Call the Midwife s09e06 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 6

1 MATURE JENNIFER WORTH: Some seeds are more predictable than others.
We plant them and they send up shoots.
Well done, May.
We water them and then we watch them grow.
They reward us with abundance, with joy, with pleasure, in the rhythms of life itself.
Go on, then.
Water them and they will flourish.
Nurture them and they will thrive.
I'll show you! Warrgh! Love and light and rain and air are all they need.
I'll show you.
Take a seat, Mrs Arthur.
Good afternoon, Miss Higgins.
How nice to see you again.
Dr McNulty, you weren't expected until tomorrow.
Well, my train got in at two o'clock, and Tuesday clinics being what they are, I thought an extra pair of hands might not go amiss.
Well, I don't think Dr Turner will have time to Dr McNulty! Welcome.
Just passing, or is there a white coat in one of those bags? MISS HIGGINS: You'll have to move that luggage.
Yes, Miss Higgins.
I'm pleased to report a very healthy mother.
Won't be long now.
I think you might even go into labour this week.
Oh, good.
Cos I want it to be Thursday.
It was my dad's birthday .
and his dad's, and .
I just got my heart set on this one coming on the 12th of August too.
Can you do something? I've heard you sometimes give people castor oil to bring it on.
Only if they're very overdue, and according to your records, you're not.
Well, I'd like a second opinion, please.
I'd like to see Nurse Dyer.
Nurse Dyer may be a relative, Maureen, but she's also a professional midwife and she won't tell you anything different.
CHILDREN SHOU - Oh, goodness, what a lovely welcome! - Hello, you two.
May's a bit worried that you'd got lost.
Oh, dear, I'm sorry we're a little late.
- Look what we've got for pudding.
- Ah! - Raspberry ripple! - BOTH: Yeah! I'd better get it in the fridge before it melts.
- Thank you for baby-sitting.
- There were a few telephone calls.
One of them was from the Hong Kong Adoption Project.
Oh, that's good.
What did they say? They just asked you to telephone them back.
It's too late now.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Might be the date for May's adoption hearing.
We are delighted to have you with us again, Dr McNulty.
We've even broken out the lemon barley water in your honour.
I hope you'll be comfortable enough upstairs.
I'm sorry it's the attic room.
The attic room is perfect, Sister.
Thank you for having me at such short notice.
The lodgings I'd secured turned out to be earmarked for demolition in a couple of weeks.
Rather a common occurrence in Poplar these days.
But not here, you'll be relieved to know.
We shall probably still be here in the year 2000! LAUGHTER SISTER JULIENNE: No, we won't.
Neither will Nonnatus House.
At some point in the next year, we will be forced out, and the building knocked down.
How long have you known about this? Since January.
I had decided not to break the news until I had received firm notice of the date.
Having heard nothing, I .
I see no point in keeping it a secret any longer.
However, I appreciate Sister Hilda's efforts.
I can only plead my vow of obedience.
Shall we say grace? I've been thinking about Angela.
I know we were going to wait until she was older to talk to her about being adopted, but when everything's had to be so open with May, it doesn't seem fair that one of them has more information than the other.
No, it doesn't.
I think we should talk to her soon.
Do you think she'll understand? She's such a happy little thing.
It would be awful to upset her.
She's seen what the word "adoption" means for May.
That she's loved.
That we'll always be her family.
And you know how they like to be the same.
It's all well and good for the Sisters they've got the motherhouse to go to.
But this is our home.
Cream Line Toffees from a grateful patient! I think we'd best tuck in.
Other lodgings won't be easy to come by, even if we could afford the rent, which we can't if we're all out of work.
TRIXIE: Perhaps the Sisters will just move and carry on.
They moved here when the old Nonnatus was knocked down, and things continued much the same .
apart from maybe a few more rats.
And a few less babies! The Pill's winning every popularity contest going, and the council's putting as much money into family planning as it is midwifery.
What if they stop supporting the Order? Then the Order can't afford to carry on.
At least we'll be in the same boat as everyone else round here.
Everyone's up to their eyes in rubble, and nobody knows what the future holds.
Just going to have to carry on.
My dad used to enter the horticultural show every summer bank holiday.
He always thought he was going to win something.
Never, ever did.
Bit like Fred, really.
You know, we should go along if it's a nice day.
There's always a lot of good home bakes.
- Hey, I bet Cyril would like it.
- I expect he would.
But he'll probably be busy.
Well, all the more reason for us to arrange a nice day out.
Hmm! - Ready for blastoff? - Yes, sir.
Mrs Hamid and young Master Rizwan to Dr Turner, please.
- Come along.
- Mr Prentice? - Yep.
- You're with Dr McNulty.
Hello, Mr Prentice, I'm Cor blimey! It's like policemen, innit? Just kidding.
Come on, son, you show me where to go.
- BOTH: Dad! - Watch the road! Hello, monsters! HE GROWLS Come on.
Come on.
All right, love? I thought you were in Limehouse today? Church in Limehouse next.
You want me to put in a good word about your due date while I'm there? If you like.
I think my plan's got a better chance of working.
Castor oil.
- Oh, you're so cheeky.
- I know.
It's why you love me.
Come here.
Get off! Dad's got work.
Come on.
Go on, you two.
Look after your mum.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Look after her.
- They will.
Can you get on the pavement, please? PHONE RINGS - Turner residence.
- It's Miss Williams.
Oh, hello, Miss Williams.
I was just about to call you.
- Do we have a hearing date? - There's been a slight complication.
What sort of complication? I don't want to worry you unduly, Mrs Turner, as it probably won't affect things long term, but a woman has contacted the office who seems to have quite a credible claim to being May's mother.
What? We were told that person became deceased more than two years ago.
As were we all, but it would appear that she's alive and well.
Apparently her drug addiction is now behind her and she's working as an amah, caring for the children of a British Forces family.
They're here in London on furlough.
Miss Tang.
Miss Tang, could you wait in the corridor for a moment? - She's with you now? - Sorry, yes.
She's back again today.
Look, I really don't think she means to disrupt the adoption, but she has asked to meet you and your husband, and .
she would like to see her daughter.
Mrs Turner, are you still there? FRED: Oh, no! HE TUTS Hold this, son.
Cancelled?! HE SIGHS Come on, son.
Let's sort this out.
Oh, Patrick.
Thank goodness.
I'm so sorry I wasn't here.
- Have you heard anything else? - No.
She said it won't affect the adoption, but if there's been a mistake, I don't see how it can't.
All the children on the project were supposed to be orphans.
I can't bear the thought of losing her.
- I know.
- Come here.
The East End's always had such a great tradition of gardening, and now so much of it's been built over, I just You know, well, I mean, I just thought it was important to try and keep it going.
I don't disagree, love, but if you're going to have a horticultural show, then you've got to have some horticulture to go in it.
You could have exhibition gardens.
That's a good idea, Reggie .
but a bit too ambitious.
I'm sorry, Fred, love, but SHE CLEARS THROA .
this time it really is up to you.
Ugh! Oh! That's horrible.
Do you want a fag to put away the taste? No.
So how long does it take, then? You know, to work? Dunno.
Why? You excited? Of course.
Zzzt! Another little Bryant.
Be lovely.
And it's going to be tomorrow, Charlie.
I can feel it.
I always hated that Dad never got to see the kids, and this one coming on his birthday - it'll be like a connection, won't it? A special family thing right back to Grandad.
Love you.
You too.
- SHE GROANS - What? - Has it happened? - No.
Pregnancy wind.
Sorry, love.
Ah! That was Maureen Bryant's husband.
She seems to be getting her wish.
Waters broke this morning at 6.
Seems very convenient.
You don't suppose she dosed up on castor oil herself, do you? Well, if she has, she'll be discovering the consequences.
Where's your mum? Over there.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
I think my baby's going to be born in that privy.
No, it won't.
You're about 30 minutes between contractions.
You've got ages yet.
I didn't think castor oil was going to do this! Well, what else was it going to do? It's castor oil! Will the baby be all right? Yeah.
Course it will.
Oh, I just really, really want it to be today.
I know.
The Glorious Twelfth.
Thing is, Mo, your baby's going to do what it feels like.
And your dad would be proud of you whatever.
On behalf of the Order, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that this has happened.
However the original mistake was made, your family would never have been involved were it not for our actions.
Involvement isn't something we regret, Sister Julienne.
Poor May.
This is going to be incredibly confusing for her.
We haven't told her yet.
We thought it best to find out a little more about Miss Tang and her intentions first.
I think that's wise.
It may be that Miss Tang wants nothing more than reassurance that May is well and happy.
Hello there, Mr Buckle.
Oh, hello, Sister.
Goodness, everything all right? You look a bit glum.
You ever felt like you've bitten off more than you can chew, Sister? Oh, quite frequently.
I usually find that spreading the load around a bit is the answer.
I'm sure we can find you some volunteers.
Don't worry! HE SIGHS I'm ready for the ward round if you are, Sister.
Just coming, Doctor.
Is that aspirin? Are you unwell? No, no, nothing to worry about.
Dr McNulty.
This is sputum.
And yet I found it in the box for blood samples, which would cause a great deal of confusion at the laboratory.
I'm sorry, Miss Higgins, it won't happen again.
Very well, but if Dr Turner is to leave you unsupervised, you must be au fait with the systems.
Don't worry.
Her bark's worse than her bite.
I'm not sure she realises I'm an adult.
It'll get better, I promise.
FRED: It's not that I've got no entries, it's just that, well, I ain't got many, and I've only got three weeks.
Don't be despondent, Mr Buckle.
Inspiration will descend.
TRIXIE: Well, I can certainly provide some floral decorations.
My godmother will be delighted if my Constance Spry training comes in useful at last! You can teach us, Trixie, and we can all have a go.
What we need is something that will really grab attention.
Make people want to be part of it.
Like exhibition gardens.
The Chelsea Flower Show.
- I saw it in a magazine.
- What do you mean, Reggie? Different gardens for different people.
Hang on.
Maybe we could do something like that with the Cubs.
Get them involved.
Have a campfire party.
The boys are always in the market for a good feed and a singsong! And I'm sure Miss Nadine's dance school could do something.
Maybe country dancing, and I can make 'em some peasant dresses? Country dancing in an English garden! You're a genius, Reggie.
Oh, thank you so much.
Oh, I feel so much better already.
And the best is yet to come.
St Raymond Nonnatus.
Sorry, Sister? Well, as you are aware Mr Buckle, St Raymond Nonnatus is the patron saint of midwives, and his feast day is the day after bank holiday.
We could make a magnificent garden for St Raymond Nonnatus in celebration! It will elicit blessings on the whole event.
That's a wonderful idea, Sister.
And I shall create it myself.
Mr Bryant again.
I think she's definitely ready for us this time.
Oh, third baby? She might just do it, hmm? MO GROANS You're doing so well.
SHE STRAINS Fantastic work.
Yeah, that's the stuff.
You've got it.
Ooh! MO WAILS SHE GROANS Don't worry, my darling.
Baby's on its way.
What time is it? Are we going to make it? Can you pant for me, Mo? SHE PANTS STEADILY That's it.
Just keep breathing, precious.
You are so nearly there.
You can do this, Mo.
One more now.
Slowly, slowly.
SHE STRAINS That's it, Maureen.
Head's on its way.
One for me now.
SHE STRAINS Well done, Mo.
Baby's head's in my hand.
Just keep it gentle.
All right? SHE STRAINS Well done, Mo.
BABY CRIES Congratulations, Maureen.
You have a lovely baby boy.
Oh, can I see him? Yeah.
Lovely boy.
Oh! Hello, sweetheart.
Oh, look how tiny you are.
I thought you were going to be a right little bruiser after all that! He is absolutely beautiful.
And do you know what? You did it, Mo! You did it, girl! Born the same day as your dad and your grandad! You are not supposed to be in here yet, Charlie Bryant.
Sorry, Val.
I mean, Nurse.
Seeing as you are .
do you want to come and meet your son? Yes! Oooh! HE CHUCKLES He's absolutely perfect.
I would be more than happy to help you organise this garden, Sister.
It does seem rather a large undertaking for one person alone.
But I am not alone, Sister.
Never fear.
St Raymond and I have the situation well in hand.
- You're up early.
- So are you.
I'm a bit nervous.
So am I, and I'm not even meeting her.
I wish nobody was! Oh, Tim It must be awful for her too.
I know.
I thought you chose photographs last night.
I did.
But I'm not sure they're the right ones.
I want to reassure Miss Tang that May is happy.
But if she looks too happy, is that insensitive? No-one else's family seems to be this complicated.
I like that we're complicated.
Pleased to meet you.
Please sit down.
Miss Tang is now using an English Christian name, aren't you, dear? Esther.
I've explained that we were all under the impression that she had passed away.
I nearly did.
I did not live a good life for many years.
But it is different now.
How is my? How is May? She's absolutely lovely, Miss Tang.
I have some photographs .
if you would like to see.
So big! So pretty.
She looks like you.
- She go to school? - Yes.
She likes counting, and she's learning to read.
She looks very happy in the photographs, doesn't she? Yes.
This is They're very nice.
No, please.
We brought them for you.
Thank you.
This is very kind.
But I would also like to see her not in picture.
Please can I see my daughter? Well, what we have to do today is decide just what is in May's best interests.
But she will miss me.
A daughter must want to see her mother.
I am only in England for a few weeks.
This could be the last chance I ever have.
He hasn't got the hang of feeding yet.
Not like my other two greedy monsters.
I'm sure he will, but we'll keep an eye on it.
And if he struggles, we can always try a bottle to top him up.
He seems a contented little chap, anyway.
Warren's lovely, isn't he? SHELAGH: She was nice, wasn't she? Yes.
Do you think we did the right thing? Agreeing? I don't doubt for a moment that we've done the right thing by Esther.
I just hope it's also the right thing by May.
These are the papers of consent.
You need to sign them to agree to May's adoption by the Turners .
like we talked about the other day.
So that May will have the security of a permanent family and home.
I cannot read them.
Well, if you like, I could go through them with you now? I must go back to work.
DOOR OPENS SLURRED: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon via Poplar.
Fred Buckle! Have you been drinking? Only in the line of duty, ma'am.
We had quite a few signed up in the Black Sail.
Hm? But Reggie is a genius.
Well, we knew that! - We went up to the new flats, didn't we? - Oh yeah.
And guess what? It's a hotbed of competition! We had loads of entries for our as-of-today, brand-new, horticultural categories - Best Hanging Basket, Best Window Box, and Best Horticultural Use Of A Flat Balcony.
And me and him is going to build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to show it all off! Well, I am impressed! Very impressed.
Well done, you two.
Thanks, Mum.
WOMAN GROANS A hot water bottle in August? What's wrong? Sister, I know it's the Great Silence and you're not supposed to speak, but you're clearly in pain.
Please will you tell me what it is? I can't.
You're a man.
I'm a doctor.
SHE GROANS Is it period pain? I feel really stupid.
Other women have to go through the same thing every month.
Sister Frances, you're a midwife.
You know dysmenorrhoea isn't the same for everyone.
It can be absolutely debilitating.
I'm scared I'm going to make a mistake that affects a patient.
I know you've taken aspirin.
Have you tried anything else? Paracetamol.
That didn't work either.
What's that? Pethidine.
A very, very small dose.
I think you should take one.
Just to get you over the worst.
DOOR CLOSES LUCILLE: Midwife calling! Mrs Bryant, what are you doing out of bed? He ain't right, Nurse.
Something ain't right.
He ain't hardly feeding.
And today he seems floppy.
He ain't right, Nurse.
Can I take him? Come on, Warren, precious.
Maureen .
why don't you go back to bed and take Warren with you? I'm going to ask Dr Turner to come and check him over.
MAUREEN: See, that ain't normal, is it? It's all right, Maureen.
Doctor will find out what's wrong.
We'll need an ambulance with an incubator.
Yes, Doctor.
What was that? What is it? Mrs Bryant, I don't want to alarm you, but I would like Warren to be admitted to hospital for examination.
Why? What's wrong? I'd like them to look at a couple of things.
There's a cloudiness in his eyes, which could mean that his vision is less than perfect.
Oh, no.
Do you see this blueish colour here? And on his fingertips and his toes? I'm afraid it may signify some sort of problem with Warren's heart.
Oh, my God! SHE SOBS Now, Mrs Bryant, we are going to get him into hospital as quickly as possible.
- Mm - They have experts in paediatric medicine.
Warren is going to be in very good hands.
BABY CRIES CHILD: Esther! MONITOR BEEPING DOOR OPENS CHARLIE: Mo! Have they told you anything? Can we see him? They won't let us in.
Charlie, they think it's his heart.
SHE SOBS No, nothing.
Three completely healthy pregnancies.
Has something happened? Baby Warren Bryant has been admitted to St Cuthbert's with a suspected heart defect and possible further complications.
What? But he-he seemed I We checked his heart.
It was normal.
I know.
Yesterday too.
We can't find any clues in Maureen's notes and, Kevin checked at the surgery, and she's hardly been to the doctor all year.
Well, I saw her there.
We'd had that ding-dong, remember? And it was when I saw her at the surgery that we made amends.
But I think it was the kids poorly, not her.
Yes, that's right.
She was worried that they'd got diphtheria, but it turned out It turned out to be German measles.
Rubella? HE RINGS DOORBELL 56,000 people! How on earth are they going to hear at the back? What must it be like to have 56,000 women screaming at you? A bad day at a Tuesday clinic, I should imagine.
LAUGHTER Good morning, Doctor.
I've had some bad news from St Cuthbert's, I'm afraid.
Warren? The specialist has found significant congenital deformities.
The left side of his heart hasn't developed properly.
But his heart sounded normal when we examined him.
It would have.
It's only after a couple of days, when the ductus arteriosus closes, that the heart fails.
Neither of you missed anything at all.
Poor little boy.
I'm afraid he's also blind, and there is a high likelihood of brain damage.
All of this would be consistent with a diagnosis of congenital rubella syndrome.
Mother was exposed to rubella in the first trimester.
Poor Mo.
What's the prognosis, Doctor? Not good.
Little Warren will live for a matter of weeks at most.
I'm on my way to see the family now and I wondered if I could take Nurse Anderson with me.
Nurse Anderson? Thank you.
Oh We want him home, Doctor.
If they can't make him better .
what's he doing there? What's the point? If he's here, with his family, where he's loved .
it might make a difference.
Maybe there's a chance he'll be all right.
You do hear them stories sometimes, Doctor.
Mr and Mrs Bryant, I'm sure that so long as we're careful about contagion, I can arrange for Warren to be discharged into your care.
We'd be more than willing to support you, and I don't doubt for a moment that Warren's quality of life will be the better for it.
But it won't change the prognosis.
I'm afraid he isn't going to get better.
You don't know that! I'm so very sorry, Mrs Bryant.
I'm afraid I do.
I didn't even know I had German measles! I wasn't poorly like the kids! Symptoms can be very mild.
Not for Warren! No.
You know what I was thinking yesterday? That it was the castor oil.
That it was my fault because I made such a fuss about his birthday.
Love Maureen, precious, none of this was anybody's fault.
When can we get him home, Doctor? If our boy ain't got long, this is where he should be.
He's got the best mum in the world waiting to look after him.
I'll call the hospital.
What's she doing? Can you see? I really don't know.
CLATTERING You know, sometimes she replants the weeds that I dig out of the vegetable patch.
The club will have my guts for garters if our exhibition garden is full of dandelions and nettles.
CLATTERING Can I help you there with anything, Sister? No, thank you, Mr Buckle.
I have everything I need.
He's so lovely, ain't he? Yeah.
I'm scared to go to sleep.
Me too.
I keep on thinking about all the plans we had.
All the things he's going to miss.
I know, love.
I know.
But .
this is his life .
here, right now.
And .
we've got to make the most of it.
Someone appears to have been taking midwifery supplies without signing for them.
Well, it certainly wasn't me! Or me.
I have my suspicions.
Eight soft yarn blankets, freshly laundered.
And don't bother denying it Sister, because I can see them sticking out from under your pillows.
What of it? They are the property of the Health Authority! But I require them.
Whatever for? They are necessary in the celebration of St Raymond Nonnatus, whose devotion to expectant mothers and midwives far exceeds that of the Health Authority - by seven centuries! Oh, for goodness' sake! Just don't get any holes in them! Shall we go and say hello? Look, May.
Do you see who this is? May.
SHE SPEAKS IN CANTONESE Oh, it's all right, May.
She's just a little shy today.
May SHE SPEAKS IN CANTONESE It's all right, May.
Sweetheart, it's all right.
There's nothing to be frightened of.
This is too much for her today.
We have to go.
May! I'm sorry, Miss Tang.
You turned my child against me! He doesn't manage to eat much.
I wish I could help him.
Maybe he could comfort-suck.
Like this.
It doesn't give him any food, of course, but .
I think it's nice for him.
Come and see what Warren's doing, you two! Come on, Maxine.
Aww, Max.
It's all right.
Look, I feel sad too sometimes.
But look .
this is making Warren happy.
So, I think we should be happy too.
We've got to show him how much fun it is to be a Bryant, eh? I hid the water pistols under the kitchen sink.
Why don't you give your sister a good soaking? Yeah! MAUREEN CHUCKLES That's better.
Ain't it? CHILDREN GIGGLE CAR HORN BEEPS - What's going on? - Shut up! - Just backing out.
- You're blocking the road.
HORN BEEPS Is she sleeping? I don't want to do this again, Shelagh.
We can't put her though it.
I know.
I'm very sorry for Esther, and her past, but we can't change it.
HORN BEEPS Our priority has to be May.
You're right.
HORNS BEEP Nurse Phyllis, why are you walking? Where's your car? It was in need of emergency attention.
I've gone over it twice, Nurse Crane, and I can't find any reason for the noise you're describing, the one you call the clickety ticking sort of sound.
How very perplexing.
Nevertheless, thank you for your prompt attention.
Might I furnish you with some tea? Ah, Sister Monica Joan brought me some.
It's gone cold.
SHE POURS TEA AWAY There was never any clickety ticking sort of sound, was there? I had to go along with what Nurse Crane said, especially if it gave me a chance of bumping into you.
Cyril, you can bump into me whenever you like! Whenever you've got the time.
But you don't have time.
Because I'm always working.
Like you're always working.
We've both got jobs to do, Lucille.
Is that the only reason why you're here? Because you've got a job to do? Lucille, I'm trying to make a life, a whole life, from almost nothing.
I work, and I study.
I save money, and I pray.
And I pay for all of that whilst having to wait for the things I want.
Meaning what? - Meaning you.
- Me? Well, there's no point in you waiting if I'm not going to wait for you.
Tea for two! And I found some shortbread fingers going begging.
You should have saved yourself the trouble.
Cyril's busy! Oh He's a handsome chap, isn't he, Dr McNulty? He certainly is.
DOOR CLOSES Excuse me, Doctor.
I'd better go, little man.
Them windows won't clean themselves.
It must be hard to tear yourself away.
Well, you don't know.
You don't know how things'll be when you come back.
Do you know, Doctor? Can you tell? I can tell .
that he is very well cared for.
I can tell that he's stable for the moment.
I wouldn't expect that to change immediately, but I'm afraid I can't give you any guarantees.
Now, you know you can call on me at any time? Thank you.
Thank you.
I think we should do it.
DOOR CLOSES We want to hold a gathering for him.
Just small.
The other two kids always have parties.
That's a lovely idea.
HE SIGHS Well done.
You learn to keep that sigh in over time.
Does it get easier? It gets easier to hide.
But not if somebody's going to lose a child.
Sorry to arrive unannounced.
Is there somewhere we can talk privately? Girls, why don't you give the sunflowers some water? BOTH: Yay! Just tell me.
Esther has refused to sign the consent papers.
She wants to take May back to Hong Kong.
Has Esther given you any indication as to how she could support May? None.
But she is absolutely determined to take her back.
And she won't meet us or discuss it.
We know that Esther is May's mother.
And if we thought she was truly in a position to care for her .
it would break our hearts, but we would accept it.
But this? When I think of what May could face, I feel sick.
Physically sick.
My dear Shelagh Sister, you said before that you wished you could help.
But she trusted the Order once before.
Perhaps she'd talk to you.
Last one! SHE WINDS CAMERA FILM ON Everyone together! Come on in, Mum.
Come on.
Oh Hello, Nurse.
How much was the film? I'll give you some coins.
Right Thank you for meeting me, Miss Tang.
I won't change my mind.
Very well.
SHE PATS BENCH They made my child afraid of me.
Miss Tang, that's not the case.
May is frightened because she's confused.
Again and again she's been wrenched from everything she knows.
Always completely without her control.
And now she faces it once more.
- A child should be with her mother.
- I agree .
if the mother is able to care for her, keep her safe.
I have a job looking after English children.
They love me.
They run to me before they go to their own parents.
I know how to keep a child safe.
I do not doubt it for one moment, Miss Tang.
But what will happen to that job once your employers know that you have a child of your own? There will be no job.
And what will you do then? You think she's better off here with your friends, forgetting about her mother, her language, forgetting that she's Chinese.
But other people won't forget.
She will grow older and other people will look at her.
And then they will treat her the same way like how you people always treated mine! Miss Tang Esther, there is no ideal situation here.
But the worst, the very worst, is if May ends up back in an orphanage.
Can you be sure that won't happen? If I sign the paper, how can she know I love her?! How can I sign the paper to give my child away? Ruby and George tried to put up their den.
It was windy Out for the count, eh? Yeah.
Come on.
No, leave him.
It's nice.
Yeah, but there's hardly any room! Come on.
It's nice to be all together.
All right, come on.
Night-night, little one.
It was a lovely day, wasn't it? Yeah.
SHE GASPS HE SOBS TRIXIE: Perhaps Phyllis can set the Cubs on Cyril with their sizzling sticks.
I don't want to talk about it.
Fair enough, lass.
What do we think? This'll be all right for country dancing, won't it? Definitely.
Jolly good.
DOOR OPENS Good morning, Sister.
Are you feeling better? Oh, yes.
Yes, thank you.
I know you give May a good home.
I know you love her.
And I expect she loves you too.
But if I cannot take her .
I am content for you to be her foster parents.
But I will not sign the paper.
Miss Tang - She should not be brought here! - Miss Tang.
Dr and Mrs Turner could pursue May's adoption through the court in this country, and the decision would most likely go in their favour.
I know.
But I'm asking you not to do this! May needs security.
And she needs a legal next of kin in this country.
What if she had an accident? We might not be allowed to see her or make decisions about her treatment.
This is true.
The Hong Kong Adoption Project cannot be a child's guardian long term.
Then be her guardian in this country.
But not her parents.
I've got a bit of a free evening tonight.
I can help you with anything for the show, if you like.
No, no, you're all right, love.
I do believe .
we're ready.
Well, these have survived rather better than I thought they might.
We've all survived.
More or less.
We have.
We're here, May's here.
All our children are here, and blooming.
Not everyone can say that.
And even if it can't be this way for ever, we have to make the most of it now.
We do.
And we will.
We can do anything together, can't we? CHILDREN: Mummy! Daddy! Watch the sunflowers! Come on.
Let's go and wake up Tim! ALL LAUGH ALL EXCLAIM Trifle, anyone? LAUGHTER Anybody who wants to put anything else in the van, come now.
Last chance.
Mr Bryant! Hello.
We got the pictures back.
They're really good.
Anyway .
this one's for you.
Oh Thank you so much.
Oh - I am so sorry, Lucille.
- I overreacted.
No, you didn't.
You were clearly upset.
I should have been here supporting you, and not working on another car.
I'm proud of you for helping our community.
There are more important things.
Anyway You are coming to the show? Wild horses wouldn't stop me.
BOTH LAUGH Ah! The grand old Duke of York He had 10,000 men He marched them up to the top of the hill And he marched them down again You did it, love! It's all beautiful! Oh Thanks, love.
Well almost all.
Perhaps our Sister intended it as a place of peaceful contemplation.
Sister Monica Joan, I have offered to help on numerous occasions.
This is supposed to be a garden! Where are the flowers? The flowers of St Raymond are the most beautiful flowers of the day! ALL LAUGH MATURE JENNIFER WORTH: Flowers take many forms.
Each one has its story, and its roots.
Each one unfurls from its bulb or its kernel, revealing itself and all its promise as it will.
Each is entirely precious and unique.
SHUTTER CLICKS Each is the best, and the only.
Each will linger in the mind.
Each will teach us what it is to love.
To be torn, to nurture, and let go.
CAR DOOR OPENS ENGINE STARTS Not every garden blooms as we expected.
Despite our care, not every child can thrive.
Tears take the place of rain and the sunshine fails us.
But the buds, however delicate, were perfect.
They were real, and their fleeting scent will live forever on the air.
Have you ever looked after someone like me, Nurse? Do you mean blind? A baby needs proper care, Marion.
I'm its mother.
You're not going to send me home, are you? Yvonne! Where's my wife? - Get that baby up for adoption, for its own safety.
-No! It's my gran.
I'm so worried about her, Lucille.
SISTER JULIENNE: The welfare of the baby is paramount.
If we have any doubt, we must express it.

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