Cannon (1971) s01e06 Episode Script

Fool's Gold

On your feet, Roper.
Against the wall, Marion.
Sam Batson, you old son of a gun.
You're supposed to be in Guatemala.
Three months in that stinking hole waiting for you.
You read the papers.
They caught Henry outside Albuquerque.
They picked up Tallow and Sargent at the airport.
They didn't pick you up.
You were the only one that made it out.
My picture's at every airline's counter in the country.
All right, where is it? Look, Sam.
The bills are all still traceable.
Nothing can be spent in the United States.
I'm angling for a private plane out of Denver.
I said, where is it? -It's in the closet.
Now, open it.
Help yourself.
I said, open it.
Friends for You're a suspicious man, Sam.
Yeah? I earned my suspicions.
Three stinking months of it.
Now, you count it.
Five thousand.
Ten thousand.
Al! Al? Listen.
It's all yours, Marion.
Not without you, Al.
Al? Not without you.
ANNOUNCER: Starring William Conrad.
With guest stars: Mitchell Ryan, Pamela Payton-Wright, Ron Harper.
Special guest star, Andrew Duggan.
And L.
Jones as Phil Mackey.
ANNOUNCER: Would you mind, uh, scraping the bugs off my windshield while the tank is filling itself? Premium.
Fill 'er up.
You from, uh, the bank in Albuquerque? No.
Why should I be? No reason.
You just look like a banker, that's all.
Oh, you just made my day.
Uh, get yourself lost? Uh, do I look like a lost banker? No.
But the pavement ends right here in Julian.
That's nice.
You looking for something? Yeah, as a matter of fact, I, uh I'm looking for a doctor.
Well, you see, I get these terrible bellyaches, uh, d-during the dry season.
Oh, well, there ain't no doctor inside of 50 miles around here.
But there's a drugstore over there where you can get yourself some bellyache pills.
I think I'll leave my car here for a wash.
M Mister, how long you gonna stay? Till I get ready to leave.
Excuse me.
I forgot my map.
Thank you.
Looking for the phone? Uh, no.
No, thank you.
Strangers here, that's the first thing they ask for, is the phone.
They want their families to know they're not really lost after all.
You must be from the survey.
Uh what survey? Oh, we're going to reopen the mines.
The geologic boys are gonna make maps, and then they're gonna do some preliminary diggings.
Uh, someone tap the mother lode? Well, we haven't yet, but we will.
Hope's a wonderful thing, isn't it? Who, uh? Who's paying for it? Well, all of us.
Can I, uh, help you with something? Uh, yeah, I was just wondering if, uh, there was a doctor in town.
Well, I'm kind of a doctor.
What's a "kind of a doctor"? Oh, you know, re Registered pharmacist.
I set bones, cauterize lesions, sew up cuts, that sort of thing.
Two years of medical school.
I got you.
Maybe I could help you.
Well, not unless you tended a man for a gunshot wound about two weeks ago.
Well, a doctor would have to report something like that to the police.
Even a "kind of a doctor"? You know, I sure would like to have a cold shower.
Is there a hotel in town? Sure, right down the street.
It ain't so good though.
There's a real good motel further on about ten miles at Papago.
Air-conditioning Oh, right down the street's just fine.
Uh, much obliged.
Good morning.
I didn't say that, Glen.
Yeah It's a beautiful dress, and the shoes too.
Though I can't see much reason for impressing the prairie dogs.
Okay, well Well, just give me one good reason why you won't at least try 'em on? You know why.
Why? You didn't buy those things with our money.
Our money? Okay, well, honey, just say that this is our money, and the other money is on a food budget.
I Then I won't eat.
I won't eat stolen food.
Could I have a room, please? You do have rooms? Thank you.
" I'm in the insurance business.
Well, you gotta write it down.
"Frank", uh Cannon.
Los Angeles, California, insurance.
Uh, Glen, didn't you, uh, tell the gentleman there are no rooms available? Uh, yeah.
Um they're all reserved.
For the whole week.
There's a bunch of mining engineers.
I, uh I hear you're looking for a doctor, Mr.
My, word does get around in this town fast, doesn't it? We're a small town.
You're a big man.
I didn't get your name.
Uh, Mackey.
Phil for short.
Well, obviously you're a very big man, Mr.
Uh, do you run this town? Well, no.
Nobody runs this town but Except maybe the people in it.
And right now, not one of 'em needs a nickel's worth of insurance.
I'm not selling any, Phil.
I'm here trying to help an insurance company get its money back.
Nine hundred thousand dollars stolen from an armored car in Albuquerque by a man by the name of Al Roper.
Well, uh, why didn't you say so in the first place? Are you suggesting that he's here? Well, I don't know anything about any $900.
but, uh, Al Roper oh, he's here.
Right up the block, just across the street from the church.
I suppose this is the moment that you all break into hysterical laughter as I rush toward the door, right? Check for yourself.
Thank you, I will.
What do you think you're doing? Where's he headed now? He's walking back toward town.
Then get away from the window.
They'll take care of him.
Well, you found what you came for.
Guess you'll be leaving.
How much do I owe you? That's 6 bucks even.
Cannon! Did you hear me? Look.
I came here looking for $900.
and a man by the name of Roper.
All I've found so far is a piece of wood with his name painted on it and a lot of frightened people.
Now, who's opening the mines? Why, we are.
Uh, we killed Roper and stole all his money.
Why, don't you see all the gold toothpicks in everybody's mouth? No one's that stupid.
Oh, well, now, pardon me.
We're hiding him behind our back while you're looking.
You're hiding something.
All right.
Cannon? You know, with things getting as cozy as they are, Doc, you could even call me Frank, if you really wanted to.
You don't have to kid around with me.
I've done some stupid things in my life, but I'm smart enough to admit them.
Like with that fellow, Roper.
I treated him.
I had to.
Three o'clock in the morning, the nearest doctor He never would have made it.
He didn't make it very well by staying around here, did he? He was dying, Cannon.
He was shot in the neck and in the head.
I removed the slug from his neck gave him morphine.
So he drove here, dying all alone.
No, no.
There were two other men with him.
About average size, dark hair.
They were driving a German car.
They left him here and headed for Mexico.
Why didn't you contact the police? Well, in the first place, I treated him.
Now, that's That's an offense.
A criminal offense.
Ah, they'd have forgiven you for that.
But he died.
He died in my house.
That's flat.
Who buried him? Oh, let the man rest in peace.
Now, come on, I'm not suggesting that we dig him up, Doc.
I just wanted to know who lowered him.
Bucky Fosdick.
You mean there's a mortician here in Julian? Yeah.
Doubles as barber.
I should have known.
He's coming back this way.
Who is he? I heard about him in L.
A private detective, expensive stuff.
An ex-cop.
Now he's headed for the hotel.
Did he take a room yet? Yeah, he wouldn't take no for an answer.
That means Ramsey gave in.
You keep an eye on him.
I got the whole town keeping an eye on him.
Even made Rooster sheriff.
Al doesn't trust the whole town.
Well, they trust me.
Those that don't, I can handle.
Easy, Al.
Take it easy.
I don't like it, Phil.
Cannon won't just walk away.
He can spoil my whole investment three mines paved road, a landing strip.
But he won't.
When he finds nothing, he'll leave.
And bring the police back again.
Only this time it won't be for coffee and a drive through.
Al, just give me this gun and the car.
No, you stay here with me, Marion.
Phil can think of something.
Something legitimate.
Jonathan? Yeah? Cannon made any calls? Nary a one.
Give me Bucky.
Good afternoon.
You Bucky? Yours truly.
Shave and a haircut? Gonna be through here in just a minute.
I want it done today.
And get that doctor up here.
My leg is killing me.
And sandwiches.
Where is he? He's talking to Bucky.
I buried him.
Are you sure you don't want a shave? Is this the man? It would sure ease my mind a lot.
Now, not mine.
Yeah, that's Roper all right.
But he didn't have a smile on his face like this.
But I put a smile on his face before I closed that box.
If you ask me, there was something besides Roper came to town that night that didn't get buried with him.
Could you give me a hint? Uh, I don't know.
But there was some big whispering fuss about that old mine shaft.
Honey, uh, Phil needs, uh, six sandwiches and coffee.
Now, two roast beef with mayonnaise and, uh Fix 'em yourself.
They're your friends.
Hey, that smells good.
It's good.
Business is booming, huh? Ha.
Well, um they say it's gonna get better.
You don't sound optimistic.
I'm not.
Mm, that's good.
Can I take your order for dessert now? Got some fresh honeydew melon.
Mm, that sounds good.
What else do you have to offer? Well, what's your fancy? How do I get to the old mine? A mile south, there's a road off to the left.
You can see the old mining sheds.
Cannon? Please believe me, it'd be safer for everybody if you left town.
You know, I think the melon will be fine.
Would you give me a little slice of lemon on the side, huh? Thank you.
You're hurt.
What happened? I can't say you didn't warn me.
Now, here, sit down.
Can I Can I have a drink of water, please? Uh, thank you.
I knew it.
I knew something like this was gonna happen.
No, this is nothing.
Rooster's dead.
Oh, my God He was waiting for me with a rifle.
And you're the only one who would believe it was self-defense.
Let's go.
Where to? Doc Tappan.
You're losing blood.
No, that's not a good idea.
He's the best liar I ever met.
He won't lie to me.
I know too much.
You Are you sure? Sure.
Evening, Doc.
I got someone who's hurt.
We need your help, Doc.
Don't, Doc.
It is too late for guns.
One man's already been killed.
Who? Rooster Simms.
You calling Phil Mackey.
You got a man to fix.
I don't know if I can.
You did it two weeks ago.
Oh, that wasn't exactly the way I told it.
Look, you got a second chance to get it straight.
You're a lucky man.
Ginger, would you spread out some towels on the kitchen table? Ginger.
Where'd Ginger go? Heard the jeep leave a while ago.
If you don't tell him, I will.
You're in trouble already, Doc.
Because whoever tried to get me killed isn't gonna like your patching up my arm.
I brought it on myself.
We all wanted the money.
Is the money still here in town? Yeah.
It's still here.
And so is Roper.
Why didn't you tell me? I promised Glen.
Couldn't come from me.
Where is Roper? At the Feeney place.
With that other man.
And the grave was just a ruse, huh? Oh, no.
Grave is real, all right.
Only somebody else is in it.
A heavyset man with dark hair? Yeah.
He was dead when he arrived.
Did Glen know that? No.
No, uh Roper was shot up all right, but it was his legs.
I called Phil Mackey and he came over and took charge.
You see, he had Roper over a barrel, 'cause Roper couldn't move.
He made a deal.
I patched him up.
And I've been looking after him ever since.
I think I'm beginning to get the picture.
This town offers a haven for Roper and he underwrites the general development company for Mackey and the rest of you.
Is that the deal? There's somebody coming.
It's Glen.
Well, he's your husband, isn't he? Yeah, but he's also a friend of Phil Mackey's.
Where's Ginger? She's, uh, i-in the kitchen, Glen.
They just found Oh, baby.
I'm sorry.
He'll be all right in a little while.
Look, all I need is a head start.
Just keep him away from the phone.
Take the station wagon.
They'll be looking out for the jeep.
Stand very still, Mr.
People know I'm here.
Oh? Do they also know you're trespassing on private property and killing officers of the law? That rifle's the only law you got around here, Mackey.
And you pin those badges on anybody you please.
What kind of a sheriff premeditates murder? We'll let a jury decide that.
Roper, the judge, sitting up there, huh? Oh, you really picked yourself a beauty, Phil.
Welcome to Julian, Cannon.
So this is what Lazarus does when he comes back from the dead.
He buys a ghost town.
Neat little investment.
Dividends all around.
Regular retirement village.
That's the idea.
Now, come on, Al.
Ping-Pong and croquet are not your style.
No, we got bigger plans than that.
The boys have already cleared a landing strip for the survey party next week.
The mines are in operation, this town will boom again.
It sure sounds sweet.
But then all pipe dreams do.
You're sure not gonna get in the way of this pipe dream.
And you're gonna float all of this on stolen bills traceable to a bank in Albuquerque, huh? Cannon what are we gonna do with you? Oh.
Now, Al just give me him and the car for ten minutes.
He says people know he's here.
I thought you said the switchboard was covered.
It is.
Some people in Julian know I'm here.
Oh, yeah.
I heard you killed one of 'em.
You know, if I were sheriff, I'd put him in jail.
And then build a gallows in the town square and wait for the morning lynching, right? Cannon, you're under arrest.
Marion, get him out of here.
Uh, Al, I, uh Leave the cell door open a crack.
They shoot escaping prisoners, don't they? Just make sure you have a witness.
Who's on the switchboard? Jonathan.
Then keep him with you.
Nobody's gonna make any calls out here tonight, anyway.
Tell Marion to get back in here.
Come on, we're packing.
Your leg.
Forget it.
The doc'll Doc'll bring me something up.
You get down to the post office.
Soon as that hick gets off the switchboard, call Jerry in Denver.
Tell him to have the plane ready tomorrow, not next week.
As soon as the sun comes up.
Thanks for your hot tip about the mine.
Look what we got here, Doc.
A real live cop killer.
Sheriff do I get to call my lawyer? You short on company? Shut up, Cannon.
You've caused enough trouble already.
I don't need your mouth.
Hey, hey, hey.
You forgot to lock the door.
You're not going anyplace.
Now, let's see.
Um you turn your back and then I'll slip out quietly and then you'll shoot me down in the street.
That's the way Roper wants it, isn't it? Try me.
You know, Jonathan, you ought to keep your eyes open, because you're the only witness he's got.
If you don't keep your fat mouth shut, I'll take my chances without a witness.
Oh, Roper would like that.
He'd like that a lot.
He gets you to do his dirty work for him, and then he leaves you holding the bag.
That's beautiful.
He's not going anyplace, either.
I've been looking for him for 20 years.
And he's been looking all his life for you and this spitball town? Oh, Phil.
What a dream will do to a man.
You know, to him, this is just a stopover.
Eh, time to heal the leg, smell a little fresh mountain air, and then, pssht, he's off and away.
I got the book on him.
So does every cop in the country.
And you're gonna end up being just another reward-hungry hick saying, "He went thataway.
" But the money.
Ah, the money.
I thought that subject would never arise.
Damn! Why do I have to explain these things to you, Cannon? You don't explain 'em to me.
You're explaining 'em to yourself.
Have you seen any of the money? Twenty-five thousand dollars.
I got it right next door at the post office.
And more spread all over town.
Oh, Phil, 25.
000? You've sold yourself short.
Do you know how much money he's got? But that's only the first installment to cover the opening of the mines.
Faith money.
Faith money? Yeah.
Have you considered what's gonna happen when you start trying to pass those clean, crisp, new numbered bills? Have you figured that one out, Phil? Roper knows all about things like that.
Ha, you bet he does.
That's why he's trying to get out of the country.
You know, if I can suggest something to you, Phil.
You leave one of the boys keep an eye on me, and you hotfoot it over to Roper's house.
And I'll bet you that $25,000 that you're gonna find them packing their bags right now.
How's that grab you, huh? Jonathan.
Yeah? Get Bucky.
Get him over to Roper's.
Mackey's got Cannon in jail.
Beautiful! Well, what are we gonna do about it? What do you mean, what do we do? We try and get him out.
You are crazy.
You want us to march into town and break into that jail, to save a man who can ruin us? Not all of us.
Not you, Glen.
Why, I am an accessory to everything that happened.
I took money myself.
Besides well, Cannon killed Rooster, didn't he? And you want us to take his side? You know Rooster was out there setting for him.
Oh, boy.
Why is it, when Roper first came to town, none of it seemed to be so bad? It was bad right from the start.
I take the blame for that.
It's living out here.
Forget the rest of the world exists sometimes.
I've gotten to hate this place.
It's just a ghost town full of lousy hopes.
And when the hopes never pan out that's when you get desperate.
Well we have to do it.
The way I figure it Bucky's been up there over an hour and 10 minutes.
Well, I can read time.
I told you you should have gone yourself.
If anything had happened we'd have heard it.
Heard what? Maybe it's the survey boys.
They got an early start.
Where's Glen? Uh, he ain't in the hotel.
Keep him in there.
Roper! Slow down! Roper! Let him go, Phil.
Where in the hell do you think you're going? We've come to release Cannon.
It's not gonna work.
Hand me the keys! Keys are in the jeep.
Why didn't they take me? Oh, they're gonna ask you a lot of questions, Glen.
But I told 'em what you did for me.
You're gonna be all right.
Yeah, Bucky would have done a land-office business here today.
Dead men in a ghost town.
Feels like we're the last people on earth.
Then it must have seemed the same way to the first people too, honey.
I'm gonna miss this place.
Kind of.
No, I'm not.