Camp Snoopy (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3 & 4

[plays trumpet call]
- [bouncing]
- [gasps]
[Sally] "Homesick Sally."
[campers snoring]
Okay. I can do this.
Maybe I should count sheep.
Do you count sheep at camp?
Maybe you count raccoons.
[scoffs] Never mind.
Getting to sleep is a matter of willpower.
I will fall asleep.
Starting now.
[groans] Starting now.
Starting now.
- Now! [groans] Now!
- [camper shushes]
[sighs] This is getting ridiculous.
I have to sleep soon.
It's going to be daylight in a few hours.
Rise and shine, everyone.
It's another glorious morning at camp.
Lousy bed.
Good morning, Sally.
What's so good about it?
Rough night?
I remember my first year at camp.
I was so homesick I couldn't sleep
the first few nights either.
Who said anybody is homesick?
Only little kids get homesick.
Is it my fault these beds
aren't fit to be slept in?
Well, is it?
Is it?
Classic case of homesickness.
- [fanfare playing]
- [shouts]
Ugh! They call this breakfast?
This juice has so much pulp
I practically need a fork.
Juice is not supposed to be lumpy.
And don't get me started on the oatmeal.
You always have oatmeal at home.
This stuff is far too oaty.
Why don't you try the eggs?
Too scrambly.
Not even a chicken would eat those eggs.
Do chickens even eat eggs?
I'm not looking for a debate.
I'm looking for an edible breakfast.
[groans] Forget it.
And before you say anything,
I am not homesick.
I was just going to ask someone
to pass the butter.
Why would anyone come to camp?
Sure, all this nature is beautiful,
but it never changes.
At least at home
you can change the channel.
That bunny is trying too hard.
We get it. You're cute. Ease up.
[sighs] I'm not homesick.
I just think everything is better at home,
and I miss it.
What's sick about that?
[sighs] Well, I better get back.
I wouldn't wanna get eaten by an antelope.
- [chattering]
- [shouts]
- [calls]
- [screams]
That's odd.
I don't remember this bag being squeaky.
Where did you come from?
[chuckles] You're
an odd-looking little bird.
It's like you're part caterpillar.
How did you end up in my bag?
I guess you and I both ended up
somewhere we don't quite belong.
Maybe we can help each other
feel a little more comfortable.
What do you think?
This is an exact replica
of my room at home.
Though I added a TV,
which I've always wanted.
You'll be much more comfortable here.
[gasps] I knew you'd love it.
There really is nothing
like the comforts of home.
So, what should we do now?
[Snoopy calling]
That was the most fun
I've had at camp yet.
And I owe it all to you, weird little
Bird? Is that a bird?
I found her in my bag.
No wildlife in the cottage!
But But
Lucille is right, Sally.
Birds, however weird,
don't belong indoors.
They're part of nature.
It's not fair to them.
Marcie and Lucy are right, little friend.
You don't belong here.
I guess that makes two of us.
Just between us,
maybe I am a little homesick.
So long, weird little bird.
[bird screeches in distance]
Keep it down out there.
It's a pretty view and all, but
At least at home
you can change the channel.
Is this your first summer at camp?
Yes, it is.
Between us, I'm not sure it's for me.
Not that I'm homesick or anything.
I'm Naomi.
You know, I found something
you don't enjoy
can be a lot more fun
when you don't enjoy it with someone else.
Maybe we could not enjoy dinner together.
Sounds good. It's getting dark anyway.
I wouldn't want to get eaten
by an antelope.
My thoughts exactly.
[Sally] "A Beagle Scout is: Trustworthy."
Snoopy, would you watch
my ice cream for me?
Remember, I'm trusting you with this.
If you eat it,
I'll know because it'll be gone.
[sighs, blows raspberry]
All this lemonade needs is a little ice.
What are you doing?
I don't think it's a very good idea
to stand there with the freezer door open.
It might cause the whole thing to
short out.
[gasps] My ice cream cone! It's gone!
And to think I brought you
this ice cream cone
as a reward for watching mine.
I trusted you.
Mind you, it's pretty hot today.
And ice cream has been known to melt.
Tell you what, with one scoop each,
we'll have plenty of time to finish them
before they melt again.
I've never been bird-watching
outside the city before.
Do you think we'll see a bald eagle?
Or maybe a gold-feather osprey?
Or even a crested caracara?
Wouldn't it be something
to see a crested caracara, sir?
How would you feel about
five yellow walking birds?
[calling cadence]
I suppose they're majestic
in their own way.
[Peppermint Patty]
"Red-Haired Letter Day."
- [rustling]
- [Charlie Brown groans]
What are you doing, Charlie Brown?
I just found out
the Little Red-Haired Girl
goes to the camp
on the other side of the lake.
I'm trying to write her a letter.
Of all the camps in all the world,
the girl you like had to go to the camp
across the lake from yours.
I'd like to invite her
to the cardboard boat regatta,
but I don't quite know what words to use.
How about something like
"would you like to come
to the cardboard boat regatta?"
It's perfect!
What exactly is
a cardboard boat regatta anyway?
It's a camp tradition.
Campers make boats out of cardboard
to see which one goes the farthest
before it falls apart and sinks.
So, sinking is part of the plan?
Doesn't seem very boatlike.
There. All done.
Now I just need to get it to her.
How do you plan to do that?
We're not allowed
to leave camp unsupervised.
That's true.
But I happen to know of a certain beagle
who specializes in important missions.
What do you mean "no?"
It's just across the lake.
What are you so busy with?
I thought you needed to earn badges
to save your Beagle Scout troop.
There must be a badge
for helping a friend in need.
Here we go. The helping paw badge.
"A Beagle Scout
should always be kind, unselfish
and do his best to help a friend in need."
Good luck.
No pressure, but my fate is in your hands.
If this works, you'll be face-to-face
with the Little Red-Haired Girl.
Just you and her together.
I hadn't thought of that.
What am I supposed to say?
I usually start with "hello."
I know. I won't just enter
the cardboard boat regatta, I'll win it.
Then I won't have to say anything.
I'll just stand there looking impressive.
I'm pretty sure
you'll still have to say "hello."
[groans, calls]
[groans, pants]
[grumbles, sighs]
[growls, grumbles]
How's your boat coming along?
I've made some real progress.
You and I might have different definitions
for the word "progress."
What you see here
is all the makings of a perfect boat.
It's just about putting it together.
I'll get you some more cardboard.
[grunting, groaning]
[screams, grunts]
[Snoopy grunting]
- [all grunt, squeal]
- [shouting]
So, what do you think?
It's definitely made of cardboard.
[sighs] Hopefully Snoopy
had better luck delivering my letter.
[Snoopy grumbles]
is the Little Red-Haired Girl coming?
Did she like my letter?
That's it in your hand, isn't it?
You went all the way around the lake
and ended up back here?
How did that happen?
this is a page from Sally's activity book.
Now she'll never get my letter.
My best chance to meet
and impress the Little Red-Haired Girl
and it all fell apart.
And to think
she's just over there across the lake.
Cheer up, Charlie Brown.
I have a feeling that letter may just
make it to the Little Red-Haired Girl yet.
Though you might not
love how it gets there.
My boat.
Snoopy! No!
Cardboard boats aren't meant
to go across the entire lake.
[Lucy] The cardboard boat
regatta is about to begin.
Our first contestants
are Peppermint Patty and Marcie.
Snoopy, hurry up!
[stammers] Where'd he go? Did he make it?
Did he bring the Little Red-Haired Girl?
Is she here already?
Abandon ship!
You might have actually
been able to win this thing.
[Snoopy cheering]
Here he comes.
[Snoopy grunts]
Well, did she get my letter?
Is she coming?
Is this from the Little Red-Haired Girl?
"Dear, Charlie Br"
She knows at least part of my name.
And I owe it all to a helping paw.
Yes. Whoo-hoo!
[birds cheering]
She knows part of my name.
This is the best day ever!
- Hooray!
- [chuckling]
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