Capitani (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

No Rest for the Eyes, No Rest for the Heart

JULY 10TH - DAY 4 - 5:59 A.M.
[man over radio] It's exactly 6:00.
You're listening to the RTL News
with Pauline Manderscheid.
[Pauline] Good morning.
There is some good news from Mënscht.
The missing Tanja Engel,
twin sister of 15-year-old Jenny Engel,
who was found dead three days ago,
has been back home since last night.
It is still unknown where Tanja Engel was
during these three days.
Police are now focusing
their investigation
on the mysterious death
of her twin sister, Jenny Engel.
The municipality of Mënscht
is making headlines today
for a second time.
Today, Pierre Rommes will be confirmed
as mayor of the new municipal council.
[Madame Kons] When will we know more?
[Carla] If the police knew something,
they would tell us.
[Madame Kons] Joe.
Joe, you're not saying anything.
Just tell us, was it Rob?
I can't tell you anything.
Oh, my…
You believe you know someone…
- [Pierre] Morning.
- Morning, Mr Rommes.
[Pierre] What's the latest, Joe?
[softly] Er…
I can only tell you, er…
about the cleaning lady
almost fainting when she found him.
[Carla sighs]
His face was all blue.
[Pierre] So the cleaning lady found him?
Joe, be careful what you say.
[Madame Kons]
Was there any indication it's a sex crime?
[Joe] Er, well… maybe.
We can't rule it out yet.
Oh, my God.
[Pierre] The affair's almost over.
You can relax now.
I began hoping that it was a wolf.
As long as I have something to do with it,
there's no wolf coming near us.
Good day, Madame Kons.
[Madame Kons] Mmm.
I don't mean to be rude,
but our police must do a better job.
- [chainsaws whirring]
- [axes thudding]
Excuse me.
Where is the person in charge?
Better not stand around.
It's dangerous, fella.
- Yeah, is Mick Engel here?
- No.
Probably with his family, I'd say.
[Luc] His family?
Who are you?
Capitani, I'm a police officer.
I'm in charge of an investigation up here.
Well, best of luck then.
[chainsaw whirring]
First you go running,
then drive 200 metres by car, do you?
Ley, spare me your sarcasm
on an empty stomach.
The mayor's wife
has been called in at 10:00
to explain the thing with Rob's glasses.
That means we have
to be back on time, doesn't it?
If you wanna walk, you're welcome.
[Luc exhales]
Jenny didn't die where we found her.
That means one or more people
must have had to carry her there.
And Rob was leading us
down the wrong path.
Nobody here
wants to know what the truth is.
Well, at least Tanja's back.
She must know something to help us.
[EDM music playing over phone]
TO LÉA: I need your help!
[knock on door]
[door opens]
They're ready for you.
We're only going if you feel like it.
You don't have to.
They'll have to wait.
[clock ticking]
You spoken to Tanja already?
No, not really.
The doctor examined her,
then her mum wanted
to make sure she rested.
So you don't know where she was.
Oh, God. We were so worried about you.
Sit down.
[Capitani] How are you?
I'm sure that you're aware
of what has happened
since you were last here?
Tanja, we're only here to help you, okay?
You've done nothing wrong.
Where were you, my angel?
My name is Luc Capitani,
and I'm in charge of the police enquiry.
Now you're back,
we must find out what happened to Jenny
as best we can.
You understand?
Can you help us with that?
Where were you these last days?
- Why did you not
- In the city, Dad!
The city? Why?
I went to the city with Léa after school.
Er, Léa Holmes?
Me and her went to the city together
after school.
We meant to go to the cinema,
then come back.
Léa met a few friends
and we ended up hanging out with them.
We all lost track of what time it was.
Then we were aware all of a sudden,
it was evening and Léa preferred
to take the last bus home.
Yeah, and you?
I just stayed over.
I had met someone.
So I just stayed over or whatever and…
Then I spent the night at his house.
You could at least have said so.
My phone didn't have any charge left.
I didn't take a charger with me.
I didn't have anything with me
And afterwards
Can you tell me the name of this boy?
N… No.
I've no idea.
I mean, we didn't really talk a lot.
That's why it was so beautiful.
His address?
I don't know the city
well enough for that.
[both inhale deeply]
So, has this happened before?
Tanja, you'd be helping us out
if you would tell us the truth.
[Capitani] Your phone was located
in the forest that night.
You just said you had it on you
in the city.
- Tanja, what's wrong with
- [gasps]
Stop the stupid games!
Do you have any idea what's been going on?
You want us to believe this shit?
Mick, calm yourself!
We could come back another time.
I'm sorry, I just…
I've gotta go to the construction site.
Tanja, you should rest some more.
[opening theme music playing]
What do you think?
None of this is like her.
She's hiding something.
That means she knows something.
Either she's afraid or ashamed of it.
What if both of the girls
were taken together?
- Jenny was immediately
- Yeah, and murdered. Yeah.
The attacker was scared
and set Tanja free, I guess.
That's not logical.
What would an attacker
let a witness go free for?
[Elsa] What if Tanja got away by herself?
Why would she lie about it?
Another theory.
The kids were in the woods
having a party involving drugs,
Jenny had a bad trip,
I mean, in front of everyone.
And she panicked.
And was dragged through the forest
by the ones left?
Oh, forget it.
It doesn't explain her injuries.
I have to go see the mayor's wife.
You go to Wiltz, to the high school,
check out the story about Tanja and Léa.
- [children playing in distance]
- [laughs]
[Joe mumbles]
[Joe clears throat]
[Capitani] Your wife was called in.
Well, you should've called me in
in the beginning.
I can make it all clear.
Will you also
take your wife's place in prison?
Don't take yourself so seriously.
A dead girl, a child from the village.
Is that not serious?
Wouldn't you say, Mayor?
Naturally, yes.
Those of us who are the people responsible
all are under immense pressure
because of the future.
What future?
The municipal merger for Mënscht,
Kelling and Daunem.
The three municipalities
make up 11 villages,
and it'd turn us into
the largest municipality in the north.
What relevance is that?
The merger has been approved,
but it must be implemented.
That doesn't happen by itself.
It was decided that I should
be the mayor of this new municipality,
but a vote is still pending.
And that's why I need everyone,
finally my fellow chief.
This afternoon, there's one more meeting
on the subject
with the three municipal councils.
I still don't understand.
Who's this chief?
Mick Engel.
We need some peace and quiet
in the community.
I just want to relieve him,
for this affair to be behind us.
I wish that Mick would be fully committed.
So you provide false evidence
to frame an innocent person.
"Innocent"? Please, enough.
Everybody is convinced
of Rob Berens' guilt.
He basically admitted to it
by taking his own life.
Looks like you don't care much
about the law up here.
We just want things to move forward,
and Rob was already dead.
You interfered with an investigation.
That's a crime.
You're finding nothing.
How long since you arrived?
Even Tanja came back on her own,
not because you found her.
One way or the other,
this will have consequences.
Is Mick Engel aware?
Yeah, Mick Engel,
he must sometimes
be protected from himself.
That's to say no.
I'm due a warrant from the judge
to interrogate your wife.
I've told you it all.
I would ask that my wife is not mixed up
in this any longer, thank you.
- That decision has
- Yeah, sure.
Just as long as you're aware
that I'm deciding
to contact the Justice Minister
about this.
I'm sure you understand.
Until then, I'd like to be kept up-to-date
of any progress that has been made
in the investigation.
As mayor, I owe this to the community.
[children playing indistinctly]
So, do you want to know
what people are saying?
I got a feeling
you're gonna tell me either way.
It's just that it's not all certain
that Rommes will get the votes
to become the new mayor that he needs.
We'll pay a visit to the meeting
of the three municipalities.
Sure to be some people
who are not fond
of Mayor Rommes and Mick Engel.
To make sure we don't miss anything.
- [Mick grunting]
- [Manon moaning in pleasure]
[Mick panting]
[mobile phone vibrating]
[grunts] Yeah?
Are you at the parish hall?
I need you there.
No, no, I'm on my way there.
[Manon] Where are my pants?
Oh, Mick, can't you keep
your dick in your pants for two days?
I'm fed up of mixing with your bullshit.
It's about time you did something for me.
I'm knee-deep in shit
because of this thing with the glasses.
I didn't ask you to do that, Pit.
Mick, I'm really sorry about
that update with the case.
I heard about the most recent
development about… [grunts]
Jenny. Sexual abuse may have occurred.
Who told you that?
Joe Mores.
Oh, Pit, just mind
your own business, yeah?
I've gotta go.
I've got a meeting.
Are we meeting later?
No, I can't tonight.
You're not alone in this.
I know.
This means you were in the city
with Tanja, as you said?
Is that true?
Yeah. About 10:00 I got the bus, it was.
I felt a little uneasy leaving her alone,
but she really wanted
to do something crazy.
That will be confirmed by your parents,
it was after 10:00 when you came home?
Er, yeah.
Why didn't you tell me that the first day?
I was worried
that I might say something bad.
I just hope you're telling me the truth.
Always feels like everybody lies here.
[Pierre] Okay, let's begin.
[indistinct chatter]
[Pierre] Please.
Can you please listen to me?
Thank you.
On behalf of our three municipalities,
I shall now begin.
We are attempting, as you know,
to free ourselves
from the events of the last days
and look to the future
more positively again.
- [man] And the wolf?
- That's not on the agenda now.
As the current
and also as the future mayor,
I remain in contact with the authorities.
But it would be very good, as you know,
if things would calm down
again in the village.
The sloppy investigation by the police
should finally improve,
we should find the perpetrator
or perpetrators as quickly as possible.
There are many decisions to be made,
especially regarding
our meeting with the minister.
If you wouldn't mind, Mick,
I will answer your questions
after the introduction.
I cannot wait.
And in the name
of the Municipality of Mënscht,
we will not wait.
I'm sorry to have to say this
so directly, Pierre,
but if the investigation
is as sloppy as you say,
it's also because of the bad decisions
by you and your wife.
Not only has too much time been lost,
but the affair's even more present
in the media.
Mick, I'm not here to defend
my wife's behaviour, as you're aware.
[Mick] We're not in court yet, Pit.
We're amongst our own,
the plain, normal inhabitants
of Daunem, Kelling and Mënscht.
It's about your moral responsibility
towards each and every one here.
I wanted to help everyone here.
By blaming innocent people
is how you do this?
Giving out police information
is how you achieve it?
I don't understand.
[Mick] Sexual abuse?
- Mores is telling everyone he meets.
- [Mick] That's enough now!
You're the mayor.
You should be better than this.
- Mores?
- [Mick] What do you wanna tell us now?
- Is that true?
- [Mick] Yeah, come on.
You're not responsible for your wife?
And that Mores is a simple brigadier…
The day you learn
to think before you speak,
pigs will fly.
Your wife stole Rob's glasses,
and don't say you didn't know about it.
- Oh…
- So as the investigation continues,
all of your duties
will soon have to be given up.
To spare us the embarrassment,
it might be better
if you resign voluntarily.
We can't afford
to put the murder at risk.
Mick's cold-bloodedly
turning this in his favour.
I therefore suggest we appoint
a new mayor for the new municipality.
And you'll suggest yourself
for the position, no doubt?
I'm sure you can imagine
at the moment how I'm feeling.
But I'm here.
- Yes, I'm a candidate…
- [people murmuring]
…to become the new mayor
of the merged municipality.
To initiate conversations
of State affairs.
My company has been here for 20 years.
I know what's required
and I know what to do about it.
[all applauding]
In what language do I need to explain
you are a cop involved
in the investigation,
not some idiot who gossips with villagers?
But people keep asking me questions.
I don't know what to answer.
"The investigation is ongoing."
Period, Mores!
If there was a good-for-nothing here
any better than you,
I would fire you right now, do you hear?
I… I can do better.
Er… Honestly.
What do you think
about what you just saw there?
Er, so…
If the opposition wanted
to keep Mick quiet,
then they failed excellently.
Exactly. And Rommes' plan
didn't pan out so well, either.
And now?
Let's leave the politicians
to fight amongst themselves
while we look at the big picture.
- Which means?
- [sighs]
[engine starts]
[Capitani] Take off your glasses.
You're not Dirty Harry.
No, Mores, you stay here.
Inspector Capitani, police judiciaire.
I know I'm out of my jurisdiction here,
but I'd like to request an interview
with the responsible officer.
It's about the Jenny Engel case.
- I'll ask the sergeant.
- Mmm-hmm.
What was your name?
[enunciating] Capitani.
- [rap music playing over phone]
- [mobile phone beeping]
[knock on door]
[door opens]
It's, erm… Tun, for you.
[Tun] Tanja!
Where were you all this time?
I was so worried.
- Erm…
- Did you cut your hair?
Yeah. Yeah.
- Is it okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
Yes, there's someone here
from police judiciaire. Capitani.
It's about the Jessy Engel case.
Jenny Engel, actually.
I'm coming.
[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[flesh squelching]
[engine shuts off]
[car door slams]
[closing theme music playing]
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