Capitani (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

So Far from Me, So Far!

[man on radio] The current heatwave
will continue over the next few days.
Today, temperatures could reach
up to 44 degrees in some locations.
The minister of agriculture has said
they're keeping all options open.
JULY 11TH - DAY 5 - 7:00 A.M.
[Manon] Mmm.
[Elsa] You okay? Come on. Sit up.
Leave me.
Do you want something to drink?
[Manon groans]
- Should I call a doctor?
- No. I just want to sleep.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- [Elsa] I'm taking something, okay?
- Mmm.
I've got to go to the office.
But call if you need something.
[man on radio] … in an effort to support
the affected farmers.
Update concerning the case where
construction was halted…
[knocking on door]
[Elsa] Inspector?
…the workers found human remains…
- [Elsa] Luc?
- …during drilling.
[Elsa] Are you there?
…investigations have revealed it is
the body of a man who'd been shot.
- His identity is unknown…
- [Elsa] Luc?
- It's important!
- DNA analysis…
[Capitani] What's that?
You must read it.
Had a day off running?
It's a small village.
Still no cause of death?
Possible rape, though.
Changes everything.
"Possible," Ley, not certain.
There's something else.
There are two
convicted sex offenders in the area.
One of them is a soldier.
I'll be ready in two minutes.
[opening theme music playing]
What are we even doing here?
I don't have the warrant.
They won't let us into the camp.
You know people here.
It's time to show how much
this investigation really means to you.
Hello. We're here to see Major Majerus.
It's not that easy, Elsa.
I can call Steve, if you want.
We've been lead here by evidence.
It's serious. Call Majerus right away.
[static over radio]
Ferrone here.
- [man] Yes?
- It's for the major. The police are here.
- Let 'em through.
- [radio beeps]
[Majerus] It is terrible
what happened there.
We cooperate, of course,
100% with the police.
Yesterday I was sent away.
I know nothing about that.
Who sent you away?
I didn't ask his name.
It's written here.
[Capitani] I didn't notice.
I've called Kowalska. He's on his way.
What are you accusing him of?
At ease.
Soldier Kowalska is
on a list of sex offenders.
That's why he was imprisoned
in Belarus five years ago.
Now, a girl has been found very close
to here, dead and probably raped.
So therefore we want to know
what Mr Kowalska was doing on July 7th.
- Soldier Kowalska
- One thing after another, Inspector.
And don't address my men directly,
if you wouldn't mind.
That affair was dealt with.
Kowalska, you don't need to answer.
- What's the matter
- [Majerus] Weis, Kowalska, leave us alone.
Soldier Kowalska
was in the Belarusian Air Force.
In 2013, he was caught
with the daughter of a general.
At the time, they were both 17 years old,
but that sort of thing doesn't go.
He was convicted of homosexuality
and expelled from the army.
There was no future
for him in Belarus after that.
But he is neither a sexual predator
or a murderer.
This isn't your suspect.
[inhales deeply]
You can see yourselves out.
And this is your 100% cooperation?
[Majerus] This is my,
"We let you do your work
while you let us do our work."
I have a manoeuvre to organise.
[tense music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Not now.
[indistinct chatter]
Tanja. Tanja. Come on.
Let it go. I'll help you.
[Tanja] I can do it myself.
It's just dumb, okay?
It…It doesn't mean anything.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
[Mick] I just wanted to see
if you needed anything.
[Joe] I don't think so.
How's the idiot from the city
getting on with the investigations?
You mean
the idiot from the south. [scoffs]
Have you got any idea
what leads you're going after?
[Joe clears throat]
I cannot divulge that.
I'm the bloody mayor.
Give it some thought, Mores.
Capitani always takes Elsa with him.
And if anything's found,
then they'll be in the newspaper tomorrow.
And you'll be back at the crossroads.
I'm really sorry, but I can't.
If you give me something,
and I can deal with it from my side,
then I will remember that.
I see.
We don't need an outside person.
Our problems are ours.
I'm sorry about that.
You couldn't have known.
You know it's 70 here.
What do we know about the second one
from the list, Gaspard?
[Elsa sighs]
Used to be a French professor.
In 2005, he spent four years in prison.
I'm waiting for details [screams]
[exhales deeply]
[school bell rings]
Tun, I'm… I'm really sorry,
but we mustn't see each other.
What are you saying?
I'm saying I'm not the old Tanja.
I told you, that thing with us,
it's just not me.
How? What's happened?
Talk to me. Tell me what's wrong.
Nothing exactly. I just, erm…
I just want to be alone, okay?
- Be alone?
- Yes. I just want to be alone.
Yeah, good. Well, be alone.
[Léa] Is something up with Tun?
Talk to me, Tanja.
I feel like you're avoiding me.
That's not right.
I'm sorry, Léa, I shouldn't
have come back. I shouldn't be here.
[Léa sighs]
Listen, Tanja.
I was made to tell the police the truth.
I had no other option.
That one from the city came on strong.
I mean,
friendliness isn't exactly his thing.
I understand.
Don't worry about it.
Come and hang out with us.
I should go.
[Capitani] Somebody's in a hurry.
- Mr Gaspard?
- Yes.
Police. Inspector Capitani.
- Where are you going?
- I'm flying abroad.
Flying or fleeing?
What's this about,
if you don't mind?
Shall we perhaps go indoors? Yeah?
I'd never expect to be linked
with that terrible affair with… Jenny,
I believe is the name of the girl.
You were convicted
of a sexual offence, weren't you?
That was long ago.
Here. This is from the hotel,
the reservation.
- Look, it says March. This is evidence.
- Mmm-hmm.
It's been long planned.
I don't want to flee.
- So you were organised, were you?
- I beg your pardon?
I'm just going on my holiday.
Like every year around this time.
Like every good Luxembourger.
What happened that time?
When you were still a French professor?
It was… I mean, I'd fallen in love.
I knew from the start
it wasn't right, you know.
But there were feelings
on both sides, it was…
- Feelings
- Feelings?
I understand that you don't get it.
But I have faced my punishment.
Nothing's happened since then.
Absolutely nothing.
How old was the girl in question?
Do you have an alibi
for the night of the 7th of July?
I played cards that night.
I remember, with priest Glodt
and Boever, the baker.
We often play cards together.
I remember now because he…
Boever, that is, had to leave at 2:00 a.m.
To go to work.
We'll look into the alibi.
During the next few days,
I wouldn't go anywhere.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[Nadine] Or this one?
Hello, Claude.
Mayor. What a pleasure.
[Nadine] What?
It's what you've always wanted.
Everything okay here?
Claude came on a spontaneous house call.
You've come again?
Nadine needs support and assistance.
I'm helping with funeral arrangements.
And I'm here to do my bit, no?
As a priest, though,
I know better how things should proceed.
Listen, Nadine, just for a minute.
She's my daughter, too.
This is about our family.
Claude, many thanks for coming,
but Mick is here now.
TO CARLA: Tonight at your flat?
FROM CARLA: Why my place?
You don't like your room?
Want to complain to the manager?
What's she doing out here?
Would you like a lift?
School's finished already?
I know that Léa was spoken to again
and that she told you another story.
- But I'm sticking with my version.
- You don't wanna know
what happened to your sister?
- That's what you're telling us.
- You think I even know what that is?
That's a pretty one.
- [Elsa] What?
- Mmm.
Ah. My zodiac sign.
I've got a new one, too, look.
- [chuckles]
- [Tanja] Awesome.
Jenny had her own tattoo.
- On her shoulder, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
Also our zodiac sign.
We are…
I mean, we were twins as well as Gemini.
And you? Didn't do it?
- No. I'm the well-behaved Tanja.
- [Capitani] Mmm-hmm.
My mum is against it.
She flipped when Jenny came home with one.
Well, maybe we should move on.
Will you say something at her service?
I think so. I wrote something.
[door closes]
Darling, why are you back?
Erm, I want to go to another school.
Of course. I understand.
And, erm… I told Tun we have to break up.
It's for the funeral.
[sobbing softly]
[Capitani] Tattoos are nothing
but mutilation, if you ask me.
It's just another way to express yourself.
Yeah, or to hide behind something.
You look at the image
and not the person behind it.
[Elsa sighs]
Whatever. Where's the crime scene located?
[Elsa] Between the fox way
and the pony way. Which means…
And where's the unicorn way?
There no unicorn, it's a pony.
I know the difference
between a pony and a unicorn.
Well, I can assure you,
as scouts, we had to repaint those images.
There was never a unicorn.
I don't understand.
I never noticed that before.
It's an over-painted pony symbol.
An alternative way.
You check up on Gaspard's alibi,
and I'll take a closer look
at this other way.
[Capitani grunts]
Hey, those are mine!
They're from yesterday.
Don't want you to poison yourself.
[church bells ringing]
[shop bell dings]
- Morning.
- Morning, Elsa.
- Can I help you?
- Yeah.
I have a couple questions for you.
You sometimes play cards with Priest Glodt
and Gérard Gaspard?
Yeah. Many evenings we do that, yeah.
The night of 7th July
was a night that you played?
- You mean the night when Jenny…
- Mmm-hmm.
[sniffs] I hope
I'm not under suspicion, am I?
We have to check everybody's alibis.
It's just a formality.
Yes, that evening we did play.
Until about what hour?
Midnight-ish? Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
During the week
we always play until about midnight.
I have to get up again at 2:00 a.m.
Is there anything else?
Do you have those muffins
with Smarties I can grab?
I'm afraid we don't make any muffins
with Smarties here, Elsa.
[camera shutter clicks]
[door slams]
[Tanja] I don't really know
how this works any more.
Stupid, isn't it?
With a mother like mine.
[Claude] You know,
your mother only believes
when it suits her.
Just feel free to be open.
Our Lord doesn't think
that anybody is stupid.
Take your time, Tanja.
I'm feeling all alone.
As if I'm sitting in a hole
and I cannot get out of it.
I can see a way out,
but… I cannot take it.
[Tanja] Why is it easier to stay hidden?
Why is it easier to lie
than it is to talk?
Easier to betray than to call for help?
Easier to forget than to remember?
Not to look instead of being blinded?
When I look in the mirror,
I look back at the image
of a girl who isn't me anymore.
[tense music playing]
[crying] I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
with… with time, you'll find a way.
[Elsa] Hello?
- Tanja?
- [man mumbling]
Yes, that's true.
Around midnight, the game was finished.
Midnight, you're sure? Not a bit later?
Boever wanted to go to sleep.
Gérard and I went home as well.
And then by half one, I was in bed.
Is one of us a suspect?
Unfortunately, I cannot say.
What… What made Tanja leave?
Anything she says
is a conversation with her and God.
Maybe there are
more important things at play here.
The only thing that you can know
is that Tanja cried an awful lot, though.
She has suffered a great deal recently.
TO LUC CAPITANI: Gaspard's alibi doesn't hold up!!!
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom cometh.
Thy will be done on Earth
as it is in Heaven.
FROM MORES JOE: File Gaspard
[closing theme music playing]
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