Camelot s01e08 Episode Script


Previously on Camelot How it was between us.
I've never known that before.
But I need you to know I love you.
Leontes loves Guinevere more than life itself.
A wedge between Arthur and his champion could bring it all down.
- You keep yourself too alone.
- Why does it bother you? Because sometimes I see glimpses of the man you might be.
She covets Arthur's throne.
Where are you? [Growling] Tell me what I have to do.
You said I'd been given the gift for a reason.
Now I know what it is.
Do you really think that the king will not wonder where I am? I know he won't.
- It's good to be home.
- Yes.
It is.
Camelot 1x08 Igraine What do you want with me? Shush, child.
Rest now.
You're safe.
Safe? [Door being locked] [Gulls calling outside] Good morning.
Ugh Good morning.
Good morning.
No, that's too much.
[She clears her throat] Good morning.
Good morning.
[Knocking at door] Yes? Good morning.
Good morning.
[Scrubbing] Thank you, Vivian.
Shall I wake Morgan? Sit down.
How absolute is your loyalty? To whom? To Morgan.
And to everyone within these walls.
I've served here most of my life.
Morgan requests that you accept my instructions without question.
Where is she? At Camelot.
The land is falling towards disarray.
There are matters she must resolve with her brother.
In the meantime, I need someone I can trust.
[Gulls calling outside] What you said before.
You were right.
I could be more open.
I'm out of practice.
You can always practice with me.
Maybe I will.
Where's Morgan? Where is she? [Whispering]: Please.
Tell someone.
Get someone.
Please, help me.
Come back.
Please! Please! Come back! Please come back! Please! Come back! You and I are the only ones to know about this.
You swore that your loyalty to Morgan was absolute.
Now prove it.
[Woman]: bedchambers My lady.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Leontes.
[Man]: Lady Igraine.
[Man]: Good morning.
[Man]: Milady.
Excuse me, milady, where would you like these? Uh, the usual place will be fine.
- [Woman]: Good morning.
- Good morning.
[Man]: Good morning, milady.
- Good morning.
- Oh, I put your shawl back.
I saw.
Thank you.
[Man]: Madame.
[Man]: Good morning.
Yes, of course.
I'll tell the men, Your Highness.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Arthur.
I never thanked you for your support the other night during the attack.
It was exactly what I needed.
Of course.
[Woman]: Good morning, Guinevere.
You don't have to do that.
- I like doing it.
- Can I help? Thank you.
[Grunting with effort] What I said at Pendragon I know.
I shouldn't have said it.
But I did mean it.
You kissed me.
On our journey back, after your father's death.
It was grief.
I buried everything until that moment.
I'm sorry.
But it will never happen.
I know.
I'm sorry for telling you.
I'm glad you did.
[Child]: Igraine? Igraine! Where have you been? What do you mean? I've been waiting.
Of course.
How rude of me! I'm sorry.
I had an errand to run.
Camelot's in danger.
Only you can save us, Sir Redwald, my brave and true knight.
Fear not, my Lady Igraine, for I am your champion and Camelot will be saved.
That's supposed to be me.
He's an orphan, too.
- Of course.
- I faced down our enemy's toughest warrior, and bested him.
For you.
All for you.
Oh Um OK Uh, you are a truly brave champion.
How can I ever repay you? Now we shall be married and live together forever.
That's the end, really.
Well, I love a story with a happy ending.
And that one is very happy.
When I get older, we'll really marry, and you can be my queen for real.
I think that, um, I might be a little too old for you.
I don't mind.
I'm very grown up.
Well, that's all right, then.
Are you lonely? Why why would you ask that? Your eyes look so sad today.
[Laughing] How could I be lonely when I have a friend like you? Please.
Tell me why I'm here.
When Morgan returned here, when her father rejected her, why didn't you speak for her? Why didn't you convince him to give her another chance? Is that what this is? Punishment for that day? We are all the victims of our own actions.
It is your own decisions that have brought you here.
Perhaps if you were to confess, you would find solace.
Confess what? That is for you to decide.
But there can be no salvation without it.
When they find me, when I'm rescued, you will be the one that needs forgiveness.
My soul is without stain.
Really? Only one of us whored herself and sired a bastard.
[Screaming in anger] Guards! Guards! Guards! Get her off me! I will kill her! No you won't.
Don't make me cut you.
[Sybil groaning] [Sybil gasping] You had your chance, but you couldn't take it.
Stay outside the room.
Keep the door locked.
Do not talk to her.
Do not listen to her.
Do not accede to any of her requests.
Should she cause further trouble, you may use force, at your discretion.
- Do you have any questions? - No.
Come along, Vivian.
I know you have your doubts, child.
But Morgan will return when she has dealt with the darkness at the heart of Camelot.
What darkness? What is she doing? Have patience, child.
Everything will fall into place.
[Laughing] - Here they come.
- I'm telling you, she really liked me.
She said she'd come and visit! And who is this? One of the dancers from the other night at Pendragon.
Brastias is in love.
[Brastias]: I'm not in love! But we had a connection.
[Arthur]: Oh, we know.
We could hear it out in the courtyard.
[Laughing] Somebody change the subject.
Tell them what we were discussing.
Six minds are better than 2.
Well, 5 minds plus Brastias.
- On what? - On what we're working towards.
If we're going to achieve anything, it has to live long after us.
It's not enough that we lead.
We have to change how people think.
- How are we going to do that? - It has to be through the people.
They're the constant, what they pass on to their children about how to live.
Lads, with respect, are we talking, or are we hunting? [Leontes laughing] Remember, one thing at a time.
That was Brastias's dancer's complaint, as well.
[Laughing] Brastias, Gawain, Ulfius, you take the ridge line.
We'll stay down low.
Pheasant, hare, boar, whatever you can find.
Greatest number wins.
- Taking charge again, Leontes? - Working as a unit, Gawain.
You're not going to get more than us! You've never managed more than us.
With respect, Your Highness.
[Arthur]: We'll meet back here at sundown, with our catch.
We'll see who's better.
[Brastias]: Fair enough.
[Merlin]: I had more thoughts.
Hm! I like it.
- Hm! - Yes.
So, what are you going to do? About what? Morgan.
How do you know that's what I'm thinking about? [She chuckles] I could just leave her to her tricks like the other night.
How do you know it was a trick? She was toying with us, watching us, seeing how we'd react.
Why would she do that? The crown.
Whatever she says, she still wants it.
She'll never forgive either of us for Arthur.
Do you think that maybe you're getting a little obsessed with her? Or perhaps you're attracted to her? There we go.
You've seen right through me.
I'm besotted with her.
Uther would have said go in there with our men, have her removed.
Or executed.
- On what grounds? - Ah, we wouldn't need grounds.
Accidents happen.
Remove your enemies at the first opportunity.
That was his approach.
Then maybe you're wiser than him.
Or weaker.
If she can kill her own father, she's capable of anything.
I don't see why that's true.
- He was your husband.
- Yes, and I wasn't blind to his faults.
When she came back from the nunnery, Uther beat her in front of me.
And then he humiliated her.
Rejected her.
So, therefore, patricide.
The age-old solution to a family dispute.
That's not what I'm saying.
I wish she were here.
What do you mean? I wish she could see and understand what we're trying to do.
Like you have.
But then, you're twice the woman she is.
Is that right? It's a shame, though.
I got it wrong.
I thought, once she saw she'd come to us.
This is where she belongs.
But she made her choices, and they're the wrong ones.
Did you bring the food? Food? Aren't we going to surprise him? Oh! Of course.
I forgot.
Never mind.
I'll get it, and then I'll come and find you.
[Bird cawing] It's been too long since I've done this.
Kay and I used to do it all the time.
It's one of the first things I remember doing with my father.
He used to take me out hunting for boar.
[Bird singing] Did you catch it? He blooded me from the animal.
He told me I'd now become a man.
I was 5 at the time.
[Softly]: I think he's in place.
[Birds warbling] [Arrows striking] Both shots hit the target.
We make a good team.
Huh? Not bad.
- Not bad at all.
- Good shot.
- Thank you.
- Ah, my kill.
Time for yours.
[Laughing] Very nice.
[Breathing in discomfort] [Ghostly whooshing] [Yelling in pain] [Groaning in pain] [Merlin]: Are you ready? Just a moment.
You should've seen her eyes, Ulfius.
As you slept, and he abstained, I communed with a goddess.
Now who's talking when they should be hunting? You're right, but she was gorgeous.
Of course, Leontes took the best ground for the king and himself.
We'll not snare much up here.
[Sniffing] Well, maybe if we work more with our ears, instead of our mouths, we might stand a better chance.
Look! [Birds singing] [Bird cawing] You beauty.
I don't understand.
Is everything all right? - Redwald, we need to talk.
- Did I do something wrong? I understand you don't have a birthday.
- No.
- That's not good.
Everyone should have a birthday.
- I'm sorry.
- Igraine and I have been discussing it, and we feel the only solution is today must be your birthday.
And these are your gifts.
Now you're officially the king's man.
Oh, I almost forgot They're beautiful.
The king, his champion, his mother.
It's you.
- Tell me the story.
- Again? You sure? - It's a good story.
- It is a good story.
Once, in a land where the sun shone all year, stood a place called Camelot, where a boy king and his noble champion and their warriors fought for the freedom of their people.
And in that place, every orphan was offered shelter.
And a boy named What was his name? Redwald! [Morgan laughing] Yes, Redwald.
Found a family, and grew up to become the king's finest and most fearsome warrior.
You see, no one was ever without hope, no matter who they were.
Within Camelot was a place for everyone.
I know that you can hear me.
Have they told you why I'm in here? I was leaving the castle, and they abducted me and held me here.
And now you're helping them.
I am the king's mother! Do you understand what will happen when he finds out what's been done to me? Save your energy.
[Laughing] Come on! There's no way you shot that! Looks like we're the victors, boys.
No, no, you got lucky, that's all! Keep telling yourself that, Your Highness.
[Laughing] [Deep growling] Oh, Kay, this is for you.
All right.
All right, so we need to be more than warriors.
We need to bring every village into the fold, somehow give them a say in how they wish to be governed.
You're talking about a senate, like the Romans had.
I don't know.
I suppose.
What if each village or area sent us a champion-- someone they chose themselves? - To represent their cause.
Yes, but ultimately they'd be loyal to you.
A council of champions.
I like it.
Mm! So long as they're better hunters than you 3.
Oy! [Laughing] [Deep growling] The man has a point.
[Laughing] I'm not tired.
Boys need their sleep.
Champions need their strength.
Today was the best day.
Thank you.
You sleep well.
I love you, Igraine.
[Softly]: Yes.
You're good with him.
[Merlin chuckles] Do you have children? Or did you? Before? Before what? Before this.
You could be anywhere.
Do anything.
Why here? Why this? I ran for a long time.
Sometimes you have to stop.
[Morgan laughing] That's not even half an answer.
[Merlin chuckles] No.
You're infuriating! - Me? - Yes.
Well, so ask me anything.
One question.
I promise to answer.
What do you think about me? Why do you always have to ask? Can't you see? No.
There's so much about you I don't know.
And why is knowing so important? How can we trust each other, if we don't know the truth of who we are? Are you that fixed? So certain of who you are? Maybe.
But how do you know you won't change tomorrow? Hmm, I'm sure I will.
But I know who I am tonight.
And who is that? Someone who wants you.
What are you so scared of? [Softly]: Losing control.
Good night.
[Fire crackling] [Insects chirping] [Owls hooting] [Horse neighs quietly] [He gasps] [Gasping in pain] No! [Ghostly whooshing] [Groaning in pain] - Are you all right? - Oh! Oh.
Redwald - Your face changed.
- No, no.
No No.
You're not well.
[Breathing in discomfort] Redwald Do you love me? Are you my champion? Then this has to be our little secret.
Do you understand? You're not well.
[Gasping in pain] I'm fine! I'm gonna get Merlin! No! No! No! No! No! [Cloth tearing] Ah! Why didn't you kill it? 'Cause it was more than a wolf.
- What do you mean? - He means he lost his nerve.
Might've known.
It was close enough to touch? Why do you think it spared you? Because it has another purpose for me.
[Gulls calling] I found him like this.
Maybe he was sleepwalking.
Tripped and fell and knew nothing about it.
His clothes were torn.
Maybe they ripped on the boards as he fell.
Someone knows what happened.
Are you all right? Fine.
You cared for him.
I barely knew him.
How could I care for him? Merlin, you don't have to pretend with me.
[Woman]: most amusing.
[Man]: Someone's hurt! Quickly, we need some help! Whoever did this deserves to burn.
[Man]: We need some help here! Someone's hurt! And when I find out who it is, I'll light the pyre myself.
There's no redemption for a person like this.
Has the nun gone? Don't speak to me.
It is Donal, isn't it? I remember that your father used to be the blacksmith here.
And we remember you.
The stuck-up queen with no time for anyone.
Well, if that is true how would I know your name? Do you think that Morgan knows your name? Donal please.
Just listen to me, just for a moment.
Why would they lock up the king's mother? Why? You know there'll be trouble about this.
The king will come for me.
I will get out of here, and when I do, there will be a reckoning.
Help me.
And I swear I will make sure that the king spares you.
That's it? That's all you're offering? Possible future clemency? Well, Donal, tell me what you want.
Tell me what it would take.
[Keys rattling] Name it.
Tell me what I can give you.
Poor boy.
Brought up without a mother, and then loses his father in a battle against Lot.
He found a home here.
Yes, just like you.
Like all of us.
That's what Arthur's building here.
Tell me the truth.
What happened between you and Arthur? I don't know what you're talking about.
It was before your wedding day, wasn't it? Igraine.
I saw his face, and yours that day.
Something had happened.
Why are you asking me this now? Look at what happened to Redwald.
See how death stalks us in life.
How we must live every moment for what we wish.
I know what it is to live with regret, to wake up years later, wishing that I'd done things differently.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I know a liar's eyes when I see them.
I see the way you talk to Arthur, the way you stand, the longing in your bodies.
You're lucky that Leontes is too blinded by love to see.
It's destroying you, isn't it? Share it.
It was my wedding day.
I had doubts.
We were together.
Please don't tell Leontes.
Of course not.
You are a good and faithful woman.
And you made the right decision.
Swear you'll release me.
Payment first.
Oh! [Donal moaning] Ah! Who's your king now? Arthur! [Donal grunting] Ah! Ah! [Donal grunting] [Both yelling] Ah! [Both panting] Are you all right? I will be.
Why would God want to take Redwald from us? He doesn't always give answers.
All I can think is that he wished Redwald to be by his side.
You are a good man, Leontes.
Guinevere is lucky to have you.
[She sighs] A man with a big enough heart to forgive.
What do I have to forgive? Arthur and Guinevere.
What are you talking about? Oh! Oh, dear, I'm sorry.
I I didn't realize that you didn't-- No, no, you didn't you didn't realize what? No, no, please, sorry.
I've embarrassed us both.
Tell me what you meant.
Well, I thought they told you.
What happened between them on your wedding day.
What are you talking about? Oh, God.
Oh, I I'm so sorry! - Igraine.
- I'm sorry.
[Latch opens] [Igraine gasps] [Girls chatting and laughing] What are you doing in here? I don't want to be alone tonight.
But when I touch, any contact, I see too much.
I see who people really are.
What do you mean? Visions of their past or future.
Whatever their traumas are.
Their secrets.
I don't mind.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Because I have nothing to hide.
[Growling and snarling] [Igraine gasps] Good morning.