Burning Body (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

1 de mayo, 2017

EPISODE 8 - MAY 1ST 2017
Dear customers,
for purchases over 100 euros,
you'll get discounts to PortAventura
- Is your mother still on a diet?
- Yeah.
She'll eat three times as much.
Mama, can you hear me?
I'm in a parking lot.
Reception isn't very good here.
Hey, silly pants.
I got some coupons for PortAventura
at the supermarket,
and I was thinking that
once that thing is done,
we can go there some weekend.
Let me know what you think.
How did you
come across this message?
Well, it's, in fact, a voice message
we found as "sent" in Rosa's cell phone.
It had been deleted,
so it was hard to recover.
Who was it addressed to?
And who is "silly pants"?
From previous messages,
we know she used that term
to address Mr. Albert López, and only him.
- What day was it sent?
- April 30th.
Just one day before Pedro's death,
Rosa proposed to Albert
to go to an amusement park.
Of course, "once that thing is done."
When she says, "Once that thing is done,"
could she be referring to killing Pedro?
It's possible.
Ms. Rosa felt like
having fun on a rollercoaster
right after killing her partner.
For them, Pedro was just
an obstacle, a nuisance.
Pedro sent a message to his in-laws
that same day, didn't he?
The message you're going to hear was sent
while his death was being arranged
hours before his execution
on May 1st, 2017.
Hey, Juan, how are you?
Your daughter and I wanted to invite you
two to spend the day at La Torre tomorrow.
Have some chicken. Have a good time, huh?
Supposed to be good weather.
Good morning, hmm?
Good morning!
Is it nice out?
Very nice.
- Let's get moving. Come on.
- Hm No!
We have plans with your parents.
Want breakfast?
- Stop that! Enough, okay?
- Hmm?
Pedro, I'm asking you. Please stop.
- I spy
- What do you spy?
Hey, where's the gazpacho?
A little something
beginning with the letter S.
Where's the gazpacho?
Wasn't it for me?
For God's sake. Did you drink it, Pedro?
- Steering wheel!
- Right! We can buy some on the way.
No. We can't buy some on the way.
We're running late.
My turn, Pedro.
We've already got everything.
- I said no!
- I spy
We'll make a stop and buy some.
- We're not stopping. We're late!
- I spy
Okay, Sofía! That's enough, huh?
Enough. Stop playing, okay?
Come on. Get out.
- No, Mom! Let me go!
- I said get out!
Get out of the car. That's enough!
Okay, that's it. I'm not going.
Call your parents.
- What?
- It's not about Sofía or the gazpacho.
You just can't stand me!
"I'm sick of doors being slammed."
"What else do I have to do
for you to trust me?"
It's an earlier message
from Rosa to Pedro.
And it isn't the only one.
But weren't they the perfect couple?
When we recovered the deleted
conversations from their cell phones,
we noticed a recurring pattern
of a toxic relationship between them.
Until the end?
They had developed a sort of truce
prior to the crime.
Because Rosa didn't want
to arouse suspicion
about what she was planning to do.
- I'm a bit stressed out.
- Yeah.
I'm late this month.
It might be just that, okay?
Oh shit.
Not a word to my parents, huh?
Or Sofía. Please, Pedro.
Come on, Sofía!
Come and get that, uh, that rake.
- Look. Oh man.
- You have to help pile the leaves.
- Okay.
- Like this, you see?
I think it's all been a bit neglected.
Mama, he's been unwell.
What did you expect?
I hope you get it together.
I see you're both a bit I dunno.
A bit what?
I'm going back to work, you know?
Very soon.
And don't worry.
Pedro will be reinstated any day now.
Did I say anything?
I don't know. You're giving me
that uncomfortable look.
Hmm. I don't know, honey. It's just that,
at first, you looked happier,
and so did he.
Things are getting better, Mama.
- Hmm.
- Yes.
We went to a clinic on Tuesday.
Oh. I thought you weren't
considering that anymore.
We're gonna give you a cuddle bunny
so adorable you can't even imagine.
Children fix it all.
This is just me talking,
but over there, I picture a veggie patch.
- Oh, yeah?
- Sure!
What do you think?
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
As long as you tend to it
All right, all right.
I always told her father that
if he raised her like a princess,
she'd end up on the throne.
- Don't exaggerate.
- Well, well, well.
Oh, but I'll tell you something.
I picture one of those wooden hot tubs.
- The ones with the lights all around?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, okay. A hot tub. And what else?
- Don't limit yourself, Your Majesty.
- "Your majesty."
I dunno. Maybe something for your son.
Yes, of course.
Your son certainly
enjoys all of that stuff too.
Absolutely. Of course he does.
Sure. I had thought about, um
Sofía isn't gonna like it.
But a slide or a trampoline.
- I do like all that!
- No way. Do you really?
You do. Right, honey? Tell her.
So, you like all that?
- Yeah.
- That's what I thought.
Many photos were actually
taken throughout the day.
And Rosa posted them
on all her social media profiles.
With what intention?
It's difficult to determine
what the intentions were.
They were photos of a happy family
that Rosa could use
in her defense in the future
so that she wouldn't be accused
of the murder she committed hours later.
I want more days like this.
With no arguments.
I want us to stop being
angry at each other.
Hey, and if it turns out you are
you'll have to stay on leave, won't you?
No, babe. Come on.
I need to get back to work.
But it's dangerous, you know?
- I mean
- Yeah, well, Pedro, but
I can't afford not to work.
Why not?
You wouldn't know how to be rich?
Yeah, rich.
What's the matter?
Huh? What's the matter?
No. Something's up. Something's up.
- Tell me. What is it?
- Nothing.
Come on, say it. What's on your mind?
- Hmm?
- What's on your mind?
- Wanna know what's on my mind?
- Yes.
Well, if I don't work, no one else will.
- Give me a break, Rosa. Come off it.
- What?
- Come off it.
- What?
What? You think I like
lounging on the sofa all fucking day?
I don't know.
Huh? You think it was my fault
I got suspended?
Yes, it was your fault, Pedro.
- Come on!
- It was.
- It's your fault you beat that kid.
- Come on!
You lose control so easily
and end up reacting like a fucking nut!
Then it's, "I'm sorry,"
and a lot of bullshit,
but that's not good enough!
Rosa, I beat him up
because you were driving me nuts!
- What?
- Because you were driving me fucking nuts!
- Goddamn it!
- That's amazing, dude.
Amazing. Of course it's my fault now.
Seriously? You are 40 fucking years old!
Okay? Okay? Grow the fuck up!
You're so eager to go back to work.
So eager, huh? Why?
Do you miss Albert?
Huh? Do you miss Albert?
That night, just before 10:00,
Rosa called Albert from the cell phone
she'd been using to talk to him for years,
the device with the pink case.
We don't know what
they said to each other.
- What is it?
- It has to be today.
- What do you mean?
- I can't stand it, Albert.
Okay, but why tonight?
Does he know? Did he hurt you?
Rosa, say something!
I can't take it anymore.
I swear I can't, for God's sake.
Fine, we'll do it tonight.
But the question is, how?
I'll give him the pills.
Yeah, give him enough.
I mean, to knock him out.
Okay. I'll do it at dinner.
When should I head over?
I don't know.
Late so the neighbors don't see you.
Like at 1:00?
- No, later. 2:00.
- Okay, fine, I'll be there at 2:00.
- Uh, if anything happens, call me.
- Okay.
If he wakes up or whatever, okay?
But not to this phone.
I'm activating the other one.
But I don't have that number though.
I'll call and hang up.
Everything will be fine.
- See you later.
- See you later.
A few days earlier,
Albert purchased a brand-new device,
a replica of his usual cell phone,
and a prepaid card from a Chinese company
that took three years for us
to disclose the activity on that line.
It turned out that number
had only been used once.
While searching the house, we were
unsuccessful in finding Pedro's medication
despite the fact that his ex-wife, Silvia,
maintained he always had them with him.
Thought you were exhausted.
Let me see.
What's wrong?
I can't sleep.
You can't sleep?
Well, let's think about
something nice, then.
Then you'll dream of that, hmm?
What is it?
- A puppy.
- A puppy?
A little puppy I can play with
at Pedro's cool house.
Although we can also play
in the yard here, sweetie.
It's my dream, Mom.
Okay, my love.
All right. It's time
to close your eyes, okay?
We believe Pedro was,
in fact, drugged
to allow the events of the murder
to occur more efficiently.
He was a strong man.
And neither Rosa nor Albert showed signs
of physical injury after the crime.
Are you gonna watch TV?
Hm? No.
I'm really tired.
They're back, huh?
You know, the mice.
Any mice there?
We never really understood why
Albert took his personal phone to Rosa's
when he had an additional device.
We believe that it was a mistake.
Thanks to that, we found out that
in the early hours of May 2nd,
Albert left his house in Badalona and went
straight to Rosa's house in Cubelles.
I feel amazing.
Go to sleep.
Do you love me?
Of course.
I love you too.
How was Pedro murdered?
We do not know.
His remains were nothing more than ashes.
Forensic work was almost impossible.
If he had not had a plate
and some numbered screws in his back,
we wouldn't have been able
to identify him.
That's why they decided to burn him.
To not leave evidence.
To hinder the investigation.
But they made mistakes.
DNA tests actually proved
that it was Pedro's blood.
How could it possibly get on the lamp?
The blood pattern indicated
that the victim was more than likely
struck with a blunt object.
While he was sleeping
on his couch?
We suppose so.
- Where's his car?
- On the street.
Let's go.
Leave it.
Don't make any noise.
Come on. Fix your breakfast, honey.
Mommy's got things to do.
"Sofía said she could
hardly sleep that same night."
"She heard noises, screams, loud bangs,
and she saw her mother covered in blood."
Excuse me. What's that, Your Honor?
It's the statement
of her ex-husband, Javier Guerrero,
and his new partner, Carmen Pujol.
Your Honor, this is unacceptable.
He's attributing words to a minor
that constitutes a serious accusation
against her mother.
I request that this statement
not be taken into account.
What is it, lovebug?
Don't you feel like sleeping
at your grandparent's house?
Mom, where's Pedro?
He's upset.
It's normal grownup stuff, sweetie.
He'll get over it.
Hey, you. Promise me that tonight,
when you go to bed,
you'll think about nice things.
According to your report,
Rosa impersonated Pedro
to give the impression
that he was still alive.
Who did she write to?
Hi, Néstor.
What's up? Pedro's in the shower.
To Néstor, his best friend, apologizing
for not being able to return his call.
She also apologized to Pedro's ex, Silvia,
for not being able to pick their child up.
- Anybody else?
- His mechanic, sir.
I can never get
a hold of you, Pedro.
Today is May 2nd, and we agreed
you'd actually pay me in April.
Um, if you want me to keep things
copacetic and all, well, you know.
I'm here until 1:30.
Rosa would later tell us
that Pedro left the house mad at her.
That he might've dropped by the mechanic's
to pay the 40 euros he owed.
And Pedro's phone
does show a record of that visit.
Then it was turned off.
We believe it was Rosa
who was carrying the phone
and that she had to go back home.
As for Albert, on May 2nd,
he was much more careful.
He left his phone at home.
In theory, he did not leave Badalona,
but the surveillance footage,
in fact, proved otherwise.
Everything okay?
Fine. I think.
- What's the matter?
- Hmm?
What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm tired, and I need to sleep.
That's normal,
but everything's okay, right?
Lock it from inside.
- Hello.
- Honey!
Sofía says that
you didn't pack her unicorn.
I told you.
Never mind. Go get it.
But I don't wanna go alone.
Okay. Let's go. What's up with her today?
She's a bag of nerves.
What's the matter, Sofía?
Hey, haven't you looked
at the photos I sent you?
- Which ones?
- These, from the other day.
At first, Rosa's father said
he had seen Pedro that afternoon.
- Bye, Mama.
- Bye, hon!
He later admitted
to having lied at Rosa's request.
Want some?
Pedro, my darling. Where are you?
I know what we've said to each other
and that everything is way harder than
it seemed at the beginning, but
when are you coming back?
I really miss you.
Pedro's phone reappears
after 11:00 p.m.
in the vicinity
of Javier Guerrero's house,
Rosa's ex-husband.
From that location,
its last message is sent.
And I miss you.
I don't want to tell you more
to keep you out of it,
but I really need time.
They wanted to make it look
like Pedro and Mr. Javier Guerrero argued
and that confrontation
would end with a murder.
They really did have confrontations.
There had been tension and complaints
between both parties.
He was the perfect scapegoat.
Where did their plan go awry?
That night, Rosa's ex-husband
was not at his home,
and he was able to prove it.
They left Pedro's car
and his corpse burning at Foix Reservoir.
It burned for hours
until the fire died down.
The burnt car was first spotted
on May 3rd, but it actually
wasn't until late on May 4th
that a passerby called in to report it.
And that same night,
we started our investigation.
Thank you very much
for your work, Ms. Varona.
And for testifying about it here today.
I guess your lawyer
has recommended you accept this visit,
but you preferred not to.
You're putting on quite a show.
I don't know if you've realized.
Nobody believes you. It's a mockery.
I just don't get it. I don't.
I can't understand how
you dare to do this with
with a death on your hands. God.
Do you really feel no guilt?
It must torture you, right?
Even if you don't say it.
But when you're alone in your cell,
or when you're asleep,
I mean, can you sleep?
Don't you have nightmares?
Please tell the truth, Rosa. I beg you.
Do it for everyone.
At least for us, it would be
I don't know, less cruel.
Do it for your daughter.
Think about her.
Please be honest.
Ask for forgiveness, even to her.
Do the right thing for once.
Unless you wanna
lose her forever, of course.
With Pedro's death, the accused
sought to seal a macabre pact of love.
They had let each other down
in the past, and this time,
the commitment would be forever.
In the process, this allowed Mr. López
to unleash his vengeful anger
on Mr. Rodríguez.
He had stolen his girl in front of
his coworkers. He had been humiliated.
He would not rest
until getting rid of Pedro.
Ms. Peral wanted to get Pedro
out of the way as well.
If I express myself like that, I'm sorry,
but that's how cold
they were about all of it.
Rosa had come to the conclusion
that she was moving too fast with Pedro
and that she missed Mr. López.
On the other hand,
by getting rid of Pedro, she got it all.
Victim status, her freedom back,
and exemption from all responsibility.
On top of that,
she put her ex-husband in jail,
thus separating him from their daughter,
over whom they were in dispute.
Peaches and cream.
Even so, it's hard to understand
what they did.
In fact, that's the reason
you're sitting here
and they're sitting there.
Mr. López,
you're entitled to a final statement.
I'd like to reiterate my innocence
in everything related to
Pedro Rodríguez's death.
May he rest in peace. I mean,
I'm sorry, although we weren't friends.
And to add that
I had nothing to do with it.
I'm here because I was a puppet.
Nothing more and nothing less,
Your Honors. Thank you very much.
Your turn, Ms. Peral.
Rosa. Rosa!
Stay calm.
Don't forget anything
about Pedro, about Sofía.
The handkerchief.
I want justice
and Albert to pay for his actions.
Thank you.
"Let the jury declare
if Albert López Ferrer is guilty
with a minimum of seven votes,
or not guilty,
with a minimum of five votes
of the facts declared proven,
murder with premeditation."
Now, votes in favor of guilt,
Votes against,
"Let the jury declare
if Rosa Maria Peral Viñuela
is guilty with a minimum of seven votes,
or not guilty with a minimum of five votes
of the facts also declared proven,
murder with premeditation."
Now, votes in favor of guilt,
Votes against, one.
Court is adjourned.
I find it hard
to celebrate this kind of thing.
Well, you should.
- You did a great job.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Really, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
I'm just saying there are nuances.
What matters is
they're going to jail, not the nuances.
That's why you have a hit podcast,
you know? And I don't.
Just forget it.
See you around.
You will.
The court in Barcelona has sentenced
Rosa Peral to 25 years in prison
and Albert López to 20 years
for the murder of Pedro Rodríguez,
formerly an agent
of the Barcelona police force.
The jury declared the two accused guilty
under the charge of murder
with premeditated malice,
with eight votes in favor
and one against in the case of Rosa Peral,
and seven votes in favor and two against
in the case of Albert López.
The accused must now assume
the legal expenses of the trial
in addition to compensation
of 885,000 euros to the victim's family,
as it has been reported.
The trial has consisted of 26 sessions
and thus signals the climax
of one of the most discussed
and debated criminal cases
in recent memory.
It's him.
I'm going inside.
You must be happy.
She's the mother of my child, Rosamari.
Why would I be happy?
Is she ready yet?
Sofía! Oh my God!
Wow, you are so beautiful.
You look so pretty!
I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so happy.
You look totally different.
Why, you are so beautiful.
Who dresses you like that?
I do.
Of course.
Of course. Silly me.
Won't you say anything?
What do you want me to say?
I don't know. Well, at school,
I know you're doing very well.
Have you seen me on TV?
I'm not allowed to watch TV
when you come on.
Of course.
And you don't have a cell phone?
I think if you ask Gramps
for a cell phone,
he'll give it to you for sure.
And we can talk, then.
Are you happy at school, hon?
They talk about me?
People are fucked up.
You have to protect yourself.
But I love you
more than anything in this world.
You know that, right?
More than my own life.
So, why didn't you wanna see me?
Because I was a bit embarrassed
for you to see me here.
And now?
I promise you
that we'll be together very soon.
The trial was a disaster,
but my lawyer's gonna appeal,
and they'll review it.
I'll get out, and we'll be together again.
I promise you.
The Supreme Court dismissed the appeals
of Albert López and Rosa Peral,
thereby confirming their sentences
of 20 and 25 years respectively
for the first-degree murder
of Pedro Rodríguez.
An additional five-year sentence
was given to Rosa Peral
due to her relationship with the victim.
She will serve out her sentence by 2042,
at which time she will be 61 years old.
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