Call the Midwife s03e03 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 3

Working as midwives in London's East End, we were no strangers to first light.
Or the half dark.
When babies arrived, we went to deliver them, no matter what the hour.
But the Sisters rose at dawn regardless every day.
Like us, they served their patients, but also a greater cause.
Good morning, Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne speaking.
If we were committed, they seemed invincible.
But perhaps it was not always so.
What about a record? Bach's Preludes and Fugues are unsurpassed.
It's Chummy's birthday! Not her funeral! Besides, I think she's got them already.
You won't do better than Max Bygraves.
~ When it's Spring again ~ I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam ~ What about a night out at the pictures? Oh, there's that wonderful thriller I've heard about, The Thirty Nine Steps.
Heard about or seen? Nurse Miller, you're at the clinic with Sister Lee.
Please have a look at the Fletcher twins, their mother was struggling to feed them.
Nurse Franklin, you're with Sister Winifred, and you have the Er, everyone? If I could have your attention? The unit who usually supply midwifery to Holloway Women's Prison have been struck down by an outbreak of influenza.
The prison has been without care for well over a week now, and have asked us to take over the roster until usual service is resumed.
Nurse Franklin, I would like you to accompany me.
Well, I dare say, it will be quite fascinating to be surrounded by hardened criminals.
Most of the women who are locked up are charged with petty theft, fraud, prostitution.
But one thing's for sure, it is no place to have a baby.
And yet have them they will.
Um, is this quite necessary? I'm sure the rules are in place for a reason.
You'd think WE were the criminals! Are you the replacement midwives? We are.
I'll escort you onto the wing.
Don't forget, you owe me! Where's the water? Get some water! Oi, Mother Superior! Yours smell like Parma violets, do they? Oh! Are you all right? Baby back in your cell, is it? Didn't your mother never tell you it's rude to whisper? Me first.
If I don't get some Milk of Magnesia, you'll all be sorry.
Stella Crangle? Maureen Williams is the name.
We shall be seeing our patients in alphabetical order, Miss Williams.
You'll have to wait your turn.
Stella Crangle? Yeah.
You think you're a cut above, but you dropped your drawers for a fella same as the rest of us.
Yeah, my fiance.
And I don't charge.
We booked at the theatre before we knew we were off, you see? And they're good seats, upper circle.
You wouldn't be stuck in the stalls.
No thanks, mate.
It's a good show.
Theatre tickets, you say? I'd let them go for a snip at this stage, say, ten bob each? OK, five, but only because we're stuck with them.
Half a crown and we're doing business.
All right! Cheers.
Baby's heartbeat is excellent.
She's been kicking a lot lately, I thought maybe something was wrong.
"She", is it? Just a feeling, that's all.
Well, "she's" kicking because she wants to come out.
If these dates are correct, it makes you due any day now.
Oh, the dates are right.
My fiance was home on shore leave.
He's an Assistant Steward with the Merchant Navy.
I'm sorry, your notes are rather sketchy.
When did you last have a urine test? Um, last month, when the midwives were still here.
Well, it's about time you had another one.
Oh! Gosh, you're looking ahead! If you'd like to pop behind the screen? Take a seat, Mrs Stack.
Sorry, love, take him for me, will ya? Oh, if I don't get to the lav, I'll have an accident! There, now.
Who's got a runny nose? Kathleen Baker, I'm a bit late, I'm afraid.
I missed the bus.
Just take a seat, Mrs Baker.
I'll let Sister know you're here.
That's your Mrs Baker finally arrived.
Thank you, Shelagh.
Getting some practice in, I see? Yes.
You seem a natural.
I'm simply doing my job, Nurse Miller.
This is a baby clinic after all.
I believe you're looking at the answer to all your prayers.
Nurse Noakes' birthday present.
My Fair Lady, Drury Lane, Saturday night.
And a special price, just because it's you.
Oooh, Chummy loves a musical! Never mind Chummy! Just as well I've got my contacts then.
How much? Say, ten bob each? How about five? I'd better get on with my patients.
At least poor Chummy won't know what she's missed.
All right, half a crown apiece, but you have to take all six.
Final offer.
It's important that you rest from now on.
No exerting yourself.
Oh! June Small? Gave birth ten days ago.
"Difficult labour" is all it says here.
Can you stand? Oh! I'm ever so sore downstairs! When did you last see a midwife? Don't know.
Not since they took my baby, anyway.
Well, everything's looking ship-shape for the baby.
But I can't say the same for those varicose veins of yours.
They're worse, particularly this one.
It must be very sore.
Especially in the evening.
Sometimes I can't sleep for the pain.
You're still wearing tight elastic on your undergarments and I thought I told you to choose suspenders rather than garters? You're restricting your circulation, Mrs Baker.
My Stan likes a garter.
I doubt he likes the result.
He said I had the prettiest pins in Poplar.
Now look at 'em! I ordered you some support stockings.
They should provide you with considerable relief.
But they're so ugly! Not half as ugly as bandages, which is the alternative if you won't wear these.
June Small should have been seen daily.
Her stitches are woefully neglected.
She could have piped up if she felt unwell.
I must insist that Mrs Small is transferred to a hospital where they have the resources to treat her.
We'll call an ambulance from reception.
And we will be coming in daily from now on.
Daily? Twice a week's what it used to be! Well, you haven't had a midwifery roster for some time.
And Miss Crangle needs regular visits until she delivers.
You'd need to apply direct to the Wing Governor.
I can't just go round changing the rules.
Calm down, ladies! Calm down! Calm down! Enough! I'll telephone the Wing Governor.
Surely she will appreciate the hiatus in care that has occurred.
Of course she must! In terms of women's healthcare, we're in charge, so I wouldn't mince your words.
Thank you, Nurse Franklin.
Your support today has been most appreciated.
Well? How was it? Absolutely horrid.
Even Sister Julienne was rattled.
And the stench! You'll want to wash your uniform.
Ugh! And my hair and my shoes! I wish I could climb into that autoclave myself.
I'll tell you what might cheer you up.
Tickets to My Fair Lady for Chummy's birthday.
And you won't believe the deal we got.
I know every word! Go on, we'll unpack your bags.
Run yourself a nice hot bath with plenty of salts.
Thank you, are you sure you don't mind? I .
G I've soaked my uniform, but I could happily burn it.
And after only one day, how will we bear it? The inmates must bear it, for months or years on end.
I called in to see Chummy, she's over the moon and Mrs Torpy can sit for Freddie, so Peter can come too.
Although that does still leave one ticket spare.
What about Alec? I don't know if it's quite his thing, but I'll ask.
May we? To get us in the mood? Of course.
I've lived through two World Wars and the Blitz, but I think Julie Andrews might just polish me off.
~ Oh, wouldn't it be lovely ~ Lovely Lovely ~ Lovely Lovely.
~ Kathy? Just getting dressed, Stan.
No need on my account, gorgeous.
Cheeky! I'd better get on down the dock.
> I haven't done your breakfast yet! That's all right, love.
Just so long as I get a kiss.
Oh! Kathy? Ow! Kathleen! Open the door! Oh! I tripped is all Shelagh? I thought I could send it to The London without bothering you.
But it seems I need your signature.
It's a pregnancy test.
Shelagh, why are you trying to do this on your own? I had a dream for such a long time.
I know it's romantic There is nothing wrong with being romantic.
I wanted to tell you when I knew for certain.
I wanted to see your face when I told you the news! But you were foiled by bureaucracy? We shall pretend that this never happened.
And when you do tell me, you just watch my face.
Patrick .
I'm not sure I'll be telling you anything.
Nothing feels as it should.
My cycle - or the lack of it - suggests I might be expecting.
But nothing else does.
No nausea.
No other symptoms at all.
Not everyone feels unwell, Shelagh.
You know that as well as I do.
I sometimes feel I don't know anything at all.
Come on.
I've done the paperwork.
You get it sent off.
And then, one way or another, we'll soon know for sure.
We will.
All right, love? Yeah.
I'm sorry, Doctor doesn't start surgery for another half an hour.
It's my wife, she's twisted her ankle, and you know, what with her condition, I thought I'd drop her off on my way to work.
Don't worry, I'll see you now.
I should've worn the support stockings the midwife gave me.
I know that now.
And those high heels won't be helping.
Oh! I can hardly walk, let alone cook and clean, and now I've banged it! This won't do at all.
For you or for baby.
I'm going to book you into the Maternity Home for the remainder of your pregnancy.
But what will my husband think? He won't find me attractive no more! I don't want him to see! I'll explain.
Your blood pressure is higher than we'd like, it's safest all round to keep you under observation.
I specifically told the officer it was urgent, and we would be attending this morning.
Well, it's not in the log book and you're not on the list.
Nevertheless, here we are.
And we must insist upon seeing our patients.
Prisoners are all on work duty, I'll have to round 'em up.
Surely Miss Crangle isn't working? I prescribed complete bed rest from now on.
Miss Crangle is to work up until her time like everyone else.
That's the rules.
Well this rule, I'm afraid, must be broken.
No point in making a meal of it.
Soon as it's out, they'll have it off ya, quick as you can say "unfit mother".
Well, I'm not! Well, fiance or not, there ain't no ring on your finger.
There will be.
You're just jealous.
What, of a stuck-up cow like you? Give it a year, you'll be back in this place, asking me for tricks of the trade.
Over my dead body.
That can be arranged! Look, I don't want any trouble Fight! Fight! Fight! Break it up! Calm down, ladies! Calm down! What on earth is going on? She started it! Banging on about her precious fiance! That's a lie! Thinks she's Lady Muck cos she's got a fella on the outside! Don't change the fact she's been charged with theft! Back to you cell! Show's over! My Fair Lady? You needn't come if it isn't manly enough for you.
I'd come to a meeting of the WI if you were going to be there.
I'd better go before Mrs Goldman finds out I'm here.
It won't be like this forever, Jenny.
Soon as I've saved enough, I'll be finding a place of my own to rent.
And, maybe, you could help me look? I might, if you're lucky.
I really had better go, I'll be late for my next appointment.
I can't believe such a heavily pregnant woman is still made to work.
I want the pay, I'm saving for the baby.
Hello, Stella.
Tom Hereward, I'm the Chaplain on rotation for the month.
Can I give you a hand? You could help see to it that Miss Crangle is confined to her bed until further notice.
Whatever the prison rules state, her health is at risk, and that of her unborn baby.
You hear that, Stella? That's an order.
and I won't hesitate to tell tales if I have to.
Come on, Miss Crangle, Let's get you back to your room.
Heartbeat's fine.
Baby's moving well.
Everything seems to be on track.
So, no harm done, thankfully.
Why don't you go on ahead, Nurse Franklin? I'm not thick, you know.
It's just our orphanage kept getting bombed out.
You're certainly not alone in having your education disrupted by the war.
I've got my meeting coming up with the Board soon.
Well, they can take your baby away, if they think you're no good.
I want to prove that I can better myself.
Your desire to learn is admirable, but, if you were to put the loop of the P at the top, like a head rather than a foot, you'd have much more success with the word "play".
I'm not a thief, neither, Sister.
I swear.
I was only borrowing a few things just to tide me over until Joe came back.
I'm not here to pass judgement.
But I want you to know! I want the Board to know! If they think I'm an unfit mother, they'll take my baby, won't they? You've made a mistake, but you have a fiance on the outside.
But me and Joe won't actually be married before the baby's born.
Would they take her for that? I'm sure you'll find your way.
How's the patient? Overtired and overdue.
Your attentions are a comfort, I'm sure.
Stella isn't inclined to ask for help herself.
She asked for reassurance about the fate of her child.
But I know nothing about prison procedure.
She will have seen other mothers lose their babies, it's only natural for her to be fearful.
But this is her first offence, she's not a prostitute or a drunk.
Like Maureen Williams, the woman who attacked her? Maureen is very angry with the world.
And no wonder.
This is the third time she's been charged with soliciting and the second baby she will have had removed.
She's still only 24.
Are you finished, Sister? For the moment.
She's resting.
Well, she'll have to "rest" later.
Right, up you get! What is going on? She's to see the Wing Governor about fighting in the work room.
I've got terrible heartburn.
Surely this isn't necessary! I've got my orders! Then I insist on coming too.
Gently does it.
I'll put these cases in the cupboard later.
Better leave the rollers out, I'll need to fix my hair before Stan comes.
I think the priority at the moment is to get that leg of yours treated with a kaolin poultice.
I'm afraid the paste does smell a bit.
Ugh! I've got varicose veins, swollen ankles, stretch marks, and the last time I coughed too hard, I only went and wet my drawers! Those are all perfectly normal things during pregnancy.
Me and Stan have only been married nine months, but I don't feel that Ow! I don't feel like the girl he fell for anymore.
I'm sure that's not the case.
I know it sounds daft, but Stan could have had his pick of the girls and he chose me.
I don't want to disappoint him.
How could you when you're having his child? I suppose it's because I love him so much.
Oh, I'm just terrified of losing him.
Know what I mean? Maureen Williams is a known pest, but you, Stella? If it wasn't for your condition, you'd be on your way to the punishment block.
I will not tolerate violence on my wing.
Well, I was only defending myself.
I beg your pardon, but I was there to witness Miss Crangle being pushed to the ground.
Thank you, Sister, but you are here in a medical capacity and do not understand prison life.
This will go on your record, Stella, and I don't need to tell you it will reflect badly on you with the Board.
The Children's Welfare Officer certainly won't be impressed.
Oh, it's not fair! You have no family, no home.
And in the absence of any word from your fiance Well, I'm only allowed one letter a month! Joe was already away when I was sentenced! If he'd have known, he'd never have gone! Well, I can look after my baby until he gets back.
I've been saving my pay.
Six shillings and four pence.
How far will that get you? Why won't anyone help me? Why won't you help me? I'm afraid I must insist on taking my patient back to her bed.
Why don't I take it straight to the clinic and let Nurse Miller sort out what's worth keeping? Everything has to be taken to the dining room for my personal inspection.
Nurse Miller might overlook something priceless.
She feels betrayed, and no wonder.
For all intents and purposes, she's alone in this world.
In which case, don't we, of all people, have a responsibility to her? Sister, you've said it to us all in the past.
We can't save everyone.
But she isn't "everyone".
She is one young woman, desperate to keep her child.
It's nearly time for Compline, Sister.
I must finish evaluating these donated volumes.
Or I risk sending inappropriate material to the young in our community.
And filling our own archives with fairytales.
Although, many a fairy tale provides insight into the darker aspects of our existence on this earth.
And the lighter.
Hook is a monster! But he is defeated by Peter, the dreamer and eternal child.
Perhaps we should keep it at Nonnatus House for our own spiritual nourishment.
Don't we have plenty to nourish our spirits within these walls, Sister? I think we should let it enrich someone else's soul.
I think the test results are in.
Do you want to open it? No.
A negative THIS time.
There's something wrong.
It's been three months since my last cycle.
Three months with NOTHING? Are you sure? I marked it in my diary.
And things were erratic before then.
Starting when? When I was in the sanatorium.
TB is a serious illness.
It does change things.
Doesn't it? Leave this with me.
Here's another one, Kathleen.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Nice deep breaths for me.
Right, are you ready? Can you feel it coming? Good! Good.
Push! Push for me! Good girl, that's it! Keep that going, good Good.
That's it, Kathleen, good.
You're doing famously.
Yes, of course, thank you.
Shelagh? Did I ever mention my friend Ted Horringer to you? Is he a gynaecologist? Yes.
He spent time in New York, but now he's back and practising in Harley Street.
Harley Street? He can do an exploratory operation that isn't available at the London.
He says he'll see you, if that's what you want.
I want to know, Patrick.
I want to know if there's something wrong, and if there is, to make it right.
So do I.
Nobody ever lost anything by looking for the answers.
Doctor, would you mind checking Mrs Baker? The baby's big, and she's been struggling for a while.
I'll fetch your gown.
This should settle your stomach.
I'm starting to think that she just wants to stay put where she's safe.
And who can blame her? It must be very lonely for you, with all this happening and your fiance away.
He'll be back.
But you don't know when? I only wish I did.
I've been thinking about your troubles, my dear, and I'd like very much like to help you, to improve your chances at the Board meeting.
I think you've probably mastered Dick and Dora, now.
And this is a jolly good story, as well as being a more advanced read.
I can help you with it.
I rang for permission, before bringing it in.
It's yours to keep.
One day, God willing, you shall read it to your child.
There was some slight deflection that corrected with the last contraction.
There's another contraction coming, Kathleen.
Are you ready? Perineum is buttonholing.
You were right, Sister Lee.
Baby is very big.
Pant, now, Mrs Baker.
I'm just going to help baby on its way.
Is that my Kathleen? It sounds like she's being torn limb from limb.
I know you're worried, but it's all part of childbirth.
You're telling me that's normal? It's the most natural thing that could be.
Jesus wept! Doctor will call you when your wife's ready.
I'll fetch you a cup of tea.
And, Mr Baker, congratulations.
Yes! It's a girl, Stan.
My girl! I must look a fright.
No, you look fine, love.
You did brilliant.
I'm going to be sick.
I'll go back to the house and get her some things.
~ I could have danced all night ~ Campari, meet Jenny and Cynthia! Jenny and Cynthia, meet Campari! Oh, it's horrible! Hmm.
You both have such conservative palates! I think it's perfectly delicious.
I thought you were on call when we get back? I can have one.
What-ho? Room for one more? Hello, birthday girl! Chummy! Oh, many happy returns! Happy birthday! I thought we were meeting you there? Peter was an absolute dear, and secretly asked Mrs Torpy if she'd come early! He knows it's the getting-ready part I've missed the most.
Take a seat, please.
You need volume.
Volume at the roots.
If one can lift the hair, it takes the whole face with it.
Trixie, leave her alone! You look as lovely as ever, Chummy.
I've always envied your complexion.
Campari? You might have to hold your nose.
Ooh! Right, look at me.
Cynthia's quite right, of course.
Your skin is positively peach-like.
But no girl should neglect herself, or the bloom will go! I've only ever been on nodding terms with one's inner glamourpuss.
And trying to apply lipstick whilst changing Young Sir's napkin has been known to backfire horribly! And don't go smirking at me, Nurse Lee! It'll be you next.
We've all seen the way Alec looks at you.
Absolutely we have.
It's rather like the way Fred Astaire looks at Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.
Alec can look at me any way he likes! It doesn't mean I'll be manhandled down the aisle.
You say manhandled as though it's a bad thing! Alec and I are entirely happy as we are! If there's any change of plan, I'll see you're informed in a timely manner.
Now, I'd be very grateful if you'd pass the nuts.
I've eaten them all.
I was trying to help the Campari to go down.
Fear not! I tried my hand at making Cheddar straws.
Every single attempt ended in complete disaster.
So I popped to the corner shop and got a box of Twiglets.
Ooh! Happy birthday, Chummy.
Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! What do they actually do up there for so long? Mysterious, fragrant things that can't be rushed.
I just put a suit on.
Maybe you should have given it the once-over first.
Oh, no! I've just had this dry-cleaned! Did your hand slip with the Brylcreem? It's probably something to do with Freddie.
There's this thing with babies.
There's a sort ofslime that comes out of them.
And never just out of places you expect.
He's just had a cold.
I think this might be nasal.
Fun, though.
Having a kid? Yes.
Most fun I've ever had.
Anyway, you'll do.
Do you want Camilla to wash that for you? No, no, no, no.
I might need it, in case I cry at My Fair Lady.
Goodness me! Aren't we the lucky fellas? Yes.
We certainly are.
I'm never sure about wine gums.
I always feel as though they've got stuck in my chest, halfway down.
Have a choc-ice instead.
Why don't we have wine gums now, and a choc-ice in the interval? It would seem rather improper to have a choc-ice before the show's even started! It's your birthday, Chummy! You can a have a choc-ice before, during and after if you want to! Can't she, Trixie? She can do whatever she likes.
We all can.
How much have we got? I say, old thing.
You look a wee bit peely-wally.
Is everything all right? I'm sorry.
I should've had another Campari.
It's spending all day in that beastly prison.
And the thought of being on call tonight.
I'm almost looking forward to that! If I get called out, it will be to a home, where - however mean and shabby it is - I'll deliver a baby that's been born of love, and has some sort of a chance in life.
Trixie, you know this job as well as I do.
We see heartbreak all the time, but we can't afford to dwell on it.
We must keep forging on, giving our best to each case as it comes.
I know.
You're quite right.
That's the girl.
Very well, ladies! What's the verdict on the wine gums, or is the jury still out? Actually, we worked out that if we pooled our resources we had enough for a box of chocolates! Mmm! Perfect! How much do I owe you? Ladies, I'm terribly sorry, but it seems there's been a bit of A misunderstanding.
And that's putting it politely.
Oh, it's bally rotten luck.
And we so rarely get an evening pass away from Young Sir.
Poor Fred getting duped like that.
Poor Fred? We paid good money for those tickets.
And Fred didn't have to stand there like a fool as the box office practically accused him of counterfeiting.
And me a policeman! I should have known - the paper was too thin.
Well, hindsight's no use to us right now.
Well, the night is still young.
As my ayah used to say, "Bahaar jaake mazza karro".
Which roughly translated, means "One can always make one's own entertainment.
" I know what would entertain me right now.
A pint of bitter.
Mm! And a game of darts? Yeah! Ooh, we could form teams and play for stakes.
We'll pair off.
Jenny and me, you two, and the Noakes.
Hard luck, old bean.
I think we'll hold our own.
A bit rusty, I'm afraid.
Should have got the triple.
Chummy, you're a wonder! Dark horse, more like.
We had a rec hall at the mission in Sierra Leone.
I rather got the hang of it.
I'll say.
All bets off.
We've been hoodwinked for the second time tonight.
Not so fast, mister.
I could be your secret weapon.
Steady on! I think the secret's out.
Do you want to swap partners? Too late! Ah, I wouldn't be so fickle anyway.
I'm a stayer, me.
Ooh! To be honest, I'd have rather spent the evening playing darts anyway.
You should have said no in the first place, then.
And miss an evening out with the woman I love? Is that OK to say? That I love you? Thank you.
I'd better go.
You're back early.
Don't ask.
Stella Crangle's waters have broken.
She's been moved to the prison's own hospital wing.
Just let me get changed.
I'll put the kettleon.
Cocoa? How did you know? What happened? Did you and Alec row? No.
Not really.
He said he loves me.
But that's wonderful! Isn't it? I don't know.
I don't know how I feel about it.
But you have such fun together.
I thought you were really keen.
So did I.
But I'm young.
I don't want to get married and have children yet.
He didn't propose! No.
He's not likely to now.
What did you say? Nothing.
I just pretended he hadn't said it.
Oh! Well I'm hardly an expert when it comes to men, but I'm fairly sure that chocolate usually takes the edge off when things go wrong.
Thank you.
We're here, Stella.
There's nothing to worry about.
The baby's coming, Stella.
They left it very late to call us.
Well done, Stella - we can see baby's head.
Now it's very important that you don't push.
You're a very brave girl, Stella.
That's it, keep on panting.
Well done.
That's it! That's it! The head's out.
Now we need one last push, Stella! That's it! Here she comes! Except it's a boy! It's a boy? Yes.
I've got a boy? Well done! Hello! Hello.
Long night? Sister Evangelina was right.
Prison's no place to have a baby.
Not that the little one knew, thank goodness.
There's toast warming for you.
Come on! In you come.
Er, about My Fair Lady.
Sister Evangelina told me what happened.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
If a thing looks too good to be true, then likely it is.
We want our money back, Fred.
Yes, er, the thing is, you might have to wait a while.
Ugh! He's spent it.
I will reimburse you.
You and your schemes, honestly! Hang on a minute! Scheme or no, you were just as keen to get your hands on a bargain as anyone.
I should have just given them to you girls in the first place.
You should have stayed away from nefarious personages on the dock, Fred Buckle.
I suggest you all just put it down to experience.
Is Sister Julienne in her office? She's gone back to the Women's prison.
Already? Oh, no! Just hold him like this, and offer him the breast.
Ah, there! What a good boy you have.
They say I'm allowed a character witness at my hearing tomorrow.
I was hoping that you might agree to vouch for me.
I'd like to help in any way I can.
I'm going to name him Peter.
Like in the book you gave me.
Cos he's my magic boy.
Not Joe, after his father? Peter Joseph.
Is Joseph his given name? Only I've been trying to track him down, and I can't find any record of a Joe or a Joseph Dixon.
If I had the correct information, I might be able to er Oh, no! Please! I can't help you if you don't tell me the truth.
You can run, but you cannot hide.
Oh, an egg! Oh! I've got nits! Well, technically, so far, you've got one louse and its unborn child but the day is still young.
Ugh, that ghastly prison! From now on, I'm wearing a wimple when I go in.
I'll fetch you some olive oil and a shower cap.
Unless you'd prefer it if I shaved your head completely? Ugh! I didn't want to lie - I didn't know what else to do.
Did you not think they would find out? Well, I thought if I could prove myself respectable before I was released, they might help me get my old lodgings back.
Or put me in one of those homes, just until I found a job and a place of my own.
With a newborn baby and a criminal record? Please, Sister! Don't tell them, please.
They already think I'm trouble.
I'm sorry, I can't lie for you, Stella.
I believe her motives for lying were honourable.
She's desperate.
She is also a hair's breadth away from being guilty of a further criminal offence.
I was about to register her baby's birth with false information.
To do so, knowingly, is illegal.
At least Miss Crangle has made things simple for the hearing.
I'll find you a vase.
She's a belter, isn't she? I thought maybe we could call her Eleanor.
After your mum.
Ow! Sorry, love! Sorry.
No, no, I'm sorry.
I had to have a few stitches.
You don't want to know about that.
I just can't stand it, that's all, you know.
I'll be back on my feet before you know it.
And I'll get my figure back, I promise.
You'll have bed rest like the midwife says, and you'll let me take care of you for once.
But I thought No, yesterday, when I saw you lying there .
what you'd been through .
it made me feel totally helpless, like I'd let you down.
So what did I do? I just ran off like a proper coward.
I'll never let you down again, Kathleen.
Not you, nor our daughter.
I love you, Stanley Baker.
And I reckon I must be the luckiest woman in the world.
Oh, no! Flat tyre? I'm afraid so.
I had to walk most of the way home.
You all right, Sister? I confess that at times, the suffering of others is hard to bear, Fred.
She has no hope of a place in a single mother's home, now.
Her baby will be taken, and most likely end up in an orphanage.
I suppose she was only doing what she had to, to keep hold of the nipper.
I don't doubt that.
I just couldn't collude in a lie.
I know I would have done anything to have looked after my girls when their mother was killed.
I even considered deserting the army for a bit.
I thought my heart would break from worrying about them.
Two years it was, they was shunted from relative to relative.
But .
I suppose I was lucky to have any help at all.
Stella Crangle has no-one, now.
You did your best, Sister.
Have I, though? You'll all have to get checked, I'm afraid.
And I'll wash your bedding with mine, just in case.
Here, I'll help you.
But it's your evening off.
I'm not doing anything else.
I don't know what's wrong with you, Jenny Lee.
You could be out with a perfectly charming dish of a man, and you'd rather boil the nits out of bed sheets.
But just for now, I'm glad of it.
But your colleague did say there was a position open in the canteen.
I understand, but I have had a long association with your organisation, and I would personally guarantee No luck? It's bad enough when they know Stella has an illegitimate child.
When I tell them she'll have a criminal record, they stop listening.
So much for human charity and forgiveness.
Well, I for one am not giving up until I have to.
Hello, stranger.
Alec! Sorry, I've got to get on.
Just so long as you're not avoiding me.
Course not! Just been busy.
Look, if it's about what I said the other night - scratch it.
How I feel should be a nice thing but if it's made you feel uncomfortable, let's start again.
Jenny Lee - I really, really like you.
I really, really like you too, Alec Jesmond.
Well, that's fine, then.
How would you like to go to the theatre on Saturday night? My Fair Lady, front circle.
You're joking! And this time the tickets are squeaky clean.
Just don't tell the others, or we'll have a riot on our hands! I won't even be leaving the building.
Ted has offered me his sitting room, and 50-odd back copies of The Lancet.
Patrick, I'll be under anaesthesia! And you have patients to attend to.
I am not leaving you alone.
I'm never alone.
I'm married to you.
Miss Crangle has stated her case.
But we are not here to ascertain whether or not she wishes to care for her baby on her release but whether or not she is able.
And since it transpires that the fiance turns out to be a figment of her imagination A wilful lie, Mr Russell.
One that was exposed by her own character witness who has failed to appear at this hearing.
Well, I fear we have no choice.
Officer, would you take the prisoner back to her cell whilst we review our decision? Miss Crangle is due for release in a fortnight.
Perhaps it is best if we take custody of the baby immediately.
Give her time to recover.
Stella? Sorry.
I'm sorry I'm late.
There was an urgent telephone call I had to make.
Er, this is Sister Julienne, Stella Crangle's midwife and character witness.
I'm afraid you've had a wasted journey.
The decision has been made.
We must consider the best interest of the child.
I am convinced the interests of the child are best-served by endeavouring to help Miss Crangle.
I realise you have developed something of a bond with the prisoner.
Throughout my career I have had to help facilitate the painful separation of mother and child.
I do not come from a position of ignorance or sentimentality.
I have rarely met a young woman more determined, though life has given her so little in return.
We have precious few places in funded homes, Sister, and there are more worthy candidates.
I have found her a place at the Mother's Hospital in Hackney.
Not as a patient, of course but as a cleaner - with board and lodgings, and on-site nursery facilities for her baby.
Are they aware of her criminal record? Indeed.
But they know me and trust my word.
They are ready to receive her upon her release, should you agree.
That's my girl.
Is it over? All done.
Ah! No sitting up, Matron's orders.
And I'm telling you, she's an absolute Tartar.
Did you see Mr Horringer? Have a bit more sleep.
We can talk later.
There is scar tissue throughout the pelvic organs.
It seems the TB wasn't just in your lungs.
Is he sure? There will be a tissue biopsy.
But all that can do is prove it.
I know there's no hope.
You don't need to tell me.
I'm sorry.
Don't say that.
So many dreams came true.
Just not all of them.
You can't have him.
Come now, Miss Crangle.
Get away from my baby! Stella You're a lucky woman, Miss Crangle.
Sister Julienne has found you a home.
You and Peter can stay together.
Sorry to bother you.
We booked at the theatre before my Uncle George passed, you see.
Good seats! Upper circle.
There's been a bereavement in our family.
I wonder if you could help us? Got some theatre tickets.
We have theatre tickets.
Dress circle.
Excuse me, sorry to trouble you.
There's been a bereavement Good seats.
Dress circle.
Excuse me! May I have a word? Of course.
~ Slumber warm when night winds blow ~ May you always live with laughter ~ For a smile becomes you so ~ 'Hope is a thing of extraordinary power.
'It feeds the soul and yet it can torment it.
' ~ May the bluebird sing your song ~ 'It can be dashed, yet it can show the way.
' Missed you.
Missed you too.
'We learned all this and more in Poplar.
'We learned about justice and forbearance.
' ~ May no tears be spilled ~ 'And friendship.
' ~ May old acquaintance be remembered ~ 'And what it meant to help somebody move from darkness '.
into light.
' ~ May you always be a dreamer ~ May your wildest dream come true ~ May you find someone to love ~ As much as I love you ~ May your heartaches be forgotten ~ You're looking a little tired.
Are you getting enough rest? You sound like my mother! No! Not yet.
It's 12 years since she left this flat.
Oh, I just don't seem to feel the same joy that others do.
I don't suppose you'd like to come with me to Brighton this weekend? I've had some memorable weekends in that hotel.
I'm sure it will all be perfectly proper.
You've no business talking to her about our weekend plans.
It was a joke! ~ May you find someone to love ~ As much as I love you.
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