Call the Midwife s09e05 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 5

1 JENNIFER: There are moments when the world seems to pause in its perpetual spinning .
when the minutes hang suspended, as life beginsor ends.
Oh, no! No! SOBBING Rest eternal grant unto her, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.
The Sisters of Nonnatus House were guardians of the threshold.
A wise word, a gentle glance.
The first, or last, murmur of blessing.
They brought wisdom.
They brought comfort.
They brought love.
When I delivered you, Cheryl, your grandmother was one of the first people to hold you.
Now God is holding her.
As I hold you.
They were witnesses to all that mattered - struggle, loss, triumph, ties of blood.
Other people's lives were their life.
And in their service, they gave all they had.
All that they were.
They did not stop to count the cost, for this was their mission, their calling.
Morning, Sisters! Morning! Their joy.
Patrick! Perfect timing! I've registered Mrs Hodson's death.
A quick wash, a fresh change of clothes after night duty then back to work, I'm afraid.
But I've made you some Scotch pancakes.
HE SIGHS I honestly don't think I'm going to have time.
I'm sorry.
Angela, May! Teddy! Come and have your breakfast! You'll be late for your last day of school! - I love Julie Andrews.
- My cousin went to see it.
And she said it was a beautiful picture.
Hmm! The settings look very picturesque.
What are you girls chuntering on about now? The Sound of Music, Phyllis.
Everyone's talking about it.
I saw that in the theatre years ago.
I went with my cousin Madge when she was down from Brid.
Ah, did you love it? If memory serves me right, there was a queue for the ladies, Madge nodded off in the overture and the woman next to me was finishing the sleeve on her pulley.
Knitting? At a West End show? I tutted loudly and pointed, but she was shameless.
Well, they've turned said stage play into a motion picture now.
And by all accounts, it's a feast for the eyes.
And ears! THEY CHUCKLE Oh, please! May I view the joy within? Well, er Seven pounds, the exact weight of the average baby.
I'm just trying to get some practice in.
Come on, ladies! Pick your ticket for The Sound of Music.
And Julie Andrews is flavour of the month! It's thruppence a ticket, dear.
And all proceeds go to the incubator fund.
I received two complimentary tickets, thanking me for my continued hard work on behalf of the Poplar Chamber of Commerce.
My husband wasn't interested.
You'll know if you've won because there will be an image of Julie Andrews on the stub.
I hear this particular picture features intoning anchorites.
A-a-and a soprano with a four-octave reach.
Oh! Better luck next time! SHE CLEARS THROA Thruppence a ticket, dear.
Kindly furnish me with writing materials.
I'll pen an IOU.
Any sign of, erm, Julie Andrews' face, Sister? SHE SIGHS Oh! I thought I'd got them as good as new out the wash house.
I done a big bundle of Mum's sheets an' all.
I'm going to take 'em up later.
I hope those buses ain't playing up.
Don't she moan on, my old girl? SHE SCOFFS It's just good to have him home.
That's all.
Well, unfortunately, Mr Calthorpe, with only one lung, you will be vulnerable to nasty chest infections.
I've been talking to that owl for weeks.
That's pretty.
It's me little scissor holder.
He bought it for me a few years ago.
I'm always losing me scissors, ain't I, Albert? Not any more.
We gotta get you fighting fit.
Three grandkids he's got! And another one on the way.
Yeah, our Ingrid's about to pop any minute.
Then we definitely need you back on your feet.
Well, this insulin will keep your blood sugar stable.
It'll help to keep you feeling well.
Hold your horses, love.
I've only just sat down.
There is an event afoot of which I presume you are apprised, but about which you have made no mention! And I demand that you acknowledge it and act! Sister, please sit down.
I thank you for your invitation.
But I will not leave until the matter has been properly discussed! The Sound of Music is on at the Regent! A-a-and I am firmly convinced that a communal visitation would be efficacious for rousing the spirit.
- And? - We must attend, all of us.
Forthwith! We are religious sisters! Of this I am cognisant.
Then you will understand why I deem the film to be both frivolous and inappropriate.
Your response would appear to be in the negative.
Of course! I will see you on Friday.
And I'll bring some nipple cream with me.
Goodbye, Mrs Jones.
It seems a little while since you received a telephone call from your young gentleman.
It is.
With my work, and his work and his studies and his preaching, we don't seem to spend much time together any more.
We lead busy lives.
There walks a soul crying out for communal activity.
If you could just lift your pyjama top up for me, Mr Calthorpe.
Call him Albert.
Everyone else does.
And I'm Grace.
We don't stand on ceremony round here.
Well, maybe Grace could distract you? Have I told you lately that I love you? Could I tell you once again somehow There we go.
That wasn't too bad, was it? No! Now, would you like a nice cup of tea? Not 'alf.
You get off now, Sister.
I've got everything under control.
Now, I'm quite capable of making a cup of tea.
- Only if you're sure.
- Chop chop! Cheryl! How are you, my dear? All right, Sister Monica Joan.
Is Sister Julienne about? Tea.
The drink that enlivens and reanimates.
She wanted you to have this, my gran.
There's £5 in there.
All right for some.
That's incredibly kind of her.
Thought the world of your lot, she did.
Thought the sun shone out of your proverbials.
Revered you.
We all thought a great deal of her.
She had a terrible life, my gran.
Born in the workhouse, 13 kids, three of 'em dead before they were ten.
She done her back in pulling that flower cart up and down the East India Dock Road - and for what? It's women like her that ought to be revered, not someone like you that don't know the meaning of hard work.
Enjoy her savings.
The funeral's on Friday.
And then Bognor is to be lauded.
I went with some bell ringers once.
Heartily recommend the sandwiches at the Dew Drop Cafe.
I'm afraid I'm thinking a little closer to home.
I believe there's a moving walkway between Bank and Monument Station, so that'll be worth a look-see.
You're taking them to see an escalator? Oh, good morning.
Are you here to see Dr Turner? That's it.
Ingrid Ellis.
Dr Turner's ready for you now, Mrs Ellis.
Mind her, Mum.
All right? Come and sit here, sweetheart.
Oh, you can't have her tomorrow, can you? Extra shift.
Well, you shouldn't be working in your condition.
Should she, Nurse? Well, something's gotta pay for HP on the Hillman Imp.
I'll drop her round at nine.
Where is she going? She's going to the doctor.
What's the doctor's name? - Dr Turner.
- Oh.
Can I help you in any way? Yes, erm I-I was wondering if I could make an appointment for meself, to see the doctor.
My name's Grace Calthorpe.
Ah! Mrs Calthorpe.
You had an appointment to see Dr Turner two weeks ago that you didn't keep.
LAUGHTER All right, settle down, settle down.
All right, all right, sit down.
Right, if we move on to the post-partum period, that refers to the six weeks following childbirth Sorry, Miss.
Er Yes, MrMallen? The baby can come out blue, can't it? See, I was reading this book about itWell Who cares what colour the baby is, as long as it's the same colour as you? It's not like you're going to see it, is it, Ron? You'll be down the pub.
Well, yeah.
I'm going to be there.
What, you're going to be watching your missus giving birth? Yeah.
What, down the goal end? MEN LAUGH It's not unheard of.
ALBERT COUGHS Come on, darlin'.
Let's get you sitting down, hey? I can't hardly breathe.
You'll be all right in a minute.
Ain't you going out? You can't get rid of me that easily, Albert Calthorpe.
HE LAUGHS I'm sorry, love.
Oh, dear.
I take it there's no sign of Grace Calthorpe? Two appointments missed.
What a struggle some people's lives are.
- You looking for Grace? - Yes.
Well, I've come to see Mr Calthorpe.
But I don't know if he's If he's gone out.
Well, he was going for a lie down.
Grace has gone to her mum's.
Hello? Albert? You won't rouse him, dear.
He slept through the Blitz.
He hasn't had his insulin.
You don't know where Grace's mum lives, do you? You are! You're like an old woman.
Fuss, fuss, fuss! Ah! Do my eyes deceive me or can I spy the lofty thoughts of a certain Dr Spock? Oh, he's brilliant, Sister.
Even if he has got a weird name.
Well, his opinions on childcare are loudly lauded on both sides of the Atlantic.
How How are you doing, Aileen? Fed up now.
Just want it to come.
Thought a walk might bring it on.
Well, if you go into labour in Large Print, I'll only be a hop, skip and a jump away.
You know, Ronald .
you need pay no heed to the other men in the Mothercraft group.
There's nothing wrong with wishing to be present when Aileen's giving birth.
If he had his way, he'd be giving birth to it.
And if I had my way, you would an' all.
Come on! Hello, darlin'! Where you been? I've been worried sick! Anything could've happened to you! Buses were playing up.
Anyway, I'm here now.
I done you a steak and kidney pie there, Mum.
Ooh! I might go up Tower Beach later, get an ice cream, have a paddle.
I like a paddle.
Ain't really the weather for it.
It's best you stay in, Mum.
Cor, this floor dunn'alf get filthy.
I might go up Tower Beach later.
It ain't really the weather for it.
No? I might go up Tower Beach, have a paddle.
Wireless said it's going to rain.
Where have you been? KNOCK ON DOOR I'm looking for Mrs Calthorpe.
It's urgent! What do you want? Sorry.
Erm, I was trying to gain access to your flat to give Albert his injection, but I couldn't rouse him and I'm concerned his blood sugar could be dangerously high.
Can I borrow your key? Please? Come in.
I told you! I don't want no-one looking after me but you! She ain't stopping, Mum! I hear you missed a doctor's appointment.
Oh, the jungle drums been banging, have they? Yes, I did.
What of it? I got quite a lot on, if it hadn't escaped your notice.
And thus far, I ain't mastered the art of being in two places at once.
Dr Turner was asking me if everything was all right.
Yes, well, it will be if you give my husband his injection now, won't it? Are you bleeding? Eh? Must be your monthlies.
You want to get yourself down the doctors.
ENGINE REVS, TYRES SCREECH SHE GASPS I hope me waters breaking ain't ruined your upholstery.
Don't you worry about that! Erm Stay there! OK.
Come on.
Come on! Ronald! Just let me out! I'm not going to drown! Lean into me! There you go.
SHE GROANS Alright! Let's get you inside.
Come on! OK, all right.
Careful! There.
OK? All right, there you go.
HE GROANS See? We're here now, darlin'.
It's all going according to plan.
Put that down! It's bad luck! Right, I'm going to be with you every step of the way.
What's going on? This is my wife, Aileen Mallen.
- Good evening.
- Her waters have broke.
Come on, lass.
I refuse to play tug-of-war with a human being, Mr Mallen, much less a pregnant one.
I'm not leaving her side.
He's a bit of a fuss pot, my husband.
He's also an infection risk.
- Eh? - You're not gowned up.
Now go through there, sit down and wait.
I'll go with you one night, Trixie.
Oh! I hope for your sake it's not a weepie.
I can't bear crying in public.
You should come too, Sister Monica Joan.
We should all go - trip out to the Regent.
A trip to the cinema will lift the spirits.
I can wear my new haute-couture dress that my Godmother in Portofino's sent to me! I think you might have been reading Sister Monica Joan's mind.
I didn't know she took such a great interest in my personal elan.
Deeper breaths now or you'll be getting light-headed again.
Look what I found in a store cupboard! Oh.
I told my missus that I'd be by her side for this, and I don't break my promises.
So, I've gowned myself up.
Incorrectly, I see.
Look, I don't have time for this.
My priority is Aileen, but Incorrectly? You're back-to-front.
But if you are staying, then make yourself useful - none of this - cheering on from the sidelines like it's Saturday afternoon at The Den.
Fetch her some water.
Gas and air make the mouth dry.
Now, come on, lad.
You hold her hand.
- We'll all have to work together.
- That's right.
You're quiet, Sister Frances.
What's wrong, sweetie? Sister Frances? It's Albert Calthorpe.
Well, actually, it's not.
It's his wife, Grace.
It's like she She doesn't want me there.
Makes me feel like I can't get anything right.
Oh, I don't know about that.
But Can't work out what I've done wrong.
Often, women of her generation are self-sufficient.
You know, they've had to be.
Round here was practically annihilated during the War.
Don't look so downhearted.
I'm sure it's nothing personal.
Maybe you could teach her to give Albert his injections? She might prefer that.
YOU might prefer that.
You're doing so well.
That last push really moved baby.
Come on, darlin'.
Nearly there.
Now, with the next push, I'm going to be wanting you to take it slowly as baby's head emerges.
Give me a good push to start.
SHE MOANS Now take a breath and then really control that push.
Gently now.
Good lass! SHE MOANS Can you give me another gentle push? Breathe this baby's head out.
SHE GROANS Beautifully done.
Now, one more push.
BABY CRIES It's a boy.
A perfect little baby boy.
What a bonny lad he is! Can I hold him? Inn'e a marvel, Ron? Our little miracle.
It really takes it out of you, don't it? Have I to speak to Doctor to see if we can get a bed for you too? THEY LAUGH I don't say this about many babies, but that young Mallen boy is so bonny.
Yes, I was wondering how that particular birth went.
Pretty much tickety-boo, as was to be expected.
Now, I have warmed to Ronald.
Please don't misunderstand me, but fathers have no need to assist in the welcoming of babies into the world.
Their job comes later.
We cannot refuse progress, Nurse Crane! The world is changing.
Placing men at the centre of childbirth? What a strange state of affairs.
Hello, darlin'.
Got you a sausage roll from the market here.
Let's get you to the table.
It's a nice bit of sausage roll, Mum.
I'm all right here.
Come on, Mum! What is it? I've had a bit of an accident.
Let's get you to the sink.
Get you cleaned up, hey? SHE SOBS And how is your husband? Thank heavens young people have the BCG vaccine now.
Well, he's home.
That's a good thing.
It's a bit of a blow, him having diabetes now and all.
Yes, I was very sorry to hear it.
Now, I recall in March you had pretty bad back ache.
- Has that subsided? - No.
And I'm I'm bleeding down below.
Quite heavily.
Well, it's nonstop, really.
I'm sure it's just the change of life, but just recently, it It's got a bit worse.
Well, you're probably right that this is the run up to the menopause, but I would like to do an examination, just to clear a few things up.
KNOCK ON DOOR - Who is it? - Nurse Turner.
Come in.
I do apologise, Mrs Calthorpe.
I wondered if I might just grab a kidney bowl.
Of course.
Do I have to take my drawers off? Only I've got quite a lot of material shoved down there.
Bits of ripped up old curtains mostly.
Don't worry about that for now.
Let's just see how we go.
Mrs Calthorpe, would you like me to stay? SHE SIGHS Would you? Good luck! That is not a lucky hand, I fear.
The metacarpal is insufficiently arched for triumph.
- No.
-Ohh! Bye bye.
I was correct.
SHE CLEARS THROA I suspect that losing all this blood has made you anaemic, so I'll prescribe some iron tablets.
Oh, and that'll stop it? I'm afraid not.
I can feel that you have fibroids too, so I'm going to refer you to the gynaecologist at St Cuthbert's.
Fibroids? Fibroids are growths that develop in the uterus.
- Cancer? - No.
No, they're definitely non-cancerous, so please don't worry.
Most women are unaware that they have them, but they do lead to heavy and painful bleeding.
And And what will St Cuthbert's do to put a stop to it? Well, if it is fibroids, what they will probably do is perform a hysterectomy.
Will I have to go into hospital? Is there nothing you can give me now to sort it out? You need to be in hospital for at least two to three weeks, Mrs Calthorpe.
Mrs Calthorpe, I understand how alarming it can seem when one has to draw a line under one's fertility once and for all but, Ah! I can't leave my Albert for all that time.
I can't leave none of them.
JULIE: Rah! Rah! Oh! THEY LAUGH - I've been thinking - Hello, sorry.
I might teach you how to do the injections.
It'll stop me getting in your way all the time.
Hello, love.
What's Julie doing here? We had to have her.
Ingrid's gone into labour.
Ah! That's wonderful news.
Hello, darling! SHE LAUGHS You're about to be a grandmother again.
Isn't that fantastic? Yeah.
And we've moved from meconium to milk stools, very good.
And only four ounces lower than the birth weight.
Well done! There's a little birth mark there.
Have you seen it? Yes, I noticed that.
I think it's got a bit bigger today.
I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.
But we'll keep an eye on it.
Have I told you lately that I miss you How come you're up and about? When the stars are shining in the sky What are you doing here, Albert? I've come to walk you home.
SHE SIGHS I've gotta go up to Ingrid's, give the place a good clean.
Then I got to check in on Mum.
All right.
I'm sorry, love.
Best get yourself home.
He's going to be a footballer.
And play for West Ham.
He might want to be a ladies' hairdresser like my cousin Clifford.
He can be whatever he wants.
Shall I take his little hat off? Might be a bit warm.
BABY CRIES Ronald? Miss! You gotta help! There's something wrong with the baby! - Please! - Ronald! Don't go through here! Could you not find a midwife? He needs a doctor! Look! KEY TURNS IN LOCK Mum? Mum! - I ain't going nowhere else.
- Eh? I'd sooner be on me own floor than anyone else's.
SHE GROANS Oh, Mum! Now, I know this looks scary, but all that's happened is that Steven has developed a haemangioma.
- Sorry? - A haemangioma.
More commonly known as a strawberry mark.
A haemangioma? Is it bad, Doctor? It's just a birthmark.
It's superficial.
If I'm honest, I would expect it to disappear completely by the time he's three or four years old.
You dunn'alf put the fear of God into me sometimes, Ronald! You scared me half to death! I'm a nervous wreck.
I should have checked the water when the nurses done his bath.
I mean, what if it was too hot? They know what they're doing, Ronald! Yeah, but I was reading Dr Spock's book, and he said that babies should be bathed before 10 in the morning.
Now, he never said why, but And what else does Dr Spock say? What's he famous for saying? I remember.
"Trust yourself.
You know more than you think.
" Press the plunger slowly.
Well done! You're a natural, Grace.
I knew you would be.
Is it safe to look yet? Julie, put the scissors down.
Mother? Mother! I'm moving back in! Hold her for us for a sec.
Me arms are killing me.
You're meant to be in the hospital.
I had complications.
What sort of complications? Oh, the cavalry's arrived.
And I didn't like the tone of one of them nurses - There was no telling her.
- .
so I discharged myself.
Even without complications, you're supposed to have bed rest for two weeks.
And I will! I thought you could look after us, Mum.
I'll kip in the spare room till I'm back on me feet again.
Speaking of which You all right, Dad? Princess.
I'll need to have a look at baby.
CERAMIC OWL SHATTERS, BABY CRIES Oh, I'm so, so sorry! I'll mend it for you.
Mr Buckle has some very strong glue at Nonnatus House.
You won't notice the difference.
Do what you want, Sister.
Scissors is the least of me worries.
Have I told you I'd like To share my love forever HE SNORES Well, darlin' I'm tellin' you now.
BABY CRIES I had an umbrella up indoors when you was in labour.
- Do you think it's cos of that? - Ronald! KNOCK ON DOOR Midwife calling! KNOCKING CONTINUES Hello? Mrs Calthorpe, I'm here to see your daughter's baby.
Is that? Can I smell gas? Oh, er The oven's playing up.
I was just freshening up a stale loaf.
INGRID: Who is it, Mum? Er, Sister Julienne from Nonnatus House! I'll be in to see you shortly, Mrs Ellis! Gas is so dangerous, Mrs Calthorpe.
You know, it can be fatal.
How are you feeling? Fine, thank you.
If I may say so, you don't look fine.
- Oh, is that right? - Mrs Calthorpe.
And what business is that of yours anyway? Coming round here, sticking your nose in where it ain't wanted.
Like you really care.
I do care, Mrs Calthorpe.
I know how hard things can become sometimes.
Don't make me laugh! You? You?! How the hell would you know what it's really like living round here - hiding away from the world in your fancy robes and a plum stuck in your mush? You don't know nothing about living hand-to-mouth, being a real middle aged woman - how you're invisible, how nobody sees you even if you're screaming! You're too busy genuflecting to see beyond your own flaming nose! Mum? Off to the market.
Supper won't get itself, now will it? What's going on in here, then? Nothing, Dad.
You get yourself back to bed.
I better have a look at Baby Christine.
Shall we go through? Nurse Crane.
- Phyllis.
- Tea? No, thank you.
If I'm ever a little overzealous about my views on husbands in the delivery room, might I apologise? Oh, absolutely no need.
It's a discussion that's been going on for decades - and will go on for decades more, no doubt.
I think my feelings relate to my father.
Go on.
He was very much absent from my childhood.
- Snap.
- Took scant interest in me.
My brothers were a different kettle of fish.
No, it was just Nanny and me and that was it.
I wonder if he'd have loved me more, had he been present at my birth.
I doubt it.
Am I really that unlovable? Oh, oh, shush! No! But men of your father's generation were very different to the likes of Ronald Mallen, for instance.
I can't help but have a soft spot for that boy.
I've met countless lads like Ronald before.
He needs some friendly advice - not to interfere, not to panic.
He needs to learn that, rather like your relationship with your father, some things just are.
And we can do nothing about it.
We have a saying about that.
"Go with God.
" Doris Day has another.
"Que sera sera.
" THEY LAUGH - There you are, love.
- Thank you.
Move, will ya? Mind out, missus! All right, darlin'? MEN LAUGH CHATTER Has anyone seen Sister Julienne? - Is she not in her office? - No.
I don't know, sorry.
Ah, Mrs Turner! Ah! Have you lost May and Angela? The girls have run ahead to look at their ribbons with Mrs Buckle.
- How was the day trip? - Quite exhausting.
The Greenwich foot tunnel's quite a stretch for little legs.
Still, we've our TV dinner to look forward to tonight.
Oh, gosh! How very avant-garde.
So has Dr Turner finished for the evening? Oh, no.
He was doing patient referrals when I left ten minutes ago.
You should call in on him, Mum.
I'll go get Angela and May.
And you can have a romantic drive home together.
Oh, Timothy! Are you sure you don't mind? Not at all.
Come on, Teddy.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
He's his father's son - kindness in abundance.
Do you want to try the raffle? Oh! Amethyst! Now that's my birthstone! Would you like me to bag it up for you as a keepsake? My treat? VIOLET GASPS There you go! Two tickets for The Sound of Music are yours! Oh, my gosh! It's a very lucky day for you girls, isn't it? BOTH: Yay! I think I know who we can give these to.
Good afternoon.
Aw! Nurse Crane said he was a bonny baby.
You must be Master Steven! May I? Ah, yes, there's the haemangioma.
You're all talking about it, then? No, no, not at all.
Anyway, it'll be hidden by his hair.
Or he can wear a hat even when it's hot.
Come on, Ronald! I-I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to upset anyone.
Ronald! KNOCK ON DOOR Come in! I wondered if you'd like some company on the journey home.
I really need to finish these before I Before our TV dinner? I-I won't be late.
I promise.
It's all good.
I'll try and catch up with the children.
We'll have a lovely evening all together later.
Oh! Hello, love! All right, Mum? Just getting her a bit of fresh air.
- Oh, lovely! - See you in a bit! Stand there, Julie! Wave to your nan! Wave to your nan! There we go.
See you later, darlin'.
Gracey? Grace! Oh, lord! What's happened? Mum? Dad, what's happened?! Your mother's had a turn.
They're taking her to St Cuthberts.
Mum? COUGHING ON TV: That demonstrates this great talent that all the apes possess of DOOR OPENS This is fun, isn't it? Shelagh, I am so sorry.
There's absolutely no need to explain.
I'll fetch you a tray.
I'll make it up to you, I promise.
Actually .
Mum? This is for you.
We hope you have a nice time.
You hardly seem to manage five minutes in a room together at the moment, so So we thought you both deserve a night out.
That's so lovely of you.
Isn't it, Patrick? It's incredibly touching.
Where on Earth did you get these tickets from? BOTH: We won them.
Really? The heavy bleeding made Mrs Calthorpe anaemic.
And that's why she collapsed.
That's terrible! I feel like I've failed her.
So obvious now, but I misread the signs completely.
I let vanity get in the way.
You are many things, Sister Frances, but vain is not one of them.
Please don't dismiss vanity.
It's one of my most salient features.
I was looking for you earlier, Sister Julienne.
I couldn't find the key to the charity cupboard.
Some kind soul dropped off a big bag of clothes.
I'm not surprised you couldn't find her.
She was with me.
Offering me succour.
I was being visited by discombobulation.
I'll fetch the bag.
If you are guilty in any way, Sister, we all are.
We thought of Mrs Calthorpe as a strong woman for whom nothing was too much.
We were wrong.
I let personal insecurities get in the way of clarity.
We are all capable of that.
Sometimes we have to admit when we're wrong.
And sometimes we have to share the burden.
Oh, Sister Monica Joan! Thank you! This will make Mrs Calthorpe's day! It's already made mine! SHE LAUGHS Ronald? Your wife said I might find you here.
Have you been looking for me, Sister? To say sorry.
I need to get a thicker skin.
And I could do with being a little more sensitive.
Often come here.
Have a little think.
Hmm, I suppose it does have its charms.
My old dad used to bring me here when I was about so high, show me all the boats on the Thames.
Make up stories about where they was going, who was on 'em.
He sounds wonderful.
He was.
He died when I was five.
Didn't make it to the air raid shelter in time.
My mum remarried after the War.
Bloke she met in the shelters.
A drunk.
He treated her something rotten.
And us.
I've seen some things a kid shouldn't see.
He left so many marks.
But my real dad, he left a mark in my heart.
I come here to feel near to him.
He was a good man.
A kind man.
I hope when I sit here that he'll, show me how to be a good dad too.
I want to leave a mark in the world like he did.
You have more than made your mark, young man.
You've brought a new human being to Poplar.
And he is loved.
It's a fine achievement if ever there was one.
Still feel sad when I sit here, though.
But what makes night within us .
may leave stars.
Strictly speaking, we should be tucking into schnitzel with noodles.
Followed by crisp apple strudel.
So much of that film chimed with me.
We'll have to get the long player.
Did it with you? The postulant giving it all up for the man she loves - will always love.
I'm hardly Maria Von Trapp.
I'd struggle to hit a top C.
I'm hardly a brooding sea captain with seven children.
But I feel as if our love is as solid as theirs, even if we don't sing about it.
I remember when you used to sing in chapel.
There was one time I'll never forget.
- Here you go.
- Ah! - Thank you.
- Enjoy! I'd had a particularly rotten day.
Stillbirth in Ontario Buildings.
I had to return some paperwork to Nonnatus House.
When I was leaving, I heard Compline.
I followed the sound, found myself outside the chapel, listening through the open door.
Such comfort in the beauty of it.
And your voice touched my soul.
It was like everyone else's melted away and it was just you.
Oh, Patrick! And if I truly was like Captain Von Trapp, I would seek out some edelweiss and surprise you.
Not much likelihood of that.
It's an Austrian mountain flower - not so easy to source in Poplar.
- We'll always have Columbia Road.
- We will.
Gosh, I could watch the whole thing all over again! All right, sweetheart? It's usually the other way around, this.
How are you doing, Grace? I ain't used to all this bed rest.
Thanks for bringing him in, Sister.
Oh, what a lovely surprise.
And here's another.
Oh, look! THEY LAUGH I don't think this is from you, Albert Calthorpe! Oh, don't you now? I can't stop here all week, though, Sister.
My neighbour's looking in on me old mum and this one here can't cope with her dad.
Sorry, Albert.
Well, then, thank goodness for the Welfare State.
What do you mean? I've secured a place at a day centre for your mum, I can get you assistance with her laundry from the incontinence service.
Also, a home help for yourself.
- Me? - Round the house.
Albert? You need to pull your weight, I'm afraid.
From now on, I'm training you up to do your own injections.
- But only till she's out, eh? - And after.
It'll allow Grace some time for herself, to do some things for her own enjoyment.
And it'll give you both precious time together.
Blimey, Sister! Someone means business.
And I'm afraid it's time for you to move back home with your husband and look after yourself and your children for a change.
He ain't like the other men round here.
He ain't never raised a fist to me.
Only has a drink on high days and holidays.
He's my everything, Sister.
I don't want him to be.
Can't help it.
He just is.
You all right, girl? Thank you.
Thank you.
Small and white, clean and bright.
They were the nearest thing to edelweiss I could find.
They're beautiful.
JENNIFER: The wise will always learn.
The generous will always find they have more to give.
SHE GIGGLES Thus, we cross the threshold into freedom, into progress, into embracing all that's new.
- Hello! - Hello, Steven! THEY LAUGH We've got to go, we're going to the pictures.
Oh, yes! Enjoy.
The world shifts around us and we shape ourselves to fit.
Imperfect and beautiful .
wounded and thriving .
delicate, invincible, forever moving on.
Time is not the tide.
It moves in only one direction.
Go forth with courage and in hope.
Change is not loss.
We must run with it, dance with it CHEERING .
give it all we have.
- Good afternoon, Miss Higgins! - You weren't expected until tomorrow.
I've heard you sometimes give people castor oil to bring it on.
Only if they're very overdue.
There were a few telephone calls.
One of them was from the Hong Kong Adoption Project.
You can "bump into" me whenever you like.
You don't have time! No.
Because I'm always working.
Three completely healthy pregnancies.
Has something 'appened?
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