
Is that so?
That's that, then.
Won't they read your messages as well?
Yours with Pedro. The nasty ones.
No, I deleted them.
Yeah, but they can see
that you've deleted them.
No way. That takes a lot of time.
He'll go down long before that.
And did you tell 'em about
him running through the reservoir?
- I haven't, no.
- Why not?
Well, because I can't keep piling shit
on Javi all the time. You dummy.
I'm dying for us to be together for real.
So am I.
[tense music playing]
[seat belt clicks]
[Ester] I thought you could maybe
lend us a hand? As a colleague.
- [door closes]
- [glasses clink]
[Javi] Of course.
Do you have any leads yet?
I've heard about the narcos.
[Ester] Do you see
Pedro involved with them?
[sighs] Not at all.
If a narco involves an officer,
he picks a discreet one, no?
I mean, but I don't wanna
There's no need
to honor his memory with me.
[Javi sighs]
[Javi] He was
He was a bit dumb.
He'd been disciplined
for assault in the line of duty.
[Ester] Yeah, I know.
But anybody can have a bad day, huh?
I mean, but beating up on a kid?
Have you had a day that bad?
Me neither.
We have nothing. [sighs]
No leads. Not a single suspect.
I need to know more about Pedro
to find a lead.
Well, we weren't exactly close.
But you know Rosa very well.
The partner we choose
says a lot about us, doesn't it?
You think so?
What's she like? Rosa.
[unsettling music playing]
She was
She was quite normal.
[unsettling music intensifies]
[woman moans]
[moaning echoes]
- [copy machine whirring]
- [phone ringing]
[indistinct chattering]
[gasps] Look.
- [Javi] What?
- [Rosa] What?
- [Javi] For the tiny balcony?
- Everything comes in its own time.
- [Javi] Yeah. Let's see.
- [woman] This is really good quality.
[Javi] At these prices.
Don't touch it. No, no.
[Juan] But you want a garden set,
don't you?
[Javi] Sure.
[Juan] Well then, take the entrance exam
and forget about it, you know?
[Javi] Right.
[Juan and Javi chatter indistinctly]
[ethereal music playing]
[woman 2] Excuse me. Ma'am?
You're not allowed to sit on that chair.
- Rosa.
- What?
[tongue clicks]
[breathes deeply]
[ethereal music continues]
[man 1] Come on!
[men cheering]
[Rosa] How about the Mossos?
[Javi] Me?
[Rosa] It's 15 paychecks.
- That's 36 grand a year.
- Really?
You looked into it for me?
I'm considering it too, Javi.
I'm not gonna spend my life
pushing a photocopier button.
[thunder rumbling]
I see me there.
- Of course, I see you there too.
- But not you.
If anything, as a local cop.
- Local cop?
- Mm-hmm.
- Less money.
- And less danger.
- More hassle.
- But it's easier to get in, Rosa.
[pensive music playing]
[motorcycle engine revving]
[pensive music continues]
[whistle blows]
[man 1] Move it! Run, run, run, run!
Don't stop! Come on! Quick!
- Come on! Go, go, go, go!
- [whistle blows]
[man 2] That's it for this test.
Now let's move on to the next one.
[whistle blows]
[whistle blows]
[whistle blows]
Rosa passed on the first try.
It took me a little more time.
I felt very proud of her.
Come on, Javi. It's okay.
I'm sure you'll pass next time.
[keys jingle]
[door opens, closes]
[footsteps retreating]
[Ester] When did she meet Pedro?
At her last post, actually.
She's had to change precincts
several times. She's
an uncommitted person.
Is that why you broke up?
You'll have to excuse me.
I have my kid today.
I'm sure your ex-wife will understand
that you're late if you explain
Yeah, sure.
Please. Tomorrow?
[muffled laughter]
[woman] Well, I'd sleep much better
if they put you under protection.
We'll be with you at all times.
It's the least we can do.
They're keeping tabs on him.
I told you, Dad.
You really believe Javi is capable
of something like that? I just
He actually had us fooled too, Almu.
- There is a lot I haven't told you yet.
- [Almu] Hmm.
- [Sofía] Leave me alone! You are an idiot!
- [woman] Sofía!
[boy] No, you are! You're the idiot!
[woman] Stop that, Sofía!
What is the matter with that kid lately?
[Almu] Hey. Leo!
Well, he's no slouch either.
Leo! Leo!
For Christ's sake, kid!
- No. Leo, come!
- Hey.
[Almu] Leo. Come on.
[Juan] Has Sofía told you
about the monster?
- What monster?
- [Almu] Leo!
I don't know. A monster
that makes noises in the basement.
She told me the other day.
"Scary noises," she said.
It must be a nightmare.
[phone ringing]
[Rosa sighs]
[Javi] May I ask
why Sofía is not in school?
Because her teacher called me.
She was crying.
What could I do? Leave her?
No. Fuck, Rosa. You should have
called me to come and get her.
You don't even know
what's wrong with your daughter.
Okay, uh
- What's wrong?
- She's very sad, Javi.
She misses him very much. Pedro.
Listen, go fuck yourself!
You go fuck yourself too! He's dead,
and you still don't respect him.
What the hell are you talking about?
- [woman] Give him a kiss. Shake his hand.
- [Sofía] I don't want to!
Sweetie, he's not coming. Calm down.
- No, don't worry.
- [Sofía] I don't want to!
[Rosa] He's not. Don't worry.
What do you want, Javi?
Look, Rosa, I thought
with everything going on,
you'd calm down a little, huh?
Are you telling me you thought
Pedro's death would do me good?
All I wanna do is help you! Damn it!
I just talked with the detective
on the case, you know?
And I held some stuff back.
You held stuff back? Like what?
Things about you, huh?
To protect you, okay?
Because I'm such a moron.
[reporter] Good morning. It's six o'clock,
and this is your news bulletin.
Another blow for Barcelona's police force.
It's become known
that explicit images have been shared
among members of the force.
The trial is set to commence in two weeks.
The case, which took place some years ago
at the Ciutat Vella station,
was reported by a female officer
who claimed she had been harassed
by a senior officer.
This adds to tensions
within Barcelona's police force
since the body of Officer Pedro Rodríguez
was found inside his burned vehicle
at the Foix Reservoir.
- [man] See you tomorrow, Varona.
- [Ester] Hey, wait a minute.
I found something.
- About her?
- Mm-hmm.
Detective, Rosa Peral is here.
[pensive music playing]
I'm involved in a court proceeding.
[Ester] I know.
The trial is in two weeks.
Do you suspect
it could be related to Pedro's demise?
[pensive music continues]
[Rosa] Yes.
In a way, it is.
[Javi] Have a good one, honey.
[Rosa] Thank you.
[indistinct chatter in earphones]
I spent weeks feeling terribly ashamed.
He also convinced me
the instructors went easy on me.
[Rosa] I met Manu
at the posting assignment.
[Rosa] I was assigned to his precinct.
Ciutat Vella.
He pulled strings so I could be with him.
[bicycle bell dings]
- [man 1] I told you to leave me alone!
- [man 2] Don't be mean! Give me a smoke!
No! Leave me alone!
- Just one! Come on, please!
- Get outta here! Here's your smoke.
- Screw you!
- Come on, Peral.
[man 1] Fuck off!
This is your debut.
- [man 1] Just go away!
- [man 2] Asshole! Cheap bastard!
[man 1] Yeah, yeah, whatever!
I'm not sharing shit with you,
no matter what you think.
[man 2] Oh, yeah?
So, that's how it's gonna be?
[man 1] What are you gonna do?
[men continue arguing indistinctly]
[unsettling music playing]
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Break it up!
Hey! [grunts]
That's enough! Stop it now!
[all grunting]
[Rosa] Stop it!
Stop! Stop! Hey! Hey! No!
[woman] There you go.
- You're good to go.
- Thanks, Patri.
I got told off for neglecting you.
I'll be all right.
I had my debut.
[both laugh]
["Silver Screen (Shower Scene)"
by Felix da Housecat playing]
Sweet seduction in a magazine
Endless pleasure in a limousine ♪
In the back shakes a tambourine ♪
[music stops]
[Rosa humming]
[continues humming]
- What are you doing?
- [gasps] Oh, holy Jesus!
I only had one Red Bull,
and now I'm screwed.
How about you?
Not much. I studied for a while.
Did you shower?
So, are you still on the history section?
- I would have gone nuts.
- Hmm.
- [Javi] Who went to the party?
- The usual bunch.
Uh, Isa. Uh, Nuria. Almu.
- [Javi] Almu?
- [laughs]
- While pregnant?
- Almu, dancing nonstop.
[Javi] Unbelievable.
At one point, I said to her,
"Girl, that poor baby's gonna get dizzy."
- [Javi chuckles]
- Not a word of this to Bernat.
- Don't worry.
- Swear to me.
- Rosa.
- Okay, okay.
[steam hissing]
Ouch! Holy shit!
Do they have a name for the baby?
- You're fucking kidding. Are you serious?
- Mmm.
- What was the other one we had?
- Mmm, Adam.
- Yeah, it's not bad, but
- Hmm
[Javi sighs]
Listen, if it's not Leo,
it'll be Sofía. You'll see.
I'm off to bed now.
My head's about to explode.
[phone buzzing]
- Almu just texted. "Not a word."
- [Javi chuckles]
- Nighty night.
- Sleep tight.
Wait, wait. Wait, I wanna last.
[Rosa moans]
[Manu] No. Rosa. Rosa.
Come on. [moans]
[moaning intensifies]
[Ester] How long
were you involved with Manu?
[Rosa] Less than a year.
[breathing heavily]
[Rosa] To tell you the truth,
I wasn't proud of what I was doing.
I didn't want that.
I just don't get it.
- What don't you get?
- No, I mean, I It's okay.
- Rosa. It's okay.
- I know it's okay.
- Everything's okay, but say it to me.
- What?
Tell me right here, right now.
Tell me right now.
- What do you wanna hear?
- No, I mean, not by text, sweetie.
What can I say, Manu?
- By text, come on.
- What do you want to hear?
- Let's talk about it!
- You're dating someone.
- And I'm dating someone.
- Yeah, but it's been a few months, huh?
You can't just come here all of a sudden,
out of the blue, as if
- Should I leave her?
- No.
- Do you want that?
- No.
I can dump her right now.
I'm telling her right now.
Come on. No, no, no. Come on.
Please, Manu, don't.
- I didn't want this.
- Please, Manu, listen.
- I was fine. I was fucking great!
- But I'm sorry! Sorry! Sorry, okay?
You can't just
[tongue clicks]
[Rosa exhales]
I love you.
I was engaged. Rosa.
What have you done to me?
What have you done, Rosa?
Rosa, come here.
Come here, Rosa! Rosa!
Come here!
[phone chimes]
[Javi] I got an email from you.
- [Rosa] What email?
- [toilet flushing]
[Rosa echoing] Hello. I'm Rosa.
And I'm a whore.
Wanna watch me suck a dick?
[dramatic music playing]
Don't you dare, bitch!
- [Rosa] Please. Give it to me.
- Don't touch me!
- Get over there!
- Give me that!
- Get off me!
- Please don't!
- Rosa, stay away or else!
- Please, no!
- Rosa, get out of my way!
- Please! [crying]
Javi, come back! Please don't go!
[Rosa] He left me.
He said horrible things to me.
That I didn't deserve to be a mother.
He didn't send it just to him.
He sent it to the whole precinct.
how did he manage
to send the photo from your email?
[tongue clicks]
He had my passwords.
He'd asked for them. He was very jealous.
And I was stupid.
[Rosa] I tried to take action.
First of all, I wanna make it clear
[Rosa] But no one would believe me.
Ms. Peral and I, as a matter of fact,
have been dating consistently
for more than three months.
[Rosa] It was me who ended up losing.
[Manu] I always was forthright with her.
[Rosa] And he became
Detective Sergeant Manuel Clos.
- It wasn't like that!
- I can confirm
[Rosa] That's completely false.
I never lied!
[Rosa] They made my life a living hell.
That's all they saw
when they looked at me.
It was a nightmare, Ester.
You can't imagine.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [men laughing]
[Rosa] So I requested
a transfer to Zona Franca.
Hi. What's up? I'm Rosa.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
- [Rosa] How's it going?
- Hi. Alfonso.
Alfonso, pleasure.
- Álex. Nice to meet you.
- What's up?
[indistinct chattering]
[Rosa] I was pissed
to be the one who had to leave.
It wasn't fair to me at all.
That's why I sued him.
I actually think
what you did is admirable, Rosa.
If you don't fight back, what then?
And to top it off,
there's still the trial.
Now, of all times.
What about Javi?
He has never really forgiven me.
But you stayed together
in spite of it all.
Hello, baby.
[Almu laughs]
He's looking at me. Hello.
- [Rosa chuckles] What is it?
- Hello.
- Hi, Javi.
- [Rosa] Hi.
[Javi] Hey.
[Rosa] Hey.
[baby babbling]
Hello, baby.
[Rosa] Javi.
I love you.
- [Javi exhales]
- Please.
I'm begging you.
[woman] A little bit of sprucing up,
and this yard will look great.
[Juan chuckles]
I'll cover the down payment.
I know you haven't been able
to save these years,
and I guess that's why
you haven't taken this step, isn't it?
I mean, Juan,
I don't even know what to say.
Don't say anything, Javi.
[Juan] Ask if it has a spot for the grill.
[Javi laughs]
[Rosa] That's scary.
[Rosa laughs]
Thanks, Dad.
Finding someone
who forgives you for everything is tough.
Except for your parents.
You're gonna be very proud of me
and your grandchildren as well.
[both laugh]
[unsettling music playing]
[Javi moaning]
- You like it?
- Yeah. Yeah.
[Javi moaning]
I know I've been
the most important person in his life.
And I know he's not okay.
And he's still holding a grudge.
Hasn't he told you any of this?
Javi knows Foix
like the back of his hand, you know.
He's been running there
for many years now.
Didn't we say 3:00?
Why didn't you tell me
the reason Rosa requested the transfer?
- 'Cause she's Sofia's mother.
- And the victim of what happened.
Should we go inside and talk?
[music box playing]
[Rosa laughs]
That's what I call a fancy breakfast.
Oh my God!
So yummy.
[Sofía imitating tea pouring]
Sofía, lovebug.
I was making the noises
in the room downstairs.
I had to take the sofa apart.
The new sofa?
Mm-hmm. I didn't like it at all.
But it was me, not a monster, hon.
You have to tell me these things, okay?
You tell me,
and I can explain them to you, sweetie.
And that way you don't have to worry.
Have you told anybody else?
Hey, I'm your bestie, honey.
I want you to tell me everything.
Before anybody else.
Which one?
[Rosa] Hmm
- The pink one.
- Great.
[Rosa laughs]
Do you want more?
Is my dad bad?
[ethereal music playing]
[Ester] I thought you knew how this works.
First, I ask,
and you tell me all about it.
Right. So, what's there to talk about?
Did you trust her again?
I tried to. Yes.
- Did it hurt to see Rosa happy with Pedro?
- [Javi scoffs]
Is this a joke?
You didn't tell me
you know the reservoir very well either.
The reservoir?
What did you do the night of May 2nd?
You can call your lawyer
and decline to answer.
- No, this is insane.
- Were you on duty? Off duty?
Um, I think I was out.
Out where?
[door lock clicks, door opens]
Wait a minute.
So, if you think this is out of jealousy,
then you shouldn't ask me.
- [door closes]
- Who should I be asking?
Detective Sergeant Manuel Clos?
No! Albert!
[unsettling music playing]
Albert López.
- [music fades]
- [indistinct chattering]
- Whoa!
- Hey!
[all] Surprise!
- [cheering, laughter]
- [man 1] Congrats.
[man 2] I did the diapers. I swear.
- Oh my God! Thank you!
- [woman 1] Congratulations!
[woman 2] I'm gonna die of boredom
answering the phone.
- [Rosa] I'm gonna miss you.
- Aw! I know. Me too.
- [Rosa] Take care.
- Right? [laughs]
Well, let's see who I'm stuck with now.
- I asked for you.
- [Rosa] For me?
- [Álex] Yeah, yeah.
- But as a Christmas present.
- [Álex] Oh, shut up!
- [Rosa laughing]
This guy's so ugly, it makes my eyes hurt.
- You can't live without me.
- Oh, he wishes, Rosa, right?
You've already been paired with
the precinct's action figure. Psst. Hey!
- [laughter]
- What's the matter?
- What?
- What up?
- [woman 2] Thank you.
- Hey.
- [Juanjo laughs] Look at that.
- Hey, Rosa. Better watch out for Albert.
With that guy, you'll do worse
than with me. Ask for me.
- Save me from him.
- He left with his tail between his legs.
Ask for me.
[Albert] Okay, be honest.
They put us together
so you can watch over me, huh?
Sorry. What?
Of course you can't tell me, right?
- Tell you what?
- [scoffs]
Just forget it.
- Watch over you? Why?
- Well. No reason. You'll find out.
Maybe it's the other way around.
Oh, yeah?
Well, who knows?
- [seat belt clicks]
- [seat belt alarm chimes]
- What the hell?
- Wait.
- What are you doing?
- Wait.
How many you got?
Just one.
- [seat belt clicks]
- [alarm stops]
What, from the implants?
- [laughing]
- [Rosa scoffs]
[Albert continues laughing]
[engine stops]
[Albert] Have you ever done this before?
Well, it's super fun.
- Come on.
- [Rosa panting]
[man] Police! Police! Police!
[Albert] Police! Come on! Get over there!
Move it!
What's wrong with you?
"Run, and you'll live."
And if you don't,
you know what happens after.
Come on, man.
- What?
- [laughing]
"Run, and you'll live," huh?
Where have I heard that?
Oh, yeah? Where?
That's from a movie, right?
[Albert] What movie?
- A movie I'd watch with my boyfriend.
- Ah, you have a boyfriend?
- That's great. Thanks for telling me.
- He's Mosso.
[laughs] Well, good for him.
"Fight, and you may die.
Run, and you'll live."
"Sh. At least for a while."
"And dying in your beds, uh"
Oh, I forgot. I don't recall it.
It's from Braveheart.
- Braveheart.
- Yeah, I love that movie, you know.
I was a Scot in my past life.
- Oh, yeah?
- Albert.
- Albert?
- That's right.
- I was a dancer.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
- In your past life?
[Albert] Hey, hold on a second.
[Rosa] Hey!
- What's up?
- Uh, no, no, no, no, no. No problem.
- [Rosa] What's up?
- I'm sorry.
- [Rosa] What's up?
- No problem.
- "No problem"?
- [man] No!
- No, no.
- [man] What? What's wrong?
- What?
- Come on. Your permits, now.
At the house.
- [Albert] What do you mean?
- Not here. House.
And why is that?
You need to carry them with you, man.
- [man] Whoa
- On the ground.
- [Albert] What is this?
- [Rosa] Get on your knees.
- [man] Calm. Calm.
- Sh! Nice and quiet, okay?
- [man] Talk to her!
- Sh!
- Do you wanna know where I got the scar?
- Huh?
The one on my back. Fifteen stitches.
I fell off a bike going a hundred.
Okay, okay.
Now put your gun away, please.
- [Rosa laughs]
- [Albert] Let's see.
[man] Gift. Gift.
Yours. Take.
I'm keeping this one.
And you, not a word. Keep your mouth shut.
Okay? All right.
Go home.
What's your problem? What?
Keep walking.
Here, this is for you.
So, this is why you're in trouble at
the other precinct? For drawing your gun?
But you just don't learn.
Well, you should keep your mouth shut too.
Why don't you make me?
What is this?
Nothing. This is nothing.
[laughs] Fine. I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
That's my decision.
["Yo no soy esa" by Mari Trini playing]
[singing in Spanish]
Javi! Javi!
[Rosa squeals, laughs]
Really? Oh my God!
[Rosa squeals]
["Yo no soy esa" continues]
[Juan] Leave me alone.
Grandkids are for spoiling.
The baby doesn't even have feet yet.
But as you wish, Dad.
- [woman] Can I get you water?
- [Rosa] Sure.
- Fetch me a beer, would you?
- Of course!
- Very well.
- All right.
You'll have to start taking it easy.
Mmm. And that bracelet?
- This one?
- Mm-hmm.
A little treat.
[woman] Ah, you look so full of light.
You've got everything.
["Yo no soy esa" continues]
["Yo no soy esa" continues]
[music fades]
[classical music playing]
[music fades]
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