Candy (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Friday the 13th

There once was a little tree growing in the forest.
And this tree wanted so bad to grow up and be the best tree it could be, so it did everything good little trees have always done.
It drank water through its roots, and it grew.
It bathed in the sunlight, and it grew.
It sheltered families of birds Little animals, and it grew.
And then one day, a woodcutter came along, and he said, "Well, I'm gonna cut you down.
" "Oh, no," said the little tree.
"No, because I'm gonna grow big and tall.
"And anytime anyone looks up towards me, "they're gonna think of heaven.
" But with one swoop of his axe ooh, that woodcutter just chopped that tree right down.
And that tree was so sad.
But then it was cut into beams and made into a cross.
Jesus' cross.
And now anytime anyone looks at that tree they think of God.
So next time you're sad because you didn't get what you want, you just wait.
Because God has something even better for you.
The kids are gonna love it.
Oh, hi.
Go, go, go, go, go.
I just didn't realize today was Friday, I guess.
It's just, why do you have to go on the weekend? It's not right.
Honey, it's 3M.
It's our biggest account yet.
I can't just ask them to shut down their entire phone system during business hours just to fix the system that we installed.
Honey I'm sorry.
I just think my my stomach is starting to act up again You're getting yourself all worked up.
I'm sorry.
I know you hate it when I have to leave.
Well, Christina will be back later.
You can play with the puppy.
I'm just so scared.
If I'm pregnant again, there goes teaching next semester.
Did you take the second pill? And the vacation is gonna be ruined.
Betty, stop.
I really don't think you're pregnant.
Just take the second pill.
You're torturing yourself for no reason.
I don't like when you leave.
It's just a few days.
When I get back, we'll really get down to brass tacks.
We'll make a list all the things we did before and all the things we want to do that we missed.
We'll practice our French.
Ca va? Yes.
Can we go back to the place where there were no sheets? Yeah.
Maybe we can look and see if if the spoon is still there that we hid under the rock next to the stream.
It's been ten years, Betty.
I don't know what came over me.
I just I just took it, and you oh, you laughed and laughed.
Said you didn't know that you had married an international thief.
I should've suspected, the way you stole my heart.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Say, "Bye, Daddy.
" Okay.
But it all went boom, remember? Becky, glasses.
When he dropped the thing, it was like Yeah, but Vader wasn't on it, remember? He was out chasing the good guys and Luke on his little ship.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, my gosh, that means Vader could be in this one.
I don't know, maybe.
Mom, can I have braids? Baby, I don't think your hair is long enough.
Let's do earmuffs.
Is that okay? Jason, only those on the Dark Side don't use their utensils.
Leave him.
He's eating.
- And can Christina come? - She has to come.
- Where? - New Star Wars.
Okay, eat your breakfast.
What you think? I don't have a problem with it, but do you really think Betty's gonna agree? I don't think Betty will have a problem with Christina staying another night.
I mean, she's got her hands full with that baby.
That's not what I meant, and you know it.
If we don't take her, she will never see it, and it's not harmful.
Betty is just an overprotective homebody.
Poor thing.
I don't really think she has any fun unless she's with us.
Christina, how would you like to go see The Empire Strikes Back with us and stay another night? Well, I take it you've cleared your schedule.
I just have swim today.
Okay, I can take you there, hon.
But I don't have my suit.
Of course, I will swing by your house, and I will pick it up while the three of y'all are at bible school.
Sound good? Jason, may the fork be with you.
Hello? Oh, hi, Betty.
It's Candy.
Listen, the girls are just having so much fun and just begged for another night, and I know we never do two nights in a row, but I just figured you had your hands full with that darling baby and that you wouldn't mind.
The thing is, I'm just gonna have to swing by and pick up Christina's bathing suit for the swim lesson, so is there a time that's good for you? Um, noon.
Hmm, yeah, I suppose I could make that work.
You know, so much to do.
You you'll also need peppermints because I give her one during the swim lesson - when she puts her head under.
- Peachy.
All right, see ya, hon.
Oh, no.
Not me! - Okay, wait! Hold on! - Yes, you! Yes, you! Totally! Can you please stop sitting on me? Jason.
The sun is actually back.
All right, y'all, let's go.
Watch out.
It's Friday the 13th.
Extra bad luck.
Morning, Candy! Hey, morning.
Good morning, Ron.
How are we today? - Reverend.
- Reverend Ron.
I'm so sorry.
That old habit is a doozy.
Montgomery, you know, I prefer if you knock.
You know, I just thought I'd pop in to see if maybe, possibly, you were gonna make an appearance today, because this is our last day and we haven't seen you yet.
I think vacation bible school is best left to the mothers.
- Don't you? - No, I do not.
Jackie used to come and pray and sing Reverend Ponder's no longer with this parish.
Oh, you know Sherry Cleckler and I just started a decorating business the Cover Girls.
We could really help you out with all this.
Oh, the one thing I do know is, I-I do not want a feminine touch.
Well, if you change your mind, just give me a call.
See you soon.
- Allan.
- Yeah.
Betty just called.
To give me hell about sending you out in the field.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
It's all fine, really.
She's just she's a little emotional right now, but I'm sorry.
Go by Cossetta's on 7th while you're out there.
- Bring her back something sweet.
- I will.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I told her not to do this anymore.
So next time when you're feeling sad because you didn't get what you want, you just wait 'cause God has something even better for you.
I have to call Sherry and tell her I can't drop off the card table.
She can swing by the house and get it.
But if I leave now to get Christina's bathing suit oh, Betty told me to come at noon, but now works better for me, when I think of it.
Miss Betty Jesus forgive me, but I can never tell if she loves children too much or not at all.
Oh, she just needs to loosen up.
No, besides, if I leave now, I might have time to stop at Target and pick up Father's Day cards for the kids on the way back, then pick up the kids, then home to change, then go to the pool, then back home to change again before we meet Pat for dinner and the movie.
Lord, you make me tired just listening to you.
But look at you you can do it all, Miss Candy.
Well, it's nothing if I can keep it all straight.
Well, just mind you get back in time to see the pageant.
Should be cute.
- Oh, I will be back for that.
- Should only be an hour or so.
That's why I'm going to the Plano Target.
Mm, smart.
All right, well, I'm gonna git.
Hey, y'all.
Smile big.
Yes, dear.
Have you seen my mother? I know she had some things to do, but she said she'll be back.
Okay, everyone, we're about to get started.
Bears, cats, cows - Aiden - Lions Penguins.
Giraffes, dinosaurs.
Bunnies elephant.
Christina! Candy, oh, my God, where have you been? Becky noticed that you missed the pageant.
Not sure if little Jason did 'cause he was Well, Betty and I got to talking, and then I went down to the Target in Plano, like I said, and you will not believe, when I got there, I realized my watch had stopped, and then I felt like I had been gone too long.
So I didn't even go in.
I just came right back here.
And now I guess I'm just gonna have to make it up to 'em.
Okay, well, calm down, now.
Nobody's judging you.
Can't be perfect all the time.
Oh, aren't your little sneakers so darling? I'm used to seeing your old beat-up shower shoes.
Thank you.
- Here you go, hon.
- Thank you.
- Mom.
- Hi, baby.
I am so sorry.
I went to get Christina's bathing suit and then to the Target in Plano to get your Father's Day cards, but my watch stopped, and I lost track of time, and I got here as soon as I could.
I wanted to pick out my own card.
Oh, well, of course.
Let's go do that after we're done eating, okay? Okay.
- Ooh! Ooh! Mom? - Third world babies.
Come on, let's get something sweet.
Becky, help Christina get ready for swim.
- Pat Montgomery.
- Hi, hon.
Oh, hi, hon.
What's going on? Uh, Christina will be coming to the movie with us tonight and spending the night again, and I was wondering if you could go to the bank and get some more cash 'cause I'm just not gonna have enough time, because I got to talking to Betty, and I just I ran later than I thought, and then when I went down to Target and, when I got there, realized my watch had stopped, and I didn't even go in.
I just went straight back to the church, and I missed the kids' pageant, but I did get Christina's bathing suit.
And now we're back here at the house, and I'm just got to get these kids out to the pool.
And then I got to find time to go get gas before we head down to see you, and then of course we're gonna come back to the house to change after the pool before, so do you think you could make it to the bank? Sure.
That's a lot.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Just some suburban car calculus.
Yeah, we're living the dream.
We are.
Hey, do you know where Allan Gore's working today? No.
Why? Never mind.
Good afternoon, sir.
How can I help you? Uh, I would like to buy some traveler's checks.
Of course.
How much would you like to spend and in which denomination? 700 British pounds, please.
Do you hold an account with us? Oh.
Yes, of course.
Here's my card.
My wife is gonna be so pleased to get these check numbers.
I think it's gonna make the trip more real for her, you know? Lovely.
Going to England? - No, Switzerland.
- Sort of a second honeymoon.
We were there, uh, shortly after our wedding.
I was, uh, on a work assignment.
One of the happiest times of our life.
Might as well go back, right? They say you can always go back.
Do they? Yeah yeah, where is that from? I don't know, but, uh, I've heard it.
Well, it works for me.
Now, do make a note of the numbers on these checks.
If they are lost or misplaced, they can be canceled and replaced.
Yes, I am going to call my wife right now and give her these numbers.
Thank you.
Hey, y'all.
- Hey.
- Hi, hon.
You know, I was thinking about it, and I think we're meant to hate Kristen's Ewing Oil condo, but I don't know.
I mean, I know that it's dated, but what's so wrong with with old things? I mean, people thought they were beautiful at one point.
But besides that, that whole affair is just hoo! Sometimes I think even I could go for a-a strong, bad man who goes after what he wants, even if it is his wife's evil sister.
And that mother of theirs so overbearing, sweet Jesus.
My, my, what is wrong? - Nothing.
- What? No, come on now, miss girly-girl.
You tell me everything.
Just too much coffee, I suppose.
Well, I'm not buying that, hon.
All right, look, let me get the in-laws out of the house, and then when I come back and return the table, we'll have a nice long gab about whatever this is.
- I'm fine.
- All right, kisses.
Final boarding for flight 892, Minneapolis, Saint Paul gate B13.
Hey! Remember that guy who was roller-skating down the hall, and he turned around, and he went like this Mom, he's doing it again.
What does that mean? It's bad, and he's not supposed to be doing it.
I'm gonna do it to baby Valerie.
All she does is cry.
You getting a quick nap? - Daddy! - Yeah.
Oh, ew.
I didn't think the kids would be here.
No! We're going to see Star Wars, remember? We said that this morning.
I know.
I'm joking, sport.
Hey, 5:15 hasn't started yet, and there are still tickets left.
Why don't we go see the movie now and eat afterwards? Yeah? All right.
- Come on! - Okay, let's go.
I'm sorry I'm taking so long.
- Let's go.
- Climb on out here, buddy.
Oh, you guys, you're so excited.
- You got your lightsaber? - Come on! All right, be careful with that.
- Wait for me, Becky! - Come on! All right, perfect.
Thank you.
Hey, you mind if we wait on dinner? I got to get a jog in.
I brought my Tigers.
They got reflectors in the back, in case it gets dark.
- You're welcome to join.
- No, that's all right.
I'm gonna head upstairs, try Betty again, but just give me a call when you're ready to eat, yeah? Yeah, okay.
Hello, Operator? I'm wondering if you could help me place a call.
I'm having a bit of a hard time getting through.
Wylie, Texas.
Allan Gore residence.
Thank you.
Oh, um no, thank you.
I-I'll just try back later.
All right.
But Dad, is Han dead? No, they wouldn't do that.
- I cut off your hand! - No! Why does Princess Leia hate him so much? I don't think she hates him.
I think she might love him.
No, I don't want the love stuff.
Jason, I am your father, and I love you.
No! You okay? You look like you're limping.
Oh, uh, I cut my toe on the storm door earlier.
You know, the one I asked you to fix? Oh, you did.
I'm sorry.
- This weekend, I promise.
- Okay.
Hey, I forget.
Does anybody like tacos? Tacos, tacos, tacos! - All right, I'll pick 'em up.
- I'll meet you at home.
- Okay.
- I want to come.
Yeah, I'll take him.
You take the girls.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'll see you at home.
Mom, when we get home, can we play dress-up? Mm-hmm.
Can you do my makeup? Yeah, I'm good at it.
My mom says ladies pinch their cheeks.
They don't use rouge.
That's ridiculous.
Four miles.
I'm really getting my conditioning up.
- Proud of you, baby.
- Thank you.
- Hello? - Hey, Candy, it's Allan.
Well, hi, Allan.
W-where are you? Oh, I'm in, um I'm in Saint Paul.
Hey, have you seen Betty at all today? Uh, well, I did see her this morning when I went to get Christina's bathing suit.
She's here with us, staying another night.
I Did she seem all right? Well, yeah, she seemed fine.
Christina's here with us, staying another night.
Would you like to speak to her? Um yes.
Christina, your daddy's on the phone.
Come say hi.
Just a sec.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Are you having fun? - Yes.
Candy Miss Candy.
Miss Candy took me to swimming, and then I went under and had a mint.
Well, I hope you had some dinner, too.
- Yes, we had tacos.
- Good.
Well night-night.
Okay, love you.
- Hey, Allan.
- Hey.
- Is everything all right? - I'm sure it is.
Betty's not answering the phone.
Would you like me to go over there? No, I'm sure everything's fine.
I'll have a neighbor do that, though.
Well, okay.
If you change your mind Oh, I'm sure everything's fine.
Thanks, Candy.
Oh, you're welcome.
- Bye.
- Okay, bye.
What was that all about? He just said Betty wasn't answering the phone.
I mean, she seemed fine when I saw her this morning, but then I went to Target, and I realized my watch had stopped.
I didn't even go in.
I just Just went right back to the church to get the kids.
You said that before.
Did I? Hmm.
Hello, I'm I'm looking for a phone number for Richard Parker in Wylie, Texas.
Oh, sorry.
Hang on one second.
Yeah, go ahead.
Thank you so much.
Hello? Hey, Richard, this is Allan Gore from, uh, across the street.
Uh, hey, Allan.
Hey, I'm really glad you're home.
Could I ask you for a favor? I was wondering if you wouldn't mind just popping across the street and checking on Betty for me.
- Uh - She's not answering the phone, and, um I'm a little worried about it.
Yeah, uh, I got the kids here, Allan.
I promise I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
It's the wife's bridge night, so I get it.
Richard, I'm in Saint Paul on business, and, you know, I've been calling her all day.
She always answers the phone, and, um, she's not.
So I could really use your help, Richard, if you don't mind.
Uh, yeah.
I can't, uh I can't do it just right yet, Allan, but, uh, I will.
Hello? Sid.
Yeah, of course.
I'll be right down.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You ready? I called.
The restaurant's still serving.
Uh, Allan Gore, room 217.
I'm wondering if you could have any calls that come in for me just forwarded to the restaurant.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Man I really worked up an appetite.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- What can I bring you? Uh, I'm Allan Gore.
Just in case a phone call comes in.
Has a phone call come in for me? Not that I know of, but we'll keep an ear out for you.
Can I get you something to eat? Yeah, um, it's not on the menu, but could I possibly just have some steamed chicken just, like, a half chicken.
- Okay.
- Vegetables.
Or baked baked is fine, but steamed, if you can.
Uh, I'll go check and come back.
I'm sure we can work something out.
And for you, sir? Oh.
I'm I'm not really that hungry right now, but maybe maybe just a slice of cheesecake.
All right, that is my kind of dinner.
Man, I wish I could eat like that, but those 15 pounds, they're not gonna keep themselves off, you know? - Uh, you look great.
- Thanks, buddy.
You know, it makes the soreness worth it.
You try her friends? Oh, she doesn't really have any friends.
She never leaves the house at night, so Uh, Mr.
Gore, the front desk said a Richard Parker called for you.
- Said to call back when you can.
- Thank you.
Uh, I'm gonna I'm gonna go.
What about your cake? You can just have them, uh, send it up to the room, I guess.
Thank you.
- Hey, Allan.
- Hey, Richard.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, yeah, I, uh, knocked real hard there - a couple times, and, uh - Okay, and? Nothing, uh, but your small car is gone, though, so she must be out.
Um do you have a phone book Nearby? Would you mind just flipping through and giving me a couple numbers? Give me the number for Medical City and, uh maybe the Wylie Police? Just a sec.
Hello? Candy.
Allan, is everything all right? Did you find Betty? No, I, uh I called the hospital and I called the police, and neither of them know where she is, or the baby.
I should go over there.
Do you want me to go over there? No, I'm gonna have a neighbor go again.
Oh, Allan.
Thanks, Candy.
Good night.
Good night.
Hello? Hey, it's me again.
I'm so sorry, Richard.
Would you mind just going over there one more time? Maybe she fell.
And just check all the doors? Please? Yeah.
All right.
- Um, just hold on.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Allan? - Yeah.
- Uh, her car is there.
- I just hadn't seen it before.
It was pulled all the way up.
Now, the lights are on, but it doesn't seem like anyone's home.
I need you to get into that house, Richard.
I don't care how you do it.
Uh, okay.
Um, you know, I might still have my, uh, realtor's key.
Break a goddamn window if you have to.
Just get into that house.
Richard? Christ, Jerry, what are you doing here? Allan called, asked me to check out the house.
Same here.
I don't know about this.
I feel it too.
Ruth insisted I bring it.
Whoa, whoa, it's me, Lester.
What are you doing here? - Ruth called.
She was worried.
- Asked me to come back you up.
What's going on here? Trying to find out.
It's weird.
Allan can't get ahold of Betty, but the car is here and the lights are on, and no one's opening the door.
I got my key ring.
I'll see if one of these works.
How about you two go out back and see if there's a window or something? Watch your step.
Jerry! Lester! The door was unlocked.
Betty? Hey, Richard.
Oh, my God.
- Baby, come here.
- Oh, get her out of here.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, no.
Oh, poor thing.
I got you.
I got you, baby.
Honey, take her.
- Lord, what's going on? - Just see to her, all right? Call the police, and you send 'em to the Gores' house.
Oh, what what are you getting that for? Stay inside with the doors locked till I come back, you hear? Tell me what's going on, baby.
Just lock the door behind me.
Oh, my God.
What is it, Lester? Good God almighty.
Hello? Hello? This is Allan.
Allan, Jerry here.
Hey, Jerry.
Listen it's not good.
But the baby's okay.
What about Betty? I'm sorry, Allan.
It looks like she's been shot.
Shot? We don't even own a gun.
Hello? Candy.
It's Betty.
She's dead.
She's been shot.
Wait, shot? W-with a gun? Yeah.
Everything's gonna be all right.

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