Burning Body (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

La caída

Keep going. Keep going.
- Well done.
- That's it. That's it.
Exhale. You're gonna exhale now.
Listen to me. Listen to me, okay?
Breathe. Good. Breathe.
- Easy. We're doing great. Easy.
- There you go.
- Come on. Exhale. Breathe.
- Keep going.
Remember how we did it. Come on.
- Breathe out.
- Exhale.
That's it. You're doing very well.
- You're doing great.
- Good job.
Just a bit more.
She's coming. Exhale. Hold on.
- Honey, please. Just a bit more.
- Okay.
That's it! That's it! She's coming!
- Breathe out.
- Very good!
- Almost there. Almost there.
- You did it!
Here she is. Congratulations!
Good job! Congratulations!
My love.
Rosa, congratulations.
She's gonna be another superwoman.
You'll see.
But, hey, you're very missed, you know?
Having Juanjo as a partner
just isn't the same.
Javi, let me have her.
But you had her
for nine months, Rosa.
Hey. Here's Mommy, baby.
How adorable.
Hello, Sofía.
Just as pretty as her mother.
She's looking at you.
- I have a very small, beautiful nose.
- Oh, honey.
Now you'll know what it's like
to really love someone.
Every minute that I'm not with you
is a minute of life wasted.
Pedro was an amazing guy.
A good colleague.
A good father.
A good boyfriend.
And a good friend.
Pedro was, at least to me, one of
those people who made life worth living.
We're all gonna miss you, buddy.
I have to pee.
Okay. Just a minute, okay?
Why didn't you tell me
about Albert?
I didn't think Albert was important.
You have to tell me everything.
Sounds easy.
I'm not here to judge you, Rosa.
Albert actually could have killed Pedro
for the same reasons as Javi.
Wasn't Albert jealous of him?
Albert doesn't get jealous.
Doesn't feel much in general.
Our affair meant nothing.
Besides, it was a long time ago.
What was I supposed to do
with someone like Albert?
Javi only wants you to be suspicious
of someone else.
Anyone will do.
He's had it in for Albert for a long time.
Talk to me.
She asked me about you. Delete it all.
- What did you eat to bulk up?
- Proteins.
- Rice and chicken.
- In the blender with the protein.
- Exactly.
- Excuse me.
You prepare a lot of food
and forget about it.
Rice and tuna, the protein.
- Or poultry. Turkey works fine.
- I'm gonna make a move on her.
- What?
- You heard me right.
She's making a pass at me, right?
You noticed?
I swear. I'll take her out to dinner.
We have some wine, and then,
you know, uh, we'll end up at my place.
- Come on. You're out of your mind.
- Wanna bet?
- Out of your mind.
- You've seen her face.
I'll give her what she wants
'cause I know what it is.
If she doesn't show up to breakfast
with either of you tomorrow,
I mean, don't be surprised.
It'll mean she's got her fill at home.
Right, Albert?
All you're gonna get is a slap
in the face. I'm gonna bust your head.
- You're such an idiot.
- What's happening?
We know the whole story now.
- It's a miracle I haven't slapped you.
- You're clueless.
Wow, some genius you are.
Cheers, huh?
Sweetie, you're not fooling anyone.
- How long have you known?
- Jealous?
- For a while, to be honest.
- I am. A little bit, yeah.
You guys act like kids.
- Congratulations.
- I realized it.
Don't you have a daughter?
Aren't you married?
And you have a newborn too?
- Yeah, a beautiful baby girl.
- Just like her mother.
- Well, yeah.
- But she's with me. Understood?
- Are we clear?
- Yeah, we are, dude. Relax.
I won't take her away from you. Jesus!
Is this moron really better
than the other guy?
This one? He's a dream.
"A dream," she says.
You better be careful when you wake up.
Be careful when you wake up, dude!
- Hey, don't blush, bro.
- That's right, yeah.
Any updates?
Pedro was seen in the vicinity
of Javi's house on the 2nd.
That's the last we've got
from his cell phone.
It was never turned back on.
I knew it. That's awful.
He's a monster.
Sofía, come. Let's go.
When will you arrest him?
We still need to confirm
that Javi was also in the area.
But he lives there.
You're not a mother, are you?
Actually, I am.
I'll call you as soon as I have news.
Let's go.
I'm a monster.
I'm gonna get you.
- Get ready to pay a visit to my belly!
- No, please! Oh, no, please!
No! She's my little kitty!
- Oh, the poor kitty.
- I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you!
- Did you delete it all?
- Yeah.
- Texts and social media stuff as well?
- Yeah, yeah. Everything.
- Uh, hi!
- Hi. Sorry.
And what did you tell her?
Just that you aren't important to me.
And that we've never had a future.
She bought that?
Of course.
You know what we'll do
when Javi's arrested, right?
What are we gonna do?
- PortAventura.
- Oh, yeah, right. Okay, okay.
We should take Sofía. What do you think?
And stay in one of the hotels
inside the park, huh?
I'm pretty sure she'll love it.
Rosa's ex-husband denies
that he was home that day at that time.
Right now, alibis are being checked.
Is that her lover?
Today's lover. Every day a different one.
Look who's talking.
Just a moment.
You're being transferred.
Sellarès, you're hard to reach.
I thought you didn't work so much anymore.
What do you want?
One of the files
from your archives.
Which file do you need?
Albert López's file.
Oh, hi.
What? Do you want me to go?
Just come on in.
Hey, Dad, watch these ribs for me.
Make sure they don't burn, okay?
- Shall I leave this here?
- Yeah. Right there's fine.
Guys, this is Albert, my patrol buddy.
- Hi. What's up?
- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- And I'm Javi.
- Hey!
- How's it going?
- About time.
- Yeah.
- I wanted to join the Mossos too.
- What happened?
Well, I wasn't admitted.
- Here, I brought some chops.
- Oh nice! Thank you.
Yum. They look amazing.
I've told her loads to invite you.
This is on her.
Right, you know, they say you shouldn't
take work home with you, huh?
- True.
- What a grill!
Yeah, we're very much
barbecue people, right?
Do you have one?
No. No way. I don't even have an oven.
- And the pool, man.
- Yeah.
What are you drinking?
- Uh, just beer, but
- I'll go.
- No, no! Hey, relax. I got it.
- You sure?
- Yes. Come on.
- Okay, then.
- Let's get you a nice cold beer.
- Birthday girl!
Hey, um, Bernat apologizes for not coming,
but I brought his present with me.
What happened?
He's actually moving out.
- What are you doing here?
- What do you mean?
You have a kid. You need to
sort things out, no matter what.
Rosa, it was a mutual decision, okay?
You'll end up being sorry.
What? Don't you ever get bored at all
after so many years?
I don't get bored.
I'm super jealous!
And he starts walking towards me
with his pants around his ankles.
And he fell so hard.
I thought, "He's dead!"
And then I hear him crying.
And I go, "What happened? Are you hurt?"
And he says, "No, no, I shit myself!"
The guy shat himself
right there, for real.
Finally, I go, "It looks like
you've finally found a toilet, you know."
This wasn't a kid. He was an older man.
Fifty-something. Well-dressed.
Invite him more often.
- He should bring his girlfriend as well.
- Yeah, sure.
Well, this one, or what?
- Open it.
- Who's this from, huh? Aw.
- Who's that one from?
- Open it.
- Oh my!
- Oh!
- Wow.
- Oh my!
I love it!
- Plenty of stuff to make yourself pretty.
- This is from Almu!
Thank you so much.
I love it. Thanks.
Damn, this is beautiful.
So much makeup, huh?
Open this one next.
Is it from you?
I don't know.
- Oh.
- What?
Another one?
Two boxes.
Another box?
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- Don't worry. It's the last one.
- Okay, okay.
Open it.
Say it, you idiot!
Okay! Do you wanna marry me?
I do. I do, silly-padilly!
Oh my God! Oh!
Congratulations, honey!
Why didn't you do it sooner?
- It's about time.
- Javi!
Put it on.
Oh God! Oh God!
- Let's see it. Let's see it.
- Whoa! Oh!
Oh! Congratulations!
Come on, let's hear it!
Oh, Sofía's gonna be
over the moon.
Are you still hungry?
No, it's the yogurts.
I'd never seen those.
Now I'd like to eat one.
But I won't
because I know that they're Sofía's.
Congratulations, by the way.
You can come to the wedding.
You and your girlfriend, of course.
Of course, sure.
I've heard that when you get married, uh,
guess that means
you don't wanna bang anymore.
I guess just with the groom, you know?
I don't know.
Come on! Let's hear it! Whoo!
What is it?
You won't like this.
On the night of May 2nd,
when, uh, Pedro happened to be near
Javi's house, Javi was in Vilanova.
- Working.
- Mm-hmm.
Do we have any testimonies
from his coworkers?
I don't know if Rosa was convinced
or if she wanted to convince me.
I don't know.
I wouldn't trust her.
And she didn't even mention Albert.
I know.
Now what?
Hmm. Well
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Um, well, never mind.
Who cares? I've been thinking about
this moment for more than 20 years.
So, uh, Rosa and Javi
have been very brave
because they've done what
nobody nowadays wants to do, hmm?
Which is to say "forever"
and mean it.
Yeah, I I know them well.
And I know they'll do what it takes.
Devote themselves.
And do whatever has to be done
for our granddaughter's happiness.
There's no other trick than
than doing the right thing
every day
and not letting up.
I know that that
you'll know how to do it.
I am very proud of you both.
I love you.
Hurray for the newlyweds!
Ooh! Oh!
Olé! Olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé!
Olé! Olé!
He was fined
for beating up a street vendor. 2012.
"Seriously injured."
There were witnesses.
And evidence.
Somebody videotaped it.
Well, wait till you see 2014.
Implicated in a death.
There was a witness here too.
Rosa Peral.
You'd really like the Caribbean.
Yeah, sure.
It certainly suited you. You look great.
Hey, maybe one day we can go together.
Sure thing.
I'm fucking sick of this.
Should we go chase pigeons away?
Come on.
Fanny packs!
Take home a beautiful fanny pack!
You can give it
as a wonderful gift!
Police! Police!
Check this one out.
You comfortable?
This is my home.
Oh, really?
You better go find your home
somewhere else now.
Get the fuck out of here.
Excuse me? I didn't hear you.
Get the fuck out of here,
both of you.
Did he stab you?
What the hell did you do, you idiot?
What the fuck, man? Son of a bitch!
You're gonna pay for this.
Come here! Come here!
- Stay still!
- Stop! You're hurting me, asshole!
I don't give a shit!
Good morning. I'm Detective Ester Varona.
I'm handling the case
of Pedro Rodríguez's death.
Do you have a moment?
Yeah, sure. Come in.
Anything to drink?
No, I'm okay. Thanks.
Okey dokey.
Have a seat.
I'm all ears. How can I help you?
I'm going to ask you
a few questions, okay?
Let me go to the restroom.
I'm sorry.
All righty.
Is it true you had a relationship
with Rosa Peral?
Depending on
your definition of relationship.
How should I define it?
We weren't really a couple.
That's for sure.
But can you define more clearly
your relationship with her?
Well, we were actually patrol partners,
and we hooked up.
But to tell you the truth,
the relationship was
more of a physical thing.
- And that also ended a while ago.
- Do you still see each other?
Yeah, we meet every now and then.
This week I've seen her a couple of times.
She's going through a tough time,
as you already know, and I do care.
Listen, I've read this
in your file,
and I have a few questions.
What are your questions?
The case is closed.
Was it really an accident,
or did the investigation conclude
that it was?
It was an accident.
It's clearly stated in the file.
It all depends on the relationship you had
with Rosa Peral,
who was the only witness to that incident.
I'm not quite sure what you're asking me.
Did you feel jealous of Pedro Rodríguez?
No. Not at all.
- Does it hurt a lot?
- Not anymore.
- It was just a flesh wound.
- Hmm.
It'll heal pretty quickly.
Thank goodness.
It's gonna leave a mark though.
Hey, Internal Affairs
is handling it, right?
Sellarès is in charge.
To be honest, I think he's overdoing it.
I mean, there's a death
and must be investigated, of course,
but there's nothing suspicious here.
The guy was pretty well-known
by the police.
"El Boniato," they called him.
I mean, a drug addict who's been dealing
for God knows how long.
He's been kicked out
of the rehab program twice.
- A scumbag, basically.
- Yeah.
What bothers them is
that he was handcuffed when he fell.
If the guy was already under control
No, but he wasn't already under control.
No, he was handcuffed,
but he continued squirming,
throwing kicks.
He tried headbutting me,
and that's when he went down.
Yeah, yeah. I'm just telling you
what they're gonna think.
And you, they'll ask you
to testify what you saw.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I suppose so.
A man died, Rosa.
I know.
And, I mean, it's a bummer that he died
during one of our interactions.
It's not like we're glad it happened.
The thing is that one death on your record
could be enough to end your career.
- What?
- What do you mean, "What"?
You know exactly what.
I didn't see anything.
Okay, so what?
Don't you know how this works?
Innocent or not,
without a witness, you're screwed.
If I tell the truth,
I wouldn't be blaming you.
What's it to you, huh?
- Because my job is on the line.
- What does your job have to do with it?
He just slipped. I'm telling you.
- Don't you know me? What's the big deal?
- So, you're asking me to lie?
I'm only asking you to do the right thing.
- That's not lying for me.
- Come on, Albert.
I've got a house, understand?
I'm paying a mortgage. I got a daughter.
And you also have a husband.
Oh, so you're gonna be honest now?
Get the fuck outta here.
I'll be right up!
- What the fuck?
- What do you mean?
- Give me the keys.
- The house belongs to both of us.
Give me the keys, or I call the police.
- Oh, again?
- Yes.
You really wanted to fuck me over, Rosa.
Your daughter's father.
- My daughter's father. Not much longer.
- No.
That's the way it is forever. Get it?
You you don't make the rules.
She's my daughter, you know. Not Albert's.
What's Albert got to do with this?
Are you standing up for him again?
What do you mean?
What what what do you mean?
That you're taking a gamble, Rosa.
And more than last time.
If you cover up for him,
besides losing your badge,
you'll also go to jail!
- I'm calling the police.
- Yeah, call 'em. Hurry.
They haven't told you?
Told me what? Come on. What? Say it!
They've analyzed
both my cell phone and my alibis.
So what?
They've ruled me out.
So, did you talk to Albert
after the incident?
Not much.
Despite getting on so well.
Well, he asked about
my leg, of course.
Of course.
Tell me about it. I'm listening.
Uh, we were patrolling the area.
There were street vendors.
We started asking for permits, IDs
The illegals went running away, as usual,
and the area was left clear,
except for that individual.
- What was that individual doing?
- He was drinking.
There were children in the area as well.
There were families.
It wasn't safe to leave him there,
so we decided to come closer.
Then we asked him how he was.
If he was okay.
That was nice.
We also asked him to leave.
And then what?
He told us to fuck off.
Albert got pissed off.
How pissed off?
Well, he was rude right back.
Just like the guy spoke to him.
That's when the man came straight at me.
Who'd wanna confront Albert?
I hope you would if it came to it.
He came at me holding a box cutter.
I felt a
I felt a sting on my leg.
Didn't quite know what was happening.
I started to feel weak.
Went straight to the ground.
And I realized that
I was bleeding profusely.
I got scared.
Thought of my daughter.
How did Albert react?
Didn't he help you?
Of of course he helped me.
He went straight for the guy.
He started yelling, "What have you done,
son of a bitch? What have you done?"
Albert was terribly scared for me.
We're fucking partners.
We've been working together a long time.
That person, "El Boniato,"
went went really nuts,
out of control, squirming,
and then began to struggle,
and got to the edge, eventually.
And Albert managed to cuff the guy.
And you saw it all
from the ground
while you thought about your daughter
and bled out.
I was really afraid for him too! Jesus!
He handcuffed him.
And I thought, "Okay, that's over."
But El Boniato suddenly started squirming,
and then he tried to headbutt Albert.
And the momentum
caused him to slip, and he went down.
"Slip," you said.
And you saw it.
I saw it.
I also saw my partner go down to help him.
Feeling like shit.
Because Albert may seem tough,
but he isn't.
He's just the opposite.
I know that.
A week ago, the charred remains
of Barcelona police officer
Pedro Rodríguez were found.
He was in the trunk of a car
by the Foix Reservoir.
The Mossos are still looking
into the motive for the crime,
and no details have been released.
People close to the victim were questioned
in the days following the discovery.
Rodríguez's violent death is yet another
hard blow for Barcelona's police force,
which has lost a man well-liked
by his fellow officers.
That was it. Why would I have doubts?
Because he's involved in a previous case.
Because something was off about it.
A fall like that
with the guy in handcuffs
There's no evidence
that he pushed that man.
Actually, I'm more interested
in something else.
Do you think Rosa lied to protect Albert?
You're leading the reservoir case, right?
Everyone in the precinct knew
that Rosa and Albert were a couple.
Now I just found out
she was married until recently.
I don't know if Rosa lied for Albert.
What's clear is that
she knows how to do it.
Well, I don't see you.
What are To my right? I don't see you.
Look, I'm in a celebratory mood, okay?
I'm not responsible for my actions.
Look who's here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi, kiddo.
- You remember Albert?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
We could have
met up some other time.
No. It's totally fine.
Okay, well,
what do you have in mind, then?
Hey! She's a handful. I was the same.
Where's Albert? We haven't talked to him.
Say hello. He's over there. Hello!
Next goal wins.
Sonia, can I have
two more beers, please? Thanks.
Hey, Rosa. Are you bored, honey?
Rosa, what are you doing? Come join us.
Yeah, in a minute.
Here. It's on me.
- Okay, come on. Again.
- Okay. Let's go. Come on!
No, thanks.
What's your unit? I've never seen you.
In traffic.
- Hmm.
- I've seen you around though.
Just passing by.
- Oh, yeah?
- Hmm.
I'm Pedro.
I'm Rosa.
You must get lots of roses.
- No.
- No?
I think I have to go.
- It's early.
- I know.
I have a seven-month-old.
At one year, they start sleeping better.
Then I have five months of torture left.
They grow up very fast.
Too fast.
I won't finish them.
Can you share them around?
- Pleasure.
- Likewise.
I doubt very much that
that would qualify as a dinner.
Are you leaving?
Yeah, and you should do the same.
Do you think we can
still catch Cormenzana?
The judge?
At this hour?
Call the judge on duty, then.
Ester, come on.
I I ordered a pizza
and have ten minutes to make it home.
What do you need?
Actually, I want
to tap Albert's cell phone.
And I want
to tap Rosa's cell phone as well.
I'm on it.
I never thought
I'd have to live without you.
I can't remember how to breathe.
How to laugh.
How to love. And how
how to live.
You were and always will be an angel.
And as for me, I'm heartbroken.
Something's missing, no?
"You'll always be
the love of my life."
- A bit of everything, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Sofía, you're not eating a bite.
I'm watching you, okay? Eat up.
Is that okay?
I think she only likes the carrots.
We have to eat everything though.
You know that's Pedro's seat.
Eat up.
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