Cannes Confidential (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Creatures of Habit

Maxime, Natalia,
all is set on the terrace.
The Belroses are here.
- Hi!
- Hi.
I'm good, thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm gonna get you a drink, hm?
You're making cocktails now.
Would you like to have a drink with us?
Do you have time for that?
Maybe later.
Just the way you like it, Talia.
Mm. Thank you, Maxi.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- So, ladies, cheers.
- Very nice.
Cheers to you.
Thank you for the invitation.
Thank you very much.
- Is everything okay?
- Sure.
- Is she mad at something?
- No, no, don't worry.
It's okay.
Sorry my mistake.
No worries.
- Oh, my God.
- Talia. Talia.
Talk to me, Talia.
A doctor! Please, someone call a doctor!
Call an ambulance, please!
- Bitter almonds
- Poison.
My bet is cyanide.
Swift killer.
Painful way to go.
Personal or?
Isn't it always?
Okay, Ramz, get to work.
I'll call our lieutenant.
Okay, guys, let's do this.
What are you doing here?
Ugh! Man!
What, are you really
not pleased to see me
or is this just
your regular morning face?
We had a deal. You should be focusing
Yeah, I know we had a deal,
and I am focused.
Nothing focuses my mind
like a few hands of blackjack
in the morning.
More to the point,
I've just heard the news
that my poor friend Maxi's wife died.
So, please.
You're gambling now?
Why am I not surprised?
What should I call you today, hm?
Joe? Jack? Harry? Peter Dylan the Third?
Oh, Harry is just fine.
Bag this, please.
Can we get a photo of the glass, please?
Can you bag the glass
and the water bottle, please?
You say nothing. You do nothing.
Nothing. Got it.
Nothing's a problem for me, you know.
So, he's your new driver?
What's he's doing here?
Nothing. What do we got?
Natalia Beauregard,
casino owner Maxime's wife.
Died instantly.
C.O.D. most likely cyanide,
but we'll have to wait
for the full autopsy.
Empty those.
Can you get the trash, please?
Casino guests are inside.
Victim was with her husband and
Let's split.
Ah, this is, erm, Lieutenant Delmasse.
Monsieur Beauregard,
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Talk me through what happened.
Did your wife eat or drink
anything out of the ordinary?
No, no. I fixed her a cocktail as usual.
Nothing but routine, you know.
The cosmo was untouched.
Were you with her the whole time?
No. She, uh, had been feeling
a little low.
So I talked to some guests and
Have you or your wife received
any threats lately?
Why would anyone want to harm Natalia?
Your casino is one of
the city's landmarks.
You're the owner.
Lots of women must have been
jealous of your wife.
Did you see anyone acting strange?
Um, I mean, it's a casino.
Behavior here is always
a bit strange, so
How well did you know Natalia?
I guess I knew her enough
to know that she was sweet,
very sweet
Bit clingy, though, right?
I mean, body clock ticking and all that?
Hey, we're asking questions,
not speculating
It's true.
Natalia wanted to have a baby.
How do you know? Did she tell you?
Can you please remove yourself?
Maxi's not exactly
the faithful type, is he, though?
I mean, not the settling kind.
I guess yeah.
Oh, hi.
Okay. I'll go.
Your man Harry here is something else.
Like a pesticide.
Yes, the irritation certainly lingers.
Do you want to talk to the sisters?
I think I got the picture.
The one on the left is jealous
of the one on the right.
The one on the right keeps
looking over sis's shoulders
to see if she can spot Maxime.
So, I'd say
she's been sleeping with him,
but the other one would like to.
I bet neither of them really
got on with the victim.
So, that makes both of them suspects.
And the assistant confirmed
Maxime to be
quite promiscuous.
- Lieutenant Delmasse.
- Hi.
You're Maxime's assistant, right?
Uh, yeah.
Know anyone with a grudge
against Maxime?
No. I mean, there was a high roller
that got kicked out of the
casino about a week ago, but
Do you have a name?
Uh, Roxie Roland.
She got thrown out for cheating.
She made some threats.
I'll need to see CCTV of that.
Isn't that great?
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
Margaux, what are you doing here?
Police said I had to stay.
And then I met this charming gentleman.
Yeah, and you never told me
you had such an intriguing
and beautiful younger sister.
I'm in charge, and I say go!
Well, she actually saw Maxime
and Natalia arrive together,
so technically she's a witness
and has to stay.
I really like your new friend.
He's cute.
But a bit old.
- Cute?
- Old?
Come here.
Okay. What on earth is wrong now?
We had a deal.
Now get me that information.
You have 24 hours, or I'll
Nail my balls
to the deck of my crappy boat.
I know.
I've just arrived at the casino
and I have an appointment
with Mr. Beauregard.
Where are you at?
Rooftop terrace?
Yeah, I just arrived at the casino.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Is that Dior you're wearing?
'Cause I had you pegged
for more of a "Juliette has
a gun" kind of a girl.
24 hours.
Don't test me.
24 hours.
Okay, then.
Whew! Okay.
Nina again? What did she want?
She met with Maxime.
What's up with the blond dude?
I can't tell you yet, Lea.
Yeah, been a lot of that lately.
You mentioned Natalia
wasn't feeling well.
Others say she was upset.
Care to comment?
Domestic quarrels, nothing big.
Because of your antics?
What are you implying?
What is she implying? I loved her.
- I would never hurt her.
- But you slept around.
And you wouldn't give her
the one thing she really wanted.
A baby.
Are you here to judge?
Just trying to understand.
Natalia knew what she was getting into.
I made it clear from the start.
Was she threatening to put
a stop to all your antics?
Take you for every penny.?
It was a mutual agreement.
Years ago, I had a vasectomy done.
I cannot produce children at all.
She knew it.
I didn't kill Natalia.
Come in.
I got your text. What do you want?
I know this must be hard for you.
Your father's admission of guilt.
It's a mistake. We'll appeal.
Your father has admitted
to all the accusations.
He signed a confession.
Didn't they tell you?
Philippe had a bank account
with three million Euros in it.
Anyone can open a bank account.
He's been seen on CCTV in a bank
doing it last year.
CCTV can be tampered with.
Do you understand
the gravity of the situation?
This spills over on all of us.
Public doesn't trust us as it is.
Everyone knows who your father was.
And everyone knows who you are.
How do you think
you're gonna do your job
in light of what's happened?
What are you saying?
I think it would be in
everyone's interest
if you took some time.
You're dismissed.
The woman we kicked out three days ago.
Roxie came in three nights in a row.
She cheated every time.
What kind of money are we talking about?
On the first night, she walked away
with the guaranteed
prize money of $50,000.
On the second, $100,000.
And on the third, almost $250,000.
How did she cheat?
We don't know.
Then how do you know she cheated?
No one is that good.
Do you know where she's staying?
- No.
- Hm.
Was she here when the murder happened?
Surely she was banned.
Not officially.
She could have found a way
to get inside.
Turn up the sound, please.
You haven't heard the end of this, Maxi.
You just wait!
- Did she know him?
- I don't think so.
Is there any way she could have
come close to Mrs. Beauregard?
No one is allowed near the private bar.
It's my job to make sure of that.
Get me every piece of video
footage of that woman.
Yes, ma'am.
Hello, Philippe.
What have I done to earn a visit
from the new chief of police?
Didn't think you could
tear yourself away
from the new office.
Well, I'm not really here about you.
Camille doesn't agree with you?
Or just being the regular pain?
She has a little trouble cooperating.
Wonder who she got that from.
So we wondered if you might
help her see sense.
You think she'd listen to me?
I think it'd be in her best interests.
And if I don't?
We just want what's best.
And who, exactly, is "we"?
The police force. Obviously.
So, you think you know
what it's like at the top, Nina?
You haven't the faintest clue.
And then one day you wake up
and find yourself
in the gathering storm,
clinging on to the last shred of light.
I can see you've had some time to think.
Maybe that's what it does
to you, being locked up.
I wouldn't know.
- I'm not the one behind bars.
- Mm.
- Talk to Camille.
- My daughter is her own woman.
And I am proud of that.
So no.
A high roller on a winning streak
would know every inch of
a casino is closely monitored.
Why lose her cool and make a threat?
- Personal?
- She called him Maxi.
Like a reflex.
I bet she knew him.
So, Roxie has a motive.
She was banned. But is it strong enough?
She had opportunity, but no access.
Talking about motives, a week ago,
Maxime fired his long-standing
bartender, Yevgeny.
A barman might know his poisons.
Except he left the country.
But according to other staff,
he was getting down and dirty
with the assistant, Bella Degarmo.
Never guess, would you?
Definitely not the dirty part.
Turns out Maxime doesn't
allow employee relationships.
Unless they're with him, of course.
Either way, Bella Degarmo wasn't happy.
A disgruntled assistant.
Not much of a motive.
Okay, I have to know.
What's going on?
- Nothing's going on.
- Come on.
I don't mean in that way.
That's none of my business.
I mean, Harry just rocks up here again,
playing Sherlock Holmes.
And you let him?
He smells like a bad egg.
I know. It's complicated.
- Chief Le Blanc.
- Jesus Christ, Lea!
I've been trying to reach
Camille for hours.
Who the hell do you guys think you are?
- Eliot freaking Ness?
- It's for you.
Put her on the phone now,
or it's your ass!
- Yeah.
- You've been avoiding me.
Well, I've been working.
Just got off the phone with the mayor.
Maxime Beauregard is a close
personal friend of his.
Mayor wants this case solved.
And I think we owe it to him,
given all the crap
he's had to field about your father.
For me, it's a win-win.
Solve it, mayor's happy.
Not solve it, and your
performance rating'll drop,
which is the only thing
keeping you in a job right now.
Why would I care what you think?
Like father, like daughter.
He looks well, by the way.
Yeah, I went to see him.
You didn't dare!
I had hoped to tell you about it, but
you wouldn't take my calls.
Hello, Fredo.
I thought you were dead.
But you're quite healthy for a dead man.
Correction. You hoped I was dead.
And now you've come out of
hiding from your rabbit hole.
What do you want? Is it money?
Why? You feeling guilty, Fredo?
For shopping me to the Swiss?
I've got to say,
they make lovely clocks,
but their sense of justice
is just cuckoo.
I've come to call in a favor.
One that you owe me.
What's it worth?
Me keeping my mouth shut.
And a copy of that hard drive
with all your affairs on it
that you're so keen
to get your hands on.
You give me the drive
and what do you want from me?
Julien Boire.
One that you should stay far away from,
if you don't want to trade
your rabbit hole for a coffin.
I want to know where he is,
and anything that can connect him
to the former chief of police in Cannes.
You give me what I want,
and you get your drive back.
And you'll never hear from me again.
Give me till tomorrow.
My number.
Arrivederci, Fredo.
See if you can get anything
from this photo.
Dig on the internet,
social media, anything.
And do a facial recognition search.
- She might have a record.
- Copy that.
I'll check the hotels and Airbnbs.
- Nothing comes up.
- Really?
Could be a fake name.
Yeah, probably is, if she's a cheat.
Okay, so, we have a recent development.
Natalia was six weeks pregnant.
And Maxime had a vasectomy done.
So, who's the father?
And did Maxime know?
Where are you going?
To have a word with Mr. Vasectomy.
Just go inside, now!
Wanna go to the pool?
'Cause I know you are not
a fan of the beach.
Why are you here?
More questions?
The autopsy showed that Natalia
was six weeks pregnant.
I know. She told me.
She wanted to keep it.
But you are not the father.
I fired him.
The father.
- The barman?
- Yeah.
Natalia seduced him
because you wouldn't give her
what she wanted.
I couldn't ask her to get rid of it.
It was her decision.
Did you know she financed all this?
The casino.
It was her money.
Do you know this woman?
No. Should I?
That's Roxie Roland.
She was unofficially banned
from the casino.
She threatened you.
Yeah. Now I remember, yeah.
She was acting crazy.
She was thrown out.
But no, I don't know her.
You're sure?
Nice view. I'll see you.
So, the Belrose sisters arrived
before the Beauregards
and were served drinks by Bella Degarmo.
Maxime arrives
and serves his wife's drink.
A cosmo, which she didn't touch.
Instead, she drank a bottle of water.
The sisters stayed
on the terrace the whole night.
- Ramz.
- So, autopsy report confirmed
Saddam's poison of choice cyanide.
But after closer examination, the poison
was actually
in the lipstick on the bottle.
She was already poisoned
when her lips touched that glass.
Which means anyone
could have tampered with it
before she reached the terrace.
Maxime knew Natalia was pregnant.
He fires the barman, AKA father,
and had opportunity.
But did he really kill his wife, hm?
And Bella Degarmo?
Bella's barman lover
had just been sacked,
and was the father of Natalia's child.
She was pissed, had both
opportunity and motive.
There are no prints on the lipstick
except Natalia's own.
But I went through the garbage
that's four years
of forensic studies for you
and I found these.
Latex gloves?
Close. Nitrile.
And I already checked with
the casino cleaning staff
they use latex.
Mm. So, nitrile gloves?
Yeah, chemical gloves, resistant
to potassium cyanide,
among other nasty substances.
So, whose are the gloves? Roxie's?
We have nothing to tie her
to the lipstick or the poison.
Hm. Check the gloves for cyanide traces.
Will do. And I'll clean them
and turn them inside out.
That way, we can get prints.
It won't win the Nobel prize.
It's been done before.
Criminals think they safe using gloves.
They're not.
What are we missing?
We need to go through
the footage again, mm?
Where are we on the photo?
Facial recognition program
still running.
She has no records.
We need to find a way
to flush Roxie out.
We don't know where she is,
nor where she's staying.
Did you miss me?
Not really.
Well, I might have some news
on you-know-who later.
Oh, that's good.
Listen, I'm right in the middle
of something, and
Actually, meet me at the casino.
- Okay.
- Now.
At the casino.
Okay, Maxi, how quickly
could you rustle up
a high-stakes poker game?
- Depends on the prize money.
- Half a mill.
- A matter of minutes.
- Bang!
We'll have to wait
until the casino opens.
And lift the ban on Roxie Roland.
We need her here for the game.
Only invitation, no guests.
Okay. See you, guys.
Thanks, Maxi.
How do you know she'll come?
She'll come. It's human nature.
We have all our suspects tonight.
If this backfires,
Nina's gonna have
your lady-balls for breakfast.
I'll tell her it was your idea.
I'll tell her it was Harry's idea.
Fair enough.
- Where is he, by the way?
- I don't know.
Get started with that footage.
- I'll catch up later.
- Yeah.
Well, all the invited players
are here except this Roxie.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Let me introduce you my player.
- Harry?
- Yeah.
If someone can break her, it's him.
I run a casino.
Harry's my insurance.
Excuse me.
You're a cardsharp?
Eh, I've been known to play
a few hands in my time.
So, our game is no-limit Texas hold'em,
a variant on seven-card stud
played at all the biggest
poker tournaments all around the world.
The buy-in here is set at 100,000.
The pot will be half a mill.
There'll be five players,
one of which is your bogey.
Now, poker is a window into the soul.
So if we're gonna find out
if she's hiding something,
the best way is to beat her
fair and square.
And to do that, we're gonna
have to work out her tell.
- Her tell?
- Oh, come on, Camille.
You've been to the movies, surely?
- Humor me.
- Okay.
Well, poker is a game about
human behavior and psychology.
It's not always about
who has the best cards.
it certainly helps.
It certainly can be.
You see, it's all about
bluffing and illusion,
and creating doubt in your opponents
so that they reveal their tell.
We all have our tics, our foibles.
We are, after all, creatures of habit.
And what if she has no tell?
Roxie Roland was suspected
of cheating and thrown out,
although no surveillance camera
ever caught her cheating.
Oh, come on, Camille.
We all have our tells.
Even you.
Okay, so I know you're not
arresting her for cheating.
So, you think she's the killer?
Ground control to Major Tom.
Some way, Roxie Roland
poisoned Natalia Beauregard.
I need to know how.
We'll keep her here as long as possible.
You'll be miked up. I'll be upstairs
watching you.
Oh, well, that's a comforting thought.
Yes, Ramz?
The facial recognition search
just came through.
Nothing on criminal records,
but I found this old staff photo
on the restaurant web page.
It may not look like her
but it's impossible
to fool this technology.
Ramz, good job.
Thanks, boss.
I knew it.
So, that's, um
Stay focused.
Oh, I'm focused.
You keep watching.
So, these are all the footage
with Natalia and Roxie?
We need to find a way of getting
the poison from A to B.
This is the same night.
Roxie's in the bar the whole time.
Ah! Good evening, everyone.
Hello, sir.
How do I talk to him?
Just press this button here.
- Simple.
- Simple.
Guess who?
Hello, Lady Luck.
Or are you Miss Misery?
Oh, very classy.
Good evening.
I don't believe we've met.
Harry King.
Roxie Roland.
What's your poison?
Um Excuse me?
Can I get you a drink?
Um No, I'm fine, thanks.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we'll be playing a game
of no-limit Texas hold'em.
The buy-in is set at 50OK minimum.
Okay? Small blind, big blind.
Alright! Time to dance.
Good luck, everyone.
The disgruntled assistant.
Here they go. Can you find out where to?
Opening at 2,000.
Call 2,000.
Call as well.
Here they are.
No camera in the toilet room?
No, it's forbidden.
No game tables in there.
Opening at 2,000 again.
Call 2,000.
Showdown. Last one to raise.
Ace high.
Two pairs, I win.
Thank you, gentlemen.
She has no tell.
No betting pattern, no physical tics.
How does she do it?
Well, you're the expert.
I fold.
Opening at 20,000.
Roxie's gone.
Call 20,000.
All in.
All in. 15,500 and all in.
Here she is.
Toilets as well.
So, Roxie had opportunity.
Showdown. Your turn, sir.
A pair of kings.
Three of a kind wins it all.
Good game.
Well played.
Thank you very much.
Don't mind if I do.
Two players left.
We'll do a small break
before the end game.
Okay, so Roxie doesn't cheat.
She reads people.
The best I've ever seen.
- Come on.
- I'm serious.
She knows their tells.
She plays the percentages
until she susses a tell
and then she moves in for the kill.
Look, Roxie had opportunity.
She followed Natalia into the toilets.
She could have switched
or put the poisoned lipstick
- into her purse.
- Okay.
Except you have absolutely no proof,
and you still need motive.
Don't rub it in.
I did notice a scar on her wrist.
Suicide attempt?
I'll see what I can find out.
Well, do you have our killer?
Before you met Natalia,
were there any others?
What do you mean?
Other "mutual agreements"?
Other women?
Maybe other unexpected pregnancies?
Answer me.
Why did you do the vasectomy?
Because something happened.
But it has nothing to do with this.
Do you recognize this woman?
She had a scar. She cut her wrists.
She was a waitress.
What happened?
She got pregnant.
Hell hath no fury like
a woman scorned, Mr. Beauregard.
And the river is
I don't know about you, Roxie,
but I think, uh,
this one might leave a scar.
But, you know, behind all scars,
there's a story, isn't there?
It's what makes us human.
And even if time heals wounds,
the little marks,
well, they remain, meaningless
to others, but to us,
they remind us who we were
at one exact moment in time.
Don't they, Roxie?
All in, big shot.
I think I'll call.
- It's time.
- Yep.
Full house.
Were you paying attention
or were you too busy
wondering what he thinks?
That's not the king of spades.
Can't be.
Well, if it is,
then Harry's king of spades
completes his royal flush
and leaves your full house in the dirt.
Get everyone out of here.
What? No. No. No, wait!
I want to see that card. If you
if you don't show me that card, I win.
Is that you?
Hello, Maxi.
Maxi broke your heart, didn't he?
Left you alone, pregnant at 17.
So you had it removed
and you tried to commit suicide.
So what? Want a diploma?
But when he humiliated you
at the casino,
something snapped.
You wanted revenge.
So you killed the one person he loved.
- Natalia.
- No!
I loved him, but
Roxie Roland, you're under arrest
for the murder of Natalie Beauregard.
What? No! Wait! I didn't kill her.
You have to believe me.
I wanted to break Maxi, not her!
Yes, Ramz?
Yes. Just got the prints
from the gloves.
You are going to love this.
So, you're positive she's the killer?
Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
It's what they call
the butterfly effect.
An innocent seduction years ago
becomes a storm here and now.
When your wife slept with
your assistant's boyfriend
and got pregnant, making you fire him,
it made Bella furious inside,
under all that composure.
Bella's loving man,
together with your wife,
having a baby
made you want to kill her.
You could have switched
the lipstick anywhere.
Hey! Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You're sure?
And in Roxie, you had
your perfect scapegoat.
Sorry, my mistake.
I saw you smile just now.
Almost the perfect plan.
This doesn't prove a thing.
But your fingerprints do.
Taken from the gloves you used
to poison the lipstick with.
Too bad.
You can uncuff Mrs. Roland.
Bella Degarmo
you're under arrest for the
murder of Natalia Beauregard.
Let's go, pretty girl. Come on.
Eléonore I'm
- I'm so sorry, I
- Me too.
Can we talk?
So, what's the
What's the card?
Wouldn't you like to know?
I think she deserves to win.
Don't you?
His name is Julien Boire.
Boire's been in Cannes
for more than three weeks.
Oh, you're welcome.
Margaux? Marg
What do you want? I'm sleeping.
Delmasse. You have a phone call.
I knew you would play ball.
you have no choice.
If you want to see your daughters again.
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