Camelot s01e03 Episode Script


'Previously on Camelot' (Merlin) 'The legend's clear.
'Whoever pulls the sword from that rock 'shall be the king to unite all of Britain.
' I present to you your undoubted King.
And every king needs his champions.
So, I call upon Leontes, to whom I owe my life.
(Arthur) I had a dream, maybe a vision, of you.
Guinevere, this is the amazing Leontes.
Actually, we've known each other a very long time.
This is my betrothed.
I am.
(Morgan) 'I'm Uther's daughter and sole heir.
'This castle and realm should be mine.
' We don't need to be opposed.
We can work together.
For you, this is nothing.
For me, everything.
No more than six guards.
Paltry defences.
It's perfect.
These are easy pickings.
Come on! I just said, I don't understand the rush to get married.
You've been sweethearts since you were children and engaged for five years.
I don't call that a rush.
Bridget, what if he isn't the one? You're getting married in three days.
You're just having a wobble.
Listen, good men aren't just rare right now, they're practically nonexistent.
Leontes is young, good-Iooking, and the king's champion, for goodness sake.
He's a good union and he'll protect your father's land.
But most of all, he's the one your mother always wanted for you.
I've told Leontes, wherever we go, I want you with me.
You're not just my cousin.
You're my closest friend.
Father, stop them.
We can't just let them do this.
- This is no time to argue.
- Put those things down! Guinevere, you can't fight them.
There are too many of them.
Please come now.
- (Father) Guinevere, now! - We can't just leave.
(Bandit) Leave before I hurt you.
(Father) Let's go.
What are all these people doing here? What do they want? Favours from the new King.
Might I have a moment to beg your indulgence.
- Sorry.
- I'm in dire need, sire.
- Just a moment of your time.
- Wrong brother.
It's him you want.
- Your Highness.
- I'll be with you soon, or someone will.
I promise.
The word has spread.
The people are flocking.
It's good.
- Your Highness.
- Leontes, what's wrong? My love.
- What's happened? - Bandits attacked us, your Highness.
They took everything.
We can't go back there.
It's not safe.
Can we give them sanctuary here, find them rooms? I'll vouch for them.
- No, this isn't a lodge.
- Of course.
Choose any room.
They won't be comfortable.
But you'll be safe here.
Thank you.
There will be no wedding now.
Just when she needed your protection.
- You're due to be married? - In three days.
- Then it must be here.
- What? - No.
- Why not? - You didn't want them to stay.
- I changed my mind.
Nothing says hope like a wedding.
The marriage of the king's champion.
A perfect symbol, unless you object, your Highness? Of course not.
Thank you.
Your daughter and Leontes shall marry here at Camelot.
You're very kind.
Break the lock.
So this is where Uther tortured his prisoners.
Did you bring prisoners here? (Woman) Not just prisoners.
Anyone who crossed him.
Leave us.
What's your name? Vivian.
Come here.
- Did you serve my father? - Yes.
Where did you get these markings? The Romans brought my family here as slaves, hundreds of years ago.
I was told that when the empire fell, we stayed.
The markings are from our homeland.
Tell me what you thought of Uther.
I respected your father.
Did you like him? Did you fear him? I respected your father.
I want you to do something for me.
Go through the staff.
Everyone you trust, keep.
Anyone you don't, get rid of.
- All right.
- This castle needs new air.
More women would be good.
But first have this room cleared.
Except for those.
(Igraine) The chambers are in a poor state now.
It will take a little work to improve them.
Forgive me for asking, but where are all the servants? Who do we talk to about the preparations? Well There aren't exactly any Just us, then.
You are what we need.
The first wedding of Camelot.
I am going to make you a bride worthy of legend.
- You're going to make me blush.
- You've done well.
- Leontes is an excellent match.
- That's what I keep telling her.
- And he has the King's favour.
- I know.
I couldn't ask for anyone better.
Here, come.
Do you love him? I'm not sure I even know what that word means.
That's all right.
I was the same.
But, you know, with a little luck, in time, you might fall in love with him.
And if you don't, before you know it, he'll give you children and then you'll love them.
Hardly an army fit for a king.
We lost a lot of good men during the fight with Lot.
Sooner or later others are going to come.
Right now, we're vulnerable.
If we recruit an exceptional warrior, it would boost our morale.
With a bit of luck, everyone will hear about it and come.
- Anyone spring to mind? - Maybe.
Gawain, a warrior I fought against once.
I tried to recruit him to Uther's men but he refused.
What makes you think we'd get him this time? This is different.
Or so you keep telling me.
No harm in asking.
Can I help you? I'm here for the King only.
His sister sends a message.
Your sister and ally invites you to visit your father's castle.
She's planning a feast in your honour.
Such hospitality.
Why? I only relay what I am told.
Then we accept.
We'll ride out immediately.
She'll be delighted.
You don't accept anything without conferring with me.
I am the King and I made a decision.
I think there's quite enough to be doing here.
Like hosting a wedding? Morgan's my sister.
I want to get to know her better.
If I can't unite my family, how am I going to unite the country? - So, where do we find this warrior? - The last I heard of him, he was a day's ride from here.
I see the way you look at her.
Leontes' Guinevere? You dreamt of her.
No, I didn't.
Don't lie to me.
Have you met her before today? At the coronation, that's all.
Nowhere else? No.
Not on a beach.
Why do you think I met her on a beach? Because I saw it.
It was a dream.
I had a dream of her, nothing else.
Good, because she belongs to Leontes.
Nobody belongs to anyone.
And nothing jeopardises our work here, least of all a woman.
You have no right to talk to me like that.
Everything you are right now is because of me.
Remember that.
Your Highness.
I'm honoured.
Thank you.
You have made changes.
Yes, it needed a woman's touch.
Come on.
I'm sure you'd like to relax before dinner.
Vivian will look after you and show you to your chambers.
Merlin, you're with me.
I'm so glad you accepted my invitation.
I didn't.
Arthur did.
- You can't let the boy out of your sight? - It's my job to protect him.
- I simply want to know him.
- The crown is his now.
I understand that.
So you've abandoned your claim entirely? Here you are.
Your old room.
From when you were Uther's lackey.
Why don't we have meals like this? Thank you, Vivian.
Ah! If I wanted to poison you, I wouldn't do it by wasting good quail soup.
So, Arthur, now that you have the crown, what will you do with it? That's a good question.
Then dazzle me with a good answer.
"The first duty of a man and of a king "is the seeking after and the investigation of truth.
" - Cicero.
- That's right.
He's been a good student.
But how do you apply that principle in practice? Before I make too many decisions, I must get to know my kingdom.
- Get to know its people.
- And they must get to know you.
I didn't know you were there.
- That was quite a feast you gave us.
- I wanted to spend time with you.
I've had a lot to eat and drink.
- I can't promise I'll be awake for long.
- Men seldom are.
Is this the room our father used to sleep in? Yes, with my mother.
When I was very little.
Tell me about him.
He He was a great warrior.
He could be kind, but he could also be cruel, extremely cruel.
I know my arrival was difficult for you.
But I'm glad that we got to start again tonight.
Glad we could get to know each other properly.
It's just, I really don't know you.
Who are you? I can't really tell.
Ask me anything.
Were you ever told you were the son of a king? No.
Until Merlin arrived just after our father's death, I knew nothing.
You knew nothing.
And now? What do you hope for? - What's in there? - (Groans) I'm so sorry.
- Did I hurt you? - No.
No, it's fine.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd quite like to pass out.
Of course.
Sleep well, your Highness.
Just Arthur.
Just Arthur.
(Kay) So your fearless warrior lives in this burnt-out church? (Leontes) This is the place.
Has to be.
- (Kay) Are you certain? - Let's find out.
Come on.
Hello? Your King requires your service.
- I don't recognise any king.
- Well, he recognises you.
And he demands your loyalty.
I've told you before.
I'm not interested in serving Uther.
I thought you said he was good.
He's not that good.
Camelot's got plenty as good as him.
- Who's Camelot? - It's not a who.
It's a place.
It's from where King Arthur rules the country.
- Not my bit, he doesn't.
- You don't know anything about him.
Hardly surprising, if you shut yourself away here.
So he's a warlord who thinks he's a king.
I'm not interested.
- He's from Uther's bloodline.
- That's nothing to be proud of.
He pulled the Sword of Mars from the waterfall.
- What do you want me to do? Cheer? - He vanquished King Lot.
Lot's dead? What do you want with me? We need a strong warrior to return with us to help train others.
We came from the coast to look for you.
Then you wasted your time.
(Thunder rumbling) - We're going to have to sleep here.
- Not unless you pay me.
This is what's happened to you? From a respected warrior to demanding payment for lodging? There's nothing worth fighting for any more.
- I take money where I can get it.
- This is the Lord's dwelling.
And this grants me access.
But come first light, you leave.
- (Arthur) 'What is your name?' - 'It's Guinevere.
' He was so proud of that kill.
The stag refused to die for a long time.
Uther loved to fight.
I remember.
The wounded deer jumps highest, strives the hardest.
I'm not a wounded deer, Merlin.
And I'm not a king's trophy.
Let's drink to that.
Do you remember me as a child? No.
I remember you.
You came once when my father was ill.
You cured him.
I've cured many.
I adored you for that.
I told him that when I grew up, I'd marry you.
- And do you know what he said? - No.
He said, "Marry Merlin and everything will be yours, "except your soul.
" (Chuckles) A little harsh.
(Merlin gasps) I can smell you, Merlin.
(Growling) Oh.
(Grunts) It was you.
I should have known.
The wine.
The wine! Arthur? You can't be in here.
Don't do this.
I have to see you.
I have to talk to you.
- I can't.
- Tell me you're not thinking of me, and I'll leave you alone.
Meet me at the beach.
- I don't know if I can.
- I'll wait for you.
If I'm not there I'll wait for you.
(Winces) Get off me! Where's Arthur? Arthur! Let me go.
Do you always wake in such a bad mood? - What are you taking? - Just a few toenails.
And I trimmed your beard.
You were looking dishevelled.
- Where's Arthur? - Gone.
- He left in the night.
- Why are you holding me? I'm worried for my brother.
You may be dangerous.
I'm dangerous? I saw what you did to Uther.
(Tuts) You murdered your own father.
Father? Ha! He never deserved to be called a father.
Fathers don't do to their daughters what Uther did to me.
(Mocking) What did he do to you, Morgan? He made me strong, and for that I'm grateful.
What you can do, this power you've learned, that doesn't make you strong.
It hurts you.
- It costs.
- Don't try and frighten me, Merlin.
It's true.
Oh, you're in its grip even now.
You don't realise it, but you've never been more vulnerable in your life.
I'm not the one tied up here, am I? - Oh, you think I can't free myself? - Then do it.
Oh, no, no, no.
I don't perform tricks.
- Because you can't.
- I'm strong enough to choose not to.
It would be stronger to choose to do it.
To do it at will? Is that what you can do? - Yes.
- Show me.
Show me what you can do.
(Groans) (Wailing) - That's you.
- (Giggles) That's you as a child.
(Laughs) Enough! (Screaming) The price will be too high.
No, not too high at all.
Let me go.
Untie me.
Morgan! Morgan! Don't marry him.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- He's not right for you.
- You don't even know me.
- There was something between us.
At the coronation.
And here, when we met.
I didn't feel it.
- Stop denying it.
- What do you want me to say? That there could be something between us.
- I'm getting married.
- Don't.
Are you asking me as my King? Or as a complete stranger who's only met me twice who has decided he can order me about? If you don't feel the same way, then why did you come? To ask you to stop.
You could have said that at Camelot.
You came because you wanted this, too.
He'll know.
(Sobbing) Why are you crying? Because I want this.
Just once.
Just once.
Just once.
Just once.
You get away from that stuff.
- Marcus Aurelius.
- You've read it? One of the great philosopher kings.
I'm struggling a little.
- Where are you up to? "From the reputation and remembrance of my father, "I learned modesty and a manly character.
"And from my brother Severus, I learned to love my kin "and to love truth and justice.
" You're very good.
- Who taught you? - My father.
What about you? I'm teaching myself.
That's quite a task.
So why bother? To be better.
You were right about him.
He'd be perfect.
If only he knew it.
If I did come, one condition.
Teach me how to read this book.
By the time we're finished at Camelot, you'll be ready to write a book.
It's over.
This was it.
The once.
Now we must never talk of it.
He must never know.
I have to get ready for my wedding.
Yes, put one here and just put one there.
(Servant) I need some help here.
Oh, I need you to switch.
(Servant) Higher.
Take it up a bit more.
Are you going to put that up? Oh, yes, higher, And a little bit higher? Stop.
He'll know.
Tonight Leontes will know.
What am I going to do? We have to fix this.
Leontes is a good man.
I know.
Oh, my God.
- Give me the knife.
- It's already dead.
We can make it right.
- Get me the wine sack.
- What are you going to do? We have to get back.
(Grunts) You're leaving? What you showed me, is that all you've learnt? For now.
You don't understand the forces you're messing with.
I do.
You won't get what you want.
We'll just have to wait and see.
I've learned to be patient.
Tell the King he has a home here.
(Groans) Morgan.
Morgan? May your health and judgment return promptly.
Open the gates! Last night of freedom, Leontes.
You'll soon be a married man! No, no! (Shouts and laughter) No.
Put me down.
No! (Shouting) - Gawain.
- Arthur.
Apparently, I work for you now.
Here we go.
(Shouting) A messenger brought this.
Didn't say who it was from.
- Do you want to open it now? - Yes.
(Gasps) Oh, that is so beautiful.
We should put it on a ribbon so that you can wear it.
(# Pipes playing) Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Arthur, your Highness, there's something I wanted to ask you.
Will you preside over our ceremony? I've arranged for an elder to do it but it would mean so much more if the King would honour us.
Of course.
Thank you.
(Applause) And if the storm Blows through our land I'll be your shelter I'll be your shelter If you'll be my light If you'll be my light And if the world Should fall to winter I'll be your warmth I'll be your warmth If you'll be my light Lucky Leontes.
And if the skies Should cloud to darkness I'll be your sun Let's see what's truly in your heart, Brother.
May these rings stand forever as a symbol of your unity and fidelity.
May you live and grow old together, knowing only the truth of undying love.
By witness of all of those present, I confirm you as man and wife.
(Kay) Leontes and Guinevere! (Cheering) (# Music resumes) (Man) Leontes and Guinevere! (Both sigh) My wife.
My husband.
And if the world Should fall to winter I'll be your warmth I'll be your warmth And if the skies Should cloud to darkness I'll be your sun I'll be your sun If you'll be my light If you'll be my light