Capitani (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Oh You, Up There

[siren wailing]
[car door opens]
[woman over radio] …In other news,
construction has halted
on a building site
early this morning in Dudelange,
it has been reported
that the construction company
has found something suspicious
whilst excavating.
The police were notified
along with the public prosecutor's office
And forensic police
are now on site.
More to come on this story
in the Journal at half past one.
- Meanwhile…
- [car engine starts]
[navigation system] Destination Mënscht,
98.2 kilometres.
Estimated arrival time, 32 minutes.
In 500 metres, turn left.
You have arrived at your destination.
[man mumbling]
I'm broken. Forget it.
I'm broken. Forget it.
I'm broken. Forget it.
Forget it.
I'm broken.
[mobile buzzing]
Capitani here.
[man over phone]
Hi, Luc.
I'm sorry, I know it's your day off.
Were you planning to go up north?
That's what I did do.
Ah. Look, sorry to ask this
but we're understaffed as always.
We've got a body up there
in the Kelling area.
As you're already close,
could you check it out for us?
Otherwise we'll have to send a team.
[Capitani sighs]
And you know,
they're a bit territorial there.
Okay, just give me the address.
[police officer] Hey! Whoa! Whoa.
[car engine stops]
Sorry, you can't go down there.
There's a body in the bush.
So if it's Kelling you're heading for,
I would just
Sorry. "There's a body in a bush"?
Yes, it's a dead person in the woods
Capitani, police judiciaire.
What's your name?
Er, Brigadier Mores.
Mores, would you say it's normal
to tell just any old stranger
you found a body lying in a bush,
do you think?
Yeah, but I just didn't…
I just didn't…
Just get your vest
and come on.
Where is it?
Oh, yeah. Go straight on…
Then follow my directions.
What time did you come home yesterday?
- [woman] Just before 12:00.
- [liquid pouring]
You were that long at the restaurant?
I went on for a drink.
With Gaby and Josiane if you must know.
- Mm.
- Here's your coffee.
I've still got a paper for today's
class to photocopy.
You could have told me that sooner.
[liquid sloshes]
Tanja, Jenny!
Rob is leaving, come on.
They aren't here.
I just thought you hadn't told me.
Where are they, then?
It's 7:35.
I don't know. Maybe they went
with Léa and her mum again.
[Rob sighs]
I'm on my own at the shop.
I have to leave now.
They didn't offer me it.
The directorate. They said it's too soon.
Come on.
That's a dumb excuse.
They just don't want you
because you're not from here.
You will message me
when you see the girls?
You got up here pretty quickly,
didn't you?
The body was only reported
half an hour ago.
I was already here.
Until an hour ago,
I was on holiday.
Ah. Well, if you want nature,
you've come to the right place.
Where is the perimeter?
What perimeter?
There's only four of us on duty.
In Blasweiler there was a break-in
[Capitani] That's all very well.
You can explain to forensics
why there is dog shit over their evidence.
I'll go up. [sighs]
No, wait. Mores, maybe you should.
The ranger said it was 6:30
when she was found.
- Did anyone touch the body?
- No.
We're not supposed to do that.
Apparently there's a wolf pack up here,
the first in a hundred years.
[exhales] Hmm.
[Capitani] Hi.
[bell ringing]
- [indistinct chattering]
- [whistle blows]
[whistle blows]
- There's your change.
- [mobile buzzing]
- It's finally going to get cooler, I hear.
- Um…
This heat is dreadful.
Madam Kons, excuse me,
I must make a call I'm afraid.
- I see.
- Bye. Bye.
- Goodbye.
- Thank you.
[woman over phone] Hello?
this is Nadine Kinsch here,
erm, Tanja and Jenny's mum, morning.
Erm, I just wanted to check up
if they travelled with you and Léa
this morning to school.
Because I haven't
Not this morning.
I had to leave earlier, so
- Oh. No?
- No. Are you okay?
Yeah. No, it's just…
It's probably a phone issue when they
If you need to speak to them
I can try Léa
Okay, yeah. Okay, good.
- It was lovely to speak to you.
- And you.
[siren wailing]
It's too late.
[mumbling indistinctly]
[Capitani] Fifteen years old.
Jenny Engel.
It feels like any moment she'll wake up.
Did you know her?
[officer] Everybody knows
everyone around here.
She's a girl from the village.
I'll head the investigation.
That way they won't have to send
somebody else.
This won't be too complicated.
Yeah, Mick, it's me.
Tell me the girls are there.
[Mick] No.
No… Um, no…
Maybe, um…
I've got something mixed up.
I wasn't sure if they were
at your place or at Léa's.
Something wrong?
No. Okay, merci, bye.
[camera shutters clicking]
[man] Inspector, we found
something here.
Can I?
Looks like this was a suicide.
Look for anything
she could have had a drink from.
She could have been drunk
when some of these pills were taken.
Young people often come here
to drink or smoke grass, you know?
Then they climb up to the top.
They named it Stoner's Hill.
The parents, do you know them?
Mm-hm. Her mum runs the organic store.
Well, then that's where we should go
from here.
Do you not wanna go up
and see it?
What's your name?
- Elsa Ley.
- Elsa Ley.
Just follow my orders.
And your name, sir?
Sir? Inspector?
Suicide doesn't seem right to me.
I knew her a little bit.
You never really know people.
Yes, but I really think
The simplest explanation
is usually the right one.
[branch breaks]
Stop a minute.
Someone is over there.
[Elsa] Stop where you are.
Oh, fuck.
[both panting]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
- [man exclaims]
- [both grunting]
[man groans]
[Elsa exclaims]
- Stop right there!
- [gunshot fires]
[gunshot fires]
- [man speaking indistinctly]
- [Mrs. Kons] Too expensive.
It's always the same.
Manon, what was that bang just now?
Did you see anything?
I have no idea.
It came from the woods I bet.
It's full of police officers.
[man] In the Dürer forest?
So you know what happened, I guess?
Madam Kons here just saw Nadine Kinsch
drive after an ambulance.
[Mrs Kons] Towards the woods.
Why can't you mind your own business
for God's sake?
Manon, don't talk like that.
Especially not to customers.
What's the matter with you?
I'll leave you then to your bullshit.
- [gasps]
- We take an interest in it, that's all.
Pardon her.
[breathing heavily]
At least the whole village knows now.
I shot in the air, but he ran off.
It's okay.
We don't need to complicate the case.
Here, look what I grabbed.
Hail Mary, the Lord be with you.
You are blessed among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of your body, Jesus.
Can you please tell me what's happening?
I can't find my girls.
They found a body, madam.
Elsa, what's happening?
Please tell me what's happening.
- I can't allow you any further.
- No! No!
- Please. Don't go any further.
- Elsa, no!
No! God, no! God, no!
Oh, God. No!
[breathing heavily]
[breath shudders]
Can you confirm this is Jenny?
You must officially say it.
She has a tattoo on her shoulder.
Yes, it's Jenny.
Are you the father?
Where's Tanja?
I want my baby.
Make it stop.
Who's Tanja?
[Capitani] And a missing person report
for the sister.
Tanja Engel, 1 metre 64, 55 kilos,
blonde hair, blue eyes.
[man over phone]
Since this morning?
- Yeah. Release it immediately. Thanks.
- Okay.
Nobody thought it necessary to let me know
there's a twin sister, huh?
I mean, we didn't think of it.
- Everyone knows everyone around here.
- [scoffs]
What's that like for a night's stay?
- At Sofia's?
- Mm-hm.
She earns her living
more from the bar than the inn,
but I suppose it's okay.
[scoffs] Who'd come to Mënscht
for a holiday?
Tanja and Jenny
travelled on the bus at 3 o'clock
from their respective classes yesterday.
Many people saw them.
At 4 o'clock, they were seen
just down there near the shop.
Rob Berens, the stepfather,
is a professor,
and had a parent-teacher conference
last night.
I don't know about the mother yet.
I've not found anyone who saw the girls
after 5 o'clock at night.
Hmm. Good job, Ley.
But leave it to me.
I want to be there
when we conduct the interviews.
Two people are better than one.
- That means with a colleague of yours?
- No.
You'll be fine.
And stop being so formal.
I'll pull you out of there,
from, er…Blotown.
- Blasweiler.
- Hmm.
You and your amazing colleague, Mores,
are now the dream team.
Nadine Kinsch collapsed and was taken
to hospital for supervision.
Go there.
When she come to, let me know.
And tell Mores to find a place for
a temporary office while you're waiting.
Hey, I'm at the hospital.
[Steve over phone]
Has something happened to you?
Nothing has happened to me.
I'm with Nadine Kinsch.
[Steve sighs]
Steve, one of the twins
was found in the woods this morning. Dead.
And Tanja, her sister, is missing.
[Steve] Fuck.
I've been recruited
by an inspector from the city.
He wants me to help him.
[Steve] Which means
we won't see each other tonight?
Afraid so, yeah.
We have a lot of work I believe.
I hope you understand.
[Steve sighs] No, of course, no problem.
I'll send you a message.
I miss you.
You, too. Ciao.
Oh, Steve, I love you so much.
Come on, kiss me.
I've got news.
Not good news.
No, I'll get set up in Mënscht now.
[man over phone]
Is that Manscheid?
Yeah, it will save me
two hours of trouble.
Do you need back up?
No, I don't need any backup.
I've got two uniforms up here
that'll help me. That's enough.
You'll have to explain this
to the director yourself.
Yeah, I'm writing the director a report.
Listen, I have to leave now.
Bye, Luc.
When will you be able to tell me more?
You know as much as there is.
When was the last time
you saw the girls?
Yesterday, in school grounds.
Around 3 o'clock I suppose.
- Were they together?
- Yeah.
The drugs on Jenny you found…
Who told you that?
In this village, nobody can keep anything
to themselves.
So she had a problem with drugs then?
Except for a bit of weed.
But it was never pills maybe?
So it's true, is it?
Did she have problems at home?
No, good, as far as I was aware.
So good the girls were allowed
to do whatever they wanted?
I don't understand.
What's a 15-year-old girl
doing alone in the woods at night,
without her mother or father
knowing anything about it?
I'm her papa.
Mick, I…
I want to talk to
the policeman alone now, Rob.
My condolences, Mick.
You have the keys to their home?
It's my house.
I heard that you found drugs with her.
Is that true?
[Capitani] Mm.
Our Father, in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
- on earth as it is in heaven.
- …on earth as it is in heaven.
[both] Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debt…
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Come on, Usch, let's leave them alone.
[mumbling indistinctly]
Too late…
Why too late?
Did you… [stutters]
- I pray for you.
- Thank you, buddy.
[mumbling indistinctly]
[Capitani] Is Madam Kinsch devout?
[priest] In her own way.
[Usch] At the hollow rock.
Usch Trierweiler is a good youngster.
Ever since his parents died,
the whole village adopted him
- and helped to look after him.
- And he lives alone?
No, with me at the parson's house.
[mumbling indistinctly]
[Capitani] I have to ask you
a few questions.
I'm afraid it can't wait.
Just give us a minute, please.
[Nadine sobs softly]
- Our baby…
- I know.
I know.
Tanja is still out there.
You… You must find her.
You have to find the culprit
and he has to pay for it.
Swear to me,
by all that is sacred to you.
I swear.
Tell the man outside
I'm not ready yet.
[thunder rumbles]
[printer whirring]
[bell rings]
How can I help you?
I need a room for one or two nights.
- Okay. What's your name?
- Capitani.
- [woman] Do you have a reservation?
- [Capitani] No.
[woman] Okay, no problem.
Two nights for Capitani.
I just need your credit card, please.
There you go.
Perfect. There you go.
Your card.
And it's room number 2 for you,
I'll show you the way up.
- Can I help you with that?
- Thank you, it's fine.
- [woman 1] Tanja!
- [man 1] Tanja!
- [woman 2] Tanja!
- [dog barking]
[woman 2] Tanja! Tanja!
- [man 2] Tanja!
- [woman 1] Tanja!
- [woman 1] Tanja!
- [woman 2] Tanja!
[man] Tanja!
[man 1] Tanja!
- [woman 1] Tanja!
- [woman 2] Tanja!
[man 2] Tanja!
[woman 3] Tanja!
- [man 1] Tanja!
- [woman 1] Tanja!
[man 2] Tanja!
[Capitani grunting]
[man grunting]
[woman 1] Tanja!
- [man 1] Tanja!
- [woman 1] Tanja!
[woman 2] Tanja!
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