Camelot s01e09 Episode Script

The Battle of Bardon Pass

Previously on Camelot Do you really think that the king will not wonder where I am? Are you sure this is what you want? You said I'd been given the gift for a reason.
Now I know what it is.
- It's good to be home.
- Yes.
It is.
You are a good man, Leontes, with a big enough heart to forgive.
- What do I have to forgive? - Arthur and Guinevere-- what happened between them on your wedding day.
I could be more open.
You can always practice with me.
I have nothing to hide.
You are to recruit some men.
You will attack the outpost at Barden Pass.
This will draw out the king.
I am the king's mother! Do you understand what will happen when he finds out what's been done to me? Camelot 1x09 The Battle of Bardon Pass Good morning.
Have I gone mad? Have I gone mad? It can't be there.
What are you? I'm you.
You can't be me.
You can't be me.
I'm your soul.
Your dirty, damaged soul.
You know what you are.
What you've done.
No! Good lad! We'll make a Camelot warrior of you yet.
Go fetch it.
- Morning.
- Hello, Albion.
Good lad.
Good morning.
Come on.
Here you go.
Come on.
you're under King Arthur's protection.
You can rest your horses, get water-- This pass is closed.
Let him go.
Father! Father! Father! You think that's enough time on target practice? At the gate, the guards, they've been killed! - Ready yourselves! - Ten attackers.
Albion, take the horse in the back barn.
You know what to do.
Move fast.
- Yes, Father.
- God go with you.
Willem! Willem, over here! Yah! Shall I send a man to dispatch him? No.
Get everyone in position.
That boy's doing exactly what they want.
Heh! All right, boys, follow us! Now, Wallace, let's see what type of men you've recruited for me.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
Please, God.
Please, God.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
- Where have you been? - Ah! Merlin! What's happened to you? Wh-wh-what are you doing in here? What happened to your face? I saw myself.
I was staring right back at me.
What are you talking about? Igraine.
Where have you been? Castle Pendragon.
The nun, she, she locked me up in a room, and held me prisoner, and No one came! Shhhh.
You were here last night.
We were together.
No No.
No, I killed a guard.
I stole a horse, and then when I came back, I was standing in the Great Hall, and - and I knew what I'd done.
- No, no.
No I should have seen.
I should have known.
You and me? I - So I thought.
- But I I don't remember.
I don't Merlin, have I lost my mind? No, you're not losing your mind.
- Merlin, I-- - It's Morgan! That's why she held you captive.
She's been here wearing your face.
Igraine, I know you've been through hell, but we have to find out what else she did while she was here.
Open up! It's Morgan! Igraine escaped.
She killed a guard.
She'll be on her way back to Camelot as we speak.
- I know; I saw her.
- Did she see you? She only saw herself.
Poor woman.
Everybody will think she's gone completely mad.
Well, madness so often afflicts the weak-minded.
What's wrong? Did something happen between you and the king? Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Then swear.
Swear on the holy word of God that nothing happened.
Of course nothing happened.
Then swear.
I swear that I never that nothing It wasn't anything.
There was nothing.
What was nothing? Tell me.
Guinevere, tell me.
It was before we were married.
It was only once.
I never wanted you to know.
Oh, God, please don't look at me like that.
I can't bare it! No.
When? Before I was your wife.
But now we're married, and, and I'm loyal to you.
If you have any feelings for me, tell me when.
On our wedding day.
I'm sorry.
I did a terrible thing, but I'm still your wife.
You're not my wife; you're the king's whore.
Hit me back! Hit me back! Hit me back! - Out of my way, Merlin.
- Leontes What's happened? My business is with the king.
The king's business is mine also.
Come here.
Tell me.
The Lady Igraine, she told me the truth.
What? Arthur took my wife.
He had my wife.
I can't believe this.
- She confessed to me!! - Shh! The king has to answer for what he's done.
If this is true, what Arthur has done is unforgivable.
But what are you going to do? You're going to beat him? Slit his throat? Leontes, you can bear this cross.
I know you can.
Why should I? Go back to Guinevere.
Let her absolve herself.
I'll deal with the king.
What of your undertaking? - It worked.
- Are you sure? Camelot is diseased.
We will watch the plague spread.
And the work at Bardon Pass has begun.
- Other strikes must follow.
- It is in motion.
The men are here.
My Lady Morgan is most anxious to see you.
So are we to see her.
King Arthur's done nothing for me.
It's you I owe right now for the food in my belly, and the roof over my head.
I'm asking you to help me to claim back our land.
You want to make a strike on Camelot? That will be treason.
We seek only to illuminate the truth.
Arthur's pledge of protection to his people is a lie.
Even now his western border at Bardon Pass is under attack.
Should there be similar attacks on Pendragon outposts, in the north, south, and east, people would understand how fragile their security really is.
I will take anything down, so long as there's payment.
Anyone can buy a man and his sword.
If this is done well, the only safe place in the kingdom will be under my protection.
The crown will fall to me, and when it does, I will need champions and a marshal-- men whose investment in my rule is greater than the gold in their purses.
Men who have pledged themselves to me, mind, body, and soul.
You have my pledge.
What's the matter? Leontes knows.
About us, about the wedding day.
He knows everything! What do you mean? How does he know? - I told him.
- What?! It's like he already knew! Did you say something? I never said anything to anyone! Then how did he already know? Where is he? - You'll only make it worse.
- I have to try and explain to him.
What could you possibly say? That it wasn't your doing; I pressured you.
That's not true.
I can't avoid him.
He's my friend, my champion.
Why did we ever do it? Leontes is a good man.
It'll be all right.
It won't.
- What's she doing? - She's practicing.
Practicing what? - Self control.
- How will that help us? We kidnapped the king's mother.
Your fear is useless to Morgan.
Giver her your faith or nothing at all.
But surely there will be retribution.
There will be, and we must stand firm.
The king's mother has gone mad.
Merlin is acting alone.
Understand? You see the king, you tell him to come and find me.
No one is to speak to him before I do.
Understand? Right.
I knew that they had eyes for each other, but I had no idea it had got to this.
But Morgan did.
I need your help to put this right.
People here rely on you, confide in you.
They look to you as their guide.
Well, what can I do? The men must never find out about this.
They'll all feel betrayed.
Keep Guinevere under control and quiet.
What about Morgan? Oh, I'll get to her.
I have to find Arthur first.
All I've worked for, and it's people who get in the way again.
Always people.
I need to speak to the king.
- What's the trouble here? - My family need his help.
The king can't see you now.
I need to speak to him! Wait your turn like everyone else.
Camelot is in its death throes.
Once its lies are exposed, it will quickly decay, and people will look around in fear and panic.
And I will be there to pick them up.
They will need me.
Men claim to be superior, but it's them more than women who are ruled by their passions.
Women endure what men cannot bear.
Which is why people need a strong queen.
Mmm Bring me the gilded dress.
Expecting an official visit? Invite our friends.
I'll need an audience.
I know how much I've hurt you.
I'm so ashamed.
Hold me.
Make love to me.
Is this how you kissed him? Once, you said.
How do I know you're telling me the truth? It happened again on the journey you took when your father died, didn't it? No, no, no, no.
I swear on my honour-- You gave your honour to Arthur.
I know what I did was wrong.
I'm just asking you to forgive me.
And I want to, but I don't know how to.
I don't deserve you.
What made you ask me this morning? It was something Igraine said.
Igraine What did she say? If I hadn't have asked you, would you have told me? I'd rather lie, and live with my guilt than ever hurt you.
And I would rather you do anything than lie to me.
You should have told me.
I swore I'd never betray her or anyone else.
So you're not even gonna try and deny it.
It's the truth.
Never admit that to anyon else here.
Understand? It's not that easy.
I've hurt people I care about.
Those people don't matter! You're a king.
Your responsibility is to your realm! Nothing more.
So what do you suggest I do? Cover this up, or risk losing everything.
I must speak to the king! Who the hell are you? - Your Majesty, please! - What do you want? My family is under siege at Bardon Pass.
What's your name? Albion, Majesty.
My father, he sent me to tell you that men are attacking Bardon Pass.
The Bardon Pass has to be defended.
I want the men assembled now.
Bardon Pass is the main trade route into Camelot.
If we lose that, word wil spread of our weakness, and all our land could come under threat.
We protect the family and our territory.
Nothing less is acceptable.
Where's Leontes? Bardon Pass is under attack.
Your men need you.
I'm going home to my village.
This is your home.
We are your family.
Fulfil your oath to your king, or your honour counts for nothing.
You talk to the king of honour.
He fucked my bride.
And Arthur will be held to account when this is over.
But right now we have a crisis on our hands, and you have a duty to your men.
When I return, I'm done with Camelot.
That's for you and your wife to decide.
Guinevere! Leave the men be! What makes you think I'm ever going to listen to you again? I told you to stay away from him, but you didn't listen to me.
So you tell Leontes I betrayed him? - No, I didn't say anything.
- You are the only one who knew.
Guinevere, please, there are things that have gone on here that are far, far more wicked than anything that you have done.
In time I will explain.
Leontes forgot his prayer book.
He never goes to battle without it.
Do you really think that he wants to see you now? It was once.
Only once.
No hurry, Leontes.
We're all only waiting for you.
Gawain Never let the king out of your sight.
If Leontes moves to hurt Arthur, step in.
Leontes? Don't question me.
Not now.
If he or anyone else makes to harm the king, do what you have to do.
Now, smile, like I've taught you a joke.
All right, let's move! Be victorious! For Camelot! For Camelot! For Camelot! The trade routes are now completely unsafe! The banner of the king means nothing! Gentlemen, please! Please.
We must have faith in my brother.
Faith is no substitute for real confidence! I will not heed disloyalty against Arthur.
It's not his fault if there are rogue elements within his court that are difficult for him to control.
What rogue elements? His sorcerer is rumoured to have a great deal of influence.
He's been known to act rashly at times.
Independent of the king's wishes? - Some say that's he's mad.
- What, for power? However mad he is, our king will keep him in check.
Where are you going? You're going to Castle Pendragon, aren't you? - You're not coming.
- I want to see her punished.
I should never have let her get close.
But you didn't, did you? You let me get close.
If that's what you were thinking, I'm glad.
I'm just sorry I wasn't really there.
So am I.
We'll go to Castle Pendragon, bring her back-- drag her back if we have to- before the king to answer for her treason.
Morgan must submit to the authority of Camelot.
There they are.
We're vastly outnumbered.
Arthur, we'll be far too exposed if we approach from the front.
You said there was another way? We'll have to leave the horses here.
It's just up there.
Get across me.
It's fine.
Come past me.
Set, Leontes? Push.
We're the help, son! - Griffith, it's us! - Albion! You got them! Give us a hand.
Come on, old man.
Ah! Ah! Is that him? - I'm Arthur.
- Come.
See my father.
Albion! Ah, you did it! Good lad! They've been gathering since morning.
Thank you for coming, Your Highness.
- You must be Lucan.
- Yes.
our colours.
So they came, exactly as Morgan predicted.
She knows her family well.
She swore her brother wouldn't ignore a lost cause.
There he is.
- We outnumber them 4 to 1.
- Don't underestimate them.
Morgan says they're highly trained.
- Then we'll keep them locked in.
- Perfect.
A king to the slaughter.
This is my way to Morgan.
I'll deliver her the king's sword.
She'll be on her knees to me in gratitude.
We've been waiting for them to attack.
Well, they have the numbers, but we have the tower; it's a good vantage point.
Archers up there might help us.
Until we've run out of arrows.
We'll secure your home before that happens.
I'll check the layout; see if there are any weaknesses.
Who are all these people? There are attacks going on throughout the realm.
The undefended are flocking here.
For protection.
Where is she? Lady Morgan is consumed with her task.
She's unavailable.
Not to me, she isn't.
Why have you come here? Witchcraft.
Treason! How do you answer to these charges? I have no idea what you're talking about.
So you deny using magic to assume another's shape? You of all people dare hurl such accusations at me? You abducted Igraine, had her beaten, and walked through Camelot wearing her face.
That's not true.
Morgan is the only one we can trust right now! Ha! Ha! What is this? Hmm? Your chorus of fools? They are the good people of the realm.
She tied me up! Held me prisoner! Tormented me! - Poor woman is clearly deluded.
- I remember the room.
There were markings-- witches' markings! There is no such room here.
It's here.
It was in here.
- I swear it was.
- This is a place of peace and prayer.
There are markings under here.
We have nothing to hide.
There was a guard named Donal.
He was in here with me.
Then what happened to him? You must have so many heavy sins on your conscience, child.
Is there nothing you need to confess? She is trying to convince them that we're mad.
But I know what happened in here.
Is she often like this? There was a boy named Redwald.
He was an innocent in all this.
Now he's dead.
Why are you telling me? I know you're a part of this.
You will answer to the king.
I look forward to that.
Come on.
Right there.
Right there.
Don't blame her.
It was all me.
I am arresting you.
And you will stand charges of treason at court.
You can't arrest her.
She's Morgan Pendragon! I can, and I will, in the name of the king.
Merlin, this is completely absurd.
I will take you by force.
Force? All these people were promised protection by Camelot's force.
But where is it now? Their homes are being attacked, and you'd turn your force on me instead of protecting them? Where is Arthur? Safe from your reach.
While the entire country bleeds, you storm in here with your insane charges.
We won't allow it! Guards! Hold them! The people are with me, sorcerer.
Tie them up.
Bind their hands securely.
Don't you understand? The people have lost faith in the king.
Their homes are under attack.
So they come here to you and Morgan.
We would never turn away the needy.
- How very saintly of you.
- Your brought your king to the throne with the support of the people.
Now he's lost their support.
Where does that leave you? Oh, very good.
Play us at our own game.
Who are you? Why does this even matter to you? I am a source of solace to Morgan.
Puppet or puppeteer? You see, that's what I can't quite work out.
- They ask the same about you.
- And what is it you get in return for doing Morgan's work? Service is its own reward.
I could grow to like you.
Building alliances quietly while fomenting disquiet in Camelot.
Her delusions must be contagious.
Is this it? Do we just let them hold us hostage? Yes.
A mighty sorcerer, constrained by a rope.
If this is the will of the people, so be it, but you'd better be confident, little nun, because I can wait.
I have more patience than you can ever imagine.
Or perhaps the stories of your sorcery are just stories after all.
Camelot isn't built on magic, but on people, on their faith.
I have this belief they'll see through your ploys.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
What's wrong? Not now, Kay.
It's between me and the king.
There's a rider coming! Rider approaching! What the hell is going on? Target the rider! Arrows! It's Guinevere! No.
No! Guinevere! Arthur! It's the king! It's the king! Target the king! When I say "now", you run as best you can.
All right.
Go now! Go! Move! Run! Take her! Go! Ulfius! Take her! Get her out of here! - What did you do?! - What do you mean? - What did you do?! - Hands of the king, Kay! - I know you! What happened?! - Kay! - Leontes.
Tell them! I betrayed Leontes.
In the worst way I could have.
No It was the morning of my wedding.
He had her first.
And then he married us.
- Kay-- - Don't talk to me.
- Kay! You just can't stop yourself, can you? Any woman is fair game.
It's not like that, and it never is.
Don't try to find an excuse; I've heard them all before.
- I love her.
- Of course you do! Like you loved all the others! I love her, but she married someone else, and I accept that.
You accept it? After you destroyed Leontes' marriage.
And, what, he's expected, we're expected, to ignore it?! 'Cause that's what you're used to t's what always happens, ever since we were boys.
- No, this isn't the same.
- It is! Because you never change! You're not a worthy king.
You're not even a worthy brother.
At least we were never linked by blood.
Again you return, and again you leave in disgrace.
And you, Merlin, you should have stayed in bed where I left you.
They tried to arrest me and drag me to Camelot! Well, I will go to Camelot! I will expose the corruption of this sorcerer, and help the king, my brother, to restore order.
Let all who seek a safe harbour find one with me.
Who did you come here for? You.
Only you.
Don't ignore me! This is not over! How can you be so sure? Because I made a promise on our wedding day in front of God.
You left without it.
Keep it.
But it's yours.
You were mine too.
- Make way.
- Who is it? The perfect opportunity to talk to them.
The attacks are working.
Who is it? Who are all these people? There's been a series of attacks at the boundaries.
There are all families from frontier houses across the realm.
They're heading for Camelot.
They're scared to be at home.
My name is Morgan Pendragon.
I'm taking 2 conspirators to Camelot to face the king's justice.
If you leave with me now, I can promise you protection.
Let's go.
Go with Morgan.
You have nothing to fear now.
You will be safe at Camelot.
Come with us.
Come with us.
All these people are starting to believe Morgan over Arthur.
We have to do something.
You have to.
That's the trap.
That's what she wants.
Any hint of sorcery now will play into her hands and turn the people against us for good.
Well, maybe we have to take that risk just to stop her.
These people will never follow us.
We're not the solution to this.
Then what is? Only Arthur.
You and I, we're the sparks that made him.
He has to become the flame now.
He has to prevail by his own design.
Whatever the provocation, you and I must stay strong and silent, and have faith in your son.
Promise me.
Are you sure this is the best approach? This way Arthur will see his sister's true colours once and for all.
This will finally break the misplaced loyalty he feels to her.
- Hurry.
- Look.
I want to talk to the king.
So talk.
You have one chance to surrender.
You could have saved yourself a walk.
You killed my guards! You threatened my territory! Then today you die.
Fuck you! Gawain, hold.
Prepare for the attack.
Come on! You heard him! Attack! Ulfius, get her out of her! Kay! Albion! Get inside! - Mother! Mother! - Get your father.
Arthur! You have to sound a retreat.
We've lost too many men! What the hell is this mess? I told you to find the best men! I did! But those men are clever, and they're well trained! Mother, we'll help you.
Ulfius! Fall back! - Bring a hand! - Hurry! Come on, help me! - Back to positions! - Back!! Back to your positions! Kay! Kay! Put him down.
- They're retreating! Ulfius is dead.
Then that's it.
Take Kay, take the family, and go out the way we came in.
I'll create a diversion from the front, give you time to get away.
- What about you? - I'll be right behind you.
Someone needs to provide the diversion.
- Not you, though.
- We have 1 dead and 2 injured.
We have to get them to safety.
I know the pass is important, but you've done all you could.
Forget about it now.
Come with us.
I'll stay.
- You go.
- No.
No discussions, no arguments.
I want everyone out of here.
Now! Help me get Kay.
Come on.
We'll make them think that we're all still here, give you time to escape.
Now get a move on.
We don't have any time.
I have orders from Merlin to protect you.
I don't need protecting any more.
Look, I know what you're doing, but you're not going to set everything else straight with some stupid gesture.
Listen, take the injured to the ruined building we passed on the way in.
I'll follow on-- probably get there before you.
I'll see you on the other side.
Mind your footing.
Got her, boys.
- Easy.
Be brave.
- Yes.
Cowards!! Is that all you've got?! This land belongs to your king! And we will protect it to the death! They're taunting us, Wallace.
Are you enjoying being taunted? I've sent for reinforcements.
They're too good for us to attack just on level numbers.
I promised Morgan I would take Arthur's sword from his dead body.
I will not let her down.
King Arthur dies at our hands.
To the death.