Capitani (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Out of Childhood, Out of Childhood

[thunder rumbling]
Appointment with doc at 2:00 p.m., you're coming, right?
That'd cost you two points and 150 euros,
not to mention
your function as a role model.
What's happening with the alibis?
Nadine Kinsch's friends confirm
that she was at the bar
with them until 11:30.
Mick Engel spent the night
with Michèle Coos.
With who?
Michèle Coos, 29, lives in Diekirch.
- His girlfriend?
- An acquaintance.
One of many.
Well, we're waiting
for the definitive forensics report,
but Jenny's bruises
and fractures all point towards a fall.
And Rob's glasses were found in the woods.
It's about time we got to know
the good stepfather Rob a little better.
I don't understand how this could happen.
My little Robby.
Did he grow up here, in the city?
Erm, why did he move
to the north, would you think?
Because of that slut, Nadine Engel.
That's where she was.
Nadine Kinsch.
She had been married before.
And she has children.
You didn't get on well, then?
That floozy, a possession that
was passed around like a trophy.
A trophy that Mick Engel
did not want to give up to anybody.
The princess of the little suburb.
[Elsa coughing]
[woman] And then
she just leaves him for Robby.
A normal and decent young man.
But in the north,
they don't know what's normal any more.
What did your son think, though?
He did everything she told him to.
[inhales deeply]
He had been manipulated by her charms.
Had things not been well
between the couple?
[Elsa coughing]
Are you sure
you wouldn't like some coffee, now?
- [Elsa] Mmm-mmm.
- No, thank you.
If you wouldn't mind, answer the question.
It hadn't always been good going. No.
Even with the twins, there were problems.
With what?
He said he wasn't able to deal with
their…puberty crises anymore.
Mainly Jenny.
The one who died.
[Elsa coughing]
She's no better than her mother.
The children were spoiled
and full of privilege.
Robby deserved better than that.
Excuse me, I need fresh air.
[Elsa coughing]
[woman] I want to bury him,
but your colleagues don't want me to.
Yes, we have to examine
a few things before that.
He'd hanged himself.
What is left to examine about that?
Is it the cigarette smoke
or the dumb prattle that disturbs you?
We're driving back
and having another look around that place,
where the body was found.
I have a doctor's appointment.
Is it possible to have
an hour off, do you think?
Ley, if you don't like your job,
just leave.
I can always
offer Joe Mores the role instead.
We're not looking
for some lost dog out there,
or whatever problems
you had to deal with around here before.
We must find out
what happened to Jenny Engel.
And I'd like you to take care
of the thing with Rob Berens' glasses.
The ones you claim
to have seen in his locker.
- I did see them there.
- Well, that's why I want to know
how they got into the woods and
if Rob Berens was in there, as well.
[Elsa sighs]
[birds chirping]
I don't understand
why we have to run around like this.
It was Berens, don't you think?
He was always really weird.
[Elsa] Weird doesn't mean guilty.
[Joe] You're already talking
like that dick from the city.
[Elsa] Dick from the south.
[Jean-Paul] I won't give you
any video footage.
They're only supposed to keep others away.
We're not a police state.
I saw the glasses
in Mr Berens' locker yesterday.
There are cameras,
they could've captured something.
I just want to get an idea
about what happened.
Oh, so you made a little mistake.
That can happen. Let it go.
As a policewoman,
not as a student any more, Mr Weyrich.
Do you even have a warrant?
If you interfere with the investigation,
have a good reason.
- Tomorrow the entire village will know.
- The entire village knows
- that Rob Berens forgot himself.
- [mobile phone vibrates]
Sorry. My phone was off.
See you at 2:00 p.m. at the doctor's!
Well, then, Joe,
I'll leave you and the director alone.
- Huh? What?
- The prosecutor will get
- the warrant right away, they told me.
- Er, one minute…
I'm getting a warrant. I'll be back with
the unit to carry out a complete search.
[Jean-Paul] Elsa, wait, please.
Stop this now.
- Elsa! Elsa!
- [door closes]
It wasn't here that you fell,
was it, Jenny Engel?
[heavy metal music playing over speakers]
[mobile phone vibrates]
[Joe] Excuse me.
Repeat what I say to you.
"Morning, Prosecutor."
Morning, Prosecutor.
"No, Brigadier Ley is on her way."
No, Brigadier Ley is on her way. Yeah.
You'll be here yourself? Okay. Uh-huh.
[Joe clears throat]
Okay, erm, no, no problem.
Tell me when Weyrich is not there.
How did you know he would go?
Because he's going
to ask somebody for help.
And now you go straight
to the reception desk.
I will?
Make sure you get the images
from this morning.
Yeah. But how am I
Come on. We're depending on you.
[machine beeping]
[heart beating]
[Elsa gasps softly]
[both chuckle]
[Elsa] Look how small he is.
I'll always be here, you know.
For you and for him.
You seem happy that it's a boy we've got.
Not important. Ten fingers and ten toes.
- And a willy.
- [scoffs]
[mobile phone ringing]
- Joe?
- Elsa, fuck, where are you?
[Elsa] I'll be there in ten minutes.
What about the cameras?
You were right.
A woman took the glasses out of the locker
with a master key or something like that.
- Who?
- No idea. I can't see.
Okay, hold on. I'm coming back.
Okay. Hurry up!
The receptionist
got antsy all of a sudden.
And now the director's arrived.
He told them to stop what they were doing
and is talking about consequences.
Okay, we need a list of all the names
of all the people
who entered the school this morning.
With those electronic badges,
it shouldn't be difficult.
Don't hang up.
- Can you hear me all right?
- Yes.
I'm calling Capitani.
Just don't tell him I'm not with you.
[inhales] Man.
[mobile phone ringing]
- Come on, pick up!
- [line beeps]
Luc Capitani. I can't answer
the phone right now, leave…
Joe, is Weyrich still with you?
He's ten metres away from me,
on the phone.
To who?
Pit, I got the police
all over the place here.
Pit. No idea.
Oh, God, that's the bloody mayor,
you dumb arse.
- Hey, Elsa.
- I'm calling the mayor now.
So tell Weyrich that Capitani
will be there at 3:30 with a warrant.
[woman] Good afternoon.
Go and do it now, Joe,
say it was Capitani.
[breathing heavily] Okay. Okay. Okay.
- [woman] Hello? Hello?
- Yes, good afternoon. It's RTL here.
I'm just calling about Jenny Engel.
We'll be filming this afternoon
as the school is searched.
Erm, I just have a small request.
Could Mayor Rommes possibly do
a short interview for the radio?
[woman] Erm. Erm.
- Hello? RTL here.
- [woman] Erm… One moment, please.
Hey, Elsa, keep an eye on the road.
Wait a moment.
They want something from me. One moment.
[Joe clears throat]
The Inspector, Capitani,
wanted to let you know
that he'll be here
at exactly half past 3:00 with a warrant.
This means you're required
to keep some of your staff here.
[Jean-Paul] Half three?
When the students leave
- and their buses are waiting?
- [Joe] Uh-huh.
[Elsa] Awesome improv, Joe.
Yes, Inspector, yes,
the director has been briefed.
You heard that, didn't you?
- Pit?
- [Pierre] Yeah.
[phone ringing]
Listen, Jean-Paul. One second please.
No, Martine, not right now.
[Martine] It's RTL for you,
they want an interview.
- RTL?
- The school is going to be searched.
Oh, God, no.
[Pierre] Say I'll get back in five minutes
with a statement.
[hangs up]
Sorry, Jean-Paul,
do what you got to do now.
I'll inform them we're cooperating
with the police on all levels
until this terrible affair is cleared up.
- Bye.
- [Jean-Paul] Yes, okay. Okay.
Print what I sent you earlier. Right away.
- [Martine] Hello?
- Yeah.
Mayor Pierre Rommes will get back to you,
personally, with a statement
in five minutes.
Okay. Very many thanks.
Just don't wait too long
to not be too late
to include it in the Journal.
Er, yes.
Joe, back to you.
Lydie Rommes.
The Spanish teacher?
[Joe] And Mayor Rommes.
His wife. [laughs]
The whole time
it's been manipulated by the mayor.
[man shouting indistinctly]
I, er… I must show you something.
Our house.
How are we gonna pay for that?
Let me deal with that.
[chuckles softly]
It's amazing.
Steve Weis,
you're in the wrong profession.
[Elsa] So she stole the glasses
from the locker and…
Acted surprised later
in the woods when she found them.
- [both chuckle]
- The mayor's wife, right?
Lydie Rommes.
Then get her in.
Ley, if you want
to work with me in the future,
you accept I'm in charge.
Today, you left your post
without permission.
For a private affair.
I could fire you right now.
But it was a really good plan
That's not fair.
I'm giving 100% to this investigation.
I've proven this to you.
Life's not always fair, Ley.
[Elsa sighs]
I went back to the crime scene.
Maybe Jenny did fall, but not there.
The position of the body
in relation to the cliff is unrealistic.
And there are many traces
of external interference.
We have to assume
that Jenny was moved there post-mortem.
And someone saw it. All eyes open.
Tonight there's a mass
for Tanja and Jenny.
That means
the whole village will be there.
We'll go, too.
I would have been there anyway.
You're not stupid, Ley.
I could use you up here, you know that.
- Don't mess it up.
- Mmm-hmm.
[church bells ringing]
Go easy on the drinking.
Did you only come here to tell me that?
We should go, it'll be starting soon.
Must we do it?
A church full of the village
is like a funeral.
You don't have to go if you don't want to.
I mean, why are you here?
Shouldn't you still be out
searching for Tanja?
You should've been there for them,
but you never had time.
They suffered for it, you do know that?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
What if Rob had somehow discovered
something about you and me?
You know how the village gossips.
- What if that was the reason
- He knew nothing.
I don't even know what this is.
The only thing he knew is where Tanja is.
You should not say that.
We must go.
Please don't call me that.
Not when we're not alone.
This morning, er…
it wasn't what I meant.
I'll try again, if you will.
How's the case?
Well, it's not as easy as I thought.
I'm not even sure
that Tanja will be found.
Oh, no.
Everyone in the village is lying,
even the police.
It's not always easy to trust.
Especially when survival is at stake.
And when justice is at stake.
- What are you doing?
- Coming with you.
I can't leave you alone
with us northern hooligans.
Maybe I'll notice something.
I know them better than you.
[choir singing hymn]
[saw whirring]
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.
We have gathered here
this evening to grieve together.
Together we will give strength
to Nadine and Mick.
And together we shall strengthen.
[eerie music playing]
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