Camelot s01e01 Episode Script


(Servant) King Uther, there is a visitor.
She won't give her name.
Who are you? Morgan.
Your whore still lives.
- You will respect your mother.
- Stepmother.
- Why are you here? - I've come home.
I want to offer you forgiveness.
For what? For the death of my mother, so you could install this whore.
(Grunts) And for banishing me so I'd be silenced.
- I sent you away for an education.
- 15 years in a nunnery, I learned more than you can imagine.
Father, I'm your only child.
Why wouldn't you welcome me home? You have lived too long without my guidance.
This isn't your home.
And I no longer have a daughter.
Don't turn your back on me, Father.
You're not welcome, Morgan.
Igraine, leave her.
(Drumming) Uther? Uther! - (Choking) - Uther! (Igraine) What's wrong? Help! Somebody help him! Uther! Help us! Out of my way! Open the gates! Help him! Help him! (Merlin) Take the King to his chambers.
(Prayers in Latin) Whatever powers you have, use them now.
You're going to die.
The poison was too strong.
Put your hand to this.
For Britain and the boy.
(Rumble of thunder) His time is done.
Merlin! (Gasps) (Groans) (Thunderclap) In principio (Kiss) erat (Kiss) verbum.
In the beginning was the word.
And the word was God, yes! This isn't Latin study.
No, but it is definitely worship.
- Arthur! - (Both gasp) It can't be! Hey! - You bastard! - Kay, listen.
- She said you two were over.
- Arthur! - No, I did not.
- Oh, thanks a lot! Stop! Stop it, both of you.
(Groans) I should kill you.
How did you even find us? I know where you bring your girls.
And now mine, too.
Get dressed.
I was sent to find you.
There's a visitor.
What's that got to do with me? It's bad, I know.
I shouldn't have.
I wasn't thinking.
You were thinking, "If I get caught, I can talk my way out of this.
" It was a mistake.
We got carried away.
- Twice! - Shut up.
- Please, just shut up.
- Sometimes these things happen.
She's Cleopatra, you're Caesar and I'm Mark Antony.
No, you're really not at all.
We can't let a woman come between us, Brother.
Everything comes easy for you.
You don't even appreciate it.
What's going on? Mother? Father? He's here.
(Merlin chuckles) - So you're the boy.
- I'm Arthur.
Who are you? His name is Merlin and he is not welcome here.
- Then he'll be on his way.
- Put down your sword.
- Do as you're told, boy! - What is happening here? The King is dead, murdered.
- So? - Uther died with no legitimate son.
What's that got to do with us? Not them.
You are Uther's son.
My parents are standing here.
Tell him.
Tell him.
He's telling the truth, Arthur.
He can't be.
How can he be? Merlin brought you to us when you were less than a week old.
We swore to look after you.
What? The King is dead.
Long live the King.
- Take your lies and get out! - Arthur.
Arthur, give me the blade.
Give me the blade.
Now You tell him how this happened.
You tell him the story of his birth.
The details aren't important.
They are to him! Arthur, I should have told you before.
I'm I'm so sorry, son.
Rest tonight.
Tomorrow, we leave.
(Morgan) Where is she? Lady Igraine remains in mourning in her chamber.
- And the men? - Most are gone.
- On whose authority? - Merlin's.
The night after your father's death, his warriors packed up and left.
Then we'll find our own.
Better and stronger.
We? You answer to me now.
Thank you.
(Door opens) Pull down those banners.
Confiscate all the weapons.
And someone find the kitchens.
I'm bloody starving.
The doors are open to you, my Lord.
There's no need for force.
Are you the one who summoned me? I'm Uther's daughter and sole heir.
- Morgan Pendragon.
- Even as we speak, my men are slaughtering all those still loyal to Uther.
Why would you call me here? - To offer an alliance.
- Who with? - Me.
- (Guffaws) You? Who better than you, King Lot, my father's strongest opponent.
I am immune to flattery.
And yet you came when asked.
- You've nothing to offer me.
- I hold this castle.
I could split you from your gut to your throat and still take it.
But you're cleverer than that.
- Am I? - Kill me, and you're just a warlord taking yet another castle.
- But if we stand together - I stand alone.
If we forge a union, we'd have the strength to unite the realm.
As King and Queen.
There is already a queen within these walls.
I could take her and still sit on Uther's throne.
- She is to be exiled.
- Oh, is she now? Yes.
You're very confident in your plans.
I am.
What makes you so special? Come near me and I'll kill you.
Don't issue empty threats.
Who are you? I knew Uther Pendragon.
I was at his side when he died.
The King's will, signed by his own hand, bearing his seal, attesting to your birth.
This was your father's.
Take it.
When you were born, I took you and brought you here.
You may be of king's blood but Uther was a barbarian.
Placing you here made you so much more.
I told Ector how to raise and educate you.
He swore to keep you safe.
They raised you well.
Perhaps too well.
Why? Why do you need me? Everything in time.
I sometimes wondered why they doted more on you.
You always got away with so much.
- It was never like that.
- It's always been like that.
You've just never seen it.
You're used to the world falling at your feet the moment you smile.
But it's all right.
This makes sense of it.
They treated you like you were special.
- Because you are.
- At last you finally admit it.
Hey, this doesn't change anything.
You're still my brother.
And you're still infuriating.
What do I do? I can't just leave.
This is my home.
This is what I know, here.
But what you're being offered is better.
Going to battle, leading the land.
- It's what every man dreams of.
- No, it's what you dream of.
The rest of us dream about girls.
You think a leader won't get his choice of girls? Why shouldn't it be your destiny? If it was me, I'd go, in an instant.
So, you're coming.
I'm not saying I believe you.
It's just I want to see it for myself.
You're ready.
Why didn't you tell me? I was afraid of losing you.
Because you are my son.
You'll always be my mother.
I place him in your care.
- You keep him safe.
- You have my word.
It's what you were born for.
It's what we've guided you for.
You remember what I taught you.
When you make decisions, you use this in conjunction with this.
- And you never use that! - I'll try and remember that.
No son ever had a better father.
- I want you to know - I know, I know, I know.
I love you.
You've given me everything my entire life and I feel guilty for asking for anything more, but I need Kay.
I want him with me.
Yes! Whatever this is, I can't do it without you.
He thought you'd never ask.
Together, you're stronger.
It's time.
Yes! - Say my name.
- Morgan.
- Who will I be? - Queen of the realm.
Are you fit to be my king? Oh, you know I am.
What will you give me? Undying loyalty.
- Swear your fealty.
- Swear yours to me.
- Swear it! - I swear.
On what? - On my oath.
- Yes! - My life.
- Yes! - And your blood.
- My blood! Where did you learn that, huh? Your father dies, and you banish your own mother from her home.
- Impressive.
- Stepmother.
I'm the only one of Uther's blood.
His castle and realm should be mine.
So you summon me, Uther's worst enemy.
You propose an alliance and then seduce me, even as your father's body cools.
Is there no end to your ambition? - Are you complaining? - No.
I'm just curious.
- A queen still requires a king.
- Yes.
Together, we'll unite the realm.
(Guard shouts) I'll set her on the way myself.
It suits you up there.
Where will you go? Your father had plenty of allies who will give me space.
Was there anything else, or did you just come to gloat? Just give thanks you're leaving here alive.
I did nothing to harm you.
Indeed, my Lady, you did nothing when my mother was murdered so that you could take her place and you did nothing when my father banished me.
No queen questions her king.
And I thought my opinion of you couldn't get any lower.
(Horse whinnies) Safe travels! The land is treacherous.
I bring a message from Merlin.
(Morgan) What does he want? He asks that you attend Uther's son at the ancient castle of Camelot.
Uther's son? That's what I was told to deliver.
He has a son.
I have the only true claim to the throne.
This is Merlin's game.
So we'll play with him.
(Lot chuckles) If you were responsible for my birth, I deserve to know who you are.
Stop asking about me and think about who you are.
Are you really a sorcerer? I can do things others believe impossible.
Is that sorcery? Well, go on then.
Show me.
Prove it to me.
You pull me from one coast to the other and you tell me nothing! You asked me why I need you.
I had a vision of what was to come.
What sort of vision? The darkness of man.
I won't let it happen again.
And you had this vision before I was conceived? The past doesn't matter.
Define yourself in the present and you might rule in the future.
(Flies buzzing) (Kay) Dear God.
- It's already begun.
- (Arthur) What? Without a king, there will be carnage across the land.
What are you doing? Whoever these men are, they deserve a Christian burial.
They're long past saving.
Arthur, tell him.
If we stay here, we're a target for whoever did this.
Stop worrying about the dead.
The living need us more.
Merlin's right.
We need to keep moving.
We can't help them now.
Go! Let's move! (Merlin) We rest here.
(Kay) This village? Is that wise? (Merlin) We'll find out.
Fear spreads like plague.
Stay on your horses and ride on through.
We are on our way to the coast.
We were hoping for shelter tonight.
There's no welcome here.
Not even for an old friend? Merlin, is that you? - That's more like it.
- It's been too long.
It's people like these that will be next to the slaughter if you don't fulfil your destiny.
What would you have done if I'd said no? A stranger says you're the future king.
Maybe it takes a night, maybe it takes a year, but in the end you're too curious not to come.
- You think you know me that well? - I watched you since you were a child.
Tell me about my birth.
Your father, Uther, desired a woman named Igraine who belonged to a rival warlord, the Duke of Cornwall.
Unable to best his forces, Uther changed tactics.
- And summoned me.
- To do what? To change Uther to resemble Cornwall so he could have Igraine for just one night.
Am I to believe I'm the product of sorcery and rape? You were conceived that night.
Merlin, I want the truth, not some story to make me believe in magic.
I don't care what you believe.
But I've sworn off those powers a long time ago.
- Why? - Because they cost.
- Cost how? - Do you want me to finish or not? So Uther gave me to you.
You were my payment.
Why would you take a child as payment? This realm needs a leader, better than any who has come before.
With Uther's bloodline and Ector's guidance, that can be you.
I know you've got questions, but I will be at your side and we will find the answers together.
We are going to build a land full of hope and honour where fear is extinguished to which people will flock from far and wide, seeking out our beacon of light.
Tomorrow we ride to an ancient seat of power.
You can be the greatest of men in the greatest of lands.
Trust me, Arthur.
(Sword being unsheathed) (Kay) Arthur! I'm coming! An outrider for King Lot.
These are Lot's colours.
You're not even installed and you're starting a war.
Back on the horses.
If we're here when they find him, you won't live to be king.
Yah! (Creaking) - It's a ruin.
- The Romans built it.
We'll create the future here.
(Merlin) It has good position, strong fortifications, and no one will expect it.
I thought there'd be armies, and weapons and servants.
- And girls? - There has to be more than this, right? - I mean, I must have money.
- No.
- Why didn't you say so before we left? - You wouldn't have come.
- You didn't say it would be like this.
- You didn't ask.
We're in a fight for our lives, for the soul of this country.
Now, there are people waiting.
(Creaking) The Great Hall of Camelot.
Meet those who have sworn their allegiance to you.
Your father was a great leader.
Our loyalty passes to you.
We stand at your bidding, ready to defend the Pendragon line.
I never knew Uther.
But if he inspired such loyalty, I am humbled to stand before you.
I'll do whatever I can to justify your allegiance.
We are your servants.
These are your allies.
Your enemies are much greater in number.
Something else you forgot to mention.
King Lot of Lothian and Orkney.
The new Duke of Cornwall.
Kings Nentes, Scotland, and Carados.
- I've summoned them here.
- You've done what? So they all can recognise you as the true heir of Uther Pendragon.
And what if they don't? They must.
These are your chambers.
I had your father's effects brought here.
What was he like, my father? Unyielding.
And that's it? The life of a man, and you take one word.
- That's all you need to know.
- No, it's not.
I want to know everything.
What he ate, what he drank.
How he stood, who he loved.
What made him laugh or weep.
And you give me one word.
Anyone else can tell you his character and contradictions.
I gave you the word you most require.
The aspect you must take from him.
An unyielding strength.
Because from now on, everyone will challenge you on everything.
You need to be certain.
What if I'm not? (Thud) You have to be.
- What if I'm wrong? - You can't be.
Oh, one more thing.
Uther also had a daughter.
Your half-sister.
He installs a child in a ruin and expects the kingdom to kneel? I think the sorcerer's mind is addled.
No, he's clever.
This was a power once.
He believes he can awaken it.
Are you all right? The games of men exhaust me.
We ride in strong.
If this pretender wears my father's robes, I shall gouge his eyes.
On! (Knocking) That's your sister? (Sniffs) No.
He's Uther's son.
I have proof.
My father had no legitimate son.
I would have known.
Honestly, this is as strange to me as it is to you.
- But when Merlin brought - It talks, too.
It's pretty, it talks, but it is not an heir.
We can work together to honour our father.
You didn't know my father.
(Laughs) Look at it.
Not even a convincing pretender.
You're not made of kings, boy, but of common clay.
How much did the sorcerer promise you? He didn't promise me anything.
Why are you doing this to me? This isn't personal.
This is for the country.
This is my birthright.
Is it? We should ask his mother, Queen Igraine.
- You were childless.
- I never spoke of this.
This is some other man's bastard.
Not my father's.
I would have known.
And yet, you didn't.
Is this the boy I took from you when he was born? Yes, I believe he is.
This is Uther's son.
My son.
Oh, fuck this.
You think this is the end of it? Merlin told me he changed Uther's face to resemble your husband, the Duke of Cornwall.
That's not possible.
No, it's not.
But I believe it happened.
There was a moment, when I looked at him that I saw another.
I saw Uther.
I don't understand.
How did you then come to be Uther's wife? That night that Uther was with me, his forces killed the Duke.
The vanquishing warlord can claim the victim's wife.
I was lucky to live.
But you were pregnant with me.
You gave me up.
Merlin tore you from my arms.
Didn't you ever think of me? You were my first thought each morning.
I studied every boy's face, hoping for you.
I was forbidden to search for you.
I'm so sorry.
Are you all right? Yes.
What was she like? How was it? Fine.
That's it? Come on, let's explore.
Let's look up here.
Come on.
(Birds' flying away) Here, look at this.
"Magnus Quintus "built this fort "in the sixth year of the reign of the Emperor Valentinian II.
"He who has begun "has the work half done.
" He wouldn't say that if he saw the place now.
Think what it must have been like then.
(Leontes) Or what it can be again.
- Have you been following us? - Merlin's instructions.
I'm to keep you safe.
Keep me safe or make sure I don't leave? - Bit of both.
- What if I make a run for it? (Leontes) Why would you? You've got everything here.
There's so much potential.
- You sound like Merlin.
- I believe in what he's doing.
Why he brought you here.
You followed him blindly when you hadn't met me.
No, not blindly.
Some of us feel it's not enough just to fight.
There has to be a cause worth fighting for.
Merlin's told us what's possible, what can be built here with you a new breed of king.
How do I become that overnight? Trust your instincts.
What if my instincts aren't that of a king? What if they are and you just don't know it yet? (Merlin) Who is she? Who is she? - Who is she? - What are you doing? - Who is she? - I don't know.
You'd better see this.
This is all for you.
God help me.
What do we do now? Show no fear.
Speak boldly.
Answer them as their king.
Nothing to worry about, right? I mean, you've had visions.
It's fate.
- It's guaranteed.
- No.
If you die, the visions will change.
Fate can go begging.
Destiny has to be won.
(Clattering of shields) Move.
Stand aside.
Make way for the King's son.
(Jeering) (Silence) Nothing can ever be the same after this moment, Arthur.
Leave now and salvage your life.
Stay, and you lose everything.
You're outnumbered.
Don't be a sorcerer's figurehead.
Go home.
Speak, you beardless bastard! (Laughter) You stand in my hall in my realm and you will show me respect.
I am the true and legitimate heir to Uther's throne.
You will pledge your allegiance to me or suffer for it.
Understand that, you bearded fool! I'm sorry.
Bring him in.
That's my son, my eldest son.
And you killed him.
There were two outriders in the woods that day.
The other one saw it all.
Hm? He attacked me.
(Screams) - No! You bastard! - (Kay) Mother! - Ah! - (Screams) No! This stops nothing.
I'm no monster.
Five dawns I'll give you.
Five dawns for him to grieve and then be gone.
But if you don't leave, there will be more slaughter.
(Arthur gasps) Stop him! Stop him! Stop him! Stop him! Stop him! - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Merlin.
What have you done to me? What have you done to me?