Call the Midwife s03e04 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 4

'To the young, it seems no door is closed 'and as though all hearts are open, 'everything is possible '.
and love comes so easily.
' Oh, hello.
'I loved my work 'and the freedom that it brought me.
'I loved the teeming streets, 'the families I encountered.
'I loved it all, 'and I thought the joy would last for ever.
' What's this? My attempt at making the Children's Dental Education Programme a little more fun.
Would you mind finishing it later? Nurse Miller's still with Kitty Chubb and she's run out of pethidine.
Is there no-one else who can go? You're next on call, and it's been a long labour.
I think Nurse Miller would value some support.
Of course.
I shall see you at the Clinic.
What's that? The nightdress I was making.
With every stitch, I could see the baby's face more clearly.
But now the nightdress will never be needed, and the face won't go away.
Put it in the drawer, Shelagh.
Put it away out of sight.
I tried that.
This isn't the end of the world.
It's just the end of a road.
We'll find a way ahead.
I'm looking for it.
I really am.
KITTY WAILS I can't keep doing this! Sshh! You're nearly there, Kitty.
And remember, every one of these pushes, you're that bit nearer to meeting your baby.
Pethidine? Special delivery! Bless you, Sister, but we don't need it now! Baby decided he was in a hurry after all, and Kitty's coping really well.
No, I'm not! Oh, poor thing I need Frankie.
I think I saw Mr Chubb in the kitchen.
Mr Chubb is called Victor.
Frankiehe's in there.
Top drawer.
That's him! KITTY WAILS Big, strong, brave push! We're nearly there, Kitty.
I'll go and organise some hot water.
Actually, Sister, if could just pass me that warm towel KITTY WHIMPERS Now pant for me, Kitty.
Well done.
Now, one more big push.
KITTY WAILS BABY CRIES Oh, what a beautiful baby boy! Is he mine? Is he really mine? Oh, yes.
You must think me a right daft 'un, asking for my teddy.
Not at all.
If it helps you, that's what matters.
BABY CRIES He's yours now, little one.
I'm not a kid any more.
BABY SCREAMS Excuse me? How much longer, please? What's the name? Moss.
Leah Moss.
I've been here over an hour.
I do apologise, Mrs Moss, we've been busier than usual today, but you are after this lady.
Thank you.
Sorry for the long wait.
Could've done without it today, to be honest.
Don't suppose you've got a spare hour to lend me? If only.
You are looking a little tired.
You getting enough rest? You sound like my mother.
Your ankles are very swollen.
Are they troubling you? Apart from turning me into an elephant, no.
Any headaches? Heartburn? Nothing.
I'm sorry, but I really need to go now.
I just need to check your urine.
It'll only take a minute.
Sister, there isn't an ashtray in my cubicle.
I'll fetch one right away, doctor.
I do think Kitty will make a wonderful mother.
She was so distressed when she was in labour! Oh, it's deliveries like Kitty's that make me glad I'm a midwife.
It's as though I've found my true purpose.
I felt like that when I was called to the religious life.
Sister, do you enjoy the medical side of things? Of course! I started off as a teacher in the village school, but that's what you do when you join this Order, you train as a nurse, and then as a midwife, and all the while you're studying to take your vows.
It's quite a tall order.
I've learned a lot.
Oh, I just don't seem to feel the same .
joy that others do.
Perhaps stop trying quite so hard and instead justfeel, feel the mother's pain, the mother's joy.
The happiness is catching.
Mrs Moss? Mama, I'm sorry to be so long, I was waiting and waiting for the Kranknshvester.
Mama? Mama? Not again? MAMME GROANS No, not yet.
We'll wait till it passes.
A free spirit, a suffragette, a nobler heroine! That's all well and good, but it doesn't mean Miss Scarlett is innocent of murder! Murder in Nonnatus House? An enthralling board game, in which we are required to play detective.
Sshh! J'accuse .
Colonel Mustard, for one should never trust a yellow-bellied, colonial imperialist .
in the Billiard Room - billiards is such a foolish pastime - with .
a revolver - the weapon of cowards.
It's about collecting clues, not divine inspiration! Well? Am I correct? Oh-h! Yes! Do you wish to join us, Sister? I must confess, I find this game singularly invigorating! It would be more so, if you followed the rules! Perhaps another time.
I have some correspondence to take care of.
I only agreed to join you in this nonsense on condition you help me with the rest of the donations, so I suggest we go and do that instead.
I see.
What? You do not take defeat very well, so it's best we abandon all hope of a rematch.
I am indubitably the superior player and I would not wish to vanquish you a second time.
Well, if you'll pardon me, I'll leave the experts to it.
~ Oh, I do like to stroll along the prom-prom-prom ~ Where the brass band plays tiddly-om-pom-pom" If you're hoping for a duet, I'm afraid I'm far too tired.
I don't want a duet, I want an answer to a question.
And I'm rather hoping that answer might be yes.
Well, it depends on the question.
I don't suppose you'd like to come with me to Brighton this weekend - all perfectly respectable.
A chap at work had a hotel reservation and he can't go now so Jenny, have you seen my dratted tennis racket anywhere? If Sister Evangelina's borrowed it to chase mice again I'll be up in a minute.
Do say yes.
It would be nice, for once, not to have to compete with every nurse and mother in the East End for your attention.
It is my weekend off.
Is that a yes, then? Well, I do like to be beside the seaside.
Cynthia! Say you'll come shopping with me tomorrow.
There's a dress I've been dying for an excuse to buy, and Alec's invited me somewhere quite exciting! Has he? Penny for them? Sorry.
It's just that I've had such an odd conversation with Sister Winifred.
What about? I noticed something wasn't right when Kitty Chubb gave birth this morning.
She just looked terribly uneasy.
And when we were talking it over, she seemed to be saying that she found midwifery quite hard.
Perhaps we need to give her more support.
We were all beginners once.
Gosh, who would've thought we'd end up the old hands? Now, tell me all about this dress.
DOOR OPENS Where's my sweetheart? Got you some little treats from the shop, schmaltz herring, er, pickled cucumbers - I know you've been craving them, little bit of cream cheese Why? Benny Koffman stopped by the delicatessen, turns out his manager's moving to Israel and he's looking for a new one, wants to know if I fancy it.
Benny Koffman's shop's in Golders Green? There's a flat above it, and a garden for the little 'un.
This is our chance to get out the East End.
It's, er, it's going to be a no, isn't it? What about my mother? Take her to a doctor, Leah.
No doctors, Charlie.
I won't even discuss it.
It's 12 years since she left this flat! Do you think that doesn't make me feel as trapped as she is? Do you think I want to be stuck here, imprisoned in this house of ghosts? Talk to her, Leah.
Talk to her.
KNOCK ON DOOR My dear! Sister Monica Joan let me in.
I wanted to give you something, for the charity box.
Come in, come in.
Don't stand on the doorstep! I'm so ashamed, we've not so much as a crumb in the house to offer you.
We're not here to eat, Mrs Rubin.
We've come to see your daughter.
She's in the bedroom.
I'm Nurse Miller What on earth are you doing? Let me help you.
Sister Winifred was bringing your delivery pack, so thought I'd tag along.
Nurse Lee told me you left the clinic in rather a hurry.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
Your urine test was clear, but we do need you to help us keep on top of routine checks.
It's important for you and for your baby.
I had to come home.
My mother doesn't like being left alone for too long.
We can come to you here.
Apart from anything else, it will give us a chance to make sure you're not doing any heavy lifting.
Just going to take your blood pressure.
When Dr Turner and I married, I was so sure what my life would be.
Just as sure as I was when I took my vows.
But now I don't feel sure of anything.
I can't picture the future at all.
In the past year, your life has changed unrecognisably.
It's understandable that you looked for certainties.
Perhaps I was greedy! I was given so much, and I wanted more.
Do not even begin to think of your childlessness as a punishment.
I will not allow it.
Thank you.
I need something to occupy my mind.
I'm not used to having so much time.
You have so many gifts, Shelagh.
Oh, I don't know about that.
You have energy and compassion and intelligence and a voice I have seldom heard matched.
I only sing in church now.
Have you thought of joining a choir? Poplar Choral Society have a wonderful repertoire.
I thought I heard their director had retired? Yes, but the choir itself is still going strong.
I don't doubt they'd welcome you with open arms.
So, you are a nun? Yes.
And a midwife? That's right.
It is truly a wonderful thing, what you do, bringing life into the world, seeing everything made new.
Everything's coming along nicely, but I've ticked Leah off - she's been trying to do too much.
That's my fault.
I make work for her.
I'm sure that's not true.
She has attacks.
Attacks? Dizzy spells.
It's gornisht - nothing.
It's not nothing! What if you have a dizzy spell when you're out and about? You may fall and hurt yourself.
I don't go outside, so that will not happen.
You don't go outside? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.
The attacks, they come and they go.
We can arrange for a doctor to drop by and see you.
There's no need for a doctor.
She just needs peace and quiet.
And peace and quiet, I get at home.
Apparently the restaurant serves the best moules marinieres in England, and I've just remembered you don't like shellfish.
Well, if it's a seafood restaurant, there'll be Dover sole.
I'll have to throw you out in a minute.
I'll be up all hours packing.
I haven't even started.
There's something extremely urgent we must attend to first.
What if one of the nuns walks past? ~ I was made for you ~ Nature I never used to think I could dance.
When I dance with you, it feels as if we're in a film.
Like Debbie Reynolds.
Does that make me Gene Kelly? I rather think it does.
I say! What do you think? I think how wicked you are to be spending two whole nights in a hotel with a man.
Surely you don't think Alec will have organised two rooms! Oh, I'm teasing, silly.
I'm sure it will all be perfectly proper.
Though I think that's what he's organised.
He didn't exactly say.
Oh, it's going to be lovely, strolling, hand in hand, along the pier.
But you are a modern girl in many ways, he might have made assumptions.
Men will be men.
Not Alec, surely! Course not.
In which case, you'd better have such a marvellous time that you make us all positively green with envy.
Ah, hello! Do take a seat, Mr Jesmond will be with you shortly.
You can take in the luxurious ambience while you wait.
D'you know when he'll be back? Well, he said he was going to the bank to withdraw the wherewithal for your little treatin Brighton.
I see.
It's a shame I had to cancel my plans, I've had some memorable weekends in that hotel.
Still, you two are clearly going to make the most of it.
What's he been saying? Oh, not much.
But then, he doesn't need to say much.
We understand each other.
Jenny! What a lovely surprise! Didn't think I'd be seeing you until this evening.
What have you told him? Just that I was looking forward to taking you away.
I was under the impression you'd booked two separate rooms! He clearly isn't! Jenny, you're making assumptions.
No, Alec, you are.
Enjoy your moules marinieres! That's perfect! You just need to take it easy now these last few days.
Don't worry, Sister, I do all the housework today.
Not only is it our Shabbas soon, it is also the festival of Shavous.
I've heard of Shavous.
Isn't it the Feast of Weeks, the day you read the Book of Ruth? And the day I make cheesecake! A recipe from the heim.
You want to try a bit? Oh, I've got to get back in time for evening prayer.
I do love the story of Ruth.
"Whither thou goest I will go "and where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
" Leah Oh, my goodness.
Sit in the chair, Leah.
Don't lift her or she'll vomit! I'm sending for the doctor, Leah.
I'm sending for the doctor, if not for your mother's sake, then for your baby's.
I don't want to go to choir practice! It will all be old women.
No, it won't.
It's a choral society, all sorts of people join.
I like piano and violin, I don't like singing.
Good evening, PC Noakes.
Evening, Mrs Turner.
How are you, Timothy? Rather hoping I might get arrested, so I don't have to go to choir practice.
We're joining the Poplar Choral Society tonight.
Timothy's vexed because he's missing The Lone Ranger.
Me too.
Mind you, I've always fancied singing in a choir.
You could go instead of me.
Well, I'd be quite tempted, but, er, I'm on duty.
You enjoy yourselves.
We'll be sure to do just that.
I think we've come on the wrong night.
Mrs Turner and Timothy? Mr Delaney? Welcome, welcome.
Both of you.
This all looks verycosy.
Since you telephoned, we've lost three more members and our pianist.
So this is it, I'm sorry to say.
Five voices isn't so bad.
And Timothy plays the piano, don't you? Yes, but I can't sing.
Oh, as a matter of fact, we were about to head to the Coach and Horses.
You can come, if you like? The nipper can sit on the steps and we'll send out a cream soda.
All right! You're very kind.
But no, thank you.
Come on, ladies! All good things come to an end.
Coach and Horses is only round the corner.
No! Baby seems completely unperturbed.
What about my mother? The sedative I've given her will help.
Not least because it means I can ask you some questions.
Aside from dizziness, nausea and hearing loss, does your mother have any other symptoms? She hasn't set foot outside this flat for 12 years.
Please don't take her away.
I know she's lost her mind, but I can look after her.
What makes you think she's lost her mind? During the war, Mama and I were in a Nazi ghetto.
A miracle happened and we escaped.
We lived in a cellar till it was safe.
When we returned home, our family, our friends were .
Soon after, we move to London and these attacks start.
You see now? Mrs Moss, I am not going to take your mother anywhere.
You've lost enough, she's lost enough.
But we do need to get to the bottom of what ails her.
I told you.
It's her mind that ails her.
Not necessarily.
It's possible we may be looking at a form of vertigo, something called Meniere's disease.
It's a problem with the inner ear.
The ear? Yes.
And there are medications we can try.
Really? A fear of leaving home is quite common with Meniere's sufferers.
It may be that everything's related.
So, if you treat her ear, she'll be able to go outside? There is every reason for optimism.
After 12 years.
I can hardly believe it.
Thank you both.
Thank you.
ALEC: You've no business talking to her about our weekend plans, Clive.
Look, sorry old thing, but she lured me into a conversation.
She was checking up on you.
I don't care if she was.
I've got nothing to hide.
Look, why don't you come out on the town with me instead? I'll find you a nice new girl.
That Nurse Jenny Lee is far too proper.
And do you know something? That's exactly what I like about her! It was a joke! WOOD CREAKS Aaargh! Alec! Police! Police! Police! There's been an accident, quick! He's over here.
The staircase just gave way.
Oh, no Is he Is he dead? No.
Alec? Alec! I'll stay with him, you call an ambulance.
But fetch the doctor first! I just saw his car parked halfway up James Street.
It's a green Austin.
Knock on doors if you have to! Alec? Alec? Here.
It's Alec Jesmond.
No He's breathing, but spark out.
Has been since I arrived.
Main problem looks like his leg.
He fell from up there.
The femur's shattered.
And I don't like the look of this foot.
We're going to have to get his shoe off.
ALEC COUGHS It's all right, mate.
It's all right.
Aaargh! You've come a bit of a cropper.
The doctor's here.
Aargh! Sorry, sorry.
Just try and stay as still as you can.
Everything's all right, mate.
The ambulance is on its way.
No blood supply.
The whole limb is at risk.
Now, do as I tell you and we might save his leg.
Any more pads? There's a couple of rolled bandages.
Thank you.
I need your tie too, to fix the splint.
And yours.
You go outside and wait to flag down the ambulance.
Yes, sir.
Aaargh! My leg Alec, don't move.
In a moment, I can give you something to help with the pain, but I just need you to stay completely still.
Where's his ambulance? That's the man.
It's going to be OK, mate.
Is it? Yeah, it better be.
I don't fancy giving any bad news to that girlfriend of yours.
No, you don't.
BELL CLANGS A problem with my ear? And it can be mended? The doctor believes so.
It means you can leave the house.
It means you don't need to be scared any more.
And the timing couldn't be better.
What do you mean? You know we always talk of moving to North West London? Well, Benny Koffman has asked Charlie to be the manager of his shop.
In Golders Green! And there's a flat too, with room for all of us.
I see.
So much news you give me, all in one evening.
We need to let Benny know by Sunday, Mama.
And today is Shabbas.
On Sunday, we start packing.
Steady on the way, gentlemen.
How can I have been so naive? Are you quite certain that Alec's intentions aren't of the honourable kind? You said yourself, men will be men.
You said Alec wasn't like that.
And nothing you've told me now suggests otherwise.
I wish you could have heard this chap.
He was nauseating.
But Alec isn't, though.
Perhaps you should discuss it with him now you've calmed down.
There's still time to go.
KNOCK ON DOOR Cynthia? We've had a call.
There's been an accident.
How is he? He's out of theatre.
He's broken his right femur, left arm and several ribs.
What about his foot? They couldn't save it.
His ankle was so shattered, he would never have walked on it again.
They said he would have lost the whole leg if it hadn't been for Doctor Turner.
WHISPERING: What makes you think that? I don't know.
If it's a boy MUSIC DROWNS OUT SPEECH Visiting hours are over.
Mr Jesmond needs to rest.
How are you? Only, I heard what happened to your gentleman friend SHE CRIES You poor kid, come here.
Have you slept or had anything to eat? I haven't been able to do either.
Well, I can't do anything about the sleeping, save knocking you over the head with a mallet.
But I can give you something to keep your strength up.
So, go on.
Oh, no, Fred, I couldn't.
You made that for yourself.
No, it's all right.
I shouldn't really, anyway.
I mean, me guts been giving me jip Thank you.
Maybe I should wait until after I get the tests? You'll have to leave the flat to get the tests.
What if I have an attack? You do want to go out? Would I be doing this, would I be struggling like this, if I didn't want to?! Try, Mama.
Please try.
Don't worry.
We'll try again.
Yes, thank you, you've been very helpful.
The vascular surgeon saved Alec Jesmond's leg, but not his foot.
What age is he? 25, 26? He'll live another 50 years, Patrick.
You played your part in that.
Do you want one? I always want one.
But you don't always ask.
Patrick, I'm going to take on that choir.
Revive it, get it back on its feet.
Well, that's a bold move.
I'm a bold girl.
We tried three times and she can't even stand on the doorstep, let alone on the street.
Why not? Perhaps she needs more time.
How much more? Another 12 years? The mind is a very complicated thing.
I've already told Benny I'm taking the job! Well, now you can tell him that you're not! ALEC: So no foot.
Better no foot than no you.
HE SNIFFS What am I going to do? We are going to do perfectly well.
HE SOBS Who here brushes their teeth? ALL: Me! Are you going to show me? Ah, now brushing across is fun, I'll grant you, but it won't do the job.
You see, if you wanted to clean between your fingers, you wouldn't brush across them like this, would you? Up and down! You'd go up and down! That's it, you already know WOMEN SING Would you like to come through? ~ With little forget-me-nots placed here and there ~ When I had it on I walked on the air.
~ APPLAUSE That was lovely.
We've been singing since school.
We fancied ourselves as the new Chordettes.
Only look at us now.
All mums, just a few weeks between our babies.
You've got beautiful voices.
Miss all that singing.
Ladies, I might have just the thing for you.
How would you like to join my choir? We'll be practising one evening a week.
Love to, Mrs Turner.
But we've got little ones.
I'm sure you'll be able to bring them along to rehearsals.
Kitty? You shouldn't be here, you know you're still entitled to home visits.
I got bored of home visits.
Anyway, I wanted to show him off.
Aww, he's still got his teddy.
Oh, we don't go nowhere without Frankie! Don't forget to tell your family and friends about the choir.
A choir? I'm taking over the Poplar Choral Society.
Numbers had dwindled and it would be such a shame if it died out.
Have you ever run a choir before? I haven't.
But no-one else has taken up the reins.
Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands.
Mrs Rubin Mrs Rubin, when I was 12, there was a horse that lived on the farm next door.
He'd been a fine racer, but then was kept in the stables so long he wouldn't come outdoors any more.
So the farmer tried a tiny bit at a time You think I'm an alte kliatshe and don't know what you're doing?! Coming into my house and calling me a horse! Yes, all right, it was a silly idea.
But I cannot sit back and watch your family fall to pieces after everything you've been through.
What about this story? It's about a heroine called Tzirale Rubin, who fought and beat the most evil humans in history.
Who saved her daughter's life.
And left her family and friends behind? Some heroine! Listen to me! You are a warrior, Mrs Rubin.
You can fight this! Take my arm.
Take it.
That's right.
No, please! Everyone tells you that the love in films isn't real.
But I know what you and I have is better than in any film.
When I thought I might lose you When you get out of here, we're going straight to Brighton.
Then Paris.
Where Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds belong.
Won't be able to do much dancing, of course.
We'll be dancing in here.
Even now? Yes.
How do I look? Pretty suave? The suavest.
My beautiful Jenny.
So, do you think I'll be able to get 50% off shoes from now on? Absolutely.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I've signed up several new members so far, but we still need more.
We rehearse at the Community Centre every Friday.
Everybody's welcome.
I wish I could come.
I'm busy with Girls' Brigade.
I think it's a wonderful enterprise.
How's Alec? He's got a long road ahead of him and he knows it.
But he's being so brave.
I couldn't be prouder.
TELEPHONE RINGS What's this? Poplar Choral Society? I'm in the process of reviving it.
Well, you can count me in.
And Alec too, once he's out of hospital.
Wonderful! Thank you.
That was Mr Moss, Leah's husband.
Leah thinks she's gone into labour and I'm next on call.
Well, if you wait while I change into my uniform, I'll come with you.
Don't you want to rest? No.
I want to work.
I need to get back to normal now, for Alec's sake.
Good for you.
LEAH CRIES OUT Good girl, Leah! Good girl.
That's it.
TELEPHONE RINGS You're doing really well.
Just going to listen to baby.
Baby's heartbeat's a little slower than I'd like.
Nurse Lee.
I must talk with you.
Your friend, Mr Jesmond.
He is gravely sick.
But I saw him less than an hour ago.
What's happened? The Sister on the phone said you should go now to the hospital.
I'm sorry.
But Are they sending someone else? LEAH CRIES OUT Theythey didn't say so.
LEAH PANTS Sister? Is everything all right? Mrs Rubin, I need you.
We're going to welcome a new life into this world.
Into a family filled with love.
And I need you to do exactly as I tell you.
Do you understand? Tell me what to do.
Sit here.
Leah, you're fully dilated now.
The baby's heartbeat is a little slow, so I want this baby out quickly.
Now, push for me as hard as you can.
The head's coming! I need you to pant for me.
Good girl.
There's the head.
I can see the head! Now, I need you to give me one more big push! LEAH CRIES OUT That's wonderful, Leah.
BABY CRIES There we go! You've a little girl.
You're a bubbe.
Just going to cut the cord.
BABY CRIES Oh, I think I'm more exhausted than you are! There we go.
Oh, baby! She's beautiful.
Oh, you're a darling.
Congratulations! Hello.
I'm your mummy.
She looks like you.
She looks like Tateh.
We'll stay, here in the flat, altogether.
SHE SPEAKS IN HER OWN LANGUAGE Sister? I'm sorry, Mr Jesmond has just passed away.
You're wrong.
I was with him just an hour ago and he was fine.
I'm afraid there was a further You're wrong.
complication with his fracture.
The doctors suspect it was an embolism that killed him.
I'm so sorry.
Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds ~ Hear my prayer, O Lord ~ And let my crying come unto thee ~ Hide not thy face from me in the time of my trouble ~ Incline thine ear unto me when I call ~ KNOCK ON DOOR Jenny.
I need to go to work.
You've been bereaved.
I won't hear of any return to work until after Alec's funeral.
His parents won't even be able to be there.
They're stationed in Ceylon, his father's at sea.
No work for you today.
You must rest and join us in chapel if you wish to.
Chapel? I just don't see where God fits into any of this.
God isn't in the event, Jenny.
He is in the response to the event.
In the love that is shown and the care that is given.
I wish I could argue with you.
I wish I could think of anything at all.
Would you consider taking compassionate leave? You could be our guest, at the Mother House in Chichester.
I I might.
You don't have to give an answer now.
Would you look at this manuscript for me? I haven't read music for years.
You help Timothy with his piano.
I've had to fiddle with the tenor part, because I'm not sure how many men will turn up.
Turn up when? At choir practice.
I've said we'll sing at Alec's funeral and I've absolutely no idea how I'm going to pull it off.
My love, I can't rewrite choral music any more than I can fly to the moon.
You could do your best.
I'm doing my best.
If doing my best made any difference, the choir wouldn't be singing at a funeral.
You are not to blame for Alec's death.
You did everything you could for him.
But somewhere else a decision was made that no amount of prayer will change.
And you have to accept that.
That's what I can't bear.
I know how that feels.
I know you do.
Baby's a beauty, that's for sure.
They named her yesterday at the synagogue.
Elizabeth Malke.
Mrs Rubin? Leah? Mama! What you want to bring the baby out in that thin shmatte? She'll catch pneumonia! Is it all right if we bring the prams in, Mrs Turner? Of course.
It's so good of you to come.
We read about that young man in the paper.
It said his mother couldn't make it to his funeral.
Said she lives abroad.
In Ceylon.
Well, we're all mums now.
We're doing this for her.
Thank you.
I'll go to the kitchen and put the urn on.
I knew it'd be a good turn-out.
You came.
We both wanted to.
But Camilla's had to send apologies, Freddie's teething.
How's Jenny? Not too good, I'm afraid.
I'm desperate to think of a wise or profound word to help, but all I can feel is utter fury and that's no help at all.
Well, sometimes there's nothing you can say.
But there's always something you can do.
That's why we came tonight.
Can everyone come and take a seat, please, so we can go through the music part by part first? We've chosen Mozart.
Timothy, if you could play the introduction for us, please.
PIANO PLAYS Jenny, are you sure about this? It's such a beautiful dress, and you wanted it so much.
I bought it for a weekend that's never going to happen, with somebody I'm never going to see again.
I'm sure the shop will exchange it for me.
You don't have to wear black to the funeral, Jenny.
Cynthia, this is a dress I was never meant to have.
And I need you to help me.
I'm right by your side.
Just the person I was coming to see.
I heard about your loss.
We wish you long life.
Thank you.
She's beautiful.
Thank you.
So You're out! You know, this bit of London doesn't smell so good.
Mama! In Golders Green, I think it will be better.
You're moving? Next week.
All of us.
Now, you'll think I'm a meshugenah, but I have a thing about goodbyes.
I didn't get the chance with so many of my own.
Now I like to make sure it's done proper.
So, I say goodbye.
JENNY SOBS I didn't get the chance, Mrs Rubin.
You've said enough.
You come along and leave Nurse Lee in peace.
What peace can she know now? You will feel better than this, bubelah.
Maybe not yet.
But you will.
Will I? Yes.
You just keep living until you're alive again.
We cannot deny that Alec Jesmond's death is tragic, especially at so young an age.
We are all in need of God and His love is needed more than ever at a time like this.
PIANO PLAYS ~ Ave ~ Ave verum corpus ~ Natum de Maria Virgine ~ Vere passum ~ Immolatum ~ In cruce pro homine ~ Jenny kissed me when we met Jumping from the chair she sat in Time, you thief, who love to get Sweets into your list Put that in! You make sure you eat three square meals a day and a proper breakfast.
I have my spies.
Hear me? We will write often.
And you must write too.
We want to hear every titbit of enthralling news from the Mother House.
We've had a call from Joy Higgins in Orient Buildings.
Looks like baby's on the way.
I should go! I'm first on call.
You stay and wave Nurse Lee off.
I'll see to this one.
You sure? Never more so.
May you find peace, my dear.
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad Say that health and wealth have missed me Say I'm growing old, but add Jenny kissed me.
'The doors of Nonnatus House 'were still wide open, but my heart had closed.
'All I could do was try to keep living 'until I felt alive again.
' Sister? BANGING ON GLASS Help! Help! I've got a day off tomorrow.
I thought we could snuggle up on the sofa and listen to Take It From Here.
I'm Patience Mount, but people call me Patsy.
I'd like my daughter examined.
I reckon she's in the family way.
Surely not.
I hate the word Mongol.
Mongols are a tribe that live abroad.
I've never heard of it happening, ever.
~ I need your love ~ Oh, so bad ~ Oh, so bad ~ I need ~ Oh, so bad ~ Give me your love ~ Oh, so bad ~ I need ~ Your love ~ Baby, I need your love ~ So bad.
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