Burning Body (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Frente a frente

Let's see here.
More stuff I like.
This is a good one.
- Hey, hey, hey. Oh!
- Happy Saint George's Day!
- Sweetie!
- Ha!
- Is this for me?
- Wow!
- So pretty! Thanks a lot.
- "The Marketplace of Broken Dreams."
- I want it dedicated to me.
- Wow!
- Right now?
- Yeah.
Right now.
- Come on.
- Okay, wait a minute. Hold this for me.
- It's mine, huh? The rose.
- Fine! I know it's yours, dear.
To the life we have ahead of us.
To our dreams coming true.
We might not have money.
I'm completed by your presence.
Your touch.
That's what will stay with us forever.
Because I chose a life by your side.
And I'm not gonna quit.
How cute.
Aw. Yay!
That's so sweet.
All the bad stuff's over now, right?
- Mmm, you're the love of my life.
- Yeah?
Breaking news in the case of
the killing of a Barcelona police officer.
One of the suspects
has accused the other, Albert López,
of murdering Pedro Rodríguez.
So says, at least,
the other suspect of the crime,
the ex-partner of the agent, Rosa Peral.
This version of events
represents an important
and unexpected shift in the case
- She's so famous!
- Sh!
Has Rosa Peral kept quiet until now
out of fear, as she claims?
Is she just a victim?
In a few minutes,
we'll go over the latest developments
in the recent case of the Foix Reservoir.
Now it turns out there's a segment
dedicated solely to me on this show.
Oh, come on. I wish I did.
You wanna switch?
On TV all day long? Hey!
- Samantha, why are you there?
- Come on over.
Look, I got a new TV.
Okay. That's some crazy TV!
- Okay, okay, listen, girls.
- Wow!
- Whenever you want, you can watch my TV.
- Aw!
Thanks, queen!
I love you. I love you!
Mom, when are you coming back?
Soon, honey.
Really? Do you mean it?
Yes, lovebug. It's a promise.
- How are you doing?
- I'm fine.
They told me next week
we're going to PortAventura.
That's amazing.
Are you going with your grandparents?
No. With Dad, with Carmen,
and Carmen's brother as well,
who actually has a daughter named Julieta.
Did you know Julieta has a guinea pig?
No, I didn't know.
- I spy
- What do you spy?
A little something
What letter does it start with?
It starts with the letter
letter A.
Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Carmen.
- Hi!
It's Mom.
She says she'll be back soon.
Sofía. Honey, listen to me.
When I get out of here,
we're gonna play
as many games as you want, okay?
Mommy's here because
they think I did something bad.
But it's not like that.
I've made it clear that it's not true.
Okay, sweetie?
Okay, my love. Everything will be fine.
Listen, Sofía.
If your grandparents call Mom again
when you're with them,
you have to say that
you'll only talk to her if I'm there too.
That's very important, Sofía. Understand?
Mom just told me that
she didn't do anything wrong.
Well, don't you worry about it, hmm?
She's lying, isn't she?
We don't know the truth,
so it's best not to think about it.
Hey, we bought some gelato. Want some?
What's the matter, dear?
I saw blood.
- Okay, so what can we do?
- We need to tell your truth.
Yeah, "my truth," my ass. The truth, man!
The only truth about everything she said
is that I jumped the fence.
And I only did it because she asked me to
so I wouldn't be seen by the neighbors.
Me carrying an axe? That motherfucker.
She tricked you and took full advantage,
and now she wants you to pay for it all.
What did you tell me? She called you, uh
What was it? You told me, uh
"A puppet."
That's right. "Puppet."
You've actually been her puppet.
She's a textbook manipulator.
She seduced you and took advantage of you.
There's no fucking way
I'm saying I was her puppet.
I'm no one's puppet, okay?
I'm not stupid, huh?
Of course you're much more.
But you need to calm down,
and you need to listen to me.
A woman. A mother who kills.
No one ever remembers "a puppet."
A black widow, however,
can never be forgotten.
Think about it.
Today is an important day
in the murder case of Pedro Rodríguez.
The defendants,
Rosa Peral and Albert López,
will be visiting the house
where the murder allegedly took place.
A judiciary delegation
will be with the accused
to carry out the crime's reenactment.
Conflicting versions will become apparent,
as Rosa claims Albert is responsible,
while he accuses her
of the agent's murder.
Just think, you'll be back here
before you know it.
Good morning.
Are we all here?
Let's go.
We are here so you can tell us
what happened that night.
Just go step by step.
Be clear and precise.
If being here jogs your memory
and you remember something
you omitted in your statement, say so.
The truth is all that matters.
It must've been two in the morning.
I couldn't sleep,
so I did some laundry.
Pedro was in the room downstairs.
Sleeping, I suppose.
I heard something outside.
I came out here
and saw Albert.
He had jumped over the fence
and was holding an axe.
It scared the hell out of me.
And you didn't scream?
I knew what Albert was capable of
when he got violent.
He had this vacant stare. He looked crazy.
I was so terrified.
My daughter was in her room upstairs.
Then Albert started going,
"Where the hell's Pedro?
Where is he? Give me your phone."
He was really aggressive,
so I gave it to him.
I told him Pedro was downstairs,
and he went straight after him.
And I immediately rushed upstairs
to protect my daughter.
Let's go upstairs, then.
Show us how you did it.
I locked myself in here.
I didn't know what to do.
What could I do?
Jump out the window with a little girl?
I did what I could to keep her
from realizing what was going on.
You don't know the harm he's done.
You have no idea.
In your statement,
you mentioned you heard blows
coming directly from the downstairs room.
Is everything set up?
- All set up?
- We're ready.
- Let's go, then.
- Here we go.
Copy that.
Okay. That's enough.
That's Enough. Let's hold.
Copy that.
Yes, I was here that night.
She called me. She was, uh, desperate
and told me that she needed my help
because she just killed Pedro.
That isn't what you said
in your previous statement.
I know, but at the time,
I was really nervous,
and I only wanted to protect her,
but that's what happened.
She told me Pedro had beaten her,
and I believed her
because they were fighting,
and he could get violent at times.
That's why he was suspended.
Then Rosa told me
she thought she'd murdered Pedro.
And I said, "What the fuck did you do?"
Well, the body
was lying on the couch.
There was a lot of blood.
Where was his head?
His head was over there on the other side.
And then she asked me
to help her move the body.
Were either of you aware
that concealing the crime
could bring about consequences?
Of course.
And that's the first thing I told her.
"Let's go to the precinct right now
and tell them what happened,
and they can help you."
But she said,
"No, because they won't believe me."
"I'm gonna lose custody of my daughter."
And I felt sorry.
And this has been
the biggest mistake of my life
because I decided to help this woman
and say nothing.
And I did it out of loyalty
and the relationship we had.
But now I can't stay loyal to someone
who doesn't deserve it
and who won't stop lying about me.
I think it's better to come clean
so that justice is served.
For the deceased, above all.
The trial for the death
of the agent Pedro Rodríguez
will begin the following week
at the court in Barcelona.
The suspects, Rosa Peral and Albert López,
have been in preventive detention
for three years.
They'll now finally
see each other face-to-face.
As we have explained in previous reports,
the couple accuses
one another of the crime.
The time has come
to put their versions of events
to the test before a public jury
who will be responsible
for deciding their fate.
We continue with
the most important news of the day.
There's outrage among those individuals
Keep it up, Albert. The best one.
They keep brushing it off.
Tired of watching yourself on your TV?
I don't get tired of watching myself.
You're the new girl, right?
Watch out for these ones.
- Yeah? Look who's talking.
- What?
This is the one we were telling you about.
"The Queen Wasp."
And if you stop serving her for one day,
well, dagger in the back.
"Dagger in the back"? Yeah, right.
But you're the backstabber, honey.
You sold me out to the guards, right?
- You think that's funny?
- Well, yeah, it's very funny.
- She smuggled a phone, the genius here.
- Yeah, to talk to my daughter.
Leave the girl alone now.
The one she got rid of!
Don't talk about my daughter!
What the fuck?
Stop it. Stop it!
I can't tolerate
this disrespect anymore.
You know?
Of course I do, Rosa.
But you have to understand
that Albert's very well-behaved.
He's been rewarded for his good conduct.
You've been transferred four times.
Yeah, because Albert
has nothing to lose on the outside. I do.
Well, that's great.
Do it for her.
You didn't bring any clippings today.
What for?
It's all the same.
The femme fatale versus the toxic male.
Listen, Rosa.
It doesn't
it doesn't help that you haven't asked
to see your daughter in three years.
I know.
I don't want her to see me here.
Let's get started with this.
Come on.
Ah. Rosa, uh, before we begin,
I wanna tell you something
that will piss you off.
I'd rather you hear it from me
so we can get it over with now.
What's the matter?
- Your ex-husband.
- What?
He's giving an interview at a TV station.
Uh, soon, with the trial coming up.
How much
are they paying you to destroy her?
- Destroy her? Me? She did that to herself.
- Oh Jesus, come on. How much?
Nothing compared to what I've paid.
- It keeps getting worse.
- You're only making things worse.
I'm just so sick of being caught
in the middle of this story.
I look like a cuckold,
and I haven't said a word.
We could let everybody know that you
hardly allow us to see our granddaughter.
Or that you've stopped giving her
her mother's letters.
Or that they no longer talk on the phone.
If I were a murderer, would you want me
in your granddaughter's life?
Sofía isn't a baby anymore.
She'll find out about it.
And it's Rosa's fault.
She's the one who did this.
We agreed not to talk about it.
- It's hard.
- It was that son of a bitch, Albert!
Oh, come on, Juan! Even your own
granddaughter knows the truth.
Well, it would seem that
Sofía told them
the same thing she told me.
that night
well, she heard things and
and saw things.
Of course she heard things, Papa.
There was nothing
but screams and cries. It was horrible.
And she says she saw you with bloodstains.
That's a damn lie.
Mom, that's something
Javi and that whore made up.
First, they're giving an interview,
and now this. Really?
Can't you see what they're doing?
They want my child.
Those assholes are lying to fuck me over.
Mama, she's a child.
She must have dreamt it.
You have to talk to her, Mama.
you need to make her understand
that we were so afraid that night
that she can no longer
tell her dreams from reality.
Well, uh, we agreed with Javi that
it was better to not bring it up
in front of Sofía.
And we think that's right.
- Sofía is doing well.
- Mmm.
She's finally moving forward.
Javi will mention it in the interview.
I'm sure.
why don't you want to see her?
Tell her to come.
And talk to her.
Today is a very important day
for many people
who have been working
for many years on this case.
Um, as far as we, the police,
are concerned,
there was no doubt
that López and Peral were responsible.
And that is why it's an important day.
It's the moment
when justice must take a step forward
and put a definitive end
to this grim episode.
- Okay, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- How are you?
- Better than the last time we met.
- Your son? All good?
- Yes.
Great. Now, we promised
we'd meet before the trial.
And here we are.
We are the worst.
- I saw you in the documentary.
- Oh God.
Uh Well, it was my very first time
in front of a camera.
I was a bit nervous. It was terrible.
But to be fair,
the podcast is coming along well.
You listen to it?
Never mind.
You already know about the case.
Everything except what really happened.
We do know what happened.
We do, and thanks to you.
You carved yourself a spot
in this country's dark history.
She's here! Come on. Let's go.
Come on! Let's go! Hey!
And so the show begins.
Murderer! Murderer!
Rosa's enjoying this.
Rosa Peral and Pedro Rodríguez
loved each other.
They deeply and passionately
loved each other.
They were the perfect couple.
They wanted to enjoy their love,
having children,
growing old together.
"Because I chose a life by your side.
And I'm not gonna quit."
"I want to grow old with you
and be able to say,
'We did it, my love.'"
Are those the words of a woman
who just, eight days later,
murders her boyfriend
and burns him
in the darkness of the forest?
Pedro also gave a book to Rosa.
An erotic novel like the ones she likes.
All I really want is
to live my life by your side.
And for us to not hurt each other again.
I just know one thing. You are my life.
And that I give you mine.
Make the most of it and enjoy it.
"Make the most of it and enjoy it."
"For I have just one."
I repeat.
"For us to not hurt each other
ever again."
"The perfect couple."
Of the four months
Rosa and Pedro were living together,
three were, in fact, plagued by arguments,
jealousy, and shouting.
My client has done nothing but
take the rap for a very toxic relationship
that resulted in the murder of Pedro
at the very hands of Rosa.
Why would she do it?
A very young woman
with a respectable job
of service to the community.
Loved by family and friends.
With a good life, actually.
A mother.
Why would she kill her partner?
Please, this is the 21st century.
If Rosa had actually wanted
to leave Pedro, she would've done it.
Forget about
what a normal person would do.
We're talking here about Ms. Rosa Peral.
Unstable, impulsive, insatiable,
and a pathological liar.
She's the star of this case. She is.
Now everybody knows her name.
Yet no one knows the name
of the other defendant, Mr. Albert López.
I'll tell you why,
and I don't think it will surprise you,
knowing how the world works.
Rosa's sentimental life
hasn't been conventional.
That, obviously, is no crime at all.
Yet she's being vilified for it.
Fortunately, the moment has come
to put all preconceptions aside
and allow us to move on to the trial.
And, in it, Rosa is a victim.
Albert is a victim.
To begin with,
of his own sense of loyalty,
which led him to put Rosa's interests
ahead of his own
from the time she told him
what she had done.
Rosa met the man and love of her life.
And this man, Albert López,
with whom she had had a relationship
previously with, and not a very good one,
simply couldn't bear it.
Within Mr. López's employment history,
we can actually find
ample indications of his violent nature.
In 2012,
he was fined
for beating up a street vendor.
And in 2014, he was investigated
for his role in the suspicious fall
of a homeless man in Montjuïc.
The man ended up dead.
Here I give you
Rosa and the devil.
On behalf of
the Prosecutor's Office,
I congratulate the defense attorneys
on their accounts.
They were so moving,
so epic.
Great loves,
unbreakable loyalties, fear, uh, sexism.
But let me give you both a reminder.
You are litigating in a courtroom,
not on a stage.
The only valid account in this court
is the truth.
And that, with the help of the witnesses,
is one I'll consider.
And good morning, Ms. Peral.
Good morning.
Could you tell us when
the photograph Mr. López's lawyer showed
was taken?
On May 4th.
At that point, Pedro Rodríguez
had been dead for three days practically.
According to you,
your ex-partner's murderer
is the person who appears next to you
in that photograph on-screen.
Mr. Albert López.
That's right.
Could you remind us?
Why did you decide to hide that fact
from the police for days?
Because I was fearful
of what Albert might do to me.
To me or to my daughter.
So you were very scared.
Yes. Yes, I was. Yes.
No. Not at all. No.
She didn't seem scared, no.
She arrived calmly and with Albert.
At the same time?
On the same motorcycle.
How many police officers
were gathered at that dinner?
I don't know. Um
About 20.
You were surrounded by police officers.
It would have been
the perfect time to ask for help.
To me, they weren't officers.
They were his friends.
Why did you go to that dinner?
Because Albert asked me to.
We both,
uh, supported her, you know?
Well, Pedro
he had disappeared, and
Uh, or that's what we thought, and
so we thought she could
probably use a little bit of a
But she went reluctantly.
She laughed. She was dancing.
She had a blast, to tell you the truth.
Albert asked me to act natural
so that no one would suspect.
I did the best I could.
And I assure you, it wasn't easy.
I was worried for my life.
Of course she was happy.
She was happy,
and she was grateful to me, you know?
She had just finally
gotten rid of her abuser,
and I had helped her to cover it up.
You didn't seem too traumatized
by having disposed of a dead body either.
The dead body of a fellow officer.
Well, looking at that picture,
uh, if I may, sir,
I can only see one happy person.
And at no point
did it cross your mind to tell the truth
to one of your police friends
gathered at that dinner?
This woman made me promise her
a thousand times,
and I had sworn to her
that I wouldn't tell anyone.
And I didn't wanna betray her.
You were a police officer.
Yes, I know. I know.
But I'm also a man of my word, sir.
The day after the funeral,
we went with a group of close friends.
We went to Rosa's place
so she would not be alone.
And Albert
was part of that group.
Was he always at those gatherings?
Was he part of the circle of friends?
No. No, he wasn't usually there.
No, he wasn't my friend.
But after what he did,
I couldn't get him off my back.
He kept a close eye on me
so I wouldn't tell anybody.
Did Rosa seem scared to you?
Not of Albert.
What do you mean by that?
Well, that Javier, her ex-husband,
came to pay his condolences.
She went crazy, shouting at him,
and threw a glass at him.
She was completely
out of her mind, I think.
And when Javier left
she told me that
that Javi had actually murdered Pedro.
Your friend, Ms. Almudena,
has testified that you told her
it was your ex-husband,
Mr. Javier Guerrero, who murdered Pedro.
Yes, it was all part of Albert's plan.
He needed a culprit.
And for what reason
would I wanna blame her ex-husband?
He knew that
Javi and Pedro hated each other.
She'd benefit from it
because they were always fighting
over the custody of their child.
And she came up with the idea
of using Pedro's death
to get rid of her ex as well.
She even said, uh,
"Two birds with one stone."
Your ex-wife, Rosa Peral,
tried to implicate you
in the murder of Pedro Rodríguez.
I I've tried to forget about that matter.
What was your relationship
with Mr. Rodríguez like?
Pedro seemed like a nice guy to me.
I I actually liked that
their relationship was, uh, stable
because, well, it was
it was positive for everyone.
And Albert López,
did you know him?
Yes, of course.
As my wife's as my ex-wife's coworker.
She now claims that
he, Albert, was a violent man.
- That she had always been afraid of him.
- She never told me that.
I guess if they were together
for so many years, it was because
because they liked each other.
You motherfucker.
But you also spent
a lot of time with a possible murderer.
- Married her, even.
- Take that.
How is your daughter doing?
I would prefer not to talk about her.
Back to Rosa. When you were married,
did you know she was cheating on you?
She's always been a very good liar.
During our marriage and after,
when we fought over custody.
She's she's very manipulative.
She doesn't think twice
about getting what she wants.
Rosa Peral
has a long history of scandals,
including multiple affairs
with other men in the workforce
Were you and Mr. López
involved in a romantic relationship
at the time of the crime?
No, not at all.
I was happy with Pedro.
And we certainly weren't
the perfect couple.
We had our good days,
and we had our bad days,
just like everyone else does.
But Pedro went out of his way for me
from the very first day.
They were a wonderful couple.
They had many plans for the future and
supported each other in every way.
He undoubtedly loved my daughter.
As if she was his own.
Because that's who Pedro was.
Loyal, noble, full of passion.
He was the most wonderful person
in this world.
I couldn't have ever found
another person like him.
Yeah, well, she was with Pedro,
and I was happily living my own life.
I was doing the stuff I liked,
like going to work, going to the gym.
I went out with my friends,
and I traveled.
Albert came up to us on the terrace
out of the blue and told her,
"Here, so you can think it over."
And he left a box on the table.
When Rosa opened the box,
we saw it was a ring.
A pretty ugly one, to be honest.
And how how did Albert
manage to know where you were?
There are plenty of terraces in Barcelona.
I know. That surprised me too.
And then I asked her, but
she didn't know. That's what she told me.
The jury has at its disposal the call log,
which we show here.
It proves that that same day,
Albert and Rosa had, in fact, talked
a few minutes before that encounter.
They were no longer patrol partners,
but they remained in contact.
In contact every day. Continue.
Uh, he didn't say anything else.
He left the box there, and he left.
How did Rosa react?
Was she scared? Did she ask for help?
Mmm, no.
I would say
it amused her, actually.
Of course.
Because it was just an inside joke.
And weren't you just living your own life?
Yes, but we were
still getting along.
And one day, she told me,
"You're not one for nice gestures.
You've never given me flowers."
And I said, "Sorry?
Forget the flowers. I'll get you a ring."
But it was definitely just a joke
to show that she was wrong.
From there, to actually propose?
There's a big difference.
When, uh, he found out I was with Pedro,
he went nuts.
He was sickeningly jealous.
Called me all the time.
He harassed me.
I told him who I was with and where so
so he could see I was busy.
So he'd leave me in peace.
So then, he showed up
and did the whole ring thing.
And why would Mr. López be
proposing for marriage
to someone he wasn't even dating?
Because he found out that
Pedro had just proposed.
It's as simple as that.
Albert only lives to compete.
What did you do with the ring?
I gave it back to him
when I saw him a few days later.
This photo
was recovered from the data
deleted from Ms. Peral's cell phone.
Yes, that's it.
That's that's the engagement ring
Albert gave to her.
And in response to that selfie,
you, sir, replied with this one.
How was I supposed to reply
to a photo like that?
She'd already sent me others like it
when she was with her husband.
I thought, "Well, if she doesn't mind"
And so I decided to play along.
Another joke, right?
Your Honor, I call the next witness.
At the request of the Prosecutor's Office,
we call Mr. Juan José Nera Rius
to the stand.
First of all, I wanted to say
that that I, as a person,
am not some kind of snitch,
or or anything of the sort.
And I want that to be clear, please.
Nobody thinks you are.
Feel free to have more water
if you need to.
That same day,
there had been a homicide in Zona Franca,
and you two
had been there as backup, am I right?
Yes, sir.
Can you tell us about
the conversation you had with Mr. López?
Don't worry.
I'm sorry, man.
It's nothing. An altercation
between neighbors. No mafia involved.
Fuck's sake. Narcos have been
stirring shit for a full fucking month,
and I haven't even caught a whiff of them.
- Why "pussy"?
- Dude, you're a pussy.
I'm not scared.
Narcos are on another level.
- Are they?
- Yeah, they are. You just don't get it.
Look, whoever murdered this guy
ran the fuck out of here,
so he should consider himself screwed.
In the rush to leave, I'm sure
he left the body full of evidence
and prints, you know?
Narcos don't leave prints behind.
- Well, no.
- Course not.
- We gotta send you to CSI right away.
- Oh, shut up. CSI? You're nuts.
No, dude. My friends at the Mossos
tell me things like this, and I love that.
- You know it.
- Your friends at the Mossos.
Hey, don't scoff at me, man. Come on.
Between us, I'm thinking
of going into forensic science.
Studying hard and taking the next exams.
- Really?
- Yes.
I think that's great.
Fuckin' right it's great!
Well, then, first question.
What would a narco have done here?
- Done with what?
- Dude, what you were talking about.
What do you do so you don't get caught
when you kill someone?
Excuse me.
Was that the actual question?
"What do you do so you don't get caught
when you kill someone?"
Yes, sir.
And what did you say?
Well, um
Well, I told him that
that in these cases,
what they usually do is, uh
is put the the body
into the trunk of a vehicle
Yeah, and take it to some remote spot.
A scrapyard, or an open field, wherever.
And then you set the car on fire,
and and that's it.
I see. But a scrapyard? Why?
Because an open field
or any place like that
will be hard for firefighters
to get to, you know?
Or somewhere more out of the way.
Right? Where the car can really burn.
Let me tell you,
there won't be any prints,
bones, or fucking anything left.
Okay, you're a freak,
but I'm sure you'll ace that exam.
And I haven't even started studying yet!
Because it's in your blood.
Thank you very much.
You may step down.
He's the type of person
who has aspirations
that are far beyond his real capabilities.
He's a cop by luck, and now
he fancies himself a forensics expert.
Because he'd love to be
in forensics but he's not.
And he doesn't do it in bad faith,
but he completely invented
this whole story. I'm telling you.
Did you ever question
Ms. Peral's version of the events at all?
I mean, she she was my friend.
I just believed her.
And then I became aware
of all the times she lied to me.
I was used.
Did you see her as capable
of planning the murder of Pedro Rodríguez
with the help of Albert López?
Knowing everything I now know
I wouldn't be surprised at all,
to be honest.
Don't look at me like that.
Honorable members
of the jury,
if you think you have to decide
between the two stories
the defendants have brought us,
you'll be relieved to know
this is not the case.
The events could have never happened
the way they describe them.
That's why, as I mentioned
at the beginning, there is a third story.
The truth. That is the one that counts.
Can we truly know
what happened that night?
Meaningless evil exists.
It's hard to admit it. I know.
We're going to listen to the only person
who can tell us, in detail,
everything that happened
in the early hours of May 2nd.
Your Honor,
with your permission, I call to the stand
Detective Ester Varona,
director of criminal investigation
in this case. Approach.
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