Capitani (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Strangers Will Be Obliged to Accept

JULY 10TH - DAY 4 - 1:35 P.M.
Why is it the major you want to see?
Few days ago,
a girl was found in the woods who's dead.
We wondered if you'd seen anything.
Impossible. At the moment,
no soldier is allowed to leave camp.
Ah, yes, without police
accompanying you, hmm?
What exercises are you working on?
We're preparing manoeuvres at the moment.
Part of the training programme
for the new recruits.
Manoeuvres, hmm? And how will you do that?
The forest is a crime scene.
You can't stomp all over it
just to play war.
That decision is made above my badge.
Any decision regarding manoeuvres
will have to wait.
I don't think
that's for you to decide.
Hmm. Should I come back
with a search warrant, then?
- That would be much better.
- Hmm.
Ah, hello.
I didn't know you were coming for lunch.
I'm not here for lunch.
I forgot something.
Sorry. I don't even have
any pie in the house.
Manon didn't come by today.
- That's not why I came here.
- Why, then?
I wanted to show you something.
Steve and I want to buy
a plot of land to build a house.
We've been to the bank,
and this is how he pictures it.
Look, so talented, isn't he?
Madame Kons said you were
around by Nadine's this morning.
I'm just so happy that Tanja is back.
- Talking about Tanja, are we?
- Rob doesn't have anything to do with it,
- does he?
- Mum, I can't have this discussion.
- Mick and Nadine are back together again.
- Who said?
I'm telling you what people
in the village are saying, to help you.
That would've been
a likely reason for Rob to hang himself.
- Anything else?
- Mmm.
Pit Rommes is up there
hunting for the wolf.
- Oh, God, this village is impossible.
- I only meant well.
- I've been looking for you.
- What's wrong?
- Listen, I've been thinking.
- Oh, fuck.
No, seriously.
- We must go to the police.
- What's the matter with you?
- We're not going to the police.
- I thought
Stop thinking, Jerry.
That's my role.
Sorry, Jerry. But we have to
think about our families, don't forget.
You about your brother, me about Elsa.
I made a commitment.
I can't afford to lose so much money.
Rob Berens' Renault.
Don't you think you're overdoing it a bit?
I'd rather do this than
get another pasting from Capitani any day.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello. Hi. Hi.
And that time in Spain you refused to pay.
The cook brought out
a knife to threaten us.
I don't eat things
that smell of a dead dog.
You think everything Spanish
smells of dead dog.
- Hmm?
- Mmm.
Thank you. Bye!
That's the policeman
from the city?
I heard he's from the south.
He's not from here.
How did you get used to it,
living with these people?
I grew up with it.
Yeah, true.
I never went back south.
My parents are no longer there.
They went back to Portugal.
I know that.
How did you find me?
Luck of the draw.
- I came up here
- That kind of chance only exists in films.
Okay, I did search for you, I admit.
Changing your name protected you well.
So I requested
a fake wanted notice from Interpol
and that led me to Portugal to begin with.
The local police wasn't a big help,
so I searched by myself…
and found.
And since then I've kept an eye on you.
I attempted to run away.
And sometimes I wished I could vanish.
You think I didn't?
I'll see you soon.
You're not asking me why?
Why now?
I'm glad I was discovered.
Yeah, Ley?
So then, Director,
I'll explain this to you very calmly.
Obstruction of justice,
detention of evidence,
obstruction of an enquiry.
I'm sure you understand
these terms I'm saying to you.
I want all that you know
about the drug network
within in your school right now.
Where did you get these?
I'll be back in an hour
with a warrant, you hear me?
Unfortunately, we do have
a drug problem at the school, I admit.
We can't control it.
So, go on.
You know,
I didn't want to say too much
while you were gone.
Since nobody knew that we're together.
Where were you?
I was searching for my sister.
Erm, I must have got lost somehow.
Now you're back, though.
Tun, I…
need more time, you know?
Time for myself.
We tried to solve this problem internally.
So the media
wouldn't be involved unnecessarily.
That's why we had
those surveillance cameras
that you've seen installed everywhere.
But it didn't help.
Student absences
without an excuse exploded.
All social classes are affected
by this drug problem, it's tough.
And I wasn't surprised
that Jenny was one of them.
Why is that?
She was just… too independent.
Also from her mum.
Hmm, yeah. One day,
Jenny came to school with a tattoo.
She got it done by some guy in Belgium.
Nadine couldn't
control her daughter any more.
Shh. Shh.
I know it's not easy, my darling. Shh.
Cry as much as you can.
I'm here.
We were in over our heads and we
decided to conduct searches on everybody.
Also on the professors.
- All the professors?
- Yeah.
Rob wasn't prepared to do it.
Since it was on a voluntary basis,
we couldn't do anything.
Of course,
his colleagues didn't take it well.
According to his bank account,
Rob had no unusual income.
And his lifestyle was totally mundane.
Weird for a drug dealer, no?
Jenny hiding them
in Rob's car is possible.
Or Nadine.
Or Tanja, or the priest could have.
The whole village could have.
What's your star sign?
Horoscopes, Ley? You serious?
You're Aries?
Aries, yeah.
"Chance in love
and communicative optimism."
It wouldn't be better
if you read something serious?
Books are not for me.
I'm more instinctive.
Typical Scorpio.
We're calling in Léa Holmes.
She'll tell us if they were
really together that evening.
Believe me,
this time she'll tell us the truth.
So you're sticking by what you said?
- You were in the city with Tanja?
- Mmm-hmm.
What time was it
you got the last bus that night?
Erm, 10:00?
How many people were on it?
I don't remember.
I know very well
that most girls about your age,
when they take the bus late at night,
check to see how many people are on it.
I was on Instagram, I didn't pay
That's enough, tell the truth!
- I'm contacting the transport network.
- Mr and Mrs Holmes…
- If you've been lying to me
- Wait a moment.
What's going on?
You should prepare your daughter
to meet the examining magistrate.
I'll call my lawyer in the meantime.
They don't come to this one-horse town
in case their Porsche gets muddy.
When the press is informed of this,
I bet someone will come.
We're hunting a murderer here,
and your daughter is lying to us.
Just ask yourself a few questions!
Come on, darling.
- Am I not right?
- You can't talk to them like that.
If you don't want
to find the killer, I will,
but I'll do so
with or without help from this village.
It'll happen easier with help,
you know. Hmm?
Hey there, buddy.
Bud… Bud, yeah, what?
- I need your help, Usch.
- Hmm?
You know
that Jenny suffered a terrible death.
The… the mirror…
Why not?
Did you see her?
Or Tanja?
Gone now. Forgot.
Usch doesn't know which.
Please try to remember what you can.
It's important to me.
The mirror is broken.
For what? For what?
I'm afraid that he saw something.
He always talks like this.
Right, buddy?
Sorry, buddy.
What if he has got something
to do with this?
That's enough of that, Claude.
What does he want?
This is getting even better.
- What is that?
- Pastry.
You like pastry up here.
To apologise.
I shouldn't have been so harsh to Léa.
But you can understand that the murder
of a 15-year-old girl concerns us.
There is a mother
up here who cannot grieve
because she knows
her daughter is hiding something.
Something so deep she'll even
ger her friends to lie for her.
But in the meantime,
there's a killer, Jenny Engel's killer.
And I want to catch him
before he acts again.
I expect, as a father, you would know.
Tanja called me yesterday
and we got our story straight.
I didn't go to the city with her.
I was at home with my parents.
I don't know where Tanja was that evening.
- And Jenny?
- I don't know that either.
They've changed
in recent times and drifted apart.
Like what?
Tanja kept withdrawing somehow.
Her grades weren't as good any more.
I just didn't know what was the matter.
I barely see her.
- Was she missing school as well?
- No, that was Jenny.
She hung around
with different friends now.
Young guys?
No, she just had new people.
New friends?
Those jerks
from the military for example.
- Soldiers?
- Yes.
Apparently, one of them
was even after Jenny.
- How did it go?
- Mores, get out.
Mores, do you hear?
We all know
you weren't at the office yesterday.
But then I saw you at the base
talking to an officer.
I conclude this is your boyfriend, hmm?
Today Léa Holmes tells me
Jenny spent the last few months
with the soldiers of that base,
hanging out.
- What?
- Ley, those men all talk a lot.
What have they said to you? Why hide
that you're going out with a sergeant?
- I'm not hiding anything.
- What guarantees me you're not telling
- everything we're doing to your man?
- I don't do that! I'm not that dumb.
I separate my private life and profession.
And he's not some fling,
but my future husband.
You can't keep
that information to yourself.
It's nothing out of the ordinary.
There are more than
50 soldiers at the base.
They're everywhere.
Here for six months and they leave.
But we're used to it.
You wouldn't know that
because you're not from here.
I suppose it's 'cause I'm not from here
that your boyfriend
wouldn't allow me onto the base?
- What?
- He demands a warrant.
So it's up to us.
Well, you can do that immediately.
Before they leave.
You mustn't protect him
all the time like that.
I've wanted to tell that policeman
a few times to talk to Usch.
Who'd benefit from that?
They wouldn't understand him.
With a good psychologist?
Forty years, I've known him.
How would a psychologist
understand him better than I do?
If you tell the police
that Usch was in the forest,
he'll be a prime suspect.
The whole village will eat him alive.
Everyone's got a story to tell.
All his crises will come out,
the times he didn't behave.
He's the ideal scapegoat.
I can't be responsible for that.
Hello, Officer Ley. I hope you are well.
Here is the autopsy report for…
You look worn out.
Carla, we must be honest from now on.
Then you tell me first.
What made you start your search?
Is it because of Da Costa?
I listen to the radio.
How do you do that,
live with what we both did?
Everyone makes mistakes.
It's human nature.
I just decided I would carry on living.
Aren't you scared?
Of you, of me?
Please don't feel fearful.
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