Call the Midwife s03e05 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 5

I had made Nonnatus House my home.
When I needed peace and comfort, when I needed to grieve and to be restored, I did not go far.
It was as though its roof still sheltered me, as though I was still safe within its walls.
Sister Julienne, has the post gone yet? No.
You're in luck.
Oh, good.
I don't wear this any more.
I thought it could go to the Girls' Brigade donation for the home.
Oh, thank you! Is there anything you want to send to Nurse Lee? Just this letter.
I sat up all night trying to think of something cheerful to say that didn't sound too callous.
It's a frightfully fine line.
You may take these to the Post Office but come straight back.
We've a great deal to do this morning.
Of course, Sister.
People retreat from the world for different reasons.
But if I had come to the Mother House of the order to forget, I was not forgotten.
And that I was remembered made my pain endurable.
Lovely! I knew that nice little Girls' Brigade leader wouldn't let us down.
The Postman nearly did.
Late again.
I ought to send you out to the gate to meet him.
There's nothing like one of your reproachful stares to make a person toe the line.
He's scared I'll hit him with my stick.
Right, Jacob .
are you ready for a spot of crowd control after lunch? What is this? It's called Quiche Lorraine, according to Mrs B.
Pass me the beetroot.
With Sister Julienne's permission, I'll make myself a sandwich.
Of course.
What I want to know is does Nurse Lee say when she's coming back? No, she doesn't.
She just closes by saying, "I hope Sister Monica Joan enjoyed the cake as much as I did! "Love, Jenny.
" And three kisses.
So glad she chose to go to the Mother House.
It seems like the perfect place for her to recuperate.
Much as we all feel deep compassion for Nurse Lee, her absence is felt across every department.
I think she's fainted! Sister? Sister? Steak and kidney pie.
Your steak and kidney pie? Timothy helped a bit this time.
I think I might have a rival on my hands! I only rolled some of the pastry.
Well, it looks delicious.
You keep him at it.
It's the summer holiday! I don't want to be inside doing cookery.
I want to play out! You can't play out, Timothy.
You can't keep up with the other boys just now.
They'll slow down for me.
I don't want you getting hurt.
I thought we'd get the bus into town one day and go to the Science Museum.
Oh, I can't wait(!) Behave yourself, Tim.
I don't get the chance to do anything else.
Polio damaged my legs, not my brain.
Patrick, you're needed at Nonnatus House.
It's Sister Julienne.
Stay there.
We can hunt down an ice cream van later, when I'm on my rounds.
Very well, everyone! All the party clothes are laid out on the trestle tables.
and you are all to choose one outfit to wear for the Founder's Day dance.
Do you all understand? Yes, Miss Molyneux.
In you go! It's mine, Mavis! It's mine! Let go! It won't even fit you! Mavis, give it back to Sally.
Why? Because she's older than you.
Now, Sally, find something pretty for Mavis.
That's nice, I like that one.
We'll arrange some bloods to be on the safe side.
But I can't find anything wrong with you a proper rest won't cure.
I wouldn't say no to a day in bed and that's not like me.
No, it isn't.
But I'm not talking a day.
I'm talking a week at least and preferably two.
I am prescribing you a fortnight at the Mother House, starting tomorrow.
It's out of the question.
We're a midwife short and I've Sister Evangelina's jubilee to organise.
Jubilee? It's the anniversary of her religious vows and I need to arrange a service and a party Some of that's already under way! I've been writing letters to try to track down her family and invite them.
There! Sister Winifred can organise the jubilee and someone else can run the office.
No-one else is capable.
I Catch it! Throw it to me! Colin Cowdrey eat your heart out.
Eh, Doc? Absolutely.
Good shot, Tim! I can't believe you left him there! What if he falls over? Or wears himself out and is too tired to walk home? Shelagh, leave him to his own devices.
We both left him to his own devices, if you remember, the day he was taken ill! I don't deserve that and neither do you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! We're both sorry.
And he's an 11-year-old boy.
Polio or no polio, he needs to spread his wings.
I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.
I do.
We still have to find another midwife as soon as is humanly possible.
The current casebook makes for terrifying reading.
I took the liberty of speaking to Nurse Noakes and she's already agreed to do some extra shifts.
May I? I should really let you see it from this side of the desk, shouldn't I? If I'm to take over the administration whilst you are away, that would be best.
Did Dr Turner tell you that the gait assessment clinic is going to be moved to the Community Centre? Sister Julienne, I think we're making each other nervous.
That wasn't the object of this exercise.
You can't go out in a sopping wet uniform, Camilla! I'm ironing it dry! Look, dry as a bone.
People will think you've had the accident, not Freddie.
They're expecting me at Nonnatus House at half past, Peter! And I was expecting to be in my bed at quarter to! I'm the most inconsiderate beast in the whole sorry history of creation.
No, you're not.
You received a call to arms, I understand.
And may you enjoy every happiness in your new home, Reverend.
Thanks for your help, Fred.
Don't go fretting about your khazi, I'll be round tonight to take me plunger to the U-bend.
Never mind helping the curate to move in! Sister Julienne's got a train to catch! All right.
Morning! He'd be more efficient helping you to Mars! I think a jubilee sounds tremendously jolly.
Will we be having parlour games? Well, I did think I might try and find a roulette wheel and set up a little casino in the parlour! I've always fancied myself as a croupier.
The plan is for Holy Communion followed by a tea party.
It's custom to invite the sister's family, and any friends she has outside the order.
I think she had quite a few brothers and sisters, I've heard her mention it.
I have written to her last known address before she entered as a postulant but there's been no response.
Have you tried writing to the curate of that parish? Curates are always such founts of vital information.
Right, ladies, stand and deliver.
Lisbon Buildings beckons, as usual.
Who's going to answer the call? Faggots and peas, I can't say I'm not relieved.
So, Mrs Turner, have you had a busy morning? Yes, I have! I've engaged a new midwife, who will be joining us from The London the day after tomorrow.
She'll be staying on after Nurse Lee returns.
That's wonderful news! Oh, I'm frightfully sorry but I don't think I can eat a morsel of lunch until we've found out which one of us has walked in dog dirt.
How do you know it isn't you? It was you last time, with your winklepicker shoes.
The mat in the parlour still hasn't recovered.
Sister Winifred, Nurse Miller? Mrs Turner? And it was not I.
My olfactory powers are exceptional.
I should have been immediately aware of the offence and seen it remedied.
For two pins, I'd have every mutt in Poplar put down! Stand back, there's all kinds spraying everywhere! Leave them to dry and come back and eat your lunch.
In my stockinged feet? I don't think so.
Is this your only pair of shoes? Dog dirt's the least of your worries.
The upper's completely come away from the sole! You may recollect that some of us have taken a vow of poverty.
I've had these ten years - get another couple out of them.
I'm sending them to the menders.
I'm sure you'll find something to tide you over in the second-hand clothes box.
~ You must never do a tango with an Eskimo ~ No, no, no ~ Oh dear, no ~ When a lady from Nebraska's at a party in Alaska ~ She must never do a tango with an Eskimo ~ You can do it with a Latin ~ From Manilla to Manhattan ~ You can do it with a gaucho in Brazil ~ But if once those Eskimoses start to wiggle with their toeses ~ You can bet your life you're gonna get a chill ~ Brrrrrrrr You can never do a tango with an Eskimo ~ No, no, no ~ Oh dear, no ~ If you do You'll get the breeze up ~ And you'll end up with a freeze up ~ You must never do a tango with an Eskimo ~ You must never do a tango with an Eskimo ~ No, no, no ~ Oh dear, no ~ When a lady from Nebraska's ~ Want to join in the dancing, Sheryl? I can manage by myself.
Shy? She's one of my quiet ones.
I wouldn't mind a few of those.
Can you put on a slow one next, Jacob, just to calm everybody down? ~.
you'll find your passion cooling ~ Yes, siree Brrrrr! ~ You can never ~ That's the one.
'JUST YOU' STARTS PLAYING Ooh, I like this one.
~ I would climb the highest mountain ~ I would swim the deepest sea ~ I would climb the highest mountain ~ So that I could always be ~ With you ~ With you ~ Just you ~ I would hold you in my arms, dear ~ Kiss you every day ~ I would hold you in my arms, dear ~ In a very tender way I feel sorry for themall of them.
Do you know something, Sheryl? I don't.
~ I would say to you, my darlin' ~ I need you more ~ Where you going? Where have you been? I've got to pick up a list of my house calls.
I was at weekly briefing.
What's the matter with Freddie? Eggs and soldiers turned into a full-scale war.
Mrs Torpy's gone to sit with him until you come home! Oh, Mrs Torpy! There's a box of Bickiepegs on the sideboard! Sorry.
We agreed you'd work part-time, Camilla.
The trouble is, Peter, I'm a midwife and babies aren't exactly a part-time business.
No, they aren't.
Mrs Torpy? I say! I believe I'm expected? Any objection to me barging in? None for we are besieged by duty and obligation.
All who enter here must serve, as I do.
"Golden lads and girls all must, "as chimney-sweepers, come to dust!" You need a spot of polish on that cloth, preferably beeswax based.
If I don't get a cup of coffee within 60 seconds, I might commit murder.
The only way you're going to get that is if I pour it down your throat through a funnel, while you're working.
I want that autoclave turned round, pronto.
Unless you can levitate, I suggest you all march in on tiptoes! I've done the whole thing twice, cos I thought I caught a little whiff of dog mess.
Are you the new girl? I'm Patience Mount but people call me Patsy.
Move your mop and bucket.
Nurse Miller and Nurse Franklin need to get to the autoclave.
Oh, it's all been turned around.
Two batches of instruments all bagged up and ready to go.
And I replenished the dressing cupboard from the store.
Really? Goodness.
I think I might just have fallen a little bit in love with you.
Red hats are only correct out of doors.
I wanted to make sure it stayed on during vigorous activity.
There's nothing more unsettling than an unkempt nurse.
I think it's time to put the kettle on.
It's all very well, cycling for 15 miles a day but that doesn't necessarily do a huge amount for the waistline.
And I'm thinking about going over to an elastic panty girdle, so I need to get trim.
Have you ever thought of fencing? I fenced at school and I was the only girl ever to beat Mother Gertrude.
Did you go to a convent, Patsy? Yes, and I vowed I'd never go within They were Catholics, though.
I thought these might be more humane.
I've never met a Catholic nun but these are wonderful.
They've been so kind to Jenny since her boyfriend died.
It's all horribly sad.
I met her last year when she was seconded to The London.
It was actually her who put midwifery in my mind.
Male Surgical was eroding my will to live.
Or at least my will to nurse! More Scotch, anyone? Can I have quite a lot of Canada Dry this time? I can't believe you've brought your own whisky.
Well, my father always says, "One should never start a new venture "without a bottle of something sociable.
" A man after my own heart.
Cynthia, grab a hoop! Cynthia! I've come to see Sally, Jacob, but she wasn't waiting on the steps! Miss Molyneux! Oh, yes, Mrs Harper! Sally's a bit under the weather today.
Peverell Ward - left and up the back staircase.
Never used to be allowed to go up the stairs.
Times change, Mrs Harper.
We're relaxing some of the rules.
It's no good giving in to it.
You just want to get up and get your circulation moving.
I'm not well, mum.
Oh, Sally.
You're going to have to show me were it hurts.
Come on.
Oh, no.
What's the matter? I don't know but I know it's not your monthlies.
I don't have them any more.
No! No, no! Mrs Harper, whatever is amiss?! I'm getting her on the first and fastest bus out of here.
I'm taking her home.
This IS my home! Come into my office and sit down, both of you.
We generally find Sally's quite amenable to reason.
What else has she been amenable to? That's what I'd like to know! Oh, Lord! Is that lemon meringue pie? Oh, sorry, old thing.
It's spoken for.
It's been promised as a raffle prize.
Can we turn our minds to the jubilee buffet? We're going to have vol-au-vents, and cheese and pineapple sticks Are you sure, Trixie? Sister Evangelina's got quite a conservative palate.
and butterfly cakes and a sherry trifle.
Ooh, and I've found a recipe for the most marvellous centrepiece.
Do look.
It's called a Banana Coronet.
It looks a bit like Stonehenge, only made of penises.
Sorry! Three years on Male Surgical have rather made their mark.
So, any joy from the curate of that parish? There's news but it isn't very joyful.
He wrote today, saying that Sister Evangelina's eldest brother was killed on active service in the war.
The only ray of hope seems to be Vincent, the youngest.
He joined the Merchant Navy and the curate sent our letter on to the Seaman's Mission.
I'll go.
May I help you? The name's Harper, I'd like my daughter examined.
I reckon she's in the family way.
Surely not? It's Sally, isn't it? Don't you live at St Gideon's? Not any more.
Come in.
Perhaps it's an abdominal tumour? Or trapped wind? I mean, is it even possible? I've never heard of it happening ever.
Your hands are cold.
Sorry, old thing, I should have warmed them.
I think she's six and a half months.
People said she'd be better off in St Gideon's.
I never wanted to send her away but they said, "You can't be watching her all the hours God sends! "She'll grow up, she'll develop and the streets aren't safe.
" She smiles at people, Nurse.
She thinks everyone's her friend.
I can imagine.
She seems so enormously trusting.
Well, when she was 11, she started wandering off.
I never knew where she'd been, or who with.
So I did what people do .
I put her where she'd be safe.
Doctor's prescribed Sally some antibiotics.
She'll soon be feeling more comfortable.
I don't know what disturbs me most, the pregnancy of an unmarried or the untreated urine infection that's left her in agonising pain.
I think you'll find the term mongolism is falling out of favour, Doctor.
We prefer to say Down's Syndrome, nowadays.
In which case, I stand corrected.
But it makes no material difference to her plight or your negligence.
She's been molested while under your care and supervision.
And I want every male resident, nurse and orderly questioned.
Has Sally made any disclosure of how it all came about? No.
But I think it's in everybody's best interests to find out.
Don't you? Whoever he is, he'll go down for it if we catch him.
According to the '56 Act, it's an offence to have intercourse with a mental defective.
Peter, that sounds so unfeeling! The man who did it is the unfeeling one.
You eat your pie and mash.
There's a choc ice for your pudding and it's not every day I make a grand romantic gesture.
Although you rather let the side down by not hiring a waiter who can play the violin! I've got a day off tomorrow.
I thought we could snuggle up on the sofa and listen to Take It From Here.
Oh, Peter, once we've cleared this away, I'll be rigging up the twin-tub! You and Freddie haven't a clean vest between you! Help! Stay where you are, Sister! Help! Help! Custer's Cavalry is on its way.
There has been an intruder! What do you mean? The glass in the back door is broken, our ramparts are breached, and the felon fled with the lemon meringue pie! You're like a moth to a flame with meringue, you needn't think we've forgotten the queen of puddings! Ladies, please! I'm sure there is no need to stage a burglary just because food has gone missing.
She forgets.
I have eschewed all citrus since the dentist stopped my teeth with mercury! The alchemical reaction is too grievous to bear! Well, it Sisters! I will make sure Fred repairs the door, and ask Mrs B to make another pie.
I don't know what she's going to make it in, because whoever it was has waltzed off with the dish into the bargain! Excuse me, ladies.
Who sent for you? It wasn't the Crown Jewels, it was a lemon meringue.
Lemon meringue? Never mind.
I've actually called about the Sally Harper case.
Her parents telephoned the station.
Is a midwife free to come with me on a house call? Sally .
it's very important that you understand that you aren't in any sort of trouble.
You're a policeman.
Policeman don't punish people.
They help them, too, like nurses do.
You can trust Constable Noakes, Sally.
He wants me to tell him things.
Did somebody ask you not to, Sally? What do we have to do to get the bastard brought to book? Language, Bert - in front of the nurse.
What do we have to do? If the girl was normal, and somebody knocked her up, I could go after whoever it was with a hatchet.
I could make him marry her, I could make everything all right, but how can she ever be married? She isn't normal! I am normal at St Gideon's! Come along, Sally.
That's enough for now.
We'll go to your bedroom, and you can tell me if your tummy's feeling better.
Is that it, then? Mr Harper, if Sally won't give us any information, we can't prosecute.
It'd be me you'd end up prosecuting if you ever found him cos I'd throttle him to death with my own bare hands! You mustn't let all the shouting upset you.
Fathers get very cross when their daughters are hurt, or, at least, the nice ones do.
Nobody hurt me.
Sally, you're going to have a baby.
You're not a silly girl, and I do believe you understand what that means.
I think you also understand that the baby came about because something happened with a man .
perhaps a man who wanted to get very close to you.
I know it's not an easy thing to talk about.
It was my boyfriend .
and it didn't hurt.
Oh, lovely.
Thank you very much.
I'll just take this round to the kitchen.
Well, what about you? Oh, I couldn't possibly.
Sally Harper to see Dr Turner.
Come along, Sally.
You can bring your mother with you.
See that? She's pregnant? We'll need to monitor your daughter very closely, Mrs Harper.
Pregnancy is very, very unusual for girls like Sally, and we can't be sure things will go smoothly.
It's already a disaster.
If she shows any signs of going into labour, we will admit her to the maternity home first, and then think about transfer to hospital.
Not hospital! I want to go back to St Gideon's! I won't have her upset.
I won't have her any more scared than she has to be.
The difficulty is there are hardly any cases in the literature.
It seems an early birth is likely, but I'm scrabbling around, trying to find any statistics.
Well, perhaps we should just put statistics to one side.
Whoever is responsible, she got pregnant without any trouble, and may well go to term, and give birth quite naturally.
I hope she does, because it gives us time to prepare her, otherwise, she's going to give birth without fully understanding what will happen.
She'll be traumatised.
Which of you does she trust the most? Me, I thinkhope.
And Chummy.
Let's take each week as it comes.
I don't want to hand her over to The London, and have her made even more of an object of curiosity.
We'll look after her.
Look, Sister, the mystery is over, found it behind the lean-to.
It must have been a tramp! The poor thing's practically eaten the pattern off the dish.
I can remember when your average down-and-out was glad of a slice of bread and dripping.
We'll have to save them some titbits from your party.
What party?! This would never have happened with Sister Julienne in charge.
Sister Julienne IS in charge.
I'm merely carrying out her orders.
Well, I didn't give permission for a party, and I didn't give permission for anyone to write to my relations! I didn't think anyone needed permission.
It was done with love.
It's a tradition in the religious life.
I think you forfeited your right to lecture me or anyone else on the religious life.
There is to be no party.
Do you hear me? Thank you.
Right, Nurse Mount, was that someone's waters breaking, first couple of twinges, or an incoherent father who's forgotten his own address? It was the cobbler, actually.
He says your shoes need completely resoling, and it's going to cost 18 and 6.
Oh, no, it's not, because I'm perfectly happy in my plimsolls.
Nonnatus House? Nonnatus House, midwife speaking! Slow down, sir, and I'll take your details.
I've made several attempts to contact the Harpers, but there's been no response.
They're upset that Sally keeps saying she wants to come back here, especially because she insists that the baby was fathered by her "boyfriend".
She's refused to say anything.
Even to the police? Especially to the police.
But, Miss Molyneux, we always offer our patients confidentiality, and we've decided that the best thing for Sally is to treat her like any other pregnant woman.
Sally isn't like any other pregnant woman! Jacob .
could you weave some of your magic for me and conjure up a cup of tea? On its way.
I want to go to Dulacke Street, Poplar, please.
Sorry, mate? Dulacke Street, Poplar.
It's on the paper.
Ninepence, and you need to get off at the Town Hall.
Dulacke Street, please.
Top of the street and turn left.
Thank you.
Absolutely tiptop, young lady - tiptop and tickety-boo.
I would like to see my girlfriend, please.
You? Jacob? Sally! I didn't tell them.
They didn't tell me.
I don't care if he's not right either.
He's sharper in the head than she is - he knew what he was doing! Ssh, Mrs Harper, let's take this one step at a time.
I took the bull by the horns, and made a pot of Rosie Lee.
Everyone needs a cup, especially Jacob - he's had a very long journey.
He'll have another long journey back tonight.
I wouldn't give him tea, he'll just spill it everywhere.
Thank you.
When does Mr Harper come home? If I were you, I'd clear out before he gets here.
Because I'm going to ask him if I can marry her.
What good would that do? You live in a home! You can't work.
You can't keep her! I can do the decent thing.
Oh, it's a bit bloody late to talk about decency! Mrs Harper, that is enough.
Leave him alone! Stay calm, old thing, stay calm.
I wanted to see her, because I wanted to know she was looked after.
She isby me.
And I'm glad, because there is a part of me that you cannot see, but she can .
and if she is loved, I can go on living.
Cynthia, you simply wouldn't believe the afternoon I've had - a retained placenta in Castile Buildings, and then a false alarm in Dove Street.
It should have been Sister Evangelina, but she'd gone AWOL.
Oh, hello.
This is Jacob, Trixie.
He'sa very good friend of Sally Harper's from St Gideon's.
I'm just going to pop over the street and ask Tom Hereward if he can arrange a lift back for him.
Of course.
Well, I have to say, Jacob, you look as though your day's been as gruelling as mine.
I thought there were sausage rolls, but they seem to have gone walkies and, yesterday, half a pound of luncheon meat just vanished.
We must have mice.
Lucky mice.
Ah! Scones.
Left there to cool.
Simply marvellous.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I need help.
Of course.
That was wonderful.
Yes, the Sisters have just gone over to Brooke Bond from Typhoo.
I'm a Nescafe girl myself, so I just kept my head down, out of the range of flying missiles.
Chauffeur service.
Mr Hereward, do be an angel and butter those scones for us.
Jacob's still drinking his tea.
Sally's sleeping now.
I think the upset tired her out.
What'll happen to the baby? That will depend on whether he or she .
is born with the same condition as Sally.
You mean backward? Dr Turner thinks the likelihood could be as much as 50%.
I hate the word "mongol".
Mongols are a tribe, they live abroad.
I saw them at the pictures once.
The Adventures Of Marco Polo with Gary Cooper.
Sally was just a little girl then.
She wasn't perfect, but she was ours, not something from a foreign country.
Nobody doubts how much you love your daughter, Mrs Harper.
I do doubt it.
Let me say it, Nurse.
Please, let me say it.
If I'd have loved Sally more, would she have gone to him, would she have needed him? Would she have even have let him near her? You mustn't blame yourself.
No matter what you feel.
I don't know what I feel, Nurse.
I do know what I've never shown her.
Come on.
If you're lucky, we might still pick up reception for Radio Luxembourg.
Oh, his arms is dead strong! 'Your radio's dialled to Radio Luxembourg.
' Sshh! (I've only just put him down, Camilla.
) I want to kiss him.
Then he'll know how much he's loved.
There's Daddy.
Sister Monica Joan? Sister! Sister! Oh.
I thought you were Sister Monica Joan, got out in the night again.
Constable Noakes, can I show you something? Of course, Sister.
Vincent? You've got company.
Can a man not sleep? Sorry to disturb you, sir.
Is he a meths drinker? Not yet.
He's my brother.
He's been fighting the bottle since he opened his first pay packet.
That's the trouble with drink.
It hates those who love it most.
You needn't think I feel sorry for you.
You straightened yourself out more than once.
Drink follows people.
It followed me.
He's a sick man, Sister Evangelina.
I'm going to call for an ambulance.
Apart from anything else, you're putting yourself in danger, crawling round derelict buildings in the dead of night.
I never made her.
I tried to turn my back.
But I couldn't.
In the past, when he's pitched up, I've always kept it from my Sisters.
I hadn't seen him in three or four years, I started to think he must be dead.
And then he got wind of my jubilee, through some letter that was sent to the Seamen's Mission and he came knocking on the door.
Well, you can put two and two together regarding the lemon meringue.
Did him no good, by the look of it.
I hated the life he chose.
And he hated the life I chose.
He used to say "Why, Enid? Why? You're throwing your life away.
" The irony of it is .
he was the first baby I saw being born.
And it was his first cry that decided it for me.
There was So full of hope.
Everything made new.
You see the good in everything.
That's your curse.
And you don't.
And that's yours.
So that's why she refused to get her shoes mended? The reason she's been going around in those filthy white plimsolls.
I actually think they look rather comfy.
She felt she was defrauding the Order, by taking food and bandages without permission.
And she didn't want a jubilee in case her brother came.
It's positively heartbreaking.
~ To thee all Angels cry aloud ~ To thee Cherubim and Seraphim ~ Continually do cry ~ Holy, Holy, Holy ~ It's Sally Harper.
So soon? Yes.
~ Heaven and Earth are full of thy Majesty ~ Sally, old bean I know this bally mask feels rotten.
But, if you listen to me, I'll help you breathe in the right way.
I'm scared.
I know.
Eight fingers.
Won't be much longer.
I want to go home.
It won't live.
They said it can't live.
It's being born too soon, be too small.
Is the doctor going to come? They said he's on his way.
I don't think I can bear it.
I know she can't.
Nor can I.
What-ho, Sally.
Here comes Ma.
I don't want no baby.
I know you don't.
I don't want it.
Don't you worry about that now.
You just be a good girl for the nurses.
Come on.
Mummy loves you.
Here we go.
Keep going.
Well done, Sally.
You're going absolutely great guns, Sally.
That's it.
Good girl.
I haven't heard it cry yet.
Is it hurt? It's just very, very little, Sally.
It's just the placenta, Sally.
Can I go home now? Hello, Jacob.
They keeping you hard at it? Miss Molyneux wants me where she can see me.
Will you sit down, Jacob? I need to talk to you.
Is it about Sally? Yes.
About Sally.
And about the baby, too.
I'm afraid.
If Sally's mother wants her to return to residential care, there is still a place for her at St Gideon's.
It's already been suggested that we remove Jacob to an institution for males only.
Because he can't be trusted with Sally? Because he can't be trusted with any young women.
He was in a position of trust, as much as a member of staff would be.
Jacob loves Sally, Miss Molyneux.
I know that.
At least, I know it now.
But I also know that Jacob needs to love, and be loved, just like any other human being.
And the board have decided he'd be better off out of temptation's way.
Have you asked Jacob his opinion? I would love to be like you, Mr Hereward.
I would love to be young and zealous and full of ideals.
But what happens in St Gideon's is real, and compromised and shabby.
And that can change.
Maybe one day it will.
For now, we must do the best we can.
Sister Evangelina? I'm just giving this a thorough seeing to.
Before Nurse Mount gets to it and deprives me of the pleasure.
Dr Turner has arranged a bed for your brother at The Maudsley.
Mental hospital? He'll run rings round those psychiatrists.
He's sharp as a tack, always was.
Sister, I know how fond of him you are.
Well, we can't choose where we love, can we? No.
Nor can we choose what happens when we do.
More's the pity.
Sister Julienne told me of your troubles when we were drawing up the prayer list.
Um Listen You already have a child, Shelagh - his name is Timothy.
And I know why, because I delivered him.
I didn't know.
He was born before I joined the Order.
I can still see Dr Turner putting him into his mother's arms.
And she looked into that baby's face and said, "I want you always to be loved.
" I'm afraid of loving him too much.
Well, for whose sake? Yours or his? If there's one thing the religious life has taught me, is it's impossible to love too much.
What's needed is taken up, and what's not needed hangs around somewhere, looking for a home.
I've been given so much, Sister.
All I want to do is pass it on.
And I don't know how or to whom.
Well, if I could answer that, it would make me as wise as Him.
You just bide your time.
He'll show you his plan.
Mark my words.
Jacob you can stare as reproachfully at me as you like.
But you're going to move to St Mungo's.
I'm not.
I appreciate that it's Ayrshire.
But you do have family in Scotland.
Have I? I wouldn't know.
The board have agreed to your transfer.
I haven't agreed.
Jacob you can do this kicking and screaming, or you can do it with dignity and with grace.
Will it make any difference? It will make it bearable.
For who? For you? MUSIC: "Beside You" by Johnny Maestro and The Crests ~ Beside you Oh, beside you ~ Oh, my love ~ Beside you ~ Timothy Turner? ~.
Is a law forever true ~ Beside you ~ Beside you ~ Is a chance for love anew ~ Here, here is a heart ~ That longs to remain ~ Oh ~ Beside you ~ Beside you ~ To guide you, my love ~ Whoa ~ Beside you ~ Beside you ~ Are the arms that long to be ~ Beside you ~ I did it! Well done, son.
I told you we'd be back in time for lunch.
Will you come and visit me? Of course.
I always did and I always will.
And I'll need a new lipstick.
As long as it's just a pink one.
Not too red! Jacob? Jacob! Jacob! Oh, tough luck.
Two dozen test tubes.
They might be new, but they're certainly not clean.
What did your last slave die of? I'm sorry.
It's all frightfully inconvenient, on the day of your jubilee.
There's work to be done.
I shall look forward to our little tea in the parlour later.
And at least we got the service moved back to 4pm so that Sister Julienne can get here.
Bowls - kidney - six.
Clamps - midwives - for the use of - six.
Sister Evangelina, you're wanted at the door.
May God bless you on your jubilee, my dear Sister.
Oh! Let's hope I get another ten years out of these! You delivered me, Sister Evangelina.
And you delivered my Carol, too, last year.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
I'm one of yours as well, Sister.
And me.
Thank you, Sister Evangelina.
'Perfection is not a polished thing.
'It is often simply something that is sincerely meant.
'Perfection is a job complete, 'praise given, prayer heard.
'It can be kindness shown, 'thanks offered up.
' 'Perfection is what we discover in each other, 'what we see reflected back.
' Thank you.
Well done, Sister.
And well done, you.
Oh! 'And if perfection eludes us, that doesn't matter.
'For what we have within the moment is enough.
' Dad said I wasn't to trouble you, but he's got really bad.
If you want him to stay a bastard, that's fine! Let's not get ourselves married! Declan's not always so unpleasant.
This is Colin.
Hello, Timothy's mum and dad.
I must say I find Mr Herewood veryagreeable.
So do I.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
- You look lovely.
- You look very nice.
~ I'll tell you why ~ I'll tell you why I'll tell you why ~ I'll tell you why ~ Cos she's my sugar sugar ~ So fine, so divine ~ Cos she's my sugar sugar ~ Mm-hmm, oh yeah ~ Cos she's my sugar sugar ~
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