Camelot s01e04 Episode Script

Lady of the Lake

Previously on Camelot An exceptional warrior would boost our morale.
- Anyone spring to mind? - Gawain.
[Yelling] Your king requires your service, and he demands your loyalty.
There was something between us.
At the coronation.
If you don't feel the same way, then why did you come? Just once.
Just once.
[Sighing] I know my arrival was difficult for you.
But I'm glad we could get to know each other.
What do you hope for? What's in there? Did I hurt you? May these rings stand forever as a symbol of your unity and fidelity.
This power you've learned.
It costs.
- Don't try and frighten me, Merlin.
- The price will be too high.
No, not too high at all.
Camelot 1x04 Lady of the Lake [Gulls cawing] [Birds chirping] And if the storm be my wife Brastias! Brastias!! Arthur.
I want every warrior out of his bed.
Tell Gawain he starts training everyone.
Right away.
Of course.
Good morning Wife.
Morning, Husband.
Were you watching me sleep? Yes.
- You are so strange.
- I'm lucky.
I'm the only man who ever gets to see you like this.
You're a good man.
So So when can we leave Camelot? I don't think it's going to be that simple.
Leontes, you promised after the wedding you would talk to the king about getting some land and a place for us to live together.
Yes, I know, but [Knocking at door] [Man]: Leontes, put her down! The king wants all his warriors now! I understand.
And in time we will.
But right now the king needs his champion Here.
You understand that, don't you? Breakfast.
Why don't you go down, eat with him? I'm waiting to be invited.
[Man and woman laughing] Perhaps a little guidance is needed.
[Morgan]: Did you send word to Camelot to expect us? Both done as you asked.
And this is the gift.
The gift! Perfect for a new bride.
Very good.
Very good.
If you don't mind me asking, why are we paying such attention to the bride of the king's champion? As the king's sister, I should welcome every new arrival into Camelot.
Especially the women.
We can give each other strength and Are you all right? I'm fine.
[Groaning] Let me help.
I said I'm fine.
Now, is my horse ready or not? You were complaining of pains yesterday.
Are you sure you're well enough to ride? Are you a doctor, or a servant? I'll ensure everything's ready.
- This is it? - Yes.
- I thought there'd be an army.
- Hah! The king's forces are this few? Really? We're recruiting.
- So what are we fighting for? - How do you mean? The way we fight, the way I train you all, depends on what we're fighting for.
- We're fighting for freedom.
- Whose? - Everyone's.
- Not mine.
I'm free already.
I can do what I want.
Well, then why are you here? They told me you were worth following.
Then we're fighting for the people, for their freedom from chaos.
Give him a chance.
All right.
Forget the talk.
Show me how you fight.
Maybe I can make them in your image.
I'm ready.
[Grunting with effort] [Grunting] [Yelling] [Grunting] [Whispering]: I'm not sure you are ready, Your Highness.
All right.
The perfect training ground.
Those bastards were good for something.
- Well, then you are the man to train us.
- I'm glad that you agree.
Looks like you need a new sword.
Yes, one suitable for a king.
Do you know Caliburn? Best bladesmith I ever met.
He'll make you something special.
Where will I find him? He's been holed up in the woods since his wife died.
You'll need to be careful; He's volatile.
I don't mind volatile.
You give me directions, I'll find him.
Before I do, a word.
It stops now.
Whatever you feel for her, destroy it.
It has no future.
- You don't control my future.
- Last warning.
Don't unsettle our project with misdirected desire.
Train hard.
I'll return with a sword.
I trust your wedding night was all you hoped for.
And I trust you'd understand if I'd prefer to keep it private.
Discretion in all things.
[Sighing] But now that you are married, of course, you'll be coveted more than ever.
What do you mean? Well, the most enticing aspect for any man is the forbidden.
But you'll just have to forego the looks from men other than your husband.
For to pay them any heed is really Well, it's the worst thing that any woman could do.
I've known women's lives come undone that way.
Here, let me help you.
Stop! [Breathing heavily] We should rest a moment.
I'll take some water.
[Retching and coughing] You're sick.
I need to go to Camelot.
I have to see this girl.
You're not well enough.
I'm taking you back.
No! With respect, your well-being is my priority.
You need to rest.
Let us take care of you.
- Hello.
- Your Highness.
- You know you don't have to do that.
- I think I do.
What happens now? Between us? Nothing.
I committed myself.
You blessed the rings.
I didn't sleep The whole night.
I thought about what he was doing.
- Arthur, stop this.
- Is he good? Is he better than me? - This isn't appropriate.
- I want to know.
It has nothing to do with you! On the beach.
It meant something.
It didn't.
If it had, do you think I could've married him? What sort of person would that have made me? You gave yourself to me.
Whoever that person was, she's gone; She's dead.
- Who does that make you? - Your champion's wife.
Honoured to serve you.
Well, may it bring you much happiness.
We're home.
You can rest now.
Get her out! The nun? How did she get in? Who let her in? Get her out of here! Now! Now.
What have you done? Get her out! I don't want her within sight of this castle.
- I'll have the guards see to it.
- No, don't have them see to it! You see to it! Make sure it's happened.
Of course.
Who is she? They need to build up this fire! It's barely giving out any heat! You're cold.
Some rest will help.
It's just a fever.
Of course.
Let us look after you.
The girls will take you to your chamber.
That woman not within sight.
The shield is your greatest ally.
Now, these all look like fine shields.
But they're lacking.
Attack me.
[Yelling] [Arthur]: Kay! Line the edge of your shield with a blade a knife or the broken end of a sword.
Your shield then becomes not just a mode of defence, but a weapon in itself.
You all right? - You're a dirty fighter, Gawain.
- This is combat, not cooking.
I train by example.
By injuring the warriors you're supposed to be training? Steady now.
Don't get excited Especially now you don't have a sword.
I don't need a sword.
But what I do need is an honourable instructor One other thing on shields: Always keep a dagger strapped to your shield for emergencies.
Your dagger is a part of you.
It should never leave your side.
Inscribe it, carve it, make it your own, so wherever you are, you'll never mistake it.
Some other rules of combat: Remove your emotions; Keep calm; Attempt to draw your opponent into battle using their anger.
That way they're easily frustrated.
Take your blade from his throat.
I could still take you and the king's head.
- Let him go.
- It's just a bit of fun.
- Have your fun away from my brother.
- You heard what he said, Gawain.
Nobody threatens the king, neither in training nor in jest.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure, Your Highness.
Your marshal and your champion have got some guts.
And you have some men who'll stand up for you.
Vivian, I need to eat.
Bring me food.
Lots of food.
I'm starving.
Should you be up? You do look a lot better.
Just a fever.
Tomorrow we'll go to Camelot to see this Guinevere.
Morgan, I'm sorry.
She's still outside.
I tried to move her, but she wouldn't go.
Of course she wouldn't.
Who is she? My father banished me to a nunnery across the sea.
She taught me.
Well, she's come a long way.
You don't want to know why? Did she treat you badly? I don't think about that place now.
I left it behind.
- So we ignore her.
- I need more bread! [Gasping] What's the matter? Your eyes It's just a drop of blood.
No, Morgan, it's not.
There's blood everywhere.
What do I do? [Insects buzzing] [Crow cawing] [Birds chirping] [Gentle splashing] - Who are you? - Gawain sent me.
I've come for a sword.
A sword? For you? No.
Then you'd better leave.
Before I slit you from arse-hole to cake-hole.
The sword's for the king.
The new king? You tell this king, if he wants one of Caliburn's swords, he damn well better get it for himself.
I'm a master bladesmith, not some fucking village forge worker.
Every sword I make is made to order it's unique.
To make him a sword, I'd need to know his weight, his swing, how he fights, what's in his blood.
I can tell you everything you need to know.
- You're that close to him? - Yes.
Who are you? My name's Merlin.
The new king sends a sorcerer for a sword.
You have a sorcerer's sense of timing.
Come inside.
I'll show you my magic.
You and the rest of your household, go to your rooms.
Lock the doors.
- Why? - Because I told you.
You look terrible, girl.
[Breathing weakly] Are you deaf or just stupid? Go! - If you need me to - She won't.
It's all right.
It's not all right, is it? It's not all right at all.
Have you vomited? - Walk, then.
- What? Walk! You know what walking is, don't you? Stand up, child! I can't! [Yelling weakly] The limbs are weakening.
I didn't have them a moment ago.
Your body is under attack.
Tell me honestly: Since you left us, have you performed a summoning? Did you ask for anything? Yes.
Oh, my child.
How could you be so reckless? - What's happening to me? - I told you a long time ago, your arrogance will be your downfall.
I have one thing left to teach you.
I don't need you! I have nothing left to learn! You do.
You must learn to die.
No!! [Sobbing] So he's tall but he's not strong.
And when he fights, he's passionate but too impulsive.
He needs to be weighted down more.
- You could be right.
- I know I'm right.
I was a warrior myself.
I gloried in blood.
Word of my approach could clear battlefields.
These days, I build the weapons instead of brandishing them.
But some nights, when the wind rages, I still get the smell of blood in my nostrils.
This one.
It's special.
I made it from an ingot of Damascene steel found only on the Coromandel shores.
The precise amount of carbon, and the sword becomes almost indestructible.
I never got the balance right.
Until now.
The zenith of my craft.
Everything in unity.
A new sword for a new king.
[Sword sizzling] So The king's sorcerer.
When you use your powers, how does it feel? I don't remember.
What, you don't use them any more? Why not? When you did, those heady days, what was it like? Like an extra emotion.
Really? But if you have this gift, why not use it? Why deny yourself? Unless you're scared.
No, no.
It's more than that.
Because you enjoy it.
[Chuckling] [Flames roaring] [Girl]: What're you doing? How long have you been there? - What? - What did you see? Take your knife from my daughter.
I thought you lived alone.
I brought food.
Is he going to eat with us? Not if he keeps threatening my little girl.
You know who this is? The famous sorcerer, Merlin.
Excalibur, Merlin.
I'll make enough for both of you.
She's beautiful.
Her mother died giving birth to her.
I'm sorry.
You have family? Not any more.
Just your king.
Eat with us.
Then we rest.
And in the morning, you will have your sword for your king.
A warrior needs his sleep.
A king even more so.
Can't manage it tonight.
But I do have a question for you.
All right.
About strategy.
I'm not a commander; I'm a soldier.
I've read about many battles, about the great strategists.
But what I don't understand is this: How do I know when it's time to give up? When do I acknowledge the better man's victory? See, the warrior would never do that.
He'd fight to the death for something he believed in.
Of course, at the lowest moment, you have one opportunity.
And what's that? When you have nothing to lose, that's the time to risk everything.
[Nun]: Try not to struggle.
[Morgan wheezing weakly] I will not die.
Get me through this! Good.
You hold onto that.
And remember, you came back here for a reason.
The crown.
How much does it mean to you? - [Quietly]: Ev - I can't hear you! Talk! Everything.
What? Everything! Then fight! [Groaning in pain] [Man's voice]: You deserved what you got.
Weak little wretch! [Ghostly drafts flitting by] Swear your fealty! Clever bitch! I no longer have a daughter.
Clever bitch! Weak little wretch! Beaten by a bastard.
Weak little wretch! Beaten by a bastard.
[Laughing] I'm not beaten! You deserve what you got nothing! [Morgan shrieking] [Mirror shattering] Morgan! Morgan! Morgan, listen! How much do you want the crown? How much do you want to live? [Caliburn]: A new sword for a new king.
I gloried in blood.
[Blade being sharpened] [Singing softly] It's done.
The best I've ever made.
Almost indestructible.
Can I? I'll give it to the king myself.
You want the credit for my work.
But I don't need you near my king.
I'm good enough to make him a weapon, but not to stand in his presence? You still have the smell of blood in your nostrils.
And you still have sorcery within you.
The sword stays with me.
You shaped it for the king.
And I'm taking it to him.
You? Give me the sword.
Take it.
[Grunting in pain] [Grunting in pain] Come on.
You think I won't fight back? [Grunting with effort] Oh! [Grunting] [Grunting in pain] [Flames roaring] And if you still had a family, they'd be next! Don't speak of them! [Yelling in pain] What've you done? - There was an accident.
- No, you killed him! No, no, no, no - You killed him for this? - Give me the sword.
Give me the sword.
You'll never have this sword! [Yelling in pain] [Merlin]: Excalibur, wait! Please! It was an accident! [Grunting with effort] Excalibur, stop! Stay away from me! Give me the sword.
Please, give it to me.
No! The only place for it is the bottom of this lake! [Whispering to himself] [Muttering]: the king must have his sword [Deep rumbling] [Creaking] [Water freezing] [Whining in fear] [Excalibur]: Stay away from me! Leave me alone! Go away! Stay where you are.
Excalibur, don't move! Excalibur! [Screaming in fear] No! Excalibur! [Muffled yelling] Excalibur! [Muffled yelling] [Yelling and grunting with effort] Stay with me! Stay with me! Stay with me! No! No! Stay with me! I'm sorry.
You poor child.
[Ghostly draft flitting by] [Gasping in fear] Morgan! [Gasping in fear] [Ghostly draft flitting by] [Gasping in fear] Who are you? [Inhaling sharply] Breathe! Breathe! Slowly! Slowly! I lived.
Go slowly.
You were wrong; You said I'd die.
You were reborn.
Because I'm strong.
[Groaning in pain] Morgan.
Stay away from me! Oh, what's this? [Yelling in pain] [Ghostly drafts flitting by] [Yelling in agony] [Screaming] [Ghostly sounds cease] Dear God.
What? [Morgan breathing weakly] No No! No, not her! No, anyone but her! No! - Stop! Stop! Stop! - No! No, no! I can't bear it! Don't fight it.
No Inside her.
What? What is it? I can feel her.
I can feel what she's feeling.
She's feeling pain.
There'll be another one for you.
I saw the way you looked at her.
You'll find another.
Is that your motherly advice? I'm trying to protect you.
Look somewhere else.
Is that what you told my father? Do you have you any idea how much was destroyed? How many people died because he wouldn't be denied? I will not let that happen again.
[Swordplay and laughing] You're late Your Highness.
You want to know my values.
Well, here they are: when we have to kill, we do it with mercy.
We do it knowing we have a higher course.
We fight for peace.
Contradiction in terms.
Train for battle; Practice peace.
Combat is the means by which we achieve other things: honour, protection, justice.
It is not an end in itself.
Is that it? No.
Fight me.
Take me down.
It's fine.
[Grunting with effort] [Grunting] Understand when you've been beaten by a better man.
But never give in! Never give in.
Even if it feels like you've lost everything.
And if you have to fight dirty to protect your cause Then so be it.
[Gawain clapping] Now this, this is a king I can do business with.
I know what you're doing and you have to stop.
- I don't know what you mean.
- I have a duty to Leontes.
You have a duty to your people.
We follow our duties and nothing we did before matters.
Tell me you have what you want, and I'll stop.
I saw what you did.
I'm not a fight you can win.
I'll stop if you look at me in the eye and say it.
I'm happy.
I have what I want.
Then it's finished.
- Long live the king! - I'll drink to that.
What did you say? I said your mother must've wept the day she bore you Both of you.
I assume you're brothers you're ugly enough.
[Grunting in pain] Call that a punch? [Grunting in pain] Why did you come? The nunnery burned.
We were attacked.
I was the only survivor.
I'm alone; It frightens me.
I was drawn here just when you needed me.
- I don't need you.
- You left us to get the crown.
You don't have it yet.
Make up a bed for this woman.
As far away from my chamber as you can find.
Of course.
[Man]: so he was coming in for his third run, right [Men chatting and laughing] What happened to you? Doesn't matter.
Of course it does.
Your sword.
Oh, my God.
It's extraordinary.
It's a thing of beauty.
Thank you.
It needs a name.
It already has a name.
Is it from Caliburn, the man I sent you to see? No.
When I got there, he was dead.
I rode many miles.
Until I came to a lake.
And everywhere there was a mist.
I had to stop.
And when I did Out of the mist A woman called to me Like a siren.
From within the lake She stretched out her arm This sword, clutching it.
I took the sword And thanked her.
She smiled And slipped back into the water.
And as she did She said, "This is the sword of King Arthur.
"This Is Excalibur".