Capitani (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Beneath is Dark, Wooden Crown

- There you are. I hope you enjoy.
- Thanks.
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
Black as always?
What are you doing here?
This is my place.
May I sit down?
Uh, hmm.
So then, still with the police?
Who would've thought it?
Is it the Engel girl
that brought you here?
Did you know her?
We all know each other in Mënscht.
And how are things for you?
It's not very complicated.
It won't be long before I leave.
How long is it?
- Twelve, fifteen years?
- Fifteen.
Fifteen years without anything.
I shouldn't have left you
without saying anything.
I'm sorry, Luc.
Not enough to get in touch with me.
And you even changed your name.
As Carla Pereira is no Sofia Santos.
You heard, then?
I'm still with the police.
I was scared.
And now I'm used to it.
I searched for
your whereabouts for so long.
I was worried, stupid idiot that I am.
I went back to Portugal, you know.
I went away.
I just needed to get away.
I've been back
in the country for seven years.
As easy as that?
Listen, Luc, I have nothing owed to you.
Are you fucking with me?
Do you have any idea
what I've been through since then?
It's not my fault
you've had a miserable life, is it?
Luc, 113 reports
a suicide in Manscheid.
- What?
- They're waiting for you.
Yeah, on my way.
Hello, Rexi.
You're early.
My shift work's over.
I work for an inspector from the city now.
And you're working
on that gruesome affair.
That can't be good for you.
Mum, I'm a policewoman.
It's just when I think
what poor Nadine is going through.
I'll be doing more
than thinking about it. I'm helping.
I'm helping, too.
Pit called earlier,
they still need people to help
with the search in the woods, he said.
We're doing that together,
me and you, Rexi?
Do you know that Gilles is back from uni?
Oh, no, Mum, not again.
Sorry, it's just…
You were so good together.
Are you all right?
I just need to eat something.
It was over seven years ago, Mum. Seven.
Ley, you've got exactly
two minutes to get to the Kinsch house.
You already have the address.
I'll see you there.
Who wants to bet?
His computer is filled
with child pornography.
Like on the news.
And the wife. I feel sorry for her.
Her kids are dead, and her man's a paedo.
You can hold your theories back.
And that goes for all of you.
If I hear any rumours circulating,
it'll be me you're dealing with.
Fucking city guy.
I'm southern, if you don't mind.
Leave your emotions elsewhere.
It's only a body.
Look for evidence instead.
It's Rob. And I know that.
No letter has been found.
We've searched everywhere.
- Who was the body found by?
- By the cleaner.
She opened the attic door
and found the rope.
She called the police right away.
Do you really think Rob had anything
to do with Jenny's death?
Well, sometimes things
are as easy as they seem.
What are you looking for?
Nothing specific.
I just want to get an impression.
What do Jenny and Tanja have in common?
And what separates them?
- What do you think?
- Yeah.
- Different atmosphere.
- It's messier.
The furniture is arranged differently.
The mayor is on his way.
Good number of us here anyway.
Didn't expect to see you around here.
Thank you for coming
in such great numbers.
You probably heard
the terrible news about Rob already.
But that's not why we're gathered.
It's about Tanja.
Our Mick spent the whole night
in the forest. It's up to us to take over.
So please, could I ask everyone
to get in a row two metres apart.
The police will lead.
Please follow their instructions.
- Tanja!
- Tanja!
- Tanja!
- Tanja!
Inside… Inside
Know nothing yet.
Please let me pass.
Know nothing yet, inside there.
Usch, we must speak with Nadine.
It's really important.
- Know nothing yet.
- Do you understand?
Know nothing yet.
- Come on, that's enough. That's enough!
- They know nothing yet!
- Usch, calm down.
- They don't know yet.
Here, my boy.
Know nothing yet.
Is he always so irritable?
Everyone in the village
is finding it difficult.
How is Madam Kinsch?
Nadine is slowly recovering.
We pray an awful lot.
That means she doesn't know yet.
Of what?
A good wife must cry, I'm sure.
I don't have any more.
Madam Kinsch, we're here
for your deposition, I'm afraid.
And I'm on my way to the forest
to go and look for my daughter.
Somebody's got to do something.
All of us are looking
for your daughter,
you can assure yourself.
- As well as half the village looking.
- That's correct.
Nadine, you'll help yourself and us
much more by telling us what you know.
So that we can rule out evidence.
Because otherwise,
everything seems possible.
- What on Earth do you mean?
- You know what she's saying.
This'll be the gossip of the village
while they're doing their shopping.
You're out of your mind
if you think Rob touched the girls
and you're wasting your time here.
Yesterday, your life was broken apart.
But your husband didn't come to see you.
Not even with fresh clothes,
or bring you any food.
I wonder, what kind of husband
doesn't visit his wife at the hospital.
The kind who'd wait
for his daughter to return.
So, tell us what you did
the evening they went missing.
It was about midnight that I came home.
And, yes, I'd had something to drink.
But only maybe
two or three glasses of wine.
Two or three?
I watched some TV downstairs,
then I fell asleep.
And it was 3 o'clock when I went upstairs.
Rob was in bed, as normal.
Was he there at midnight?
His car was there on the drive.
I don't know.
I didn't check that he was in.
Did you often fight?
- Not exactly fight.
- Then what?
We didn't spend much time
with each other anymore.
Was it hard for him, do you think?
Yeah, as it was for me.
But Rob wasn't the type of man
for great emotional expression.
Not like Mick, that's why
things worked so well in the beginning.
And the girls?
I don't know if it even mattered to them.
In front of them,
we always managed to get along.
How long had you been together?
Eight years, six of them, we were married.
He's got nothing to do with this.
Why didn't you have any children together?
Rob didn't want his own children.
And two was fine for me.
They were more than enough.
There's been
another development
with the investigation in Mënscht.
Barely 24 hours
after the body of a 15-year-old girl
was found in a forest near Mënscht,
with the girl's sister still missing,
another tragic incident
occurred in this town.
According to our information,
the stepfather of the girls has been
found dead in the family home.
As things stand, an external inquiry…
We were really hard on Nadine.
Your question was right,
even if it was uncomfortable.
Rob was my teacher
for two years during secondary school.
He wouldn't have hurt a fly. I know that.
He was a good guy.
Few people are how they appear.
- You have to learn how
- No emotions, I know.
Thank you.
All right.
This is Léa Holmes.
- Hi, Léa.
- Morning.
Morning, Léa.
You don't have to say anything
if you don't want to.
Your mother's on her way over.
We can wait.
We can wait, but Tanja can't.
She's been missing two days.
I don't know any more
than I already told you yesterday.
Léa, you are best friends.
Every detail matters, you see.
How would you say they were lately?
Tanja's always the quiet one,
but the one who calls the shots.
Always over 50 in every exam.
"Calls the shots"?
Well, I guess, by that I mean
the bell is always rung by one of them.
- "It's us," she says. That was her.
- Hmm.
And Jenny?
I noticed she was often
absent from school now.
For what?
No idea. Er, she said she didn't
want to go to school any more.
"What do teachers know about life?"
Stuff like that.
She hated French class especially.
Were there problems at home?
Her mother annoyed her and stuff.
And her stepfather?
I don't know.
Actually, I would like
to wait for my mother.
I understand.
How were things, would you say,
between Tanja and Jenny?
Good. What else?
Any drugs involved?
Hey, Inspector!
Yeah, sorry, Claude,
but God really isn't my thing.
I'd like you to speak to me.
If you have a second, that is.
I guess you've heard about Rob?
- Do you also think that Rob
- Of course.
I can add two and two together.
Are you joining the hunt tomorrow?
Only slept for two hours.
None of this makes any sense.
The dogs are running around in circles,
that's all.
You know that Usch
is often out alone in the evening.
Yeah. And?
You know how Usch can get.
I guess sometimes he gets upset.
I thought we donated all that money
to you to look after him,
not for you to betray him.
But you must see…
I've known Usch since we were children.
He's known my girls…
…since their birth.
- He's different from us.
- Stop it.
I think it'd be better now
for me to be alone.
Yes, as you wish.
I'm praying for Jenny and Tanja.
When was Mr Berens last seen?
The day of the girls' disappearance.
About half-past six, I'd say.
That's when I went.
Then Rob had teacher
conferences with the parents.
For how many hours?
Till what time was that?
I guess it was about… Could've been
9:00 or 10:00, I'd have to find out.
I will find out for you.
Was he popular?
Well, as popular
as a professor is, I'd say.
In my time, he was, yeah.
With his colleagues? What about them?
Well, I…
Honestly, if you're asking me personally,
I prefer other staff members.
He was too smooth around the edges for me.
Are the students still hanging out
behind the canteen to smoke?
Aren't you answering this one?
I don't understand what Elsa's asking me.
You know what I'm asking you.
Every school has got its drug problems.
We're not any different.
Is it still mostly grass? No new drugs?
Of course not.
They smoke during their lunch hour
and then sit in class
all dozy, and end up
in detention every day.
That's all.
We always used to have a drink
before our religion classes.
Have I done everything I can for you?
Some, Mr Weyrich.
Brigadier Ley would
very much like to see their lockers.
That's Jenny's and Mr Berens'.
Of course, Brigadier Ley.
Police judiciaire, how can I help?
Yes, Capitani here.
I was supposed to call the office.
Oh, hi, Luc, I see you've never
been assigned a partner.
- No, I don't need a partner.
- What do you mean?
Everything's under control.
Okay. If you're sure,
you'll have to speak…
Yeah, what else?
Sorry, Luc, you're gonna have
to hold a press conference.
- What do I care about journalists?
- They get desperate
- 'cause you've not given anything.
- Yeah?
If you don't give them something
they'll make it up.
- Okay. Fine, I'll do it.
- As soon as possible, you have to.
Jenny loves liquorice. Otherwise, nothing
out of the ordinary that I could see.
When I was here, those weren't there.
knows everybody around here,
but nobody knows anything about anyone.
Anyway, I've got to hold
a press conference now.
And, Ley, if you want to text with
your boyfriend, do it on your own time.
Let's go and see what kind of
office Mores has arranged for us.
Capitani, central judicial
police department.
Uh, good morning. I'm here in Mënscht
at the Elementary School
which we've repurposed into our office
for the investigation, er,
concerning Jenny Engel.
First are the facts.
Yesterday morning, Jenny Engel,
a girl of 15 years was found dead
in the Dürer forest.
We are in the middle of our investigation,
but I would like to stress that so far
nothing in our investigation
points towards abuse.
Her twin sister, Tanja Engel,
so far remains missing.
But we continue to search
for her whereabouts.
And furthermore, I'd like to emphasise
that for the moment there is absolutely
no evidence to link this affair
and the recent suicide
of their stepfather.
Any questions?
Surely, the timeline…
You have to provide
a little more information than this.
Can you elaborate
on your suspicion?
- Tanja!
- Tanja!
There's something here.
Rexi, come on.
Rob had some just like these.
What is it?
They're Rob's.
I'm sure of it.
What we know so far. Rob Berens had
parent-teacher appointments
till quarter to 10:00.
By 3 o'clock his wife and him
were in bed together.
That leaves a gap of five hours.
Neighbours saw Rob's grey Renault
after 10:30 in front of their house.
They can all confirm.
And there was also
a light on in the house.
Do we know if the girls
were in the house around that time?
Check the post.
So, the signal locates Jenny's
mobile phone at home until 10:38 p.m.
Then it disappears.
And Tanja?
The signal goes into the house
after school until 10:55 p.m.
Then through the village.
And then disappears at 11:01 p.m.
But that doesn't mean anything.
There's no signal behind the hills.
Everything's dead.
And Rob's phone places him
from 10:23 p.m. at home.
- Hmm.
- Until the morning.
Which doesn't
necessarily mean he was there.
Only his phone.
Which means, theoretically,
he could've been in the woods
with one or both of them at the same time.
Is Rob's car especially dirty?
Well, he could have washed it.
In the middle of the night?
- Hmm. Probably not.
- Yeah.
We found something.
The people from the village
think they're Rob's glasses.
These are Rob's, yeah.
But I saw them this morning
in his locker, I swear.
You have a photo, yeah?
Ley, you serious?
Why are you here?
Just came here to offer you my help.
If you need anything, just ask.
We found Rob's glasses in the woods.
The police have them.
Who would've thought?
It's good that they found something.
Or not?
Are these Rob's, do you know?
You can get them
for 25 euros at my boutique.
They're sustainable wood.
I sold more than a dozen pairs of them.
These were found in the woods just now.
Not far from the place
where Jenny was found.
As I said, he did have the same model.
But this is a false picture.
My thanks, Madam Kinsch.
When I have more info…
I'll be sure to let you know.
Yes, hello.
This is forensics from Dudelange.
I wanted to keep you up to date
on, er, Jenny Engel.
The toxicological report
came back from the lab.
There are traces of drugs in the blood,
a synthetic but rather rare drug.
Yeah, some drugs were found.
The levels are high
but it's not an overdose.
The actual autopsy is tomorrow,
then we'll know more.
Externally, we can see a number
of scratches and haematomas
and the right leg's been dislocated.
So she fell, after all.
Any signs of a struggle?
No, only the marks I just told you about.
- Suicide?
- That's your job now.
You'll get the final report
as soon as possible.
But I would like to stress that so far
nothing in our investigation
points towards abuse.
Her twin sister, Tanja Engel,
so far remains missing.
But we continue to search
for her whereabouts.
And furthermore, I'd like to emphasise
that for the moment there is absolutely
no evidence to link this affair
and the recent suicide
of their stepfather.
Any questions?
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