Camp Snoopy (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5 & 6

[trumpet call]
[applause, chuckling]
[Peppermint Patty]
"To Dive or Not to Dive."
What a shot.
I'm a majestic mountain goat.
She makes that look so easy.
That's some real bounce-ability, sir.
Last one to the floating dock
is a rotten egg.
[Sally groans]
What's wrong, Sally?
I can't find my duck floatie.
You already have water wings.
Oh, it's not for swimming.
It's for my lakeside tea party.
[sighs] More tea for us, I guess.
What should we do next?
Let's see who can do the best dive.
- Great idea.
- Yeah!
- Let's do it.
- Whoo-hoo!
You're up, Peppermint Patty.
[chuckles] So I am.
I'm just waiting for the water
to calm down.
Seems pretty calm to me.
You can never be too careful.
Speaking of,
does that look like a storm cloud to you?
Not to rush you,
but I'm almost dry over here.
[breathes deeply]
That was an odd choice for a dive.
Everyone knows cannonballs are the best.
Well, I'm definitely not dry anymore.
That was some cannonball, sir.
It was nice of you to not show everyone up
by doing a better dive than them.
Yeah, well,
I wanted to give someone else
a chance to shine, you know.
What's so great about diving anyway?
[inhales deeply]
That was some dive, Snoopy.
Could you teach me how to do that?
I'll take that as a yes.
So when do we start, Coach?
First thing tomorrow. Got it, Coach.
[pants] I'm no expert, but [pants]
doesn't diving [pants]
usually [pants] involve water?
I don't mean to criticize,
but we've been standing this way
for half an hour.
I wasn't expecting there to be
so much math.
Here goes. [inhales deeply]
[sighs] I just can't do it, Snoopy.
I hope you won't take this as a reflection
on your coaching skills.
[Marcie] Is everything all right, sir?
You seem to have lost some of your bounce.
Perhaps a swim will lift your spirits?
Maybe you can even break out one of
those elegant dives off the platform.
I can't stand it!
What's the big deal about diving anyway?
It's just being upside down
on the way into water.
What's so fun about that?
[sighs] Maybe I should explain.
It all started last summer.
[Peppermint Patty]
My dad and I went to visit my cousins.
They had a pool in their backyard.
Hey, dad. Watch me dive.
[Peppermint Patty] Only, I didn't dive.
I belly flopped.
My face wasn't the only thing
that was red that day.
For the rest of the summer,
everyone called me Ole Pink Belly.
Ever since, even though I want to,
I just can't bring myself to dive.
It's okay, Peppermint Patty.
Everyone's afraid of something.
I'm afraid of custard.
I know it's delicious,
but I don't trust a food that wobbles.
I've been afraid to use the camp shower
since I saw a spider in there.
I'm afraid people will think
I'm too charming and wonderful.
What? It's a real fear.
I'm afraid of,
well, pretty much everything.
Believe me,
I've seen my share of disappointment,
but giving up can sometimes feel
even worse.
You shouldn't let fear stop you
from trying.
- [Lucy] You can do it.
- You've got this, sir.
- Go for it.
- Get in there.
- Yay!
- Peppermint Patty!
I did it!
Hey. There's my duck floatie.
[Marcie] "Can You Be a Beagle Scout?
To be a Beagle Scout,
you must master the art
of nonverbal communication
or expressing yourself
without using words."
Your dog is waving at us from that island,
Charlie Brown.
He is?
Hi, Snoopy.
[Marcie] "One form of nonverbal
communication is Morse code.
A form of code that uses short dots
and long dashes to spell out letters."
Dot, dot, dot. Dash, dash, dash.
Dot, dot, dot.
I didn't realize you know Morse code,
Well, I know of it.
Good grief.
On the plus side,
he's putting on quite a light show.
Snoopy, we don't understand!
[Marcie] "Another form of nonverbal
communication is semaphore.
Communicating over distance using flags."
Is he doing rhythmic gymnastics?
- [Marcie] "When all else fails"
- [groans]
"there's always
good old-fashioned charades."
Ooh, charades. Two words.
First word. Eat?
[Naomi] Second word.
Wristwatch? Oh, time.
Oh, it's supper time, and he needs us
to come get him off that island.
Why didn't you just say so?
Mind if I join you, Snoopy?
What are you reading?
"A Beagle Scout is most at home in nature
and the peace and tranquility
of the great outdoors."
Do you hear that?
- [thunder rumbling]
- [Linus] "Foul Weather Friends."
And I thought being at camp
was no fun before it started raining.
A rainy day is just a chance to do crafts
and make your own sunshine.
I don't think I have enough
yellow crayons for that.
I was speaking figuratively.
In this case, the sunshine I plan to make
is a pencil holder.
I hope you're better at crafting
than metaphors.
Hey, Sally.
Why don't we make friendship bracelets?
Anything to get my mind off this rain.
If you ask me,
nothing says friendship like three people
making pencil holders together.
All right.
But when your pencils start rolling
all willy-nilly around the table,
don't complain to me.
[panting, grunts]
[stomach growling]
[Marcie] "The builder badge is awarded
to a Beagle Scout
for crafting a shelter out of items
found in nature."
[thunder rumbling]
What do you think? Gold twine or red?
- Both!
- Good idea.
Oh. [sighs]
What is it?
It's just, forward knots look better than
backwards ones.
I guess you're right.
Oh. [sighs]
Is everything okay?
You're putting beads on it?
Shouldn't I?
No, no. It's fine,
I guess.
- Oh.
- What?
You're not knotting tightly enough.
Friendship bracelets should be tight
and steadfast.
Well, I think friendship bracelets
should be flexible and colorful.
I see. Well, it takes all kinds,
I guess.
[Marcie] "A well-crafted shelter
is more than just a place
to get out of the elements.
It is a point of pride for
the intrepid Beagle Scouts."
[exhales deeply]
You're breathing on my neck.
Because I wanna make sure
you're doing it right.
How can I do it right
with you breathing down my neck?
[groans] More beads?
I can't stand it.
What are we making? Necklaces?
At least use a little glitter.
If you knew anything about friendship,
you know you never put glitter
on a bracelet.
It makes a mess.
What's friendly about that?
At least I'm not ruining
my friendship bracelet.
Fine. If you don't like my bracelet,
make one for yourself.
I will.
- Perhaps I should
- [Naomi, Sally] Sit!
[cheering continues]
Linus, can you tell Sally,
who I am not speaking to,
to pass the scissors?
Linus, can you tell Naomi,
who I am not speaking to,
that she has the scissors on her side?
Linus, can you tell Sally,
who I am not speaking to,
- that I didn't
- Does anyone wanna trade spots?
There you go.
And here's another bracelet
for a true friend.
Look at what your beady bracelets
made poor Linus do.
If anything, he couldn't see it
because he was blinded by all the glitter.
I can't stand it!
There's no right or wrong way
to build a friendship bracelet.
And it's certainly not something
worth testing an actual friendship over.
You know, I have one more bracelet.
But I may as well just throw it
in the trash.
That seems like a waste.
It's a nice bracelet.
Yours too. The beadwork is excellent.
You can have it, if you want.
Who ever heard of a green pencil holder?
I would never put my pencil
in something so tacky.
"More than pride or shelter though,
the builder badge
is about working together.
Which in the end is what
being a Beagle Scout is really about."
Free at last.
Hey, Linus. Catch.
[jazz playing]
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