Camp Snoopy (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9 & 10

[plays trumpet call]
[howling in distance]
You know what we should do?
Tell spooky stories around the campfire.
- [campers] Yay!
- Yeah.
[Sally] Sounds fun.
- [campers chuckling]
- [Linus] I love spooky stories.
- [sighs]
- Hmm?
I don't know any spooky stories, Snoopy.
Maybe we could have a nice sing-along.
[plays chord]
[guitar crashes]
Spooky stories it is.
Before we start, I'm going to need
another toasted marshmallow.
[droning adult chatter]
[gasps] All gone?
[groans] How did we
already run out of marshmallows?
- [Sally] Snoopy!
- [chuckles]
[Lucy] "Campfire Yarns."
And that's when she realized
the car following her wasn't flashing
its headlights to scare her,
it was flashing them to warn her that her
tire pressure was low.
That affects the fuel economy.
- Whoa.
- Oh.
Not the scariest,
but some cause for concern.
- [rustling]
- [chattering]
That was some spooky story, Franklin.
I liked that it was creepy,
but also featured a concerned citizen
performing a good deed.
Who's next?
[Schroeder] I'll go.
My tale is called
"The Boy with the Haunted Hands."
[thunder rumbles]
There was once a boy
who loved to play classical music.
Why don't you play something
more contemporary, like rock and roll?
When something is timeless,
it is contemporary forever.
What's that supposed to mean?
- [Lucy cackling]
- [thunder rumbling]
[playing classical music]
[playing upbeat music]
[playing classical music]
[playing upbeat music]
[cracks knuckles]
[Schroeder] Try as he might,
everything he played came out wrong.
The Beethoven was bebop.
The Rachmaninoff was rock.
The Mozart was also music he didn't like.
Now, this is what I call music.
And he never played Beethoven again.
- Whoa.
- Oh.
I like that the story had a hero.
The boy with the haunted hands?
The witch, obviously.
Okay. Who should go next?
Me, me. I'll go next.
There once was a girl who loved pizza.
But she only got it on special occasions,
like her birthday.
[thunder rumbles]
[Peppermint Patty] That year,
she made a birthday wish
to have pizza all the time.
The next morning,
she got pizza for breakfast.
Then pizza for lunch.
Meal after meal,
all she got was pizza.
[school bell ringing]
Hey, Marcie.
Can I have half of your sandwich?
All I get these days is pizza.
Here. Have my bologna, sir.
This is pizza.
Sir, is everything okay?
[Peppermint Patty] Sure,
her pizza wish came true
but it was too much of a good thing.
[bell chimes]
- Whoa.
- [Sally] Wow.
That's what they call
an ironic twist, Marcie.
I got that, sir.
Very unsettling.
Who's next?
[Snoopy chewing]
Gee [stammers]
isn't it getting kind of late?
- Me!
- I want to go.
- I'll go.
- Pick me.
She kept changing the channel.
But thanks to the cursed remote,
there was nothing on but
- the news.
- [shrieking]
[campers] Oh. Whoa.
But if the universe is expanding,
then it stands to reason
that one day it will reach its limit,
leaving only one option:
to shrink.
What then, I ask you?
What then?
Is it just me or does the moon seem closer
than it did a few minutes ago?
Looks like you and I
are the only ones left, Charlie Brown.
[stammers] Yes. Right.
Uh, go ahead.
This is the terrifying story of the girl
for whom everything went wrong.
[thunder rumbles]
[Lucy] She woke up
one perfectly normal day
or so it seemed.
But there was something different.
First, she tried to fly a kite.
But it was eaten by a tree.
- And things only got worse from there.
- [bat cracks]
Not one measly valentine?
Can this day get any worse?
And she was never heard from ever again.
- [gasps]
- That sounds awful.
Awfully familiar.
Okay, Big Brother. Your turn.
Oh. Um, is it? Huh.
Oh. Hey, look at the stars.
Aren't they lovely?
Quit stalling, Charlie Brown.
Yeah. Make with the spooky, Chuck.
Okay. Well, uh,
it was a night much like tonight
in a place just like this,
with kids, uh, not unlike us.
- And there was this, um
- [gasps]
um, sh-shrub.
But not just any shrub.
A haunted shrub that came to life
and terrified everyone.
Good grief.
[owl hooting]
- [grumbles, laughs]
- [screaming]
I appreciate Charlie Brown's effort,
but his story sure wasn't scary.
[wind whistling]
It's the haunted shrub!
- [chattering]
- [screams]
- [chattering]
- [screams]
[campers screaming]
- [screaming]
- [chattering]
I guess I just don't know
how to tell a scary story.
[Franklin] "Can You Be a Beagle Scout?
Pitching a Tent."
[Snoopy grunting, panting]
[Franklin] "One of the cornerstones
of Beagle Scouting
is learning how to pitch a tent."
[Snoopy clears throat]
[Franklin] "If you're unsure
where to start,
most tents come with handy instructions
to make things easy for you."
[Franklin] "Having read the instructions,
it's time to pitch that tent."
[Snoopy humming]
- [grunts]
- [squeaks]
[Franklin] "Of course,
when it comes to camping,
you really can't beat
sleeping out under the stars."
[Linus] "Beagle Point or Bust."
Mail call. Mail call, everyone.
I've got packages for Peppermint Patty,
Pigpen, Franklin, Marcie.
I can't help but admire you,
Charlie Brown.
You hardly ever get mail,
yet you show up every day.
Well, summer is a busy time
at my dad's barbershop.
I got double-fudge brownies.
I got coconut cookies.
Anything for me today, Lucy?
Well, I'll be.
You actually got something.
A package?
I'd have settled for a plain, old letter.
Even a postcard.
Why would someone send
a postcard from home?
Aren't you going to open it?
I'm savoring the anticipation.
This package could be anything.
Cookies, cinnamon rolls, butter tarts.
A used book?
[Linus] I think it's from Snoopy.
Most people get baked treats from home.
I get a diary from my dog.
"An Account of the Ill-Fated Voyage
to Beagle Point."
He certainly does
have a flair for the dramatic.
"Call me Snoopy."
Good grief.
"As part of my ongoing mission
to help my beloved Beagle Scouts
earn their badges to save our troop,
I took it upon myself to lead them
on an adventure both epic and ambitious."
[Charlie Brown] "Our destination?
Scenic Beagle Point,
famous for its beautiful sunsets.
Our prize?
The badge for
the scoutly art of canoeing."
[birds chattering]
[Charlie Brown] "Our journey would be
difficult, possibly even perilous.
With that in mind,
I suggested everyone bring extra socks."
"The first lesson when canoeing is that
everyone needs to paddle as a team."
- [chattering]
- Huh?
[Charlie Brown] "Though perhaps
the first lesson should be
what is a paddle?
Despite some early setbacks,
my trusty troop was soon paddling as one."
[Snoopy shouts]
[Charlie Brown] "Though challenges remain.
Paddling is exhausting work."
[grunting, straining]
[Charlie Brown] "As leader, it is my duty
to keep the troop happy,
so I suggested a song to
lift everyone's spirits."
[classical music playing]
[Charlie Brown] "With everyone's
mood lifted thanks to me,
we soldiered on to Beagle Point,
confident that nothing
could stand in our way.
Having made unexpected landfall,
my troop was about to learn one of
the most enjoyable aspects of canoeing."
What are you reading, Charlie Brown?
Snoopy's chronicle
of his ill-fated canoe adventure.
We haven't gotten to
the ill-fated part yet.
Mind if we listen in?
You know me.
I love a good maritime adventure.
Are there any large sea creatures
in this story,
like a whale, or a shark or a giant squid?
Um, not yet.
Well, there better be
something big and fishy
if this story hopes to hold my attention.
Go on, Charlie Brown.
"I explained to my troop
that portaging means carrying your boat
between two bodies of water.
Their enthusiasm
could barely be contained.
Soon we were on our way
to Beagle Point once more.
Excitement was high among the troop
despite their burden,
for they knew I carried
the heaviest burden of all:
the burden of leadership."
[Charlie Brown] "We soon found ourselves
faced with two paths
and unsure which way to proceed.
Fortunately, we had a map.
I left Olivier in charge of it."
[straining continues]
[panting, straining]
[Charlie Brown] "Ultimately
and all by myself,
without any influence from anyone
I decided to abandon the canoe.
On we went, only to find ourselves
a stone's throw away
from scenic Beagle Point.
But how to get there without a boat?
It was time to improvise."
Mutiny? I can't believe it.
After everything we've heard,
I can't believe you can't believe it.
I can't believe the story
hasn't featured a single giant squid yet.
What? You can't tell me
that wouldn't be more exciting.
[Charlie Brown] "Abandoned by my troop,
I continued on to Beagle Point alone,
so that I might reflect on what went wrong
and how none of it was my fault.
Soon my destination appeared before me,
but cruel fate had another turn in store."
[Charlie Brown] "Specifically a log turn.
Alas, to be upended so close to my goal.
And yet in this moment, I couldn't help
but wonder if I hadn't played a hand
in shaping that fate
by failing to listen to my troop,
wherever they were."
[Charlie Brown] "Alone,
with Beagle Point just out of reach,
I couldn't help but wonder
'was this the end?'"
Well, was it?
It was not.
[Charlie Brown] "I soon heard
the sweetest sound."
[Charlie Brown] "As we gazed
upon the beauty of Beagle Point,
I realized that a good leader
has to know when to listen.
And so does a friend."
That was actually pretty good.
Nothing beats a good story
or delicious brownies.
Who wants one?
- [campers] Whoo-hoo! I do!
- Me, please.
I love brownies.
[jazz playing]
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