Cannes Confidential (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Death of a Jester

Who the fuck are you?
I'm a cop.
Welcome to Cannes.
Better luck next time, asshole.
Take this.
Why didn't you ask for backup?
No time.
You okay?
Now that you're here.
I could use a drink though.
Oh, yes, please!
Oh, yeah!
Good work.
It's nice to see
you can focus on the job
despite the domestic troubles.
That's what the city pays me for.
Somebody should tell her.
Hey, good luck for the trial tomorrow.
Not that you'll need it.
It's just a formality.
We'll take all the luck we can get.
LEA: Hey! That Not Guilty
verdict's already in the bag.
Your dad comes home and we get
our Chief of Police back.
- Drink?
- Drink.
I like this ♪
Got the 5:00 there,
feelin' good, I'm lit ♪
Counting, counting bands, oh, man ♪
Man, I struggled so hard,
now the girl like Swift ♪
Yo, my fellow jesters.
Ready for tomorrow's big announcement?
It's about time to shed
some light and scatter the lies.
Ready for tomorrow's big announcement?
Yo, it's me again.
Just one more thing.
Hey, Andre.
Today's the day. Feeling confident?
Yeah, me too.
Here's to your homecoming, Dad.
It's gonna be fine.
Gotta be fine.
Lea, this better be good.
I know today maybe isn't exactly
the day to be bothering you,
but we've got a dead body.
Victim's name, Vincent Devilly.
- Vince? No way.
- LEA: Victim shot in the chest
opposite the MJC Picaud building
underneath a new work of art
by "The Jester."
I'll be right there.
Hi, Gen, it's Camille.
Just wanted to check,
are we still on at 2:00?
Call me back.
CROWD: Keep art free!
Keep art free! Keep art free!
Keep art free! Keep art free!
Keep art free!
Keep art free!
Keep art free! Keep art free!
Keep art free! Keep art free!
Keep art free! Keep art free!
What do we know?
Shot twice.
Close range, by the look of it.
We haven't found his phone.
So, you did know him?
Yes. I was at school with him.
Bit of a geek. Long time ago.
He's one of several people rumored
to actually be The Jester.
Time of death?
Blood coagulation would indicate
the last three,
- maybe four hours.
- Same time.
Paint's sticky to the touch. Yes.
Vincent uploaded a video
on Insta at 4:30 AM.
Means he had his phone then.
A big announcement?
Makes you curious, doesn't it?
"Keep Art Free."
My kryptonite is modern art.
And Vince was The Jester?
According to rumors,
but mainly because his sister Delphine
runs the gallery
that promotes The Jester.
"Gallery Nexus."
There are some new Jester pieces,
an exhibit opening tonight, apparently.
Mm, so is that the big announcement?
Mm, the Jester's a real
moneymaker for Delphine.
I thought the whole point of
street art was that it was free.
Hence the slogan.
I mean, even Banksy sells canvases.
Go to work, Ramz.
Delphine's always had an eye for profit.
She used to trade kisses against
different favors at school.
Anyway, she never liked me.
I guess I'll have to talk to her.
Vince uploaded the video,
someone saw it,
robbed him, and shot him.
CAMILLE: We need to pull
the CCTV footage.
- What?
- What's going on?
I haven't heard from our lawyer yet.
Something feels off.
Gen, you didn't call me back.
I'm running a bit late.
See you at the courthouse instead.
Yeah, I would like her to come,
it's very important.
- Oh!
- Yeah. No, no, no, no,
- don't worry, it's nothing.
- Put down the phone.
Yeah, do it, please.
Hey, Severine, is that you?
Wait. How are you?
Well, where the devil
have you been this time?
We should catch up for a drink.
Yes, with pleasure.
Okay, alright.
See you around.
Watch where you're going, you idiot!
Watch where I'm going?
I'm not the one with the car
wrapped around a fire hydrant.
Well, well, well, well, if you hadn't
Well, I wouldn't
But I didn't,
and yet somehow, you still did.
- Dickhead.
- How's your car any
Oh, dear.
Oh Oh, my lord.
Listen, I have a man in Le Suquet,
his name is Thierry,
he has a repair shop.
He's an absolute genius
and he can get any old wreck
back on the road.
Old wreck?!
It's a classic, don't you see!
In the eye of the beholder, I assume.
Listen, you give Thierry a call.
You won't regret it.
This guy is an absolute genius.
You will not be disappointed.
What he can't do with a car
you do not want doing.
Here, give him a call.
Oh, and
drive safe now.
Slimy piece of
Yes! Yeah, baby, yes!
It's not over yet. Watch out.
Well, what are the odds?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Here you go, Delph, poor thing.
Thank you, Harry.
So how is your bumper?
Name, besides Harry?
Oh, you can call me Harry.
And you are?
Lieutenant Delmasse.
Camille Delmasse?
Sorry, I didn't recognize you at first.
You look so
One and the same.
Been a while, Delphine.
I take it you two know each other?
Harry's an old friend.
He came over to look at a piece.
So, you're a collector then?
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
More of a dabbler.
But I know what I like, Lieutenant.
Was it a Jester piece?
Jester? No, not a big fan.
But I couldn't leave Delphine alone.
When did you last see your brother?
Last night.
Then first thing I knew
were your officers my door.
Any idea who or why
someone wanted to kill Vince?
DELPHINE: No, of course not.
He had no enemies.
Everybody loved him.
He uploaded a video
from the crime scene at 4:30.
Have you seen it?
- No.
- His phone is missing.
But it's on his Instagram.
He mentioned a big announcement today.
Something you planned?
Any idea of what he meant?
No. Haven't the faintest.
Tell me, was Vince the Jester?
I realize it's a business secret,
- but I really need to know.
I'm I'm terribly sorry, I
I have to take this.
Yes, speaking.
Yes, he was The Jester.
His heart was in the right place.
He'd always had a great eye
for an image.
I just knew how to market it.
Now, where is your laptop, Delphine?
It was a secret.
But it was his idea.
He wanted it to be mysterious,
create a myth.
A cult following.
And it worked pretty well.
The Jester is big business.
And that annoys some people, right?
People get annoyed
by the least things these days,
don't you think?
Your dad, he used to be
the Chief of Police didn't he?
See, corruption's everywhere, right?
We're not here to talk about my father.
We're here to talk about your brother.
Of course.
Delphine, dear, I just heard the news.
I can't believe it.
How are you? Are you okay?
It's terrible.
I'm okay. But thank you for coming, Ed.
And you are?
Edouard Pechette. I run the MJC.
Vince is was helping me.
- It's such a tragedy.
- HARRY: Good boy.
Good boy. Yeah, yeah.
Well, he's been fed and watered,
but he's no quite himself today.
Oh! Hello, there.
He'd probably do with a game of fetch.
I really must get going.
Been a pleasure.
Wait. I might need to talk to you again.
Where are you staying?
Uh, well, I'm just visiting.
I move around a lot.
Delphine has my number.
- Yes.
- Bye.
Tell me.
There was a campaign against
the MJC's closure, right?
Yes, Vincent was an avid supporter.
- Who's buying the venue?
- Luc Verin.
He's hell-bent on turning it
into a rip-off concert venue.
Vince hated the idea.
We all do.
I thought you said Vince had no enemies.
GENEVIEVE: Are you sure about this?
PHILIPPE: It's decided.
GENEVIEVE: I don't understand.
PHILIPPE: And don't tell Margaux
and Camille yet.
Especially Camille.
You have done everything.
You can now keep Camille out of this.
What did Delphine say?
It's looks like Vince had
a few enemies after all.
And Delphine claims he was the Jester.
With the Jester dead, who benefits? Hmm?
Delphine? But it's her brother.
Or MJC's new buyer, Luc Verin?
Or maybe art collectors already
in possession of his art.
You got to see this.
Hmm. There's Vincent.
RAMZY: There's no sign of anyone else.
Only Vince. Look.
It means our killer knew
where the cameras were located.
The cartridges found were 9 millimeters.
But no guns, no prints,
killer probably using gloves.
And still no phone.
I think we need to have a word
with the new MJC buyer Luc Verin.
I'll find out where he's at.
Gen, finally, what's happening?
What's going on?
You haven't been to
the monastery lately.
What's with the troubled brow?
Oh, nothing, I Just had
a brief run-in with the law.
Nothing serious, not even about me,
just old habits.
So, what is it this week?
Oh, fishing, of course.
The thing about fishing is you
aren't in charge, the fish is.
You just have to be there,
line in the water, waiting.
You still need time, though.
There's always time.
I take it you haven't seen her yet?
Be quiet around those fish, Placid.
They postponed your dad's trial?
She wouldn't say.
New evidence. I don't know.
- But something's wrong.
- But she's your lawyer.
She's dad's lawyer.
He is her client.
I need to talk to him.
Find out what's going on.
Hm. Le Blanc.
She knows.
Luc Verin
fat fingers in lots of pies.
The proposed takeover is taking place.
Luc Verin?
Who's asking?
If you'll excuse me, gents.
I'll see you for the signature.
How can I help you?
I gather you hope to take over.
And not a moment too soon.
Look at the state of this place.
Amazing, isn't it?
Full of heart and soul and memories.
Means a lot to the community.
Hell of a campaign against your plans.
Yeah, people always resist
progress, don't they?
But we'll turn this shit hole
into a state-of-the-art concert venue.
That will charge a fortune
and exclude the locals.
The kids round here
aren't gonna get a look in.
Your daddy didn't think so.
- How d'you know him?
- Oh, we go way back.
He, um, used his influence.
Vince Devilly was a vocal opponent
of your planned takeover, right?
I heard.
I heard, but never met him in person.
But as rumored local hero "The Jester,"
he made things quite difficult for you.
Listen, I'm sorry
for what happened to him,
but it's not my problem.
Mm, still, pretty convenient he's gone.
Mm, is that a hidden accusation
I detect, Lieutenant Delmasse?
She's thinking out loud. Bad habit.
You'll have to excuse me.
It's too obvious.
We need to check his alibi
for last night.
Yeah, you do that.
You. Again?
Come to confess?
I came to see Ed, but then I saw you.
Happy coincidence.
Or unhappy, hmm?
Now that you've seen me
Always so friendly?
I'm not your friend.
What are you hiding?
Well, word on the town is that
Vince Devilly
was about to leave the country.
Thought you might like to know.
How do you know that?
Why don't you ask Delphine?
Have a lovely day, Lieutenant.
You okay?
MAN: Hey, you!
VERIN: Let me go!
You're fine?
Get him. Get him!
Oh, you didn't call him, did you?
'Cause Thierry would have
given you a replacement car
free of charge.
You'd have been back on the road
by now in this beautiful thing.
- Keys! Now!
- What? No, no, no.
And I'm driving. Keys! Now!
No! I've seen you drive, no way!
HARRY: Over my dead body.
However you want to play,
it's fine by me.
But I'm coming too.
- Ready?
- Yep.
HARRY: Whoa, whoa! Easy!
Easy on the old girl,
she's old-fashioned.
Easy on the clutch
between second and third, okay?
- Hang on!
- Oh, no!
Easy, easy, she's a lady.
Stop the car! Stop the car!
Yeah, I don't think he's gonna stop.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?!
Oh, sweet Jesus. Thank God.
You could've killed me. Are you mad?
A little.
You're under arrest.
Ouch. Aah.
Why did you attack Verin?
Luc Verin killed Vince.
He was obsessed with
silencing The Jester.
I'll ask the questions!
Vince had come up with a plan.
We were going to save the MJC.
You'd know if you ever paid attention.
As opposed to?
Yeah, as opposed to?
Sleeping with Delphine.
Come on. Oh, wow.
Magical. Come here.
So, do you always sleep
with gallery owners?
Do you always shoot
and ask questions after?
Answer the question.
Why? You gonna shoot me?
Hm, if you insist.
I think you're jealous,
aren't you, Detective?
In your dreams.
what is the nature of your
relationship with Delphine?
Friends with benefits?
Hoping to get a discount?
Or maybe partners in crime?
You are. You're jealous.
Let me tell you something
about Ed Pechette.
Ed Pechette over there is
madly in love with Delphine,
so he's not exactly thinking straight.
She and I are just good friends
with the occasional business interest.
There is no "we."
Do you want a ride home?
No, I think I've had enough
of you for one day.
Suit yourself.
Long walk, though.
Have a lovely walk!
- Yes, Cam.
- CAMILLE: How are things going?
Verin's alibi checks out.
And he's not pressing
any charges against Pechette.
Figured, avoiding bad publicity.
How about you? Feeling better?
Yeah, I'm fine, but I can't say
the same for my self-esteem.
Who was the guy?
Just some guy I met
at Delphine's swanky villa.
- Harry.
- Harry?
Just so you know, this place
is crawling with suits.
Le Blanc is having a fit.
Copy that. I'll stay far, far away.
And Vince Devilly didn't live
at the swanky villa.
Slept on the floor
of the MJC by all accounts.
So Verin threatened Vince,
according to Pechette.
And Vince was leaving the country.
- Why?
- What? According to who?
According to Harry.
We still have no trace
of the gun or the missing phone.
What now?
I think I better have a new chat
with Delphine.
That gallery opening was today,
wasn't it?
LEA: Yes, and I'll meet you there
after my meeting with Le Blanc.
CAMILLE: Enjoy. Also, send to my
position a police car, please.
Bye, Cam.
LE BLANC: Come in.
Do you know why
Philippe Delmasse's trial
- was postponed?
- No.
He's pleaded guilty to all charges.
Guilty of corruption, bribes,
fast-tracking permits,
money transfers to businesses
linked to organized crime,
obstruction of justice,
and the list goes on and on.
Does Camille know?
Our former Chief is going
to prison for a long time,
and it's going to
have an effect on Camille.
You're a good cop.
I don't want to see you
dragged down with her.
All comes down to basic physics.
Don't stand too close to the flame, Lea.
You'll get burned.
You can go.
Places like this can be intimidating.
You know, make you feel
like you don't belong.
You dabble in psychology as well?
No, just an avid observer.
Shall we?
Want to lose your arm?
Okay, after you, Lieutenant.
Just smile and imagine them all naked.
It's a great leveler.
I'd rather not, thank you.
Friends of yours?
No, I have actually seen her naked.
A life-drawing class.
- CAMILLE: Her too?
- HARRY: No, no, not her.
You know, I think I just have
one of those faces.
Yeah. The kind you want to punch.
Here's Here's art
you can actually drink.
Not on the job, thanks.
What kind of job is that?
Doesn't sound like much fun.
Or is that the way you like things,
always to look and never to touch?
I don't judge.
Delphine doesn't look too bereaved.
Oh, you know the show must go on.
Well, listen, I'll leave you
to your very interesting work,
Lieutenant Delmasse.
Ah, the digitus impudicus, beautiful.
Excuse me.
It seems like a great success.
Despite the tragic circumstances.
The harsh reality.
Vince would have wanted it.
Such a shame he didn't get to see this.
Well, art doesn't sell itself.
What now?
More questions?
Camille, I am hosting this opening.
I can't talk now.
Yeah, I just checked
the Jester art online
and noticed
that the prices have gone up.
Way up.
Market forces. What can I say?
Demand seems to have gone
through the roof
all of a sudden.
As soon as the news spread that
The Jester might be dead, right?
Is it true that Vince
was leaving the country?
Excuse me. I have guests to attend to.
HARRY: Ah-ah-ah-ah, nice try.
You know, where I come from,
we call that a French exit.
If you're gonna keep
breathing down my neck,
at least tell me
what you know about Vince,
the so-called Jester.
Anonymity was his superpower.
And he was prepared to give it away.
So he wasn't painting for the money,
which is rare nowadays.
Delphine's making a huge profit
from her brother's death.
Young geniuses sell.
Especially dead ones.
- Ask Basquiat.
- That's my point.
There's your motive.
What's your business here?
Art. Beauty.
Fluff. Nonsense.
Well, you know what they say.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Ta-ta for now.
CAMILLE: I don't understand.
LEA: That's what Nina told me.
I don't know what to say.
I'm so sorry, Camille.
Years ago, when Mum got sick,
Dad promised us
he'd make everything okay,
and I believed him.
Margaux didn't.
For all she's a mess,
she was right.
Now this.
It's not over.
He pleaded guilty, Lea.
Oh, we haven't met.
Am I interrupting something?
Harry? The guy from the MJC?
Not now, please.
Just so you know, I can't
find Delphine anywhere.
Don't you find that surprising?
Delphine leaving her own opening.
It's a bit like the pope
skipping out on Midnight Mass.
Her car is still here.
I knew she was hiding something.
And I don't know if you know this,
but she was also heavily in debt.
This whole lifestyle, it costs.
So she was getting desperate.
And Vince was leaving the country.
- Vince wanted out?
- CAMILLE: Uh-huh.
The big announcement.
So just for the record,
I didn't kill Vince.
I mean, if I had,
I wouldn't be sitting here.
Delphine's got a motive,
Luc Verins's got a motive,
hell, even Fifi's got a motive!
Delphine's dog.
Okay, let's split.
You take a look around
and I'll check the inside.
And you stay here.
We are the ones carrying badges.
Right. Time to work.
Hello, hello, What have we here?
Bingo. He shoots, he scores.
Harry King, you've done it again.
Oh, Delphine, what are you doing?
"Vincent Devilly."
See what's happens with this.
Who are you calling, Harry?
- HARRY: Oh, Delphine.
- Breaking and entering?
No, no, I just heard
I heard a dog bark. I thought
I thought maybe for a second
you'd locked Fifi in here.
- But of course I shouldn't
- Step out.
- Well.
- Now.
All right, well, if you insist.
Careful with the pistol there, Delphine.
You used me to steal these.
I'm a thief now? Okay.
So what you gonna do?
You're gonna shoot me?
- Why not?
- Oh, Delphine.
Yes, I found your stash
of previously unseen,
conveniently packaged for market
original Jester pieces.
Proves nothing.
I caught a thief.
HARRY: You can answer it.
And they say dead men tell no tales.
Drop the gun, Delphine!
- Drop yours.
- I can't do that.
Or I shot him.
CAMILLE: Was it because
of the announcement?
Vince wanted out.
He was leaving the country.
Maybe he was selling everything,
leaving you with nothing.
You don't know that.
You have no proof.
Give us Vince's mobile.
Means nothing, just his usual ramblings.
Let's see if he was rambling or not.
Drop your gun!
VINCENT: Yo, it's me again.
Just one more thing.
End of story.
So you killed Vince, your own brother.
- I loved him.
- All for greed.
But he tried to destroy
everything I worked for so hard.
I just couldn't.
It's just sad, Del.
Vince bought a plane ticket to India.
It's all in his phone.
He was about to sell everything
and donate all the proceeds to charity.
He wanted to save the MJC.
"Keep art free."
Must have made Delphine furious.
She made him
and now he was betraying her.
What about that jester over there?
I will.
So you're Harry.
Art dabbler, lockpicker,
wiseass, what else?
Dogwalker extraordinaire.
Not a bad first-change bowler,
and I make a mean Cordon Bleu.
Mm. I'm a vegetarian.
I love a challenge.
I know you were interested in Delphine
because of the Jester art.
I believe you are an opportunist.
Aren't we all?
CAMILLE: Margaux!
What the hell happened in here?
What happened?
Talk to me!
Genevieve gave me this.
Why didn't you tell me?
He's not only your dad.
I know, sweetie. Listen to me.
He's innocent.
I promise.
It will be okay.
Come here.
Leave me alone.
Lieutenant Delmasse.
OFFICER: Lieutenant, we found
that Triumph you were looking for.
It's parked down at Port Canto.
- Let's go inside, now.
- Daddy, no!
Daddy, Daddy, no!
"Best dad in the world."
Come on, pretty boy, what is it
you're hiding in there?
- You gotta be kidding.
No way.
"Vince Traynor"? Come on.
"Douglas," I have no idea what.
"Jean-Pierre Leon."
We meet again, Mr. King.
Oh, my God!
Or should I call you
Vince Traynor or Joe White?
Hard to keep track.
A man with several fake passports,
identities has something to hide.
Maybe from these clippings,
heists, forgeries.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm sorry, it's
Camille, right?
Isn't this an unexpected pleasure?
You must be quite schizophrenic.
Don't get up.
I assume this is a social visit.
I can't imagine Cannes police
would break and enter.
I'm sure you don't mean
to make light of schizophrenia.
It's a very serious condition.
It's not just about hearing voices
and multiple personalities.
Your fingerprints will
tell us all we need.
Show up on a number of agencies,
no doubt.
HARRY: But I am curious.
Was it your dad who taught you
how to bend the rules?
Upholding the law on one hand
and breaking it with the other?
Don't you dare.
HARRY: He changed his plea
on the day of his trial.
Isn't that quintessentially
a split personality?
Don't you wonder why?
I know I do. Well, not wonder.
Because I know why.
What do you think you know?
Two years ago,
Anne-Marie Blanchet was accused
of stealing millions of euros
from the government.
She changed her plea
on the eve of her trial,
just like your father.
Because someone got to her.
HARRY: She had three children.
She still has three children.
Your father chose to stay inside
to protect you,
as every good father would.
- But who?
- Ah, well, that's the thing.
You see, I happen to know someone,
and this is his trademark.
Tell me his name.
Oh, that I can't do.
Who are you?
What are you doing in Cannes?
You know, there are some things
that you're better off
not knowing, trust me.
Trust you?
A con man.
If I help you, then you forget all this.
Then I'll make sure that
you get your father back
and you never see me again.
And I will nail your balls
to the deck of your crappy boat
if you do a runner on me.
[LAUGHS] I believe you would.
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