Camp Snoopy (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

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[plays trumpet call]
[inhales deeply]
[trumpet sputters]
[Sally] "A Beagle Scout Prepares."
- I need some advice, Big Brother.
- [chewing]
As you know, it's my first year
joining you at summer camp,
and I intend to make
a good first impression.
Do you think I should bring
Suzy Snoozy or Mr. Bear?
Gee, Sally. I don't know.
Suzy Snoozy shows my fellow campers
I'm a nurturing type,
willing to look out for others,
but Mr. Bear indicates
I'm not afraid of wild animals.
Why don't you bring both?
Good point.
You can never make too good
of a first impression.
[Snoopy humming]
If it isn't the world-famous
Beagle Scout Leader.
Getting ready for some adventures today?
Speaking of adventure,
I'm heading off to summer camp soon.
So, if you wanna spend
some quality time with me,
now's your chance.
[phone ringing]
That's odd.
It's Beagle Scout Headquarters.
Uh, you were saying? I see.
Really? Oh, no.
[stammers] That's terrible news.
Yes, you have a nice day too.
I'm not sure how to tell you this, Snoopy,
but they said they're unhappy
with your troop.
How unhappy?
They used the words "total disgrace."
They're considering
kicking you out of the organization
because your troop hasn't earned enough
performance badges.
[shrieks, clamoring]
How many badges has your troop earned?
None? How is that even possible?
Whoo-hoo! [laughing]
Head Office says you only have
until this summer to get those badges.
W-What are you going to do, Snoopy?
Technically, running around screaming
is doing something.
I hope you're not planning to bring
that ridiculous blanket to summer camp.
It's so humiliating for me.
Don't think of it as a blanket.
Think of it as an essential
deep-wood survival tool.
It can be an extra layer of clothing,
a rope for climbing or even a shelter.
Maybe we can use it for fire starter.
I'm not opposed to the idea
of summer camp,
but it seems to me you can learn
just as much about nature from a book.
And a book has no mosquitoes.
Are you kidding? Camp's the best.
Hiking, roasting hot dogs over the fire.
Canoeing, roasting hot dogs over the fire.
Swimming, roasting hot dogs over the fire.
What? I like hot dogs.
My grandpa says
summer camp builds character.
What does that mean?
I think it's something adults say
when they want to seem wise
but can't think of anything specific.
What's his problem?
- [rummaging]
- [shrieks]
[both straining]
[Charlie Brown] Ouch.
"Official Beagle Scout Manual." Huh.
So, this is sort of your guidebook,
I guess.
Maybe it has some advice
that can help for your badge dilemma.
"A true Beagle Scout views each new
challenge as an opportunity to shine.
When faced with a situation
that seems too great to be overcome,
a Beagle Scout never gives up
but straightens up
and strengthens their resolve."
"Working together with their trusty troop
by their side,
a Beagle Scout can achieve anything."
[Charlie Brown]
"Before embarking on an adventure,
Beagle Scouts must outline their goals,
for they know the journey begins
with a single step."
[Charlie Brown] "A Beagle Scout
remains focused on the task ahead."
[Charlie Brown] "A Beagle Scout
prepares for any eventuality."
- [strains]
- [grunts]
- Summer camp, here we come.
- Want to sit next to me on the bus, sir?
I can't wait to hit the water.
[fanfare playing]
Did you come to see me off?
[sighs] Geez, Snoopy.
You can't come with me.
This camp is for kids.
They don't allow pets.
I have to go.
But, um,
good luck with those performance badges.
[Charlie Brown] "The true Beagle Scout
views each new challenge
as an opportunity to shine."
[chattering on phone]
- [cheering]
- Out of my way!
- [Schroeder] We're here!
- [Sally] I call best bunk.
Poor Snoopy.
He hasn't had as much experience
with disappointment as I have.
Wherever he is, I hope he's doing okay.
[playing fanfare]
- [playing fanfare]
- [straining]
[Charlie Brown]
"Can you be a Beagle Scout?
Packing a lunch.
Hiking is a fun, relaxing
way to experience the great outdoors.
But if you want to be a Beagle Scout,
you must remember to prepare
before setting out."
[Charlie Brown] "Always make sure to
bring plenty of water to stay hydrated."
[Charlie Brown] "When it comes
to carrying water on a hike,
a canteen is your best bet.
Don't forget to unscrew the lid."
[Charlie Brown] "It's also important when
hiking, to pack something to snack on.
Try to choose something practical."
[Charlie Brown] "When in doubt,
sandwiches are a good idea.
And you can prepare them
with the whole troop."
- [groans]
- [chuckles]
[Charlie Brown] "Yes, food and water
are essential when preparing for a hike.
Of course, if it doesn't work out,
it never hurts to have the number
of a good pizza place handy."
[machine whirring]
[machine whirring]
[whirring resumes]
- [blowing]
- [popping]
[Charlie Brown] "Teach a Bird to Fish."
- [baseball bat cracks on TV]
- [audience cheering on TV]
S Snoopy?
Snoopy! I thought that was you.
What are you doing here?
"The Official Beagle Scout Manual."
You mean you followed me
all the way out here to earn your badges?
Are you sure you didn't just miss me?
Well, I'm glad to see you.
So, which badge do you plan to earn first?
[Charlie Brown] Fishing badge, huh?
Sounds great.
There's nothing better
than reeling in a nice catch.
So I'm told.
I've never actually caught a fish myself.
Some say the real reward of fishing
isn't catching a fish,
it's learning the value of patience
and de
[Peppermint Patty]
Who are you talking to, Chuck?
No one.
Our bunk counselor said
we should try canoeing.
So we're heading out for a paddle.
Isn't that right, Marcie?
That's the plan.
Though I don't see the point
of getting in a wobbly canoe
when there's perfectly stable ground
to stand on.
Where's your sense of adventure?
I must have left it on the bus, sir.
Are you quite sure this vessel
is seaworthy, ma'am?
[droning adult chatter]
Perfectly safe.
I was afraid you'd say that.
You heard the lifeguard, Marcie.
Let's get paddlin'.
Try to stop me, sir.
[muffled grumbling]
[chattering, laughing]
[inhales deeply, sighs]
See, Marcie?
It's just like the counselor said.
"There's nothing like paddling along a
glassy lake surrounded by trees and sky."
Isn't it relaxing?
That's not exactly the word I'd use, sir.
I really think you're getting the hang
of this paddling thing.
Now, we just have to work on
your sense of direction.
[grunts, straining]
- [cheers]
- [cheering]
Hmm. The wonders of nature.
You know, sir, once you get used to it,
it's actually quite lovely out here.
[panting, grunting]
I-I'm supposed to come get you
for chow time.
That's camp talk for "dinner."
[panting, grunting]
[grunts, panting]
Fish biting, pal?
Well, remember what I said.
Catching a fish is nice,
but patience and dedication
are their own rewards.
There really ought to be a badge for that.
We should probably head back,
but let's not rush.
I'd like to take this all in
a little longer.
I'm glad you didn't give up.
You stuck with it
and look how far you've come.
I'm proud of you, Marcie.
I'm proud of me too, sir.
[chirps, straining]
- [chattering]
- [shrieks, kisses, giggling]
[Charlie Brown] Patience and dedication
are their own rewards.
There really ought to be a badge for that.
[jazz playing]
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