Cannon (1971) s01e05 Episode Script

Scream of Silence

Cannon? Cannon.
-Yes, sir.
Right in there, sir.
Thank you.
Lassiter? I'm sorry to drag you back from your trip this way.
That's the story of my life.
Have they called back again? Nothing since the first call.
About the first call.
What did they say exactly? Well, that they They had Charles, and that That he was all right, and that they They wanted, uh Two hundred thousand dollars in unmarked bills.
Excuse me.
This is Art Miller, my campaign manager.
They said they were gonna give us further instructions at 3.
Under no circumstances were we to notify the police.
Is that where they broke in? Uh-huh.
What are the odds, Mr.
Cannon, of getting him back again? Yeah.
Yes? Yes.
I have it.
In small bills.
Telephone booth? Corner of Ocean View and Kings Road.
Wait for another phone call.
Tell 'em to put the boy on.
I wanna speak to my son.
Hung up.
What do we do? Is that the money? Yes.
Is it all here? Yes.
All right, I'll make the drop.
There's a car in the garage.
All right.
Thank you.
Why don't you thank me after you get your boy back, huh? Where's the boy? The doctor.
Where's the doctor? He'll be here in a little while.
Now, what happened? Where is he? I don't know.
I must have passed out.
You better hope I find him.
ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Tim O'Connor, Jason Evers, Jean Allison.
ANNOUNCER: Yes? Cannon.
Nothing so far.
Well, we've done everything they've asked.
What W-what are they waiting for? I don't know but I think it's gone sour.
Well, then what? Wh Well, I'm gonna stick it out here the rest of the night.
If they haven't contacted either one of us in the next hour, I suggest you call the police.
Very well.
Ed! Charles! Char Charles.
I found him out on the road, Mr.
He seems to be in some kind of shock.
Are you all right, son? Are you hurt? Get a doctor, Art.
What happened, son? How did you get away? Huh? When can he move? A week, ten days.
I know you guys are in a hurry, but you move him again, he'll start hemorrhaging.
Now, look, this is a deep wound.
It's none of my business, but He cut himself shaving.
It's double for house calls.
Get the other half when you come back tomorrow.
What are you gonna do, take off? Look, the kid can't bring 'em here.
All he remembers is the old house.
Shut up.
Be smarter if you stayed out of sight.
The kid probably talked his head off by now.
No, he hasn't.
I just talked to our friend over at Lassiter's place.
Kid's in shock.
Struck dumb.
Can't say a word.
Nobody gets that lucky.
We did.
Suppose there's nothing to stop you from taking off.
Spend the rest of my life in doorways ducking cops? That kid ain't gonna stay quiet forever.
Maybe we can fix it so he will.
How is he? Well, physically he's all right.
I've called in a psychiatrist, and she's examining him now.
How do you suppose he got away? Well, from the blood on his shirt, I'd say he'd probably been in a fight.
But we won't know for sure until the boy can tell us.
He will.
I'm sure of it.
Will you join me in a drink, Mr.
Cannon? By way of a celebration? Well, when you phoned, Mr.
Cannon, and said that they hadn't picked up the money yet I must say, that I thought everything was over.
But we do have a lot to be grateful for.
Lassiter, I may be wrong.
And I hope I am.
But I'm not sure it's all over.
Are you saying they'll try again? Now, I'm not saying that they'll kidnap him again.
He's a threat to them, and as long as they're free I see.
Well, you You will be staying on then, won't you, Mr.
Cannon? I'd be very grateful if you would.
Well, I postponed my trip once.
I certainly can do it again.
Thank you.
And I think this is as good a time as any to discuss the matter of your fee.
Oh, I'd rather not.
No, no.
All right, since you've brought up the subject, uh yes, I did have a figure in mind, and, uh Name it, sir.
Well, I've been snooping in your wine cellar, and I found there, where I'm sure you hid them, four bottles of Lafite Rothschild 1937.
I'm sure they're the only four bottles left in the country, and, uh Well you do drive a rough bargain, Mr.
It is my pleasure.
Excuse me.
Hello, Dr.
Come in.
This is Mr.
He's gonna be working with us.
Pleased to meet you.
How do you do? I gave Charles a sedative.
Now, he should sleep most of the day.
He will get his voice back, won't he? I think so, in time.
He's had a severe emotional experience.
The police will want to question him, I'm sure.
He could write his answers out.
I don't think that would be wise.
Not right now.
Undoubtedly, they're gonna want to show him mug shots.
I think it might add to the trauma.
No, I think Charles should stay in the house to avoid more shock, Mr.
I see.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Very well.
Ed, uh, the agency boys sent over a script on the film we'll be shooting.
I thought you'd want to go over it.
Oh, yes.
I'll be right with you, Art.
All right.
The captain of the detectives is a Is a friend of mine.
Uh shall I mention to him that you are on the case? Yes, it might help pave the way.
What's his name? Figueroa.
Manny Figueroa.
I've heard many things about you, Mr.
Yeah? Some of them good.
Glad to have you on the case.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
Only one ground rule.
You don't get in my way, I don't get in yours, okay? That sounds like a fair deal.
Have you got any leads? Other than the boy's shirt, no.
It had bloodstains, type O negative.
The boy's? No.
We're checking out all the suspects with that type blood.
We're putting together some mug shots and I don't want to get in your way, captain, but Manny.
But, uh, I'm afraid you're gonna run into a stone wall.
The boy's psychiatrist.
You'll probably have to give it a day or two.
That'll give the kidnappers a day or two.
I suppose you're planning on posting some men on the estate.
Plainclothesmen? Of course, Mr.
Tell Sanders I want to see him in ten minutes.
Yes, sir.
What about the Lassiter staff? That's the first thing that should've been checked on.
Look the boy was released just a few hours ago, Mr.
And I didn't mean to step on your toes.
Está bien.
What? It means, "It's okay", Frank.
You know, my people used to have the reputation of doing things mañana.
But I assure you, we'll cover all the bases.
I have the utmost confidence, Manny.
Now, I'm going to cover a few bases of my own.
Will I see you at the estate? Mañana.
The boy's bedtime is 9:00, so, uh Well, he must have been asleep when they got here.
When "they" got here? How do you know there was more than one? Oh, well, I I just assumed.
Uh, was there anyone else in the house Tuesday night? No, sir.
Moreno, uh, drove Mr.
Lassiter to that political thing.
Uh how about the gardener? Oh, Blake has his own place across town.
He usually catches the 4:30 bus Excuse me.
A little more this way, Mr.
Can you make it just a little more casual? Nice and easy, relaxed.
Now, if you could come this way.
Enjoying your garden.
And cut, please.
Oh, Mr.
I'm a little embarrassed by all this.
Nowadays, it's all image, you know? No issues.
Lassiter, under the circumstances, do you think it's wise to have this many strangers around the estate? It is if Ed wants to be governor.
Oh, I'm afraid I agree with him, Art.
This is a lousy idea.
I hate the whole The whole circus.
Now, there are a few shots left.
I'm having Charles brought in now.
That could be dangerous.
Look, Cannon the boy's gonna help me build Ed's image.
And that's what I'm paid for, to sell this man.
At any cost? Oh, come on.
This is a film crew.
It's about as dangerous as, uh How many of these people do you know? Hm? Ed.
They're setting up for the next shot.
Well, well, well.
Hello, Charles.
Are you okay? This This isn't right, Art, that's all.
Thorpe, I think you'd better take him back to Wait just a minute, doctor.
I'm sorry about what happened to the boy.
The kidnapping and all.
But he's all right, and he's gonna get his voice back.
I just have the feeling that we're using him, Art All right, maybe we are.
But we're not hurting him.
And it's gonna get you votes.
Please, Ed.
We're not even a close second, and the election's three weeks away.
Thorpe? What do you think? Why don't you ask Charles? Charles? Would you like to be in a film with me? Would that be fun? Okay.
What is it? Charles, come along.
Charles! Looks like you're the only one that Charles considers dangerous, Mr.
I think you've terrified my son, Mr.
Something about me terrified him.
Reminded him of the kidnappers, of course.
How is he? Well, he's calmed down now.
I've just spent some time with him.
Something I haven't done too much of lately.
I don't know, ever since my wife died, there hasn't been too much communication between Charles and me.
Always so many other things.
He's a lot like his mother, as you can see.
She was quite a lady.
Your good taste isn't confined to wines.
The car's here, Ed.
Are you all set? All right.
I have a press briefing in L.
Let's go win some wars, Art.
As I've said, Mr.
Cannon There are always so many other things.
Oh, hi.
Staff reports are in.
Anything? Maybe.
The Billingsleys.
Employed here for 13 years.
Dependable, no police records, models of law and order.
Blake, the gardener.
Employed by Lassiter for three years.
Two traffic violations, both minor.
Unmarried and owns his own home.
The chauffeur.
Moreno? Mexican-American.
Naturalized citizen.
So? And a police record.
Juvenile 502, auto theft, two assaults.
All juvenile.
All prior to 1955.
Did you want to see me, Mr.
Figueroa? Yes.
When can we talk with the boy? Oh, not for a few days.
He's had quite a shock, you know.
Has he made any attempt to communicate at all? Not really.
Except for these.
Some clue, huh? So I did some time when I was a kid.
I was 18.
I joined the Marine Corps, and I haven't been in a scrape since.
Hey, wait a minute.
What are you trying to do, tie me into this kidnapping? I wasn't even here when it happened.
Nobody's making accusations.
No? Well, I don't see anybody questioning Blake or Billingsley.
I was with Lassiter.
You could have had help.
When were you in the house last before the kidnapping? Oh.
¿Quién sabe? Who can remember? What happened to your arm? I cut it on an oil can.
Huh? You're not thinking of leaving, are you, Moreno? Don't.
Can I give you a lift? No, I picked up my car this morning.
Thanks anyway.
Por nada.
What? "For nothing.
" Hi.
You, uh, mind if I come in? You don't have to do that.
Don't be afraid of me.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm your friend, Charles.
Would you mind if I called you Charlie? Huh? Okay.
Why did you come out here? Did something happen here? Was there a fight here? With the man who took you away? This man, did he? Mr.
Please don't question the boy anymore.
I want more time with him.
Another day or so I was just beginning to break through.
I'm sorry.
Now, Charlie, I suppose you'd better get back to the house, huh? We'll talk later, huh? Okay? Doctor, I hope you understand, I need answers, and I need them badly.
And Charles has them.
I understand.
But if you push him it may take even longer.
Blake? Yes, sir? Well, I'm glad I ran into you.
I got a question I want to ask you.
Y-you must be, uh, Mr.
That's right.
Terrible thing, what happened to the boy.
Uh, how many, uh garden shears are on that board usually? Just what's in here, sir.
Yeah, but there are only three there now.
Oh, well, four a couple of days ago.
I I remember 'cause I oiled 'em all.
I'll sure keep my eyes open, if it If it's any help.
Thank you, Mr.
Kidnapping's all over the newspapers.
Anything about us? No.
So relax.
Relax? Every second that goes by, the kid gets closer to talking.
Answering questions.
Describing the guys that dragged him away.
So don't tell me to relax.
Yeah? Yeah, we've seen the papers.
How's the kid? What kind of a doctor? Was she getting anything out of him? All right, we'll have to make our move.
You get the kid out of the house.
I don't care how you do it.
Just do it.
Look, you got as much stake in this thing as we do.
You just get the kid off the estate.
I'll take it from there.
If the detective gets in the way, we'll take him out too.
You know, Charles? I have a boy about your age.
Yeah, his name is Jim.
Can you say "Jim?" J Good.
That's a good start.
Yeah, Jim likes to play basketball a lot.
Do you like to play basketball? And when he grows up, I know he wants to be a pilot.
What do you want to be when you grow up, hm? Have you got any idea at all? Good morning.
Hello, Charlie.
Got a present for you.
Hope you like it.
How about that.
Well, go on, scoot.
Get over there.
Let's get a little distance between us.
How are things going? Oh, making progress.
Burn it in.
Come on, once more.
Really burn it to me this time.
Come on! Eh! Attaboy.
Can I ask him a few questions? I think he's ready.
Let me ask you something.
When, uh we first met, you were kind of afraid of me, weren't you? What was it about me that frightened you? Was it my face? My, uh My mustache? No? The fact that I'm, uh, kind of fat? Yeah? Come here a minute.
The man who took you away, was he fat? Now, he took you to the greenhouse, there was a fight and he got stabbed with the garden shears? No? Then there was another man? And he was cut by them? Charlie, what happened to the shears? Did you hide them? Did they take them away with them? Well, they're not in the greenhouse now, Charlie.
Now, maybe you know where they are, huh? I th I think that's enough, Mr.
At least he's not afraid of you now.
Yeah, sure.
Here you are.
We'll play catch later, huh? Bye-bye.
Now, where were we? Oh, yeah.
We found traces of blood here here and here.
Type O? Mm-hm.
Negative? Good guess.
The greenhouse, was that a guess too? What else.
Say, Frank, we're not keeping any secrets on this thing, are we? No.
I got most of it from the boy.
I think he stabbed one of the kidnappers with a pair of garden shears.
What's Moreno's blood type? AB.
We got the word today.
Well, that takes care of that.
Here's the way I put it together, Manny.
See if it makes any sense to you.
All right.
They took the boy from his bedroom out across the back lawn.
He probably broke away and ran into the greenhouse where he managed to stab one of the kidnappers not the fat one before they finally dragged him off, right? Now, they probably got into the house by breaking the library window.
Yeah, but that, uh, could have been for our benefit.
You know, window dressing.
If what you say is right, then someone inside let them in.
Or by not locking the door.
Do you have anything to back this up? No, no.
I-i It's just a feeling, but somebody took the shears from the greenhouse after the kidnapping.
I think you'd better dig deeper into the Lassiter staff.
I will.
Manny Mm? If the kidnapper were badly cut up, he'd need a doctor.
A doctor who'd keep his mouth shut.
There are five or six of those around.
I think maybe I'll get ahold of those names and see where they lead me.
Ah, you can interview a guy like that all day long, and it wouldn't get you anywhere.
What's he gonna do, incriminate himself? I got a feeling I'm being conned, Mr.
What do you propose to do with those names if I did get them for you? That is what all this is leading up to, isn't it? You're a very shrewd policeman, Mr.
You're not answering my question.
What are you going to do with those names if I get them for you? We fancy big-city detectives like to play a hunch now and then.
Are you willing to give it a try? Why do I get the feeling you're walking all over our ground rule, huh? He's bleeding again.
It's very bad.
Oh, I'm sorry, doctor.
I guess I must have got the wrong number.
Hello? This is the fat man.
My buddy's bleeding.
Who's this? Never mind.
If I have to take him to a hospital, they'll ask who sewed him up.
I'll be right over.
My, you're turning into quite a pitcher, Charles.
Well, I suppose I owe you a rain check.
About today's game, I mean.
I promised you we'd see the Dodgers, and we will.
As soon as you're well.
Yes, I know you've been looking forward to it, but your father says you mustn't leave the grounds.
As soon as your father gives permission, we'll go.
We'll go, I promise you.
Yeah? When? Good.
I'm on my way.
You get over there too.
I-I'll be there.
Kid's gone to the ball game.
Don't louse it up.
Hey, doc.
Where are you going in such a hurry, huh? I've got a patient in Room 8.
Oh, well, you don't need to bother.
he's all right now.
I don't understand.
You've been very helpful, doctor.
Now, get lost.
Look, do me a favor, huh? Just forget about me, okay? Don't count on it.
Who are you? What are you doing? Huh? Ow! God! I got stitches! Get up.
You'll bust 'em.
What do you want? Huh? Where's the fat man? Ow, you're hurting me.
I got stitches.
You're gonna bust them open.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The Lassiter kidnapping.
Now, where's your partner? Now, where is he? Hm? Manny.
I don't know how he got off the estate, but he's gone to Dodger Stadium.
Yeah, right.
Blake's our inside man.
He's paying off his debt to a couple of sharks.
Yeah, right, I'll meet you at the stadium.
Room 8.
Right in there.
Art Miller.
This is Cannon.
Put Lassiter on.
No, he's busy right now.
Look, this is urgent.
It'll have to wait.
He's about to go on TV.
His son is in danger.
I want to talk to him.
Put him on the phone now.
Ten seconds, Mr.
Never mind, Ed.
I'll take care of it.
I'm sorry, Cannon, but this is the most important broadcast of the election.
We'll have to get back to you.
Ah Charles.
Charles, you shouldn't have done this.
You're not supposed to leave the house.
I really should drive you home.
Well, now that we're here, I don't suppose it'll do any harm.
Come on.
Today is La Cañada Day here at Dodger Stadium.
We'd like to welcome all of the residents of the La Cañada area in attendance here today.
Glad to have you with us.
Hope you'll enjoy the ballgame.
They'll be finished with the warm-up pretty soon, I guess.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are very happy for you to keep any baseball hit into the stands as a souvenir of this ballgame.
However, we must request that you refrain from going onto the playing field at any time, or in any way interfere with a ball in play, because of its possible effect on the outcome of the game.
We thank you for your cooperation.
And let me say, in closing that if I'm elected I will not be a part-time governor.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Great speech, Ed.
Thanks, Art.
Best one of the campaign, I thought.
Yeah, Ed, it really felt good.
Really did.
Uh, not now, Art.
I'm really bushed.
Uh, that phone call before the broadcast? So? Well, it was from Cannon.
It seems that What happened? Oh, I know this is gonna sound bad, but I had to do it.
What? He said that Charles was in some kind of danger.
Well, thank you, Art.
You've You've been a real prince.
Charge! Charge! Charge! at home plate, Al Brown.
At first base, Carl Vignatore.
Where's your security officer? Thank you.
And at third base, Phil Miller.
Leading off for the visitors, number 7, second baseman Jerry Young.
Hot dog.
Is that what you want? Okay.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
You need a hot dog and something else Something to drink, if you want it.
Ah, here we are.
Batting second, number 3, left fielder Hal Thomas.
Charge! Charge! Batting fourth, number 9, first baseman John Payton.
Yes? Well, what do you want? Billingsley.
Where's the boy? I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? We went to get some hot dogs, and then he disappeared.
I went back to the seat, and he wasn't there.
Which way did he go? I have no idea.
I've been looking all over for him.
Follow me.
Why, Charles.
What are you doing here? Does your father know you're here? He'll be worried sick.
I'd better take you home.
Come on.
Hold it! Right there! The cops! Charles? You're all right.
Come on, Charlie.
Come on.
Oh, Charles.
Are you okay? Well, I'm sorry I wasn't here.
Why That won't happen again.
Been a long time since I've seen a ballgame.
What do you say we try and catch a few together? Hey, Charlie.
Don't nod.
Talk to your father.
Come on, Charles.
What do you say? I I'd like that fine.
Oh, boy.
So would I.