Camelot s01e02 Episode Script

The Sword And The Crown

Previously on Camelot You're not welcome, Morgan.
Father, I learned more than you can imagine.
Uther! Somebody help him! Merlin! The King is dead.
What's that got to do with us? You are Uther's son.
I'm Uther's daughter and sole heir.
If we forge a union, we'd have the strength to unite the realm.
Who is she? Who is she? I don't know! I am the true and legitimate heir to Uther's throne.
And you will show me respect! No! But if you don't leave, there will be more slaughter.
O Lord, grant eternal rest, and let everlasting light shine upon your servant here and deliver her from eternal death in that awful day, when the heavens and the earth shall be shaken and thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.
It's my fault.
But it is.
Don't let it rule you.
Lot murdered her so you would buckle.
Take what you're feeling and use it as fuel.
We'll make this right.
But you can't be distracted; there's too much at stake.
We need to return to Camelot now.
No! I want to stay with her on my own.
I'm giving you an order.
Plan my defences.
I'll return before sundown.
Now leave me to make my peace.
How many have you killed with this? You think I keep count? You're thinking about the boy again, aren't you? I thought he understood my warning.
You gave him a chance.
You were fair.
Don't brood.
She was his mother.
He has a spare, doesn't he? Do you remember when your parents died? Yes.
I killed them.
Now are we going to mourn the corpse that gave us the victory, or celebrate the strength of our unity.
Soon, the boy will be gone, and you and I will have the throne.
We need to move fast.
We now have four dawns before King Lot will attack.
Strengthen every aspect of our defences.
More guards at all exits and entrances.
Challenge anyone you don't recognize.
Trust no one.
We don't have enough forces.
Leave that to me.
As of now, you have one single priority, protect Arthur.
Protect your future king.
What're you doing? You were staring at me.
And this is where I go not to be stared at! I can explain.
Go on then.
I had a dream.
Maybe a vision of you walking out of the sea.
No! I know what goes on around these lands now.
And you are not going to lay a finger on me.
Whatever's going on round here, I'm not a part of it, I swear.
I came to get away.
And then you appeared.
Get away from what? I buried my mother.
On the hill above.
She was murdered yesterday.
You can go see the grave if you don't believe me.
How did she die? A warrior called Lot killed her.
Why did he kill her? I killed his son.
I see.
He'll come for you next.
My family, my uncles, they stood up to him once.
He killed them all.
He won't stop.
So I must be stronger than him.
You can't be.
I have to be.
This dream, the one I was in.
How did it end? I can't remember.
Arthur! It's my father.
I thought they'd killed him too.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
I'm Arthur.
Good luck, Arthur.
But I don't know your name.
You don't.
Father! I thought you were dead.
They came and they took us both.
I managed to escape.
I let your mother down.
I misjudged what Lot was capable of.
I bear the responsibility.
Then you help us.
Help us avenge her death.
Now we'll fight not by blood, by guile.
Follow me and she won't have died in vain.
Where are you? Uther is dead.
But there's another.
Uther's boy.
It makes no difference.
He has nothing now.
His mother was killed.
His spirit is broken.
It's nearly the time.
I swear.
You've a big task today.
You say that every day.
This is your biggest.
D'you know what he's talking about? Nope.
He said you'd need me.
But then, you always need me! I don't think so.
A king exists primarily as an idea.
We persuade the people to believe in the idea of you, then we can make it a reality.
Leontes will join us.
He has the equipment you'll need.
What equipment? What're you talking about? Yeah, how do I become a new idea? By doing the impossible.
The Romans believed that sword belonged to Mars, their God of War.
We all know the legend, thank you.
We were told it as children.
I didn't believe it then, either.
How long has it really been there? Nobody knows exactly how long.
Today, you'll retrieve it.
Good luck with that, Brother.
No way.
Anyone who's tried it has died.
The legend's clear: whoever pulls the sword from that rock shall be the King to unite all of Briton.
It's been there for centuries.
No one's ever done it before; what makes you think I can do it? Because no one's ever needed to do it, as much as you do.
This is your moment.
Believe in yourself.
Maybe with some training No! It has to be now.
If it's so important, why don't you do it? Stop pulling at me and start pushing yourself! You've strength and intelligence.
But if you won't try, you're not my king.
And everything will have been for nothing.
I have an idea.
Where were you? I woke and you weren't beside me.
I like to walk in the mornings.
Move your arse, ya trout.
Walk where? The woods.
The word has spread.
We've made our mark.
They're sending gifts.
Send them back.
It's too early for gifts.
Nothing's been won.
Ah come, come, it's never too early for gifts.
They understand who'll be in charge of the realm.
They want to show respect.
We'll deserve it when the boy is gone.
The boy was seen riding out of Camelot this morning.
They're scurrying away.
And you know that for sure? I know what fear does to people.
We will drive all those that remain from the ruins of Camelot.
Then we will celebrate our wedding and make preparations for our coronation.
Oh, come on, you've got to admit, it's exciting.
I'd be excited if you were planning battles, instead of ceremonies My Lord.
My father stayed King because he never became complacent.
I hope I won't have cause to doubt our alliance.
Ready? Stronger together.
I'm looking for my sons, Kay and Arthur.
Have you seen them? You're Ector? And you're his mother.
I gave birth to him.
But your wife was more his mother.
I'm so sorry for her death.
Thank you.
We always wondered what you looked, how much of you was in him.
We used to talk about what might happen if you came to claim him.
But you never came.
I couldn't.
I was forbidden to search for him, or speak of him.
A rider approaches Of course.
Open the gates! What's going on? Someone's trying to pull the Sword of Mars.
It's working! It's working! Come on, pull, Kay! That's cheating.
It's initiative.
Yes! Come on! Prepare the beacon.
Waste of wood.
He'll not get that Sword.
Piss off.
Come on! We did it! I thought you said our priority was to protect the King.
I've been on those rocks.
You're sending him to his death.
Even if he gets to the Sword, it's impossible can't be done.
It can.
It must.
We've nothing.
Keep Going! Keep Going, Arthur! You're wasting your time, lads.
He'll never make it.
He'll make it.
They've come to watch a legend born.
Don't stop Arthur! Don't stop! Concentrate, Arthur.
Strength and intelligence Now stop pulling at me and start pushing yourself! Yes! Arthur! Arthur? Is he breathing? You did it, my boy.
He did it! Send the signal.
Light the beacon.
Tell everyone.
The new king has come.
It can't be true.
If he has the Sword of the Gods, people will fight for him.
You think I don't know that? That's why he rode out this morning.
You underestimated him, you lazy cunt! Don't you talk to me like that! We have an alliance and my allies don't speak to me in that way.
Now, if you were a man, I'd kill you.
I'm just going to teach you a lesson instead.
You're right.
Show them how you control me.
Here, however you want.
Do it.
Assert your supremacy.
They need to see you're strong.
Do it! Come on! I'm ready.
Do it! No.
I've got a better idea.
You all need to rest.
We're not leaving him.
You're no good to him exhausted.
We'll take turns to sit with him through the night.
If he worsens, whoever's on duty can wake the others.
Do something! You have powers! Fix this! No.
Then what use are you? You're a clever bitch.
But you can't play me, woman.
Release me! You brought me into your castle.
You thought you could control me, for your own ends, but you were wrong.
We should be focusing on Uther's bastard! You need to think about the nature of our alliance.
And where the true power lies.
Don't do this.
I'll talk to you in the morning.
Unless the wolves get you first.
You've had a terrible loss and nothing can heal that.
And I could be useful.
I know that we are strangers, but I could help you.
I know how a castle is run, and I know how a king should live.
I can do that for you.
Please, please let me atone for my mistakes.
I searched for you.
You didn't come.
He is wrong.
Who is? He is wrong.
He is wrong.
He's no worse.
That's something.
You should rest.
I'll watch till dawn.
I won't have any more death in my family, Merlin.
He did this so your wife's death would serve the cause.
I don't care about your cause! My son's life far outweighs any plan that you might have.
You had a fall.
Did I do it? Do what? You did it! You were extraordinary! Do we understand each other now? Yes.
Good girl.
The boy has the Sword of the Gods and the word is that people rally to him.
I've given him five dawns.
He thought he could outwit me.
My patience is done.
I no, we we attack today.
Come on.
If you're lucky, I'll let you ride on the back of my horse.
I know.
How did I do it, when so many others had failed? This is what you were born for.
Uther's bloodline, Ector's education.
You used your knowledge.
Only you have that.
You're right.
I did it.
On my own.
Nearly on my own.
Something you said.
About pushing, not pulling.
But how could you know unless you put the Sword there.
You created a legend knowing that, one day, someone would conquer it.
Eyes round.
That Sword's been there hundreds of years.
Nobody knows exactly how long.
Except you.
You've had a bump on the head.
Oh, thank god.
Oh, shut up.
If you want to be a king, you've gotta learn to take a few knocks.
Hate it to say it, but you didn't need me.
For once.
Thank you.
Your servant, My Lord.
They're waiting.
Who are? They saw what you did, from afar.
In the beginning was the word.
And the word spread.
And the people came.
Now we'll crown you, in front of them.
You want to crown me now? They'll be your forces.
Take your place as King.
What does she want? I'll take care of her.
What're you, the decoy? I came to warn you.
Lot knows about the Sword.
You don't have another dawn.
He's coming.
Why tell me this? Morgan! Good luck.
Pass the word around.
King Lot is on his way.
Everything must be prepared.
Now we know when; we just don't know how.
Nothing must stop this coronation.
Arthur, make me your Champion.
Make me your Champion, and I will find Lot and avenge the death of your mother.
For our family and country.
It's Merlin! With the Sword! Today, we pledge our allegiance to the King of all Britons; the one who removed the Sword of the Gods.
I present to you, your undoubted King.
Will you solemnly swear to rule the peoples of this realm according to their laws and customs and cause law and justice, in mercy, to be executed in all your judgments? I will.
Will you maintain the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? I will.
With this crown, I anoint you King of the Britons.
Arise, King Arthur.
When I hear of kings, I think of warriors, coming to the throne through slaughter.
I am not that person.
But I have known loss at the hands of those men.
I'm something new.
Standing here before you, I realize that.
I know I carry your hope in me.
And I will establish, here at Camelot, a new way of ruling, for you, the people! Everything I am, I owe to my family.
Not just my bloodline, but those who raised me.
And a country is nothing if not a family.
So, I call upon my father and my brother to join me here! Without my brother's guidance, I wouldn't be the man I am.
I demand he apply his stewardship to all the realm.
My brother, Kay Marshal of England! And every king needs his Champions.
And on my coronation, I choose my father, Ector.
There is no greater man.
And also Leontes, to whom I owe my life.
This is not my country.
It is ours.
I am Arthur Pendragon and I am proud to be your King.
So, what is your name? It's Guinevere.
I know.
Let's find a quieter place to talk.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
From what I hear, you're lucky to be alive.
That was pretty reckless and very brave.
Thank you.
I like what you said.
I never expected a King to say those things.
Is that a good thing? To me it is.
What was it like up there? All those people? Like, for only the second time in my life, I was standing in the right place at the right time.
When was the first? On a beach with someone I'd just met.
You can see the beach from the ramparts.
Come on, I'll show you.
You took him from me, 20 years ago.
And yet you look no older.
Your memory is playing tricks.
That night is branded on my soul.
You have not aged one day.
How is that possible? It's not.
It is beautiful.
What are you thinking about? The future.
What about it? Don't you worry that all this responsibility will change you? Close you down? I didn't until you just said it.
Do you think you'd die if you jumped off here? No.
I'm living proof.
It's a lot higher.
Are you sure? As long as you avoid those rocks.
And that stump.
Of course you wouldn't want to hit that stump.
How deep do you think that sea is down there? Do you want to find out? If you do, I will.
Ready? One and Two, three.
Are you all right? I knew you weren't going to do it.
I would if you had.
It is madness down there.
It is madness up here.
Leontes, have you met Guinevere? No.
Guinevere, this is the amazing Leontes.
Actually, we've known each other a very long time.
We've been friends since childhood.
This is my betrothed.
I am.
That's wonderful.
Congratulations! Thank you.
I was just looking for her.
You're very lucky.
A lucky couple.
This man saved my life.
Yes, he does that.
Well then.
I should get back to the madness.
They're already here! Kay! Protect the King! This way! Go, go, go! Stand strong men! Get him out of here! Out of my way and you live.
You don't know who I am, do you? I don't care who you are.
I'm the man whose wife you killed.
And? Tell me her name.
What? The name of the woman you slaughtered.
The only thing matters is she died.
She spent her last hours on her knees.
Enough! And now you're going to join her.
Father! Father! Oh no, no, no nono Father Drag his body into the courtyard.
Make sure everyone knows King Lot has been vanquished.
My sons.
I love you.
I tried an alliance with a man.
But he was wrong.
Men are not my way to this.
I'll find another way to take it.
Why do you need to take it at all? I'm placing your castle under my protection from now on.
In gratitude for your warning.
We don't need to be opposed.
We can work together.
It's either you or me.
It can't be both.
Why not? For you, this is nothing.
For me, everything.
What did you see in the night? I know what it is.
Do you? Don't go near it.
Don't have anything to do with it! Where are you? I need more.
Tell me what I have to do.